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My Forex Discussion On Focus

I'm trade forex since Nov ,2006 ..first of Year all lost >> Next 2nd of Year Never >> Next 3rd of Year Profit come back.. But not enough ..sad @2009 Totally against.. I create this blog for share my mistake in the forex market. Forex

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Gold on 4H Chart

Thu, 01 Oct 2009 04:58:00 +0000

Trichet Says Strong Dollar Is ‘Extremely Important’ (Update1) By Gabi Thesing and Christian VitsSept. 28 (Bloomberg) -- European Central Bank President Jean-Claude Trichet said a strong dollar is “extremely important” for the world economy and it’s too early for the ECB to unwind emergency stimulus measures. “In the present situation it is extremely important that we can have in the framework at the level of global finance and the global economy a strong dollar, as the authorities in the U.S. are saying,” Trichet told lawmakers in Brussels today. “The solidity of the dollar is very important.” Trichet’s comments come after a 15 percent slide in the dollar against the euro since February that’s threatening to hamper Europe’s recovery from the worst recession since World War II. With the Group of 20 nations pledging to rebalance the global economy away from a trade deficit in the U.S., the risk for the ECB is that its economy feels the pain of further dollar adjustment. The euro fell from $1.4661 to as low as 1.4627 after Trichet’s remarks. “It would be premature to declare the crisis over,” Trichet said. “Now is not the time” for the ECB to unwind its stimulus measures. “However, at some point in time an exit strategy will have to be implemented. The ECB has an exit strategy and stands ready to put it into action when the time comes.” Non-Standard Measures The Frankfurt-based central bank has lowered its benchmark lending rate to a record low of 1 percent to fight Europe’s worst recession since World War II. It is also employing “non- standard measures” to get credit flowing through the economy again, lending banks as much money as they need at the benchmark rate and buying covered bonds. “The euro-area economy shows signs of stabilization,” Trichet said. “In the period ahead we expect to see a very gradual recovery.” The ECB this month predicted economic growth in the 16- nation euro region of about 0.2 percent in 2010, revising a June forecast for a 0.3 percent contraction. In 2009, the economy will shrink about 4.1 percent, less than the 4.6 percent contraction predicted three months earlier. G-20 leaders concluded a summit in Pittsburgh on Sept. 25 promising to pursue policies that bring the world economy into greater balance. That initiative may require the dollar to fall further so as to narrow the U.S. trade deficit, according to economists at Morgan Stanley. Dollar’s Dominance Trichet’s comments came the same day that World Bank President Robert Zoellick said the U.S. dollar’s dominance as the world’s main reserve currency will be challenged as the financial crisis reshapes the global economy. “There is every reason to believe that the euro’s acceptability could grow,” Zoellick said. “Of course, the U.S. dollar is and will remain a major currency. But the greenback’s fortunes will depend heavily on U.S. choices” on inflation, the budget deficit and financial oversight, he said. U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner last week defended the dollar’s role as the world’s reserve currency. The U.S. has a “special responsibility” to preserve confidence in its financial system and “sustain the dollar’s role as the principal reserve currency in the international financial system,” he said Sept. 24 in Pittsburgh. Trichet also urged banks to accelerate lending to their economies. The global recession has made banks reluctant to lend and also eroded demand for debt. In Europe, loans to the private sector rose 0.1 percent in August from a year earlier, the slowest growth since records began in 1991, the ECB said last week. There’s a “gradual improvement in financing conditions which is expected to support demand for credit in the period ahead,” Trichet said. “It is for this reason that the Governing Council continues to regard ECB interest rates as appropriate.” “Our message to banks is clear: do your job,” he added. Do you believe that ?[...]

Gold on Daily Chart

Tue, 29 Sep 2009 06:10:00 +0000

I saw on gold very intested to Sold ...
As i see something as picture below..


Danager in EUR weak ,,And USD will back strong

Thu, 06 Aug 2009 11:44:00 +0000

Ok ..this time i think ....

After Now Will Reversal To Down Trend Side After I Closed ...
USDJPY USDCHF Long Position Possible ....

But EURUSD will effect more than GBPUSD ...

We will See that i think true or fail ...

Expection Eurusd Short position right row ....
Expection USDCHF will Strong Uptrend
Expection on USDJPY will Strong Uptrend

General Discussion First Week of Aug ..

Sun, 02 Aug 2009 16:07:00 +0000

After last week bullish and bearish were fighting ..and Blood was on the market ..

As i said .Economic of the world look like good .and My eye see something of chart , price still continue go on (Up trend Direction).

Foucus on currency pairs => Example ::::


As I said ..All above currency pairs still up trend on long term possible..

Tip: Increase Orders Buy When price drop ..Close some position if want to take profit and then decrease drawdown of account,

Good Luck ..

Scalping they will always ignore on friday

Fri, 24 Jul 2009 07:34:00 +0000

Scalping they will always ignore on friday i knew...
I define of scalper . a lot of betting... in this Forex ...

Defination:I hope all scalper will get rich within 1 day but not 1 week or 2 weeks or 3 years or n.... Years

If you see something look like this

Thu, 23 Jul 2009 17:28:00 +0000

If you see something look like this be carefully ... don't short..

Open chart D1 is good...

Market Directions

Wed, 15 Jul 2009 06:27:00 +0000

After I look at chart .i see something economic of ther world look like 2-3 years

So i think no wonder ...All USD to fall AND JPY and falling And then Currency *USD is going to uptrend...

And *JPY is going to uptrend... on long term we will rich or not...We will wait to watch them.

I think this time EURJPY GBPJPY will strong movement to uptrend direction...

Good luck

EURUSD Discussion

Thu, 09 Jul 2009 09:01:00 +0000

This is back to uptrend direction after EURUSD Test 1.3830 and Fail to Reach below 1.3830

This is clearing direction Eurusd Possible back to uptrend again..

10%-20% of Profitable per month ..I am very very happy

Sun, 05 Jul 2009 09:03:00 +0000

first of in business i come to ..I think that easy to earn or get a huge profit within one or two or three days..this is correct or incorrect ...

Oh,since i am newbie in this business i think wow very very good in prfitable..
But not not true .i am mistake .i think incorrect.. only one way one thing you will be this business on longtime orders small lots or small Q and trade by left a huge free margin.

It's save and prevented your of loss...I hope everyone or senoir trader will be understand in hight risk hight return..

RULE:Nobody rich in 2nd of week after they deposited....
this is business's not betting.

I am programmer ...And I love Programming and aware in high risk hight return such as forex

Sun, 05 Jul 2009 05:31:00 +0000

I am programmer ...And I love Programming and always aware in hight risk hight return such as forex ..

I development and tried to wrote Expert Advisor for fun .and participate in Automate Championship 2007-2008 .

Here my Expert advisor work result ==> ..You can see .

But sorry this Year Automated Trading Championship 2009 Will Not Be Conducted...
Because they want to release this year i am not fun..SAD.

You can see much more detail @

RULE:I always remmember don't open orders till left a few margin .if we do that so we ready to loss Or Not..

23 June EUR/USD Probability Study Vid for EU and US sessions - H&S Target = 1.3500

Sat, 04 Jul 2009 01:38:00 +0000

(object) (embed)

This is video ..Basis of Analysis.. I knew maybe somebody knew,,

All Trader think look like me..Good luck.

Secrets of MetaTrader Lesson 1: Adding Price Levels to Fibs

Sat, 04 Jul 2009 01:35:00 +0000

(object) (embed)

Meta trader plateform focus on Expert Advisor

Fri, 03 Jul 2009 19:34:00 +0000


I call them that Automate trading or Expert Advisor...
Sometime I use them auto trade then i sleep or help me close or open order or prevent big loss...

I have many EA ..copy and wrote my strategies...since 2006
Sometime i use against trade other different 2 brokers for make my profit..


Thai money way is back

Fri, 03 Jul 2009 17:57:00 +0000

After Finish with Drive Golf, I'm back to post about Forex again,

I knew that most of people come to Forex again..
So now i'm focus on EURUSD..

EURUSD it's very hight and making price rest on the market right now..
But I think EURUSD will come to Downside (Big Downside again)..

Forex Brokers

Sun, 06 Jan 2008 21:37:00 +0000

I have some brokers to advice for you.
You can looking at


Forex market Time zone

Wed, 18 Jul 2007 04:47:00 +0000

First ,you should to know about time zone of nation's currency,then you know it 's easy to predict the market . see picture below .


Usually,then market time closed .that nation's currnecy predict be weakness.
Usually,then market time opened .that nation's currnecy predict be strength.
As London opened pound stering will be strength.

Fx Trader

Elliott Wave Theory

Mon, 09 Jul 2007 23:09:00 +0000

(image) In markets, progress ultimately takes the form of five waves of a specific structure. Waves (1), (3) and (5) actually affect the directional movement. Waves (2) and (4) are countertrend interruptions. The two interruptions are apparently a requisite for overall directional movement to occur.

The forex market is always somewhere in the basic five-wave pattern at the largest degree of trend. Because the five-wave pattern is the overriding form of market progress, all other patterns are subsumed by it.

What time frames does the wave work?

(image) The Wave may be applied in all time frames. Waves come in degrees, the smaller being the building blocks for the larger. Waves link together to form larger versions of themselves, and they also link together to form the same patterns at the next larger size, and so on. The figure above shows how waves may be subdivided to establish different degrees of trend.
Some of the largest wave patterns span hundreds of years, while some of the smallest span a few hours. Therefore, the Elliott Wave theory is useful for forecasting market movements in all time frames.

Power by Elliott Wave Theory,

Recommended Technical Analysis

Wed, 04 Jul 2007 23:49:00 +0000

I think ,in comments usefull for according event.OPEN SELL OR BUY .myself
Any update please looking at comments.

FX Trader.

Free – FX ebook .download forex ebook usefully

Sun, 01 Jul 2007 09:09:00 +0000

This is ebook but usefully can learning it
I advice that you sould read it .tries to read, Fibonacci constants and Elliott waves theoryFx ebook here   download fx ebooks

I guess that you will happy :)

FX Trader

Basic Strategies –How do you then stand on the crazily market?

Sat, 30 Jun 2007 19:30:00 +0000

Then the crazily market How do you? (image)
My strategy is listen some pop song.because a song help me much
I like this song very much ..I advice you listen some song as you crazy with this song .like be the crazily market.

I like a song name is everthing in album Michael Buble and you ???
I believe that you never loss in forex .following my strategies,

A song to help you COOL…
Simple !! :)

Listen a song --> Everything

Everything Lyrics
Artist(Band):Michael Buble

MACD and RSI - Basic knowledge

Fri, 29 Jun 2007 04:55:00 +0000

Before that you start lerning with my system.First you should know about basically knowledge of technical tools... :)

MACD - Moving Average Convergence/Divergence - a technical
indicator, developed by Gerald Appel, used to detect swings in the
price of financial instruments. The MACD is computed using two
exponentially smoothed moving averages (see further down) of the
security’s historical price, and is usually shown over a period of time on
a chart. By then comparing the MACD to its own moving average
(usually called the "signal line"), traders believe they can detect when
the security is likely to rise or fall. MACD is frequently used in
conjunction with other technical indicators such as the RSI


Picture (a) Buy signal


Picture (b) Sell signal

RSI - Relative Strength Index - a technical momentum indicator,
devised by Welles Wilder, measures the relative changes between the
higher and lower closing prices. RSI compares the magnitude of recent
gains to recent losses in an attempt to determine overbought and
oversold conditions of an asset.

Step #3 Download Expert Advisors

Thu, 28 Jun 2007 11:37:00 +0000

(image) I created it ,following my system usually used.
1. Expert Advisor name : EA-EMA Download Use then it’s Wave C
2. Expert Advisor name : EA-MACD Download Use then it’s swing trade

How to install them?
1. Then you download complete file.
2. Copy and past file *.ex4 to path Progame Files/FXDD-MetaTrader4/Experts/
3. Run program Meta Trader4 again. :)

Test GBPUSD first with Time frame 1H chart .

Warning .using EA you should look at my template also.

Step #2 Download the best Indicators

Wed, 27 Jun 2007 05:59:00 +0000

(image) Indicators I usually used .Download indicators there .

Forex Trend v2 -->good
iMACD -->good
RSI + Trend -->good
MACD -->good
Absolute strength -->good

Download indicators

Indicators work best for me :)

How to install them?

1.Exract files
2.Copy and past all indicators to folder Progame Files/FXDD-MetaTrader4/Experts/indicators/
3. Copy file name My_template.tpl past it to folder Program files/FXDD - MetaTrader 4/templates/

4. Run program Meta Trader4
5. open new chart
6. open my template then you complete step .

Step #1 Download Meta Trader - Platform

Wed, 27 Jun 2007 05:07:00 +0000

Meta Trader great one to impove your profitable.
Download As link below

You are able download these plateform first.Install them and open account ..:)

Opening of Accounts
Terminal allows to work with two types of accounts: demo accounts and real accounts। Demo accounts enable working under training conditions, without real money on them, but they allow to work out and test trading strategy very well। They possess all the same functionality as the real ones. The distinction consists in that demo accounts can be opened without any investments, though one cannot count on any profit from them.

The following data will be requested to open an account:
Name — the user's full name;
Country — country of residence;
State — area (region, territory, state, etc.) of residence;
City — city of residence;
Zip code — zip code;
Address — exact mailing address (street name, house and apartment numbers);
Phone — contact telephone number;
Email — email address;
Account Type — account type to be selected from the list defined by the brokerage company;
Currency — the basic currency of the deposit to be set automatically depending on the account type selected;
Leverage — the ratio between the borrowed and owned funds for trading;
Deposit — the amount of the initial deposit in terms of the basic currency.