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Help Gurus Provides Effective Computer Security Program Against Online Attacks

Wed, 26 Oct 2011 04:29:56 +0100

October 18, 2011 - St Helier, Jersey , USA - the outstanding team of computer tech support specialists – Help Gurus – has provided computer users with very effective computer security against virus, malware and spyware. Their certified PC technicians can install top performing antivirus programs, set up and configure firewall shields to protect PC from hacking and online attacks. They can also remove viruses and other online threats from customer’s computer. In fact, they have enhanced computer securities against all online attacks to ensure that customer’s PC will be protected. Help Gurus team of trusted computer technical support professionals are experts in removing even the most dangerous virus from computers. They know how to quarantine and get rid of all online threats which if not properly removed can slowdown or even destroy the computer system. They can either do it manually or use high-tech online virus scanners and programs to destroy the viruses. Some of the antivirus they are using are Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky and Eset. These PC technical support specialists ensure that the security program they install on customer’s computer is up-to-date and is proven to be effective. They want to make sure it can detect and remove even the newest or most stubborn viruses and malwares. Aside from that, Help Gurus also set up and configure computer’s firewalls so that the system is better protected from all malicious online attacks. If firewalls on customer’s computers are properly configured and set up, all information coming from the internet are filtered. So before viruses can enter the computer system or network, they are already blocked by firewalls. Moreover, Help Gurus also offers remote support services to customers who want to see their expert and certified PC technicians do all the work online. They can set up antivirus programs to boost up computer’s defenses against online threats without even going to customer’s place. Their PC technicians can do it online via the remote access! Plus these certified computer technical support professionals are very courteous and quick in providing excellent and effective solutions when dealing with viruses. Help Gurus computer support for enhanced security against viruses can ensure a safe and worry-free computer use. For computer help and support antivirus installation services, call Help Gurus at 1888 224 3035 or log on to


Tue, 29 Mar 2011 02:36:47 +0100


Help Gurus Provides Excellent Computer Technical Support Services

Tue, 29 Mar 2011 01:55:52 +0100

(image) March 29, 2011 – USA – Help Gurus – has been providing excellent computer technical support services for various computer technical issues.

Help Gurus PC tech support professionals have the complete knowledge and expert skills to help PC users sort out different technical issues related to computer. They offer fast and reliable computer repair services that clients can never find elsewhere.

Their computer support specialists can solve all numerous technical issues such as:

Computer repair – they can troubleshoot PC that has issues like blue screen error, hardware and software failures, networks problems and registry errors.

Virus removal – their PC tech support experts can set up and install effective antivirus software. They can detect and remove all viruses and spywares found in PC. Plus optimize firewalls, and run automatic or scheduled virus, adware, malware and spyware scans.

Data backup – they can copy the data files stored on the computer to a removable storage device if the PC needs to be reformatted. After reformatting, the computer repair tech can install all files back to the computer.

PC optimization – Help Gurus can clean up unwanted files and upgrade PC. They can also install critical patches as well as configure browser settings for a better computer performance.

Computer security – They can configure the anti-virus and anti-spyware applications to protect the computers from aggressive and malicious online attacks as well as keeping the client PC virus and malware free.

In addition, Help Gurus even have computer repair maintenance services. Also, their expert computer repair technicians can check if there are parts of the computer that needs to be fixed before it became a big computer issue. Help Gurus makes sure that computers and peripherals are working on their optimum performance.

For more details about Help Gurus computer services call 1-888-224-3035 or visit

PC Technical Support for Microsoft Office

Wed, 16 Mar 2011 01:48:00 +0100


Help Gurus Microsoft help and support professionals will diagnose and troubleshoot any issues associated with Microsoft Office.

Hereunder are the most commonly used Microsoft Office applications they supprt:

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Access

If you have any troubles with these applications, Help Gurus Microsoft support team will troubleshoot and fix them right away.

Call 1-888-224-3035 or

Help Gurus Provides Unlimited Annual Computer Tech Support Services Plan

Tue, 15 Mar 2011 23:52:32 +0100

(image) March 16, 2011 – USA – Help Gurus – has provided unlimited annual computer tech support plan for 24/7 technical unlimited services.

Help Gurus offers annual plan with unlimited PC tech support services to their valued clients. They offer comprehensive support for setup, installation, diagnose, and repair of computers as well as all connected devices and peripherals.

They have low annual fee for computer technical support services. Customers can receive unlimited access to Help Gurus certified PC Tech support technicians day and night. They deliver the highest resolution rate in the industry!

In addition, their certified computer tech support professionals provide the most comprehensive support coverage spans across 100 desktop software applications, laptops, desktops, servers, and hardware devices. As well as printers, peripherals, routers, modems, digital cameras and MP3 players.

Help Gurus can even do remote access on customers’ computers. When permission is given to remotely access customer's computer via the internet, their PC technical support experts will resolve the most challenging issues right before their very eyes.

Their computer support technicians provide award-winning computer support service that offers the best resolution and customer satisfaction.

Help Gurus goal is to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. That is why they maintain the best quality of computer tech support services offered to the clients. They offer cost-effective plan that allows customers to purchase support for their personal use or for their business.

They deliver first-class computer support services on users. Help Gurus technical help and support services are available anytime and anywhere. They are always looking forward for opportunities to serve their clients and to exceed their expectations.

Call Help Gurus now. Get the best computer tech support plan ever. They offer the lowest wait time and the highest resolution rate.

For more details about Help Gurus PC tech support Plan, call 1-888-224-3035 or visit

Help Gurus offers PC Tech Support Services for any Computer Related Issues

Tue, 08 Mar 2011 04:48:26 +0100

(image) March 8, 2011 – USA – renowned computer repair support specialists – Help Gurus - has offered PC tech support services for any computer related issues.

They boast a team of computer support specialists and professionals who can provide the best PC technical support services such as computer repair as well as PC and server maintenance, updates and optimization.

Help Gurus computer tech support professionals can even extend their responsibilities to building or configuring new hardware, installing and updating software packages and creating and maintaining computer networks.

Their computer technical support services can guarantee PC users that they can have the best and fastest solutions to their PC problems. Their computer repair technicians have the knowledge and skills to help and solve all types of computer issues.

Help Gurus even has online computer tech support specialists who can do computer repair through remote access. They can fix computers while users can just sit back and relax at the convenience of their homes or office. They can even do other things while waiting for Help Gurus computer technicians to finish resolve issues of their PC.

Moreover, for their computer repair services, Help Gurus has the computer repair tools to make their tasks faster and more effective. Such as recovery programs which are used to restore computer to default factory settings in case formatting the hard drive is required.

Their excellent PC technical support services offer the clients the lowest wait-time and highest resolution rate!

Furthermore, Help Gurus also offers Microsoft help and support services such as Microsoft office support and computer help to fix Windows XP and other Windows Operating system.

For more information about Help Gurus PC tech repair services call 1-888-224-3035 or visit

Help Gurus Offers Windows 7 Upgrade

Mon, 21 Feb 2011 05:54:50 +0100

(image) February 21, 2011 – USA – The Windows tech support professionals – Help Gurus – has offered Windows 7 upgrading as part of its Windows support services for Microsoft windows tech support.

Help Gurus PC tech support specialists can upgrade Windows XP and Vista to Windows 7. They can also make sure that the software and drivers are updated to optimize speed and performance.

When their Computer support specialists upgrade windows XP and Vista to windows 7, PC owners can take advantage of the most advanced Windows Operating System on the market today.

As Windows 7 has many and new features like streaming photos, music, and videos faster, it improves the battery life of the laptop or saves on electricity by putting the computer to sleep or recovery mode faster when not in use. Plus, Windows 7 requires less electricity for computer power.

For those who are using Windows Vista, Help Gurus Windows tech support can upgrade it to Windows 7 more easily because all the files, settings, and programs that are on windows Vista will be retained.

Their Computer support specialists will just have to make sure that they properly install the Windows 7 operating system and ensure the new configuration of the computer system can run well with the new operating system.

Aside from that, their expert PC tech support can also upgrade Windows 98 to Windows XP or Windows Vista or just go straight to Windows 7.

Moreover, Help Gurus also supports all types and brands of computers, PC and laptop peripherals!

With Help Gurus skilled Microsoft Windows tech support representatives’ computer owners will be assured that their Windows OS are updated and their PC is running smoothly.

For more information regarding Help Gurus Microsoft and Window Support services contact 1-888-224-3035 or visit

HelpGurus Offers Various Computer Tech Support Services Plan Options

Tue, 15 Feb 2011 05:00:11 +0100


February 15, 2011 – USA – a one stop Microsoft Windows support destination – HelpGurus – offered various computer tech support plan options.

Currently, HelpGurus has 3 types of computer repair service plan options:

  • Annual Subscription Plan for $169.99.
  • 2 year subscription plan for $239.99.
  • 3 year subscription plan for $339.99.

All Subscription Plans have no limit of services for any given covered year. In fact, HelpGurus help desk support mentioned that under any subscription plan, people are covered for 1 Year, 2 years or 3 years computer optimization and PC technical support depending on their preferred subscription.

Plus, they can call HelpGurus help desk support anytime for the covered years. This is an unmatched 24/7 support.

Their Unlimited Subscription Plan which is considered to be the most affordable and comprehensive computer tech support is comprised of Diagnostic and repair, PC Troubleshooting, PC configuration and security, Setup and installation, as well as PC Optimization.

These computer repair services covers resolving hardware software issues, protecting the client’s PC from wide-ranging online threats, get connected to the internet through installing devices and peripherals as well as speed up the performance of the computer.

Aside from providing comprehensive computer help and support at one flat rate, clients will also be to get unlimited access to certified technical staff, delivering on the highest resolution rate in the industry.

Moreover, this subscription plan is noted by the public as an award winning computer repair service of all times.

"Just give us the green light to remotely access your computer through the Internet and our computer help desk support experts will resolve your most challenging technology issues." said Help Gurus.

To avail any of the computer tech support subscription plans, contact HelpGurus at 1-888-224-3035 or log on to

Microsoft Help and Support Team Offers Email Configuration Services

Thu, 10 Feb 2011 03:47:05 +0100


February 10, 2011 – USA – a one stop computer tech support destination that provides valuable online computer repair – HelpGurus – has offered email configuration for Outlook as well as fix Windows XP services.

Although Windows XP may not be the latest operating system, there are many people who still use it, and this includes Outlook.

At HelpGurus Microsoft Windows Support Company, they realized that not everyone immediately updates to the newest software or hardware. That is why they still provide support and help with many older computers and their software.

So for those who are having a problem with their email on Windows XP, HelpGurus advised people to simply give them a call and they will immediately respond to their request.

One of their help desk support experts were able to help them resolve all sorts of email issues like e-mail client configuration for Outlook, setup of free e-mail accounts for Yahoo, Hotmail, gmail, etc. as well as troubleshooting and fixing e-mail related technical issues.

They even guided clients to merge anti-spam utility with their e-mail software that prevented spam emails.

HelpGurus skilled and expert computer help technicians were also able to help their valued clients in configuring their personal and professional e-mail accounts in the e-mail client installed on their computer.

Moreover, during the time of installing Windows operating system, their help desk support specialist informed their consumers regarding the e-mail protocols which are used to configure their e-mail client.

HelpGurus experienced computer tech support personnel also provided assistance on how to make use of the import and export features available in their e-mail software.

However, to speed up the loading time of their e-mail client, they remotely archived their downloaded e-mails as well as guided them to assign secured passwords for their e-mail accounts to prevent hackers from accessing them.

The email client configuration services are included in the subscription computer tech support plan that they offered. Clients can have unlimited access to great help desk support, all year around and promised the lowest wait-time and highest resolution rate in the industry.

For inquiries, you may call telephone number 1-888-224-3035 or check out HelpGurus help desk support website at

Help Gurus Offers Firewall Installation

Wed, 09 Feb 2011 05:01:58 +0100

(image) February 09, 2011 – USA – the leading Computer support specialists – Help Gurus – has offered firewall setup as one of their exceptional computer technical support services.

Help Gurus Computer support specialists can setup firewall for any computer to block unwanted connections and protect it from any other aggressive or malicious online attacks.

The firewall that their online computer tech support experts installed is like a guard who checks everybody entering or going out of the building and allows or disallows the people or programs to enter. Additionally, it provides a line of defense against malicious programs, viruses and worms that will try to attack the PC.

There are many benefits PC owners can get when installing a firewall on their PC:

  • Firewall can be configured and customized based on business and personal needs.
  • It can also log all attempts of attack from private networks or an individual computer and set an alarm (in the form of a pop-up or other notice) for any suspicious or hostile activity.
  • Firewalls can also monitor and log all outbound data traffic and prevent unauthorized access to resources on all external networks.

Once the personal firewall is installed by Help Gurus expert Windows tech support, it will continuously run in the background, guarding all the incoming and outgoing traffic.

Plus, their PC tech support professionals can setup a firewall For Windows. The common ones supported by Help Gurus are the Kerio Personal Firewall and ZoneAlarm, and the built-in firewall in Windows XP, though Help Gurus has more in their bag of tricks.

Help Gurus Computer support specialists can guarantee computer owners that their computers are fully protected from any online threats.

Moreover, Help Gurus also offers other services like Microsoft Support and computer repair! For more details about their Computer support services call 1-888-224-3035 or visit