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Halloween costumes

Sun, 03 Oct 2010 08:16:00 +0000

What's Hot : Harry Potter Robe for Child Disneys Child Belle Costume Mens Red Muscle Chest Power Ranger Costume XL Adult Boogie Queen Costume Child Deluxe Super Mario Bros Mario Costume Car Hop Girl Costume for Child Adult 70s Disco Fever Costume Adult Wild Swirl Dress Costume Buzz Lightyear Costume for Child Cleopatra Costume for Child Toddler Spider Man Muscle Costume Wonder Woman Costume for Toddler Cheap Halloween costumes is the name of the game here at Costume Discounters. Our Incredible Lowest Price Guarantee ensures you'll get exceptional value when you buy your costume for Halloween or other occassion. Costume Discounters brings you the latest and best costumes at the lowest prices...all year round. From Halloween costumes, kids costumes, adult costumes, sexy costumes and toddler costumes. We will make sure you can have costume fun and save all year round! You will be amazed that saving big at Costume Discounters does not mean you have fewer choices to buy costumes. From the hottest trends in Halloween costumes like Hannah Montana, Power Ranger, Iron Man and Batman, to the most scandalous sexy Halloween costumes from Playboy and Leg Avenue. Costume Discounters offers a huge selection of adult Halloween costumes, toddler Halloween costumes and teen Halloween costumes! Making it the best online halloween costume store for shoppers in search of good value.[...]

The Beauty Of Dubai by Christopher Wilson

Wed, 22 Sep 2010 22:17:00 +0000


Belle Inspiration e-Magazine - Premier Issue Debuting Wednesday!

Tue, 14 Sep 2010 04:06:00 +0000

**You may want to hit the pause button on themusic player to your right before hitting the play button on the video above**One more day!I'm so excited about the unveiling of Belle Inspiration,the new e-zine set to be unveiled Wednesday the 15th!In their own words, this is what makes Belle Inspiration so special:Belle Inspiration is your  rendez-vous with good taste and style.   Published bi-monthly and delivered to you in a digital flip-page format. Our international team of contributors are all about a romantic style of living, and enjoying the simple things that can make your day more beautiful.Each issue will profile practical and versatile ideas coupled with beautiful images,  unique boutiques, wallet-friendly solutions for interiors, food and fashion. Meet business-minded women and discover how they launched their dreams.  We endeavor to be your online escape, a small respite during your busy day.  For you, your family, your home, your life!Interested??Visit their subscription page here.Publish PostHope you're having a lovely start to the week![...]

Orderable Now: Jeanne d'Arc Magazine AND Christmas Book PLUS The New Vakre Hjem!

Sat, 11 Sep 2010 18:13:00 +0000

All kinds of great news here with regard to GORGEOUSmagazine publications!The other day boxes of the Fall issue ofVakre Hjem & Interior arrived on our doorstopand let me tell you...ITISBEAUTIFUL.Boy I love that magazine!It is IN STOCK and ready to ship! Order your copy HERE!Here's a short preview:The next issue of Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine will also be hittingour doorstop shortly and it, too, promises to be packed withpage after page of Autumn eye candy and ideas!Pre-orders for this issue are now being taken online HEREand we expect to ship in just a couple of weeks at most!I love the cover!!Here's a little preview of it:AND!!!  Guess what??Jeanne d'Arc Living is going to reprint their oh-so-popular "JUL" Christmas book again this year!!IN ENGLISH!!!And, they are doing the reprint in paperback (like the magazines)so the cost is going to be the same as the magazines!  Isn't that incredible??  We expect to ship them out in October and we're taking pre-orders online HERE!Here's a little peek inside:So, even though we are still living with our typicalextreme-heat here in Florida (highs still in the 90's with veryhigh humidity), I am loving focusing on the "promise" of Fall ....even if vicariously through these beautiful publications!!If you would like any of the three, or all, head over to the siteand grab yours -- they are already selling fast!!Have a great weekend and I'll be back shortly with still morenew additions to the inventory!If you didn't catch the last round that we added to the site,skip over and take a peek by clicking HERE![...]

There are just some events that fall into that "NOT - TO - BE - MISSED" category... This one, for instance.

Wed, 08 Sep 2010 23:57:00 +0000

Deb Kennedy...aka WONDER WOMAN of retail decor, display andgeneral craftiness (in the very best way) is bringing us another of her fabulous events held on her expansive,gorgeous Camano Island, Washington farm...(just north of Seattle).What a woman -- making all she touches turn to FABULOUSVINTAGEAUTUMNGOLD.So here's what you can expect:A heavenly setting:Fall in the air, Crisp, cool Washington state air,  island breezes, And a BARN-FULL of vintage and handmade wares!Plus lots and lots of vendors all coming together to bring you!a day to shop, relax,  & take in the coming season of cozy, happy, comfort, and celebrations.And if you're lucky,if you're REALLYREALLY lucky,you can still get a space in a fun class,"Deb's Sweet Sweater Pumpkin" classwhere you'll learn how to make THESE:All you need to know about attending this event can be found on anyof these pages:PETITE RETREAT BLOGEVENT INVITATION ON FACEBOOKPETITE RETREAT'S PAGE ON FACEBOOKYou really need to try to find any way possible to get to this --Deb even provides lodging suggestions on her pages (hint, hint)so GO FOR IT!Here's to the coming of the best time of the year!!  [...]

Some Fresh New Beauty In Just In Time For Fall... And More On The Way!

Sun, 05 Sep 2010 04:35:00 +0000

Just a super quickie post to let you know the some of what was
received here a few days ago has finally been photographed 
and put up on the store website!

You'll find it all on our new items page --

Happy Labor Day weekend to you all!!

We All Know Our Birth Stone, Right? What About Your "Birth Color"?

Fri, 03 Sep 2010 19:35:00 +0000

"Honey, you were BORN to wear that color!"Ever heard that?Ever caught yourself saying "I was born to live with this color!"or"This color was just made for me..."Well, turns out, maybe you were right!Thanks to sweet Leigha from ELLE OHand THIS POST she did recently on finding "your" color,I tried it out on the website, and I am now informed as to what MY special "birth color" is...Based on my birthdate of August 1st, 19-wouldn't-you-like-to-know..."Autumn Sunset" is "my" color... Pantone #16-1343.The little description they give of those born on this date goes something like this:Devoted.  Persistent.  Intense.Having a "royal" nature, I need to be treated with respect (Well, okay, I'll take that one).I function best when I'm in leadership (NOT).I'm not one to follow someone else's drum beat (agree).I'm loyal & committed and my influence is felt when I believe in something....and so on.I'll take all the descriptives with a grain of salt -- but it IS very fun to play on this site withthe birthdays of your friends and family to see if their color matches what theyhave always gravitated toward.Okay, friends... confession time...Me no likey.  I've NEVER been an orange kinda gal.  Ever.(Well, wait... there IS that orange rain slicker I have in my closet... the one that got meinto ALL KINDA trouble once when I tagged along to a Vanderbilt vs. Tennessee Vols homecoming game one year.  We were on the Vandy side... and I wore my orange rain coat...Hey, how was I to know??  I don't follow football and I just knew I had this nice bright orangerain coat from Gap that I was dying to wear, and... well... can you imagine??There we were -- sitting as a family on the VANDERBILT side of the stands, ATVanderbilt where my husband graduated from, and there your's truly is...sportin' her cute new rain slicker in just the perfect shade of Tennessee Vols orange..Oh what a day... what a day...)But I digress...I was just sure I'd be a nice warm, golden, tawny yellow -- the kind you see inProvence or Tuscany.I adore yellows like this:Oh my word... LOVE this bed...{BOTH photos from Leigha's FANTABULOUS blog}Or maybe a great shade of green.. I don't know... something like emerald.Even something in the greys/charcoals...Nope.I got orange.  PUMPKIN orange.Well... I do love Fall.  Maybe I should embrace my inner-orange and try branching out a little and add a little "Autumn Sunset" to my life.Leigha and I chatted a bit about how I wasn't super thrilled with what turned out to be"my" color and being the awesome designer that she is, in no time, shesent me some "inspiration photos" that contained "my" color.Here are two that she sent me:This...and thisI love these beds, by the way!!!  The color... the paintings on them...And just look how good just the little pop of orange is in this room..Okay... maybe I could warm up a bit to this....Hmmm.... Added in just the right amount, to just the right spot, maybeI would be willing to welcome orange into the fold.So, stay tuned... maybe there will be some shades of Autumn Sunsetsneaking into my decor -- added in with charcoal, some of my already-presentTuscan yellows... just might be a match made in heaven!!Or, on my birthday?Have a great Labor Day weekend and I will be back here withina day or so with links to ALL the fun new inventory that just arrived!!Go have fun over at Leigha's blog and picking out YOUR color.  [...]

Shameless Re-Post For A Thursday Laugh. Husbands, consider yourselves warned... :)

Thu, 02 Sep 2010 12:07:00 +0000

I thought I'd share the following blog post that I read yesterday when visited1 Funky Woman's and just couldn't help laughing.I thought I'd share the laugh with you today.  :)Poor hubbys, they just can't win sometimes.  "HUSBAND DOWN!"Over the PA system: "Cleanup on aisle 25, we have a husband down!"A husband and wife are shopping in their local Wal-Mart.The husband picks up a case of Budweiser and puts it in their cart."What do you think you're doing?" asks the wife."They're on sale, only $10 for 24 cans, he replies!""Put them back, we can't afford them demands the wife, and so they carry on shopping.A few aisles further along, the woman picks up a $20 jar of face cream and puts it in the cart."What do you think you're doing?" asks the husband."It’s my face cream and it makes me look beautiful", replies the wife.Her husband retorts: "So does 24 cans of Budweiser and it's half the price"Well, I think we all know why that husband is down now don't we? You might want to let your hubbies see this one, so if ever they are in a similar situation, they will think before they speak!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Thanks again, to sweet Megan who writes 1 Funky Woman...give her a visit (or a "Follow"!) --- you'll love her!!Have a great Thursday -- I'll be feverishly working on a huge loadof fresh "funkiness" that just arrived on the doorstep yesterday that now needs to be photographed and put online.Back soon to show you!!XOXO,  [...]

Grab Bag of Info, Thoughts, And News

Wed, 01 Sep 2010 04:38:00 +0000

I am so excited about the coming launch of BELLE INSPIRATION...A gorgeous e-zine brought to us by one of our own!A sister blogger who lives in France (by marriage).It is the creation of our dear friend and blogger, Mimi Bleu,from Bonjour Romance blog.Oh... don't hate her because she's living where 99% of us dreamof living....She is so charming and REAL -- you will love her!Though the first, charter issue has not yet appeared,I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at who you will see featured there!Mimi has invited your's truly to write occasionally for the magazineand I very well may take her up on that.  :)You know how I can gab...  ;)The official launch date for the magazine is September 15th and sign-upresponse has already been VERY POSITIVE!OH!  And if that were not enough, there is also a SHOPPING area of theon the site!LOVE it!I've ordered my subscription, have you?Click here to order!E-zines, or e-magazines (online magazines) are growing in their popularitypartly due to the fact that so many of us spend a great deal of time online and aregrowing used to the web being a comfortable place to take in our informationas well as a place to go back for reference on something -- much like when afresh magazine or catalog arrives... we look at it and then those itemswe know we will want to revisit are dog-eared for future reference.With an e-zine it is the same, with the exception of having anoverflowing pile of magazines growing next to the nightstand or coffee table.And unlike paper-versions of magazines, with an e-zine,you can not only literally "flip" through the pages, but you can alsozoom in on a certain item in the content.  You can't do THAT with apaper mag!   :)Are we ready to dispense with all paper versions of our beautiful magazines?Probably not, but I know that anymore, with my schedule, I am probably far morelikely to actually see an entire magazine from cover to cover if I canflip through its pages while I'm online... since it's likely online is whereI am at any give time.I do hope you will take a peek at the coming issueof Belle Inspiration -- I think you will love it!In other news,I went on a bit of a buying spree last week and much of whatI ordered is due to come in this week!I think you will love it all!There are heavy canvas French-style bags made formreal, vintage canvas.  What til you see them!There are canvas rugs made from the same vintage canvasthis time, with a subtle, tone-on-tone Union Jack design.I have already redecorated my bedroom in my head, usingthat canvas floor covering as a beadspread.Large, black metal NYC subway signs... I LOVE THEM!!Some zinc items that we've never had before and a BEAUTIFULFrench ceramic bird-topped confiture (lidded serving bowl)with a little ceramic spoon.   Oh-so-beautiful!'I could go on and on but for now, I will hope tobe back with live links to all this new inventory so you cansee it ALL for yourself.  [...]

We're Doing A BIG Sponsor Giveaway Over At Lola B's Blog (Woo Hoo, Kasey!!)

Mon, 23 Aug 2010 03:45:00 +0000

I'm SO excited about this!!I mean, I definitely LOVE doing giveaways anyway,butI am REALLY excited to be able to do it overat LOLA B's ....only one of the cutest, funniest blogs EVER!  :)I know you know Kasey and her LEGENDARY blog(did ya hear that, Kasey-girl??  I said your blog isLEGENDARY!)She blogs about anything and everything and keeps you in stitches most of the time while doing it.The Beautiful Life is a happy sponsor of Kasey's blogand as such, she's giving us a chance to do a giveaway overat her place, so ....WHATCHA WAITIN' FOR??Head over and enter!The winner gets everything pictured in the photo above,PLUS(insert: "But Wait!  That's Not All!")you get the latest copy of theVakre Hjem & Interior magazine!I mean, that IS the fitting thing to include in a giveawaycontaining a mug and towel singing the praises of"A cup of tea, a new magazine and a bar of chocolate...."And if it weren't so blasted HOT here, I'd even throw inthat BAR OF CHOCOLATE...But it would be more like Hershey's chocolate syrup in a wrapperby the time it arrived on your doorstep, so...OH!  WAIT!!BEFORE YOU GO!1.)  DON'T ENTER HERE!(I mean, please, leave me a comment so I can feel the love, too...)You need to GO to Lola B's and register your entry! Your comment here won't officially enter you,so leave me a comment by all means(I mean, I do like to hear from you...) but in order to be entered in the giveaway,ya gotta  GO TO KASEY'S PLACEThe giveaway closes at midnight on Tuesday, so hurry over!  :)2.)  I have SO much to mention to you, including a newe-zine coming out that I'm SO excited about and 3.)  I miss ya!  I wanna do a post to just chat you up and see what's beengoing on in your life, etc... so... blog posting will resume!Just wanted to GET THE WORD OUT about THE GIVEAWAY![...]

Faux The Love Of Zinc! {A tutorial for the zinc-crazed. Like me.}

Sat, 14 Aug 2010 02:26:00 +0000

Remember last month when I did a post about going "dream shopping" across the internet (mainly Restoration Hardware) for bedroom furniture?Remember this beauty I had on my wish list?I do love this piece, but it carries with it quite a hefty price tag(umm... $1,895.00 to be exact) and while I am SURE itis well worth every penny....Ahem...I don't think it will be being unloaded off a delivery truck at my house anytime soon.So imagine my glee when(ugh - that reminds me of the TV show, any of you watch that??  I just don't get it...but I digress...)I saw this tutorial on a blog that shows you how to VERY CLOSELY reproduce the zinc finish!!Just LOOK at the "faux zinc" version:The details are perfect!Below is the "real deal" -- the one from Restoration Hardware:And right below here is the "faux zinc" treatment...What do YOU think???I was initially directed to the tutorial via one of my favorite blogs, Brooklyn Limestone.I clicked over to Freckled Laundry's blog and saw her stepby step directions -- not too, too daunting -- actually seems like something Icould pull off!Want to try your hand at "Faux Zinc"?  View Jami's tutorial HEREI fell in love with her blog and I think you will, too!Have a great weekend everyone!That's exzinctly what I plan to do!{I couldn't resist...} [...]

A Few New Pretties For The Shop, An Amazing Giveaway, And A Blog Award...

Thu, 12 Aug 2010 23:19:00 +0000

The vintage-style reproduction FRENCH GRAVE HEART WALL HOOKS,as show above, is something I'm so excited to have now in the shop.The real deal is almost impossible to come by here in the states,aand I suspect would cost a pretty penny.Imagine my glee when I discovered these faithful reproductions that serve as useful wall hooks!We've finally restocked this GIANT SACRED HEARTafter being out of stock for many, many months:And THESE BEAUTIES....Hand-sculpted and painted ROSE NECKLACES.No two are alike -- just as in nature.The rose necklaces were made up in three special colors for us --Pewter (French Grey), Aubergine (a lovely plum-y, eggplant color),and Blush (a parchment color with blush-pink tints).I hope you'll stop by the NEW ITEMS page and see all that's new in-store!ON TO THE GIVEAWAY that I know you'll want to know about!!Carol, from Raised In Cotton, is having what just may be one of the BEST giveaways I've ever seen in blog-land.Let's just say...If you are a Jeanne d'Arc Living devotee, um...this is GONNA KNOCK YOUR SOCKS DANISH CLOGS OFF!Go HERE to see and enter!!!!Another sweet blogging "sister" gave me a blog award and I am justtickled pink.Adrienne, from A WHOLE LOTTA LOVE blogpassed along the Sunshine Blog Award to several bloggers including moi.Thank you so much, Adrienne!!!I kind of feel unworthy getting any blog award anymore since I find thatWAY TOO MUCH time goes between blog posts. I hereby pledge to do better!!In the last few weeks, my daughter has gone to and returned from another trip to China.  Many amazing things happened (all good)and she even got to meet up with some of the same students she saw last year.I had a birthday (I'll do a separate blog post on the super funsteampunk jewelry I got!!).And one of my sisters was diagnosed with and had surgery for uterine cancer.She is now in the healing stage (both physically and emotionally) so if you think of her, please remember Libby in your prayers.  There are six of us girls (and two boys) in our family and we love eachother dearly --- a blessing we do not take for granted.  It hurts us allwhen one is hurting.     I know you know what I mean.Well, sweet friends, its about time for me to think about cooking supper.Oh.I need to actually do more than THINK about it, right?  ;)Have a great evening and I thank each of you for every little stop you make here.I intend to try and hunker down (boy I really dislike that phrase) and find time to go through all YOUR blogs.  Things have been so crazy here and I have gotten REALLY far behind on that!And it's something I really love to do, too!Good evening to you all andif you have any supper ideas, I'm all ears!  :)  [...]

Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine Closes Out Summer With Breath-Taking Beauty....

Thu, 05 Aug 2010 17:58:00 +0000

Our order for the last "summer" issue of Jeanne d'Arc Living  has been completed and should be on it's way to us before long!As beautiful as ever, you won't want to miss this issue --- filled witharticles and inspiration to give one last "hurrah" to the carefree, lazy days of summer,while gently rousing interest and excitement for what lies ahead in the coming months.This issue will invite you into a lovely Danish country kitchen (which we cannot wait to read about!) as well as a guest-room feature and plenty of other inspiring articles, features, and as always, new recipes to try your hand at. I don't know about you, but my favorite time of year is when we begin to transition from the heat of summer into the promise of the crisp fall and the cozy, snuggly weather of winter. This issue typifies that transition and I cannot wait to immerse myself in it's pages!Reserve your copy HERE.  [...]

Wonders For Wedenesday... Mid-Week Inspiration

Wed, 28 Jul 2010 12:50:00 +0000

Do you have someone in your life that has encouraged you to be YOU?
No matter what others always expected of you...what the world wanted of you...
someone who just wanted the real "YOU" inside to bloom,
 and loved(s) you for

I hope so.

This sweet dog was finally able to do what he was truly meant to do...
and that's all any of us really wants, anyway, right?

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Yangon, the city of Shwedagon Paya

Wed, 28 Jul 2010 00:59:00 +0000

Yangon, the city of Shwedagon Paya, as Lonely Planet called it.It is so true. Visitors who come to Yangon would not miss the chance to visit one of the world’s most impressive Buddhist temples: Shwedagon Paya (Paya means Pagoda). It was actually my first reason why I decided to go to Myanmar. One day, I flipped through my friend’s photo album on the Internet and found a gorgeous picture of Shwedagon Paya. I was so impressed with its beauty and could not stop thinking about it ever since…Shwedagon Paya’s dome is considered as the most sacred Buddhist site in Myanmar. It is made of gold and rises 322 feet above its base. Legend says that the stupa is 2,500 years old, but archeologists believe that it is built in between the 6th and 10th century. It is still old, anyway… and the fact that it is very well preserved and so beautiful really impressed me.The locals believe that when one walks inside the Shwedagon Paya complex, one should walk clock wise. Otherwise, it will bring a bad luck. At first, I forgot this “rule” and I walked the other direction. People stared at me with a strange look and I was wondering why. Then, I realized that I've made a mistake! Ouch! Of course I didn’t want to get any bad luck! Soon after, I was circling the stupa in the “right” direction, hoping that the good spirit “forgot” that walked in the wrong direction before :p. Hehehe..One would need a couple of hours to marvel this stunning temple. Shwedagon Paya is not only big in terms of size, but also very elegant and pretty. The stupa itself is decorated with all kinds of jewels and gems. What a beauty! Around the main stupa, there are many Buddha statues and halls for praying. It is hard to not fall in love with the place. I even visited this place twice during my trip in Myanmar!What also makes this pagoda beautiful is the fact that the locals still come from miles away to pray here. This pagoda attracts not only tourists, but also the locals. They come here to pray, some of them come here to meditate. The whole complex is always busy, yet it is so clean and spotless! Unlike many other temples where the floors are dusty, Shwedagon Paya probably has the cleanest floor, considering the huge size of the whole complex. Again, this small thing impressed me. I must admit that whoever manages the temple, really pay attention to the details :)Like it or not, foreign visitors who wish to marvel the beauty of the Shwedagon Paya has to pay USD 5,- for entrance fee and another USD 5,- if one brings a professional camera (SLR). It is free of charge for the locals. And, thanks to my Asian look, I managed to get in free since the staff thought that I was Burmese! Yeah!!! If the money goes for the temple’s maintenance, I would not mind paying – of course, but according to my guide book, all the tourists’ entrance fees in the whole country will go straight to the military generals’ or government officials’ pockets. And, as a responsible traveler, of course I did not want to support such system! So, I was so happy that I managed to fool the government officials during my visit to Shwedagon Paya… twice! Ha!If one does not want to pay entrance fee but still wish to visit beautiful Buddhist temple in Yangon, he/she can visit Sule Paya. The temple is located in the heart of the city, thus, after visiting the temple, one can start exploring the surrounding areas by foot. When I was in Sule Paya together with a German girl whom I accidentally met, two Buddhist monks approached me and said something in Burmese, which I didn’t understand at all. They were surprised when I told them that I was from Indonesia :). They have never met an Indonesian before... On[...]

I Love It When Boxes Bearing A Norwegian Return Address Arrive!

Tue, 27 Jul 2010 02:24:00 +0000

The latest issue of VAKRE HJEM & INTERIØR Magazine, Issue #5arrived today!I just LOVE the cover photo!!!!I'm so drawn to the colors - the crisp white,the patina of the zinc, the deep grays, and thenthe punch of orange!But the beauty goes well beyond the cover page!The magazine is already up on the site and ready to order --you'll find it HERE!Just wanted to let you all know about it's arrival!It's such a fabulous magazine!  [...]

Come Dream-Shopping With Me!

Sun, 25 Jul 2010 04:43:00 +0000

Ohhhh these sooo unfairly tug at my heart.My heartthat loves anything and everything withgraphics and text... Sooo not fair....They are new "Love Letter" bed sheets fromAnthropologie(Between $240 & $270/set depending on size.)And while we're on the subject of bed sheets, I am going to be in the market for a new bed/mattress before long (long overdue!) and I was browsing theRestoration Hardware site (again) and found a few things that mightjust fit thebill:Leather sleigh bed... on sale, no less. :)Or, this vintage-look metal bed... yes, I could live with this...But I also love the simple, elegant lines of this wing-back style upholstered headboard.Hmmm... I think I'll choose a tan or charcoal linen...Oh... sorry, still dreaming and wishing.And nearby in the bedroom, wouldn't this be the PERFECT spot for putting on makeup and doing my hair??  Yes... I do believe it would...Nightstands are a necessity, of course, so how about these?And what cozy retreat would be complete without this tobacco leather chest of drawers --trunk style?  Oh my... I'm in trouble... There is no going back now.And in the joining bath, it only makes sense to add this beauty -- it relates so well with the other pieces in the bedroom, right?:)I have longed for one of these French baker/patisserie tables forever...from whenever the first time I ever laid eyes on it.I wish I could remember where I saw this picture --I would love to give credit where credit is due...There has been a lot of talk of boots in my house for the last couple of months...My husband, not one I would have EVER pegged for wanting cowboy boots,is now proud owner of a pair of rather fancy ones:All after simply going into our local shoe repair shop (which also happens to specialize in boots) to pick upsome of my shoes that were in for repair.   But I digress... And I could be a boot girl if I lived somewhere that would actually makethese practical.  But Florida -- not so much.But my heart does go pitter patter when I see these!  I imagine myself heading out for the day on snowy streets, bundled up in some fabulous coat and a pair of jeans -- and these boots.And a little "shorty" version that is so cute!I saw these on a wonderful Swedish blog, Biskopsgarden.Well, it's now 12:30 am on Sunday morning and in less than 6 hoursmy daughter, Olivia, will be at the airport meeting up with her groupto head off once again to China for 2 weeks.She has opted to stay up all night and skip any sleep in an effort totry and be REALLY tired so she'll do a lot of sleeping on the flight there.So, I'm going to attempt the same.  Only thing is, I don't have a flight tomorrow morning on whichI can catch up on my sleep!    Some of you may recall that she went last year and I didTHIS blog post upon her return.I'll be missing her terribly during her absence but I am sostinkin' proud of her I can hardly stand it... and I knowshe'll be fine and safe while she's there.I love you, Miss Olivia!How I ever got blessed enough to have you, I'll never know...  Thanks for going on my "dream shopping trip" with me!Fun, without all the expense!   :)  [...]

"What IS That Thing??" Or, What Else You Can Do With A French Bottle Drying Rack... :)

Thu, 22 Jul 2010 01:36:00 +0000

It seems our metal reproduction French bottle drying racks are getting a lot of attentionat the moment.  And I'm good with that!   :)Recently here on the blog, I shared how at least two customers who purchased our bottle drying racks turned them into chandeliers -- one for her home, the other for her restaurant.Also, we were blessed to have been contacted by Conde Nast (UK division) to have theseracks featured in their publication, The World Of Interiors.And now all of the sudden we're getting orders from the UK for the racks.   ;)But for all who know what a "bottle drying rack" is, there are many, I'm findingwho have never heard of them or seen them.And in all fairness, if you think about it, they can look a bitintimidating if not other-worldly.  Some have even likened them to what looks like a torture device.  We who love them, though, need no explanation and to us, they are s-h-e-e-r  b-e-a-u-t-y. One recent purchase of one of the last of the Jeanne d'Arc Living bottle racks was mysweet friend and customer, Debra.She did what I adore -- she sent me pictures of how she's using her new drying rack and just look at what she's done with it...Now if THIS doesn't look like it came from the pages of Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine,I don't know what does.I adore the cheerful, feminine look she's created here and what I really loveis her use of the bottle rack is strictly for display purposes -- a base or foundation to hold her treasuresin a VERY unique way, but a base that is completely unique in itself.The display "spills out" onto the table just enough -- not too much -- perfect balance.The starfish, potted plants and Spring/Summer linens can all be later swapped outwith items that lend themselves for Fall/Winter... and I cannot even begin to imaginewhat Debra will do with it then.{HINT HINT, Debra... feel free to send pics then, too!}Just this evening, when I got back home for the day, I quickly got out my cameraso I could shoot a few quick shots of how I am personally using my bottle drying rackat the moment.  "At the moment" being the operative, since no doubt it will be relocated andchanged up again before long.  I can't keep things the same for very long, you know.   :)Here is how the rack stands for now, in my dining room.{And for the record, I took these pics all soooo quickly without worrying ifthings were "just so" anywhere in the house, so be kind if you finddust or something out of place.And do you see that old vintage grain cart that I did a post about last Fall?It's there in the background to the left of the window.  Remember I had it in mykitchen when I first brought it home?  Yep.  I've moved it.  It looks AWESOME in the living room, changing the room from looking all formal and stiff and giving it more of a funky Antrhopologie-style vibe.}    :)It was placed there rather on the spur of the moment, as I brought one homeone day recently when I realized that if I wanted to be sure to have one of theJeanne d'Arc Living racks to keep for myself, I had to snap it up and out of theshop before they were all gone.  And I'm glad I did, as they are sold out now!Not knowing WHERE I was going to put it (it is just so huge and bulky)I quickly shoved a few things aside on the dining table and walked about the house gathering all the vintage books I could find to place onthe pegs.   Quite honestly -- this may be my favorite way to use the rack.I adore it with books all over it!  {WOW!  LOOK at the chipped paint on those flo[...]

24 Days in Myanmar, the land of the unknown...

Wed, 21 Jul 2010 04:12:00 +0000

(Myanmar trip, June-July 2010)Myanmar, a country where freedom of expressions is non-existent, the fear of the people over the government’s regime dominates the air of their breath, a place that is untouched by any means of modernization -- be it in the form of iphone, blackberry, Starbucks, Mc Donald’s, skyscrapers, etc, and yet… a place where sincere, genuine and warm smile of the locals can be found in every corner… I spent 24 days there.. going from one place to another, spending time chatting with the locals, marveling the beauty of some of the world’s most beautiful Buddhist temples, making friends and hanging out with Buddhist monks, being invited to sleep in Buddhist monasteries and wake up very early in the morning, sipping uncountable cups of hot green tea served in every tea house, people’s house and monastery, witnessing traditional festivals that have been around for years, and.. the most important was.. spending time with myself, trying to listen to my heart with lots of distractions from my crowded mind… In those 24 days, I spent a week in Yangon and Kyaikto Mountain, a week in Mandalay and ancient cities around (Sagaing, Amarapura, Inwa, Pyin U Lwin), five days in Inle Lake and five days in Bagan. It was nice and perfect. Of course it would have been nicer to spend more time in Myanmar, but the tourist visa only allows visitors to stay 28 days maximum in the country and I had to fly to Indonesia to open 3 more “Taman Bacaan Pelangi” (Rainbow Reading Gardens) in three remote villages in Flores… So, even though there were still many places to explore, I had to say goodbye to the lovely people there. But, I would like to use the the idea of “haven’t explored the beaches in Myanmar” as an excuse to return this interesting place…I learned many things about life during this trip. I learned about patience, flexibility, the art of giving, happiness, and also trusting my inner feelings. It is amazing that I learn more things about life in such a short travel journey than a-two-months of living in a big city and sitting in front of my laptop in the office. I am also always fascinated by the fact that so many things happen when I go on holidays compare to the same amount of time I spent in the office. I think when we work full time, time passes by just like that *snapping my fingers*. We wake up early in the morning and before we realize it, it’s already bed time. We do not have enough time for ourselves to contemplate, to listen to our inner self, to listen to our heart that it is unnecessary to buy those material things that we do not actually need, only to buy a “temporary happiness” to substitute our dissatisfaction, etc etc… We are too busy to even sit still, do nothing and think, “Where am I in this life? In what stage I am now?”This is why I love traveling so much. And traveling alone enables me to explore more of not only the places, the people, the culture, but also… myself.And with regard to my trip in Myanmar, I also learned that the dictatorship of the government regime, the cruelness, the meanness and the inhuman treatments practiced by the military officials to its people do not make the people of Myanmar lose their sense of humanity, their sense of loving every living being on earth, and their sincerity and purity… Every people I met during my trip there has been so kind, greeted me with their innocent smile and treated me with their warmest heart. Despite the ill treatment they received from the people who hold the power, the people of Myanmar continue to live their simple l[...]

Some Things Just Go Together... (And who doesn't love a FREEBIE?)

Sat, 17 Jul 2010 19:43:00 +0000

So I was working about in the shop, admiring the stacks of beautiful newpottery/tableware from England and then eyes glance over at the stacks ofwonderful, gorgeous magazines from Denmark...And I realize...We've got ourselves a match made in heaven here!Among the fun cups and teapots just in from Emma Bridgewater, are these oh-so-cutemugs that say "HAPPINESS IS A CUP OF TEA& A NEW MAGAZINE."Couldn't agree more!SOOOOO....Have we got a deal for you...?We've decided that it just would not be right for these cute mugs to be sold withoutthe company of a magazine.  It only seems right, don't you think?So every one of these "Happiness is...." mugs will be shipped outwith a FREE COPY of a Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine.You will get the 2010 issue #2 (Danish text).If you already have that copy, it will make a lovely "just because" gift toa mom, sister, or best friend.If you're feeling particularly generous, you may want to give her BOTHthe cup AND the magazine.  ;){But if you choose to keep the mug, we won't tell... }No coupon code needed -- the magazine will automatically ship with the mug(s) andwe'll continue this offer until either mugs or magazines run out!Enjoy![...]

The Craziest, Coolest, Funkiest Laptop Ever -- Like 19th Century Meets 21st Century...

Wed, 14 Jul 2010 23:55:00 +0000

So... I've been sort of casually in the market off and on for a laptop...I think I found one I like!LOOK AT THIS!!!Be still my heart!This is another great example of Steampunk.  {Or it is Tim Burton's laptop...}You might remember  a while backI did a blog post about Steampunk jewelry.Well THIS is taking Steampunk in a WHOLE OTHER direction and I love it!For the life of me, I can't remember where I found this picture -- I wish I could...In reality, I'm guessing I'll ultimately get a Mac Book, which is cool because   THEN maybe I can get one of THESE!Just wanted to share my laptop shopping progress with you.I feel sort of decadent thinking of getting one...I mean, I do have many adequate ways of staying in touch with my bizon the go. I have:A iPod TouchA Blackberrtyand 2 iMacsAt least one of them is within inches of me at all times.So... do I really NEED a laptop, too??Of course, I DO run an internet business...So... having a laptop isn't all that crazy, right??{PSSST!  Hey!  You out there!  Yeah!  YOU!I'm lookin' for a little confirmation and justification here,can ya help a girl out??  I do "need" one, RIGHT??}Can you tell I'm struggling to justify the purchase?And for the record...I DO NOT DO THIS WITH SHOES.Boom.  In the bag, bring 'em home.Why can't I do that with this purchase???Take care all!!  [...]

Wow. Commercials Have Certainly Come A Long Way... (Thankfully!)

Tue, 13 Jul 2010 14:11:00 +0000

{{ I have what I suspect is a torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder and I think I may havefound what could be contributing to the problem... MY cup is the one in the middle and when it'sfull it weighs a TON!  Haha!!   Hope you enjoy this fun coffee-themed post...}}A recent assignment my daughter had to do for her digital design classhad her creating a fun video about our favorite thing:  COFFEE.Here is her creation:It turned out so cute, but in her search for some old coffee commercials,she got a "taste" of how things apparently used to be for women "back in the day"...If you judge only according to these old coffee commercials, you would think a woman's life and marital happiness revolved solely around her ability to create a good cup of coffee.  Yikes.I recently purchased the book "Starbucks Saved My Life" (a true story about a man who had it all and then some, but a fall from grace caused him to lose it all and he ends up working in his local Starbucks serving the people he used to hob nob with and living in a one room apt. -- but he learned a lot about life and true happiness as a result) and based on these old-schoolcommercials, Starbucks could have possibly saved some marriages, too...These sad commercials are just a sampling of what we found:And while those commercials were fairly disturbing because of the husband's cruel wordsregarding his coffee preferences, and the wife's fate hanging on the quality of her perked coffee,we uncovered a series of commercials that were downright scary!   :)Though they used puppets for all of them (and I believe we hear a futureSesame Street character voice in them), my goodness they are violent!   Just look at this: So, while there are still commercial trends today that have gone in directions thatI would argue are degrading to women, it appears that the "good old days" had some issues, too!:)Have a great day and a GREAT CUP OF COFFEE!  :)[...]

You Have GOT To See This!

Sun, 11 Jul 2010 03:20:00 +0000

I'd love to introduce you to Obee Designs ...A BLOGas well as anETSY SHOPGail is the author of the blog and run the Etsy shop as well --but it is her beautiful young daughter who is the creative force behind the Near and Dear "winged heart" t-shirts and necklaces the shop has become known for.This talented art student designed the winged heart motif for her creations -- inspired bythe loss of both her grandfathers to heart disease.She donates a portion of all her sales of the Near and Dear "winged heart" range of itemsto the American Heart Association.This is the fabulously funky t-shirt:I LOVE IT!  I always get compliments on it when I wear it and it's become afavorite, go-to shirt for me.And these are the gorgeous handmade necklaces she creates:The REALLY neat thing is, when you place your order for one of the necklaces,if you have someone special in mind who perhaps battled heart disease, you can provide animage of them and their picture can be placed on the reverse of the necklace!!Or, you can choose to commemorate a birth, or a special occasion of someone andhave that special picture or image placed on the back.  Or, simply leave it blank.And you know what Gail did out of the blue a few months ago??????When I lost my mom, we shared some very wonderful emails back and forth about the loss ofher own dad and my loss of my mom.She was so comforting and real friend.Then, one day in the mail I got a package from her...Yes... my very own Obee Designs Near and Dear necklace with...this picture on the back:My mom.  Oh boy... what a gift.  Priceless.I wear it often and again, like the t-shirt, I ALWAYS get so manycompliments on it.  Then, when I flip it over and show them the picture on the back,and how it was made just for me to remember my mom, it takes the admirationto a whole new level!    :)Obee Designs was recently featured on the news and that is SO great for this sweetyoung gal who has taken this entire idea for honoring her two departed grandfathers and run with it!YAY for her!!Here is the video of her news spot!Now.... Gail's shop is ALSO chock full of some GORGEOUS home decor things that Gail designs.As an interior designer, Gail has a real eye for beauty and unique designs...I've had a running "wish list" for a while now and she recently came out with a couple ofnew pillow designs that just may have put me over the edge -- OUT of the "wish list"realm and INTO THE SHOPPING CART!     :)You ready??Just LOOK at some of what Gail has created!Be sure to visit her BLOG as well as her ETSY shop today!I think any time a fine young person like Gail's daughter has put so much of herself into something so worthwhile, it's a delight to support her efforts.:)  [...]

Forgotten Images On Your Hard Drive...

Fri, 09 Jul 2010 12:48:00 +0000

I couldn't decide what to title this post... there were these options...THE BEDSIDE TABLEorETHIOPIAN GUMor DIVERSIONS...but never the less, here is what I wanted to say:I didn't start this early morning intending to do a blog post,but as we all know, sometimes one thing leads to another andyour path (actual, virtual - on the web, or emotional) can be instantly diverted.So it was for me just now...It is the 7 o'clock hour here on this fine Friday morning and before I leave to go into the shop officefor a FULL day of work, I thought I'd sit down and organize some photos for some ad artwork I willbe working on this weekend.I started, though, by deciding to install some "actions" (whatever that means) into my Photoshop program.  And though I am not named among the "photography is my new calling" sisterhood  and though I am not one of you who lusts after the latest model "X%&CB" camera (those letters and symbols translate into how ANY camera-talk looks to me:  foreign) for my birthday,I do have to maintain my website and prepare my magazine ads for my business, so I begrudginglywade occasionally in those vast, unknown waters called photography.As such, I opened my downloads folder on my computer to pull out the Photoshop additions I was to install in my program and BOOM.Without warning, I found myself looking at the LAST thing I counted on (or honestly wanted to)see this pretty summer morning.There before me were images of my mother lying in her hospital bed two days before shedied three months ago.Confession:  the pictures were not a pretty sight.  SHE was beautiful, as you can see here:but in those last days, hercondition was anything but beautiful.{Out of respect, I cropped her out of the picture.  And for those who arewondering... it was a very unusual thing indeed for me to even think to takeany pictures there in that hospital room.  But something that day was tellingme that this was not a trip to the hospital that she was going to return home from.Something told me to "record" the moment --- because there would come a daywhen the chaos and whirlwind of all those events would have settled and for me at least,I would need to/want to go back and be able to truly take in all that had happened.Will I keep these images forever?  I don't know.  In fact there is only one other personwho has seen them, and that is one of my sisters who was there with me that day.And even the one I have here on this post is obviously edited.  They are mine to havefor as long as I "need" them.  And I am glad that on that one occasion, I thought todo the unusual -- document the unfolding of events that I would obviously need much timeto wrap my head around after the dust settled.}I was startled and I even looked away -- my eyes diverted (much like my intended path this morning)many times, before finally...I looked.And the look became a stare and then a deep, long gaze.I found myself crying (and still now).  I found myself studying every square inch of the pictures.There was meaning in every object in the picture.  Every object on the bedside table,every wrinkle in bedsheets and the bunched up pads/pillows on the bed -- I remember themand I sitting right there on those very pads and blankets as I stared at her then -- just like I nowstared at the pictures I captured with my cell phone that day.On the bedside table there is the funny-lo[...]

2,000 SF Master Suite, 10,000 SF Basement, 12 Acres. Oh, And I Can Set You Up With A Car, Too...

Tue, 06 Jul 2010 02:26:00 +0000

Oh the rat race -- bumming around from soccer game to dance class...Then it's on the grocery, the cleaners, and the bank...And then there's the house... sure could use just a tad more room, sometimes....You know, every now and then a gal needs to be able to spread out a little,you knowhave a little elbow room....This this home will fit the bill?So now that we have you all settled in, you definitely need a ride down to all the shopping intown...For all the amazing details clickHERE{I first learned of the sale of this car via a great"all things British" blog, THE ARKANSAN ANGLOPHILE}And you must know that I'm kidding here, right?I'll be the first to say that most of us don't "need" one wit more than we currently ownand could likely do with much less if push came to shove.I know I've been of the mind to want to scale way back over the last couple of years --in material "stuff" sitting around crying out to be dusted,as well as in the overall size of the abode.I'm ever so thankful for what I have  -- for sure.But there are those times as I'm sitting in my home and looking around at all thet-h-i-n-g-s... lovely, beautiful things .... and I'm thinking to myself,"Lord, I've so enjoyed these things of beauty -- but my eyes now crave less totake in and more refined simplicity at home."Do any of you feel a growing urge to scale back, refine, hone down, purge the "stuff",cull the unnecessary?Just wondering if it's just me.And for the record, while I'd love to visit a home like this (as I would Windsor Castleor the Taj Mahal), I would not wish to have to keep it dusted!  :)Now regarding that fine ride of the Queen' comment.OKAY!  Now THAT I'd take! Guilty as charged.  :)  [...]