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dwikristianto blog

anything about website design and development: SEO, link building, php, mysql, oracle, linux, xhtml, css, javascript, ajax, delphi, network, servers

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Peningkatan Performa Rule based Firewall dengan Modified Adaptive Reorientation Method (MARM)


Firewall adalah barikade awal yang berfungsi untuk melindungi jaringan internal dan sumber daya didalamnya. Performa firewall dapat mempengaruhi performa keseluruhan jaringan, karena firewall mengatur semua trafik masuk dan keluar. Internet tumbuh semakin besar saat ini dan membutuhkan firewall yang dapat bekerja secara maksimal. Performa rule based firewall utamanya dipengaruhi oleh ruleset (kumpulan rule). Serangan DDoS mengakibatkan operator firewall cenderung menambahkan rule baru untuk menghentikan serangan DDoS. Bila hal ini dilanjutkan, ukuran ruleset akan semakin besar dan semakin sulit untuk dipelihara. Hal ini akan meningkatkan waktu interogasi dan menurunkan performa firewall. Reorientasi firewall adalah solusi untuk menyelesaikan masalah itu. Modified ARM adalah modifikasi sederhana dari teknik ARM, sebuah metode untuk sorting ruleset berbasis pada laju penambahan hit. MARM mampu meningkatkan kemampuan adaptasi terhadap perubahan trafik yang sedang terjadi. Bila dibandingkan dengan ARM, kemampuan adaptasi MARM lebih baik karena lebih cepat beradaptasi. Dasar logika yang digunakan cukup sederhana dengan harapan dapat segera diaplikasikan ke lingkungan produksi.

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Mitchell’s keynote, Firefox in Europe, AMO changes, Marketing news, Firefox bookmarks, and more


In this issue… Mitchell Baker’s Web 2.0 KeynoteFirefox progress in EuropeChanges to Featured and Recommended Add-ons on AMOGetting ready for the launch of Firefox 3Firefox 3 BookmarksFlickr Uploader, a developer’s storyDeveloper calendarSubscribe to the email newsletter Mitchell Baker’s Web 2.0 Keynote On April 24th, Mitchell Baker gave a keynote talk at the Web 2.0 conference. Doug Turner has written up some of the highlights, and provides an embedded video of the talk on his weblog. From the talk: “[T]here is only one web. Firefox is the best and most effective platform for getting to that one web. We are building Firefox for mobile to spark innovation and excitement. We need an open web based development platform to do this. We view Firefox as this platform.” For more, watch the full video, head over to Doug’s weblog, or check out some of the other media articles: Firefox Goes MobileFirefox Key to Open Mobile WebMozilla: Fennec to Revolutionize Mobile BrowsingMozilla’s Fennec May Be Just What Mobile Browsing Needs Firefox progress in Europe Tristan Nitot has blogged about some of the latest statistics available regarding Firefox market share in Europe. “According to Xiti, Firefox is getting close to 29% in Europe. The increase is 4.5 percentage points on the past 12 months.” Also, “According to Gemius (, Firefox 2 is now the leading browser version in Hungary.” For more market share news and links to these stories, see Tristan’s blog post. Changes to Featured and Recommended Add-ons on AMO Basil Hashem has written a post about the recent changes to the “Featured and Recommended” add-ons part of the (AMO) website. “One of the changes that was introduced with the latest AMO redesign is the ability to highlight a wider variety of add-ons. Instead of a single list, recommendations are now on a per-application, per-category and a per-locale basis. This gives the community greater flexibility and increases the face time and exposure that an add-on can have.” For more information and details about these recent changes, see Basil’s weblog. Getting ready for the launch of Firefox 3 Paul Kim has blogged about the plans for marketing Firefox 3. “As with every previous version launch, we will be utilizing a combination of traditional marketing and PR programs with community and grassroots outreach. This combination has served us well over the past four years to drive adoption to over 160 million people worldwide, build the Firefox brand, and provide meaningful opportunities for participation at launch.” For more about the Firefox 3 launch marketing plans, check out Paul’s post. Firefox 3 Bookmarks Last week Deb Richardson wrote a great introduction to Firefox 3’s new bookmarking features. Like most people, she talks about being frustrated with the state of bookmarks in older browsers, where they end up as a junk-drawer of forgotten links. “Firefox 3 introduces a few new features to bookmarks that make them much, much easier to use, more useful in general, and much more useful in particular for catastrophically disorganized folk like me.” If that sounds like you, check out the whole article. Flickr Uploadr, a developer’s story Richard Crowley, the developer of Flickr’s XUL-based cross-platform uploader utility, has written a great article outlining the reasons they chose XUL and the hurdles he’s had to overcome throughout development. Included is a list of links to detailed blog posts he wrote during (and about) the development of the project. It’s a great article and well worth a look — check it out over at the Flickr developer blog. Developer calendar Monday Mobile MeetingSUMO MeetingGeneral Status Meeting Tuesday Thunderbird MeetingFirefox/Gecko MeetingBug Day! Wednesday Mac Gecko MeetingPerformance Infrastructure MeetingPerformance/Leaks MeetingMozilla 2 MeetingCrash Reporter + Analysis Meeting Thursday Thunderbird Bugday Friday Test Day! Subscribe to the email newsletterIf you[...]

Mothers Day Jewelry


If we look into definition of jewelry from wikipedia, we can found a sentence said: Jewellery (also spelled jewelry, see spelling differences) is a personal ornament, such as a necklace, ring, or bracelet, made from gemstones, precious metals or other materials.” It is clearly said that jewelry is an ornament, it means that when you wear it you will looks better. But some people always think they can not perform or looks good if they don’t wear any jewelry. Seem that jewelry become a prime need just like having meals that you will die or you can loose your live if there is no jewelry attached. So, maybe we can say that people like them are only see jewelry as luxurious property rather than an useful thing.

Western bride will always use rings in their weddings. It is a symbol how their love collides and their promises to love are true like the round of the ring that endless. The brides also hope that their love will also never end. In this case we see that jewelry is more useful than the first fact above. The jewelry represents something rather than just a luxurious thing. People will always use jewelry for their live; there is always demand for that. When there is demand, another people will also offer their service to that demand. People will also sell jewelry, and in this internet era, people also build online jewelry store like Some people only buy jewelry when there is special occasion in their live, such as mother’s day. Jewelry seller will also answer these mothers day demand by creating special mothers day jewelry and hope that people will attract to buy it. You can browse to jewelry sale, if you need discounted prices. Or maybe, you can take a look into emerald pendants pages, to search suitable jewelry for the one you love. The site also provide interesting feature that you can browse the jewelries offered by product, by material of by price. So, what you waiting for, browse now and bought something precious for the one you love.

Thunderbird security and stability release now available


As part of Mozilla Corporation’s ongoing stability and security update process, Thunderbird is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux as a free download from

Due to the security fixes, we strongly recommend that all Thunderbird users upgrade to this latest release.

If you already have Thunderbird 2.0.0.x, you will receive an automated update notification within 24 to 48 hours. This update can also be applied manually by selecting “Check for Updates…” from the Help menu.

For a list of changes and more information, please review the Thunderbird Release Notes.

Please note: If you’re still using Thunderbird 1.5.0.x, this version is no longer supported and contains known security vulnerabilities. Please upgrade to Thunderbird 2 by downloading Thunderbird from




How lucky you are? How can I turn your luck into cash? How can I grab dollars easily? That could be your simple questions now. It’s not to hard to answer that now day. It’s so simple. Just go to backgammon (others may say as online backgammon) or type to your browser address this address And then download the software provided there, get your self registered, deposit some real money to the system and play the game. Nothing easier now days to grab money and turn your luck into real money. Easy job to do I think.

What you really need right now, is just a few knowledge of the game rules and browse some tips and tricks how to win the game easily. Internet is a huge resource bank, browse into it and you will find what you really need just by clicking your mouse.

Problem will arise if you are a newbie in computer world, because you will need to install software before you can play the game. You can ask your friends or maybe your brothers to install it for you if you can not do it by your own hands. Despite of that, the installation process is so easy actually, just click download image in the get started page and if your browser require you to save the file, save it to one of your folder. Then your folder with windows explorer and double click the downloaded file. Next, it will show you a dialog with inctuctions at your screen and follow it until the installation process finished. If your windows requires you to restart your computer, just do it. After your computer restarted (as requested), you are ready to play 21 Blackjack, backgammon or couple of games installed. Some people can play blackjack easily, but if you know nothing or need more skills, you can learn it from here. Last, let’s play and grab the cash.

Joomla! 1.5.3 Released


The Joomla! community is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Joomla! 1.5.3 [Vahi]. This release is earlier than scheduled in order to correct a database name validation error introduced in 1.5.2. It has been a month since Joomla! 1.5.2 was released on March 23, 2008. The goal is to provide regular, frequent updates to the Joomla! end user community containing the latest bug fixes and minor enhancements.


Download Joomla! 1.5.3 and update packages

Want to test drive Joomla!? Try the online demo. Documentation is available for beginners.


Paper works


Paper works are not an easy task to do for couple of people. Some people don’t have time and skill to write something good, even they can get stressed before the paper is written. If you are a student and now get stress with this kind of job, there is plenty of websites in the internet that offer cheap term papers that can be used for your tasks. Some of these websites also offer some term paper samples to examine. With this samples you can see how they write, the style, grammar and of course, how deep their knowledge on specific case. If you are investigating something very specific, you can also request customized research papers. If you feel these papers are not good enough, you can rewrite from it and make it as a good start to produce another better paper.

Joomla! Day Bangkok 2008


The Thai Joomla! Community is looking forward to their second Joomla! Day Bangkok in Thailand's beautiful and thriving capital city. The event will be held on Saturday, May 10, 2008, from 9:00 AM until 5:30 PM at the Chaophya Park Hotel. JoomlaCorner and the National Electronics and Computer Tecknology Center (NECTEC) invite you to attend Joomla! Day Bangkok 2008 which promises to be an incredible day of learning, sharing, and networking with others. This year, several key members of the Joomla! community are scheduled to speak: Mr. Samuel Moffatt - Joomla! Core Team and Developer Working Group;Mr. Alex Kempkens - Joomla! Core Team, Joomla! Events Coordinator, and core developer for JoomFish;Mr. Johan Janssens - Joomla! Development Working Group;Mr. Toby Patterson - Joomla! Development Working Group;Mr. Akarawuth Tamrareang - Joomla! Bug Squad, core developer for VirtueMart, and The agenda for Joomla! Day Bangkok 2008 includes a wide variety of interesting topics. Whether you are a professional Web site editor, publisher, developer, or administrator, or if you are simply interested in learning more about Joomla!, there will something for you. Topics to be presented include: Overview of Joomla! 1.5, with a focus on new features available;Discussion of how to create accessible Web site designs;Review of important security issues;Implementing authentication using LDAP and Active Directory;Migrating to Joomla! 1.5;Implementing Multi-lingual support for Joomla! 1.5 using JoomFish;Instruction on how to create extensions for Joomla 1.5;Presentation on the Joomla! 1.5 Framework;Instruction for converting Joomla! 1.0 components to Joomla! 1.5;Presentation of Joomla! e-Commerce Edition (VirtueMart). All over the world, local communities gather at Joomla! Day events. This past weekend Joomla! Days were held in France and Norway. Already this year, Spain, the Netherlands, Melbourne and Italy held successful Joomla! Days. Several more May events are soon to be announced. Joomla! Days are a great way for people who are interested in Joomla! to get together, learn from one another, find ways to contribute to the Joomla! community, and have fun. We wish for our community members in Thailand an enjoyable and successful Joomla! Day Bangkok 2008. For more information: visit and register online.source: my homesite[...]

Just because the myth said so..


Just because of the myth said that you can only have healthy and perfect sex live if you have big penis size, people always tend to try penis extender to enhance their size. The results of these devices are also questionable but still people buy and try it.

I can not advice anything rather than make an appointment with your doctor, go see it and ask about it. Doctors are professional people that they have enough and highly recommended knowledge to answer your questions about penis extender. If you want to know a little bit, penis stretcher is a device that will stretch your penis to make it bigger in size. It won’t make it stronger, just big in size. To be safe, it is good to see your doctor and consult about it. Doctors will explain everything and will give you better knowledge about this device.

Steel Buildings


Buildings, buildings and buildings. Human will always need buildings for their live, for their stuff or maybe for another use. We need home to stay at night, we need garage to keep our cars and any other building forms for another purposes. When we talk about buildings, we will also talk about materials needed to construct it. Good building will always meet our activity purposes, meet economic bounds and some countries have their rules to follow to make buildings. Buildings can be made from woods, the first material known by human to make building. In more modern building, building contractor may use concrete and/or steel material to meet their strength requirement.

Steel material compared to another material, has couple of benefits, i.e.: cheaper for large scale building, fewer time to build and stronger than other material. One of disadvantage of steel material is corrosion. That’s why some steel fabricator encapsulate their steel with another material. Future Steel use their own technology, called as Galvalume Plus that have couple advantages, i.e.:

  • fully insulated
  • modified to accommodate windows and skylights
  • placed on a moveable or permanent foundation
  • stand alone, or they can provide interior access from another structure - the possibilities are endless

Future Steel application may range from small into large car garage, storage with any capacity, aircraft hangar, agricultural building and many other forms of building. Not that all, if you have enough skill, you can “do it by yourself “ to construct your own building because all of the parts are already pre-fabricate and all you need to do is to assembly them all into one new building. Nothing easier to create buildings now days.

Spring Cleaning III Maintain Your Hard Drive


Defragmentation isn t as critical for mac os X computers due to differences in the way OS X writes files to the hard drive but users should verify their hard disks are optimized and verify and repair disk permissions.... [ read more - mac os ]Others may said as: Should I get Leopard?I want to get mac os X 10. 5 but I've heard from some that Leopard is really glitchy performs horribly and wipes out your hard drive during install. I've also heard that it's glitch free performs faster than 10. 4 and installs perfectly. It seems that the glitches only occur in PowerPc Macs but works beautifully in Intel. Is that true? Also is Front Row any nicer in 10. 5? Does Firefox not crash as much? Did the install wipe out your hard drive? Any other new features? FYI I have an Intel iMac g5 w mac os X 10. 4. 11... [ read more - mac os ] Mac OS X Install Disc 1 Mac OS X Install Disc 2?Is there a way I can buy these discs online? mac os X Install Disc 1 mac os X Install Disc 2 And when I say buy I don't mean pay and have them ship it to you 2 days later. but Something I could download with paid money of course. My Macbook did not come with the two dics Cause I'm giving someone my Macbook and he wants it stored to the original factory settings it needs to be done ASAP because he needs to leave soon for business. Thanks all in advance.... [ read more - mac os ] How do I resize Windows Media Player videos when they are embedded in a webpage Mac ?I am using mac os X 10. 3. 9 Firefox 2. 0. 0. 13 Windows Media Player 9 I know that on a PC you can access the player tools by right clicking but this isnt possible on my PowerBook G4. The video is a live feed and I would like to make it larger. The specific site is MLB. tv Thanks!... [ read more - mac os ] Disabling an account in Mac OS XQuite some time ago I was involved in some work to figure out how to best disable an account in mac os X. It was a pretty interesting investigation. In the end we settled on two steps which worked for both admin and non admin accounts... [ read more - mac os ] Annoying bug with Rails on Mac OS X 10. 5 LeopardRails on mac os X 10. 5 Leopard to most people is fantastic. It s already there and it just works. From the very second Leopard finishes installing you can run rails yourAppName in a terminal and boom it gives you a default Rails... [ read more - mac os ] John Siracusa Rhapsody and BluesJohn Siracusa on Adobe s Photoshop CS4 will be 64 bit only for Windows news Here are the two poles of this world of hurt Blame Apple If Apple had not discontinued the 64 bit port of Carbon Adobe could have shipped Photoshop CS4 as a 64 bit mac os X application as planned. At WWDC 2006 there were many sessions about developing 64 bit Carbon applications. At WWDC 2007 64 bit Carbon was canceled. Adobe found this out the same time everyone else did at WWDC. By canceling 64 bit Carbon so su... [ read more - mac os ] The 64 000 QuestionA few disparate observations and comments regarding Adobe s announcement that Photoshop CS4 will be available in a 64 bit version for Windows but will only be 32 bit for mac os X. The first is that this is not in and of itself that big a deal at least for the vast majority of Photoshop users. To a non programmer 64 bit perhaps sounds twice as fast as 32 bit but that s not how it works or what it means. According to Adobe s John Nack in most cases for the vast majority of real world fi... [ read more - mac os ] my homesite[...]

My laptop dosn boot proply. It goes all blac apart frm words sayin disk read error Plz any help would b great


My laptop used to work fine until it started just randomly freezing so i would hav to restart it and it would be fine. But then it kept happening more often and the laptop was pretty much useless. Now it really is useless and doesn't boot proply. It comes up with the "compaq boot screen" but it doesn't go to the windows xp boot screen like it's supposed to after that instead it goes all black apart from a few words in the top left corner saying "disk read error press f1 or something like that to retry". I have no idea what's wrong. Please anyone with an idea on how to help would be a life saver!... [ read more - windows ]Others may said as: Windows Mobile 6. 1 The Hard WayDefinitely faster than windows Mobile 6 even with a non vanilla installation. In fact I ll prolly re flash the device and wipe the extended ROM which is the location where all the crapware AT T includes on their devices resides.... [ read more - windows ] Fresh UI v8. 04Fresh UI is a fresh solution for configuring and optimizing windows. Loaded with hundreds of useful hidden settings in windows XP 2000 NT 98 95 Me this software covers the customizing and optimizing techniques that you'll be glad to know such as Customizing windows User Interface UI Optimizing system settings Optimizing hardware settings C... [ read more - windows ] Question for windows updates on new computer. Can't install one of them please help. ?I have down loaded and insatalled all the windows updates so far but i am unable to install 2007 windows OFFICE SUIT SERVICE PACK 1 SP1 Any ideas please. Do i have to pay for it or somthing. I tried to down load it from a wireless lan conection in a library.... [ read more - windows ] The Benefits of Using Windows VistaFor those who have spent the last five years using the windows XP operating system it must surely have grown under your skin and a switch to the latest Microsoft operating system windows Vista may not be exactly the most desirable... [ read more - windows ] How to run windows on a MacIf you are a web developer developing on a Macintosh your sire will probably look great on Safari Firefox Opera and any other browser you can find except for windows Explorer. windows Explorer has lots of bugs in it and doesn t... [ read more - windows ] PwnageTool for iPhone releasedThe development team behind the Pwnage Tool for the iPhone today released an announcement that the mac version of their software is now available for download. They are currently working on releasing the windows version within a week or two. The PwnageTool allows users to install different firmware on their iPhone. This of course opens up lots of opportunities as to how you use your iPhone. For example you can unlock the device and then connect to any mobile network. Link pwnage announce... [ read more - windows ] HTC Touch Dual at CTIA Las Vegas 2008The windows Mobile smartphone manufacturer set up a shop on a small piece of Las Vegas Convention Center floorspace this year and came with another device for the market. Now HTC is showing off their Touch Dual. The windows Mobile 6. 1 smartphone has been floating around Europe with the windows Mobile 6. 0 Professional OS for a few months already but now we are seeing it with windows Mobile 6. 1 Professional and available for US market. The Touch Dual takes the tried and true formula of the... [ read more - windows ] Switching to Linux Linux Alternatives to Windows Apps Part II created separate user accounts for different tasks tried software VirtualWin but since windows isn t really built for a multiple desktop environment all of these methods had problems. Enter Ubuntu 7. 10 with all these features... [ read more - windows ] my homesite[...]

HP Pavilion dv6700z


Available at a starting price of 599. 99 the new HP Pavilion dv6700z laptop is aimed at the portable digital entertainment market sector featuring Windows Vista with Service Pack 1operating system Blu ray DVD player and the optional... [ read more - laptop ]Another interesting posts below: 40 Ubisoft titles hit SteamComments 2 Apple is most powerful brand HP snaps up Tower Intel launches flash memory operation Rock aims to smash open business laptop market Piracy endemic in Latvian retail Dell to launch cheap Blu Ray laptop Sophos warns of new Mac Trojan Price most important for TV customers Easter blues hit retailers Acer Blu ray to account for ten per cent of laptops Gigabyte and Asus forecast shipment increases VIP signs Edimax Mac market share on the rise globally PCs drive US gaming 40 Ubisoft ti... [ read more - laptop ] Rock aims to smash open business laptop marketRock aims to smash open business laptop market Ben Furfie Today UK vendor claims its high end gaming heritage will help it deliver cutting edge business machines Be first to comment Email a friend Email the author... [ read more - laptop ] What is the song in the newest EXTRA Mints ad?The one with the lady in the office typing at the laptop and all the little animated so cute! junk foods playing around? And then the lady pulls out a packet of Extra Mints and sends all the junk foods running away. The lyrics are something like "gotta run away gotta go today". I'm not exactly sure but someone please help me! I'd really like to know the name of the song The one with the lady in the office typing at the laptop and all the little animated so cute! junk foods playing around? And then the lady pulls out a packet of Extra Mints and sends all the junk foods running away. The lyrics are something like "gotta run away gotta go today". I'm not exactly sure but someone please help me! I'd really like to know the name of the song Kat Yes i think its kind of like that i haven't watched it alot of times to work it out completely!! I tried searching the lyrics up too but it didn't come up really good... [ read more - laptop ] Sony Laptops Enhanced with portabilityThe innovation in the technology bestows the users with many novelties. One of them being laptop it facilitates the users to keep in touch with the work as well as world around them even while movin... [ read more - laptop ] Quick internet question! please help?i was using a wireless signal from my laptop one day it just stopped working it would "connect" but the internet or anything like IM would not! I dont know where this signal is coming from but i've just been using it for the last year i dont get why it just doesnt work anymore anyone that can help please do it.... [ read more - laptop ] Intel to introduce anti theft technology for lappieslaptops may be portable and easy to carry. But they are also quite expensive and because of their portability easily stolen. Kensington locks can be a good deterrent but it looks silly when you chain down your laptop to a table when... [ read more - laptop ] Laptop Programs Why are They Failing?It s about how school districts that have adopted 1 to 1 laptop programs are abandoning these programs because they are very expensive and are showing no progress in student learning. The article cites that school officials here and... [ read more - laptop ] my homesite[...]

Internet: Good and Bad things collide


Simple and easy is a new way of live introduce by computer technology, especially internet. You can find many things in internet, and most of them are free. This also affected on finance thingy including credit cards. Now days you can find million of website that offer interest free credit cards, low rate credit cards or even credit card for bad credit.

The only thing that you need to do is, browse the internet, find the right website, see what offered there and last, apply for a credit card. As easy as that, but remember that not all things offered in the internet is good things, you should learn the site and investigate things offered more extensively.

Although internet offers easiness and simplicity, be ware of scam and bad guy that will always waiting in the corner to steal you valuables such as your personal data and maybe your money. Secure your system and improve your browsing habits are the only way. Be ware!

Save the planet with ceiling fans


Global warming become our problem now, not just the most modern country like United States, but also under developed country like Indonesia. Indonesia, like other tropical countries is the earth lungs. Its forest produces oxygen for the world. The best way to save the world from global warming is to save these forests. So, post advanced countries like United States have to stop buying woods from tropical countries. In that way we can stop loosing our forests.

The other side of saving our planet is by stopping to use any device that will crack our ozone. CFC is the demon, and of course we should eliminate to use Air Conditioner (AC) that will expose enough CFC to crack down ozone. Actually, there is better way to cool your rooms, we can use old fashion ceiling fans. Ceiling fans already used by human for more than a century and in many cases it gave more advantages compare to AC, which are:

  • Less electricity. It use less electricity compared to 75 watt light bulb, even when you operate it in full speed.
  • Less expense. Electricity is always expensive in under developed countries, when it can save you a lot from it then you save can save hundreds dollars a year.
  • NO CFC exposure, because ceiling fans only use blade and electric motor to spin the blade. No chemical involved. Saver method to cool the rooms.
  • Average temperature on summer and will warm you in winter. This is unique functions that you can not get it from AC.

Some of you may argue with this opinion, especially with new design or futuristic room design, that most ceiling fans are old fashion style. You wrong, now there is plenty new modern ceiling fan styles, you can check it here. They have plenty products for ceiling fans with so many options on styles, so I’m sure it will match to your room design. If the modern ceiling fans is not good enough for you, you can see the casablanca ceiling fans at here, it will give another look of ceiling fans.

Let’s save our planet with the saver way to cool your rooms, use ceiling fans.

Web Hosting:

2008-03-05T15:59:07.064+07:00 brings you the UltimateExperience of Reseller hosting. Our Relationship between our clients is much valuable. Our servers have been powered by INTEL Xeon processors(8 Processors) with 4GB Ram . We are Loyal to those who take their hosting seriously.Enjoy our 99.5% uptime and True Rapid Support Via Livechat,ClientArea. We welcome everyone to Join our Community.We Now Give Radio Reseller Panel for our customers: Click Here to Know Moreabout itSpecial Offer:- The offer has been Extended Untill 29/02/08 ( we have extended it due to a few requests)- We have Limited the Offer For 15 New Orders for Each Plan.- We have Additionally Giving 50% OFF For Life for all the accounts.- This Offer Cannot be Combined with Existing Offers- New Orders in 24 Hours Will Possibly get :-> Radio Reseller Panel + WHMsonic Panel ... -> No Limit's for Account Creation or Reseller Account Does Not have Limits.-> A Free Month With ALL NEW DELUXE PLAN signup's! { Get your Third Month of service Absolutely FREE!}Starter Reseller : - Diskspace: 2GB- Bandwidth: 50 GB- cPanel/WHM- No account Limit - (Generally 25!)- Unlimited Addon Domains, Parked Domains, Mailing lists etc- Overselling EnabledAddons:- Free Private Nameservers ( and Free Rvskins/RvsitebuilderPRO!!- Free Fantastico- Free 400 Templates!!- Free Installatron with over 50 scripts!- Free Shared SSL certificate- Free Antivirus(ClamAV antivirus)- Free MaxMind Discounts!Price : Signup Now For $3.975 Click here!Coupon Code: STARTER50 Expires ON:29/02/2008Coupons Left: 10 ONLY!Professional Reseller:- 10GB diskspace- 100GB Bandwidth- cPanel/WHM interface- Unlimited Addon Domains, Parked Domains, Mailing lists etcAddons:- Free Private Nameservers ( and Free Rvskins/RvsitebuilderPRO!!- Free Fantastico- Free 400 Templates!!- Free Installatron with over 50 scripts!- Free Shared SSL certificate- Free Antivirus(ClamAV antivirus)- Free MaxMind Discounts!- Free Radio Reseller Panel for 10 Domains(*HOT*)Price : Signup Now For $7.975 Click here!Coupon Code: PROFESSIONAL50 Expires ON:29/02/2008Coupons Left: 10 ONLY!Advanced Reseller:- 20GB diskspace- 250GB Bandwidth- cPanel/WHM Interface!- Unlimited Addon Domains, Parked Domains, Mailing lists etcAddons:- Free Private Nameservers ( and Free Rvskins/RvsitebuilderPRO!!- Free Fantastico- Free 400 Templates!!- Free Installatron with over 50 scripts!- Free Shared SSL certificate- Free Antivirus(ClamAV antivirus)- Free MaxMind Discounts!- Free Radio Reseller Panel for 10 Domains(*HOT*)- Free ClientExec( Save 199.99$!! Act Fast!)Price : Signup Now For $13.475 Click here!Coupon Code: ADVANCED50 Expires ON:29/02/2008Coupons Left:10Deluxe Reseller:- 50GB diskspace- 500GB Bandwidth- cPanel/WHM Interface!- Unlimited Addons, Parked Domains, Mailing Lists etc.Addons:- Free Private Nameservers ( and Free Rvskins/RvsitebuilderPRO!!- Free Fantastico- Free 400 Templates!!- Free Installatron with over 50 scripts!- Free Shared SSL certificate- Free Antivirus(ClamAV antivirus)- Free MaxMind Discounts!- Free Radio Reseller Panel for 20 Domains(*HOT*)- Free ClientExec( Save 199.99$!! Act Fast!)- Upgrade to 128kb & Upgrade to 10 More Listners!Price : Signup Now For $20.475 Click here!Coupon Code: DELUXE50 Expires ON:29/02/2008Coupons Left:10New Orders in 24 hours Get: A Free Month. Yes Third Month Absolutely FREE!Why Choose us?- Quality WebHosting at Affordable Prices- Over 3 Years Of Experience in WebHosting Field- 99% Uptime Guarateed!- 15 Days Money back Guarateed!- Hosting with Emegency Backups- Best Ha[...]

Web Hosting:


My hosting went out of business today. I liked them very much, their support was the coolest, they hepled me on time every time I needed it, even when the mistake was on my end :) The rule: "the customer is always right" really mattered for them, I'm very sad they are gone.. At least it happened at the end of my payed year :)

They say my sites will be up until 3 of April so I have some time to transfer, but I don't know where to begin?! :(

I've never transfered my sites to other hosting, so can you guys tell my how should I do that in the less painful way? I have about 15-20 sites, nothing big really, but still I would like to have them up and running on a new hosting in less downtime possible.

Also please someone suggest me a decent hosting. I was paying about 30 bucks/year (with a promotional code that is :) ) for:
100GB Transfer monthly
10Gb Diskspace
with cpanel, and unlimited mysql databases,domains,emails,addon domains... everything else.

Hawk Host


DescriptionHawk Host is running a 20% off all shared accounts when you use the coupon. "s20percent".Accepted Forms Of PaymentAmerican Express, Diner's Club, Discover, JCB, MasterCard, Visa and PaypalAccount FeaturesUnlimited POP3 EmailsUnlimited Email AliasesPHP 4.4.xPHP 5.2.xPerlRuby on RailsMySQL 5cPanel/WHMFantasticoRvSkins99.9% Uptime guarantee24/7 Support via email, help desk and our live help on our websiteAdditional IP's can be purchased at $2/monthAnd moreServer Information4x Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X3220 @ 2.40GHz4GB Ram4x250GB SATA II Raid-10100MBIT PortDallas DatacenterNightly Backups (Remote NAS)Shared AccountsBasic3000MB Space30GB BandwidthUnder $5 not allowed on digital point!Standard6GB Space60GB BandwidthUnder $5 not allowed on digital point!Advanced12000MB Space120GB Bandwidth$9.95/month with "s20percent" coupon just $7.96/monthSuper24000MB Space240GB Bandwidth$12.95/month with "s20percent" coupon just $10.36/monthReviews (Please note previously DevotedHost)Skeptical about our cheap offerings? Why not check out some reviews on Webhostingtalk about our great support, servers and uptime.Review: Hawk hostEarly HawkHost ReviewHawkHost reviewHawk Host Review: Sign up 10 months ReviewMy review on[review] Great host for resellers and sharedThat's just a few of the many happy customers at HawkHost just to show you that awesome prices can also mean awesome hosting :)Once again the coupon is "s20percent" and it will get you 20% off all shared accounts.Enjoy this latest deal from HawkHostShared Package Compare Page: you have any questions please feel free to use our contact form on our web site.Website Link: www.hawkhost.comLinks: Shared Plans About Us FAQ Contact Us my homesite[...]


Just releasing a brand new simple gallery blog for my nephew,
enjoy it..



List of sites that use scuttle. Scuttle is open source social bookmarking software.

Bali Webmaster Resources


Sitemap of Bali Webmaster Resources at Bali Web Design site.Web Directories FREE Directories Premium Directories Bidding Directories Directory of DirectoriesSearch Engines Meta Search EnginesWeb Design Website Templates Web Design Services Clipart and Graphics Stock PhotosWeb Development Tips and Tutorials Tools and Utilities PHP ASP Perl CGI Java Applets Javascript VBScript JSP Flash ColdFusion Other Scripts XML - HTML - DHTMLWebsite Hosting Forum Hosting FREE Hosting Premium Hosting Blog Hosting VPS Hosting Budget HostingDomain Name Services Registrars Domain Name Tools Domain Name Parking FREE Domain NamePromotion and Marketing SEO Articles and Ezines Classifieds Topsites Banner Exchange Email Marketing Social Bookmark Automatic Link Exchange Link ExchangeWebmaster Blogs Domain Name Blogs SEO Blogs Web Design Blogs Web Development Blogs Web-based Programming Blogs Website Hosting Blogs Online Marketing BlogsWebmaster Forums Domain Name Forums Web Design Forums Web Development Forums SEO Forums Website Hosting Forums Online Marketing Forums my homesite[...]

PageRank Updates 2


Again i'm really surprise with some changes cause by last Google Pagerank update, couple of my sites (again) updated it pagerank. Although its not high enough, compared to highest level 10, but i'm really satisfied with it, since i did nothing on it but it show a very good results.

My last post at PageRank Updates only list my profiles, now I add two sites.
Wanna know the sites, here is the list
Yes, you might see that i have so many sites, that's why this two sites are left from the first post. Again, keep posting and you will got a good results from it.


Pagerank Updates


I'm so surprised that last Google pagerank update also update couple of my social bookmark and forum profile. Some of them got pagerank 4, so its really Google juice.
Here is the list :

By this simple example, this true that forum posting on the forum that open their member profile for public will also affect on the whole sites, sites that the url is listed in the profile including in the signature, because most forum member profile also show the signature.

So, keep posting, have fun and get some more quality backlinks from profiles :D

i was miss two sites, follow this post PageRank Update 2

Quality Web Hosting


New Upgrades!
Hello all,

We are now proud to launch our new Online Client Portal!
Also we are now selling domain names, feel free to check them out!
Please let us know your opinion of the upgrades in the forum, and also please state any recommendations.


TobiaHost Team.
Posted by etobia on Monday, September 10, 2007

Master Resellers Now Available!
We have now launched our new Master Reseller service.

A Master Reseller is basically a reseller account that has the ability to create sub-resellers, unlike a normal reseller account which is only able to create shared hosting accounts.

We now have a limited time offer on all Master Resellers, take a look, prices are really affordable. If purchased within the limited time offer you will have that offer price for life, please be aware that this is a limited time offer and prices can change back at any time so grab your package now before its too late!
Posted by etobia on Wednesday, August 22, 2007

New Limited Offers!
Hello everyone!

I would like to introduce you all to our new limited offers!

We now have great low prices on our new services which include Reseller packages, Teamspeak packages and SA-MP Server packages!

Take a look, you will be surprised how low our prices are compared to other hosters!

Feel free to contact us at anytime if you have any questions.
Posted by etobia on Monday, August 13, 2007

New server now active!
Hello again all!

The good news is finally here as we are now all hosted on the new server!

Things you need to do:

Change nameservers for your domains to:

After that you then need to park them onto your account using cPanel.

To access your cPanel use this temporary link until you park your domain:

Once you have changed the nameservers and parked your domains everything then should work perfectly.

If you encounter any problems please let us know and we will help you as quick as possible.
Posted by etobia on Thursday, August 9, 2007

Taken from TobiaHost: Quality Web Hosting

FREE Web Directory List


Web Directory become more and more important as an aspect in SEO, because it will give extra backlinks on your sites and of course it can increase your SERP and Page Rank also.According to wikipedia, a web directory is a directory on the World Wide Web that specializes in linking to other web sites and categorizing those links. Web directories often allow site owners to submit their site for inclusion. editors review submissions for fitness. Other site might said Web Directory is a web page consisting mostly of categorized links to other web pages. World Wide Web directories include, Yahoo, Lycos, Open Text, including mine also.Here is the list of my FREE Directories :Bali Directory : Bali Directory is general web directory that consist online resources, not only about Bali but will also filled with other resources from the internet. Bali Directory divided into simple categories for easier browsing, also you can use search box to find resources in the Bali Directory. BackLinks : FREE Backlinks is general web directory, a SEO Friendly Directory that consist online resources from the internet. FREE Backlinks divided into simple categories for easier browsing, also you can use search box to find resources in the FREE Backlinks Directory. : AddLinks is FREE general web directory, another SEO Friendly Directory from dwikristianto. If you select 3way link exchange system, your site will be first listed in the category!!! Don't loose this great feature from AddLinks FREE Directory. LinkPark : Link Park is another general web directory operated by by dwikristiantoLink Park is SEO Friendly Directory, we do FOLLOW each link listed here. To gain maximum benefit, submit your site to other directories maintain by dwikristianto and partners, click here. : Link Pool is SEO Friendly General Web Directory produced by dwikristianto and partners. Link Pool divided into simple categories for easier browsing, also you can use search box to find resources listed here.'s not all, i will add some more directories and of course all of them will also FREE Directory and SEO Friendly Directories. I already prepare some new domain name for them and couple of them is beta and under development stage, i.e. :LinkGatewayLinkGardenLinkBedDiroSEOLinksSEODirFREEDirectoryBy the time i wrote this, i still live in Bali and got couple of SEO Projects and manage couple of websites, including my website that offering Bali Web Design services, Bali Web Development and any other Bali Web Services, also of course Bali SEO services.Last, enjoy my directories and submit your sites there, but please dont spam my directories because i will easily delete all sites that cheat on me. my homesite[...]