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Cinecultist is a weblog in which a movie-goer, film fanatic and cinephile based in beautiful New York City chronicles viewings and musings on the film industry.

Published: 2008-04-20T23:22:50-05:00


Cross-Eyed Diane Keaton


Spending my Sunday evening getting caught up on freelance work and watching Reds on HBO On Demand. It's a wonderful, complicated movie about the Socialist movement in the United States with great performances by Diane Keaton, Warren Beatty and Jack...

Recent Opinions on Kid's Movies


Cinecultist's reviews that have been appearing over on Slapstick, female empowerment and dreamy Gerard Butler in Nim's Island. Springy, bright and elastic Whos in Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who. Raven-Symoné's star wattage and pet pigs in College Road...

George Clooney Meets the Internet, Likes What He Sees


The ending to a fantastic article by A.J. Jacobs in this month's Esquire about George Clooney had Cinecultist ROFLing this afternoon. "At this point, I make a segue that seemed relevant at the time but in retrospect was probably a...

Bewildered by March 17th


Drunk idiots in front of McSorley's, before 10 am Originally uploaded by karencinecultist Irish pride and parades up Fifth Avenue are all well and good, but the drunken insanity and everything colored green is really perplexing to Cinecultist. We...

SXSW Round Up on Metromix


opening night at the Paramount Originally uploaded by karencinecultist Who knew watching a bunch of movies in a small Texas town could tucker out the Cinecultist like it did? It's finally Friday, we've been back in New York since...

Twarted, a Theme at SXSW


a massive waiting line Originally uploaded by karencinecultist Twice now the Alamo Ritz has disappointed the Cinecultist. On Saturday evening we stood on line for the Harmony Korine movie but didn't end up getting in and then tonight, we...

Day 2 at South by South West


Nothing makes one feel like a bonafide blogger than free WiFi. Cinecultist is currently in the Ikea lounge area of the Austin Convention Center after a screening, getting caught up on emails and checking in. All around us are earnest,...

Waiting for my first screening to begin


Waiting for my first screening to begin Originally uploaded by karencinecultist As the crowd files into the convention center theater, cinecultist plays with her mobile blog functions. SXSW baby!...

Austin Bound!


In a few short hours, Cinecultist will be winging our way from Newark, New Jersey to Austin, Texas, the site of the South by Southwest Film Festival. We could only take a couple of days off for the trip, and...

Chuck Klosterman on Road Movies


In the current issue of The Believer, dude extraordinaire Chuck Klosterman essayifies on that tried and true genre, the road movie. Recently, we'd decided our previous opinion of Klosterman's writing (mostly self-important, not a lot of there there) was misguided*...

Chop Shop and Ramin Bahrani


A few weeks ago, Cinecultist got the opportunity to chat with director Ramin Bahrani again, this time for Metromix. Ramin is a cool guy and always a fun interview—he let CC veer the conversation off into Ingmar Bergman exaltations...

Another Episode of The Dakota Fanning Show


Another brilliant portrayal by Amy Poehler as the young thespian Dakota Fanning on this week's Saturday Night Live hosted by Ellen Page. The addition of the "Kids Speak" feature is really choice. Geektastic Dakota takes to the streets to...

Good Excuses to Click Through


• Shooting Down Pictures hates on San Francisco Chronicle critic Mick LaSalle for boldly admitting he hasn't seen some canonical cinema classics and then tossing off cursory reviews of them. Cinecultist used to read LaSalle religiously when we lived in...

Paul Giamatti Promotes the Post Office


Now this is an advertising tie-in campaign Cinecultist's grandmother could get behind. We can just picture the boardroom meeting..."That John Adams was a great role model. You know why? Because he used STAMPS and sent LETTERS through the MAIL...

Confounded by Lukas Moodysson


Innovative Swedish director Lukas Moodysson continues to challenge the devotion of your Cinecultist. Last night, we went to see his most recent work Container at Lincoln Center, where it was playing as a part of the annual Film Comment Selects...