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Preview: WoWInterface - AddOns by Kemayo

WoWInterface - AddOns by Kemayo

World of Warcraft Addons, Interfaces, Skins, Mods & Community.

Copyright: Copyright 2006, WoWInterface

DropTheCheapestThing (v70100)

Sat, 12 Nov 2016 07:16:57 +0000

Change Log:
Account for newer bagnon lazy-creating its frames
Move merchant button a bit
Rearrange config for lazier loading
New options for low level consumables, defaulting to off

Show a total after selling items
Bagnon integration

TOC to 40200

TOC to 40000
Improved pre-drop verification, just to play it safe.

TOC to 30300
Small tweak to sorting so that if stack-values are used and several stacks have the same potential maximum value, the stack which is currently worth less will be dropped first.
Change merchant auto-sell trigger. If you were seeing auto-sell tell you it didn't think you're at a merchant, this should fix it.

Sort the sell list properly
change how an open merchant frame is detected, so ArkInventory can't mess it up any more

Ctrl-right-click the broker to add the current item to the ignore list
Color-code auction/vendor in the tooltip
Option to use the value of a full stack instead of the current value
Remove AceConsole
Small tweaks: global profile by default, longer event bucket, ldb icon changes to quickdrop item

3.4.1: Missed a reference to ItemPrice-1.1.
3.4: Bump the TOC and remove ItemPrice-1.1 since it's no longer needed.
3.3.4: Fix "always consider" -- I broke it when I split drop/sell.
3.3.3: Bump TOC. Split out drop and sell thresholds. Fix error when rapidly clicking the LDB plugin.
3.3.2: Update ItemPrice-1.1 to include most new items from the 3.1 patch.
3.3.1: Tiny bugfix, stops an error when hiding the minimap icon.
3.3: Stop the sell-all button from overlapping other windows. Prevent a potential bug in the LDB config.
3.2: I suck, and was missing another lib. Same deal as 3.1.
3.1: There was a missing library -- if you had no other Ace3 addons, there'd be an error.
3: Optional auction prices. A...

Click a LDB plugin to drop the cheapest thing in your bags. (The cheapest grey item, by default...)

If you have an auction addon that supports Tekkub's "GetAuctionBuyout" API (I know AuctionLite does), it can optionally use the auction buyout price as the value instead of the vendor price.

It adds a "sell all" button to the merchant frame, and can automatically sell everything if you want it to.

Yes, this is just like FuBar/Broker_GarbageFu. It has all the crap I didn't use stripped out, though. I'm such a size queen.

(I was just going to fix an issue I was having with GarbageFu, and was horrified by the code. So I wrote this.)

You can configure:
Quality threshold for items to drop
Items you always want to drop, regardless of quality
Items you *never* want to drop, regardless of quality

SilverDragon (v3.2.9)

Sat, 12 Nov 2016 07:05:24 +0000

Change Log:--------------------ChangelogChanged in v3.2.9TOC for 7.1More Legion vignettes and questidsChanged in v3.2.8CreateTitleRegion was removed by Blizzard, requiring some minor rewritingMore Legion vignettes and questidsChanged in v3.2.7Option to not alert on rare mobs we've already killed, if we know the achievement / questid for themOption to not alert for rare mobs which are no longer flagged as rareMore Legion vignettes and questidsFlag some faction-only Legion mobsChanged in v3.2.6Fix irrelevant map icons appearing while inside caves / other subzonesBe more likely to record some information about distant mobsMade the minimap icon options more obviousFill in a lot of Legion rare questidsRewrote the dataminer, to be less likely to lose old informationChanged in v3.2.5Remove debugging vignette sound, which was accidentally left in from Legion updateChanged in v3.2.4Screen flashing alert works againChanged in v3.2.3Update for LegionNew setting to control how verbose the macro isDon't trust a vignette for mob saving purposes unless we already know lots about itClick target sometimes said a mob's name was "0"Bounce the WoW icon in the dock, if possible, depending on your OS (okay, it's MacOS)Changed in v3.2.2Add keybinds for running a scanRe-add the Mysterious Camel Figurine locations, which had left us for a bitUse HereBeDragons-1.0 instead of Astrolabe for map calculationsChanged in v3.2.1Avoid triggering if map treasure POIs have the same name as a rareAllow filtering out of Draenor zonesDon't record the names given for mobs in achievements, since they'...Description:--------------------SilverDragon tracks rares. It will try everything possible to notice them and tell you about them.I, as its author, have precisely one quirk: I like a minimal starting experience. That means that *by default* SilverDragon doesn't know about any rare mobs, and will just learn about them when you encounter new ones. If you want more advance warning, just go to the "Mobs" section of SilverDragon's options and either enter a few mobs you want to look for, or click "import data" to pull in a complete list of every known rare mob and its locations.## How does it search?### VignettesThose little skull icons you see on the minimap. If one of them is a rare SilverDragon knows about, it'll yell at you.### TargetsIf you mouse over or target a rare mob, SilverDragon will notice it.This is the also how SilverDragon learns about *new* rares in the wild. After you first mouse over or target one, it'll remember it, and start watching for it in the cache in the future.### NameplatesIf you have enemy nameplates turned on, SilverDragon will keep an eye on them to look for the names of known rares. This is the least exact method, because nameplates don't expose the underlying mob's id, so we have to rely on a plain name comparison.Addons that modify nameplates may interfere with this.### MacroSilverDragon can also create a macro to target any rares that are known in the current zone. You can stick this on your actionbars as a button to spam while chasing after a rare. This is sort of a last resort.## How will I know when a rare is seen?### FrameWhen a rare appears, SilverDragon will pop up a frame that you can click on to target it.Warning: If you're in combat, secure action restrictions mean that it won't show up until combat finishes.### SoundsYou can choose from assorted sounds to play when a rare is seen. The sound can loop for a while, to make sure you don't miss it.There's special settings for rares that...[...]

BankStack (37)

Sun, 21 Aug 2016 22:19:42 +0000

Change Log:--------------------37: 7.0 Caching, so sorting should be more efficient Inherit the ignoring of the built-in bags New option: put junk *all* the way at the back of your bags, like the Blizzard sorter Groups for the reagent bank Summarize what happens when you're stacking items, so it's more visible `/squashbags` to just fill in holes from the back of your bags Bugfix: if you were sorting only profession-bags, it'd error out35: 6.0 Work with the reagent bank Stop a stall in the guild bank when merging stacks33:Sanity check on item detail fetchingImplement a /shuffle command for testing, to just completely mess up your bagsAttempt to retry moves. Most notably, if we find ourselves sitting there with an unlocked destination and an item on the cursor. Also attempt to retry a move which seems to have just been lost, though that's a bit more speculative.Add some protection from an endless while loop when sortingAbort if a move takes too long.Account for battle pets. Use GetCursorInfo instead of HasCursorItem.27:Update for 5.0Ignore whole bags by entering just a bagid into the ignore add/remove fieldsFix keybindingsSlashcommands now know how many arguments they expect, and will complain if they're not given24: Guild bank timing adjusted to avoid running into the throttler Blizzard added last week New advanced options so you can tweak this timing yourself if it changes23: 4.2. Assorted fixes and features; subtle bugs relating to sorting in the core bank bag, especially.20-1: Bug fixed: group-names including numbers were not being interpreted correctly. ("guild1" would try to sort bag 1.) Potential nil error.20:TOC to 40000.Smarter ordering of events when sorting a mix of bag types, to avoid extra m...Description:--------------------BankStack is the leading cause of things moving in your bags and bank.It: sorts your inventory, bank, or guild bank fills incomplete stacks in your bank with items from your inventory compresses your bags by filling incomplete stacks within them puts a chicken in every pot, and pot in every chicken/sort -- rearrange your bags/sort bank -- rearrange your bank/stack -- fills stacks in your bank from your bags/stack bank bags -- fills stacks in your bags from your bank/stack {group1} {group2} -- fills stacks in group2 from group1/compress -- merges stacks in your bags/compress bank -- merges stacks in your bank/compress {group} -- merges stacks in group/fill -- fill empty slots in your bank from your bags/fill {group1} {group2} -- fill empty slots in group2 from group1/bankstack -- show configurationIn the /bankstack configuration you'll find sections for "ignore" and "groups". Here's a bit of elaboration on the syntax for those parts.You need, regrettably, to hear about bag ids first. Each bag has a number which addons use to interact with it.Your bags are: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4Your bank is: -1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11The reagent bank is -3. It's sort of special, but you can think of it as part of the bank.To ignore slot 1 of bag 0, the first slot in your backpack, go to the "ignore" panel and put "0 1" into the textfield and click "okay".Groups are similar. Let's say that you're a herbalist, and only want to do some things to your herb bags.You could put this into the "groups" textbox: herbs 3,4Or this: bankherbs 10,11You now have two custom groups -- herbs and bankherbs. Presumably you keep massive herb bags in slots 3 and 4, and are making lots of money from this because you have the two most expensive bank slots as well (10 and 11).Having created these groups you could:/stack herbs bankherbsWhich would fill up stacks in your bank herb...[...]

OpenAll (v11)

Fri, 27 Nov 2015 05:59:12 +0000

Change Log:
v7: Update for 4.2
v6: Cause to work in 4.0.1
v5: Fix a bug with total_cash
v4: Bump TOC for WotLK, show amount of money to be picked up when hovering over the button.

Sometimes you just need to take all your mail from the mailbox. If that, and only that, is what you need, this is the mod for you. It's fast and lean.

Pair it with Tekkub's ExpressMail, which brings a similar philosophy to picking up single articles of mail, and your inbox needs are complete.

FuBar - QuestsFu (4.0.1B)

Fri, 12 Aug 2011 16:25:32 +0000

Change Log:--------------------Changes:4.0.1B:Bump TOC for libraries, to fix some errors people are getting in BC contentBump some submodule tocsRemove pointless AceComm embed that I missed about 18 months ago4.0.1:Make work with the 4.0.1 patch.3.3.1:Fixes for chat frame usage and gossip quests.3.3:Bump TOCFixes for WoW log levels, while scrolling, even... (HybridScrollFrame needs to be documented somewhere...)3.2.1:Quest log levels, work again.3.2:Bump TOCFixes for WoW3.2 from D_TownFix quest sharing3.1-beta4:Tracked achievements show up in the tracker. I intend to improve on this, but it's functional as-is.Don't auto-watch completed quests based on zone/subzone if remove-completed is on.Don't unwatch quests that were watched because of watch-when-gained when the zone/subzone changes.Fix unwatch-when-completed.Embed the correct version of Babble-Zone.Apply a patch for LightHeaded support from schultzr.3.1-beta3: Wrong method call in PartyNotify, Tracker still showing up, and two missing embeds.3.1-beta2: A few tracker bugs, mostly.3.1-beta: Make work with 3.1. Probably. I switched to a new version of the library that interacts with the quest log, and it's possible I missed something along the way.2.0.65647: 2.4. Minor changes to level display.2.0.55071:Finally got bored of waiting for someone else to fix Tablet, and fixed it myself. Alt-clicking will allow you to interact with the locked tracker again.Fixed the taint problem.2.0.54738:TOC updated for 2.3Quest levels broke because of the new low-level stuff; fixed (and made more efficient -- I wrote that *ages* ago)Fixed LightHeaded error when viewing a quest...Description:--------------------WARNING: I don't actively use this myself any more. I wrote BetterQuest which I now use instead. If you're not incredibly wedded to FuBar, I'd recommend switching. I'll keep on fixing this up while people use it, but I'll be relying on bug reports to discover things that break.This is a quest-tracker replacement plugin for FuBar. It provides a tooltip which replicates /most/ of the information from the quest log. It can display (or not): quest level, difficulty, objectives, zones, and suchlike. It will put quest information into the tooltips for quest monsters and items. It will make quest levels appear when talking to NPCs.If other people in your party are using QuestsFu it'll show you how many of each quest objective they've gathered.If you want it to, and don't think it will annoy people, you can send a message to party chat when you advance a quest objective.Shift-click on quests in the tooltip to copy the title to the chatbox if it's open.Control+Shift-click on quests in the tooltip to copy their objectives and status to the chatbox if it's open.Control-click on quests in the tooltip to share them with your party.Alt-click on quests in the tooltip to add them to Blizzard's quest-tracker.QuestsFu includes a replacement for the Blizzard built-in quest tracker, which can track more than 10 quests at a time. Right-click on it to adjust its scale and coloration. (Or alt-right-click if you've locked the tracker.)Achievements show up in QuestsFu's tracker. Ain't that cool?Certain thanks must be given to MonkeyQuest, which motivated me to write this by being everything that I wanted in a quest-tracker replacement while annoying me by putting a frame over a quarter of my screen.Wowace project: (This will tend to have slightly more up-to-date versions.)[...]