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Imaging Resource News Page

The Imaging Resource News page is the best way to stay on top of all the latest in the fast-paced world of digital imaging! Up-to-the-minute news as well as coverage of the latest articles and reviews covering digital imaging hardware and software of all

Published: 2016-12-07T16:27:22+00:00


Casio helps you see in the dark: 2-megapixel camera has fast lens, high ISO and special processing


    If you shoot in very low light but don't need much resolving power, Casio has a new camera which may be right for you. The Casio EX-FR110H has a backside-illuminated CMOS sensor that packs only 1.9 megapixels, but has a native ISO up to 51,200. The sensor's pixels are particularly large and the camera has new noise suppression circuitry. The FR110H has a built-in 20mm equivalent lens with an f/2.8 aperture. The back of the camera has a 3-inch LCD, which is detachable from the camera so you can shoot it remotely. Further, you can...
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Recently buy your first camera? Learn how to use it with this fun interactive tool


    Did you recently purchase your first-ever DSLR during the awesome Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales? British designer Simon Roberts created a fun tool, Photography Mapped, that lets you experiment with different camera settings and a fun flying helicopter scene to understand how parameters such as shutter speed, aperture and ISO affect the final image. While there is no substitute for real-world experience, Roberts’s tool is one of the best we’ve come across for interacting with camera settings and getting instant feedback. If...
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Adjust orange and other troublesome colors in Photoshop with this simple trick


    It can be surprisingly difficult to target tertiary colors in Photoshop. Thanks to Javi at The Invisible Touch, we can see how to easily target and adjust a specific color in Photoshop, in this case orange. To target orange (or another color), use the marquee tool and select an area that is the color you want to change. You fill the selected area with a solid color that is the target color. Now you go to Hue/Saturation adjustments and select a specific color that doesn’t exist in the image you’re working on. In the case of the...
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Camera of the Year 2016: Best Overall


We test many good cameras and lenses over the course of a year, but each year some rise to the occasion of simply being outstanding in their class. Our Camera of the Year awards are a chance to let us showcase the cameras and lenses that really shined for us over the past year, and we're honored to give them the recognition they deserve with our Camera of the Year awards. The bottom line is, we've tried to cull the best of the best for you from 2016, and we've decided to reverse the order for this year and start with our Best Overall camera models. It was a very difficult decision...
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Can a lemur fix your photos? AI-driven Photolemur software automatically improves your photos


    Artificial intelligence is becoming a bigger part of our everyday lives and photography is certainly not immune from it. Unlike Adobe's products, which are becoming increasingly reliant on AI for parts of larger tasks such as identifying fonts and aiding in selections, a new MacOS photo editor called Photolemur is built entirely around artificial intelligence. Photolemur is being referred to by its creators as "the world's first automatic photo enhancement solution." The software analyzes millions of pixels per second, allowing...
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Sony A99 II First Shots: Sample images from Sony’s super-powered top-of-the-line SLT camera


    More Sony sample images straight from our testing lab! It's been four long years since Sony's previous flagship, full-frame SLT camera -- the Sony A99 -- and many were wondering if Sony had all but abandoned their "DSLR" lineup. But fear not, as the tech giant unveiled their super-powered Sony A99 Mark II at this year's Photokina tradeshow and it's now receiving our signature lab treatment. Sporting a refreshed and smaller yet familiar body design to the original A99, the new A99 II has tons of new features and performance...
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How does an iPhone 7 Plus stack up with a $50k RED Weapon camera in the video department?


    Can an iPhone 7 Plus surpass a $50,000 RED Weapon camera in the video department? No. However, according to Parker Walbeck of Fulltime Filmmaker, it can come astonishingly close in the right situation. That right situation is when viewing video in the ways most people consume media, on compression-ridden streaming players and on mobile devices. Parker isn't trying to say that a RED camera isn't worth the money or that you can replace it with an iPhone, rather he is trying to demonstrate how you shouldn't feel limited by your...
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Unified, unlimited storage: Ricoh launches cloud-based Keenai photo and video management service


    Ricoh is looking to make a splash in the photo management market. Ricoh Innovations Corp., a subsidiary of Ricoh Company, Ltd., has launched Keenai. Keenai is a photo management service which keeps your files secure and organized, all while being accessible across multiple platforms including Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows and Windows Phone. Senior vice-president of Ricoh Innovations Toshinori Arita says of Keenai, “Consumers are struggling to keep track of all the photos and videos they capture using the different devices they...
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Sony A6500 First Shots: Sony’s souped-up, flagship APS-C mirrorless camera hits our lab


    The Sony A6500 was a bit of a surprise, seeing as how the predecessor A6300 model arrived earlier this same year in February. But despite the short turnaround time, the new A6500 packs in a whole bunch of new technology and upgraded performance into that familiar shell. We've already had the opportunity to get some real-world shooting experience with the A6500, with Mike Tomkins' Texas-sized Field Test Part I. To get a sense for how this beefed-up mirrorless camera performs at a variety of action, sports and other fast-moving...
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Sigma getting into the holiday spirit:  Sigma sd Quattro H coming this month, has DNG compatibility


    Update December 8 at 9:00 a.m. EST: We have gotten word from Sigma that DNG support will be coming for other Quattro cameras. Information on dates and exact cameras to be updated is not yet available, but stay tuned as we will let you know as soon as we find out more!  Although pricing is still not available, Sigma has confirmed that the Sigma sd Quattro H will be launching this month. The Sigma sd Quattro H is the company’s first-ever camera to include an APS-H size Foveon X3 Quattro direct image sensor, which is stated to offer...
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Really Right Stuff coming to B&H, expanding consumer choice in the premium support market


    Really Right Stuff makes some of the best camera support systems and accessories on the market, including tripods, camera plates and more. Their gear has been available exclusively through their own website and store. However, that’s changing as Really Right Stuff products will now be available through B&H. As SLR Lounge points out, this is a big deal for consumers looking for more purchasing options for camera support solutions. When you’re shopping for premium support products, you’ll be hard-pressed to top Really Right Stuff....
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Instant watercolor: Give your photos a painted appearance with AKVIS Watercolor 1.0


    If you want to turn your photographs into beautiful watercolor (also known as aquarelle) paintings, software developer AKVIS has the program for you. The company has released AKVIS Watercolor 1.0 for both MacOS and Windows which will quickly make your photos look like paintings. The software, available as a standalone application or Photoshop plug-in, is designed to be easy to use. You simply select your desired settings and then run the processing. You can select from a range of painting genres and styles, including styles...
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Luxurious carrying solutions: Hawkesmill announces line of smaller messenger-style camera bags


    English high-end camera accessories brand Hawkesmill has announced a new line of smaller, luxurious camera bags. The new line is designed to carry smaller cameras such as mirrorless systems or compact Leica cameras, although it can hold a DSLR with a single lens attached. The more compact carrying solution joins a larger messenger bag, which is designed for bigger gear and carrying up to a 15" MacBook Pro. Hawkesmill bags are constructed of high-end materials and carry a hefty price. The larger messenger bags cost £549, which...
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Visual storytelling: WIRED launches redesigned Photo site, puts photography front and center


    WIRED has long been an excellent source of technology and culture news, including photography news, but it is now an even better place to view incredible photography. Wired has relaunched WIRED Photo to make it much more visual and put photography at the forefront.  The site offers a variety of regularly updated articles about various photographic projects, but at the top of every article are photos. Rather than WIRED’s typical balance of media and text, WIRED Photo is very much about the images. In most cases, scrolling down...
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Lightroom is powerful portrait editing software: Three start-to-finish retouching tutorials


    Lightroom is more than excellent photo cataloging and raw editing software, it is also a powerful photo editor. We have covered many Lightroom tutorials, but today we are going to focus solely on using Lightroom for portrait retouching. Retouching tutorials regularly focus on using Photoshop, but not everyone has access to Photoshop or feels comfortable using it. Lightroom, on the other hand, is generally much more user-friendly and in many cases, just as powerful as Photoshop. Darlene Hildebrandt is the managing editor of...
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Cloud-connected WD My Cloud Pro external hard drive is well-suited for creative collaboration


    Backing up your photos is critically important and every photographer should have at least some form of a backup solution. Ideally, you have multiple local backups and something off-site. There are many options on the market for local backup, which one is right for you? PetaPixel’s Michael Zhang helps to answer that question in his review of the Western Digital’s My Cloud Pro Series PR2100. The My Cloud Pro Series PR2100 creates a private cloud with a network attached storage (NAS) server, allowing photos to be backed up and...
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Canon joining the modern Japanese space race, although not in the way you might expect


    Nikon has had a long relationship with space travel and exploration and continues to have an important place on the International Space Station. Canon wants to get in on the action now. However, unlike Nikon, Canon isn’t concerned with sending cameras into space, but are instead helping to fund the creation of a “low-cost ‘mini-rocket’ for future satellite launches.” Nikkei Asian Review is reporting that engineers from Cannon have joined a team dedicated to designing and building the “world’s smallest satellite launch...
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Firmware Friday: 36 updates from Canon, Fuji, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Pentax, Sony and more


    Firmware Friday is here once more, after a brief hiatus while I was out of town shooting Sony cameras in Austin, Texas, and then feeling under the weather with a bug I picked up on my return home. Since we've missed a couple of weeks, I've done my best to catch up not only on this week's firmware news, but also on everything from the last couple of weeks. The result is one seriously long list of news, so we'll keep things brief and stick to the official release notes where available. Without any further ado, let's get down...
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Look out! These videos highlight the occupational risk of sports photography


    Sports photography is about capturing the iconic sports moments that sometimes transcend the field of play altogether. Shooting the timeless images can come with more physical wear and tear than the soreness that accompanies lugging a massive exotic telephoto lens around for hours. Have you ever seen a photographer on a National Football League sideline get steamrolled by a 250-pound player? If you’ve watched a lot of football, you surely have. The job of sports photographer comes with inherent risk. Digital Trends has put...
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Is your camera lying to you about highlights? Plus an excellent presentation on mastering lighting


    Today we have a couple of videos which we hope will help you improve your photographic skills on the computer and in the field. First up is a quick tip from Scott Kelby on improving your Lightroom skills. For those who aren’t familiar with Kelby, he writes for Lightroom Killer Tips and runs Kelby One, a premium source for online courses taught by an array of professional photographers. This week, Kelby published a quick video on how to deal with clipping in Ligthroom. What is clipping? In the case of highlight clipping, it’s when...
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