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Don Anderson (Sculptured) interview, February 2008 : Great interview fitting to usher...

Sun, 24 Feb 2008 11:40:28 +0000

Author: Equality 7-2521
Subject: 46510
Posted: February 24 2008 at 11:40

Great interview fitting to usher in the mindblowing album he just released.

Don Anderson (Sculptured) interview, February 2008 : Thanks for this Assaf, a very...

Sat, 23 Feb 2008 23:31:14 +0000

Author: Apsalar
Subject: 46510
Posted: February 23 2008 at 23:31

Thanks for this Assaf, a very interesting read. I've followed Agalloch and its side project for several years now, so it was great to read words from Don. I'm planning on snapping up both Embodiment and The White once the latter hits the stores.

Don Anderson (Sculptured) interview, February 2008 : I did an interview with Don Anderson,...

Sat, 23 Feb 2008 20:27:46 +0000

Author: avestinSubject: 46510Posted: February 23 2008 at 20:27I did an interview with Don Anderson, the man behind Sculptured and Agalloch in light of the new Sculptured album, Embodiment. The interview is published in the Sonic Frontiers Webstie:     SCULPTUREDAnatomy of a prog-metal mastermindby Assaf Vestin Labeled by Don Anderson himself as his most personal project, Sculptured is an outlet for the musician to express his most complex, experimental and adventurous musical endeavors. With two previous studio efforts that were well received by the metal community (and affiliated progressive- and avant-metal fans), the new album Embodiment is yet another splendid manifestation of the talent of this musician and composer. Sculptured began in 1996 when the band released a demo entitled Fulfillment in Tragedy. Two years later, their first full length The Spear of the Lily is Aureoled was released through The End Records, the experimental/avant-metal label to which they are signed to this day. That release was in a more death-metal vein than their sound on the following albums; truly enough, Apollo Ends released in 2000 showed a shift in sound which as Don puts it “took a more harmonically complex approach to songwriting.” Now, 2008 has brought the release of their newest release Embodiment. The mastermind of Sculptured himself, Don Anderson, was kind enough to answer some of our questions recently. Read on as he reveals how Embodiment was created, along with some thoughts about the current state of the music industry as he sees it, and finally some news about his future projects with Agalloch and Sculptured.Your new album has an unmistakable “Prog” sound to it, as can be clearly heard in the use of the keyboards (among other aspects). What made you go even further in this direction than in previous albums?The use of keyboards was not at all planned. I had thought of asking Andy Winter to do a solo since we are good friends and he used to live close to me. We’d visit off and on. So, the thought of including him seemed natural. But, I only anticipated asking for a solo since he seemed so busy. But, when he sent back the song, he had recorded keys for the whole song and not the solo! Nonetheless, I loved what he did and he was very into the material and wanted to be included. I was very excited to have him add keys to the rest of the songs. The keys weren’t even thought of until a couple of months before the album was finished. It just happened to be the right time.In terms of the music; I just wanted to continue pushing on the harmonic vocabulary I had going on in Apollo Ends. I wanted to continue expanding the use of matrix systems and serialism as well as developing ways of using patterns and shapes to compose music. Most of Taking My Body Apart is built around a triangle.What specific influences came to you as you wrote Embodiment?I listen to a lot of different styles of music. The foundation for Sculptured has always been the whole jazz-death scene in Florida with bands like Atheist, Cynic, and Death. So, those are always present. I think when people hear remnants of traditional metal in my music it’s because I grew up on Iron Maiden and that style has become ingrained in my playing and songwriting. I can’t help it. But, I also take a lot of inspiration from the early 20th century composer Charles Ives; at least in terms of being a kind of “musical prankster.” I love dissonance and I love juxtaposing opposite sounding themes, keys, or whatever. I like wit in music. I love the sound of notes stacked upon one another; things going slowly out of tune. I like it when I hear two songs at once and begin to notice moments of synthesis between them. However, I would say entropy, as a fundamental law, is a prominent fixture in both my music and overall outlook on the world.The lyrics on Embodiment are no less important than the music; what i[...]