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Published: 2017-02-17T21:20:52-05:00


This Week's Acquisitions


Bram Stoker and Valdimar Asmundsson, Powers of Darkness: The Lost Version of Dracula, trans. Hans Corneel de Roos (Overlook, 2017). The Icelandic translation of Dracula, which was really a complete Icelandic rewrite of Dracula, now re-translated into English. (Despite the...

When misattributions attack! A cautionary tale


I've been spending my illness-related downtime (achoo, cough, etc.) doing some revisions to an article, which means pulling out volumes from my various material and electronic collections. Now, I was giving some (numerically bizarre) examples of one Victorian anti-Catholic talking...

This Week's Acquisitions


Patrick Augustine Sheehan, The Short Stories of Canon Sheehan (Burns and Oates, 1911). Collection of five stories by the late-Victorian Irish priest. (eBay) Vanessa Tait, The Looking Glass House (Corvus, 2015). Narrates the story of Alice's relationship with Charles Dodgson...

Taking refuge in a COVE?


By a nice, or should I say inconvenient, coincidence, he subject of disappearing online resources has resurfaced at VICTORIA. "Coincidence," because a nice Hannah More archive that was available the last time I taught one of this semester's courses, just...

This Week's (Belated) Acquisitions


[Thanks to ongoing home renovations, I was momentarily unable to remember where I had put the acquisitions...] Kim Newman, Anno Dracula 1899 and Other Stories (Titan, 2017). New collection of Newman's patented mash-ups, featuring everybody from Jack the Ripper to...



We are halfway through the miniseries Taboo, which I must confess is interesting me rather more than (shock! horror!) Victoria. There is certainly much to criticize about Taboo, like its ouroboros-shaped plot (Delaney is doing...what now? And he's suborning this...

This Week's Acquisitions


Barbara Hofland, Emily's Reward; Or, the Holiday Trip to Paris (Grant and Griffith, 1844). A didactic travelogue for children in fictional form, following Emily and her family to the sights of Paris and its surroundings. (eBay) Sharon Marcus, Between Women:...

Got Elites?


It is not hugely surprising to find, as Andrew Piper and Chad Wellmon have done (the full pre-print is linked via IHE), that elite journals tend to be occupied by authors from elite universities. Putting aside the hypothesis of the...

This Week's Acquisitions


Barbara Hofland, Moderation: A Tale (Pomeroy, 1826). US reprint of one of Mrs. Hofland's many moral tales, this one centering on the need for economy in things both literal (money) and figurative (passions). More about Hofland here. (eBay) [Annie Webb...

Sherlock: The Final(e) Problem: A Dialogue


HALF-LP: We've seen what is probably the very last episode of Sherlock. It's time for us to deliver a well-considered analysis of its strengths and weaknesses. OTHER HALF-LP: OMG!!! WTH?!! AYKM?! HALF-LP: Ahem. This is an academic blog. It is...

This Week's Acquisitions


(There may be more, but I'm on the other side of the country.) Honore de Balzac, The Human Comedy: Selected Stories, ed. Peter Brooks, trans. Linda Asher (NYRB, 2014). Anthology of nine short stories and novellas, including "Sarrasine." (Barnes and...

This Week's Acquisitions


Anna Kerchy, Alice in Transmedia Wonderland: Curiouser and Curiouser New Forms of a Children's Classic (McFarland, 2016). Analyzes contemporary reworkings and remixings of Alice in their relationship to different media (electronic text, theater, artwork, etc.). (Amazon [secondhand]) Tricia Lootens, The...



Two comments that will, at first, appear to be tangential to the subject at hand. 1) When I was in high school, one show I followed with some faithfulness was Beauty and the Beast. Towards the end of its run,...

A professor's life: Spring 2017


Yes, yes, it's still winter, but it's the Spring semester coming up, because universities are apparently in denial about the seasons, or something. In any event, here's what's on the January-May agenda for yours truly, a full professor at a...

This Week's (Again Belated) Acquisitions


(No blog access yesterday.) Elisabeth Charlotte Pauline Guizot, Moral Tales, trans. Mrs. Burke, new ed. (Routledge, 1856). Collection of short religious stories for children by Mme. Guizot (a.k.a. the first wife of the historian and politician Francois Guizot). (Greenwood Books)...