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Preview: Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing

SEO copywriting info, freelance writing tips, search engine optimization through text, and much more.

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Increase Traffic and Get High Page Rank


So you have sweated through the past several months, wrung your creative juices dry and finally there it is - your first web site uploaded into cyberspace - for all to rhapsodize over. But the days turn to weeks and you realise with a sinking feeling that far from being showered with accolades, no one knows about your site, except of course for family and friends and what is more important, it

Writing and Publishing Newsletter


Writing and publishing a newsletter is one of the most satisfying ways to promote your business, get involved in your community, or exercise those creative muscles. Imagine it: you at the helm of your very own publication, organizing the content, calling all the shots. Sounds great, right?It is great, but be forewarned: writing and publishing a newsletter takes a lot of work. You need to

Publishing Your Articles


If you're interested in publishing your articles on the Web or in print, there are certain rules you must follow. Even if your articles sound interesting and marketable, publishing them will be impossible if you make spelling or grammar errors or your facts are not accurate.An accomplished editor knows her or his subject area well and can often tell, even before the fact checkers start their work

Freelance Writing - Making Money Online


One way to write for money online that is highly in demand is to write articles for webmasters. This is one that does not require any special writing skills. If you can write an article like this one you can be successful in this business. Just create a small sales page or announce your service in outsource programs. All you need to do once you receive the order is do a little research on the

Internet Safety Programs


While I was researching Internet safety for this week’s article Internet Safety Programs, I happened upon the FBI’s publication, A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety. At first, I was a bit annoyed that this site seemed to underestimate parents’ ability to understand their children because the site listed some vague indicators that a child could be at risk online, such as:-Your child spends large



I encounter freelance writing plagiarism daily on the Internet; and surprisingly, I encounter student plagiarism weekly in my classroom. It’s quite alarming that so many writers do not understand the definition: writing that contains someone else’s words or ideas, rewritten or copied verbatim, as your own. Simply put, plagiarism is the absence of credit to a person whose thoughts, ideas, or

Freelance Writing - SmartBoard Study


This week’s Teaching and Technology Freelance writing article, Interactive Whiteboard Study, reviews the interactive whiteboard (or SmartBoard as many call it, although that is a brand name). Learn how this interactive learning method works, and read about a study that reveals how this classroom technology can change your workload and your students’ learning. Although the article is limited to

Building Website Content with Articles


The biggest and best tip to developing a successful website is content; search engines love it. Without content your website is doomed to failure before it even starts. Your content must include the keywords or keyword phrases that will increase your page rank; for example, if your website is about Internet freelance writing, your keywords may be seo, search engine optimization, copywriting,

Freelance Writing - Outlining isn't just for Beginners


When you begin to write, how often do you outline? If you’re a freelance writer, it’s imperative that you begin with this step because you’ll waste countless hours retracing and rewriting information.Outlining causes you to think through the entire body of the work before you begin to write. It’s also a way to avoid writer’s block, since you’ll already have a map of where you need to go with

Freelance Writing - Tips for Writing SEO Titles


Tips for Writing TitlesOne of the easiest things you can do to optimize your page is to write a title for it. You'd be surprised how many web pages don't have a title. To confirm that your web page has a title, open it in a browser and look up at the title line.Now that you have a title, the best thing besides having good content is knowing how to write better titles. The most important thing

Freelance Writing - Write Often


If you are writing as a freelance writer or copywriter for the Web, especially in a blog that may be the source of referrals or affiliate programs, you must write consistently. You do not need to write constantly, and you do not need write lengthy pieces, but you must write often.I read by another writer that B. F. Skinner remarked that writing as little as fifteen minutes a day, every day, adds

Writing - Not what happened but why it matters


Poor blog writing includes trivial events and encounters, information that give readers no reason to care. Instead of telling readers what happens, them them why it matters. I'm guilty of this writing as well because sometimes I need to digest my daily events, and one way I work through these events is by writing. In these times, consider yourself the reader, and for that reason, the writing

Digital Storytelling using Windows Movie Maker


Explore how digital storytelling increases student participation and memory, and review free resources for using this technology in the classroom.Last week after posting the article Digital Storytelling Simplified, I received two emails from teachers, one of whom was using a similar simplified method with success; the other teacher asked me why digital storytelling has become so popular in

Writing Academic Essays and Ghost Writing


While completing the last details of an eBook with a client yesterday, I was offered a project to write a thesis for a graduate student. I was told that the student's major is mechanical engineering, and he has only his thesis to submit to graduate. I must admit that I was a bit miffed that they offered this project to me. I supposed they did need to test my ethical boundaries, since I do so

Digital Storytelling for Beginners


Digital storytelling increases student participation, yet many teachers feel the technology can be intimidating. Is there an easier way? As I was researching digital storytelling for this week’s article, Part I of a two-part series, Digital Storytelling Simplified, I realized how intimidating this method of sharing and learning can be for educators and students who don’t use technology in this

Freelance Writing Project Declined


How many writing projects have you declined? I turned down a second project offered by a site owner this morning. I think I've learned as much from this person as I can. His project's guidelines are nebulous, which leads us in circles after I submit a draft. I follow his instructions, without variation, and he "changes his mind" after he sees it in writing. I've decided that when it takes

RSS Feeds and Feed Sites


What I learned today: a RSS feed syndicates your content. Yes, yes, I know the rest of you have known this for a long time, but I've been teaching composition inside a classroom forever. I've been finding feed submission sites today, and I've managed to get through a short list so far to submit my Teaching & Technology feed.I've kept the list of feed url's if you're interested, just send me a

Freelance Writing - This Week's Project


writer, freelance, seo, search engine optimization,freelance writer, freelance jobs, jobs, work at homeFor the last week, I’ve been ghost writing an eBook on head lice, yes head lice. When I was offered the project, which required 50 pages of text, I honestly didn’t think that there were 50 pages of text that could be written about the little critters.Besides having

Article - Teachers & Online Degree Program


online graduate degree,earn a degree online,bachelor degree online,accredited graduate degree onlineWith affordable technology and easy access to the Internet, teachers today have the option, but is there a stigma associated with an online degree program for teachers?When I was completing my student teaching, I finally saw the end of my education nearing—or so I

Search Engine Results - User Statistics


SEO,copywriting, search engine results, freelance writer, freelance jobs, work at homeWhen people perform internet searches, and search results pages appear, 47% of people scroll down to see more results than those shown above the fold, the remaining 53% do not scroll down.They are looking only at the top portion of the results page. Most people (93%) don’t look

A New Freelance Job


Hello fellow freelance writers. I've just begun writing for Suite101's Teaching & Technology. Please stop by and say hello. I'd love to hear from you there as well.writer, freelance, freelance writer, freelance jobs, jobs, work at home

SEO Copywriting - How do these writers survive?


I’m developing a brick-and-mortar course on writing for the web that will include SEO (search engine optimization) copywriting, which I will teach next semester. As a result, I’ve been doing a few freelance writing projects for the web, and all I have to say is, HOW IN THE WORLD DO THESE WRITERS PAY THEIR BILLS? First, I registered on several freelance websites just to browse and explore the

SEO - What is it anyway?


Many think that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is marketing, and some believe it's technical, still others will argue that it's writing. It certainly aids in the promotion of sites if the writer has the requisite technical knowledge and a bit of marketing knowledge--and it doesn't hurt to understand hypertext markup language. So is search engine optimization a method better accomplished by a

Writing the Successful Freelance Copywriter Inquiry Letter


freelance, freelance jobs, freelance writer, writer, copywriter, seo, seo optimization, seo copywriterAs a freelance copywriter, have you finally created (or found) the perfect inquiry letter that lands jobs? That seems to be the beginning freelance copywriter’s problem: he doesn’t understand the importance of the inquiry, or he doesn’t address the key

This Week's Projects


freelance, freelance jobs, freelance writer, writer, copywriter, seo, seo optimization, seo copywriterBesides the course I'm teaching this semester, Composition 105, I'm working this week on two projects:freelance, freelance jobs, freelance writer, writer, copywriter, seo, seo optimization, seo copywriterThe first of which is for Wedding Planners. I'm writing 15