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Preview: Williams - Family History & Genealogy Message Board

Williams - Family History & Genealogy Message Board

Published: 2018-03-19 16:31:47Z


Jessie Williams 1900 Sand Coulee Montana

2018-03-19 16:31:47Z

I am seeking any information on Jessie Williams, born 1878 in Ireland and listed in the 1900 census of Grand Coulee, Montana.

Re: Silas Williams and Nancy Adams

2018-03-17 00:37:25Z

Squire B. was on the 1836 tax list in Wash Co. AR. His parents must have lived in Wash co. AR at that time. Someone posted on findagrave that his father was John H. but didn't offer any proof. In 1836, there were 2 John Williams in Washington Co. plus a lot of other Williams. Squire did live close to a John Williams (b. 1760-1770) in Madison Co, AR in 1840 and other Williams. Old John may have been born too early for the father of Squire B.

In censuses, Squire stated he was born in KY or TN, suggesting that it may have been on the border. Per his gravestone, Squire was born 1811.

Per the 1880 census, Squire's father was b. in VA and mother in North Carolina

Re: Williams/Markland

2018-03-12 17:03:57Z

Have any descendants of Reason Williams done a yDNA test?

The William Williams in the 1790 census looks pretty old based on household composition and proximity to Reason, so he's a candidate for the brother/father of Reason.

Does anyone know the names of Reason's older children? He was in Rowan by 1800.
In fact, there were 2 Reeces/Reasons in Rowan in 1800. In fact, there were a lot of Williams in Rowan at that time. The closest to Reason the older was a Simison (Simpson?) Williams about 14 households away. All the rest were distantly located in the census.

A Reason Williams did get Rev War pension payments in NC:

The Rev. War record for a Rease Williams shows him enlisted under Capt. John Sandford and Col Oliver Spencer of the Third Pennsylvania Brigade at Valley Forge. So presumably this Reason was from PA

Re: Wilkes Co. NC - Reace Williams m. Mary "Polly" Felts 1800

2018-03-12 15:34:17Z

It's quite possible the Reece who married May Polly FELPS was the younger fellow who was living Rowan in 1800, possibly a son of Reace Sr; however, they were ennumerated very distantly from each other. (Young Reece was living close to a Thomas Williams. Old Reece lived close to a Simpson? Williams.)

For researchers of young Reece, check out this website:
It shows a deed for a Reace Williams owning land on Brushy Creek in Iredell Co, NC in 1811.

There were no Reaces (or variations) in Rowan, Iredell or Wilkes in 1810....

Augusta Ann Williams - George Edward Williams

2018-03-11 23:21:22Z

Looking for information on George Edward Williams born about 1837; he had a daughter Augusta Ann Williams born about 1861.
George is believed to have been married to his wife Sarah Jane Thompson at the time.
Information on the couple varies however, records up to 1881 when they show up in the Canadian census appear to be hiding somewhere or non existent.
The 1871 census would be most important but haven't found them in either the Canadian nor the US census returns.
On the records found for Augusta Ann Williams, born in 1861, she has always declared she was born in the USA - either in NY or Maine State & the couple may have had other children born to them there prior to 1871.
They did have children born in Norfolk County around 1868-1880.
George indicated his place of birth as Ontario on some census records however, his daughter believed he was born in the USA.
I believe this family is somehow connected to other Williams families in the Norfolk area at the time, with links to both the USA and Canada.

Kern family that came to New Orleans from Germany in 1858

2018-03-05 05:10:27Z

Looking for my great grand parents Magdalena Kern and George Casimir Keller,both from Germany, they came to New Orleans on the same boat on Oct.25,1858 and married in New Orleans, La. on Nov.2,1858 by the justice of the peace.any info on family would be a great help

The many Keelen/Keelon/Keeling Williams

2018-03-04 00:32:18Z

There were a number of Keelen/Keelon/Keeling Williams. Most were descendants of James Williams d. 1785 in Rowan Co., NC. His sons are definitively proven by yDNA (Group 124 of the Williams yDNA project) and a deed. Sons of James were Samuel, Francis, James II, Philip, Edward. The father of James was probably Edward Williams d. 1761 in Hampshire Co, Va.

Many people have merged two Keelen Williams who were born about the same time (but died at dramatically different times) into one man. These two men were:

1. Keelen Williams b. 1797 was the son of Edward Williams m. Farby Phelps. Edward, in turn, was a son of James Williams d. 1785 in Rowan. Keelen migrated from Overton Co, TN with his siblings to NW Arkansas and then to Texas where he died in 1880 in Johnson Co., Tx. He married Mary Unknown.

2. Keelen William m. 1 Rachel Upchurch and m2 Dororthy Milsaps. This Keelen migrated to Ky before 1820 and lived near the KY/TN border for several decades, mostly in Ky but he was ennumerated in Fentress in 1830. He migrated to Edmonson Co, Ky and died there in 1858. His will definitively names all of his children, his second wife, and his step children. Based on his will and cenuses, Keelon had only one proven son -- James Sherrod. (However, Keelen was somehow related to a John W. Williams because the girl Charity living in Keelen's household in 1850 was living with John W. in 1860. John W. could be a nephew.) Per his death certificate, Keelen's father was James Williams d. ca 1805 in Iredell, NC and his mother was Celia.

Based on his given name and proximity to two sets of cousins who were descendants of James Williams d. 1785 in the Overton/Fentress area, it's most likely that Keelen was a descendant of James Williams d. 1785 in Rowan. This idea is further supported by the estate record for James Williams provided by wcox1962 below. Said estate record indicates 3 men were charged with determining if James' widow had sufficient provisions. One of those men was Thos. Redman. The Redman family lived near and intermarried with descendants of James Williams d. 1785.

Keelen named a son "James Sherrod," suggesting he might have been related to the Sherrod Williams in the 1830 and 1840 censuses for Wayne Co., Ky.

To prove the lineage of this line, a male descendant of either James Sherrod or John W. should be yDNA tested -- if one can be located. Lacking that, it would be helpful to test a descendant of Sherrod Williams of Wayne Co, Ky.

Re: Looking For Info On Lieutenant James Williams

2018-03-02 02:50:39Z

There is a section about Theophilus, his wife, and his children in a book that you can access online called "History of Worth County Georgia: the first eighty years".

Willy Williams (Abt. 1796-Abt. 1858) of Edgecombe County, N. C. and Tallapoosa County, Ala.

2018-03-01 22:49:22Z

How do you do? I'm seeking the correct parentage, and if possible, correct ancestry of a fifth great-grandfather of mine on Mum's side. His line from me backwards:

was born at: Tenn. on: 1989

The said: JACOB KYLE CARPENTER is the child of:

2. (liv.) CARPENTER (formerly TALBOTT)
born at: Ohio on: 1954
married on: 1983
to: (second wife) (liv.) PIERCE
born at: Ga. on: 1956
married at: Tenn.

The said: (liv.) PIERCE was the child of:

born at: Oconee, Washington co., Ga. on: 10 Aug. 1927
died at: Macon, Bibb co., Ga. on: 30 Aug. 2000
married on: 13 Oct. 1951
born at: Columbus, Muscogee co., Ga. on: 10 Mar. 1925
died at: Lizella, Bibb co., Ga. on: 29 Jun. 2011
married at: Macon, Bibb co., Ga.

The said: MATTIE LOU (LOU) CARROLL was the child of:

born at: Sylacauga, Talladega co., Ala. on: 28 Dec. 1902
died at: Woodbury, Cannon co., Tenn. on: 11 Jan. 1990
married on: Abt. 1923
to: (first wife) BESSIE MAE CALDWELL
born at: (prob.) Dadeville, Tallapoosa co., Ala.
on: 2 Sept. 1910
died at: Atlanta, De Kalb co., Ga. on: 28 Aug. 1971
married at: (prob.) Talladega, Talladega co., Ala.

The said: BESSIE MAE CALDWELL was the child of:

born at: Tallapoosa county, Ala. on: 20 May 1881
died at: Tuscaloosa, Tuscaloosa co., Ala. on: 29 Aug. 1956
married on: 11 Mar. 1900
born at: (prob.) Marshall county, Ala. on: 18 Apr. 1885
died at: Macon, Bibb co., Ga. on: 29 Jan. 1966
married at: Shelby county, Ala.

The said: BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (BEN) CALDWELL was the child of:

born at: Tallapoosa county, Ala. on: 15 Oct. 1857
died at: Talladega, Talladega co., Ala. on: 9 Feb. 1921
married on: 5 Dec. 1878
born at: Tallapoosa county, Ala. on: 11 Apr. 1861
died at: Childersburg, Talladega co., Ala. on: 13 Apr. 1951
married at: Tallapoosa county, Ala.

The said: MARY ELIZABETH (LIZZY) GATES was the child of:

born at: Troup county, Ga. on: 15 Jun. 1839
died at: Dadeville, Tallapoosa co., Ala. on: Nov. 1893
married on: 10 Jul. 1860
born at: Edgecombe county, N. C. on: Sept. 1835
died at: Dadeville, Tallapoosa co., Ala. on: 13 Aug. 1913
married at: Tallapoosa county, Ala.

The said: EVELINA H. WILLIAMS was the child of:

born at: N. C. on: Abt. 1796
died at: Dadeville, Tallapoosa co., Ala. on: Abt. 1858
married on: 28 Oct. 1829
born at: N. C. on: Abt. 1810
died at: Dadeville, Tallapoosa co., Ala. on: Abt. 1855
married at: Edgecombe county, N. C.

I've wanted to join the Order of the Crown of Charlemagne of America since my late teens, but haven't found any solid lines. Willy and Elizabeth are my last hope(s).


Jacob Carpenter

Postscript: Willy was *not* WILEY WILLIAMS, first husband to NANCY (BROWN) (FINCH) KING of Putnam county, Ga. I possess the documents correcting this. Save an Ancestry Member who stems from PVT. WHITFIELD (WHIT) WILLIAMS, a younger brother to Evelina, the rest are all PVT. DAVID (DAVE) WILLIAMS'S descendants.

Re: Looking for possible descendants of William & Jane Williams b. c1730 Cheter

2018-03-01 17:38:11Z

My great great great great grandmother is buried at Economy Cemetery in Morristown. Jane Spoon (Maiden name was Williams and I also know she was called Jennie as well) She was born in 1823, died in 1890. She married Mahlon Spoon. I've been trying to find info about her parents because I'd like to know what her parents names were so I can go back with the line further. In census records, it has Tennessee as her place of birth. I'm thinking the Williams' of Economy Cemetery are related to her somehow...I just get that feeling. Any help would be appreciated.

Verna Williams

2018-03-01 16:55:43Z

Searching for Verna Williams who married Joseph Donaway, had a daughter Lillian. Any information regarding her youth would be great, really stuck here... (She lived in NY, NY) I know of Lillian as her daughter for sure born on Dec 17th, 1910.

Re: Elijah Williams b 1781 m. Elizabeth Marlin b 1808 TN to Webster Co., MO

2018-02-24 01:02:10Z

Do you still have the information on Elijah's parents? I am not finding anything... read a message board that said the Elijah with parents Reuben and Lois died at age 10? Doing the family search for my husband Elijah is his 3rd gr grandfather.

Re: Roy Gilmore and James Christie WILLIAMS, brothers b. 1889 and 1890

2018-02-22 16:57:27Z

My name is James Christie WilliamsIV and my Dad and I were born in Arizona

Jane Williams b 1823 TN

2018-02-21 14:37:37Z

I'm trying to find out more info about my great great great great grandmother, Jane Williams. She married Malin (Mahlon) Spoon. She is buried in Economy United Methodist Cemetery in Morristown but without her husband. I know he married again after her death. She died in 1891. I think Malin married a Jannah (Joann or Joanna) Williams, the same year Jane died. I'm thinking she could be a sister of Jane's.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Re: Williams of Sumner County TN and NC

2018-02-20 01:21:49Z

Hi Shellie,

I just started researching the Williams family in Rockingham Co., NC last night. I ran across a deed in Rockingham Co. in which Benjamin Williams of Sumner Co. TN sold 68 acres on the waters of Wolf Island Creek to James Killman. The deed is dated 12 Jul 1811. Rockingham Co., NC Deed Book O, p. 166. Benjamin Williams inherited the land from his father Allen Williams who died in 1808. I think that Allen Williams was from Dorchester Co., MD and moved in 1780 to the part of Guilford Co., NC that became Rockingham Co.

If you want to exchange information, my email is

Dave Bennett

Searching Surname Williams

2018-02-18 21:32:27Z

My Maternal Grandfather, Charles Henry Williams, born in Wales and immigrated to the United States in 1912. Married my Mother's Mother, Alice Jane Williams. Looking for Father and Mothers name and history of my Grandfathers family.

Re: Descendants of Robert Williams, Roxbury, MA 1637

2018-02-13 19:57:22Z

Interested in descendants line of Stephen Williams of Suffolk County MA, circa 1680's, possibly son of Robert Williams?

Re: Robert German Williams, b. 1853, Pittsylvania, VA, m. Alice Matilda Mullendore, Tennessee.

2018-02-13 08:15:34Z

Is there anyone that has traced the German Williams line back on his mother or fathers side?

Harry Vincent Williams

2018-02-08 23:14:29Z

Harry Vincent Williams

died 18 Aug 1972

Service for Harry V Williams, of 633 Mt. Auburn street (Zanesville, Ohio) who died Friday, will be held at 10:30 a.m. at the Hillis Funeral Home with Rev. G. W. Morse officiating.
Burial will be in Soldiers Circle in Woodlawn cemetery.
Pallbearers will be Frank Williamson, Richard Morgan, James Morgan, Alvin Hill, Harold Branson and Frederick Harris.
Friends may call at the funeral home from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 today

The Times Recorder, published: Zanesville, Ohio
29 Aug 1972

b. West Virginia

Eighth Ward Quartet
Members: Ralph Gant, Samuel Stinger, Harry Williams and Herbert Norris
Zanesville Signal
8 Oct 1932

Re: Thomas Williams - England

2018-02-07 22:25:37Z

Hi Barb,
jus found this post from 2000. Anne Trelevan was born 1731 the daughter of Jane Lynam and John Trelevan married in St Kew in 1730. I am descended from Nicholas, her brother born 1733. Jane Lynam is descended from Lynams of St Kew

Wiiliams family from Wiltshire and Ireland

2018-02-07 16:27:11Z

Is anyone else researching the Williams family from Wiltshire and Dublin? My grandfather was Charles Edward Williams and my grandmother was Grace Florence Watson. They lived most of their lives in Wiltshire. My great grandfather, John Williams, came from a family of barristers in Ireland. He came over to England as a young man married an English girl, Jane Gill. When Jane died at the age of 22 he married her sister Emma. Emma and John were my grandfather's parents. The Irish side of the family has a fascinating history but I can't find anyone else who has researched it. I have no photos of the family other than my grandparents generation. I would love to know some of the gossip about the family. My great great grandfather, Campbell William Williams died when he was 48. My great great grandmother appears to have played the merry widow. She married a much younger man and when he died she married one of his close relatives who was 21 years her junior. She was quite well off but her third husband was a millionaire. What on earth was the attraction? Why would a rich young man want to marry a much older lady? They couldn't have any children. My great great grandmother died several years before her third husband and when he died he left his millions to his brother and his spinster sister. The sister later died intestate but I bet it wasn't long before the family got hold of the money. If anyone else has researched the Williams family I'd love to hear from them.

Re: In Pursuit of a Williams Family

2018-02-07 09:26:59Z

Hmm my Williams came in from NC to TN, but my Williams lived around Sumner County.

Williams of Sumner County TN and NC

2018-02-07 09:16:17Z

I have new leads to the Williams family I'm connected to as my 3rd Great Grandparent is a Williams. Apparently I'm looking for info on these Williams that lived in the Home number of #59 in District 18 within Sumner County Tennessee. My GGG Grandparent had siblings with the name of

Susan Catherine Williams (Nickname kitty/Kittie) which she is sometimes marked as Catherine Williams like in the land grant to my 2nd Great Grandfather.

Jane P. Morris (Born Williams) She has nickname Janey and Bet, she married a man named William Morris then when Mr. Morris had died she became a widow. When it came to family they knew Susan and Jane as Puss and Bet.

Also by the looks of it there was a Brother named Joseph Williams born in 1837. Idk much on him except for that however he could possibly be Joseph Franklin Williams maybe pending if that Joseph F. Williams has a connection to that cause they do have the same Birth Year.

Now here is Susan, Jane's years. Jane born in NC around 1830 and died in Sumner County TN of 1860.
Susan aka Kitty was born in 1833.
Miller Williams which my GGG Grandparent never married but had an illegitimate son (the rumor of father being James Cheek from Civil War and died which this info was told to my Great Grandfather) Miller's years is 1840 - 1861. Death place most likely in Sumner County TN. Miller died when my 2nd Great Grandparent was just a baby and was raised by Catherine and Jane til they died.

My 2nd Great Grandfather is named William John Franklin Cheek, but has been marked as William Jno Franklin Cheek, William Jno Franklin Williams, John Franklin Cheek, John Franklin Williams. He is the first recorded with last name Cheek is when he got married, but I'm getting a straight off vibe there is a chance he might not be a cheek at all instead hold the Mother's Last Name of Williams. However I feel the Williams if I can find their decendants that could actually help solve this case! So its apparent his parents died and the siblings had taken the role of parent then.

I'm aware that Miller, Susan, Jane, and Joseph's Mom had the first name of Margaret Williams, but maiden name is unknown and Father first name is unknown, but they came in from NC.

Billie Jean Williams ( Mc Mullin)

2018-02-05 05:39:55Z

i am desperately looking to connect to the child of Billie Jean Mc Mullin (Williams) who posted a message on Zabba message board for Guy Delman Sachs the biological father listed on his or her birth certificate. This child is reaching out for biological family, we are Guy Delman Sachs family members. Zabba message board does-not provide any contact info, date or year the original message was posted. I am a member of ancestry and ancestry-DNA , hopefully someone within ancestry might be able to help in our search for this child. Please email

Edmond Knight Williams b Oct. 11th 1847

2018-01-31 03:48:59Z

I am trying to find information on my gggrandfather Edmond Knight Williams. I am looking for information before he married Mary Melissa Randolph. I keep hitting dead ends. His death certificate states his birthday as October 11th 1847 in Mississippi. I have nothing on him before he married and lived with the Randolphs.

Re: Cynthia Williams !822

2018-01-28 22:26:09Z

Hi, I know this is an old post, but hopefully you will receive this. I am looking for Williams Family. Specifically Charles Williams who was born in Timbo Stone County Arkansas in 1877 and died in Muldrow, OK in 1904. Someone said he lived in Sebastian County Arkansas not long before he died. He had two sons, Levi Lilburn and Johnny Brian. My email is
Any I formation about these people would be appreciated.

Where is Edward Arthur Williams, Florida, 1940’s

2018-01-26 22:23:15Z

I am looking for any information on Edward Arthur Williams, b. July 2 1886, who lived in Pompano Beach Florida in the late 1930’s into the 1940’s. I found him in the 1940 census as Ed Williams and also in 1937 on his Social Security card application as Edward Arthur Williams. I believe they are both are the same person. He also would sometimes go by E A Williams. He was a carpenter by trade. He was born in Tennessee, but in the 1940’s census he said he was from Texas. It’s unknown when and where he died. His father was Beverly A. Williams (1864-1888) and Sarah Isabell "Minnie Bell" Benton (1864-1937) was his mother, both out of Hickman, Kentucky.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Larry Williams

James Madison Samuel WILLIAMS

2018-01-24 21:36:26Z

Looking for info on James Madison Samuel WILLIAMS m. Mary Elizabeth "Bettie" GRIFFITH around 1889. I believe he was born in North Carolina in Oct 1849. He died sometime after 1920, probably in or around Sweetwater, Nolan, TX. His children were Clarence, Bessie, Ronnie, Effie, Ruth, Ben, Carl, Sadie, Odie, Jewell, Grace, and Calvin. I think the children were born in Arkansas and Texas. Thanks in advance.

Williams in Buffalo, NY area

2018-01-22 21:17:48Z

My brick wall--2G grandfather John Williams only information, from marriage certificate--born in Buffalo 1832, father John, married in Marblehead MA in 1857 Then it's as if he disappeared...any clues appreciated

Who was Womack Williams d. 1762 Goochland, Virginia?

2018-01-22 19:12:26Z

He left a will in 1762. How can I see the will online? Any help appreciated! Mary Gresham

Can anyone identify this Williams man? (Pictures provided)

2018-01-22 00:24:03Z

We know him as Arthur Lee Williams, though a document we have just had his name down as Lee, so it's quite possible that he just went by Lee Williams. We have very little information on him, which is making it near impossible to track him down, since there were several Arthur Lee Williams born at around the same time. I'm hoping someone here can identify him with the photos I've provided.

Although we don't have much, this is what we know:

He left his partner when their son was quite young. According to his son's birth certificate, Arthur Lee would've been born around 1897, give or take a couple of years. The certificate also said that Arthur Lee was born in Oklahoma, but no county was specified. His son was born in Ellis County, OK, so we are assuming that Arthur Lee was living nearby as of 1919. It was noted that his occupation was as a farmer at the time of his son's birth, though we do know that he was a truck driver at one point in his life.

If anyone has any information on him, I would love to hear from you. Thank you.

Williams family

2018-01-21 03:38:37Z

I am trying to locate my father Howard (a.k.a. Hiland) Williams from Chicago, but was also in Mississippi during the late 50's until he met my mother and they moved during the early 60's.

I'm Gloria born to Josie Mae Dorsey. She use to live in Detroit when she had me and moved to Los Angeles, CA a few years later during the 60's.

I was told my father had two brothers named Albert Lee and Jesse. He also had an aunt that I had briefly connected with before she passed and her name was Tecora Cooper. If any one knows of this family, please do not hesitate to contact me. I would love to re-connect with my father if he is still living and get to meet any other family members. Blessings.

Williams Family from Vermont

2018-01-17 17:46:00Z

My great grandmother, Helen Arvilla Williams Pier was born and died in Vermont. Her parents were Charles and Susanna Russell Williams. Charles had 2 brothers, Cephas and Chester and 3 sisters, 2 who died early and 1 Mary Luthera who married a Benson. Does anyone have more info on this Williams family.

Re: Williams, John and Caynor, Betsy of Fauquier County, Virginia

2018-01-12 20:38:15Z

Check out...
Ancestry Member

Nevada, USA

Member since 22 Aug 2002
Last signed in (5) months ago

Gus and Annie Smith Williams
would be melrohs gg grandparents.

Ancestry Tree
Rohs 0117

Re: Elder John Williams in RI and NY

2018-01-12 18:35:28Z

Thanks for your earlier posts. I am very interested in the seldom-mentioned son of Elder John Williams who is named John and is supposedly buried in the Millers Mill Cemetery. Young John is said (elsewhere) to have been born in 1778 in Herkimer, between the births of Eber (1776) and Rufus (1779)--but nothing more has been published about John (1778-).

My Williams ancestry includes:
..... John Williams (1777-1830) m. Lydia Rutan
..... Daniel Rutan Williams (1799-1875) m. Elizabeth Comstock
..... Sidney Cooley Williams (1830-1863) m. Elizabeth Wildoner
..... Reuben Alvinza Williams (1849-1918) m. Anna Pobst
The family winds up in Mauch Chunk (now Jim Thorpe) and Pittston PA, but I have few leads on John (1777-) or his wife Lydia.

I am trying to determine if John (1778-) of Herkimer is my John (1777-). The family legend about my John (1777-) is as follows (published in 1914): "John Williams (Sept. 1, 1777 - July 27, 1830) married Lydia Rutan about 1795 and removed from Providance, R. I. to New Jersey and thence to Coshocton, N. Y. His wife was of Dutch descent. He was tomahawked by Indians during a horrible massacre which took place at Coshocton. Issue: Daniel R; Abraham; James (born 1800); John; Sarah; Rebecca; Peter; Catherine; Andrew; Seeley; Elizabeth; Mary Ann; and an adopted child." [Coshocton is assumed to be Cochecton.]

Do you, or anyone, know more about John (1778-) buried in Herkimer - or any more about John (1777-) or wife Lydia?

Re: RE::The Williams of Mississippi

2018-01-04 01:53:57Z

No. I believe this is a different family. Sorry.

Nehemiah Woolsey Williams 1820-1870

2018-01-03 03:29:52Z

I would like concrete evidence (records) of the parentage of my 2nd great grandfather Nehemiah Woolsey Williams, 1820-1870. I see many folks have listed his parents as Enos Williams and Hepsibah Woolsey, but I can find no records to substantiate this. His wife was Harriett Ann (Wilhelm?). Harriett's surname is taken from a family history booklet which I have learned has a lot of misinformation. Could someone direct me to records which substantiate his birth & parents.....and Harriett's too if possible.

Williamses of Edgecombe County, N. C.

2018-01-01 03:04:47Z

How do you do? I was wondering if anyone was familiar with a Williams family I think lived in and near Edgecombe County, N. C. My father's New England ancestry wouldn't pass the test because his sixth great-grandfather could have been the son of three different brothers. It upset me so much that I emailed two noted cousins and said I no longer desired to take up where Granddad left off.My late maternal grandmother's parents were both Alabamians. She had some prominent colonial figures, but her mum's third great-grandparents left N. C. for Tallapoosa County, Ala. in the mid-1800s. Willy Williams (ca. 1796-ca. 1858) had a wife named Elizabeth Ruffin (ca. 1810-ca. 1855). Their oldest daughter, Evelina H. Williams (Sept. 1830-13 Aug. 1913), married Pvt. Benjamin Franklin "Ben" Gates (15 Jun. 1839-Nov. 1893). The Gateses became my fourth great-grandparents.1. Charles Barcroft = Magdalene(?)2. Jane "Jennie" Barcroft = Lieut. George Moore3. _____Moore = _____ Williams4. Samuel Williams, Sr. = Jane5. _____ Williams = _____6. Willy Williams (ca. 1796-ca. 1858) = Elizabeth Ruffin (ca. 1810-ca. 1855)7. Evelina H. Williams (Sept. 1830-13 Aug. 1913) = Pvt. Benjamin Franklin "Ben" Gates (15 Jun. 1839-Nov. 1893)8. Elizabeth Margaret "Lizzie" Gates (11 Apr. 1861-13 Apr. 1951) = William Alexander Caldwell (15 Oct. 1857-9 Feb. 1921)9. Benjamin Franklin "Ben" Caldwell (20 May 1881-29 Aug. 1956) = Martha Ruth "Minnie" "Mittie" Baker (18 Apr. 1885-29 Jan. 1966)10. Bessie Mae Caldwell (2 Sept. 1910-28 Aug. 1971) = Frederick David "Fred" Carroll, Sr. (28 Dec. 1902-11 Jan. 1990)11. Mattie Lou "Lou" Carroll (10 Mar. 1925-29 Jun. 2011) = Pvt. Roger Lee Pierce (10 Aug. 1927-30 Aug. 2000)12. (Liv.) Pierce = Douglas Carpenter13. Jacob Kyle CarpenterMost researchers seem to have confused my Wiley with a man of the same name who was born in 1795 in Wake County, N. C. That man's people emigrated to Putnam County, Ga. He wedded Nancy (Brown) Finch (27 Nov. 1793-15 Sept. 1846) on 1 Oct. 1818. They produced a son before Wiley's early death. I found estate records which disproved notions of correct identity.Via Ancestry DNA, my Willy had two nieces(?) named Tabitha Williams (ca. 1826-6 Dec. 1898) and Sarah Williams (ca. 1827-ca. 1880). I presumed first because they were listed in Evelina's generation. Willy might have been sibling to a Lavinia Williams (ca. 1785-ca. 1850). All three left descendants. Though Willy Williams of Wake County, N. C. and Putnam County, Ga. wasn't mine, his mother Mabel Perry (1758-1827) bore some relation. Willy's mum or granny must have held the surname, as I received 12 hits by plugging in the wrongful connection.Perry was among the later offspring of Dr. Richard Parker, the Gateway Ancestor already accepted by the Order. Wiley Williams's sister-in-law(?) Elizabeth, mother to Tabitha and Sarah, came from S. C., as did they and his niece(?) Lavinia. Even so, only Evelina's birth place on her death certificate contradicted the N. C. origin. I am frustratingly stuck! Any help would be appreciated![...]

Looking for John D. Williams

2017-12-22 18:14:51Z

John D. Williams was born in NY about 1826 to Thomas Williams and Polly West. I know his parents names because of his marriage record to Anna Caroline Johnson in 1886 in Wisconsin. I think John D. was married before, perhaps to Charlotte Morehouse, as he is in the 1880 census of Sumner, Kansas, either widowed or divorced with Louie D. Williams, age 7 born Wisconsin. I cannot find John D. in any census or record after 1886.
John D. had two known brothers, Richard W. and Henry. Richard W. was in the Civil War and his pension papers indicate his parents. Henry is with Richard in the 1880 census of Macoupin Co., IL and is listed as his brother.
Can anyone tell me what happened to John D. Williams?
Mary Riley

Francis Williams, orig NY, then Ft. Knox by 1800

2017-12-10 01:20:16Z

My ancestor, Francis Williams, is reported to have come down the Ohio River via flat boat with his wife, Abigail (Padgett). They stopped briefly in Cincinnati before settling near Vincinnnes between Maria and Busseron Creeks. I have voting, land and court records. I also have seen his will. Can't get through the brick wall to his parents, etc. Does any of this sound familiar to you? Hopefully, Pam

Electious WILLIAMS, born ca 1783, died ca 1870

2017-12-06 02:13:31Z

Searching for info on the elusive Electious WILLIAMS who was born ca 1783 in Virginia and died ca 1870 in Franklin County, Mississippi. He married Sarah RAWLS ca 1812, then Hannah E. GUICE (no children). Children: Electious Jr. mar. Mary A. MCCALL; Mary Adeline mar. Thomas R. HAVIS; Daniel R. mar. Nancy A. DECELL, then Missouri C. BEEVERS; Martha C. mar. Phillip H. CRABTREE, then Thomas W. FLOWERS; Angeline mar. James E. HAVIS; John C. mar. Mary E. GUICE, then Sarah E. LEIGHTON.

Electious Sr. was the son of William WILLIAMS and Verlinda JONES. There seems to be some inaccurate info going around concerning this Williams family.

Re: William G. Williams of Tennessee

2017-12-03 08:20:58Z

Yes, I am still very interested if this is the William Williams and his wife, Luvicy (sp) who lived in Jackson, Tennessee. One of their older daughters was my great great grandmother. She was only about 18 years old when she died in (probably) Maury or Hickman county in Tennessee about 1833. She left two baby daughters. Would love to discuss this family with you.

Re: "Buck"

2017-12-01 00:25:44Z

This is an update to an earlier message I had sent. It turns out that Trevor was my father. Trevor had been adopted by Rosella Negley in 1921 when he was 13 years old. However, he didn't start using the last name of Negley until he returned to Indiana in 1945.

Trevor used the last name "Williams" when he married a woman named Olga Janke, in New York and had 2 children by her, Audrey and Trevor Williams Junior. Trevor and Olga divorced and he came to Indiana and married my step-grandmother Edna Fajella Sweeney and they lived at 1618 Sturm Ave in Indianapolis, Indiana. Between marriages he met my mother, Theresa B Sweeney, however they were never married and I was the result of their brief time together. At some point after the death of Edna, Buck left Indiana. My step-grandmother Edna Fajella Sweeney Negley is buried in the Odd Fellows cemetary in Oaklandon, Indiana.

Iris was born in 1906 and Trevor was born in 1908. Both Iris and Trevor were born in Indiana and lived at 563 N Keystone Ave, in Indianapolis. Buck's mother and father divorced and Minnie passed in 1912 from tuberculosis and his father Archibald passed in 1918. Minnie's maiden name was Pulley. Archibald and Minnie were married in Indianapolis on October 14, 1903.

Please let me know if this has helped and if you have any information that I don't.

Thank you,
Stephanie Bell

Re: John Williams of Lawrence Co., MS

2017-11-29 03:39:04Z

I am looking for information about John Holly Williams’ parents. He was married to Susannah Williamson. Thank you

Re: William G. Williams of Tennessee

2017-11-26 20:43:57Z

I would like to share info on this family if anyone is still interested.


2017-11-24 05:32:38Z

Will look into.

Info on James Wallace Williams and His parents

2017-11-24 05:11:08Z

ISO information about a man named James Wallace Williams and his parents, he was born in 1870 in Massachusetts. He had one son with Emma Lee Stevens in 1909 named Baxter Wiley Williams. He lived in Nashville, Tennessee, for more than 2 years from 1908 to 1910. If anyone knows anything about his parents please contact me here or private message. Thanks so much.

Re: Sir George Williams

2017-11-21 21:52:55Z

Do you have any Williams that lived in Kentucky? My ggrandma was a William, her father was William t Williams, his father James d Williams and I believe his father was John Williams b 1808. I have hit a brick wall and can't figure out whether they emigrated from NC or Va? Any help would be appreciated. Diana (willowspinner)

Sir George Williams

2017-11-21 03:28:58Z

I am a distant relative of Sir George Williams from his eldest brother John Vickery Williams. I have a good family tree of the Williams family and I am in contact with Sir George Williams Great Great Great Grand daughter

Re: WM. WILLIAMS, MD. 1730

2017-11-16 01:54:30Z

Hi Wishie, Have you had your DNA tested? My mother is Donna Kathleen Kropp and her results are on Gedmatch & ftdna. I'm just getting ready to have her DNA analyzed on Ancestry, but haven't ordered it yet. I am matching your Williams family & am presently adding info to my tress that comes from documents and DNA. Today, I decided that I am either a Williams or your family has a Bean in it. I also am matching Lovelesses and the families I have listed in the surnames. My Beans are descended from Christopher Beanes of Prince George's and migrated to Rowan County, as well. Chaney Stephens, wife of Richard Bean, stated that Priscilla Williams & Elizabeth Williams were present at their marriage in 1785. Priscilla is in 185O Davidson census. I don't know who her husband was. I haven't been able to find Elizabeth, who was a Williams or married a Williams. She may be in Tennessee w/ some of the Beans. I'm just guessing based on census info. Right now I'm working on Priscilla's descendants (if she is their mother & not another wife). My Beans named children Loveless, Roby, Smith, and Otha (think this is an Owen name). I don't have the maiden name Gideon Bean's wife. Davidson county researchers thought she was a Cross, but no matches to that family. I'm guessing she was one of families I've listed. I match many matches to Medlins, but they have a Bean ancestor. The families are so intermarried that it is difficult. Can you check my tree? Any insights are appreciated.