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Comments on: My Blog, My Rules

Thoughts, rants, and even some code from the mind of Barney Boisvert.

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By: Peter Bell

Wed, 05 Dec 2007 03:02:01 +0000

A little late to this party, but . . . @Ray, I'll bear that in mind next time I fill in a feedback form for one of your talks. Wouldn't ever want you to worry *grins* Re: Charlie, +1 to everyone else. Extremely helpful, committed and nice guy. But Ray is right - if nobody has something bad to say about you, you're probably not doing anything worthwhile. It's important to take the average of public sentiment - not the occasional vocal detractor! @Barney (and the source of the post), I actually love the stuff you publish. I'm looking to get hints, tips, frustrations so I can get better, quicker, and I often learn something from your Blog. While I love completed products (like Rays armada of apps), I get even more out of snippets and thoughts as they help you to grow and can often be used in a broader range of use cases. They don't just solve a single problem - they give you another tool for solving problems (and not always just in ColdFusion or Java). So as Sean said, I hope you keep doing what you're doing with the blog. But there again, it's your blog, so do what the heck you want with it!

By: Raymond Camden

Mon, 03 Dec 2007 22:20:36 +0000

More than a few people have commented to defend Charlie, but I wanted to put my two cents in as well. Like Sean - if I had to "ding" Charlie for one thing (and I'd be happy to have one fault), it is that he can be a bit wordy. But in the _numerous_ sessions I've attended where Charlie has spoken, I have not once known him to talk down to anyone. He goes out of his way to be polite to everyone he meets. Speaking from my own personal experience, I've noticed that when I give a session to 50-60 people, I'll typically get good responses and constructive criticism, but at least least one or two people will _really_ be upset with me and think I gave a horrible presentation. I chalk it up to not being able to please all the people all the time, or just folks randomly having a bad day. In fact, when I get a set of responses back that doesn't have at least one angry person, I begin to worry. ;)

By: Charlie Arehart

Mon, 03 Dec 2007 19:46:25 +0000

Thanks, Barney. Makes total sense. Sorry for the confusion. And thanks, too, to Mitch, for bringing the comments back to the main point of your entry, which was your asking people to let you know what they thought of the things you offer on your site, and how you offer them. As he says, I too want to say keep up the good work. Put it another way: wasn't that suggestion I made the only one I've ever made to you?! And it was just a suggestion, not a complaint. :-)

By: Mitch Rose

Mon, 03 Dec 2007 19:21:28 +0000

I've been a fan of your blog for years, and have used some of your code too. I rarely post to anyone's blog, but please, keep up the good work - I for one find it all very helpful.

By: barneyb

Mon, 03 Dec 2007 18:33:41 +0000

Charlie, Comments are moderated, though I've currently configured it to allow people with already-approved comments to skip the moderation phase. That's why your comment appeared immediately, but Kim's didn't. I've since approved it, so it's public, and any future comments she makes will skip moderation. I try very hard to control spam on my blog without interfering with "contributors". I found that allowing pre-approved commenters to post without moderation didn't cause any increase in spam, and it gives a much better experience for repeat commenters. However, even with Akismet, I still get a fair amount of spam, so I leave moderation on for first-time commenters. And no, CAPTCHA isn't an option. Since I moved from MovableType to WordPress (because I needed PHP at the time), I haven't reinstated all the defenses that I had in place. With MT, I was able to not use moderation or CAPTCHA and prevent spam simply by some session and obfuscation techniques. Granted, that was a couple years ago, and the bots have probably improved. Getting to the point where I can remove moderation is on the list of things to do, but it's not a high priority.

By: Charlie Arehart

Mon, 03 Dec 2007 17:31:29 +0000

Hmm. My comment took right away. Clearly, they're not moderated. Sorry to insinuate that. I'll ask Kim what she tried. (Maybe she needed to reply to an email to confirm her identity and it got filed somewhere unexpected. I'll get her to look into that.) It was cute for her to try, at least. Apologies to those who think it's too saccharine/sweet . :-)

By: Charlie Arehart

Mon, 03 Dec 2007 17:25:29 +0000

Thanks very much to those who stepped up in my defense. I really wasn't asking for that, but of course it's appreciated. I've decided not to bother (for now) to take this up on my blog. Charles William, I do want to simply make a plea to you to please give me the chance to apologize to you in person. If you share your email or phone number at charlie (at), I'll be glad to reach out. And I'd say the same to anyone who feels that way after reading or seeing something of mine. I really don't ever want to think I've offended someone, and if so not only want to apologize but also address it. Charles, you seem to suggest this is more than one thing, and more than one person who felt as you did. That's all the more reason for me to want very much to learn from my mistakes with you. And I'll say, as well, that I learned from this whole ordeal with Barney. I have to wonder if things would have been all very different if instead of just sharing the suggestions, I had instead first asked, "would you like to hear some suggestions?" At that point, he may have said, "nah, I really don't have time to bother updating anything". I'll admit, I might have pressed, though, to make sure he realized how simple my suggestions were. Indeed, as he said, he took them on. I don't know that I'll ever fully understand why some bristle at suggestions. I'm certainly open to them myself, and revise my site, writings, and tools all the time. I know some say, "well, you have time to do all that". OK, I guess I do. It just seems the right thing, but I'll accept that Barney sees his situations as different (not "building a brand"). To each his own. As for the concerns Charles raised, it seems a related issue: I have to find the balance in knowing when to make a suggestion or when to explain a topic in a class or article. Since I can't really know who I'm talking to in the latter case, it's tough. I'd just ask folks to please be patient (with people like me). I'm (we are) just trying to help. If it doesn't help you (or seems I'm talking down to you), consider whether I might be speaking to someone else, or from their perspective. Fortunately, I get enough positive feedback in all that I do to keep me going. I just want to stress, again, that I still want feedback. I regard even the comment of one as likely representing the thoughts of many. Someone needs to be the first one to step up. To quote that coach who went off at the press conference a couple months ago, "I'm a man. I'm 40 (well, 45). I can take it!" :-) PS My wife told me she stepped in and made a comment. As I write this, it's not showing up here (the comments are moderated, I guess). Just want to say that's not "my girlfriend taking up my fights for me", rather just my best friend wanting to say to the world, "hey, you ought to try living with him!" :-) Seriously, though, she simply wanted to say that she's had challenges, too, knowing how to take such "feedback", but she admits she usually just took my suggestion the wrong way, or I caught her in a wrong mood. But clearly I can learn from all this, too. Even if just a small number of people respond that way, I still want to work on it. Thankfully God's given her to me to help me do that over the long haul!

By: Kim Arehart

Mon, 03 Dec 2007 04:01:15 +0000

This may seem out of place, but as Charlie's wife, I wanted to ring in myself. Naturally, I deal with him on a more regular basis than anyone else. To Charles William, I'm sorry you had that response to Charlie. Still, Sean was right on. Charlie's always concerned about helping...not hurting or offending. I myself have felt at times that he wanted to be "too" helpful with me, and it sometimes has rubbed me the wrong way, but when I look inward in those instances, I see that it's MY issue...not his. To those who came to Charlie's defense, thank you. He pours heart & soul into his work & his relationships, & hurtful comments really disturb him. I've found him completely worthy of my respect & am glad to see that others in the CF community agree.

By: Michael Sharman

Sat, 01 Dec 2007 08:04:07 +0000

Again +1 (hmm, make that +2) to Charlie, simply browsing his website proves his worth and dedication to the CF community 1000 times over. And that's not taking into consideration his presence on countless mailing lists and blog comments. I had the pleasure of meeting Charlie on a social level (at the WebDU conference after party) and have only positive things to say about him. Keep doing what you're doing Charlie, I think it was possibly a misunderstanding on Charles' behalf.

By: Mark Fuqua

Sat, 01 Dec 2007 02:49:28 +0000

Ditto Sean, Barney and Joe. Charlie A. has helped me many times and has always be gracious about it.