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Top Secret Fat Loss Secret

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It Really Worked For Me


(image) I have struggled with my weight for many years, and after spending hours trawling the internet I found Top Secret Fat Loss Secret. After reading the normal sales patter it all sounded to good to be true. But Top Secret Fat Loss Secret is a totally new and revolutionary approach to fat loss. Written by Dr Suzanne Gudakunst a doctor who researches into the human colon and digestive system. She is claiming to have exposed the best kept secret in weight loss, which has rocked the diet and drug industry. And exposes why their products would never help you to lose that excess weight. After reading many testimonials from people who have really tried and tested this product I decided to throw caution to the wind and purchased her program.



Just so you know, there are two different plans on offer.

The Pro Version - this is the most commonly sought after plan! It will allow you to discover forever the absolute truth behind why you're fat, and how to permanently get rid of your extra fat. And the Hardcore Elite Version - this is the most exclusively sought after plan for people who are willing to get a tad HARDCORE! This plan is only for those who wish to declare nothing short of absolute WAR on their fat, so I brought the Elite Version.
So whats included in this 48-page book..........
Chapter 1 - How to choose the best weight loss program
Chapter 2 - Lose weight fast and naturally with these 8 simple tips
Chapter 3 - The metabolic type plan, what is the right type of diet for you
Chapter 4 - Changing your eating habits
Chapter 5 - Detoxifying your colon and liver
Chapter 6 - How to maintain your results
Dr Gudakunst sets out to educate you with numerous tips about weight loss, and teaches you about what kind of foods your body likes to burn. As we ingest food our bodies build up fat deposits and plaque around our organs, this is the bodies natural defence mechanism against toxins. If you have fat around your mid-section, bum or thighs this is a sure sign that your liver is not functioning as it perhaps should be. Hense the reason to detoxify your body and flush it of these harmful toxins and plaque deposits.
As well as these toxins, Dr Gudakunst also goes on to explain about harmful parasites that could be living within our colons, these can cause us to have cravings for certain foods. That is not to say that we all have these horrible things living inside us, but with the use of 100% natural products including herbs and extracts she encourages us to clense our bodies, which should we have these parasites or not, cant be a bad thing.
She claims..........
I will do everything to be your best friend and help you:
1) Loss weight (and really keep it off for good!)
2) Live longer!
3) Feel great (and all the time!)
4) Get rid of any conditions!
5) Stay fit, feeling good, looking younger and more "vitalized" then ever before!
I was honestly sceptical too, but having tried and tested Top Secret Fat Loss Secret for a few months now, I really am starting to feel healthier, and with minimal effort I really have lost weight. But your chance to get your hands on this fantastic product may be slipping away, it has been stated that Dr Gudakunst's life has been threatened, and her release of this publication may be withdrawn into obscurity. The things people would do to stop you from finding out the truth. So if you really are serious about losing weight and being healthier, what have you really got to lose. If you want proof well thats easy, Dr Gudakunst states just looka around you, as more and more magic diets, fad diets health foods and drugs supposedly designed to make you lose weight become availible, people are still nevertheless getting fatter and fatter and less and less healthy.