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Preview: Coast Right with JJCREWGUY

Coast Right with JJCREWGUY

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ECWA Pro Wrestling March 5, 2010


(image) This Saturday March 5, 2011 JJ the Crew Guy will be back in the ECWA ring taking on two of my arch nemesis. To say I do not like the Miami dancing machine Da, Da Deserter Chance, or the ECWA Champion, if you can call him that, Mega would be an understatement. I have had an extensive history with both and an intense hatred has developed between us.

What does this mean? This means you will not see a technical masterpiece of a match, you will not see a 1001 holds, you will not see me or any of my Revolution members do a 450 splash, or even a moonsault this time around. You will see the brawl of the decade. A brawl that is going to leave both Chance, and Mega crippled and out of wrestling for some time.

This will not be pretty, this will not be a showcase for the Super 8 tournament or even future Super 8 consideration, but it will be entertaining and worthy of a main event on any wrestling companies’ card.

Bell time is 7:00 this time around, not 7:30. Doors open at 6pm with meet and greets then, and again at intermission.

See you there!

JJ the CrewGuy

Whey Protein


(image) This past weekend I took a client of mine to my secret shopping spots to help him with his diet. He has been in the iron game a long time and even competed in some bodybuilding contests.
To my pleasure they just started making this months cheese, and I was able to purchase some whey. Well to my amazement he had no clue what I was buying and that whey was not a powder. So I thought I would post a picture of what your whey protein starts out as before it has been filtered or whatever your brand does to process it.

This is whey as raw as you can get it and in this state they do not use it as a protein supplement, but as an antibiotic. I also found out that it has a long shelf life, in fact the Amish lady I bought it from has never heard of it going bad. It does need to be refrigerated. The taste.....well it is not offensive, and it is tolerable, but it is not your chocolate cookie dough either :D

The Agony of Defeat


I want to thank all my fans and enemies that came out on Saturday to watch me compete.

The match was fast paced and brutal. I had a number of gnarly bruises and welts upon awakening Sunday, and thankfully the one client I had scheduled for personal training cancelled at the last minute allowing me a day of much needed recovery.

Though this was my first ever “chain match” I have to say that at around the five minute mark of what turned out to be a ten minute contest I felt comfortable and at home with using such a weapon in the ring. Unfortunately, the damage had already been done and my fate sealed by the master of “chain matches” Glenn “the Beast” Osborne within those first few minutes of learning the nuances of the chain in the ring. It pains me to admit this, call it lucky, call it skill, call it whatever you want, but on Saturday night “The Beast” was the better wrestler and won deservingly so.

While most wallow within the agony of defeat, I tend to flourish. Defeat, like injuries allows me to find weaknesses in my training and game. Coming into Saturday night my main points to be addressed were weaknesses I uncovered in the previous month; conditioning, and ankle stability. I am pleased to say my conditioning far exceeded expectations, and I easily could have gone 60 minutes. Ankle stability and flexibility was improved, but still not up to par. Already I have begun preparing for next months match by adjusting my training to focus more on ankle re-habilitation along with addressing strength issues within the shoulder and hips. I also need to add a little speed to my program and I believe a five pound drop in body weight may will accomplish this

Have no fear from the ashes of agony I will rise up and be victorious next month.


Chain Match Saturday Aug.14, 2010 ECWA Wrestling



Oh Yeah! This Saturday I will be taking part in a chain match with my long time adversary, Glenn “The Beast” Osbourne. I invite all to witness the end of “The Beast” as I plan to put him out of wrestling for good, with his own gimmick!
August 14, 2010 at the Boys and Girls Club, Bear, Delaware
Doors open 6:30, belltime 7:30pm

More info can be found here:

By: Josh Martin
You heard right! At the show on August 14 there will be a special 4 corners chain match featuring 2 Hall of Fame veterans, Glen Osbourne and J.J. The Crew Guy. Since The Crew Guy took it upon himself to use the unforgiving chain on Glen Osbourne at our last event, this promises to be a grueling and brutal match from the opening bell.
Osbourne who carries his signature chain with him to the ring did that when he entered the annual ECWA Summit on July 10. As usual he laid the chain on the apron and proceeded to enter the rumble style match. It is what happened next that left everyone shocked and left Osbourne almost out cold on the floor. As Osbourne was getting up slowly on the floor having just been eliminated, he was just getting his wits about him when he was victimized by his own chain at the hands of the sadistic man in the ECWA known as J.J. The Crew Guy. Osbourne never saw it coming.
This well orchestrated event by The Crew Guy has awakened "The Beast" in Osbourne. Many remember that Glen is a master of chain matches and now he will get his chance for revenge against the ever plotting Crew Guy at this next show on August 14. But one should never count J.J. The Crew Guy out of the picture. He is as ruthless as they come and he just may have something in store to defeat Osbourne on August 14.
Be there to see how it all unfolds!

Renegade Training’s July 2010 Certification Class


Renegade Training’s July 2010 Certification Class “I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance” Socrates, Greek Philosopher (469BC-399BC) As a Certified Sr. Renegade Trainer I am required to regularly attend certification classes, as well as maintain a number of CEU’s yearly. What does this meant to you, the client? It means that you are getting the very best, and up to date fitness training in the world. Like our clients, Renegade Trainers are constantly learning and perfecting the craft. This is not optional, as with other fitness certifications, but mandatory for our level of commitment. July’s 2010 Certification Program at the Fitness Edge in Fairfield, Connecticut was a perfect example. No matter how long we have been trainers, or involved in fitness, there is always something new to be learned. The July Cert provided me with the opportunity to further expand my knowledge into the latter levels of the Renegade exclusive DMC program. This was something that had to be experienced in person; learned by watching and by doing, it could not be translated onto paper or over the net. The July 2010 Renegade Certification also allowed me an opportunity to discuss the rehabilitation and pre-habilitation benefits of the amazing RED2 system with a number of professionals. This was especially important and beneficial to me as both a trainer and an athlete that has used the RED2 system to rehabilitate a number of serious injuries. While the bulk of the two day, exhaustive, certification session was spent on the DMC/RED2 systems, all areas of training and business were covered. I spent time with a number of new faces and personalities at the session that all had a unique perspective to offer. Together we learn from each other, grow our knowledge base and bring back new techniques to incorporate into our programs. We always look forward to seeing each other at these sessions, to help each other learn and to grow ourselves as knowledgeable trainers ready to offer you the best, most up-to-date training program that we call “Renegade”. -JJ J. Johnston Sr. Renegade Trainer Founding DMC professional Kettlebell Specialist Sergeant of Arms for Renegade Training International [...]

ECWA Showdown May 8: JJ vs Mozart


By: Justin Ayers
At our last event in March, in front of the crowd, it was a dignified ceremony until one of the inductees J.J. The Crew Guy went too far and attacked a fan! Then he had the unmitigated nerve to insult another fellow Hall of Famer, Chick Magnet, Mozart Fontaine backstage which ignited a ruckus. Now the loud mouth Crew Guy has to put up or shut up and defend himself as the time has come when he cannot hide behind his words!
The backstage area was buzzing from the brutal attack that J.J. The Crew Guy delivered upon a long time fan Jon Stoklosa last show. Officials had finally gotten the embittered Crew Guy into a separate area and they were trying to restore calm backstage after he completely wrecked the Hall of Fame Ceremony. The show went on and things were running smoothly backstage until part of the way through the show. Another Hall of Famer, Mozart Fontaine was coming back down the aisle way of the backstage area after suffering a hard fought loss for the Heavyweight Championship. It was there in the hall way that he bumped into J.J. The Crew Guy. What happened next was typical Crew Guy!
J.J. The Crew Guy got right in the face of Mozart Fontaine and began to hurl insults at him. He called him old and washed up and a disgraced Hall of Famer. He told Fontaine that he should hang up his boots and trunks and that the Heavyweight Championship would never be his, and that he didn't deserve the contender's spot he just left, and that the opportunity should have went to a more deserving, like himself.
Mozart, someone still winded from his tough match, tried to ignore the insults, especially since he has known what the Crew Guy is like since their early days in the business when they broke in together over ten years ago. Then things got worse!
The more Fontaine tried to ignore The Crew Guy and walked away, the more insulting and physical J.J. The Crew Guy became. He then made the mistake of shoving the already heated Mozart Fontaine. The angry Chick Magnet could take no more and flew into the Crew Guy with both landing punches and hurling insults. The two had to be separated by several other wrestlers and officials in the locker room area
The Crew Guy challenged Fontaine to a match which happens on May 8. If the match in the ring on May 8 is anything like their confrontation last show backstage, it promises to be a blockbuster event that fans surely do not want to miss!

Buy American


Recently I have had a number of friends become victim of this troubling economy. While I feel bad for them, in truth I do not feel that bad. Now this may sound harsh, but I ask you, as I asked them; “What did you expect?”
Right now you are responding; “What do you mean?”
Every single of my recently unemployed friends bought and owns a foreign car. Now don’t get me wrong I am not Japan, Korea, or Germany bashing, I appreciate a good Tuner as much as anyone. I have worked on them, drove them, even owned one, but face it this tuner does nothing to help the economy.
Did you know to build the typical American car, as many companies are outsourced for parts to use in building one of the big three’s cars as are used to build the Space Shuttle. Think about it, chances are YOUR job whether it is in finance, delivery, or plastics is somehow dependent on the auto industry, the US auto market to be specific.
Next time you are at a stoplight look around. Chances are you are going to be surrounded by a bunch of Tools driving Honda’s, Toyota’s, or Hyundai’s. All of them look the same, so I know you are not buying them based on looks. It is not that these cars are better than the American counterparts, they are just perceived better. Hang out in a garage, or be-friend a few mechanics and you will see what I mean.
If you own a foreign car, and you get laid off don’t look to me for a shoulder to cry on. Ask yourself; what did you do to help the economy. Just think about that question when shopping for a new auto, or pulling into a Walmart parking lot.

ECWA - Big show March 20, 2010 – Hall of Fame


While I have not yet been notified about my opponent for the show, it is with great honor that I am to be inducted into the ECWA’s Hall of Fame on March 20.
Please accept this as my personal invitation to come on out and celebrate my first 13 years in the wrestling business first hand!

And to make it perfectly clear, this is in no way a retirement party. I easily have another 13 years of fight left in the tank!

More to come leading up to March 20, including a timeline of never before published –anywhere- look at my accomplishments to date in the ECWA!

Greater Newark Boys' & Girls' Club
109 Glasgow Drive
Rt. 40 & #1 Positive Place
Newark, DE 19702
Doors open: 6:30 p.m.
Showtime starts: 7:30 p.m.

For all show information, venue, tickets, directions
For info and reserved seating call (302) 750-3803
or e-mail at:

Child Obesity


As a certified Renegade Trainer, and part of Renegade Training, we are working to tackle the problems of child obesity. Currently there is a great article on the subject posted by Renegade Training’s founder John Davies.
I urge you to read it, as it does offer specific solutions regarding the epidemic of obesity among the youth of today. The workout provided can be applied to children and adults of all ages. Feel free to join in the forum discussion and if you need help implementing the program just ask on the forum, or give me, or any other Renegade Trainer a shout.

JJ vs Special Olympics? Saturday Nov 14 2009


Big match this Saturday November 14 I will be applying my Renegade wares at the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club in Bear, Delaware. It is really shaping up to be a great card as it is the “night of unusual matches.” You can check out the rest of the card as well as get directions at

Now, you may read the official write up and say to your self “come on JJ, one of your opponents is a Special Olympian.” Make no mistake Jon Stoklosa is a beast too. I have seen this guy in the gym and he tosses up 355 on the bench like most people would 135. He is such a talent that Sports Illustrated for Kids did a whole feature on him. And make no mistakes either in assuming I will show leniency on my opponents because one of them is a Special Olympian. I will give not only Jon, but Glenn the beat down they deserve and show that once again Renegade Training will reign Supreme!

Official Writeup By: Josh Martin

Months of insults & bad blood lead to this!
It's been a wild past few months in the ECWA which saw a wily veteran and his demented manager almost cause riots with certain fans every time they enter the arena. With all the bad blood and insults another wily veteran selects one of the angry fans to be his manager and the scenario has intensified!

For many years devoted fan, Jonathan Stoklosa has been sitting at ringside and enjoying the hours of matches he has witnessed here in the ECWA. Jonathan is a well respected Power Lifting Champion with the Delaware Special Olympics and he has went on to national notoriety over the years. Well respected on a national level and here at home, you wouldn't want to find a nicer and more talented individual. Over the years, Jon has struck up a great friendship with The Beast Glen Osbourne as he and Glen have spent many hours sitting and chatting about Power Lifting. But a few months ago something in Jon snapped that surprised everyone, including his longtime friend Osbourne!

Enter the master of mischief, manager Sebastian Night and his ego driven maniac, J.J. The Crew Guy. Several months ago they began taunting Jon and the other Special Olympics athletes sitting at ringside. What started out to be selective taunts, became full all out insults hurled from Crew Guy and his diabolical manager. And most of the slurs and insults were directed toward Jonathan! What they didn't bargain for was that Jon and his friends would stand up to them in nearly causing riots that had to be quelled by security. The loud mouth duo also got something else they never bargained for. . . The Beast Glen Osbourne would stand by his longtime friend Jonathan Stoklosa and would go on to let Jon accompany him to ringside.

This has infuriated J.J. Crew Guy and his manager, Sebastian Night. So much so that Night and his superstar have challenged Osbourne and his friend Stoklosa to a special tag team match at ECWA's Night of Unusual Matches! No doubt more mayhem will ensue, but just who will back up their war of words? We will find out on November 14 at the Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club.

JJ vs Special Olympics


This just in from the ECWA Booking committee.....


By: Josh Martin
Months of insults & bad blood lead to this!
It's been a wild past few months in the ECWA which saw a wily veteran and his demented manager almost cause riots with certain fans every time they enter the arena. With all the bad blood and insults another wily veteran selects one of the angry fans to be his manager and the scenario has intensified!
For many years devoted fan, Jonathan Stoklosa has been sitting at ringside and enjoying the hours of matches he has witnessed here in the ECWA. Jonathan is a well respected Power Lifting Champion with the Delaware Special Olympics and he has went on to national notoriety over the years. Well respected on a national level and here at home, you wouldn't want to find a nicer and more talented individual. Over the years, Jon has struck up a great friendship with The Beast Glen Osbourne as he and Glen have spent many hours sitting and chatting about Power Lifting. But a few months ago something in Jon snapped that surprised everyone, including his longtime friend Osbourne!
Enter the master of mischief, manager Sebastian Night and his ego driven maniac, J.J. The Crew Guy. Several months ago they began taunting Jon and the other Special Olympics athletes sitting at ringside. What started out to be selective taunts, became full all out insults hurled from Crew Guy and his diabolical manager. And most of the slurs and insults were directed toward Jonathan! What they didn't bargain for was that Jon and his friends would stand up to them in nearly causing riots that had to be quelled by security. The loud mouth duo also got something else they never bargained for. . . The Beast Glen Osbourne would stand by his longtime friend Jonathan Stoklosa and would go on to let Jon accompany him to ringside.
This has infuriated J.J. Crew Guy and his manager, Sebastian Night. So much so that Night and his superstar have challenged Osbourne and his friend Stoklosa to a special tag team match at ECWA's Night of Unusual Matches! No doubt more mayhem will ensue, but just who will back up their war of words? We will find out on November 14 at the Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club.

Osborne vs JJ Saturday night!


Ah Grasshopper, Big Match this weekend. You do not want to miss this one. I will unleash all my Renegade skills on my longtime adversary Glenn “The Beast” Osborne.
He will be lucky to wrestle ever again after I am done with him! And for all you front row Special Olympians watchout! You do not want to go face to face with me this time around! I am not in a good mood!

Write up by: Josh Martin
J. J. the Crew Guy vows to embarrass Osbourne in front of Special Olympics!
You heard right fans! J.J. The Crew Guy and his wily manager, mastermind, Sebastian Night have promised to make a fool out of Glen Osbourne in front of his Special Olympics fans! Insults towards The Beast and his fans have been flying out of the mouths of the Crew Guy and his manager, so September 12 will be a time to put up or shut up. No doubt the Special Olympics fans in the crowd will have a few choice words for the Crew Guy as well, as it is no secret that Glen Osbourne is one of their favorites.
J.J. The Crew Guy is egotistical and very antagonistic! Sometimes it takes him 10 minutes to enter the ring as he stops and argues profusely with the ringsiders, especially with the kids from the Special Olympics. Why he picks on them, no one knows, but he has had some verbal wars with them, and now he vows to make a fool out of one of the men they support the most! The Beast Glen Osbourne.
Osbourne a long time fan favorite has always had a tender spot in his heart for kids and has had a special bond with the Special Olympics over the years and this veteran star has told that on September 12 he will be fighting not only for himself, but he wants to represent all the kids in the crowd and more especially the Special Olympics fans!
Aside from who they like and don't like, and who likes them and don't like them, no one can deny that the meeting between these two powerful legends will be a must see event on September 12.

You are a role model


Ah Grasshopper, my sincere apologies on slacking with my blog entries and your lessons.
Your lesson this week:
If you do things, you are a role model.Remember this always.
For in a society of followers and couch potatoes someone is always “looking up to you.” Conduct yourselves appropriately.

ECWA Fan Fest this Saturday July 18


Ever wonder what it is like inside a wrestling steel cage?
Want to see?
Want you picture taken inside the cage as proof for the disbelieving millions?
Better yet want you picture taken with the most feared and hated villains of ECWA, JJCrewGuy and Sebastion Night?
Saturday night is your big chance. Bring the camera and come to the 2nd annual “ECWA Fan Fest” show.

It's a fan fest prior to the event where fans can play games, visit our wrestling exhibits with all the wrestlers including getting your picture taken in a real steel cage, not to mention fans can play against the wrestlers in the "Wrestling Feud" game, try out to be announcers, etc. It's a great night for all the fans.
Doors open: 6:15 p.m.
Fan Interaction Program starts: 6:30 p.m.
Showtime starts: 7:30 p.m.
Boys and Girls club of Bear Delaware

And after fan fest see JJCrewGuy in action, and pray you are not the one luck fan that walks out to ringside, because I will be gunning for you!
Here is the write up:
By: Justin Ayers
A dream match that has it all !!!!
In an ongoing effort to bring the ECWA the very best match ups, officials have out done themselves in signing this match!
One lucky fan can be involved as part of the fan interaction part of the evening by leading the team of Chambers, Nastty and Osbourne to the ring!
But getting back to the match, it has all the elements of going down in history as one of the all time classics . . . just look at all the contestants . . .
One side of the ring you have three of the most hated men in the ECWA.
Prince Nana is noted to be the most hated man in the ECWA, but this perennial top performer can go toe to toe with the best of them in the squared circle, despite the hatred he garners from the good fans of the ECWA. His partner, J.J. Crew Guy, is right up there when it comes to the fans hating him. He seems to relish that fans despise him, and to put it mildly, this seasoned veteran hates the fans as well. When he is performing, he has the fans in a frenzy, especially one particular section of the audience. He may have running arguments with the fans but make no mistake, he knows what he is doing every second he is in that ring performing. Bazooka Joe rounds out the trio and this new comer to the ECWA has been making a name for himself. He has the strength and power to rival anyone in the promotion and he is particularly looking forward to proving him self against the top talent standing on the other side of the ring in this blockbuster.
The one man that can challenge the size and strength of Bazooka Joe is The Beast, Glen Osbourne. Glen brings to the ring years of experience that coupled with his power makes him almost unbeatable and his ECWA record shows that.
Standing with Osbourne on this occasion is the daredevil of the ECWA, Aden Chambers. The former Super 8 winner had held many titles in the promotion and he brings the element of speed and technical wrestling to his team.
And what can one say about their partner, ECWA's resident rebel, Freak Nastty?
Nastty was infuriated last show when Andrew Ryker caused his girlfriend to get hurt. Nastty wanted a match with Ryker this show, but officials deemed it not a good time to pair the two together since things are so heated. But speaking of heated . . . Freak Nastty adds the extra element of surprise, strength and off the wall heat to this six man tag match that will probably send it over the edge as going down as an all time ECWA classic!



As a Renegade Trainer I am often posed questions about supplements. Aside from the standard “what will make me big and strong,” or “what will help me lose weight” these questions about herbs and medicines are often posed after a condition worsens and begins to affect our training sessions. The most common, rehabilitating, condition I see is allergies. My recommendation, as it was recommended to me in the past, is raw honey.
Raw honey is no secret among the Renegade ranks. I would dare to say most everyone involved in Renegade Training starts their morning off with a tonic comprised of a spoonful of raw honey and a lemon in hot water. I can tell you for a fact this tonic eliminated my allergies completely. Unfortunately most ignore this remedy and reach for the quick fix in the form of a pill. They do this because raw honey does take time to perform its miracles, or they just think it is another snake oil. For me the tonic took about six months to notice significant reduction with my allergies, and a year to completely be rid of them. Don’t just take my word for it, Google and decide for your self. A good place to start is
Now go buy some honey and drink your tonic every morning!



Unfortunately getting injured is something that happens to just about everyone. It is how you deal with it that separates the winners from the losers. Do you turn this negative into a positive? Or do you add two negatives together and hope for a positive? We all know the saying “Winners never quit”, and this saying is certainly true for those who happened to get injured. Though being injured certainly is unfortunate and trying, especially for an athlete, it can offer unique insights in how your body works. It can also provide great data during re-habilitation on how certain exercises affect areas you may not have previously considered. Ask yourself with an open mind is this a negative or positive? Ask yourself if your training can be modified to strengthen any weaknesses. Take a step back, examine your training, examine your posture, examine your methods of recovery and see if anything can be improved.

ECWA Tag Title Rematch set April 18


By: Josh Martin

A 3 way Tag Team Championship Match under special rules has the entire ECWA anxiously awaiting the match scheduled for April 18 in Newark, DE

It sounds simple and really is, but it's not so simple for the teams involved!
It's a DOUBLE JEOPARDY duel edge sword, especially for the Tag Team Champions, Cha Cha Chance and 400 lb. Mega.

Here is how it will work.
3 teams compete in the 3 way tag contest.
A clock will be set to run a specified time on the giant ECWA-Tron screen in the arena.

The Tag Team Champions really face Double Jeopardy in beating the clock. They could lose even before the clock runs out and be eliminated, leaving the other teams to battle for the Tag Titles. The other part of the Double Jeopardy for the Tag Team Champions happens if the time runs out before they defeat the opposition, then they will forfeit the titles on the spot and the two remaining teams still can wrestle each other for the titles. So it's do or die so to speak for the popular Champions, Mega and Cha Cha. They will have to be on their toes for this one, and I don't mean on their toes dancing!

The other two No 1 contender tag teams for this match face a Double Jeopardy as well.
They will only have a certain time to beat the clock to defeat the Champions, yet they have to watch out for each other in the process. If they eliminate the Champions early on, then they will remain and face each other for the titles. But if they are eliminated, their night is over and they will be forced out of tag team title contention for a long time to come. Both teams of Leather N Lace and The Heavyweights have an interesting story. Leather N Lace lost the titles to Cha Cha & Mega, but only after they soundly defeated the Heavyweights to get the titles to begin with. The Heavyweights rebounded last show with a big win over two top opponents to place themselves back in the number 1 contenders spot. If they are unsuccessful in their bid for the titles on April 18, it would be a while before they would be considered for tag team title contention.

A history between three teams, 1 set of tag team titles and a giant clock that will determine the future of one team. Who will beat the clock and who will fall victim to the sands of time? We find out on April 18.



Every year there is a small party in Crewguy cabana come Wrestlemania. This small grouping is made of strictly wrestling fans of which many are still “in the business”.
This year was no different, and though I thought the pageantry was lackluster as compared to years past the matches were all solid.
Normally I do not “mark out” (wrestling term), however one match above all others put itself in the Crewguy’s Wrestlemania moments of all time. As expected the HBK vs Undertaker match was nothing short of perfect. It was a match that every wrestler, or wrestler wannabe dreams of having. When you can keep a group of wrestlers on the edge of their seats and hooting and hollering you did something special. If you have not seen it yet, make sure you do.

Keep in mind as you watch the match both these athletes are in their 40’s and wrestled hard for what had to be 40 minutes plus. So, the next time you are getting ready to utter that famous quote “I’m to old” think twice. Just because it may be hard does not mean its not possible!



Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over...” So then why is Leather and Lace being forced to wrestle the team of Mega and Cha Cha Chance again?
What kind of corruption is this within the ECWA wrestling commission?
Did Leather and Lace not win the last contest?
How is it then that Mega and Cha Cha get another shot?
How is it that they are still ranked as the #1 contender?

Yeah, I read all the emails, all the MySpace comments, the review on ECWAPROWRESTLING.COM claiming we cheated. I read how the ref actually declared Mega and Cha Cha winners, blah, blah, blah. Let me ask you this; whose hand did the referee ORIGINALLY assigned to the match raise? All right then.

With that being said let me tell all you loudmouthed fans how the match on March 7, a cane on a pole match, is going to go down.

1st Hot Shot Mike Reed is going to beat Mega senseless in the middle of the ring. I can confidently say he will body slam that freak so many times all Mega is going to be good for after this match is being affixed on the back some losers mini van at the show. Don’t worry Mega we’ll be sure to put you next to those idiotic dancing bears, be sure to wear something colorful Mega.

2nd I am going to take Cha Cha Chance by the boot laces drag him over to the corner of the ring, climb the turnbuckle, replace the cane with Cha Cha Chance and then Sebastian and I are going to break that fiesta dancing fool like piñata.

3rd Once more Leather and Lace’s hands will be raised in victory. Total time of the match….under 2 minutes so don’t get up for popcorn.

Over Rated? I don’t think so!
See me in action, defending the ECWA Tag Team Championship

This Saturday March 7, 2009 7:00pm
Greater Boys and Girls Club
Rt.40 Bear, Delaware
Visit ECWAPROWRESTLING.COM for more info

Cane on a Pole? No DQ?


Big Match Next Saturday March 7
Here is the "Official" write up. I will post my comments next week.

By: Josh Martin
Sebastian Night’s Tag Team Champions, Leather N Lace (J.J. Crew Guy and Hot Shot Mike Reed) have had a lot of success over the past year, on their climb to the titles and since winning the coveted Tag Championship. No one can deny that success, but many do question the methods they employ to defeat their opponents. Perhaps it all catches up to them on Saturday, March 7 in a special rematch against the two popular challengers of Cha Cha Chance and Mega, who have been hot on their heels for months.
At our last event, the Champions good luck took a turn for the worse when they caught the eye of Commissioner Naegele who just happened to be sitting in the arena during the controversial ending. Mega was preparing to hit Mike Reed with a Splash in the corner wand when he went to do so, Reed pulled the ref in between them, causing Mega to splash the referee instead. Diabolical manager Sebastian saw the referee go down and took his cane and tossed it to J.J. Crew Guy to use it on Mega. However, Mega’s partner, Cha Cha Chance tackled Crew Guy and they tumbled to the outside of the ring. Mega then grabbed the dazed Mike Reed by the throat and choke slammed him. Mega covered Reed for the pin and a fresh referee, Mike Bennet ran in and counted three. The crowd went crazy. Bennett declared Mega and Cha Cha Chance the NEW Tag Team Champions and everyone was excited. But it was short lived.
The mastermind of injustice in the ECWA, known as Sebastian Night, protested to the original referee Mario Zuto about the finish of the match and Zuto had to agree. It was popular Mega who did indeed strike the original referee and Zuto after getting his wits about him, immediately disqualified Mega and Cha Cha, and gave the titles back to Leather N Lace due to a DISQUALIFICATION. Needless to say it as not a popular decision. The unhappiness of the crowd prompted Commissioner Neagele to enter the ring and because of Reed actually pulling the ref in the way of the charging Mega, Naegele stated the referee’s decision would stand, but he was ordering a rematch.
This time, since the dreaded cane plays so much into the matches of the Tag Champions, he decided to even the playing field in the rematch. This time the cane will be placed on a pole and the first team to gain control of can use it as a weapon in the match!
Will the Tag Team Champions own tool of past success be used against them?Can 400 lb. Mega and his bottom heavy partner Cha Cha climb the pole?Will the shifty mind of Sebastian Night enter new strategy in favor of the Champs?Will crowd favorites Mega & Cha Cha finally win their 1st gold in the ECWA?Or will the Tag Team Champions pull another victory out of their crafty pockets???It all remains to be seen, so join us on March 7 to see what happens!

Business Lesson: "Don't judge a book by its cover."


In my last blog we learned that “Free has no value” when it comes to business. Let me be perfectly clear, this is from a business standpoint and not a friendship/family standpoint.
For some reason the growing consensus of people now days believe that they deserve a service and should not have to pay for it. I guess they think I have a money tree, my own dairy farm, and a produce stand in addition to an electrical plant all in my back yard. If you do not charge for your service, for whatever reason, then the customer does not value it as much as if they had to pay for it. Had I made “Joe” pay for his training session, then I could guarantee he would have been there Tuesday night ready to train.
This brings me to your next business lesson; do not judge a book by its cover. I know a little cliché but oh so true. This particular observation all started in my first business venture of owning a landscape business. I noticed that the customers who had money and by all rights could pay their monthly bill often defaulted. Whether right or wrong I choose to run my businesses on the honor system. I generally charge at the end of the month for services rendered, not pending. Not to stereo-type but nearly all of these problem clients had really nice houses, your typical oversized suv, a nice car, and usually (I guess this one is relevent to the eyes of the beholder) the “trophy wife" and half the time a boat. In contrast those who had little money and were living off Social Security, or a passed love one’s pension always paid promptly and were very, very appreciative of my services. Unfortunately, the same pattern seems to be emerging in the training industry too and looks to force me into charging for services pending and not rendered, at least to one half of my potential clientele. It is a sad day when the honor system is bled of honor.

On a positive note, our trainee “Joe” did eventually show up, but did things go as we hoped? Was Joe appreciative? Doe’s Joe have heart? Is Joe going to make the team?
Stay tuned! Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel.

Business Lesson: "Free has no Value."


A couple months back I had a young man approach me with questions about training. He wants to play varsity baseball after a several year layoff from the game. This is nothing new. I get approached all the time. We will call this one Joe. I have seen Joe in the gym often, he practically lives there. He is your typical gym rat stuck on a bodybuilding routine and a diet of protein shakes, chicken and stuff from the restaurant across the street in an effort to get “big” and “strong”. Very little, if any, of the work he does currently is going to translate to being competitive on the field (lots of machine/isolation movements combined with slow heavy poundage work with improper form.)
Joe appears too sincere and I tell him I can train him and this is my rate. Of course Joe balks and says he is broke, that he is only a student and can’t afford such a rate. Before you think me evil, I know for a fact his parents are well off and they more than just give him a small allowance for making his bed in the morning, but I play along and let him coerce me into training alongside instead of working up an individual training and nutritional program and all that jazz just for him.
“How bout Tuesday? You can workout with me, do what I do and figure it out from there.” Joe enthusiastically agrees but I still have that wait and see attitude. I have made similar offers to different people probably a 100+ times over, and it is usually ends the same every time. If he shows and up and has the right attitude and work ethic then I will of course do everything in my power to see he makes the team. I love mentoring young athletes, and I am quite good at it.
Well guess what, Tuesday’s Gone (how bout that Skynyrd reference?) and no Joe. Sure glad I did not wait before starting my workout. “Free has no Value!”

Before I became a Renegade Trainer, I owned and operated a Landscape business. During the five years of operation one lesson above all others seemed to keep recurring; “Free has no value.” Now that I have switched businesses one lesson above others seems to be recurring, now more than ever, “Free has no value.”
Never mind that I have been trained by the best.
Never mind that I have access to the knowledge base of the best.
Never mind that I have the backing of the WORLDS best trainers, Renegade Trainers.
If it is free, somehow it seems to be without value to the general public.
Perhaps I need to pose this riddle to Frank Gorshin?
I am sure Adam West could figure it out easily.
Aren’t the best things in life free?

More on Joe in my next blog, stay tuned.

The Impossible Sit Up


I love the New Year as it instills fresh blood into the gym, albeit short term, but still some of what you see is quite entertaining. Yesterday I was treated to “The Impossible Sit-Up.” And for the record I did not fall for it, almost though. I did laugh my butt off.
Here is what you need to do:
Find your resident gym-guru, you know the guy who knows it all, and issue a challenge for the Impossible Sit-Up. Be sure to build up the mystique, tell him so and so could not do it, and neither could you. Tell him it is just plain impossible, the laws of physics and human equilibrium will not allow it and such….
When he is ripe for the picking, have him close his eyes while still standing and then tell him to spin clockwise ten times. Really build it up, tell him he needs to do it fast while you are counting. When he reaches ten, with his eyes still closed, have him drop to the ground and perform a sit up with his eyes still closed (very important). As he is getting into position, straddle his chest and position your butt so when he performs a perfect sit up it crashes right into your hind side. If he does not crash into the first time tell him he is not getting enough height on the sit-ups and is failing. He is sure to put in the extra effort.

Yeah, I know childish and immature, and I really do not know why I made a blog out of it except to remind everyone that while training should be intense and productive it should also be fun.
Make sure you can run faster than the sucker you just pulled the Tom-Foolery on.

#1 Beverage for the Year


And the beverage of choice for this year is……You did not really think I was going to make it that easy did you? What fun is the “kill” without the “hunt”? None!Let us get to the hunt.This year marked the 10th annual Superbowl party at Casa de JJ. This is my one party for the year I throw. I save a hundred bucks a month to cover the cost and make sure it is done right. No second rate party here. I also plan one special project to be done. In years past it has been re-finishing the basement, building a bar, buying a grill, refrigerator, ect… you get the point. Over the past few years I have been fascinated at what the beverage of choice will be among my friends and family as it changes. Lately anticipating this trend has become a bit of an enigma. I do not know what to buy? Believe me I stock the fridge and bar to the max and have more than enough food just look at the pic’s. I usually average about forty people, this year the number hit sixty.The menu for this year was Arizona themed so that meant Tex Mex. We’ll get to the food in the next blog and stick to beverages. As you can see the fridge is stocked and if you look close on the second shelf next the “Lite” is some good ole “Pabst” I keep this on hand incase Grant or the Coach finally decide to drop buy as they have refined tastes.Going into the night I thought the favorites would mirror the 2006 Superbowl:Dr. Pepper #1Yuengling #2Sprite #3Water #4Hard Liquor:Yagermeister #1Bicardi Orange #2This year I made sure I had extra of each of the above, along withMolson, Sam Adams, Sam Adams light, Bud, Rolling Rock, Heineken, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Lite, Smirnoff Ice Raspberry, Coke regular & diet, 7up, Dr. Pepper diet & berries and cream & another flavor ??, Mt. Dew regular and Code Red, Orange Crush, Ice tea, Seagram’s and few I can’t remember (I don’t drink soda’s at all), In addition to having 5 cases of water.Winner of the 2007 Superbowl of beverages:Dr. Pepper “Berries and Cream” #1Coke regular #2Water #3.Smirnoff Ice Raspberry #4Miller Lite #5Molson #6Hard Liquor:Black Haas, Yagermeister, GoldshlagerObservations: Liquor did not seem in vogue this year. Not too many shots as compared to past years despite having several designated drivers ready to spring into action. Could it be because I did not get an Ice Luge carved for this year? Nah, I think it was because everyone has to get up early for work and a few of my heavy drinkers were not feeling well. Maybe they should move the Superbowl to Saturday? Hey I am not complaining as I do not need to replenish my bar for next year. The Lite beer thing I just do not get. Why not drink water instead?Smirnoff Ice? Well they are quite tasty, but the beverage of the “Crewguy” was Molson Canadian. Hey I could not make the Renegade Seminar in Canada so I brought a piece of Canada to me, plus its really good beer.But hey look Water made it to number 3, a jump from last year. Perhaps it can rise to #2 and then #1…..yeah right and the Eagles may finally win a Superbowl. Oh and Grant, the Pabst Blue Ribbon remained untouched, it will be there for you next year.[...]

Bruised Brain


A puddle of sweat or perhaps it is blood, I can not tell, rapidly turns into a lake beneath my head. It is hot, just like the air I am trying to breathe through lungs that just will not quite fill. My eyes are closed and opening them would only result in seeing strands of hair, my hair, and that pool of blood, but it is still not yet time. Instead I work on getting my lungs to right themselves and envision the stain my soul is forever adding among the thousands of others upon the aged hardwood floor of the Hamburg Fieldhouse. I could be laying just where Superstar Billy Grahm, Nikoli Volkoff, Bruno Sammartino, Zbysko, Blassi, Backlund, Rogers, shall I go on? had once laid. Cool.“Okay what’s next?” I think to myself running the next several sequences I want to attempt through my head. The pace will be fast, time short. “I really want to get that Russian Leg Sweep and Slingshot Suplex in, but how?After the moonsault? Perfect I will have him throw me in, work me to a corner, reverse and then hit him with the Russian leg sweep. Do I go for a pin or submission with the octopus? What will the fans buy?”Slowly I open my eyes and stagger to my feet finding my opponent nowhere in sight. That’s good. The hundreds of fans are shouting, urging me on, urging me to turn around. “JJ, JJ, JJ….” This is good too, as they are into the match. We are doing exactly what we wanted. The crowd is in the palm of our hands. I let the drama build, take a few steps like I am drunk before flicking the hair from out of my eyes and slowly turning around. Too late, or just right depending on your point of view. Fast Eddie is already airborne from the top rope. All I see is a blur of black and gold tights, a trace of blond hair and an extremely hairy chest. No one can forget that chest I assure you. I reach outward in self defense and the next image is that of a size 12 boot slamming me in the jaw followed by a flash of light. Downward I travel the hardwood floor meets my skull and another bright light fills the darkness.I would love to finish, but that is all I remember. That is what happens when you get a concussion. Sometimes you remember bits and pieces, most of the time nothing. I did continue to wrestle and finish the match which remarkably went on for another four minutes. Eventually I did lose thanks to my opponent’s personal groomer/manager Sebastion Night’s interference. I have been told was a phenomenal match, I even have pictures and yes that was “The Moonsault” you see. I guess I have to take their word for the rest of those four minutes. I am sure it was a great finish, with Fast Eddie I have no doubt it was epic.This blog was inspired by a recent post on pertaining to a CBC medical report on multiple concussions among athletes of which I have had plenty.But wait this is not the end of the story. Oh no this was only match #7 on a 12 match card. I was also scheduled to wrestle match #11 and #12 too!Stay tuned kiddies to see how the mighty Ring Crew Guy fared. Did he wrestle? Was he rushed to the hospital? What happened on that night of non stop action? Same Bat channel, same Bat time.Ahh Grasshopper you have returned for more training. Contemplate this: “The superior man respectfully appreciates the cycles of increase and decrease…. External ploys will not put an end to the natural cycle of deterioration. Time Will. Nurture your mind and body… Look[...]