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Have You Ever Thought What it Would be Like


To Have Everything You Ever Wanted?How many making money courses have you bought? One? Five? More? Yes me too. And lots of other people if the truth be known, so don't feel bad or embarrassed. Do you know how many attempts it took to create the light bulb? I admit I don't know the exact number, but I do know it took many many  attempts.So what is my point?Well, nothing worthwhile is achieved without a good deal of sweat and hard work. Unfortunately that includes making money. A lot of courses promise you riches beyond your wildest dreams and give the impression that it will happen overnight as I'm sure you well know. "Start as soon as you download!" "You could make $500 today" or "You can be a Millionaire in Six Months!"And yet you're still looking right? Or you wouldn't be here now.Of course some of these courses will work well enough, and it is possible to become a Millionaire in Six Months. But you do have to be persistent enough to keep going and stick to the directions they're giving you. All of them! What they don't tell you is just how hard it can be!Let's be fair, most people looking here are either already working and looking for a way out and an easier way of life right? You have to keep your job until things take off. There's bills to pay, rent or mortgage, food to buy, car to run etc. And that's not to mention your ambition to feed!So the course puts more on your working day. You need to be up a little earlier to read, or set things in motion, and then it's off to work for the day. Eight hours or more of the same old drudgery, the same boss breathing down your neck and telling you how poor you are and how easy it would be to replace you, especially in these difficult economic times. "There's a thousand people out there who want your job!" I know, I've been there myself. And you would so love to tell them where to shove their job!At the back of your mind you're thinking 'wait until I've finished my course, I'll show you! '  Am I right?I know I am because I've been there many times. Thought it many times. You go home from work full of enthusiasm for your new course and work and work at it. But then the bills come in and your money goes and you find yourself a little short for the weekend and nothing happens with your new course and your enthusiasm slips a little.Monday Always Comes too Soon.Monday after Monday comes and it's back to work again. The same old grind, the same old complaints from the boss, and when you get home at night you're too tired to bother with anything, even your new course. One more night in front of the TV won't matter, you're still making the bills right? After tea you fall asleep in front of the TV and then it's bed time, and time to get up and go to work etc..etc.. Your enthusiasm slips a bit more and a bit more. Well, you know how it goes!So what have I got for you that's different? Well I'm not going to tell you that this will make you a millionaire over night and without at least a little effort and hard work, because it won't. Nothing will!I know. It's not what you want to hear, but talk to any millionaire and ask how hard they had to work to make their money, and unless they inherited it, or won the lottery, they will tell you they had to put in a lot of hours at the start....  but they also had something else.....Something that takes only five to ten minutes a dayThey had a secret that kept their belief in themselves fully charged at all times.  A secret that surged them  towards achieving everything they desired.....Money! Vacations! A Bigger House! Freedom from the Ties of the daily 9 to 5!And now you can know their secret too....Follow this link for full story[...]

Language Barriers


Ever thought of learning a new language? Walk down any street in any Town these days and you will more than likely hear someone speaking a different tongue. With the opening of more European barriers and more people flooding into the UK, it's a fair guess that the numbers will increase. And even if the government should implement new laws insisting that people who come here to live and work should at least be able to speak English, there is no doubt that the proficiency on average will not be great, and you will still here them speaking their own language amongst themselves.
     What a help it would be if more people were to take up the challenge and learn a different language themselves. Of course, that's only aimed at the future and a trend that has been increasing over the last twenty  to thirty years, and is set to continue indefinitely, and most likely throughout the world as travel becomes more accessible to everyone.
     Next year the Olympic Games come to London, and the expected influx of people from around the world is over Five Million. Just being able to speak to some of them in their own tongue would be an Olympic challenge in itself, but think of the possibilities. How many interpreters will be available? With unemployment on a high and set to rise even further, learning a new language or two opens up opportunities for any savvy student who has the time and drive to head in that direction.
     And let's not forget university fees are set to rise. Many young people will be thinking twice about going now, and if they had a mind to learn languages, they will have to be looking elsewhere to learn their profession.
If you google languages you will find many responses. A lot of them are FREE, but they are not courses that will leave you with a proficient knowledge of a foreign language. So you're left then with private tutors and home courses, all of which cost money, some more than others.
     Tutors are expensive. Though possibly the most efficient way to learn, depending how good the tutor is, this way is also time consuming and on a par with attending school. You have to be available at the time arranged for a specific time, eg; half an hour/an hour and this is probably the most expensive way.
     So the self-teaching home course is the most relaxed way to learn. Probably the cheapest, but allows you to learn in your own time, in your own place, (home/car/walking the dog/jogging.) as often or as little as you choose. Prices will vary from course to course, and some will even let you pay on a monthly basis. The most famous of these you will know from the regular ads, but there are other ones which are just as effective. These can leave you with a proficient knowledge of a foreign language at half the price, for more information follow this link! and find out for yourself, you'll be glad you did.(image)



Fancy your chances at writing? Why not enter our short story competition for your chance to win up to £100. For information on how to enter go to

There are three prizes to be won and the winning entries will appear on the kpshortstory blog like the previous three winners. Check them out at

Give it go and reveal your hidden talent, you may surprise yourself.(image)

Nail Your Interview


In these days of massive and growing unemployment, it's more important than ever to get it right at your job interview. More than that, it's important you get it right from the start and get your cv/resume right in order to get the interview.
Your Dream Job in a Handshake can help you get it right. This audio course takes you through everything you need from writing your cv right through to various interview techniques for the many different types of interview you may encounter including telephone interviews. You'll learn which questions are asked at interviews and how to deal with them.
It also comes with the complete transcript of the course, and studies have proved that you're 90% more likely to succeed when you can both read and listen to the course.
Don't leave your future to chance, get this course now and nail that interview.
For your Free report and your chance to get your copy with lots of tips for job interviews, click here!

New Year Resolutions


Do the so called Guru's really help? How many have you followed? One? Two? Even more? I know how it works, you start with one course, get half way through, and then see another which seems either better, or that you think would compliment the first one.
But it doesn't. It leads you off in a different direction. And then you see another, and so on and so forth.

Commitment Must be to Yourself

But even if you manage to follow one course to the end, and you owe it to yourself to do that, don't you always find that some crucial information has been left out. Even if it's something simple like how to invoice your clients for that particular business, or how to get people to visit your site.
I've tried many of these things myself over the years, and always when I come to the end, there's some crucial thing missing which holds you back, and makes the whole process pointless.
A quite common thing I've found, is that they always say you can start this business for next to nothing, but they fail to realise that their idea of next to nothing can mount into hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds.
My own idea of next to nothing is exactly that! Next to nothing.
Something else I find is the help they give in getting your website to the top of google. That does appear to be a very crucial element in your success. Of course there's various things they tell you to do, such as keyword research. But how do you decide on your keywords?
And then of course your site needs meta tags. What the hell are meta tags? I'm sure any techy could answer that one, but for the average joe, it's not helpfull. I only found my site doesn't have them when I submitted it onto google.
I have managed to get to the top of google's first page with a few phrases, but through articles I have written and submitted to ezines, which ultimately lead back to my website. But I have to admit, it seems an round about way, and it can rely on obscure phrases.
For example, if you type in 'do you know where to find aladdin's lamp,' on google, you will find my article at number one and two on page one, with also another two on the same page. My website, because of the same article, is on page two.
It works also with a few other phrases as well, but like I said, it's a little obscure. Though the phrase 'where to find,' does get one point two million searches.
So I guess the guru's do give some good advice, they just don't give you the whole picture. They certainly don't tell you how long it all takes. Still if you don't try these things, you'll never know. The danger is, you're at risk of information overload. There's just so much to learn, and you can easily just keep on learning and learning
and doing nothing with it because you don't have the time.

Be Resolute.

Decide what you want, and how you want to get there, and stick to that one path! Once you reach that goal and see that it works, Only then should you look around at other possibilities. If you want ideas for a new business or even just for a hobby or pastime, take a look on my website,
If you're strapped for cash for a new start-up or just a way to make a little extra, without even the need to give up work.
have a look at this!(image)

May I Wish Everyone a Happy New Year


Advice and Experience MUST be Holding HandsLooking back on life, advice is great. Sometimes, and it can be quite often, you come to a situation and think, 'if I'd only listened to so and so.'And then there are those times when you think, 'I wish I hadn't listened to so and so!'My dad always used to say 'there's no substitute for experience,' and I'm inclined to agree. But he meant it in the contex that you should always listen to and take the advice of older people.While that may hold true in a lot of cases, being older myself now, I think I can put a different spin to it.There Is no Substitute for Experience!The experience you need is your own! Older people do offer lots of advice I've found, but what you have to ask yourself is; are they good for it?They are talking the talk, and by rights they should know, but have they walked the walk? Is their advice from the benefit of their own experience? Or is it just a saying that their parents passed on to them?It is something you should always take into account when deciding on whether or not to taake that advice.Look at their lives. My Mum for intance, was a firm believer that when you leave school, you should get yourself a trade and your set for life. She thought that the idea of being self employed was never worth the hassle.I guess back in her days that wasn't bad advice, but we all know that in these troubled days no one is set for life where a job is concerned.Both my Dad and Step-Dad thought differently. My Step-Dad had spent most of his life self employed, and would never want it any other way. He was always willing to try something new! One of his favorite sayingswas; 'You have to speculate to accumulate.' I was quite young when I first heard this, but he explained it to me in simple terms, and I have to say it is one that I fully agree with.And like I've been saying, he had the experience to back that one up. It didn't always work well. There were failures, some big ones, but there was success as well, and all in all, I think the success outweighed the failures.My Dad on the other hand, was just plain lazy. But he did believe in giving new things a try. I don't remember getting much advice from him, apart from stating the obvious sometimes, which didn't help.And had I heard any from him, I would have had to consider it with a pinch of salt, because he never walked the walk. Live Always with an Open Mind!A long time ago I was having trouble with a machine. It had broke down. What kind of machine doesn't matter. But I was stood looking at it and scratching my head. An older friend who was there at the time said I should take it apart.Of course I looked at him blankly, I'm certainly no mechanic. What he said has stuck with me a long time. 'You should never be afraid to try something, even if it involves taking an engine apart and putting it back together. It was built by men,and someone had to be the first. You should always have a go.' I guess that brings us back to trial and error. If you don't try, you'll never know. Speculate to accumulate.Another thing my Step-Dad would say, was 'he who hesitates is lost!'The first time I heard it he was refering to a kid who started to cross the road in front of us, and then changed his mind, but instead of running back to the kerb, stopped dead in the middle of the road. I understood the meaning of that at once,(and no, we didn't run him over. My step-dad never drove faster than 20mph.) but I've since come to understand it in so many different context. It can apply to so many things.Does Experience Only Apply to Age?So now we're back to taking advice from older people. The fact is that some of it is good, and some isn't. And realistically it's not just about the advice, it's about the person giving it.Is that person honest? Successful? Had a hard life and made lots of mistakes? Learned from those mistakes? It's a lot to take in I know, but life is like that.And though experience is generally a[...]

Do You Know Where to Find Aladdin's Lamp?


Have you ever bought yourself a new car, (well, new to you that is. Not necesarily brand new.) Something that's fairly uncommon. Something that you only see from time to time or if you go on a long journey. But then you buy your new car, (new to you as I said.) and then suddenly they're everywhere!
Is It The Most Common Car in the Country?
Turn any corner, and there's another one. I guess they've always been there, but you've just never noticed them before. Now you've got one, everyone has one.
Have you ever wondered why that happens? What about the car you've just sold? Do you even notice that model anymore? Generally I find, the answer is no. That part of your life is done and you've moved on. Forgotten, and now your new car is everywhere you look. (Or so it seems.)
The power of sugestion is an incredibly strong force, backed up subliminaly by your subconcious mind. Start looking, and you'll see. Make a point of looking for one particular item, and you're sure to see it. Think of someone you haven't seen in ages, well, I'm sure you know how it goes.
Wouldn't it be great if you could learn to use this power at will? It would be like finding Aladin's lamp! Well it would be the nearest thing you're likely to get to it. And there is a way.
click here to find out how!(image)

The Exciting New Frontier Of Professional Blogging


Professional blogging is still a reletively new idea with a lot of
potential for entrepreneurs who have insight, drive, and a basic understanding of today's innovative web technology. The ranks of so-called pro bloggers are still quite small, and there are very few people who make
their living entirely off of their blogs. However, every day there are more and more people who have managed to turn their weblogs into cash cows that supplement their income. The number of pro bloggers is growing by
leaps and bounds, but it is difficult to say whether this trend will continue.

Is There Still Room for Newbies?

Many bloggers dream of entering the sphere of professional blogging. There are very few people who happily devote an hour or more each day to their blog without at least occasionally wishing that they could earn some kind of financial reward for all of their work. Several models exist for making money with a blog, the most popular being to sell advertising space through
Google's AdSense program or directly to a company that wishes to reach the demographic that your blog appeals to. However, there are very few people indeed who can make a comfortable living just by selling space on their blog sidebars.

Who Are Your Readers?

A lot of the people who read weblogs are bloggers themselves, in part because of the fact that the people who use blogging technology on a daily basis are most likely to be interested in what other writers are doing
with the medium. This fact begins to explain why the people who succeed in the world of professional blogging are mostly people who have devoted
themselves almost entirely to learning about, talking about, and writing about blogging. More than any other topic, pro bloggers turn their attention to the phenomenon of blogging itself. A lot of pro bloggers
make the topic of blogging the stunningly self-reflexive ongoing focus of their blogs.

Prepare Yourself and Get In on the Act!

Of course, professional blogging is destined to become much more complicated in the future than it is today. The current moment, pro bloggers who attract the largest audiences and make the most money are mostly concerned with investigating the blogging movement and with offering advice to amateur bloggers. However, as the kinds of people who regularly read blogs changes, and the demographics of bloggers expand and diversify as blogging software becomes more user friendly, it is very likely indeed that the world of pro blogging will begin to reflect these changes. Indeed, it is very difficult to predict exactly what kinds of blogs will be reaping the greatest financial rewards five or ten
years down the road. The world of pro blogging is one of constant change and flux, which is part of what makes it so exciting.

If making money from blogs interests you, and you'd like to know where to start, click here for more!(image)

Choosing a Niche for your Website


Choosing a good niche subject to base your website around is one of the most important aspects of making money off of your articles. This will give you a foundation to build from and you can target one general audience with a pack of keywords that they are most likely to be searching for. You should take each one of these keywords and use it for the basis of one article on each page. This way, even though you are targeting one specific subject, you will be sure to interest a wide variety of people in that one niche. They may also find other pages that interest them, which will keep them returning to your site to learn new information about the niche subject.

The best way to find keywords for your niche subject is to use a keyword software program and type in the word that is the subject of your niche. This will generate a list of keywords or phrases that contain your niche and will also show you approximately how many people search for each word or phrase. Some software programs may also tell you how many sites are out there to compete with for each word or phrase (this will help you know if those sites are worth competing with for the number of searches out there). You then decide which of these would be most profitable by determining which have the least amount of competitors, so that you have a chance at making it to the first or second page of search engine results, but that also have a decent amount of people looking for that keyword or phrase each month. These will be the keywords or phrases that you will base the pages of your niche site on.

If there are a number of topics that you like, pick the one that you feel would be easiest to start with and then, once that site is built and generating some revenue, you can start another site. The most profitable website marketers, who use their talent of finding niches and combining that with good site content and a handful of affiliate links, have a good amount and variety of niche sites that they have started. You are never limited in what you can do with niche website marketing, unless you find out that you do not have the marketing skills or the needed funding to make it happen. Otherwise, the sky is the limit!

Here's one sugestion.
Click Here!(image)



The Power of Thought It is very important that you fully understand exactly how you brain works in order to start thinking up ideas.There are three aspects to thought. Reality, your senses and your consciousness.Reality is perceived by your senses and understood by your consciousness.REALITY...Reality is not up for debate. It does not change just because you want it to. It does not disappear just because you don’t like it.Reality is what there is.And what there is… there is… full stop.If you weren’t alive or conscious or had your eyes closed, what there is would still be there. It carries on being what there is regardless of your state, your feelings, your situation or who you are.And what there is, is the same for everyone.What there is does not do anyone any favors. It does not make things easier for one person and difficult for another. It does not shower one person with success and withhold success from another.What there is does not make stop signs go red just as you get there (although they do go red as you get there sometimes). It does not make you fail sixteen times in a row (although some people have done,). It does not seek you out to destroy you (although it can destroy you). It’s just what there is.Now, many people think that what there is, is chaotic and unpredictable due to the devastating events that nature can cause.Natural disasters such as earthquakes, landslides, floods and droughts do occur. I’m not going to tell you they don’t. But it’s not the norm. Disasters don’t happen where they cannot happen. They don’t happen in order to bring about good things (although good things do sometimes come from them). They don’t happen because the people who were the victims of the disaster were bad people. Or good. They just sometimes happen.But they also happen for a reason. (Not to be confused with happening for a purpose, which is what most people mean when they say, “Everything happens for a reason.”)An earthquake does NOT happen to make the people living nearby stronger. (Although the survivors do get stronger)An earthquake does NOT happen to kill off the weak.No.The reason there’s an earthquake is because two tectonic earth plates shift when the pressure of the liquid mantel beneath them becomes greater than the friction stopping the plates from moving. And this shift causes the quake.Another example…A landslide does NOT happen to make the survivors stop taking their lives for granted (although they do).A landslide does NOT happen to kill off the weak.No.A landslide happens because too much rain has reduced the friction holding the land where it is. So it slides.So… we can deduce that if something chaotic does happen, it happens because of something predictable. If we know all the warning signs that lead up to the chaos, we can predict it will happen and take action to avoid it.If we don’t know the warning signs that lead to the chaos (due to limited knowledge or a refusal to accept), we cannot take the correct action necessary to avoid it.What there is, is actually orderly and predictable. But our ability to predict relies on our knowledge of the situation we are trying to predict.Okay? That ends my rant on external reality.CONCIOUSNESS...First, what exactly are you? You’re a human being!Sorry to be obvious but some people forget this vital part of life…Identity.Some people think they’re gods. Some people think they’re invincible. Some people think they’re infallible. Some people think they’re superior to others. (Some people think they’re trees but we won’t go into that!)They’re not! You’re not! The plain and simple truth is, if you think you’re any of those things above, you’re quite literally living in cloud cookoo land! (and on your way to self destruction too as you will soon find out!)You’re human. Ful[...]