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List building - the easy way to make money online.

Sun, 09 May 2010 17:30:00 +0000

To make money online is easy when you do it right. If you sell products of any type on the internet you need a list of customers and prospective customers. Usually that will be composed of all the people who have expressed an interest in whatever you are offering on your web site. When they give you their name and email address your autoresponder will add them to a database for future marketing. That's where the big money is. You probably know “The money is in the list” so you should also know that you need to build a list that is not just big but also relevant to your internet business. In other words they are people who are likely to buy from you in the future. There are many ways to build your email list for generating sales on your website. Here I am describing just one way to do it. It just happens to be probably the easiest way to get started if you are new to internet selling or to add some extra names to your existing list. Do an internet search and you will find many list building web sites offering a wide range of methods. Not all of these are what they might appear to be at first sight. Some will cost far too much in money or time for the returns they give you. Others risk you being involved in sending spam which can result in your web site being closed down. I am not writing here about the many bad offers that you should keep away from. What I am writing about is the very trusted sites offering a particular service for list building that does not require you to commit large sums of money to Pay Per Click or similar methods. The typical service of this type is a membership site which enables you to send your emails to other members. Those members are usually serious internet marketers so have reasons to take notice of what your emails offer. If your offer is the right one then you will secure their names on your list and make immediate sales to at least some of them. All this should come at a low monthly or annual fee. These sites are offered by several well known and highly respected internet marketers. However, some less reliable sources have taken the opportunity to copy the method but without the good reputation gained by the top sites. Be careful which services you choose to use. If you don’t know how reputable the web site is then just do a search for the owner and check out him or her. One membership service I use has a small fee, either monthly or annually, but you can start with a free service before deciding to commit to making a payment. You can also choose the level of service you want and your emails will then be sent randomly to a specific number of people who have also opted in to either the free deal or the paid service. In any event, the cost is very low compared to the number of new names I regularly get on my lists. I also get ready made tools and advice to help with other promotional methods – all included in the cost. To start your own list building or to add more names to your existing list take a look at this list building service. There are others but I know from experience that this one is run by a top internet name with a well respected reputation. It is used by very many people. There is a free offer to test the service and the paid service is a low cost which varies depending on the level you want to use. I make money because of what I have learnt on that program. When new list methods are proven to make more money they are added to the tools available on the site. Every week I reach new people who I probably would never contact through other means. Then, all I have to do is bank the money that comes in and add their names and emails to my marketing program. You could do the same.[...]

How to choose your web hosting to making money online

Mon, 15 Mar 2010 17:34:00 +0000

To make money online is the aim of every web marketer. If you are an internet marketer you will be looking for ways to make money by selling products or services on your website. You will already know how important it is to attract potential purchasers in order to build a list of people who will buy not just today but also in the future through email marketing. The right choice of hosting and autoresponder will help you to make money on the internet.To do that it is essential to have somewhere to host one or more web sites so you will need to open an account with a professional web hosting supplier. Unfortunately there is not much information available to guide you to good, reliable hosting companies. Do a Google search and you will find many hosting sites that you have never heard of and about which you have no reliable information.To attract you to use their services many offer free or very low cost services. They promise to give you “cheap hosting” or “free hosting with every $9 domain name registration”. But what is “cheap”? It certainly does not suggest top quality. In fact “cheap” creates a picture of inferior quality but who really wants that?Providers giving internet web hosting away free probably have little revenue income to maintain their facilities never mind any future development or up-grade requirement.So, where does this leave you if you are a serious internet marketer? You could take a risk and go with one of the little known hosts that may be free or will certainly be cheap. On the other hand you could go with a well known, top quality web hosting supplier and pay their regular fees.The same reasoning could be applied to suppliers of autoresponder services where you will build and manage your customer lists. Choose a free or cheap one if you are prepared to accept the risk or go with a well known supplier if you are happy to pay their fees.To any serious internet marketer the choice is obvious: go with the well known company and pay the fees. Why do I say this? Well, to begin with the fees are very small compared to the profits you can make as a successful marketer and compared to the damage to your reputation and business when things go wrong. Good, top hosting can be found from around $79 per year depending on what you require. A top autoresponder will cost from around $230 per year depending on the size of your list. So the actual cost is not high and you get a reliable, well known company as your supplier.Once you have accepted the need to pay a reasonable figure for the service then it is time to look at other important questions. For example, some web hosting suppliers are very much geared to internet marketing and understand the affiliate marketing requirements. Others provide substantial support facilities including training webinars and web page templates, various forms and easy video facilities.It is important to take a little time looking at the web sites for the major suppliers to compare exactly what they offer; but remember, the fees should be your least concern within reason.In the past the route chosen by many well known marketers has been to use separate suppliers for hosting and autoresponders. That is now changing. Many of the world’s top marketers all host their web sites at the same hosting company because they get many benefits by doing so.The hosting site they use charges a range of different fees to give marketers a wide choice. The big names in marketing go for the full service which is around $45 per month but for that they get top level facilities and support.Most hosting companies do not own their own data centre which causes major problems when there is a down time situation. Only the top suppliers own all their own data centre and other facilities. One even owns its fibre optic cables supplying the data centre. If they have a down time, and every web hosting supplier will at some stage, then they are able to be up again in the minimum time scale. That is important in internet selling.Just as important as the reliability of the[...]