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9 Recipes for Leftover Eggnog

Thu, 25 Dec 2014 21:04:59 +0000

Homemade eggnog has a habit of disappearing -- in a flash! -- but cartons of the store-bought grocery-store eggnog seem to hang around forever and ever, before finally getting dumped down the drain. No need to waste eggnog, however. Here are eight recipes to help use up leftover eggnog. Image: Courtesy of Kirbie’s Cravings Kirbie’s Cravings: 4-Ingredient Eggnog Cupcakes “So last week I bought some eggnog, just so I could experiment with making these cupcakes. I prepared the batter, stuck it in the oven and hoped for the best. My batter contains only four ingredients: eggnog, flour, baking powder and sugar.” NEXT: EGGNOG JELLO SHOTS --> Image: Courtesy of E Is for Eat E Is for Eat: Eggnog Jello Shots “These aren't traditional in the sense that they don't use brandy or rum or bourbon. Instead I did a mixture of vanilla vodka and amaretto… All you need to know is they are delicious and you should absolutely NOT skip the cinnamon stick and the whipped cream. The cinnamon stick helps to extract the shot from the cup and the whipped cream... Well, it's whipped cream.” NEXT: EGGNOG HOT CHOCOLATE --> Image: Courtesy of Baking Bites Baking Bites: Eggnog Hot Chocolate “At this time of year, there are plenty of eggnog goodies to be found, from Eggnog Pie to Eggnog Panna Cotta. One place I don’t usually see eggnog is paired with chocolate. Perhaps people think that chocolate might overpower the flavor of the ‘nog, but I think that the ultra-creamy texture of eggnog is a great match for chocolate – and one sip of this Eggnog Hot Chocolate and I think you’ll agree.” NEXT: RUM EGGNOG CHEESECAKE --> Image: Courtesy of Doughmesstic Doughmesstic: Rum Eggnog Cheesecake “There are a lot of desserts that have already been eaten, and plenty of desserts yet to be consumed. This Rum Eggnog Cheesecake should be one of those things… It’s great for sharing at potlucks, holiday parties, and for shoving multiple pieces into your mouth while watching It’s a Wonderful Life.” NEXT: EGGNOG FUNFETTI MARTINI --> Image: Courtesy of Kitchen Magpie Kitchen Magpie: Eggnog Funfetti Martini “This little gem is a Funfetti Eggnog Martini. I love playing around with eggnog this time of year as eggnog is literally one of my favorite drinks ever. Plain, with rum, in baking, oh, it doesn’t matter how, I just love it. I do a little dance when I see that it’s back on the shelves for Christmas!” NEXT: EGGNOG BROWNIE CHUNK ICE CREAM --> Image: Courtesy of I Wash You Dry I Wash You Dry: Eggnog Brownie Chunk Ice Cream “I wanted to do make something more just eggnog ice cream, so I figured adding some brownie chunks to the ice cream would probably take it over the top. And boy, was I right. This Eggnog Brownie Chunk Ice Cream is beyond delicious. As always it’s super easy to make too!” NEXT: EGGNOG DONUT HOLES --> Image: Courtesy of Food for the Soul Food for the Soul: Eggnog Donut Holes ”I created these healthy eggnog donut holes with an electric cake pop maker… Once cool, I dipped the donut holes in milk—just enough to make the coating stick—before rolling in cinnamon sugar. Don’t be shy; they should be completely covered. The more cinnamon sugar, the better! It creates a sweet crunchy exterior, similar to churros, and melts on your tongue as you bite into the donut holes. Pure bliss!” NEXT: EGGNOG SCONES --> Image: Courtesy of Shugary Sweets Shugary Sweets: Eggnog Scones “Perfect for this time of year with a cup of coffee, tea or hot cocoa! The texture is spot on, and the glaze melts in your mouth! So, be honest, EGGNOG. Love it or hate it? I love the stuff. I can’t drink gobs of it, but it is such a part of our holiday tradition, I can’t help but love it.” NEXT: EGGNOG FUDGE --> Credit: Mrs. Penguin Mrs. Penguin: [...]

8 Things to Make with Leftover Easter Eggs

Mon, 21 Apr 2014 15:36:54 +0000

Come tomorrow, after girls in sweet spring dresses and boys with grass-stained knees collect their eggs in the annual back yard Easter egg hunts, frugal cooks everywhere will be looking for ways to use those cooked eggs, so they don't go to waste. Here are a few ideas -- easy ones!

Image: qwrrty via Flickr


Pinch My Salt ~ Easy Egg Salad ~ Olive Egg Salad (more egg salad recipes from Food Blog Search)


Kalyn's Kitchen ~ Shrimp Wasabi Deviled Eggs

Seriously Good (on NPR's Kitchen Window) ~ Tuna-Stuffed Eggs (more stuffed egg recipes from Food Blog Search)


Diets in Review ~ Broccoli, Olive & Egg Salad

Rookie Cookie ~ Ham & Eggs Spinach Salad with Honey (extra points for using leftover ham AND leftover cooked eggs)

Mimi's Motherly Tips ~ Incredible Egg Macaroni Salad

COOKIES -- yes, cookies!

Cookie Madness ~ Amazing Hard Boiled Egg Chocolate Chip Cookies

BlogHer food editor Alanna Kellogg loved this recent cooked egg dish, Creamed Eggs with Spinach and collects easy egg recipes.

Five Ways to Use a Leftover Ham Bone

Sat, 19 Apr 2014 17:44:53 +0000

So you're going to save that Christmas ham bone, right? (Wait, you did get a bone-in ham, right? Right?? If not, next time, okay?) Whatever you do with the meat, once you're down to the bone, it's time to get out your biggest pot. We're gonnna cook and a ham bone, well, it's 100% flavor and it's 100% free.


Image: Clemson via Flickr

80 Breakfasts ~ Ham Stock "If I could have just one stock in my freezer it would be ham stock. In the face of storm, famine, emergency in-law dinners, or a surprise horde of hungry soccer-buddies, this is the stuff I would like to call on to make magic with plain pantry staples."

Andrea's Recipes ~ Slow Cooker Black Bean Soup with Five Peppers & Ham "Everything is damp and the chill in the air makes for perfect soup weather, especially if it’s a little spicy like this one I warmed up for lunch. It tastes great with a slice of cornbread on the side or crumbled in the bowl, and makes me feel all warm inside. "

Farmgirl Fare ~ Garlic Lovers' White Bean Soup "But winter is when dried beans truly come into their own, and there are two reasons for this: temperature and time. If you are stuck indoors during a blizzard, the obvious thing to do is cook, and the obvious thing to cook is something that will simmer on its own for hours, fill the house with warmth and a heavenly aroma while it is simmering, and ultimately taste delicious. This thing is white bean soup."

From Whence the Sweet Bird Sang ~ Ham & Greens "As I was tasting them right before serving I think I had a little mouth orgasm. Oh yeah, that's right. They're that friggin' good. If you have a ham bone, make these."

Nola Cuisine ~ Monday Red Beans & Rice Recipe with Pickle Meat and Fried Pork Chops

And you? And you, what's your favorite thing to do with a ham bone? Leave a recipe or a link to a recipe in the comments!

Related Reading:

BlogHer food editor Alanna Kellogg bought a Christmas ham just for the bone. She plans to make Scandinavian Pea Soup.

Make-Ahead Recipes for Christmas Morning

Mon, 09 Dec 2013 20:41:43 +0000

From hectic to relaxed, this year, of all years, let's make it a make-ahead Christmas morning. YUMMY BREADS & COFFEE CAKES       Make-Ahead Monkey Bread by Swanky Panky   Bake/Shake ~ Filthy, Gooey Gluttony: Make-Ahead Monkey Bread "I used to hate making things ahead, demanding that their flavor and texture suffered or that it wouldn't really save time. But this works, completely, and after a night in the fridge, an hour on the counter the next morning and a few extra minutes in the oven, a blissful, sticky dome of yeasty rolls cloaked in caramelized sugar and butter, with toasted pecans adding crunch, thumped and slurped out of its Pyrex dish (my preferred, Bundt-less pan of choice for the even browning it promotes) and was devoured by many fingers." Joy the Baker ~ Cranberry Coffee Cake "The thing that makes it over-the-top, crazy delicious is the crunchy streusel topping. And I’ve got tricks. I take a few handfuls of the streusel topping and swirl it into the coffee cake batter. Yea! Awesome! Delicious! I take the rest of the topping, which is seriously ample and layer it on top before baking. The coffee cake bakes up a delicious golden color, the streusel topping is perfectly crunchy, and the cranberries add the perfect bright tartness. For reals." EGGS & PROTEIN       Bacon and Egg Pies by 80 Breakfasts   Apartment Therapy ~ Breakfast Pizza "So good! The advantages to this breakfast are that most of it can be made ahead. Have guests? Just set out the pizza dough and toppings in the morning, then pop into the oven for five minutes. These are so thin that they don't take long to cook at all." Thrifty Kitchen ~ Egg Strata "Horizontal layers of English muffins, Canadian bacon, tomato and/or spinach. The layers are sprinkled with cheese, soaked in egg and baked to a golden doneness. ... It was so nice to not be in the kitchen at the last minute, nor have any prep dishes to clean up when guests leave." 80 Breakfasts ~ Bacon & Egg Pies "I liked this dish at first sight--a savory tart (something I love but don’t get to eat often) that seemed to be created for a breakfast lover (and a bacon and eggs lover!) just like me." Real Mom Kitchen ~ Breakfast Casserole "I got this recipe from a coupon section of my Sunday paper years ago. It uses sausage and some other veggies. I don't add the tomatoes or mushrooms due to my family's tastes. I do think it would be even better with those in there. Since I don't put those veggies in there, my husband like to drizzle a little syrup on his serving." Diane's Dishes ~ Sausage Balls and Vegetarian Sausage Balls "... I LOVE bacon and sausage, though I didn't eat it very often. ... I've found mock 'chicken' and mock 'meat' that I like, but up to this point I had not found a 'sausage' and still have not found a 'bacon' that worked. Today I tried out a sausage substitute and adapted the old sausage ball recipe I used to use and it worked out PERFECTLY! Trust me, you'll never know the meat sausage is not there!" FRENCH TOAST Prudence Pennywise ~ Blueberry Maple Overnight French Toast "I can never lose this recipe for overnight French toast. I made it one night when we had 12-yep 12, 12 overnight guests spending the night in my house. The least I could do was make them a lovely French toast breakfast, bejeweled with sweet blueberries." Juju & Family ~ Crème Brulee French Toast "My aunt is really good about trying out the recipes from our local newspaper. (Something I admit to not being good about.) This special gem she tried one year for Christmas morning. It's awesome because you make it the night before and then in the morning, when all you want to do is visit with your guests, by golly you can!" A WHOLE MENU! Pithy & Cleaver ~ Feeding a Crowd: Make-Ahead Brunch "Mission: Feed 10 people (including vegetarians) a brunch feast including sweet and savory on a Sunday morning without panicking, running out of burners, wishing you'd moved to the suburb[...]

Frugal Kitchen: Recipes for Leftover Eggnog

Sun, 01 Jan 2012 14:30:44 +0000

Homemade eggnog has a habit of disappearing -- in a flash! -- but cartons of the store-bought grocery-store eggnog seem to hang around forever and ever, before finally getting dumped down the drain. No need to waste eggnog, however. Here are nine recipes to help use up leftover eggnog. Credit: Eggnog and cinnamon sticks via Shutterstock 1/2 cup leftover eggnog Culinary in the Country ~ Eggnog Cheesecake Bars "We both agreed that the bars don't scream eggnog when you take a bite, but you can definitely pick out the subtle flavor, especially with the touch of rum. They baked quite evenly and had a shiny smooth top - the filling was creamy, which was set off by the firm, yet tender nutmeg-spiced crust." 3/4 cup leftover eggnog Whistlestop Cooking ~ Egg Nog Cheesecake "Egg Nog comes just once a year. A sip is usually enough for me~ that leaves a quart of eggnog sitting in the fridge until the expiration date. This is the perfect use for the leftover egg nog!" 1 cup leftover eggnog Nancy's Recipes ~ Eggnog Quick Bread "This is a great recipe for the holidays. ... The recipes makes two loaves ~ one to keep and one to give away!" 1-1/2 cups leftover eggnog At the Baker's Bench ~ Eggnog Muffins "I've come up with a decent way to use up some ~ 1 1/2 cups ~ of that eggnog and not break anyone's resolution. True, these Eggnog Muffins are not what I'd call health food, but they're a far cry from pound cake." Real Food for Real People ~ Eggnog Pancakes "The eggnog, on the other hand, is perfectly fine. There it is, on the top shelf of my fridge, an unopened quart carton, sitting conspicuously beside the skim milk and nonfat plain yogurt and other healthy-eating provisions waiting for Monday." 5 cups leftover eggnog -- wow! The Blushing Hostess ~ Eggnog Rice Pudding "This is no measure of genius, Chums. You get some rice, you throw it in a sauce pan with a mixture of heavy cream, milk, some sugar, and vanilla until it comes an inch or two above the rice level. The milk and cream need to simmer gently and reduce until it becomes a very thick sauce. Allow this to cool and fold in some whipped heavy cream, maybe nutmeg, cinnamon, whatever strikes you." Twitter Recipes (NOTE: Every so often, my fellow BlogHer editors Kalyn Denny and Genie Gratto and I do a call for links via Twitter. This is a great way to share a favorite recipe here on BlogHer. (And bloggers, you know the value of a link from a high-pagerank site, right? That too!) Follow me via Kitchen Parade on Twitter, Kalyn via Kalyn's Kitchen on Twitter and Genie via E Gratto on Twitter.) Megan's Cookin' ~ Eggnog Quick Bread Savory Sweet Life ~ Eggnog Latte And you? And you, what's your favorite way to use up leftover eggnog? Leave a recipe or a link to a recipe in the comments! Alanna Kellogg's family loved-loved-loved Eggnog French Toast on Christmas Morning. Another batch is soaking this very minute, this good recipe deserves a better picture! (And yes, I still have leftover egg nog.) Pain in the Kitchen [...]

10 Fun & Creative Ways to Make Hot Chocolate

Sat, 31 Dec 2011 00:01:16 +0000

[Editor's Note: Do you still rely on powdered mixes to make hot chocolate when the weather outside is frightful? This post from the archives will help you break that habit in any number of delicious ways! --Genie] It's one more laugh-out-loud, who-are-they-kidding? moment when somebody publishes a list of the best hot chocolate mixes. For special occasions, you know, like, um, today's breakfast, nothing beats the experience and taste of warming milk and chocolate for, you know, yummy hot chocolate, not boxy-powdery-milk-product-instilled-with-chemical-chocolate-flavored-watery-sugary-drink. Julie from Dinner with Julie says it beautifully. "I know I wax poetic on the subject of hot chocolate ... but it really is something that’s so dead easy to make, and yet so many people resort to the instant packaged stuff, which is full of all sorts of nastiness. Really, if you’re going to bother, it might as well be fantastic." For Julie's take on Dorie Greenspan's Hot Chocolate Bisque, she uses the blender to concoct a silky smooth hot chocolate. Let's look at nine more ways to make homemade hot chocolate, jazzing it up from the simple to the spectacular. My Colombian Recipes adds a little cinnamon to make Colombian-Style Hot Chocolate. Your Home-Based Mom uses two 'secret ingredients' (oh so easy, I promise!) in her hot chocolate and even, this year, put together a Hot Chocolate Bar for a holiday party. Fun! Rookie Cookie warms up milk, cream and white chocolate, then adds a drizzle of raspberry syrup to make White Hot Chocolate with Raspberry. Thought for Food grapples with her three-year old's allergies but devises a dairy-free and soy-free hot chocolate by starting with coconut milk. Life's Ambrosia is sold on a now-traditional recipe for a Peppermint Patty, “Just think a minty hot chocolate for adults”. Perry's Plate decided to skewer cubes of fudge with homemade marshmallows, it's like Hot Chocolate on a Stick! Savory Sweet Life was heart-broken when Starbucks discontinued her favorite coffee addiction but now can't live without Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate where the hot chocolate itself ranges from Swiss Miss to homemade chocolate ganache. One Perfect Bite makes big batches of Cocoa for a Crowd starting at Halloween. Not Martha displays Martha Creds by building miniature gingerbread houses for perching onto a cup of hot chocolate. And you? And you, what's in your hot chocolate? Leave an idea in the comments! This year, BlogHer food editor Alanna Kellogg will serve hot chocolate on Christmas morning along with the make-ahead Eggnog French Toast. Foodies Forever [...]

Family Finance: How to Save Money on Groceries

Tue, 17 May 2011 13:24:07 +0000

[Editor's Note: Alanna Kellogg wrote this brilliant strategy post for saving money on food in 2008, predicting food prices would only get worse. Even though the post is a few years old, her tips are still spot-on, and I'm using them as I try to squeeze more out of my family's combined income. -Rita] Food prices getting to you? Yeah, me too. There's no avoiding that just like it takes a full wallet to fill up a tank with gas, it takes a fat purse to fill up a cart with groceries. The bad news is, there's new concern that the Western world's relatively cheap food supply may be coming to a sudden, and unexpected, end. Last week, the Canadian newsweekly magazine Maclean's published a story with a foreboding future, "Why Your Grocery Bill Is About to Hurt." "The question now for the developed world is whether we're seeing a permanent end to an era of relatively cheap food — a shift that could force wrenching change in households across the western world. ... In short, food policy is shaping up to be one the 21st century's political battlegrounds — a fraught landscape on which poor countries backslide into malnourishment and wealthier ones compete for remaining pieces of the global pie." ~ Read Why Your Grocery Bill Is About to Hurt On Sunday, the New York Times opinion piece "Priced Out of the Market" called the world's food situation "bleak" and pinned blame on a collision of systemic forces. "Population growth and economic progress are part of the problem. Consumption of meat and other high-quality foods —- mainly in China and India —- has boosted demand for grain for animal feed. Poor harvests due to bad weather in this country and elsewhere have contributed. High energy prices are adding to the pressures. Yet the most important reason for the price shock is the rich world’s subsidized appetite for biofuels." ~ Read Priced Out of the Market The result is that more and more of us will be looking for ways to stretch our food budgets further, for ways to save money shopping for groceries, for rethinking our food consumption habits, for calculating the very real costs of our seemingly insatiable demand for convenience. Image Credit: Blmurch on Flickr As the daughter of a woman who grew up poor and remained thrifty to her core even when finances were comfortable, I've spent my life watching food prices. In my 20s, I calculated that a sack of groceries cost about $10. In my 30s, I realized that my morning coffee 'n' bagel ritual was a $1,000-a-year habit. In my 40s, I watched in horror as the price of a dozen eggs jumped from $.99 to $2.79 and my favorite cottage cheese from $1.78 to $3.35, even if it goes on sale occasionally for $1.99. So when BlogHer invited me to take on the subject of "frugal grocery shopping," I was happy to take on the challenge, writing down, for the first time, the direction my internal shopping compass points week in and week out. Four points before starting: Please know -- I do not intend to tell someone how to live her life, nor do I pretend to understand the challenges and circumstances that guide each person's decisions. Even so, some of my ideas that follow, even to me, sound a little more than "preachy." I use stark "do this" language in order to challenge the conventional wisdom, to get us all to think, me included. Please know -- I think the modern food distribution system is a marvel, one that delivers fresh, safe food 99.99% of the time, mitigates the risk of regional food shortages, and provides consumers with so many food choices. In many of the money-saving tips that follow, supermarkets sound like the "enemy." They're not. But as consumers, we must vote with our dollars and our feet -- and yes, as here, with our voices -- what we want from our stores. Grocers are good marketers, they'll adjust. Please know -- you'll see no mention here of "buy local" or "buy organic" for the very reason that this entire p[...]

Tasting the World: Rose Water

Fri, 19 Mar 2010 19:30:23 +0000

"A rose is a rose is a rose" (Gertrude Stein) — unless it's rose water, the distinctive liquid essence of crushed rose petals used to flavor food, especially sweets, in Persian, Turkish, southeast Asian and more and more cuisines. Have you tasted rose water, or cooked with it yet? LEARNING ABOUT ROSE WATER Rose water is also used in religious ceremonies and in some cosmetics but for foodies, rose water is all about discovering and exploring a new taste sensation. When Nupur from One Hot Stove cooked a traditional Indian lunch for a friend and me last month, she demurred, "I'm addicted to rose water. I put it in everything now." Her words got me curious. What, exactly, does one do with rose water? What recipes really let rose water shine? My first stop for information about new and unfamiliar ingredients is always Lydia from The Perfect Pantry. Sure enough, rose water is a featured ingredient, one she calls a 'pantry special' because while it's not an essential on a pantry's shelf, it is one that's fun and inexpensive. "From marzipan to madeleines, ice cream to iced tea, rose water adds a distinctive, subtle flavor to many desserts. It also finds its way into savory dishes, especially in the Persian cuisine; a few drops added near the end of the cooking imparts a delicate aroma without screaming "flower shop." If stored in a cool, dark part of your pantry, rose water can be kept for two years." ~ Lydia Walshin, The Perfect Pantry, who shares the recipe for Rose Petal Risotto. DOES ROSE WATER TASTE LIKE SOAP? Some people have an aversion to rose water, complaining that it "tastes like soap." I sure remember my grandmother's soap and yes, it was thick with the scent of roses. But it's not so much that rose water tastes like soap, as that soap often smells like roses. Can we get over this? Let's try! I think these recipes will tempt and tease! EASY WAYS to EXPERIMENT with ROSE WATER Just in case, start adding small splashes of rose water to familiar dishes, ones with few competing flavors. "Rose water also seems to be an acquired taste for some. If you've never cooked with it, or think you don't like it but want to give it another try, we suggest using a delicate hand. Too much rose water can overpower and veer into overly-perfumed grandma territory. But just the right amount can be delightful. Add a few drops to iced tea or lemonade, lightly drizzle it over berries or melon, or add a splash to rice pudding with pistachios. Add it to whipped cream and serve with fruit or cake." ~ Ingredient Spotlight: Rose Water from The Kitchn RECIPES with ROSE WATER Dirty Kitchen Secrets ~ Rosewater & Mascarpone Sorbet "... in Lebanon, we have a rosewater ice cream that I’ve never been able to resist." Saveur ~ Rose Water Pudding "This pudding, a cool, sweet, and subtly flavored snack that originated in Turkey, is based on a recipe in 'The Book of New Israeli Food' by Janna Gur (Schocken Books, 2007). You can reduce the amount of rose water in this preparation to achieve a more understated flavor." strong>Gourmet Worrier ~ Pistachio Nut Ice Cream "[the recipe] wisely uses rose water to subtly flavour the pistachio nut ice cream, which in turn gives it that authentic Middle Eastern edge. ... I [added] the faintest hint of green food colouring, so to make the pistachio nut ice cream all the more appealing to my incredibly fussy eight-year-old son. I'm happy to report that he loved it! In fact, he inhaled it!" Joy the Baker ~ adds a teaspoon of rose water to the icing for chocolate cupcakes she calls Sweetheart Rose Cupcakes "Make these chocolate rose cupcakes for someone you love. Who wants roses when there are rose scented cupcakes in the world!? Heck yes!" Bad Home Cooking ~ adds a tiny splash of rose water to Mexican Wedding Cakes with Rose Water & Cardamom "Because I was feeling daring, I added a few drops of rose [...]

Greedy Gourmet: Profile of a UK Food Blog

Wed, 17 Mar 2010 17:57:53 +0000

Say hello to Michelle, the head cook and photographer at the food blog Greedy Gourmet. Michelle is a native of South Africa but fell in love with an Englishman and soon moved to the United Kingdom. "Ah, love!" she says. THE BLOGGER Name – Michelle Minnaar Hometown – Essex, United Kingdom Day Job – Full-time mother for now Sharing Your Table – My family THE BLOG: Greedy Gourmet About the Name – "[Greedy Gourmet is an] apt description of me." First Post – March 2007 How Your Blogging Has Changed, Then vs. Now – "These days I take it more seriously, trying to post two recipes a week on average, plus a review (restaurant, product or gadget) and when possible a giveaway. My photography has also improved in the meantime." How You Define Your Site – "It's mainly a recipe blog, but I do keep an eye on the food market regarding all things cooking, in the form of reviews." "Elevator Description" – "Easy family recipes of international cuisines." Standing Out from the Crowd – "Oooh, this is difficult because there are so many good blogs out there already. My photography helps to make my recipes stick out. A clean, well-designed theme/layout of the blog. Regular giveaways, readers love it!" Hobby Blog or Part of a Career Plan? – "When I started out I didn't have a clear idea what I wanted out of my blog but now I'm secretly hoping to become a professional food photographer. Also, I'm in the process of starting an online cook shop selling quality cookware. These days anything is possible! " TECHNICAL STUFF Blogging Platform – WordPress Hosted By – Anno. "The support is simply the best!" Ad Network – "I have dabbled with a few ad networks but none left me impressed. Now I sell ads directly to customers." STATS Pageviews per Month – 85,000 Page Rank – 4 Subscribers – 1200 Statistics Package – AWStats & Google Analytics Tools to Attract Visitors – "I submit my recipes to sites like Tastespotting and Foodgawker." Reader Profile – "Well, if the statistics packages are anything to go by my readership is 80 percent British. Most of the commenters are female." POSTS Posting Frequency – 2-4 times a week Favorite Post This Year – Sticky Lemon Honey Chicken Drumsticks. "It just tastes so good!" Surpringly Popular – Simple Butternut Squash Soup. "Every month this soup recipe is the most popular. I think it is because Brits only recently started discovering the pumpkin and don't know how to cook it so they start with something basic that works." Deciding What to Post When – "I try to keep it balanced. Most recipes are real food people eat during the week, i.e. main courses and with a few desserts, starters and snacks in between. Also, I balance the meat recipes, i.e. I don't post 10 chicken recipes in a row but try to vary it a bit, i.e. beef, chicken, pork, lamb, fish, etc." Recipes That Don't Work Out – "At first I reworked them, but it took a lot of time and effort. These days I chuck them and move on to new ones. There are millions of recipes out there, why get stuck on one?" Cooking Groups – "I did Daring Bakers for a while, but discovered that baking just isn't my thing (being wheat intolerant doesn't help either). I learnt a tonne in those months and the community spirit is great, but in the end I got fed up with the rules and regulations plus had a problem having to commit to make something I won't enjoy eating." Time Spent on a Post – "Ugh, too much! Minimum five hours." Time Spent Blogging including Twitter and "Community" – "I've never tallied up the hours. Ball park figure ... 20 hours, i.e. all my free time when my young son is asleep." PHOTOS Camera & Lenses – "Started with a Canon 350D, then got a 400D, now have a 5D. The lens I use primarily is a Canon 50mm f/1.4" Location – "[I shoot ...] in our leaky conservatory, whic[...]

Life's Ambrosia: Profile of a Seattle Food Blog

Wed, 10 Mar 2010 02:30:16 +0000

Say hello to Deseree, a 20-something food blogger from Seattle who "cooks and eats" and relies on her talented husband to "shoot and eat" for her food blog celebrating the "food of the gods." THE BLOGGER Name – Deseree Hometown – Seattle Day Job – Marketing Assistant Sharing Your Table – Family, friends and anyone who's interested :) THE BLOG: Life's Ambrosia About the Name – "Ambrosia means "food of the gods" or "nectar of life" in Greek mythology. I interpreted that as the things that keep you going, keep you happy. Originally the blog was going to be about a variety of things (cooking, family, books, etc…) the important things, or nectar, of my life so I picked Life's Ambrosia. When I narrowed it down to just a recipe blog the name still fit so I kept it." First Post – 2008 How Your Blogging Has Changed, Then vs. Now – "Originally I was only blogging every couple of weeks, however now it has become a part of my life. I take it more seriously then I did in the beginning but I still have a lot of fun doing it." "Elevator Description" – "My blog is a recipe blog with quick and easy homemade for the everyday home cook. I believe that food doesn't have to be fancy or gourmet to be food that you and your family will love." "Hobby Blog," or a Step in Your Career Plan? – "A step in my career plan." STATS Blogging Platform – Wordpress Pageviews per Month – 150,000 Page Rank – 4 Subscribers – 1500 Tools to Attract Visitors – SEO optimization, sites to generate traffic such as Tastespotting and Foodgawker POSTS Posting Frequency – 5 days a week Favorite Post This Year – Cheesy Roasted Garlic Potato Balls Surpringly Popular – Caramelized French Onion Dip Deciding What to Post When – "I usually decide right before I write the post, I try to avoid posting things that are too similar to each other each week." Recipes That Don't Work Out – "I keep working on them until they are how I want them." Cooking Groups – "I belong to Daring Bakers. It's nice to be a part of a community, and I like the challenge. It has brought me new readers as well as introduced me to blogs I wouldn't have found otherwise." PHOTOS Camera & Lenses – Nikon D40 with 55mm Macro lens Location – Kitchen table Personal Photo Trick – tripod and macro lens Favorite Photo This Year – Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes RECIPE INSPIRATION Sources of Inspiration – "I get my recipe inspiration from friends, family, browsing through food magazines and visits to restaurants." Favorite Cookbook This Year – The Pioneer Woman Cooks FRIENDS Three Sites You Love, for Inspiration – The Pioneer Woman, Simply Recipes and Tastespotting Three Bloggers You've Met in Person – Alice from Savory Sweet Life, Lorna from The Cookbook Chronicles, Keren from Frantic Foodie SOCIAL MEDIA Deseree on Twitter Life's Ambrosia on Facebook BlogHer food contributing editor Alanna Kellogg is on vacation but -- thank you, technology! -- her recipe websites keep on publishing. Check for the latest recipes at Kitchen Parade and A Veggie Venture. Foodies Forever [...]