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Comments on: Russian Roulette Society

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By: Shimon Rura

Tue, 29 Mar 2005 20:24:37 +0000

Let me see if I get this. It sounds like defendant caused a car crash that injured both plaintiff and defendant. It's not clear whether defendant had the required auto liability insurance, but if defendant did, it was not enough to cover plaintiff's medical expenses / lost wages. Defendant's own injuries were not covered by defendant's health insurance, because coverage was retroactively terminated when defendant was retroactively fired. I have two questions: 1. How can someone be retroactively fired? Let's say you work for me for three weeks and do what I hired you to do. Can I then retroactively fire you as of day 2 and then only pay you for 2 days of work? I can't help it that you decided to come back and work some more afterwards, but it's ludicrous for me to pay you after I've fired you... duh... 2. Doesn't insurance law preclude this scenario? If insurance providers can retroactively terminate insurance upon finding out it would be used, doesn't that undermine the entire purpose of insurance? Any lawyers want to explain how this is possible? Also, Ben, since this court case is presumably a matter of public record, who is this evil large-company employer?

By: Lisa Williams

Tue, 29 Mar 2005 16:11:11 +0000

Ben, I'm so glad to see that we in the US haven't given this situation The Big Shrug. As risk increases in our society (healthcare, attempts to privatize social security, more people having more than 6 jobs in ten years than in any time in history, fewer people living near/with family) we get more of these situations and we tilt more towards a two-tier society. In other places I have lived around the world people look at other people's problems and just say, Well, that's the way it is. Or: "God will take care of them." The funny thing about all this is that the forces of destruction are described by people pushing them as "more individual autonomy." But if you don't have any safety net you soon find yourself with no choices at all.

By: Sa'ad F Ahmed

Tue, 29 Mar 2005 15:18:11 +0000

The problem lies within the realm of guaranteed business. It's compulsory to carry Third-Party Liability for any individual on the road. Having lived in some third world countries where most people don't have TPL nor is it compulsory. It's amazing to see how much fewer accidents happen because the motorists practice defensive driving. At the point of accident, people prefer to settle in private. If one party carries comprehensive insurance, they are usually paying 4% to 5% of vehicle value and don't face rate hikes. If the compulsory TPL was removed, insurance companies menus will contain coverages that ascertain to those circumstances. The current system promotes accidents and negligence. Can you imagine the resentment of people having to pay TPL premiums that exceed the value of the car each year. Many times they just want to get their money's worth. The house that spins the wheels of Russian Roulette is the lobby of lawyers, and the lobby of insurance giants.