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Web hosting - what can you get?

Fri, 28 May 2010 15:14:00 +0000

To make money online you want great web hosting. World wide there are millions of people who require web hosting for their web sites. Very many of them know nothing, or at least very little, about how to develop and manage web pages. Almost certainly they do not know what a web host can do for their online business. They often choose to use the cheapest host company they can find without considering how a top, reliable hosting service will help build their money making potential.Even those marketers with large web sites rarely understand how their pages get on to computer screens around the world. Most of those who do know what is required are usually internet professionals or are often thought of as computer geeks.Technology develops faster and faster as each year goes by. It is not surprising that fewer and fewer people understand how the internet works and that puts them at a disadvantage.If they are using web pages to put a message in front of their potential customers then their lack of knowledge and understanding has a serious adverse affect on their future success.To begin with they are not able to make the most important decisions about which web hosting service is right for their business needs. Then, when they are committed to a hosting supplier, they are not able to maximise the benefits often available in any ordinary service. On top of that they will be further disadvantaged by not have the capability to get maximum benefit from the web tools and resources that are now becoming essential to online success.The vast majority of internet marketers without a high level of technical expertise are not in a position to be able to acquire it for themselves. Finding good and reliable sources of information is not easy. Even when they can find it they will need considerable time to digest masses of information so that they can then use it in a meaningful way.The time spent trying to build a technical understanding is probably better used in developing their business. They should be looking for products or developing their own, writing emails and sales copy, seeking joint ventures and other business building ideas.The simple answer for the non-technical marketer is to buy the services required. That also has its problems. Not least of which is the cost implication. Then there is the problem of finding a supplier who can understand what you want and who will do a good job.It’s not easy. Or is it?Of all the available web hosts there is just a few who are starting to make life easy for their hosting customers. When I first became involved in serious internet marketing I researched the supply of web hosting services. Over time I have seen many developments. At first they were applicable only to those people who were able to understand the technical aspects – generally the professionals.Now the top hosts are finding valuable ways to make life easier for their customers. They have realised that most online marketers are not able to use the technology they see their experienced competitors using. That includes everything from design items on their web pages to the quality of service that technology enables them to give.For example, a host that is able to keep downtime to an absolute minimum avoids upsetting a customer who is trying to browse a web page on his server. Likewise, a server facility that delivers pages quickly makes sure the viewer does not get tired of waiting and just moves on to another web site.Recently introduced technology now available from my preferred web host includes most of the things that are becoming essential to ensure online marketing success.Such things as video and audio production tools that are of high quality and easy to use – direct on to your own server files. Design facilities including web page components like forms are now supplied free of charge in ever increasing styles. Audio and video thank you pages that download very quickly are impressive to customers but only take minutes to add to your marketing program.The latest additions to the range of tools includ[...]