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Published: 2016-12-02T20:03:09-05:00


This Week's Acquisitions


(Well, a week plus a few days, but who's counting?) Carol Birch, Orphans of the Carnival (Doubleday, 2016). Parallel-plot historical novel about a young freak show performer in the 1850s and an English woman in the 1980s. (Amazon [secondhand]) Gillian...

My Year in Books


Favorite historical novels: Annamarie Jagose, Slow Water; Graeme Macrae Burnet, His Bloody Project; Ian McGuire, The North Water; Robin Jenkins, The Awakening of George Darroch; Harry Tait, The Ballad of Sawney Bain; Lloyd Shepherd, The Detective and the Devil. Favorite...

Two cheers for academic blogging?


To what extent has academic blogging, and the rise of alternative (non-peer-reviewed) online publishing venues more generally, transformed our approaches to scholarly activity? As Scott McLemee points out in his fine tribute to the late Scott Eric Kaufman, early huffing-and-puffing...

RIP: Scott Eric Kaufman


As many of you will have already heard, Scott Eric Kaufman has died. Scott was part of the first wave of academic bloggers, as notable for his absurdist accounts of life as a UC Irvine graduate student (undergraduates doing what...

This (Last Two) Week's Acquisitions


George Moore, Evelyn Innes, 2 vols. (Tauchnitz,[1898]). A young singer finds herself torn between the attentions of two men, before finally taking refuge in her Catholicism. ---, Sister Teresa (Lippincott, 1901). Sequel to Evelyn Innes. Evelyn enters a convent, but...

The Crown


Since the mid-90s, at least, British monarchy films have usually been in comic mode: there's a crisis of some sort --> the monarch temporarily loses his or her public "glamour," leaving the institution's future at stake --> the monarch is...

This Week's Acquisitions


Anna Hanson Dorsey, Tears on the Diadem (Kenedy, 1896). Catholic historical novel about Elizabeth Woodville, later wife of King Edward IV. (eBay) Remy de Gourmont, The Angels of Perversity, trans. Francis Amery (Dedalus, 1992). Collection of Symbolist short fiction and...

Help! It's the Annual Horde of Horrific Halloween Happenings!


This year's theme is one familiar to any Victorianist: the ghastly and ghostly experiences of the Victorian professional man. With the occasional bonus student. The Phantom Woman (?). A lawyer becomes obsessed with the woman he sees through a window....

Saturday Cat Blogging


Yes, it's a break with tradition, but I'm sure we could all use a picture of cats on fluffy blankets, courtesy of Lydia Gwilt and Allan Armadale.

This Week's (Belated) Acquisitions


(This week turned out to be rather Catholic.) The Lamp: A Popular Journal of General Literature n.s.(Jan.-June 1871). Bound volume of this cheap Catholic periodical, which contains fiction, poetry, news reports, devotional writing, etc. (eBay) Elizabeth Emery, Romancing the Cathedral:...

Forthcoming in Chronicle Vitae...


Thanks to an inside source, we have obtained a preview of several upcoming issues of Chronicle Vitae. Below are some of the more exciting topics, guaranteed to speak to the needs and experiences of American academics everywhere. 1. I've just...

Victorian Catholic Fiction as a "Minor" Literature?


I've been looking for a vocabulary to better describe how English Victorian Catholic fiction works. It's true, as Brian Sudlow has noted, that there is a "divine entente cordiale" between late 19th-c. French and English Catholic writers when it comes...

This Week's Acquisitions


Martha Bowden, Descendants of Waverley: Romancing History in Contemporary Historical Fiction (Bucknell, 2016). Analyzing the ongoing influence of Scott on contemporary historical fiction. I'm reviewing this for Choice. (Review copy) Raymond Jonas, France and the Cult of the Sacred Heart:...

This Week's (Belated) Acquisitions


J.G. Lockhart, Valerius: A Roman Story (Blackwood, 1821). Three-volume first edition of this historical novel by Sir Walter Scott's son-in-law (best known for his biography of Scott). (eBay) Emile Zola, The Dream, trans. Michael Glencross (Peter Owen, 2005). Part of...

Echoes of Sherlock Holmes


Of the making of Sherlock Holmes pastiches there is no end. As there is clearly a market for mock-Sherlock--mocklock? Let's go with Fauxlock--this is hardly a surprise. But as I've been none-too-subtly complaining in my year-end roundups, the results are...