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Preview: Comments on: “Zero Waste for Zero Warming” may get you arrested in Indonesia

Comments on: “Zero Waste for Zero Warming” may get you arrested in Indonesia

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By: Renton de Alwis

Thu, 03 Dec 2009 03:52:43 +0000

Renton de Alwis Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. December 2nd, 2009 at 10:40 pm Ayubowan! from Sri Lanka By the way Ayubowan our greeting in Sri Lanka means ‘may all living beings on earth have longlife’;not just you or me… I am a Buddhist .. and the Bhuddist way of life has it that we be not driven by greed but for work on shunning it. But the dominant western based culture that gave us the consumerist models, have it that ‘greed is good’ and having choice within the free price driven economy (market) is the ideal system. The majority of the world had beleived this for centuries and continues to beleive it. Climate change and global warming are the outcomes of this failed belief system. Cap and trade as I call it is the ‘Pin-Puw’ scheme meaning ‘Merit-Sin’. This is the latest gimmick of the ’sunshine industries’ and you have got it spot on in the movie ‘Cap & Trade’. What Cap and trade is to me is;’You do good and aquire merit, I buy that merit off you for money to sin with it’. What a satanic innovation by those who made the mess in the first place.. It is time that the west looked at Buddhist economics… Mahatma Gandhi’s saying ‘ there is enough on this earth to meet every one’s needs, but not everyones greed’. Thai king has articulated this Bhuddhist thinking as ‘Sufficiency Economics’ We need new thinking, innovative ways and most of all selfless and greedless schemes that are designed to save the world, not schemes that are designed to make money for those who claim to save the world. More strength to fresh approches and a new paradigm.. From the Indian Ocean island nation of Sri Lanka Renton de Alwis

By: VII - association of former Isoamx-interested parties

Wed, 14 Oct 2009 23:28:36 +0000

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN! I just have to tell you something about entry #33. This system symply doesn't work. Krecke is not a Dr. (not here in Germany). And just google for "noble prize" and you will see that there is no Nobel Prize for "Energy an The Environment" as Mr. Eyerman says. Just visit our homepage or get in contact by email if you want to know more about this... And please don't misunderstand me. It would be great if it worked! Our association knows even the headquarter of Kreckes ex-company in Luxemburg. On his homepage he shows it as a reference - IT DOESN'T WORK. It's heated electrical!!! Markus Kunkel

By: Nick Schmidt

Tue, 30 Jun 2009 04:59:58 +0000

We will only see a positive progressive change in this world not just when our government starts cooperating but when all governments start cooperating. Activist have always gotten a bad rap from our governments but this is not about something as bias as war this is about our planet's well being!

By: Martin Littlewood

Mon, 18 May 2009 11:23:38 +0000

Many thanks for the wonderful film. The message is excellent and very strong. Beware, however of generalisations. I am a committed environmentalist and work in the UK advising businesses on environmental issues. However, in a previous job, I worked for a company building energy from waste plants, and did extensive study on the environmental impacts of such plants. Modern plants of this type - which are often misleadingly referred to as incinerators - are of amongst the cleanest of all combustion based power generation options, with dioxin levels less than many conventional power plants burning coal or oil. They also provide an important option in the disposal of waste, generating energy from materials which, when recycling is not possible, would otherwise be buried in holes in the ground. Emission standards in countries outside USA or Europe may be less stringent, so I can sympathise with the Indonesian story, but dioxins from modern plants in USA and Europe, do not provide a significant health risk, and this should be made clear. Thanks again for a wonderful film. Martin

By: Terry Goolsby

Sat, 21 Feb 2009 21:44:08 +0000

Dear Ms. Leonard and fans, You are a genius. I first saw your film in November, 2007. In January, 2008 I began teaching an ecology class to elementary children based on your film. I taught them about the materials throughput process, had them read labels on their clothes, food, toys, books, etc. to discover who made the stuff, where was it made, how did it get to us, how did we get to the place to buy it, what was it packaged in, what did they do with the packaging, how long did they use the thing and what did they do with the thing when they were done with it. Then, we divided up and studied the family's habits with respect to toys, books, food, restaurant meals, plastic bags coming in the house, plastic bags in the environment, clothes, furniture, paper, household goods, etc. We all learned a lot. We produced artwork to reuse plastic bags and toys and tried to get media attention for the projects. It did not work. I tried to market my outreach concepts to Covanta and that did not work as well. Although the class ended in May, 2008, I have continued to devote my time to renewable energy. Here is why I am writing. What do you know about Covanta? Are they dirty processors of trash? Do they release toxins in the air? I actually visited one of their plants in Dickerson, Maryland. They claim they have a process that captures the ash and oxidizes it. Is it true? I need to know, because I am on the verge of negotiating with them for a renewable energy project and I feel compelled to get your opinion of them first. Thanks, Terry Goolsby is Sowinergy