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Imaging Resource News Page

The Imaging Resource News page is the best way to stay on top of all the latest in the fast-paced world of digital imaging! Up-to-the-minute news as well as coverage of the latest articles and reviews covering digital imaging hardware and software of all

Published: 2018-04-23T18:55:49+00:00


PolarPro launches new QuartzLine filter series aimed at professional photographers and videographers


Earlier this month, PolarPro released a new line of filters, QuartzLine. The QuartzLine filter line is PolarPro's first foray into professional photography and cinematography. The company has previously focused its efforts on filters for drones and action cameras. The new filters range in price from $59.99 to $249.99 depending on the size and style. The line comprises UV, ND, High Intensity and ND/Polarizing filters. The filters are being released in circular sizes from 37mm to 82mm with an assortment of step-up rings also being...
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Photographer earns his wings, while Canon claims yet another clean sweep


It was bound to happen sooner or later... a photographer would capture and submit a photograph of the storied Blue Angels team of jet aircraft, one that would propel itself to the top spot in our photo contest. Photographer Gary Schaker is the one who finally made it happen, and in doing so takes the $300 top prize for our photography contest in March. Oh, we've had images submitted of the Blue Angels before, some of which were duly awarded daily placements. And we've had images of aircraft win prizes as well - more on that down...
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Editing a backlit image in Adobe Lightroom with Sony Artisan Chris Orwig


Shooting backlit images is tricky, but the results can be great. However, to help you get great results, sometimes you need a little photo editing magic. In the video below, Sony Artisan Chris Orwig shows us how to utilize Lightroom and its Split Toning feature to create a very nice backlit image. For the curious, the image Chris is working on was captured with the Sony A9 camera and Sony 50mm f/1.4 lens. Within Lightroom, Orwig wants to brighten his backlit subject and adjust the color in the scene. First, we start in the Basic...
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All about the new Adobe Profiles: What they are and how to create your own


Earlier this month, Adobe released a massive update to their Lightroom software which added numerous new features, but the biggest was likely the new Profiles system. To help shed some light on Profiles, Adobe has released a new blog post which contains a ton of great information. You can learn a lot about the new profiles themselves by clicking here. The linked article above offers a deep technical dive into profiles, how they work, why they're needed and how different RAW files are handled and processed by photography software....
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How to set up and use an off-camera flash in only 3 minutes


Photographer Manny Ortiz utilizes off-camera flash for many of his portraits. For photographers new to flash and off-camera flash in particular, it can be daunting to try to get everything set up and working correctly to produce the desired results. In only three minutes, you can learn how to set up an off-camera flash, utilize high-speed sync and be able to successfully use flash outdoors. High-speed sync allows you to use flash with your camera's fast shutter speeds. This can work very well when you want a shallow depth of...
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Tripods and accessories for wildlife and landscape photography


Nature and wildlife photographer Steve Perry uses tripods a lot, whether he is shooting landscape or wildlife photography. He is frequently asked by viewers about his tripods, so he decided to do a video to discuss his gear, setup and when he uses different tripods. For his wildlife photography, Perry uses a gimbal head on his tripod. He utilizes heavy lenses, so he needs a heavy-duty tripod. A gimbal head allows you to balance a heavy lens very easily and smoothly move it around quickly, which is critical when tracking a moving...
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First E-mount film camera: Photographer has designed and built an open-source analog camera


It's not unusual for someone to adapt an older film lens to their Sony mirrorless camera. There are many such adapters suited to the task and the flexibility of the E-mount system is well-noted. However, what about mounting modern E-mount lenses to a film camera? For those wanting to head in this direction, a new project by Alexander Gee will certainly interest you. Gee has created a new E-mount film camera called LEX. It is the first camera to allow users to combine their favorite film with their modern E-mount lenses. The...
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Overpowering or complementing the sun using artificial light


As the days get longer in the northern hemisphere, that means that the sun will be higher in the sky for longer periods of time, leading to more powerful and harsher light for outdoor shooting. How can you overpower the sun with flash (or monolight) and capture nicer-looking portraits? Tony Northrup shows us in the video below. You can use artificial light to complement or overpower natural light. Another popular use for a flash outdoors is as a fill light, allowing you to reduce harsh shadows and make for a more pleasing,...
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Tips and tricks for flying your drone in tight woodland spaces


One of the things that makes photographer Adam Gibbs' behind the scenes videos so good is that he mixes in awesome drone footage to showcase the scenes he explores. It makes sense then that he would be a great resource for tips about using drones. Specifically, Gibbs offers tips for how to capture drone images and video when using it in tight woodland spaces. He shares his settings and also offers tips and tricks for safely piloting your drone in an area where there are many objects into which you could accidentally fly. For the...
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Should you photograph popular locations? Nigel Danson approaches a commonly-shot lighthouse


Fortunately for photographers, there are a lot of very picturesque locations to capture beautiful images. On the other hand, many of them have been very frequently photographed. It can be difficult to get excited about shooting something that has been captured so many times. However, does that mean you should avoid popular photography locations? Photographer Nigel Danson is in Wales and had the opportunity to photograph a very popular lighthouse in Anglesey. The lighthouse is photographed often, but Danson has never shot it...
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Fuji X-A5 First Shots: Perhaps the best image quality we’ve seen yet for $600


Fujifilm has been very successful at making cameras with excellent image quality, and that's been the case throughout their ILC line from the entry-level X-A series all the way up to the recent medium-format GFX-50s. Their latest entry-level model, the Fuji X-A5, has now taken its first lap through our test lab, and we're ready to unveil our signature First Shots for discerning eyes. As our seasoned readers know but which bears repeating for anyone new to our site, this allows you to pixel-peep the X-A5 lab images of our test...
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How to bracket and combine exposures when you don’t have graduated neutral density filters


Photographer Andrew Marr doesn't specialize in lighthouse photography, but when he was visiting Augusta in the southwest of Australia, he had a good opportunity for lighthouse photography. The only problem was that the exposure range in the scene was dramatic, leading Marr to bracket exposures using his Fujifilm X-T2. Normally, Marr uses graduated neutral density filters to balance scenes, but he had forgotten them at camp so he needed to combine exposures during post-processing. In total, Marr combined five frames using...
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Micro Four Thirds versus full-frame camera for macro photography: Pros and cons of each system


When considering many different types of photography, there are pros and cons to every available sensor size. Full-frame cameras typically deliver the best image quality but they are often more expensive and the cameras and lenses are larger and heavier. APS-C cameras sort of hit a happy medium in many respects. Micro Four Thirds cameras, on the other hand, are smaller and lighter when considering the overall system. Micro Four Thirds cameras have a two times crop factor, which can be advantageous for sports, wildlife and perhaps...
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Matching color between images using curves and LAB in Adobe Photoshop


Have you ever been working on an image and thought, "I really want to take this color and apply it to another photo I'm working?" If so, now you can using curves and LAB mode in Photoshop. Photographer and educator Colin Smith of photoshopCAFE If you'd like to get a more in-depth look at curves and LAB, click on those links for specific tutorials on the topics from Smith. To learn how to match colors using these techniques, check out the video below. (Via photoshopCAFE)
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Fantastic flags: An uncommon and useful modifier used to change quantity and quality of light


While there are a lot of common and purpose-built light modifiers, such as umbrellas, softboxes and reflectors, there are also a lot of other modifiers you can use that are less common, including a flag. In his newest video, Jay P. Morgan with The Slanted Lens shows us how to shape light with flags as part of his Laws of Light video series. There are multiple kinds of flags. There's a solid flag, which completely cuts out light. There's a net, which cuts one stop of light and a double, which, you guessed it, cuts two stops of...
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Reviewing the picturesque Lake District in England


Recently, photographer Thomas Heaton started a new video series, A Photographer's View, in which he discusses and reviews different landscape photography destinations he's visited. His first video discussed a specific area of Iceland and his second video, seen below, covers a picturesque area in his native United Kingdom, the famous Lake District. The Lake District National Park is in northwest England and offers a wide variety of excellent landscape and nature photography opportunities. To learn more about the location, its...
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Firmware Friday: Bug fixes for Nikon P900, W300; Ricoh G800SE; Sony A7 III, FS5 and NXCAM NX5R


Firmware Friday returns for another week with a relatively compact list of updates this time around. In the past seven days, we've learned of a couple of firmware updates for Nikon's Coolpix-series cameras, some new software for the Ricoh G800SE, and a triplet of firmware updates for the Sony A7 Mark III, NXCAM NX5R and XDCAM FS5. Let's get right down to what's new! Nikon Coolpix P900 and W300 Firmware version 1.4 for the Nikon P900 fixes four specific bugs, as below, and can be downloaded here: In certain...
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SmugMug announces the intent to purchase Flickr, creating a massive photography community


One of the largest photo management platforms out there, SmugMug, has made a big splash in the industry today by acquiring Flickr. For the last 15 years, SmugMug has focused on helping and supporting photographers with their consumer-friendly business model, which doesn't rely upon forcing advertising on visitors or utilizing user data. Flickr, founded shortly after SmugMug (in 2004), has been focused on allowing users to store and share their photos. Ultimately, the missions of both services were never very disparate so it's a...
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Sony Savings: Save up to $900 on a brand-new Sony camera or lens


Starting this Sunday at 12:01 AM EST, B&H will have new deals on a trio of Sony mirrorless cameras: the Sony A7R II, Sony A7S II and Sony A9. The Sony A7R II features the best deal of the bunch, with the price dropping down to $1,998 after $400 instant savings. That's a lot of full-frame megapixels for under $2,000. The high ISO-centric Sony A7S II is on sale as well with a $200 instant savings, which makes the final price $2,198. Finally, the flagship Sony A9 has a $300 discount, which reduces its price to $4,198. To help...
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Mathieu Stern tries out the very rare Helios-65 and captures swirly, unusual bokeh


Photographer Mathieu Stern is well-known for his videos showcasing odd and unusual lenses. His new video is about a particularly rare lens, the Prototype Helios-65. This lens was produced in Kiev in 1965 and it features an unusual mount, for which there is no commercially-available adapter. Stern acquired the lens and found a way to 3D print an adapter for it. A similar lens, the Helios 44-2, is known for its swirly bokeh, so Stern was curious to try the Helios-65. Find out what he thinks of the old lens in the video below. To...
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