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By: Alan Hovar

Sat, 05 Jan 2008 15:25:53 +0000

Sorry, that summary overview link should have been: This is the Metafilter Wiki. The episode is now also covered on Wikipedia, in the Chronicle of Philanthropy, in a follow up piece in NY Magazine, and elsewhere. Search "givewell" and "scam" on Google to see a lot of information.

By: Alan Hovar

Sat, 05 Jan 2008 15:18:26 +0000

I am amazed to see that no one has come here to comment and call attention to the fact that this wonderful press release was all nonsense. Holden Karnofsky and Elie Hassenfeld have been outed for running a 2-bit identity fraud online to promote Givewell -- and to bash its established competitors -- without revealing their own affiliations and posing as members of the "general public." Holden has also admitted using a stolen Gmail account from a Givewell employee to do the same thing. All the gory details are at: A summary is at: So as to how to write a press release, rule one should be *do not lie* about yourselves. Givewell raked in coverage from the mainstream media -- CNBC, the NY Times, New York Magazine, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, etc. Yet all the time he was basking in this glory as a "hedge fund kid turning his skills to good," he was practicing online fraud intentionally. Don't stand in the spotlight unless you are sure your pants are buttoned. And as Holden emphasizes so often, transparency is the antiseptic of the philanthropic world. Holden's pants are transparent, alright. Really, isn't it time to add a correction to this puff piece? Alan Hovar