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Preview: The Little Professor

The Little Professor

Things Victorian and academic.

Published: 2018-02-16T19:55:31-05:00


This Week's Acquisitions


Paul Howarth, Only Killers and Thieves (HarperCollins, 2018). Novel set in late-Victorian Australia, examining colonial violence through a story about a settler family hunting down a former Aboriginal employee, with horrific results. (Amazon) Publications of the Catholic Truth Society, vol....

The Victim of Intolerance: or, The Hermit of Killarney, a Catholic Tale


The ecumenical "tolerance tale" is a tiny subgenre of the nineteenth century religious novel, and an overwhelmingly Protestant one. The political economist Robert Torrens' quad-decker The Victim of Intolerance: or, the Hermit of Killarney, a Catholic Tale (1814) is, while...

The conference circuit after tax reform


"You know," I've said to various people over the last few weeks, "we can no longer deduct conference expenses on our taxes." "Really?" "Yeah, they fell under the heading of 'unreimbursed employee expenses,' and those are no longer tax-deductible." In...

This (Last Two) Week's Acquisitions


(Unfortunately, I've also acquired a really persistent cold. *sneezes*) John Lang, The Forger's Wife (Grattan Street Press, 2017). Reprint of Lang's 1856 novel about a young woman who must deal with the repercussions of her husband's criminality after he is...

Much as the middle class is always rising, the academic book is always falling


Predicting the decline and fall of monographs--or, for that matter, desiring same--has been on the agenda for about as long as I've been an academic. It would be nice if the discussion was a bit more grounded in data that...

Adventures in Academic Life: The Spring Semester Edition


With the new semester comes a new installment in my chronicles of what a full professor at a regional comprehensive does to earn her keep. Teaching I have a course release this semester (for the reason, see "service," below), so...

This Week's Month's Acquisitions


Some books arrived while I was in CA. Amazing how that happens! I had absolutely nothing to with this! They just...appeared! William H. G. Kingston, The Lily of Leyden (SPCK, n.d.). Religions historical novel set during the Siege of Leyden...

Brief note: Death and Mr. Pickwick


One of the many things authors can do with historical fiction is, in fact, attempt to write history. In the nineteenth century, we see such experiments in Joseph Strutt's and Walter Scott's (execrable) Queen-Hoo Hall, some of Bulwer-Lytton's historical novels,...

Brief note: Ethel's Book, or Tales of the Angels


I continued my Thomas Richardson and Sons read-through with F. W. Faber's Ethel's Book, or Tales of the Angels (1858), which Faber dedicated to a young Etheldreda Fitzalan Howard (1849-1926), later a Sister of Charity. Faber was not, shall we...

Friday (Guest) Cat Blogging


Two of my parents' three cats, Cleo and Houdini. The apparent amity is an illusion, as there are clear territorial boundaries on this couch. Only cats, of course, are capable of perceiving them...

My Year in Books


Favorite novels: Colm Toibin, House of Names; Sarah Moss, Signs for Lost Children; Lesley Krueger, Mad Richard; Richard Francis, Crane Pond; Rohan Wilson, To Name Those Lost; Caryl Phillips, The Lost Child; Steven Price, By Gaslight; Joshua Harmon, Quinnehtukqut; John...

End of Semester Wrap-Up


It's time for another edition of "what does a full professor at a small regional comprehensive do with her semester?" Research and writing: Currently finishing up the footnotes on an article that I'd like to send out by the end...

The Crown


The second season of The Crown might just as well have been subtitled "The Americans are coming!" Not that the season is all Yanks, all the time (or even most of the time), mind you, only that one catches slow...

This Week's Acquisitions


Helen Maria Williams, Julia, ed. Natasha Duquette (Pickering & Chatto, 2010). Reprint of Williams' 1790 response to Jean-Jacques Rousseau. (Amazon [secondhand]) W. Carus Wilson, Youthful Memoirs (American Sunday School Union, 1830). US reprint of Wilson's collection of spiritual biographies for...

This Week's (Belated) Acquisitions


Sophie Cottin, Elizabeth; Or, the Exiles of Siberia. A Tale Founded Upon Facts (John Sharpe, 1817). Early English translation of Cottin's 1806 novel about a young girl trying to rescue her father. (eBay) Emily Brodie, Jean Lindsay, the Vicar's Daughter...