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Content Management Systems Tips for Business

Content Management Systems are very known and mostly used for todays business.lot of benefit you can get on this platform, less effort upon managing and creation, affordable, user friendly and others.

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Magento Content Management System Development - A Very Flexible Online Store


Magento nowadays becomes more popular in the world, lots of advantage from the CMS we can get, although the best feature of the Magento is paid, they offer also the free version of the platform which is said to be less hassle and all the solution of the problem is searchable in the internet for greater help.

Magento development supplies you with the pursuing advantages :

Detailed reporting : Magento aids in storing all the previous order from the previous premature clients whenever the clients login. Previous Order points are shown in their various accounts.

Magento Support : Numbers of Magento designer and developers are available uttermost times of day, assisting you to get your Magento online store customized with the use of well designed themes and improved modules.

Mobile commercialism ready : Magento is besides uncommitted for mobiles having an android phone operating systems making it easygoing for the customer to buy right away.

Inbuilt selling and SEO tools : Magento ecommerce renders you with an inbuilt SEO characteristic, which helps you to get a good ranking on Google and other search engine.

Latest Magento rendering useable is launched in the year 2010. Magento still denoted its mobile application is available for its users with mobiles having Android OS. Magento development renders you seamless consolidation with a smashing figure of your ecommerce store.

Magento let customers to managed by their own online stores by rendering the customers stunning features.It gives merchandisers a control over the functionality, contentcontrol over their online store.

Magento Content Management System is made only for the purpose of making an eCommerce store online and provides helpful and great feature for the customers.

Joomla Error | Site Shows Error 500 (Internal Server Error) How to solve?


If you have recently done an upgrade of your joomla site and you now get this "Internal Server Error 500" you will find an answer just check this article for a possible solution of this problem on how to solve this annoying error.

A fresh Joomla Content Management System install includes a file called .htaccess, which you can see in the main folder or the root folder of your Joomla installation. This file contains certain joomla configuration settings, which may get in conflict with the current web server configuration. The result would be an Internal Server Error 500 displayed whenever you try to view your website.

You can determine whether it is the .htaccess file that is causes the error by renaming it to a .htaccess (disabling the file by renaming). Should this resolve the error, you would at least know where to look for the exact cause of the problem. It must be one of the directives within the .htaccess file, so it would only a matter of finding our which one it is and removing it (or commenting it).

1. Open the .htaccess file in your joomla root folder with a plain text editor - you can edit it via the File Manager on your web hosting control panel And find this line:
Options +FollowSymLinks

If you see it, put a # in front of it, so it would be look like this:

#Options +FollowSymLinks
putting # in Options +FollowSymLinks .htaccess file means you are commenting the Options +FollowSymLinks line in the .htaccess, And that's it. I hope this tutorial helps you.

How to Build your Own Web 2.0 Wordpress Theme?


Want to make your own Web 2.0 wordpress theme that seems different to other? before you make a decision to continue these you make sure that you have a knowledge on Content Management System Web programming, yes it is a must, or you will hire someone to do it for you and manage it.

But the Question is Why Should I Build My Own Wordpress Theme?

You may come up with this question and say that you are perfectly happy with the free theme you downloaded from the internet, exactly as it is. But want happen if you see your friends theme or someone that has same functionalities on the side bar of their blog! Won’t you feel like marking your wordpress blog theme with your own special identity, well Customizing your web 2.0 wordpress theme can have several advantages.

1. First, of course, it gives a special and unique look to your Wordpress site which make your site different.
2. You can take advantage of the existing templates online, template tags, as well as the Wordpress loop, for the generation of different kinds of web page results and designs.
3. With customized themes, you can create best and alternative theme for specific site features depend on what the site need; for example, the category pages, search result pages and static content pages.

4. You can provide for style switcher, so that the users can easily change the look of your site or quickly switch between two different layouts.
5. You can even design your own web 2.0 wordpress theme and release it to the public so that others may also enjoy your design.

What are the different important wordpress template files?
1. first in the list is the header.php – This is the file that takes care of the way the upper section of your blog display. This is the file from where you can change the header picture and add Meta tags for your site.

2. The footer.php – This file holds the HTML code for the bottom section of your blog, and gets reloaded each time a page or post in your blog is accessed.
3. index.php – This is the main template file in theme. It determines what a visitor gets to see when he lands on the homepage of your blog or site.
4. sidebar.php – The sidebar is the responsible and takes care of the site navigation through various links to blogroll, archives, previous posts, and latest posts depending upon the basic web 2.0 wordpress theme being used.

Aside from the file being mentioned above, a web 2.0 wordpress theme also has some other template files meant for specific purposes, like the “archives.php” file, that would display the previous posts in your blog, and the “search.php”, that can be used to customize in generating search results from a specific wordpress theme.

5 Reasons Why Drupal CMS Is the Best for SEO


Drupal, the open source content management system (CMS) that runs, MTV Europe,The Economist and lot of other big company's site, is a very powerful platform that will used for complex, sites and it's the best platform today that exists for SEO.
Here's why Drupal is the best:

1. Custom content types and views- You can use the content construction kit (CCK) and view drupal CMS modules to create new content types and create advanced custom views for that types. For examples include news stories, books, albums, a blog posts and tutorials all of which will created and displayed in many ways.

While some other content management systems need more written code for creating these types and drupal makes it easy and effortless, no programming knowledge required to do them in Drupal even non technical users can make a great website using these drupal Content Management System.

2. Search engine optimized URLs- Drupal gives you a wide control over your URL structure. Each item of the content created in Drupal will be given a custom URL, called a URL alias. For many years, other CMS Platform was lacking in search engine-friendly URLs and the ability to fix on it.

3. Drupal Page titles- Sites page title is the one of the most important on-page thing you can do to improve the SEO Optimation of your website. Page titles, the line of text in the HTML of a Web page that summarizes what that page is about, act as the welcome mat for your website.

Drupal will generate your page title automatically by using your site name and your site slogan of the front page and the node title for its individual nodes. Drupal's page titleis a module that gives you full control over the page titles to your site.

4. Modules are Free- Drupal modules (plug-ins, add-ins, or widgets) are free to use. You don't need a license or even a credit card to install any of the functionality that mentioned above in this post. all you need to do is just going to and click download button and that's it, nothing to worry about malware, spyware and viruses drupal make sure that their files are safe and free to use.

5. Getting started with Drupal SEO is very easy. Just download the Drupal SEO module of your choice or your site needed, just drop it into your sites/all/modules folder on your server, and enable it from the modules admin page.

Ways To Improve Your Website For Your Business


In this post I would like to share any valuable information I can to help somebody else to maximize their potential for their business website.

First thinks I can share, Is to think about your unique selling point, or what it is your website has to offer for the customer? is it valuable or not?. Think about your customers and how you are giving them what they want on your site.

Don't make a website with has an over created features like full of flash contents. It is a fact that flash is very nice to see but think for your customer, If you are selling clothes no need to have a flash menus, banners or so what ever. You must concentrate on how to make your customer attract to your product.

Balance your content and your advertising. It is advisable that your advertising should constitute no more than 25% of the design. Imagine if you are watching a T.V channel that full of advertisement are you gonna press your remote control to change that channel or not? so simple thought content is more important.

Do not distract your visitors, putting some unnecessary thing like popups or load animation of your site is very distracting. also think for the speed at which you deliver some moving images. Also your site loading page, this is very important for visitors. Think that visitors are rushing they do not want to wait for a site which loads 4-6 seconds. Obviously design a website which is user friendly.

Better to think about the customers interests why they are visiting you site. In other words, what are they look for when visiting your site?,

Think of it.

Website Solutions & Services Development for your Online Business


Web developers nowadays used the latest E-commerce solutions to design and have a well develop interactive online shopping carts. shopping carts are often integrated with secured payment and shipping gateways. The use and integration of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) a technology standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server. e-commerce site allows for completely and secure and safe for any transactions.

The use of latest technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3 facilitates the creation of attractive websites for the visitors also to have more sells.

The Content Management System Services provisions an authorized person to manage, update and publish your web content, through web tools.

A very good website is depend on various aspects which make a collective appeal to the target visitors of a website. The aspects includes a good end user website design, user friendly interface and website content which justify the theme of the website. So, a good website will register more hits and gain popularity on the internet.

This will lead to exponential improvement in search engine rankings which in turn will lead to increased number of visitors coming on to the website.

Great Tips For Creating A Succesful Website


In creating a website it is a must that you keep this important thing, first is you should always keep in you mind that web design differs from print design. Have a plan for what not to include or what to include in your website.

Lets find out how to build a great website that really sells.

Based on true life story of a person a foundation Before building a house, it is necessary to build a proper foundation. Likewise, before design a website you should keep in mind these basic things.

a. Remember that you are designing your site for the impatient online reader.reader do not have the patience or maybe enough time to read the whole contents. So you should have to learn to apply features and some techniques that catch the attention of the visitors.

b. Uniformity on your site is also important, while designing a web site. You should use features to which people are accustomed.

c. The web site should be a user friendly. It should use web-optimized graphics and some features that the visitors might be interested to.

The Superstructure of your Site

Now we move on to the super structure that is the house itself or the website concerned. Just remember that these tips and go on to create a great successful website.

1) The web site should load quickly and be easy to scan.

2) While designing a web site, you should keep in mind the needs of the potential customers. People visit the web site with a specific purpose, to get a solution to their problems.

3) The graphics should be so styled and well designed as to fit the content. Often web designers complain that the content is not suitable to the web design. But you should remember that it is also important for people to read the content.

4) You should choose a font style and color that can be easily read. Frequent use of bold fonts makes the page difficult to read. The background color should also be kept light. Otherwise the viewers will have difficulty in viewing the pages.

5) You should use customized graphics to make your website attractive. But the graphics should not divert the attention of the readers from the content. The graphics should serve as an appendage to the content, which should be the primary focus.

HTML Language of Cyber World


HTML is the programming language that has been used in bringing about this cyber world a great experience called 'Internet'. 'HTML' fascinates a lot of people. lots of people wants to learn this language in order to try their capabilities at developing a website on theme self.

HTML can be judged by the truth that lots of websites are launched everyday on the internet (and all websites use HTML in some way. numerous of books on HTML tutorials available and sell in the market and there are several websites that discussed about this language.

HTML stands for, HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is a markup language designed in creating web pages with hypertext and other important details to be displayed in a web browser. HTML is used to structure information - denoting certain text as headings, data tables, lists and helpful informations - and can be used to describe, to some degree, the appearance and semantics of a document. HTML is now an international standard (ISO/IEC 15445:2000). Later HTML specifications are maintained by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Although some tags of html are not used nowadays because of some reasons but still HTML is very helpful and widely used.

List Of Sites Where You Can Download Magento Themes For Free


Tired of searching and finding websites where you can download magento themes for free? now here are my list for you to save more time and effort on finding that sites. free to download magento themes nowadays are rapidly increasing unlike in the past year it's because in the past few years and month magento is not yet well developed as well as there themes. but years and months pass by we can observe that free to download magento themes are increasing. thanks for the magento theme designer's as well as the developer's for their effort.NOTE: (Some of this site requires you to signup.)Magento Content Management Systems Free to DownloadThemes Site List 1. www.design4magento.comDescription: Magento Themes – Magento eCommerceThis and only this place gathers all the wisdom about Magento eCommerce platform.2. designbeep.comDescription: offers free to download magento themes3.www.osetemplates.comDescription: Custom Magento, Free Download, Free to download magento themes and a premium magento themes are available.4.www.instantshift.comDescription: 50+ High-Quality Free Magento Themes to download5.www.smashingmagazine.comDescription: 25+ Magento Templates For Your E-Commerce Business6.www.tmdhosting.comDescription: Boost your Magento store by making your Magento shop look unique. TMDHosting is happy to offer you a collection of Free Magento themes with our all-inclusive Magento hosting package.7.www.modny73.comDescription: 27 Free Magento Themes for Download8.templatedownload.netDescription:These free sample templates will help you to evaluate the quality of our products and try your skills before purchasing. Feel free to view and download these templates free of charge for your education and use, but note there are conditions associated with using these free sample templates.9.www.splashnology.comDescription:20 Most Beautiful FREE Magento Free Magento Themes Download for Your E-commerce Store Project[...]

Drupal Content Management Systems Site Collection


Here are my collection of sites that are powered by Drupal Content Management System with the sites url and brief description. Im currently collecting a drupal powered sites if you want to add your site here just post a comment with the link and brief description of your drupal Content Management Systems (CMS) Site Description: Ourmedia is a site that allow users publish there own productions to the Site Description: A nice Drupal Content Management System (CMS) blog that talks about bikes.3. Site Description: Spreadfirefox is a website that promotes Firefox to make Site Description: A news Site Description: A news, portal, community website similar to Site Description: Technolgy and blogAs of now this are my collected Drupal Content Management System(CMS)sites. feel free to comment and post your drupal site with one link of it so that your site will be added to my list. spam messages will automatically deleted thank you.[...]

Reasons you should be using a Content Management Systems for your Business Website


Websites nowadays are rapidly increasing in the internet; most of website owners decide to have their own website for their business reasons. They want to increase their sales of their products or any other marketing purposes, as we observed nowadays all company’s have their own websites and they can get a lot of benefits on it even the kind business they choose is small. Although it doesn’t matter how big or small your business is but owning a website is an advantage for the owners, now what is Content Management Systems (CMS)? And how can this helps you? If you don’t have knowledge about CMS here are some brief explanations on it and why you should use this for your business.

1. CMS stands for Content Management System that allows the “none technical users” build their own website.Examples of CMS are Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento. – If you’re not familiar in making and building a website using scripts this can helps you most because it is easy to manage also flexible and has a nice features.

2. Less effort upon making your website and can save your time. – It is time consumed if you make your website in hard coding way, your not sure that the site you have made is viewable to other browser, remember that not all browser are the same. For example if you are using Google chrome as your browser there’s a big possibility that some of your menus or other features of your website is not viewable to Internet Explorer or in Mozilla, so you need to double check it on other browsers, but using this CMS you have nothing to worry all their features are compatible to all browser.

3. You can add your pages easily - In just a few clicks pages are added automatically as you post your content on your website, no need to design your page because it is already done.

4.Numerous of add-ons are available to download for free – To have more features and to look better your website add-ons can be added and available to download for free.

5. Plenty of ready-made templates, layout or themes are available to download free - for better and well designed templates you can also buy templates online, you can choose lots of template designs depending on the nature of your business and or the design of your desire.

Advantages of Joomla and their Templates for your Online Business


Online Business with Content Management Systems (CMS) nowadays are widely used by businessman for their business, the reason is that this Content Management Systems is friendly to user’s and do not to do a lot of efforts just to build your site, you can choose different CMS platform as you desire as long as you think that your chosen CMS platform will be fit to your site from it’s design and features. If you are concern for the design and some important features of your website here are some reasons why you choose Joomla Content Management System and their well developed features and designed templates.

If you have seen some joomla templates you can observed that more options that are made, why did they do this? for better security issues. Joomla is well designed for the security of the owners site, in this decade of website we really don’t know and we are sure for our site’s security as long as it exist in to the web. For joomla templates make sure and it is advisable that choose the biggest and known template provider, one of this template provider is Template Monster. Template monster becomes very popular among those people that wished to build an outstanding website design today they ensure that their joomla templates are easy to use.

Why you must choose joomla for your Online Business?

More and more sites nowadays are operating on joomla see this site click here for the list of joomla made websites and you can prove to your self that joomla is proven and tested Content Management Systems from small to big businesses existing to world wide web.
src="<1=_blank&m=amazon&lc1=0000FF&bc1=000000&bg1=FFFFFF&f=ifr" style="align:left;padding-top:5px;width:131px;height:245px;padding-right:10px;"align="left" scrolling="no" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" frameborder="0">
Joomla is search engine friendly CMS. joomla developers offers the best platform to develop your site that meets to the SEO requirements. The developer makes sure that HTML layout of joomla is not nestled tables to make the search engine crawlers easily to read your site and they ensures URL’s do nit have any query strings.
For joomla beginners there’s nothing to be worried because this platform is simple for even non technical users to make changes by adding or editing the content, updating images to manage some critical information that makes your business or company effective.

Why Choose Online Business Today with Content Management Systems?


Having an online business with Content Management Systems made website for your online Business is a rattling HOT catchword these days. It's one of the most general see phrases for on Google, Yahoo and MSN! It conjures up images of being able to quietus in on a lazy, or taking a leisurely walk in the path, lettered that your online business is raking in the change! It's active being clear from the unstable job activity and having the financial and individualized freedom to line anytime, anywhere, anyway you necessary. you're askingyourself, "Is it rattling that relaxed to set up an Online Business?" Healed folks, the answer are YES! If you're Considering connection the millions of stemma who are clicking on the net hoping to attain excitable banknote, here are some answers that you may need to know.Facts About Online Business And Why You Should Start Your Online Business Today Using Content Management Systems (CMS)?It's easy to set up an online business– Making an online business is preposterously simplified these life. Abstract innovations pee it practicable to feature your enterprise up and running in a thing of proceedings clean with a willing inventorying of bunk "warranted" to variety you lashings of money. src="<1=_blank&m=amazon&lc1=0000FF&bc1=000000&bg1=FFFFFF&f=ifr" style="align:left;padding-top:5px;width:131px;height:245px;padding-right:10px;"align="left" scrolling="no" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" frameborder="0">- The beauty of an online business mercantilism is that your industry is world-wide! Even if you handle to sell an e-book for only 10 dollars to a fraction of this marketplace, you'd be a really luxurious man/woman indeed!Heaps of people will tour my website!- If you have a very unique website, services and product will rapidly deciding up on it and you will see else websites and sources driving traffic to your website.-If you do also have an experience about online stuffs like making a website or have an experience in blogging well it is a great advantage to you. But if you don’t have, don’t worry for that, theirs a lot of open source platform Content Management Systems that you can use for you to make your own Online Business website in a short period of time and effortless.Making money online is purely cheap- You can get with free or cheap web hosting, free email, and a bombardment of free tools to run your online enterprise. There are numerous group who person prefabricated millions with very slight promotion, but these are the Elision kinda than the regulation.Making money In relaxing way with less stress and effortThis is very possible nowadays as we can observe people around us today they are mostly talking about internet, and a lot of people also order their goods in the internet you can only deliver it for them. In this way you're just like having your insurance without even disqualified by known insurance companies. What Content Management System is the best for online business?Well it is depend on you, there are numerous of open source or free platform Content Management Systems (CMS) For your Online Business that you can download, all you have to do is study for that CMS or you may let anyone to make your website and you pay them, for CMS’s I much preferred to Magento for eCommerce Websites, Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress these are the best and most talked Content Management Systems (CMS) that have been used for today’s business matter.[...]

How To Solve Magento Error PHP Extension "pdo_mysql" must be loaded?


Got an error that says PHP Extension "pdo_mysql" must be loaded on your magento Content Management System? now here are some solution for that problem, and I hope this tutorial would help to solve your problem upon using Magento for your Online Business.
1. Install first Appserv then copy your magento to the root directory of wwww.
2. Edit php.ini and uncomment the
by deleting the (semicolon) ";"

3.Download this file libmysql.dll
Copy the dll to C:\windows\system32 directory.

4. After doing the steps above restart your Apache Service and that's it!. I hope this tutorial works on you and solves your problem. for more information about Magento Error just follow this links;
Magento Fatal error :Uncaught exception ‘Mage_Core_Model_Store_Exception
Fatal error: Call to a member function append() on a non-object in
Magento error PHP extension"curl"must be loaded using XAMPP

Magento Content Management System Error Issue Concerns, How To Report And Quickly Answered


If you are new to magento there’s a big possibility that you could encounter errors that’s annoys you upon your installation, if you have experienced this problem and you are concern for your online businessand so what ever here are some solutions that you could follow and I hope it helps.1. First thing to do is to make it sure that you read the Magento System Requirements and its Installation Guide for beginner carefully, if you find to find that Guides and Requirement take a look below, here are the links that can helps you a lot.Links for Installation Guides-Guide For Your Magento Installation -Installing Magento on a PHP 4 serverMagento Forums(contains discussion all about magento.)-One and One (1&1;) Hosting Install Guide Thread (shared server)-Magento on a VMWare Version of Ubunto 7.10-Barebones Guide: Shared Hosting Installation (North America)3rd Party Tutorials- Crucial Web Hosting Magento Install Guide - Magento E-Commerce Solution On Debian Etch - Magento Installation Guide for DreamhostInternational-German Install Guide -Installation on Heart Internet UK Hosting -How to install Magento on MacOSX in French src="<1=_blank&m=amazon&lc1=0000FF&bc1=000000&bg1=FFFFFF&f=ifr" style="align:left;padding-top:5px;width:131px;height:245px;padding-right:10px;"align="left" scrolling="no" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" frameborder="0">2.Visit Mageto Knowledge Base Page, Forum And Wiki page you can also find a lot of answer for your problem.3.Search and type the error you got into the search bar, there’s a lot of answers also you can find there.4.If you are using Xampp in localhost make it sure that you are using XAMPP for windows 1.7.1 version(other version of XAMPP for magento are not yet fully tested).5.Check the version of your PHP that you are using. Note(Magento not work with PHP 5.3)And that’s it I do hope that this simple post helps you a lot, good luck to your business with magento Content Management System. Don’t be discouraged of those errors, in every problem has its solution just do searching :) thank you.[...]

Magento Fatal error :Uncaught exception ‘Mage_Core_Model_Store_Exception’ while using “Magento Connect Manager” How to solve?


If you are new to magento and you want to run your Online Business?, but then there’s a big posibility that you could encounter some errors, although magento is not yet well develop but maybe sooner it will be done, but don’t be discouraged of that annoying errors, there’s a lot of people who could help you just search it on the internet :).Now back to our topic, first time in using Magento Connect Manager”? and got the error that looks like this?

Fatal error: Uncaught exception ‘Mage_Core_Model_Store_Exception’in

/home5/heart/public_html/mall1/app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/App.php:1194 Stack trace: #0 /home5/heart/public_html/mall1/app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/App.php(595): Mage_Core_Model_App->throwStoreException() #1 /home5/heart/public_html/mall1/app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Cookie.php(69): Mage_Core_Model_App->getStore() #2 /home5/heart/public_html/mall1/app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Cookie.php(129): Mage_Core_Model_Cookie->getStore() #3 /home5/heart/public_html/mall1/app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Session/Abstract/Varien.php(72): Mage_Core_Model_Cookie->getLifetime() #4 /home5/heart/public_html/mall1/app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Session/Abstract/Varien.php(147): Mage_Core_Model_Session_Abstract_Varien->start(NULL) #5 /home5/heart/public_html/mall1/app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/Session/Abstract.php(53): Mage_Core_Model_Session_Abstract_Varien->init(‘admin’, NULL) #6 /home5/heart/public_html/mall1/app/code/core/Mage/Admin/Model/Sessio in /home5/heart/public_html/mall1/app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model/App.php on line 1194

Now here’s the solution for that and I hope it works to you.;

1.Fix your App.php, in line 588 (this is for version 1.2.1) (/app/code/core/Mage/Core/Model)
if (is_null($id) || ”===$id || $id === true) {
//$id = $this->_currentStore;
$id = $this->_currentStore ? $this->_currentStore : “default”;

2. Update your PHP.ini be sure that it would be like this;
… …

3. Leave a copy of your PHP.ini to /downloader
Or necessarily clear your session.

I Hope this simple tutorial helps you, thanks for dropping my here to view my other helpful site.

Success In eCommerce Shopping Carts For Businessman


Nowadays a lot of people are now shopping online. Rather than going miles to get to a supermarket, now you can sit in the keep of your own internal, graze through the web, with just few click to access an Ecommerce website, seem for products you care to buy, add them to your shopping cart, and pretend the commercialism online. In the succeeding few life, the products are delivered to your tactfulness.

Thusly, you end up saving money on furnish and also reserve worth dimension. Ecommerce has thus become a favorite thought among the commercialism group as source as the shoppers. src="<1=_blank&m=amazon&lc1=0000FF&bc1=000000&bg1=FFFFFF&f=ifr" style="align:right;padding-top:5px;width:131px;height:245px;padding-right:10px;"align="left" scrolling="no" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" frameborder="0">
Many businesses are now managing online stores and the serious objective is that they are doing peachy job. But this does not average that anyone can honourable put a place and start commercialism products online. Things are not as sagittiform as they strength seem.

Many considerations impoverishment to be whelped in handle before turn an Ecommerce activity. The place requires unscheduled artful and should be powered by redress from choosing the products to making the payments.
There are lot of web software development companies that specialize in Ecommerce software usage. These companies supply prepackaged software applications as shaft as customised application process. There are also numerous Open Source Ecommerce solutions which can be installed with or without modifications.
These countenance

Ecommerce Content Management Systems (CMS) and shopping carts

specified as Magento, Magento Mobile, Joomla, drupal and now wordpress. Open Source solutions are cheaper to amend and also engage ladened features and surety system. Moreover, protracted functionalities and features can be developed to apply more examine offers processing and customization of varied Ecommerce solutions.
In this kind of business it is less worried to businessman if they fail because they don’t have to invest more money in making the online store, The great advantage of this kind of business is you can earn without a lot of man power ,less cost and earn more in less effort.

src="" width="350" height="250">

The Best Drupal Content Management Systems (CMS) Modules for Beginners


For drupal Content Management System (CMS) beginners here are the list of recommended drupal modules where is beginner friendly and hassle free.

1. Content Construction Kit (CCK) - One of the best modules which is mostly used by drupal user, it allows user to add custom fields to nodes using your browser. (ex., flash video, text, image and others) CCK also allows you to create new data information such as students record, a blog entries, news and events or whatever.

2. Administration Menu - a well designed dropdown menu for the admin to navigate easily in just few clicks or lets just say a shortcut menu for administrator to save more time in clicking.

3. Views – A powerful and smart module and works better when combined to CCK . The tool can build the proper query also can execute and displays the exact result. By using this module you can also create a pages or blocks.
4. ImageCache- This drupal module allows you to crop, resize, scale and rotate your uploaded image.

5. XML Sitemap – A module that creates a sitemap for your drupal site, this sitemap helps search engine crawlers to crawl your website better, this can auto submit your link list to the search engine such as google, ask, msn, yahoo and others, for easily access of crawlers for indexing your site.

6. Google Analytics - A module that automatically adds google analytics to your site for you to track your visitor of your site as you configure and this module also has an ability to monitor the files of your page that has been downloaded and tracked the links on its type.
7. FileField – Filefield modules lets you select files and upload it on your site also a great module for uploading large number of files and bigger size of file such as video, audio and whatever.

8. Taxonomy Menu – generates automatically a menu for your category from single level vocabularies.

9. Lightbox2 - a simple tool that allows you to add layer of options for example you uploaded your image and it resized at 200px on your page and blow into full screen as you click it. This module is powerful when combined to VIEWS and CCK.

10. Embedded Media Field – allows you to embed video and audio files to your site like youtube and other sites not mentioned that allow html script of their video pasted to your site. And the video link is converted to an awesome embedded player for your site.

Joomla Content Management System (CMS) Installation Tutorial


Simple Joomla Installation tutorial usingXAMPP for BeginnersJoomla is one of the most popular Open Source Content Management System released under GNU General Public License and written in PHP language, joomla is mostly used for business websites, blogs and other website purposes. Step 1 – First thing to do is go to and Install the current version of the software. Remember that the current version of the software is much better than the old one, the reason is, it might be the previous version of this software has a bug that is vulnerable to hackers. Step 2 –Start your XAMPP control panel, if you haven’t installed yet your XAMPP on your computer just go to, and download XAMPP.Step 3 – After running the XAMPP control panel go to http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ and create your database. Assume that your database name is joomla and click create .Step 4 – Now extract your joomla software using different file extractor like winrar. After extracting copy the whole folder and go to C:\xampp\htdocs and paste, rename the file into what ever a filename you want, but In this tutorial I renamed the folder into joomla.Step 5 – Now, you have already your joomla folder, next step to do is go to your address bar and type http://localhost/joomla/ and press enter.Step 6 – You are now in the installation Interface of joomla, Select the language you want and click then next button.Step 7 – After clicking the next button you will be brought to the Pre-installation Check page, there’s no need to change or add on this page click again the next button. You are now in the license page of joomla, in this page you can the terms and condition in installing the software, its up to you if you want to read it, click again the next button.Step 8 – you are now In the Database Configuration page. now, In the right side portion of the page you can see one select type field and four input type fields, just leave the first field with it’s default value msql because in our tutorial we use mysql. In the second field write there localhost, why localhost? because we are installing our joomla site in our local server. on the third field named username: write root. Why root? In local severs root is the default value for username. You can make another username if you want just go to php my admin and add another user. In the fourth field password, as we using our default of mysql just leave it on blank.Step 9 – Finally in the fifth and final field write on it your database name, back to step 3 tutorial we use the database name joomla, so in the last field write joomla as our value for database, Click next. In the FTP configuration page just ignore this and click again the next button, because (we are using localhost , you can change and enter a value of the field in this page if you installed joomla online.)Step 10 – In the Main Configuration Page, write your site name on the first field, your email in the second field and for the third and fourth field enter your admin password. Click next, and now your done you will now see a message that says finish. Remember (Don’t Forget to Remove the installation file in your htdocs site folder) go to C:\xampp\htdocs\ and be sure to delete the installation folder. After deleting go to your joomla page and Click the site button and that’s. (you can login to your backend administrator page by adding /administrator at the end of the url of your site).thanks for viewing my site and I hope my simple Joomla Content Management Systems tutorial helps you.[...]

Drupal Content Management System(CMS) Installation Tutorial


Drupal is one of the best Content Management Systems (CMS) widely used nowadays and if you are new to drupal here are the complete steps you can follow on how to install it using WAMP Server or XAMPP; Go to or simply Click Here , choose one of the versions and click download Drupal.If you don't have xampp or wamp server installed on your computer click here to download Wamp Server and then click Download WampServer or if you want to use Xampp click here to download, choose your Operating System and download xampp, after downloading install it and start.Extract your Downloaded Drupal version, for  xampp user go to C:\xampp\htdocs  or for the wamp user go to C:\wamp\www and paste your extracted drupal, you can rename it as you want in our tutorial I renamed it into drupal.After the following the few steps above, open your browser type this in your address bar: http://localhost/phpmyadmin/  and press enter.Create a database name it "drupal" and then click create button.After creating your database go to your browser and  type this in your address bar http://localhost/drupal/Click Install Drupal in English or if you want to install drupal in different languages just click the Learn how to install Drupal in other languages.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           after clicking  Install Drupal there's an error  occur, See the image Below. the error message says 1. Copy the ./sites/default/default.settings.php file to ./sites/default/settings.php.2. Change file permissions so that it is writable by the web server. If you are unsure how to grant file permissions, please consult the on-line handbook.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   How can this be solved? if you are using xampp go to:C:\xampp\htdocs\drupal\sites\default or if you are using wamp go to C:\wamp\www\drupal\sites\defaulta. Copy the php file default[...]

Magento eCommerce Now on Mobile


Magento MobileMagento Mobile stores are very known and mostly used nowadays mainly doing different stuffs like downloading, playing and surfing in the internet, Other Open Source Content Management System opens their service on mobile. And now magento introduced and announce the launch of their magento mobile platform which gives more benefits for you and to your business, this software provides you a hassle free service and you can create your store easily in a short period of time. This would be very helpful to allbusinessman’s who operates online with their online business to gain tons of customers for their business; this includes selling of furniture’s, tshirts, and other products. Upon managing your store online, you are just like having a handy dandy store that you can update check and gives you pleasure as you manage. Obviously almost all people around the world are using mobile phone and as time goes by there’s no reason that your mobile store would never be known to public as long as you’re providing a good service to them.Magento Mobile Helpful Features for your mobile store;With this software it allows full integration with your store’s catalog, your inventory, your stores checkout, as well as reporting and lot more. Other features of Magento mobile is that this can manage more devices with only just a single installation, you can easily and customize the colors and appearance of your app quickly with just a few clicks with magento mobile admin.It automatically detects your mobile browser and shows the optimized version of your mobile site to attract and drive more customers.Enables the manufacturers and retailers to provide customers with its fully mobile and multi-channel experience to you site.Low and affordable price with great experience to the store owner.Paypal Integrated payments library for iPhone, iPad and Android for fast checkout experience and soon to other model of mobile phones.As what we observed nowadays mobile phones are greatly improved from the design with different applications, features and other stuffs are added to make us comfortable and better to use. So is it possible that someday all mobile phones are compatible with websites? Possibly yes, It’s better to start a business today using mobile website because possibly your store will be the next ebay on mobile. Yes very possible, just think for the future needs of your customers and start your mobile business with magento mobile. Magento developers are continuing to work and improving the platform to create a great shopping experience that makes merchants to sell to customers accessing their online store by means of internet in selling products.[...]

Magento Fatal error: Call to a member function append()on ..


Fatal error: Call to a member function append() on a non-object in
controllers/WizardController.php on line 66.

This magento error commonly appear when you upload your whole folder to your magento server or other situation without knowing that you lack some important files to be added before installation, beginners find this problem very seriously and hard to solve.How to solve this problem? If you encounter this problem make sure that you uploaded this file or you already done this steps;
  • magento-downloader-1.0(smaller) file or the magento-1.0( the larger file).
  • app/design/install/default/default/layout/main.xml.
  • copy the folder from /app/design/install/default/default/layout to the /app/design/install/default/default on your server.
  • Make sure that all the files from app/design/install/ folder is uploaded correctly to your sever.

Wordpress Comment, SEO On Page Optimation Tips


(in this post not just wordpress user are benefitted but all website owners)

Allowing visitors to post a comment to your blog

This is one of the best SEO on page technique that is ever tested; it will help grow your content and same as the keyword for your blog, but we watchful of comment spams, ( In wordpress there’s a lot of available comment plugins you can download Askimet Wordpress Plugin , Comment Timeout, Bad Behavior and many more wordpress comment plugins that you can download for free.)

Remember that visitors don’t just put some comment to your site but they want to show their blog’s link to your page. Also remember that most of blog owner doesn’t want to be the first to write their comment,

src="<1=_blank&m=amazon&lc1=0000FF&bc1=000000&bg1=FFFFFF&f=ifr" style="align:left;padding-top:5px;width:131px;height:245px;padding-right:10px;"align="left" scrolling="no" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" frameborder="0">

Ways to increase the number of comment to your blog

1. Invite Visitors to Comment your site– add first your comment and ask some question related to your blog but remember that pretend that you’re not the owner of the blog, so that those visitors that has an additional ideas for the blog can have an interest to answer your questions. or appreciate your posted blog, in this way reader’s are encourage to post their comment too,and give an answers whether they agrees or not to your
posted comment.

2. Answer all comments – your main goal is to drive more comment to get more traffic to your site, do not ignore simple comments, just reply and reply even the simplest comment.

3.Say “Thanks” or “thank you”- pretend that you make your own comment to your own blog and you ask some question, and a visitor answer’s your question, give and say thanks to them because they don’t just answer your question but they help you to grow more your content and it is a great advantage to your main goal.

4.Do not leave a link in the body of your comment – this is a risk thing, if you think that posting a link to your own comment in your own blog is good, well It’s not. it can make the reader think that this is a great marketing strategy and a great possibility that reader’s wont post their comment.,

5.Respect visitors comment – whatever your visitors comment is, just respect them and answer their comment in a respectful and humble way, just remember that your main goal is to get more and more traffic to your site not more enemy.

Top 5 Wordpress Content Management Systems Plugin Mostly Used by Bloggers.


Listed below are the five best wordpress plugins that wordpress user most used to make their blog sites or business website better.

1.All-In-One SEO pack–A plugin helps you to get more expose to search engine, this plugin allows you to add title, keywords, description which can make your content more search engine friendly . Only plugin to which provides SEO Integration for WP e-Commerce sites, and what is the best in this Plugin? It automatically generates Meta Tag based on your content, to help you optimize more your website , other capabilities of this plugin is Canonical URLs - allow best for best url formatting.
src="<1=_blank&m=amazon&lc1=0000FF&bc1=000000&bg1=FFFFFF&f=ifr" style="align:left;padding-top:5px;width:131px;height:245px;padding-right:10px;"align="left" scrolling="no" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" frameborder="0">
2.Wordpress Database Backup – as a blogger this is very useful as we make grow our website, backup is the best solution when if a tragedy strikes to you like crashing of database, this plugin will be your first solution, it has a feature that allows us to schedule and the automatic creation of our blogs database. By this plugin you have nothing to worry about the data that stored in your database, do your other stuff like making a money by blogginh and this plugin will do your work in back upping your database file as you scheduled.

3.WP Super Cache– You can get two important benefits of this plugin, first is this plugin has a feature that decreases loading time of your page. Fast loading page is the an advantage to site owners it can attract more visitors for better blogging experience, second, WP Super Cache plugin can generate static html file which will help you most. Another version WP Super Cache is released named WP Super Cache plus,a free software released under the GNU/GPL License, although this plugin is new it is not much and not fully tested in wordpress 3.

4. I Love Social Bookmarking- this plugin encourage blog reader to rank your post in the best and popular social media sites, in this plugin an attractive dropdown menu list of social networking websites are inserted after your blog post that allows your visitor rank your site content. I Love Social Bookmarking is very helpful to those bloggers who do not or sometimes use a social networking website in submitting their articles.

5.StatPress Reloaded – a plugin that has a feature that collects information about your visitor, search engine spiders, Feeds, Keywords and more. You can see the action of the visitor of your while they are currently surfing your website. StatPress Reloaded can be installed in using different languages like Spanish,german, Russian, Norwegian, Italian etc.

wordpress nowadays are mostly used by bloggers because a lot of stuff you can do using this Content Management System..

Recovering Joomla Content Management Systems(CMS) Admin Password


Forgotten the password is a saddest situation that may happen to all and to those joomla user's, the worst of it is that if you don't know to recover it, this happen maybe because you are using different passwords, username or email in your different accounts. So just an advice, limit your login information used. Now back to our tutorial on how to recover joomla administrators password.
src="<1=_blank&m=amazon&lc1=0000FF&bc1=000000&bg1=FFFFFF&f=ifr" style="align:left;padding-top:5px;width:131px;height:245px;padding-right:10px;"align="left" scrolling="no" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" frameborder="0">
    For xampp user go to your XAMPP control panel by typing http://localhost/xampp/ to your address bar, for wamp user http://localhost/wamp/
  • Proceed to phpMyadmin and select your joomla database.
  • Browse to "jos_user" table (NOTE: that "jos" prefix may vary)
  • Edit the appropriate user's entry, in the password field you will a see the encrypted password.
  • Select the MD5 function
  • Change the value of the encrypted password to your temporary password and save it.
  • Return to your joomla backend and login using your temporary password.
  • To change your password click site and navigate to User Manager and enter your new password,verify and save. That's it you have your new password, be sure to remember it :)