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Preview: Work At Home Mom

Work At Home Mom

If I can make money working from home, anyone can! Here's how I do it!

Updated: 2018-02-14T05:49:57.744-05:00


Best Home Based Business for Woman


I've come up with a list of the Best Home Based Businesses for Woman, keep in mind men can do this as well. Many times it just takes a list of jobs for a stay at home mom to see and try and become a success, here's hoping someone will find this useful.

1 Business Coach- Business coaches make a ton of money, teach people what you know about business. Walk them through making their own business.

2 Freelance Writer- Freelance writers can do a range of different things from magazine, newspapers, news, to online. On the net there are blogs, content writers, SEO writers and many other people hiring writers to fill up their pages.

3 Web Designer- If you can design your own web and other people's websites you can actually make quite a bit of money from this. Start with your own first and venture out, maybe there are a few businesses in your hometown that need a site or a site-lift.

4 Tutor- Know a second language? Are you great at a certain subject? Maybe you homeschool your own children. If any of these are you, you may want to venture out and offer to tutor someone.

5 Child Care Provider- This is always a business moms can get in with ease, that is as long as you don't mind watching other people's children. Someone is always in the need of a good child care provider.

6 Instructor- Online universities as well as blogs are offering classes on all types of subjects. Look around and see what's needing instructors, in most cases you won't even have to leave your house.

7 Entrepreneur- Can you create something that someone may want to buy? For instance you've sewn your child the most adorable little outfits and have neighbors asking where ya bought it. Try selling them online. That doll that you've been dreaming about but hasn't been made yet, it should be. Why not make it yourself?

8 Virtual Assistant- You'll be an independant worker helping someone out. All done virtually from your own home. Unlike most, you'll be able to set your own hours and salary.

9 Data Entry- There are always people looking for someone to do data entry work in the classifieds or craigslist.

10 Graphic Designer- Graphic design is being used in many more things these days, from logos to websites.

Are You a Marketer for Your Business?


When it comes to working for our business we get along fine, but many out there don't know how to promote their own businesses. But the truth is if you aren't a marketer for your business it won't get off the ground. Don't you want that phone ringing off the hook?

Click the above link and read the article in the Entrepreneur Magazine about "Starting a Business." Many will believe that once they get an idea that is all it takes. Yes, even if your business is an online one you do need to do a bit of work to spread the word.

A few quick tips:
- Write a press release and submit it to
- Make sure to have an email account for your business, you'll probably want one seperate from your personal email.
- Always respond to emails sent your way about your business, those that linger may have been someone that wanted to purchase something or hire you.
- Find out if blogs or companies will place your logo on their website in exchange for you doing the same thing. (works great if you are on a limited budget)
- Submit your site into as many directories that you can, this will spread the word will people search for certain keywords you've focused on.

What are some of your tips?

10 Work-at-Home Business Ideas


Are you on the verge of starting your own home business? Or are you wanting to desperately stay home with your family but can't think of any business you can get in? If either of these cases sound similiar check out this quick list below to give you a jump start. Don't forget to add more.

WAH Jobs:
1 Clothing- Make your own clothes and sale them online. Or maybe you can sell them on ebay. Get your creative brain in gear and start designing your outfits.

2 Beads- Beads are all the rave, whether it's necklaces, earrings, bracelets or something else. Teens are eager to get their hands on them.

3 Tutor- There something you probably know that you can teach someone else. Maybe a second language or science, history, math, etc.

4 housekeeper- Did you know people will pay a lot more than they should for someone to come and clean their house for them? Polish that house of yours and start checking that newspaper.

5 Daycare

6 Vitamins, get fit, etc- All these types of things are hot right now as everyone wants to stay healthy and get in shape.

7 Time management - (I know this has another name) but this is for the person that is good at managing their own time and can help others do the same.

8 Designing websites- With everything going online these days this is the perfect money maker. But you have to know what you are doing before you jump in.

9 Make a dating service (these days they are popping up all over the net)

10 freelance writer

Tyra Banks wants Working Moms


There is a casting call for the Tyra Banks show: (in NY, NY)





Tax Question


Question for ya'll: I recently got a 1099 in the mail, however I already filed my taxes. I had not thought I had any other forms that would be coming, granted this one barely made the $600 amount (little over but below $700). What do I do now? I've already received my tax money.

I thought this would be the perfect time to ask those tax questions. Got any? Post them here and either I'll try finding out the answer or hopefully one of the readers can help.

Using a Blog For Business


How many of you use a blog for your business? I figured ya'll did, so here is an article in Entrepreneur Magazine I stumbled upon today. It's called, "Blog-a-Thon" which gives reasons why you should use one. In this article you will read the basic points on why using one can make your business thrive. It's a great guide on how to promote your business, cheap and easy.

Once you've read it, come back here and talk about it. Maybe leave a tip or two for others that aren't mentioned in the article.

Work Stress Can Kill



Have you ever wondered how much stress you could take? Well, a recent report has come back stating that work stress can actually kill you. Granted I think many of us had already figured that out with all those in cooperate offices having heart attacks. But now it's been confirmed.

How can you avoid work place stress in the home?

First suggestion is take out the stress. Okay, now if you are like me you probably stress over everything, not just work related items. In fact, your work items are probably less stressful then those other thoughts you have going on in your head. So, stop!

Make a goal sheet and reach for it, but don't stress over it. Instead make it a reachable goal and once you reach it treat yourself to something, it might be a coffee or a trip to the store. Do something for yourself when you've achieved your goal.

Too many interruptions? Set a certain time that you will work, yes I am aware of how hard this is. But it can be done and has been done by many work at home parents. For myself I normally work at night or first thing in the morning, which means I must get up extra early or stay up later.

The phone just won't quit ringing! If this is the problem and as long as it doesn't come between you and your business shut it off. For myself I have family that likes to call me during the day, many different times. By giving them a time to call you
can avoid this.

Last, if nothing seems to work, take a break. Run a bubble bath, clean the house and bop to music or go take a stroll down the block. Sometimes all it takes is a bit of exercise.

Can you think of any other stress reducers?

After Christmas Printer Sales


As work-at-home-moms and dads we tend to be on the look out for the best deals around and those before Christmas and after christmas sales are a great time of year for us because we can stock up but later (if we make enough) whatever we buy can be a write off. So grab those Sunday papers you haven't thrown out yet and look through them. Right now you can head down to Office Max or Staples and get in on the after Christmas printer sales. I recently got one but I see now that they have some really great prices. While you're there you might want to grab a few things of printer ink too. I know I will be.

Knowing Your Business


Being a work-at-home-mom means knowing your competition and knowing how many people are talking about you. Why? I think it is the only way to keep your business afloat. Think about how Kmart, Wal-Mart and all those other stores compete with each other, they have to know what the other is doing in order to compete. If they kept their prices low they would never make any money, sure people would come in to buy but eventually they'd lose out. However, when they are competing with another store all they need to do is go up in down on the prices.

Wal-Mart and Kmart both have similiar products if not the same. Right? They may not have a sale on the same item at the same time but many times they'll say if you find it somewhere else cheaper we'll match prices. So, they are still competing even then, they are hoping to keep their true costumers.

Now with watching your stats online you can do this. If you are a scrapbooker check out what other scrapbookers are selling and come up with something. Either a new design or a sale on them. Figure out what is selling well, holidays are a great time to get in on this. Right now you could easily sell Christmas and New Years scrapbooking supplies and make quite a bit of money. Just about anything that is homemade will sell during this time of year.

Type in scrapbooking and find out what it is being talked about on the subject. Join some discussion groups and get a feel for it. This is sure to help you out with your business. (for those that may not realize this will work with just about any home business you've got, even real estate)

I know you are probably thinking why do I need to know who's talking about me. You may even wonder how to find out. First, you need to know if someone is talking about you because it can hurt or benefit your business. See, if someone is praising you you can head over to their site and thank them. A bad review means you can possibly make things right, but at least you'll know where it is coming from. At the bottom of this page I'll link you to a youtube video that'll explain it all. Hope you enjoyed and walk away with a little bit of knowledge.

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Tuesday Tip Day


What tip would you like to give others that are WAHP or want to be?

Know your tolerance levels and that it's okay to get domestic and/or childcare help. Being a WAHP is a great alternative, and I'm glad I have it. A generation ago, I would have faced a much starker choice. The option is not without sacrifice, though, so it's important to be prepared for a transitional period.

Yes, I hear many parents ask me how I can be home all day with my kids and work. For those most part I love it but there are limits, especially around deadlines. You either need them outside, playing at a friend's house or quietly watching a show.

Interview with Freelance Writer, Brandi


What's your name and can ya tell me a bit about yourself? (not your job, but you)
My name is Brandi Rhoades. I have degrees in history and women's studies. I'm married with one son and one daughter. We are football fanatics and spend a lot of time doing lots of cultural activities with the kids - live music, museums, visits to nearby sites of interest.

How many kids do you have?

2 - a toddler and an infant

Tell me a bit about your business?

I'm a writer, which basically means that I'll produce copy for pay - no matter the market. (Well, okay, I have some ethical limitations.) I write for magazines, newspapers, websites, and self-publish a newsletter and booklets. It's gotten really busy lately and is very exciting.

Did you work outside the home before this?

Yes. I was a newspaper reporter before we decided to have kids. I stopped working full-time to freelance when I was 3 months pregnant.

What is the hardest thing about being a WAHP?

The scheduling is tough because I often feel I'm never giving my complete attention to my work or my kids.

Which do you prefer?

In an ideal world, I'd prefer a balance. I'd like to work 2-3 days a week outside the home and then be with my kids. I think for now, though, while they're so tiny, I love being with them but probably will be back to full-time employment when they go to school.

Are there moments where you wish you could work outside the home again?

Absolutely! I'm not known for my patience, and there are days when I dream about putting on a suit again and heading to the office.

How long have ya been a WAHP?

3 years

What made you decide to be a WAHP?

I worked 14-16 hour days routinely. "If it bleeds, it leads" is the guiding mantra of most of the world of journalism, so if it bleeds or otherwise happens at the last minute, some reporter has to go cover it. I didn't think that schedule would be fair to children, so I knew going in that if I wanted to have children, it would mean changing career plans.

How do you advertise it?

I simply put out my marketing materials as a writer. I don't typically advertise that I'm a work at home mom as it's not always viewed as a plus in my industry.

Contest for WAH Parents


GarryConn is having a contest at his site where you can win $294 worth of tutorial from Charles Trippy. If you are anything like me and work from home you need to learn what's hot on the internet side of the world. Am I right? Currently video is in, not knowing how to use it the right way could be harmful to your business. But knowing how to use it, film it and market it could make you very successful.

If this sounds like something you would want to try, head on over to Video Viral Fever and enter. Think of it as a free investment, all you do is sign up for a contest. Don't forget to read the entries at Garry's and see how to increase your blog visitors.

Printer Review: Lexmark Z1420



Every work-at-home-mom needs a good working printer and I think I've found one I really enjoy. I recently got my hands on a Lexmark Z1420 Wifi Printer and I've found it easy to set up, figure out and work.

Once the program is in your system all you have to do is place it on the desk and hit print. Even better is if your neighbor has no printer or no ink they can send it to your printer and you can do it for them. Yes, that might mean they'll be coming over more often but who knows maybe you can ask them to trade off and watch your kids for an hour or something. Doesn't hurt to try right? Just make sure there are no cookies on the counter when they come to get their papers from ya, or they might walk off with the entire plate.

It does take two ink cartridges, one for color and the other for black ink. If you have a wireless network in your home you won't even have to plug this into the computer. The only downfall I saw was it did print a tad bit slow but I'm not complaining when I don't have to be plugged into my computer to use it.

A green light on the top of the machine means it is within range and ready to print. The printer itself is extremely light so I was able to move it around the house whenever I wanted to change it's location without fear of dropping it. Due to it's lightweight and small shape we'll be taking this printer on our road trip across country. I give this a two thumbs up for weight and making life easier for us working folk.

If you'd like to win one for yourself head on over to Peggy's.

Tuesday Tip Day


What tip would you like to give others that are WAHP or want to be?

Find something that's legitimate and something that you believe in. You have to be able to believe in what you're offering/promoting. Talk with your heart and be sincere. It's true; people can hear/or not hear the sincerity in your voice.

Does anyone have any recommendations how someone may look into a business to make sure it is legit? I'd love for everyone to join in on this, especially those of you that have done it before.

For myself- I know there is the BBB (Better Business Bureau), but I know there are more ways. What's your suggestion?

Interview with Joelle!


This week I am bringing you Joelle, who is a mother to three children and grandmother to one. You'd think her life was busy enough, except she traded in her away from home job to work at home with her teen boys. Can ya blame her? Besides the fast-paced life of being a working mom, she is now able to spend more time with her sons. Hey, I worry about when my boy enters his teen years and no longer wants to spend time with me, I think what she is doing it GREAT. Joelle opens up about motherhood and her business, Freedom at Home Team Interview:Tell Me a bit about yourself: I am a married stay-at-home mom of 2 teenage boys. I love my Heavenly Father and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, reading my Bible, spending time with my family and friends. Some other things that I enjoy are camping, fishing, board and card games, and tennis (playing and watching it).I love board games with my kids, it is so much fun. I hope that once we get moved and settled down I can finally take my kids camping and fishing. I hear where we are going has lots of areas to do that. We always went as a child and I have fond memories of doing that. I just know your children will as well. How many kids do you have?I have 2 teenage boys at home, 1 stepdaughter who's a little older, and shehas 1 child, my grandaughter.Tell me a bit about your business?I work with the nation's largest discount dental and health benefits company, having over 1.7 million members nationwide. Our Corporate office is in Dallas, Texas, with over 50,000 people nationwide who work from their homes doing what I do. We market affordable benefit plans, online and/or in our local area. We also talk with others who have an interest in working from home or starting their own business. It's a great legitimate opportunity that lets you really make a difference and help people.Did you work outside the home before this?Yes, I worked outside of the home before I had my children. I mainly did office work. Right after I had my 1st son, I worked for a little while at a cleaners. I found out that I was pregnant with my 2nd son while I was working at the cleaners.What is the hardest thing about being a WAHP?So far it just seems to be finding the right places to advertise that don't cost anything or at least, cost very little. Then, I guess, juggling finances to try to pick out inexpensive places to do advertising, printing costs for fliers, etc..Have ya had any luck with certain ones? I hear google is a good one but still not sure, since I haven't tried it myself. Which do you prefer?I think I like being able to stay home and work more, just so I can be with my kids. Also, the flexibility is GREAT!!I love the flexibility, not to mention if the kids are sick I don't have to ask for the day off to be home with them.Are there moments where you wish you could work outside the home again?Before I started working from home, I sometimes thought about and missed working outside the home, but I wouldn't change the decision to stay home with my kids for anything. I'm very very thankful that I have been able to do this also.I know a lot of moms don't have the same opportunity to do that, or maybe don't think that they can. And, it's not that I was able to do it because my husband makes a lot. He doesn't. Honestly, sometimes he was even without work. Sometimes things were tough, but it drew me closer to the Lord, and He's always provided!We are a family of 6 (four kids, and us two parents) living with a military salary, so I know what ya mean about hubby not making a lot. I've been very happy to be able to stay home, it was only recently that I started earning money which I love because not onl[...]

Tuesday Tip Day with Erin


What tip would you like to give others that are WAHP or want to be?

Stay focused and on task.
Create a list of what you want to accomplish everyday and do it. Schedule in the time you are going to work and constantly check that you are getting things done. If you are working on the computer it's very easy to waste time on the internet.

Is there a certain way you stay on task? Do you use a calendar a to do list or anything like that? How about your readers, what do you use?

Interview with Erin


Ever dream about working from your home and doing it all yourself? I know many of you have, or you woulnd't be reading this blog. Well that's exactly what Erin, a mother of three boys, did. She has started her own blog in order to help you become a bit more free over at Working for Financial Freedom.What's your name and can ya tell me a bit about yourself? (not your job, but you)My name is Erin. I'm in my late 20's and a sahm and very part-time wahm. I spent four years in the Marine Corps, and since getting out I've been working on my BS in Management. I love to read, walk and spend time with my family. I'm the mother of four and we are actually about to get out of the Corps ourselves. (well he is)How many kids do you have? I have 3 boys, they are 9 and under. Tell me a bit about your business? I don't really have a "business" persay. I'm writing to help others learn how to save money, spend less, and get out of debt. I am a couponer and refunder and have been doing it for years and teaching my friends and family to do it. I figured what better way to help others than to start my own website?Have you earned any money off it? I know just starting off you can make a bit with google. Did you work outside the home before this? Not in a long time. I got out of the Marine Corps in 2000 and haven't worked since then. What is the hardest thing about being a WAHP? Finding the time to work! Just finding the time to complete this interview was hard. Right now my youngest is still taking two naps a day so I try to use that time to work. And occasionally at night too, although at the end of the day I usually just crash. Which do you prefer? Working at home-although there are days I wish I could go into an office and work knowing that there are no distractions from home.Are there moments where you wish you could work outside the home again? If it's been a rough day with the kids, maybe. But I'm very glad to be at home with my kids. I love the flexibility of working at home. Flexibility is good, but I know what you mean on the rough day. One of those where you can get anything done because someone is always fighting or one is sick. Course the sick makes you glad sometimes about being home already, now you don't have to take the time off.How long have ya been a WAHP? I just started doing this again 3 months ago. What made you decide to be a WAHP? Debt. And family. Long story short- we had a family death and need to move back to be close to my husband's family. The cost of living in California is MUCH higher than where we are living now. We have a credit card (almost paid off! yeah!) and 2 car payments. We realized that if we are going to move back soon we need to get these paid off. We feel like we've been spinning our wheels to pay off the debt but not getting anywhere. So we changed tactics and have paid off $18,000 in debt since March 28th, 2007. I decided to be a WAHP to help our progress in getting out of debt. How do you advertise it? I really don't. I like to visit other blogs I'm interested in, and put the link to my blog in my signature when posting at my favorite forums. But I don't do much. My goal really is just to provide quality material for people to read, and so far people have been coming back to read more. So it seems I'm doing something right!Thank you for taking your time to answer these questions, sorry there was a repeat one in there. Not to worry I did delete it. But I'll ask what I meant now, "What is your favorite part of being a WAHP?[...]

Stop by Barbara's Place!


This should've went out on Friday, not sure why it didn't.

Stop by Barbara's Place this weekend and check out her wonderful collection of Cherish Collages. Not only does she show you her beautiful collages, but you get to learn from her as well if you head on over to her blog and learn all about digital photography and what companies to use. The latest gadgets and information is always being updated for you. Don't forget to take a look at her current Christmas card special going on, you even get free shipping if you order before November 15th.

Whil you are checking out the blog don't forget to head on over to Mom2Mom Lounge and read the current articles.

- Can Nursing Bras be Beautiful?
- Kick Start your Home Dreams
- Meet the Moms to the Planet Mom Tees (interview)

Tuesday Tip Day


What tip would you like to give others that are WAHP or want to be?

Read up on everything you can before you start if possible. If you are going to have a website and are doing it yourself you will need to read a lot. You don’t necessarily need to know html but you’ll need to know about Search Engine Optimization, marketing, traffic generation, and so much more. Do a lot of research.

Thank you for the tip, yes I think learning as much as you can about your craft is definitely needed.

Anyone else have any tips?

Interview with Barbara Ryan


Barbara is a wahm to two little boys and she has quite a lot of different sources of income. From her own Cherish Collages site to working as an interviewer for an online magazine for moms. Read along as she tells you all about how it began. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ What's your name and can ya tell me a bit about yourself? (not your job, but you) My name is Barbara Ryan and I am now a work at home moms of 2 boys. I am originally from Montreal, but now live in upstate NY with my family. My family is Italian and my favorite food is of course pasta, preferably with a cream sauce! I love computers, I have great friends I’ve made online and I love working online. Basically, I love all things digital, my digital camera, digital scrapbooking, editing photos digitally, and my iPod. I can totally relate on the love for pasta, my hubby is Italian as well. How many kids do you have? I have 2 boys ages 4 and almost 2. Tell me a bit about your business? My business is called Cherish Collage and I design custom photo collages from people’s photographs. I help people get those photos out of a box and into a fabulous display piece. I also have an online magazine and blog for moms called Mom2Mom Magazine, which is full of mom relevant articles and goodies. Believe it or not I've never been able to get into scrapbooking. Course I think it deals with time more than anything else. I can't wait to settle down and go through all my photos. Did you work outside the home before this? I worked in the travel industry for over 10 years and decided to stay home after my second child was born in November of 2005. The cost of both kids in daycare was almost my whole salary so it made more sense to stay home. I kind of fell into it as well, after the birth of my son I knew I wanted to be the only one to raise him. When our second child came we thought about it and then with the cost of day care we realized it wasn't worth it. Sounds like you had a lot of fun in travel. Did you go to many places?What is the hardest thing about being a WAHP? Balancing the time you want to spend on your business and building it and the time you want and need to spend with your family. Yes, this seems to be the hardest part. Any advice on that?How long have ya been a WAHP? Since November 2005 so almost 2 years, but I started my business while I was still working. What made you decide to be a WAHP? I started designing photo collages as a personal hobby, I loved playing with the digital photographs of my first son and that’s how I got started. I built it up while still working and now it’s grown much more because I am home and have more time to devote to it. I didn’t really decide to become a work at home moms, so much as it just evolved. Which do you prefer? I love being a work at home mom. I love the freedom of having my own business, the creativity, and being my own boss and seeing something that I created grow. It’s like having another child really. Are there moments where you wish you could work outside the home again? Sure, when the kids are driving me crazy I think, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to drop them off at daycare and not have to hear the whining for 8 hours. But that is really the only time, I love being home with them. hehe, I think the same thoughts from time to time. Especially when the kids are fighting with one another and the baby is moody. Course then I think of how much it'll cost to keep them there even for an hour and get over it. How do you advertise it? My biggest form of advertising comes from article [...]

Stop by LaLa Natural!



Let's all stop by LaLa Natural and browse around the shop to see what type of items are of interest to you. Elena Lipson and her husband put this business together to make life better for their son. They've got everything to make your little one happy from natural toys (no lead), organic bedding and diapers, potty training toilets, organic slings to hemp bags. If you pay attention to the celebrities many of them received hemp bags at the Emmy's.


I was lucky enough to review a few of their items, we got the SAGE CREEK - Natural Wooden Mini Rattle as well as the Keptin_Jr_Baby's First All Natural Rattle. I have a review at Homemom3 if you'd like to read it. If not here is a snip of it.

SAGE CREEK - Natural Wooden Mini Rattle, does make a lot of noise that will interest your infant. I love the fact he can put his mouth over it without worrying about splinters or lead paint.

The "KEPTIN Jr's Sweet Rattle", a rag doll rattle is my favorite, I think it is suppose to resemble a puppy with long ears. That's what I think it looks like anyways, this is Little A's favorite rattle out of the two. Your baby can suck on any part of this rattle with no fear. My son loves the knots as he is constantly teething, which...

Next up.....Barbara Ryan, interviewer for Mom2Mom Magazine and a custom designer for your photo collages, not to mention a mom. Got any questions? Feel free to drop me a line at

Tuesday Tip Day with Elena Lipson


What tip would you like to give others that are WAHP or want to be?

I'd give them three tips:
First, I would say, anything that you decide to do, make sure that it is something you are passionate about or at least very good at (AND can do after your little ones are asleep). If this is a business where you must contact people during business hours, you may need to incorporate the costs for hiring baby sitters. That is, unless you are lucky enough to have grand-parents or family nearby who can help you on a daily basis or when you are in a pinch.

Second, a great way to be a WAHP is to go into business with a trusted friend. That way the workload can be split based on your strengths. And, you would have someone that could cover for you when needed.

Finally, make sure to do at least a simple business (family) plan before you begin anything. You would be surprised how helpful this first step is in helping you sort your thoughts out and evaluate an opportunity or business.

I totally agree with #1, for if you get into something you don't have the passion for you'll lose the interest fast. Never thought of #2, but I can see where it could help. Thank you for your tips.

Interview with Elena Lipson


We skipped last week due to September 11, but this week I bring you Elena Lipson. I hope ya'll enjoy and if you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~What's your name and can ya tell me a bit about yourself? (not your job, but you)My name is Elena Lipson and I’m a WAHM of an almost 2 year old sweet little boy. I always knew that I wanted to raise my own children (vs. daycare or a nanny); I just never knew how much of myself I would put into this role. It has taken more than all of me (emotionally, intellectually and spiritually) to raise our beautiful boy and to redefine myself along the way. I am so lucky to have an amazing hubby who loves to spend time with our son and with me. Our home situation has been a bit unique in that we moved from California to Washington State when our son was 4 months old. So, from about when our son was 2 months old, until he was around 15 months old, both my hubby and I were home raising our child together and starting my business. This made being a new mom so amazing, because I got to share every detail with the other person in this world who really wanted to listen and watch! Oh, and he was also there so I could actually brush my teeth and take a shower in between nursing our son and building a web-site.Now, my hubby is back to work and I am home raising (read: playing with) our son as well as running our on-line store. That's a really neat experience, not many get that. I know how important it is to do those things in private without having a baby attached to you as you try to brush your teeth. Or them screaming for the quick two minutes you take a shower. Tell me a bit about your business? is an online organic boutique featuring natural and organic items for babies and their mamas. These items include, amazing wool bedding, organic cotton diapers, organic cotton bedding and clothing, non-toxic natural wooden rattles and puzzles, and much much more!Did you work outside the home before this? Yes, I have always worked outside the home. Before I had our son, I was a corporate trainer and management coach. I LOVED my job and still plan to incorporate it into my future. But for now, it would entail way too much travel for our comfort.How long have ya been a WAHP? I have been a WAHP since our son was around 6 months old. I don’t think that I would have started this early if my hubby was not home during this time as well. I would never have found the time or energy to build the business without his help.What is the hardest thing about being a WAHP? For me, and I believe many other WAHP, the most difficult aspect of working from home is learning how to turn the working mom OFF and the stay at home mom ON. It is so easy to work all the time or anytime. To make this easier, I make it a rule to NOT work while my son is up or with me. If I need to make a call during the day, I try to do it while hubby is home. Luckily, his hours are not the typical 9-5 so I can do this pretty easily. On the days when I cannot make that call, I just make due with very detailed e-mail communication after my son is asleep for the evening.That is what I love about being a WAHM, you can send those emails as many understand the lives us WAHMs tend to live.Which do you prefer? I prefer to look at life in phases. I LOVED the phase of being a young single then married professional. I was able to dedicate myself to developing a skill in a car[...]

Tuesday Tip Day


Our tip this week comes from Traci Anderson, the mom-of-all-trades.

What tip would you like to give others that are WAHP or want to be?

Start early. If you don't have children yet, think about ways that you can work from home and take action. It is extremely difficult (but definitely do-able) to launch a business from home with a newborn. It is much easier to plan ahead and be prepared. Also, nearly every opportunity I've found (writing, blogging and direct sales) jobs have been through forum networking. I am a regular on a work-at-home moms site and have actually been offered jobs there. Have patience, perseverance and always remember your "whys". Whenever I feel burnt out, I remind myself that it isn't "all-about-me". It's for my family.

You know I never thought of starting early, but I can see how this would work. Get things established first so you just have to slide right in instead of having to figure out the whole process. Excellent advice Traci.

Are you a freelance writer? What tip would you give WAHP?