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Miss Universe 2010, the 59th edition of the pageant, was held at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. on August 23, 2010.It was hosted by Bret Michaels and Natalie Morales.Jimena Navarrete, Miss Mexico, was crowned Miss Universe 2010 by outgoing titlehoder Stefanía Fernández from Venezuela.Final results Contestant Miss Universe 2010 Mexico - Jimena Navarrete 1st Runner-up Jamaica - Yendi Phillipps 2nd Runner-up Australia - Jesinta Campbell 3rd Runner-up Ukraine - Anna Poslavska4th Runner-up Philippines - Venus Raj Top 10 Albania - Angela Martini Ireland - Rozanna Purcell South Africa - Nicole Flint Guatemala - Jessica Scheel Puerto Rico - Mariana Vicente Top 15 Belgium - Cilou Annys Colombia - Natalia Navarro Czech Republic - Jitka Válková France - Malika Ménard Russia - Irina Antonenko Final competition scores Country Swimsuit Evening Gown Mexico 9.265 (2) 8.913 (1) Jamaica 9.426 (1) 8.884 (2) Australia 8.543 (5) 8.841 (3) Ukraine 8.333 (7) 8.743 (4) Philippines 8.957 (3) 8.714 (5) Albania 8.229 (T8) 8.693 (6) Ireland 8.784 (4) 8.548 (7) South Africa 8.229 (T8) 8.420 (8) Guatemala 8.071 (10) 8.286 (9) Puerto Rico 8.443 (6) 7.971 (10) Russia 7.843 (11) Colombia 7.643 (12) France 7.576 (13) Belgium 7.571 (14) Czech Republic 7.429 (15) Order of announcementTop 151. Puerto Rico2. Ukraine3. Mexico4. Belgium5. Ireland6. South Africa7. France8. Australia9. Jamaica10. Russia11. Albania12. Colombia13. Guatemala14. Czech Republic15. Philippines Top 101. Ireland2. Albania3. Philippines4. Jamaica5. Mexico6. Ukraine7. Puerto Rico8. South Africa9. Guatemala10. Australia Top 51. Mexico2. Australia3. Jamaica4. Ukraine5. PhilippinesSpecial awardsAward Contestant Miss Congeniality Australia - Jesinta Campbell Miss Photogenic Thailand - Fonthip Watcharatrakul Best National Costume Thailand - Fonthip Watcharatrakul JudgesPreliminary judgesBasim Shami – President of Farouk SystemsBJ Coleman – Publicist, Journalist & Television PersonalityCarlos Bremer – CEO and General Director of Value Grupo FinancieroCorinne Nicolas – President of Trump Model ManagementLouis Burgdorf – Talent Producer for MSNBC's Joe Scarborough & Mika BrzezinskiNatalie Rotman – CommentatorSadoux Kim – Television producerTelecast judgesChazz Palminteri – Actor and writerChynna Phillips – Singer and actressCriss Angel – Illusionist and musicianEvan Lysacek – Olympic Gold Medal Figure Skater and Dancing with the Stars participantJane Seymour – Actress and Dancing with the Stars participantNiki Taylor – ModelSheila E. – MusicianTamron Hall – MSNBC anchorWilliam Baldwin – Actor, producer, and writerHistorical SignificanceMexico wins Miss Universe for the second time, the first was Lupita Jones in 1991. Coincidentally, Jones was also crowned in Las Vegas.Countries who also entered the top 15 the previous year were Albania, Australia, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Puerto Rico, and South Africa.Jamaica, Ukraine, Albania, and Guatemala places their highest ever in the pageant.Czech Republic placed for the fourth consecutive time.Australia scored its third straight placement and its highest since Jennifer Hawkins's victory in 2004.Guatemala last placed in 1984.Ireland last placed in 1998.Philippines last placed in 1999.Russia and Colombia last placed in 2008USA failed to place in the semifinals for the fourth time in pageant history.Venezuela did not make the cut for the first time since 2006.This is also the first time in pageant history where a country (Venezuela) has won twice in consecutive years and failed to place in the following year.Thailand won both Miss Photogenic and Best National Costume titles, the first time a country accomplished this feat.European delegates dominated the semifinals for the third consecutive time with 7 semi-finalists, followed by Caribbean with 2 semi-finalists.ContestantsCountry Contestant- Age- Height(cm)-Height(ft) - Hometown [...]


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Miss Universe 2009From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Date August 23, 2009 Presenters Billy Bush, Claudia Jordan Entertainment Flo Rida, David Guetta, Kelly Rowland, and Heidi Montag Venue Imperial Ballroom, Atlantis Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas Broadcaster NBC, Telemundo Entrants 84 Placements 15 Withdraws Antigua & Barbuda, Denmark, Kazakhstan, Sri Lanka, Trinidad & Tobago Returns Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Guyana, Iceland, Lebanon, Namibia, Romania, Sweden, Zambia Winner Stefania Fernandez Represented Venezuela Congeniality Wang Jingyao China Best National Costume Diana Broce Panama Photogenic Chutima Durongdej Thailand Atlantis Paradise Island, Bahamas. Participating nations and territories and results.Miss Universe 2009, the 58th Miss Universe pageant, was held at the Atlantis Paradise Island, in Nassau, Bahamas on August 23, 2009. It was the first time back to back victories in Miss Universe history: Stefania Fernandez of Venezuela, was crowned Miss Universe 2009 by outgoing titleholder Dayana Mendoza. 84 countries and territories competed for the title and the pageant was broadcasted live on NBC and Telemundo. On August 22, Jewel Selver representing Turks & Caicos withdrew from the pageant due to illness (dehydration). Only 83 contestants competed in the final on August 23.The presentation show, rehearsals, dress rehearsal and the grand final took place at Imperial Ballroom, the main 3,650 seats convention ballroom, at the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort.Final results Contestant Miss Universe 2009 Venezuela - Stefanía Fernández 1st Runner-up Dominican Republic - Ada de la Cruz 2nd Runner-up Kosovo - Marigona Dragusha 3rd Runner-up Australia - Rachael Finch 4th Runner-up Puerto Rico - Mayra Matos Top 10 France - Chloé Mortaud South Africa - Tatum Keshwar Czech Republic - Iveta Lutovská Switzerland - Whitney Toyloy USA - Kristen Dalton Top 15 Albania - Hasna Xhukiçi Belgium - Zeynep Sever Sweden - Renate Cerljen Croatia - Sarah Ćosić Iceland - Ingibjörg Egilsdóttir Final competition scores[Country Swimsuit Evening Gown Venezuela 8.760 (4) 8.869 (5) Dominican Republic 9.189 (2) 9.428 (1) Kosovo 8.790 (3) 9.250 (2) Australia 9.264 (1) 9.039 (4) Puerto Rico 8.533 (7) 9.050 (3) France 8.640 (5) 8.650 (6) South Africa 8.460 (8) 8.040 (7) Czech Republic 8.350 (9) 8.010 (8) Switzerland 8.611 (6) 7.890 (9) United States 8.060 (10) 7.550 (10) Albania 7.900 (11) Belgium 7.870 (12) Sweden 7.830 (13) Croatia 7.811 (14) Iceland 7.730 (15) Top 151. Puerto Rico2. Iceland3. Albania4. Czech Republic5. Belgium6. Dominican Republic7. Sweden8. Kosovo9. Australia10. France11. Switzerland12. South Africa13. USA14. Croatia15. VenezuelaTop 101. Australia2. Venezuela3. South Africa4. Dominican Republic5. Kosovo6. Czech Republic7. Switzerland8. Puerto Rico9. USA10. France Top 51. Dominican Republic2. Australia3. Puerto Rico4. Venezuela5. KosovoSpecial awardsAward Contestant Miss Congeniality China - Wang Jingyao Miss Photogenic Thailand - Chutima Durongdej Best National Costume Panama - Diana Broce Background musicOpening Number: "I Gotta Feeling" by Black Eyed Peas, "Fire Burning" by Sean KingstonFashion Shoot Presentation: "Body Language" by Heidi Montag (Live performance)Swimsuit Competition: "Right Round" and "Jump" by Flo Rida (Live performance)Evening Gown Competition: "When Love Takes Over" by David Guetta featuring Kelly Rowland (Live performance)Presentation showThis marks the first time the Miss Universe preliminary competition was streamed online to a worldwide audience.At the Preliminary Competition all contestants competed in the Swimsuit and Evening Gown categories as part of the selection for the top 15 finalists who will be revealed during the beginning of the two-hour live telecast of the 2009 Miss Universe Pageant live on NBC and Telemundo on Sunday, August 23 at 0100 GMT.The Preliminary Competition was hosted by Miss Universe 2008, Dayana Mendoza and Local Bahamas radio personality Ed Fields. London based singer Anthoney Wright performe[...]


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Miss Universe 2008Dayana MendozaVenezuela 1st Runner Up Taliana Vargas (Colombia)Miss Universe 2008From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, searchMiss Universe 2008 Date: July 14, 2008 Presenters: Jerry Springer, Melanie Brown Entertainment: Lady GaGa Venue: Crown Convention Center, Nha Trang, Vietnam Broadcaster: NBC, Telemundo, VTV Entrants: 80 Debuts: Kosovo Winner: Dayana Mendoza Represented: Venezuela Miss Universe 2008, the 57th Miss Universe beauty pageant, was held at the Crown Convention Center (Diamond Bay Resort) in Nha Trang, Vietnam on July 14, 2008.[1] Dayana Mendoza, Miss Venezuela, was crowned Miss Universe 2008 by outgoing titleholder Riyo Mori of Japan.[2]Eighty contestants competed in the event[3] which was broadcasted and distributed globally via NBC in English and Telemundo in Spanish to TV outlets in more than 180 countries. The pageant was watched by a live audience of 7,500 and nearly a billion television viewers worldwide.[4]This is the first major USA-based television production to take place in Vietnam since the end of the Vietnam War. This is also the first time that the Miss Universe pageant was broadcast in 1080i High-definition. And this pageant was held in a contemporary Communist state for the first time.The final presentation show was on July 8, the dress rehearsal on July 13 and the live telecast on July 14. Most activities were held successively in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Sai Gon), Ha Noi, Da Nang, Hoi An, Ha Long and finally Nha Trang.Jerry Springer, tabloid talk show host and host of NBC's America's Got Talent, and Melanie Brown, a.k.a. "Scary Spice", member of the UK pop group Spice Girls and host of TLC's The Singing Office, presented this year's competition. Lady GaGa, 22 year-old performer and songwriter, performed her single Just Dance.Areas of CompetitionCrown Convention Center, Nha Trang.Prior to the final telecast, all contestants competed in swimsuit and evening gown during the preliminary competition. They also participated in interviews with the judges.During the final competition, the top fifteen contestants (based on their preliminary scores) competed in the swimsuit competition, and the top ten (based upon individual swimsuit scores) competed in evening gown. The final five contestants (based upon individual score from evening gown) participated in a final round of on-stage interviews, before the runners-up were announced and the new Miss Universe named.This was the second year since 2002 that the judges' average scores were shown on television.Results.Miss Universe 2008: Dayana Mendoza (Venezuela) The runners-up were: 1st runner-up: Taliana Vargas (Colombia) 2nd runner-up: Marianne Cruz Gonzalez (Dominican Republic) 3rd runner-up: Vera Krasova (Russia) 4th runner-up: Elisa Najera (Mexico) The following contestants placed in the top ten and competed in both swimsuit and evening gown (in order of placement): Zana Krasniqi (Kosovo), Claudia Moro (Spain), Crystle Stewart (USA), Claudia Ferraris (Italy), Laura Dundovic (Australia) The following contestants placed in the top fifteen and competed in the swimsuit competition (in order of placement): Eliška Bučková (Czech Republic), Jázmin Dammak (Hungary), Tanzey Coetzee (South Africa), Hiroko Mima (Japan), Nguyễn Thùy Lâm (Vietnam) Special awardsMiss Congeniality: Rebeca Moreno (El Salvador) Best National Costume: Gavintra Photijak (Thailand) For the first time since the award's inception, no Miss Photogenic Award was given. Final Competition Scores Swimsuit Evening Gown Venezuela 9.327 9.697 Colombia 9.433 9.829 Dominican Republic 8.983 9.036 Russia 8.414 8.471 Mexico 9.071 9.429 Kosovo 8.120 8.264 Spain 9.150 8.200 USA 9.207 8.050 Italy 7.671 7.729 Australia 7.814 7.557 Czech Republic 7.386 Hungary 7.229 South Africa 7.133 Japan 7.100 Vietnam 7.050 Historical Signif[...]


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Miss Universe 2007Riyo Mori JapanMiss Universe 2007 Date: 28 May 2007 Presenters: Vanessa Minnillo and Mario Lopez Entertainment: RBD Venue: Auditorio Nacional, Mexico City, Mexico Broadcaster: NBC, Telemundo, Televisa Entrants: 77 Debuts: Montenegro, Serbia, Tanzania Withdraws: Cayman Islands, Chile, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Namibia, Northern Marianas, Sri Lanka, St. Martin, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Sweden, Trinidad & Tobago, Turkey, United Kingdom Returns: Barbados, Belize, Curacao, Honduras, Italy Winner: Riyo Mori Represented: Japan Congeniality: Ning Ning Zhang China Photogenic: Anna Theresa Licaros Philippines Miss Universe 2007, the 56th Miss Universe pageant, was won by Riyo Mori of Japan. It took place on 28 May 2007 at the National Auditorium in Mexico City, Mexico. 77 delegates competed for the title, previously held by Puerto Rico's Zuleyka Rivera.The pageant was held almost two months prior to when it was held in 2006, although the event had generally been staged between late May and early June since 2001. Miss Universe 2006 Zuleyka Rivera reigned for little more than ten months, one of the shortest in the history of the title. Contestants began to arrive in Mexico on 30 April 2007 and were to be involved in a number of appearances and events prior to the final competition.This is the fourth time Mexico has been the host country and the second time Mexico City the host city of the Miss Universe pageant. Mexico first hosted the pageant in Acapulco in 1978. Miss Universe 1989 was then staged in Cancún and Miss Universe 1993 was held in Mexico City.The pageant was co-hosted by Mario Lopez and Vanessa Minnillo, both first-time hosts of the Miss Universe pageant.[1] Minnillo, an Entertainment Tonight correspondent and former Miss Teen USA 1998, previously hosted the Miss Teen USA 2004 pageant. Lopez hosted the Miss Teen USA 1998 pageant (won by Minnillo) and also co-hosted Miss Teen USA 2003.As Zuleyka Rivera was crowning Riyo Mori with the official Mikimoto crown, it slipped from her grasp and nearly fell to the floor. Mori was able to catch the crown, which is made of diamonds and pearls and is valued at over $250,000 Areas of competitionPrior to the final telecast, all contestants competed in swimsuit and evening gown during the preliminary competition. They also participated in interviews with the judges.During the final competition, the top fifteen contestants (based on their preliminary scores) competed in the swimsuit competition, and the top ten competed in evening gown. The final five contestants participated in a final round of on-stage interviews, before the runners-up were announced and the new Miss Universe named.This was the second year since 2002 that the judges' average scores were shown on television.It was also the first time since 2002 that the final question posed on the ladies came from the judges. The previous pageants had final questions coming from the current Miss Universe and the delegates participating in the final five themselves. Crowd responseRachel Smith, Miss USA, was booed during and loudly jeered during her final interview. As she answered her question, there were loud shouts of "Mexico! Mexico!", which continued until she answered in Spanish. This followed a similar incident during Miss Universe 1993, when that year's Miss USA, Kenya Moore, was also booed. This may have been due to Miss USA making the top five despite slipping and falling during the evening gown competition, whilst home crowd favourite Mexico did not. It has also been attributed to political issues between the two countries, such as the illegal immigration policy as well as the War On Terror.Smith had also been booed during the National Costume competition, an open-air event held prior to the final competition where admission was free to the public.Results.Miss Universe 2007: Riyo Mori (Japan) The runners-up were: 1st runner-up: Natália Guimarães (Brazil) 2nd runner-up: Ly Jonaitis (Venezuela) 3rd runne[...]


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Miss Universe 2006Zuleyka Rivera Puerto RicoMiss Universe 2006 Date: July 23, 2006 (2006-07-23) Presenters: Carlos Ponce, Nancy O'Dell Entertainment: Chelo, Vittorio Grigolo Venue: Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA, USA Broadcaster: NBC Entrants: 86 Debuts: Kazakhstan Withdraws: Barbados, Belize, Curacao, Italy, Kenya, Netherlands, Vietnam Returns: Argentina, Estonia, Ghana, Iceland, New Zealand, Northern Marianas, St Lucia, Saint Martin, Sweden Winner: Zuleyka Rivera Represented: Puerto Rico Miss Universe 2006, the 55th Miss Universe pageant, took place at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, USA. Unlike past events, it was held on Sunday, July 23, 2006 (almost two months later than usual). A live international broadcast was made on NBC.The 2006 pageant is the first time the United States has been a host since 1998, and the second time for Los Angeles, which last hosted the pageant in 1990. The Republic of Kazakhstan was represented for the first time, while the following countries returned after some years of absence: Iceland (1997), New Zealand (2003), Argentina (2003), Saint Lucia (1977), Saint Martin (2000), Ghana (2004), Estonia (2004), Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (2004), Sweden (2004) and the Northern Mariana Islands (2002). The 2006 pageant also featured the most delegates in its history, with 86 delegates arriving in Los Angeles.Natalie Glebova of Canada crowned her successor, Zuleyka Rivera of Puerto Rico, at the conclusion of the two-hour show. Her reign was the longest ever in Miss Universe history: one year and two months, from the time she was crowned on May 31, 2005 in Bangkok, Thailand. Results Countries and territories which sent delegates and results.Miss Universe 2006: Zuleyka Rivera (Puerto Rico) The runners-up were: 1st runner-up: Kurara Chibana (Japan) 2nd runner-up: Lauriane Gilliéron (Switzerland) 3rd runner-up: Lourdes Arévalos (Paraguay) 4th runner-up: Tara Conner (USA) The Top 10 (alphabetic order after competing in swimsuit and evening gown): Desiree Durán Morales (Bolivia), Alice Panikian (Canada), Valerie Dominguez Tarud (Colombia), Priscila Perales (Mexico), Kenisha Thom (Trinidad & Tobago) The Top 20 (alphabetic order after competing in swimsuit): Magali Romitelli (Argentina), Rafaela Zanella (Brazil), Betina Faurbiye (Denmark), Dina Fekadu (Ethiopia), Adrienn Bende (Hungary) , Neha Kapur (India), Anna Litvinova (Russia), Josephine Alhanko (Sweden), Charm Onwarin Osathanond (Thailand), Inna Tsymbalyuk (Ukraine) Special awardsCongeniality: Angela Asare (Ghana) Photogenic: Lia Andrea Ramos (Philippines) National costume: Kurara Chibana (Japan) Countries that placed for the first time are: Ukraine, Hungary and Ethiopia. Countries that got called out to the semi-finals after a long period without placement are: Denmark (39 years), Argentina (27 years), Thailand (18 years), Bolivia (16 years) and Sweden (9 years). Lauriane Gilliéron, 2nd runner-up became Switzerland's highest placement in Miss Universe, surpassing their 1983 record of 3rd runner-up. Venezuela did not place for only the second time in the past 24 years. Puerto Rico, with their fifth win, became the second most successful territory/state to compete at Miss Universe, after the USA. Philippines won the Miss Photogenic award for the second consecutive year (and its sixth). Japan won the Best National Costume award for the first time. Contestants Albania - Eralda Itaj Angola - Isménia Júnior Antigua and Barbuda - Shari McEwan Argentina - Magalí Romitelli Aruba - Melissa Vanessa Laclé Australia - Erin McNaught Bahamas - Samantha Carter Belgium - Tatiana Silva Bolivia - Desiree Durán Morales Brazil - Rafaela Zanella Bulgaria - Galena Dimova Canada - Alice Panikian Cayman Islands - Ambuyah Ebanks Chile - Belén Montilla China - Ying-Hui Gao Colombia - Valerie Domínguez Costa Rica - Fabriella Quesada Croatia - Biljana Mancic Cyprus - Eleni Ierodiakonoy Czech Republic - Renata Langmannova Den[...]


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MISS UNIVERSE 2005Natalie Glebova CanadaMiss Universe 2005 Date: May 31, 2005 Presenters: Billy Bush, Nancy O'Dell Venue: Impact Arena, Bangkok, Thailand Broadcaster: NBC, Channel 7 Entrants: 81 Placements: 15 Debuts: Latvia Withdraws: Austria, Cayman Islands, Chinese Taipei, Estonia, Ghana, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Sweden Returns: Albania, Indonesia, Namibia, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, US Virgin Islands, Zambia Winner: Natalie Glebova Represented: Canada Miss Universe 2005, the 54th Miss Universe pageant, was held in Bangkok, Thailand on May 31, 2005.At the conclusion of the final telecast, Miss Universe Canada, Natalie Glebova was crowned Miss Universe 2005 by outgoing titleholder Jennifer Hawkins of Australia. She was the second Canadian to win the title, following Karen Dianne Baldwin who was Miss Universe 1982.The top fifteen was dominated by contestants from the Americas and Caribbean, whilst the top five consisted entirely of women from these regions.Host CityThailand publicized its bid to host the pageant 10 July 2004, during a visit by Jennifer Hawkins, Miss Universe 2004, to the country.[1] At the time, Chile, China and Greece were also being considered to host the event.[1]. One month later, it was announced that Bangkok, Thailand had been informally selected to host the competition, at a cost of US$6.5 million.[2] The cost was to be funded by the Thai government in an attempt to boost tourism.[3] In October the proposal faced difficulties when the Thai government were slow to provide the promised funds, which discouraged prospective sponsors.[4], leading Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra to become personally involved to make sure that plans were not derailed.[5] The organization awarded official hosting rights to the Matching Entertainment company in December 2004, after an unsuccessful attempt by a different company, Showcase Thailand 2005.[6]In February 2005, after the Thai government confirmed plans to back the pageant, the Deputy Prime Minister refuted claims that the event would be held in Khao Lak, a resort town devastated by the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, but confirmed that Southern Thailand would host events prior to the final competition.[7]2005 was the second time the pageant was held in Bangkok.[8] The city also hosted the Miss Universe 1992 competition, won by Michelle McLean of Namibia. Results The Miss Universe was won by Natalie Glebova of Canada. The runners-up were: 1st runner-up - Cynthia Olavarría (Puerto Rico) 2nd runner-up - Renata Soñé (Dominican Republic) 3rd runner-up - Laura Elizondo (Mexico) 4th runner-up - Mónica Spear (Venezuela) The Top 10 (in order of final placement after competing in evening gown and swimsuit): Débora Sulca (Peru), Ieva Kokoreviča (Latvia), Fiona Hefti (Switzerland), Chelsea Cooley (USA), Elena Ralph (Israel) The Top 15 (in order of final placement after competing in evening gown): Evagelia Aravani (Greece), Claudia Henkel (South Africa), Helene Tråsavik (Norway), Magdalene Walcott (Trinidad and Tobago), Artika Sari Devi (Indonesia) Special awardsPhotogenic: Gionna Cabrera (Philippines) Congeniality: Tricia Homer (US Virgin Islands) National Costume: Chananporn Rosjan (Thailand) Contestants Albania - Agnesa Vuthaj Angola - Zenilde Laurinda Josias Antigua and Barbuda - Shermain Jeremy Aruba - Luisana Cicilia Australia - Michelle Guy Bahamas - Denia Nixon Barbados - Nada Yearwood Belgium - Debby de Waele Belize - Andrea Elrington Bolivia - Andrea Abudinen Richter Brazil - Carina Beduschi Bulgaria - Galina Gancheva Canada - Natalie Glebova Chile - Renata Ruiz China - Tao Si Yuan Colombia - Adriana Tarud Durán Costa Rica - Johanna Fernández Croatia - Jelena Glišic Curaçao - Rychacviana Coffie Cyprus - Elena Hadjidemetriou Czech Republic - Katerina Smejkalová Denmark - Gitte Hanspal Dominican Republic - Renata Soñé Ecuador - Ximena Zamora Egypt - Meriam George El Salvador - Irma Dimas [...]


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MISS UNIVERSE 2003Amelia Vega Dominican Republic. Miss Universe 2003 Date: June 6, 2003 Presenters: Billy Bush and Daisy Fuentes Entertainment: Bond and Chayanne Venue: Figali Convention Center, Panama City, Panama Broadcaster: NBC Entrants: 71 Placements: 15 Debuts: Yugoslavia (as Serbia & Montenegro) Withdraws: British Virgin Islands, Chile, Ghana, Honduras, Iceland, Kenya, Northern Marianas, Portugal, Uruguay, U. S. Virgin Islands Returns: Barbados, Belize, New Zealand, Taiwan, Winner: Amelia Vega Represented: Dominican Republic Congeniality: Kai Davis Antigua and Barbuda Photogenic: Carla Tricoli Puerto Rico The Miss Universe 2003 Pageant was held in Figali Convention Center, Panama City, Panama on June 3, 2003. 71 delegates from around the world who competed for the Miss Universe title.At the conclusion of the final competition Miss Dominican Republic Universe Amelia Vega was crowned Miss Universe 2003 by Miss Universe 2002, Justine Pasek of Panama. She was the first woman from her country to win the title.Panama hosted the pageant for the second time. In 1986, Miss Universe 1986 was held at ATLAPA Convention Center in Panama CityPlacementsThe Miss Universe title was won by Amelia Vega of Dominican Republic. The runners-up were: 1st runner-up - Mariangel Ruiz (Venezuela) 2nd runner-up - Cindy Nell (South Africa) 3rd runner-up - Sanja Papić (Serbia and Montenegro) 4th runner-up - Miyako Miyazaki (Japan) The Top 10 were: Gislaine Rodrigues Ferreira (Brazil), Ndapewa Alfons (Namibia), Leanne Marie Cecile (Canada), Katerina Smrzova (Czech Republic), Faye Alibocas (Trinidad and Tobago) The Top 15 were: Claudia Ortiz de Zevallos (Peru), Ana José Sebastião (Angola), Susie Castillo (USA), Stefanie de Roux (Panama), Marietta Chrousala (Greece) Countries and territories which sent delegates and results.Special awardsMiss Congeniality: Kai Davis (Antigua and Barbuda) Miss Photogenic: Carla Tricoli (Puerto Rico) Best National Costume: Amelia Vega (Dominican Republic) Contestants Albania - Denisa Kola Angola - Ana Jose Sebastiăo Antigua and Barbuda - Kai Davis Argentina - Laura Romero Aruba - Malayka Rasmijn Australia - Ashlea Talbot Bahamas - Nadia Johnson Barbados - Nadia Forte Belgium - Julie Taton Belize - Becky Belinda Bernard Bolivia - Irene Aguilera Brazil - Gislaine Rodrigues Ferreira Bulgaria - Elena Tihomirova Canada - Leanne Marie Cecile Cayman Islands - Nichelle Welcome China - Wu Wei Colombia - Diana Lucia Mantilla Prada Costa Rica - Andrea Ovares Lopez Croatia - Ivana Delic Curacao - Vanessa Maria van Arendonk Cyprus - Ivi Lazarou Czech Republic - Katerina Smrzova Dominican Republic - Amelia Vega Ecuador - Andrea Jácome Ruiz Egypt - Nour El-Samary El Salvador - Diana Reneé Valdivieso Estonia - Katrin Susi Finland - Anna Maria Strömberg France - Emmanuelle Chossat Germany - Alexsandra Vodjanikova Greece - Marietta Chrousala Guatemala - Florecita de Jesus Cobian Guyana - Leanna Damond Hungary - Viktoria Tomozi India - Nikita Anand Ireland - Lesley Flood Israel - Sivan Klein Italy - Silvia Ceccon Jamaica - Michelle Lecky Japan - Miyako Miyazaki Korea - Na-na Geum Malaysia - Elaine Daly Mauritius - Marie-Aimee Bergicourt Mexico - Marisol Gonzalez Namibia - Ndapewa Alfons Netherlands - Tessa Amber Brix New Zealand - Sharee Adams Nicaragua - Claudia Salmeron Aviles Nigeria - Celia Bissong Ohumotu Norway - Hanne-Karine Sorby Panama - Stefanie de Roux Peru - Claudia Ortiz de Zevallos Philippines - Carla Gay Balingit Poland - Iwona Makuch Puerto Rico - Carla Tricoli Russia - Olesya Bondarenko Serbia & Montenegro - Sanja Papic Singapore - Bernice Wong Slovakia - Petra Mokrošová Slovenia - Polona Baš South Africa - Cindy Nell Spain - Eva Maria Gonzalez Sweden - Helena Stenbäck Switzerland - Nadine Vinzens Taiwan - Szu-Yu Chen Thailand - Yaowalak Traisurat Trinidad and Tobago - Faye Al[...]


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Miss Universe 2004Jennifer Hawkins Australia.Miss Universe 2004 Date: June 1, 2004 Presenters: Billy Bush and Daisy Fuentes Venue: Centro de Convenciones CEMEXPO, Quito, Ecuador Broadcaster: NBC Entrants: 80 Debuts: Ethiopia, Georgia, Vietnam Withdraws: Albania, Argentina, Namibia, New Zealand Returns: Austria, Botswana, Chile, Denmark, Ghana, Kenya, Lebanon, Paraguay, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Turks and Caicos, Uruguay Winner: Jennifer Hawkins Represented: Australia Congeniality: Laia Manetti Italy Photogenic: Alba Reyes Puerto Rico Miss Universe 2004, the fifty-third Miss Universe pageant was held in Centro de Convenciones CEMEXPO, Quito, Ecuador on June 1, 2004. It was won by Jennifer Hawkins of Australia.Delegates arrived in Quito from May 12, 2004 and participated in three weeks of events, rehearsals and preliminary competitions prior to the final televised competition. Events took place in Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca, and Riobamba.[1]For the second consecutive year, Billy Bush and Daisy Fuentes hosted the final televised pageant, with entertainment from Gloria Estefan.[2]At the conclusion of the final competition, Australian model Jennifer Hawkins was crowned Miss Universe 2004, by outgoing titleholder Amelia Vega of the Dominican Republic.[3] Hawkins was the first Australian titleholder since Kerry Anne Wells won in 1972. She was also the first blonde Miss Universe since Angela Visser in 1989.Host cityQuito, Ecuador was announced as host city of the pageant on 19 August 2003. The city paid $5 million for the right to host the event, although it anticipated recouping this through visitors and promotion of the country during the televised competition.In March Ecuador's foreign trade minister was forced to reject rumours that the pageant was at risk of being moved to China, and he urged Ecuadoreans to back the pageant.[5] As an added incentive for tourists, Ecuador American Airlines, official airline sponsor of the pageant, offered 5% off airfares to Quito for travel to the pageant, as well as 10% off for those who booked a month in advance. The attempted use of the pageant to promote Ecuador threatened to be derailed just prior to the telecast, when a corruption scandal led to growing demands for the removal of President Lucio Gutierrez in the politically unstable country.Prior to the arrival of delegates in early May, officials in Quito attempted to renovate areas where they would be visiting, which involved temporarily removing beggars and homeless people from certain areas of the city. Similar action was taken in Bangkok, Thailand prior to Miss Universe 1992 and in Manila, Philippines prior to Miss Universe 1994. The event was protested by native Indian activists and environmentalists who accused the government of concealing the nations poverty whilst the pageant was being hosted.The delegates, judges, media and tourists were heavily protected by a security detail involving over 5000 police officers. On 16 May, just hours before delegates were expected to participate in a parade in Cuenca, a pamphlet bomb was deactivated by police. Although it was protesting the economic policies of the Ecuadorean government, police suspected that the bomb, found just six blocks from the parade route, was timed specifically to coincide with the event.JudgesThe judging panel for the final competition included:Anne Martin - Vice President of Global Cosmetics and Marketing of Proctor & Gamble Cosmetics Petra Nemcova - Sports Illustrated supermodel Monique Menniken - supermodel Elsa Benitez - supermodel Bo Derek - film actress and model Katie Fitz - Today Show, "You Be The Judge" contest winner Wendy Fitzwilliam - Miss Universe 1998 Bill Rancic - winner of the first season of The Apprentice Jon Tutolo - president of Trump Model Management Jefferson Pérez - 1996 Ecuadorian Olympic Gold Medalist Emilio Estefan - music producer and entertainer[...]


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Miss Universe 2002 Date: 29 May 2002 Presenters: Phil Simms, Daisy Fuentes and Brook Lee Entertainment: Marc Anthony Venue: Roberto Clemente Coliseo Broadcaster: CBS Entrants: 75 Placements: 10 Debuts: Albania, China Winner: Oxana Fedorova Represented: Russia Congeniality: Merlisa Rhonda George U. S. Virgin Islands Photogenic: Isis Marie Casalduc Puerto Rico Countries and territories which sent delegates and results.The Miss Universe 2002 pageant was held in Coliseo Roberto Clemente, San Juan, Puerto Rico on May 29, 2002. There were 75 delegates from around the world who competed for the title Miss Universe 2002. Oxana Fedorova from Russia was crowned Miss Universe 2002 by Miss Universe 2001, Denise Quiñones of Puerto Rico. On September 23, 2002, Fedorova was dethroned and replaced by her first runner-up Justine Pasek of Panama.Results PlacementsThe Miss Universe title was won by Oxana Fedorova of Russia (later dethroned) The runners-up were: 1st runner-up - Justine Pasek (Panama) 2nd runner-up - Zhuo Ling (China) 3rd runner-up - Vanessa Carreira (South Africa) 4th runner-up - Cynthia Lander Zamora (Venezuela) The Top 10 (in order of final placement): Natascha Börger (Germany), Demetra Eleftheriou (Cyprus), Anisa Kospiri (Albania), Neha Dhupia (India), Neelam Verma (Canada) Special awardsPhotogenic: Isis Marie Casalduc (Puerto Rico) Congeniality: Merlisa Rhonda George (US Virgin Islands) National Costume: Vanessa Mendoza (Colombia) Best in Swimsuit: Oxana Fedorova (Russia) Final competition scoresCountry Swimsuit Evening Gown Russia 9.88 9.64 Panama 8.79 8.92 China 8.88 9.15 South Africa 8.90 8.79 Venezuela 9.29 8.83 Germany 8.81 8.84 Cyprus 9.15 8.49 Albania 8.34 8.51 India 8.32 8.10 Canada 7.99 8.39 Contestants Albania - Anisa Kospiri Angola - Giovana Pinto Leite Antigua and Barbuda - Aisha Ralph Aruba - Deyanira Ludwina Frank Australia - Sarah Davies Bahamas - Nadia Albury Belgium - Ann van Elsen Bolivia - Paola Clarisse Coimbra Antipieff Brazil - Josiane Oliveira British Virgin Islands - Anastasia Tonge Bulgaria - Elina Georgirva Canada - Neelam Verma Cayman Islands - Shannon McLean Chile - Nicole Rencoret Ladrón de Guevara China - Zhuo Ling Colombia - Vanessa Mendoza Costa Rica - Merilyn Villalta Croatia - Ivana Paris Curacao - Ayanette Mary-Ann Statia Cyprus - Demetra Eleuftheriou Czech Republic - Diana Kobzanova Dominican Republic - Ruth Ocumarez Ecuador - Isabel Ontaneda-Pinto Egypt - Sally Shaheen El Salvador - Elisa Sandoval Rodriguez Estonia - Jana Tafenau Finland - Janette Broman France - Sylvie Tellier Germany - Natascha Borger Ghana - Stephanie Walkins-Fia Greece - Lena Paparrigopoulou Guatemala - Carina Velasquez Guyana - Mia Rahaman Honduras - Erika Ramirez Hungary - Edit Friedl India - Neha Dhupia Ireland - Lisa O'Sullivan Israel - Yamit Har-Noy Italy - Anna Rigon Jamaica - Sanya Hughes Japan - Mina Chiba Kenya - Julie Njeru Korea - Min-Kyoung Kim Malaysia - Karen Lit Eit Ang Mauritius - Karen Alexandre Mexico - Ericka Cruz Escalante Namibia - Michelle Heitha Netherlands - Kim Kotter Nicaragua - Marianela Larayu Mendoza Nigeria - Chinenye Ochuba Northern Mariana Islands - Virginia Gridley Norway - Hege Hatlo Panama - Justine Lissette Pasek Peru - Adriana Zubiate Philippines - Karen Loren Agustín Poland - Joanna Dozdrowska Portugal - Iva Catarina Lamarao Puerto Rico - Isis Casalduc Gonzales Russia - Oxana Fedorova Singapore - Nuraliza Osman Slovakia - Eva Dzodlova Slovenia - Iris Mulej South Africa - Vanessa Carreira Spain - Vania Millan Sweden - Malou Hansson Switzerland - Jennifer Ann Gerber Thailand - Janjira Janchome Trinidad and Tobago - Nasma Mohammed Turkey - Ca[...]


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Denise QuinonesMiss Puerto Rico All photos courtesy of Miss Universe Inc. Beautiful island, beautiful ladyMiss Puerto Rico, Denise Quinones, won the Miss Universe crown before an ecstatic crowd in Puerto Rico on May 11, 2001. A few minutes earlier, she had won the Clairol Herbal Essence Style Award, and earlier in the week, she had been chosen Miss Photogenic.She is the fourth Puerto Rican to become Miss Universe. The first runner-up was Miss Greece, Evelina Papantoniou, and the second runner-up was Kandace Krueger, Miss USA. The third runner-up was Eva Ekvall, Miss Venezuela, and the fourth runner-up was Celina Jaitley, Miss India. Other semifinalists were Eva Siso Casals of Spain, Agbani Darego of Nigeria, Ilanit Levi of Israel, Oxana Kalandyrets of Russia and Elodie Gossuin of France.Nakera Simms of the Bahamas was chosen Miss Congeniality.With televised pageants considered to be in a ratings slump, this one was preceded by some rather unconventional hype. Television advertising on CBS promised "super-scandals." An absurd rumor was floated, with the obvious acquiescence of the pageant's owners, that Miss France had once been a man. Then the rumor was kept alive by repeated denials. When even the most tenaciously gullible began to tire of the "gender issue," the supposed record of Miss Brazil's plastic surgery was leaked to the media. This time, there were no denials.[...]


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2000Lara DuttaIndiaCyprusLara Dutta, 21, Miss India, won the Miss Universe Pageant in Cyprus on May 12, 2000 (May 13 according to Cyprus time). She is the second representative of India to win the crown. Claudia Moreno, 22, Miss Venezuela, was first runner-up, and Helen Lindes, 18, Miss Spain, was second runner-up.Other finalists were Kim Yee, 22, representing Canada, and Lynnette Cole, 22, Miss USA.Other semifinalists were Miss Colombia, Catalina Acosta, 22; Miss Estonia, Evelyn Mikomagi, 19; Miss South Africa, Heather Joy Hamilton, 22; Miss Zimbabwe, Corrinne Crewe, 18; and Miss France, Sonia Rolland, 18. Tamara Scaroni, 23, Miss Aruba, was chosen Miss Congeniality by a vote of her fellow contestants. Letty Murray, 20, of Mexico won the Clairol Herbal Essence Style Award.For the next year, when people call out the name of Miss Universe, it is India’s Lara Dutta who will turn around.Ms. Dutta, 21, a Bangalore native born to an Indian father and a European mother, was crowned as the new queen on the morning of May 13, 2000, following a pageant that began at the ungodly hour of 4 a.m. local time in order to be broadcast live in prime time (on May 12) in New York.Remarking on the innate charisma of a few natural leaders, men like U.S. President John F. Kennedy and Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres, the novelist Saul Bellow once wrote that they must dine strictly on organ meats: their skin simply glowed with an inexplicable radiance and vitality.A quirky explanation, perhaps, but one must wonder similarly about Ms. Dutta: even in the galaxy of exceptionally beautiful women who graced the Nicosia Hilton for the past month, Ms.Dutta stood out almost immediately as the most radiant star. Others of the 10 semi-finalists ­ Miss Colombia, Catalina Acosta, who was stunning in her blue sequined evening gown; Miss Zimbabwe, Corrine Crewe, whose appearance in a swimsuit would be an asset to any beach; Miss Canada, Kim Yee, who inherited from her Chinese and Ukrainian parents the best elements of both nations’ physiques -- made a deep impression on journalists and members of the audience. Yet it was Ms. Dutta’s superior self-assurance and her exceptionally articulate answers to the questions of the master of ceremonies, American entertainer Sinbad, that guaranteed her victory. Judge Christina Altshul, an MTV VJ, told after the competition that the panel had been unanimous in its choice of Ms. Dutta. One interlude that worked in Ms. Dutta’s favor may have been her refusal to demonstrate classical Indian dance for Sinbad, saying she couldn’t perform the necessary squats in her red, low-backed evening gown. Instead, she did a series of brief hand movements that accompany the dance. Her determined refusal to perform in an atmosphere she considered uncomfortable or even degrading appeared to win support from an audience that appreciated her self-respect. So, too, with Ms. Dutta’s answer to Sinbad’s questions about the presence of women among Indian leaders. Women politicians are more sensitive than men, Ms. Dutta said, adding that India’s women stand “shoulder-to-shoulder with their men” and are quite capable and educated -- those that are educated, that is. The audience erupted in a wave of applause.In contrast to Ms. Dutta’s polish, others of the five finalists seemed to stumble in the question-and-answer session. Miss Spain, Helen Lindes did agree to perform a few basic salsa steps, but she demonstrated neither logic nor humor in answer to a question about the architecture of her native Canary Islands. And in another answer she described a dependence on her mother that judges may have considered too immature for a prospective Miss Universe. Miss USA, Lynnette Cole, a substitute teacher from Tennessee, appeared to lose the natura[...]


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Mpule Kwelagobe
Trinidad and Tobago(image)

1st runner-up Miriam Quiambao
2nd runner-up Diana Nogueria SPAIN
Lucbel Carolina Indriago Pinto VENEZUELA
Akuba Cudjoe GHANA
Gul Panag INDIA
Nicole Haughton JAMAICA
Silvia Salgado Cavazos MEXICO
Brenda Liz Lopez Ramos PUERTO RICO

History was again definitely made this year! Mpule ws the first black African to win the crown, the third Africa after Margaret Gardiner and Michelle McLean. Mpule and Wendy Fitzwilliam were the first set of "black-to-black" winners. USA didn't make the semifinals, not since Barbara Peterson failed to make the cut in 1975. This pageant had the most delegates to attend up to present. Mpule was also the first delegate from her country to ever join the Miss Universe pageant. What a stroke of luck. Mpule, however, was a non-finalist at the Miss World pageant 2 years earlier.


Fri, 26 Sep 2008 15:51:00 +0000

Wendy Fitzwilliam
Honolulu, Hawaii
USA (image)

1st runner-up Veruska Tatiana Ramirez
2nd runner-up Joyce Marie Giraud
Silvia Fernanda Ortiz Guerra COLOMBIA
Shawnae Nicole Jebbia USA
Michella Dauzacker Marchi BRAZIL
Lymaraina D'Souza INDIA
Andrea Roche IRELAND
Anna Malova RUSSIA
Kerishnie Naicker SOUTH AFRICA

1998 saw the 3rd black woman to win the crown and the second from Trinidad/Tobago in the person of Wendy Fitzwilliam. An unwelcome change, though, is made as television audiences no longer enjoyed the traditional parade of natios with delegates in National Costume but a glitzy fashion-show like slide show of each delegate sans preliminary scores


Fri, 26 Sep 2008 15:48:00 +0000

Brook Mahealani Lee
Miami Beach, Florida

1st runner-up Marena Jpsefina Bencomo
2nd runner-up Margot Rita Bourgeois
Verna Angela Maria Vasquez CURACAO
Denny Mendez ITALY
Lia Victoria Borrero González PANAMA
Kristiina Heinmets ESTONIA
Nafisa Joseph INDIA
Ana Rosa Brito Suárez PUERTO RICO
Victoria Lagerstrom SWEDEN

It was thought that this year a record number of pageant delegates would be reached but unfortunate drop outs blew away the record breaking feat. The pageant ended up with 74 delegates. At the end of the night, preliminary favorites Marena Bencomo of Venezuela, Verna Vasquez of Curacao and Panama's Lia Victoria Borrero nor controversial Miss Italy, Denny Mendez (the first Miss Italy of color) were shut out by the wit and intelligence of USA's Brook
Mahealani Lee.


Fri, 26 Sep 2008 15:41:00 +0000

Alicia Machado
Las Vegas, Nevada
USA (image)

1st runner up Taryn Scheryl Mansell
2nd runner-up Iyabode Ololade Odusoga
Vanessa Guzmán Niebla MEXICO
Ilmira Shamsutdinova RUSSIA
Ali Landry USA
Carmen Milena Mayorga EL SALVADOR
Sandhya Chib INDIA
Natalí Patricia Sacco Angeles PERU
Annika Duckmark SWEDEN

Venezuela's Alicia Machado was the clear favorite for the crown as she sashayed and charmed her way to the audience's and judges' hearts on pageant night. Shortly after her crowning, Venezuela's 4th Miss Universe was asked what she would do now that she was Miss Universe…Without hesitation, she replied, "EAT, EAT, EAT!!" She would later allegedly gain more ad more weight reaching an all time high of 150 lbs. which led to speculations of stripping Alicia of her crown. Undaunted, Alicia succumbed to the media blitz and crowned her successor a year later 10 to 15 lbs heavier than on the night she herself captured the Universe.


Fri, 26 Sep 2008 15:38:00 +0000

Chelsi Smith
Windhoek, Namibia (image)

1st runner-up Manpreet Brar INDIA
2nd runner-up Lana Buchberger CANADA
Desirée Lowry Rodriguez PUERTO RICO
Denyse del Carmen Floreano Camargo
Tatiana Leonor Castro Abuchaibe COLOMBIA
Cándida Lara Betances DOMINICAN REP.
Eleanora Beatrice Carrillo Alamanni
Augustine Masilela SOUTH AFRICA

Newly indpendent Namibia hosts this year's pageant. Namibia's own Michelle McLean had won the title only two years before making it even more timely. This year also marks the year the pageant is first held in Africa and this pageant attracted the most number of delegates ever, 82. This is also the first time since 1984 that South Africa had sent a delegate in the person of Augustine Masilela, and she makes the semi-finals. India almost won back to back titles as Manpreet Brar barely misses the tiel and winds up runner-up to the USA's Chelsi Smith, a consistent favorite even in the preliminaries. Chelsi is the 6th American to win the title, further strengthening the USA's domination of the pageant.


Fri, 26 Sep 2008 15:01:00 +0000

Sushmita Sen
Manila, Philippines

1st runner-up Carolina Gomez COLOMBIA
2nd runner-up Minorka Marisela Mercado
Charlene Bonnin Gonzalez PHILIPPINES
Silvia Lakatosova SLOVAK REPUBLIC
Frances Louise Parker USA
Rea Toutounzi GREECE
Arianna David ITALY
Dominique Forsberg SWEDEN
Patricia Fässler SWITZERLAND

Another feast for the televiewers eye as Manila hosts te pageant once again after 25 years. Dark horse Sushmita Sen radiates pure charm and intelligence as she overturns favorites hometown girl Charlene Gonzales, press favorite Christine Roelandts of Belgium, USA's Lu Parker, Minorka Mercado of Venezuela and preliminary front runner Carolina Gomez of Colombia to win the title. Sushmita wins the first of two Miss Universe crowns in a decade that proves India as a powerhouse of beauty pageant history.


Fri, 26 Sep 2008 14:58:00 +0000

Dayanara Torres
Mexico City, Mexico (image)

1st runner-up Paula Andrea Betancourt
2nd runner-up Milka Yelisava Chulina
Namrata Shirodkar INDIA
Kenya Summer Moore USA
Leila Cristine Schuster BRAZIL
Pavlina Barbukova CZECH REPUBLIC
Tarja Smura FINLAND
Eugenia del Pilar Santana Alba SPAIN

Another year of surprises was this year as Puerto Rico's Dayanara Torres squeaks past preliminary front runners Milka Chulina of Venezuela, Kenya Moore of the USA, and Voni Delfos of Australia with her sweet and charming demeanor amid the loud and unruly Mexican audience who at one point booed the entrance of Miss USA in the semi-finals.


Fri, 26 Sep 2008 14:54:00 +0000

Michelle McLean
Bangkok, Thailand


1st runner-up Diana Paola Turbay
2nd runner-up Madhushri Sapre INDIA
Anke van Dermeersch BELGIUM
Carolina Eva Izsak Kemenify VENEZUELA
Georgina Denahy AUSTRALIA
Lisa Maree de Montalk NEW ZEALAND
Monica Brodd SWEDEN
Shannon LaRhea Marketic USA

Michelle McLean became the second African to win the Miss Universe title after Margaret Gardiner in 1978. The year was 1992. The site was exotic Bangkok, Thailand and another stunning visual feast to the televiewer and a appropriate background for the 78 delegates in competition. One of the heaviest competitions the Miss Universe pageant ever had was indeed this one with several veteran delegates from the previous year's Miss World pageant including Michelle, where she wound up as a finalist.


Fri, 26 Sep 2008 14:50:00 +0000

Lupita Jones
Las Vegas, Nevada
USA (image)

1st runner-up Paulien Huizinga
2nd runner-up Yulia Lemigova USSR
Kimberley Mais JAMAICA
Kelli McCarty USA
Jackeline Rodriguez Strefezza VENEZUELA
Jacqueline Nelleke Josien Krijger CURACAO
Mareva Georges FRANCE
Vivian Rosanna Benitez Brizuela PARAGUAY
Natasha Pavlovic YUGOSLAVIA

There was no doubt that early favorite Mexico's Lupita Jones would do well on pageant night. But not with stiff competition from the likes of statuesque Paulien Huizinga of the Netherlands hoping to repeat Angela Visser's performance only two years before, and USSR's charming Yulia Lemigova, the first delegate from the USSR. Lupita prevailed with the help of a large cheering section in the audience giving Mexico it's only Miss Universe crown to date.


Fri, 26 Sep 2008 14:47:00 +0000

Mona Grudt
Los Angeles, California

1st runner-up Carol Anne Marie Gist USA
2nd runner-up Lizeth Yamile Arevalo
Rosario Rico Toro del Pilar BOLIVIA
Urania Haltenhoff Nikiforos CHILE los Angeles del Rosario Santiago
Suzanne Sabloak INDIA
Julide Ates TURKEY
Andreina Katarina Goetz Blohm VENEZUELA

The pageant was celebrating its 30th year anniversary and change came along with such celebrations. Television viewers got an eyeful as the parade of nations showed each delegate in swimsuit and evening gown. From the 10 semi-finalists, 6 finaists were chosen instead of 5. And again this number was trimmed down to three after all 6 finalists answered the dreaded judge's questions. The first batch of 3 finalists were Misses Norway, USA, and Colombia. This year also marked the last reading of the Miss Universe creed by Angela Visser.


Fri, 26 Sep 2008 14:42:00 +0000

Angela Visser
Cancun, Mexico


1st runner-up Louise Drevenstam SWEDEN
2nd runner-up Gretchen Polhemus USA
3rd runner-up Joanna Gapinska POLAND
4th runner-up Adriana Abascal Cisneros
Ma. Macarena Mina Garachena CHILE
Aasa Maria Lovdahl FINLAND
Andrea Stelzer GERMANY
Sandra Foster JAMAICA
Eva Lisa Larsdotter Ljung VENEZUELA

1989 was the longest in terms of pageant preparation lasting for over a month. Early favorites this year were Misses Australia, Holland, Turkey, Spain, Argentina and hometown girl Mexico. Angela Visser literally ran away with the title, her semi-finals competition scores speaking for themselves, only slightly challenged by Sweden's Louise Drevenstam. Angela and runner-up Joanna Gapinska of Poland were non-finalists in Miss World the year before. Jamaica's Sandra Foster merely repeated her performance as a semi-finalist also in the previous Miss World pageant. Today, Angela is a budding actress and television broadcaster, co-hosting several Miss Universe telecasts in the early 1990s.


Fri, 26 Sep 2008 02:38:00 +0000

Porntip Nakhirunkanok
Taipei, Taiwan (Republic of China)(image)

1st runner-up Chang Yoon Jung KOREA
2nd runner-up Amanda Beatriz Olivares
3rd runner-up Mizuho Sakaguchi JAPAN
4th runner-up Pauline Yeung HONG KONG
Diana Patricia Arevalo Guerra COLOMBIA
Bente Charlotte Brunland NORWAY
Courtney Gibbs USA
Yajaira Cristina Vera Roldán VENEZUELA

The pageant presentation was one of the most spectacular to date as the stage for pageant night was transformed to a menagerie of moving figures and colorful sceneries complete with flowers, dragons, and butterflies. Media coverage though was less than spectacular. Yet, there were early favorites in the persons of Misses Venezuela, Mexico, and England. , Asians ruled on pageant night as 4 Asian delegates zoomed into the top 5 leaving preliminary toppers USA and Dominican Republic behind. Only Mexico was able to fight through this Asian wall. Thailand's Porntip Nakhirunkanok ran away with the title but not without stiff competition from Korea's Chang Yoon Jung.


Fri, 26 Sep 2008 02:27:00 +0000

Cecilia Bolocco
Singapore (image)

1st runner-up Roberta Capua ITALY
2nd runner-up Michelle Royer USA
3rd runner-up Ines Ma. Calero VENEZUELA
4th runner up Laurie Tamara Simpson (MISS INTERNATIONAL 1987)
Jessica Patricia Newton Saez PERU
Geraldine Villaruz Asis PHILIPPINES
Marion Nicole Teo SINGAPORE
Susanne Karin Thoerngren SWEDEN
Carmelita Louise Ariza TURKS & CAICOS

At the onset, Colombia's Patricia Ruiz was the favorite alongside other names as Misses India, Philippines, USA, and Italy. But as soon as the pageant competition progressed, Chile's Cecilia Bolocco would run away ahead of the pack,
a feat which she began during the interview competition. 4th runner-up Puerto Rico's Laurie Simpson went on to win the Miss International pageant later that year.


Fri, 26 Sep 2008 02:22:00 +0000

Barbara Palacios Teyde
Panama City, Panama

1st runner-up Christiane Fichtner USA
2nd runner-up Ma. Monica Urbina
3rd runner-up Brygida Bziukiewicz
4th runner-up Tuula Polvi FINLAND
Deise Nunes de Souza BRAZIL
Mariana Villasante CHILE
Elizabeth Robison Latalladi PUERTO RICO
Eveline Nicole Glanzmann SWITZERLAND
Aimee Likobe Dobala ZAIRE

This would be the last Miss Universe to be held in July as later pageants would be staged in May. Favorites this year included the perennial shoo-ins USA, Venezuela and Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Finland, and Panama. Barbara won the title giving Venezuela it's third Miss Universe title after Maritza Sayalero in 1979 and Irene Saez Conde in 1981. Zaire makes it to the semi-finals for the second year in a row.