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Comments on: 108785131712848161

Sniffing out the work of God in the world...

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By: World

Tue, 28 Aug 2007 08:11:02 +0000

Biggest swinger and sex dating portal in the world. Have sex tonight!... ...

By: Glenn

Mon, 16 Aug 2004 02:11:00 +0000

I was searching for Harolds bbq to get some hot sauce for a minister friend of mine...John Risse...when my search linked me with Mike's I don't know...but here I am...and taking my son to college at ACU, missing hi already. Here goes... I like... involvement over attendance... chess over checkers and all other games :o)... rainy days over sunny ones... Cardinals over Cubs and especially Braves... Salads over all other vegetables... honest strugglers over those who know everything... And soon, I will have an opinion about Harolds, too :o)

By: HillaryGayle

Thu, 24 Jun 2004 17:53:00 +0000

I like... Stone garden ornaments more than pinwheels. Turtles more than frogs. Dogs more than cats. Blue Bell more than Ben & Jerry's. Pie more than ANYTHING! (No, make that...) Sweets more than anything! Fresh produce more than canned. Short hair more than long hair (on men). Q more than anyone who's NOT my husband...^_^ Normal water over flavored Diets more than regular. Blue jeans more than dress clothes Driving more than flying by myself Video game music more than rap/R&B Pieces of junk more than my cell phone (though they are quite similar) Forks more than spoons Contrast more than similarity Uniqueness more than homogenity Hi! Found your blog via Q (I'm her college roomie). Nice to meet ya!

By: Anonymous

Thu, 24 Jun 2004 02:10:00 +0000

I like... sprite not 7up, soy milk not cow milk, vegetables not meat, Tokyo not NYC, any other state not Texas, justice not oppression, Windows not Mac, wildflowers not roses, flying not driving, wine not beer, thai not mexican, letters not emails, paper not plastic, dancing not running, natural not artificial, succinct not drawn out, pianos not keyboards, blue bunny not blue bell, cold not hot, nouwen not piper, donne not shakespeare, dove not hersheys, gender inclusive not exclusive, bbc not cnn, canon not kodak, planners not palm pilots, and apples not oranges. -TKP

By: Robyn

Wed, 23 Jun 2004 02:53:00 +0000

I like... Activists over complainers Harold's better than Joe Allen's (real controversy) Studying Corinthians over Revelations Dominoes not cards Dr. Pepper over anything diet Sweet tea (with sugar) better than unsweet Reliance in Him over "self reliance" Outer Banks Beaches over Zuma Beach Baja Fresh better than Taco Bell Thin crust pizza more than pan Small Bible Classes over large Small group over anything else on Sunday Nites Magazines over tv TLC and HGTV over network programs LENO not Letterman My mini van over an SUV Swimming not sun bathing My kids My husband My life My salvation!

By: Anonymous

Tue, 22 Jun 2004 23:03:00 +0000

Please - am I the only one who likes Aggies over Longhorns?!?! Star Trek over Star Wars, and cheese enchiladas over beef! Tom Hanks over Tom Cruise, mighty oaks over mesquite trees. Amy, down south

By: Jenni

Tue, 22 Jun 2004 16:39:00 +0000

a short list.... ~queso over anything else to dip with chips ~cool, rainy days over hot, sunny days ~Chick-fil-A over any other fast food ~close friendships over casual acquaintances ~sleeping in over getting up early ~McKay's bakery above all others ~casual, laid back work environment over high-stress micromanagement ~cheap mac'n'cheese (with the powdered cheese) over all other kinds ~the feeling of going home ~accomplishment over failures ~compliments over negativity ~Diet Coke over Diet Pepsi (generally) ~sleeping in my own bed over a hotel bed ~holding a sleeping baby ~barefoot over shoes ~long hair over short ~contacts over glasses (though I’d really prefer neither!) ~tshirt and shorts over stuffy suits ~chocolate over vanilla ~mom’s buttery caramel quicks over any other breakfast sweet ~hanging out with my family ~exploring new creative outlets over being stuck in a rut

By: David U

Tue, 22 Jun 2004 16:09:00 +0000

I'm coming back for seconds. The comments have been SO good! Leave it to Mike to get us discussing cornbread! And yes, sweet yellow cornbread in the south is beyond description. As my grandmom used to say "hush your mouth"! :) DFW not LAX Aramis not Polo Chuck Taylor Converse not K-Swiss Levi's not Lee Bryan Bologna not Hormel OFF not any other kind of mosquito spray Shepherds not a Board of Trustees Gomer not Goober Festus not Doc Claudia Cardinal not Bridget Bardot King of Queens not Raymond George not John, Paul or Ringo Carlos Santana not Kid Rock Johnny Quest not Archie Jesus not command, example or inference Puma not Nike Cream potatoes not scalloped Chicken gravy not store bought sauce Apartheid not Communism as the worst violation of human rights in our life-time. Steinbeck not Fitzgerald Greatest Commandment over any other one (duh, what part about GREATEST do we not get?) African rain on a tin roof not Enya to put you to sleep Puppy breath not cat purring Colt not Calf Age not I.Q. Mentor not Boss Obey not being a Victim Grace not Doctrine Mel Gibson not Michael Moore Dr. J not Michael Jordon Willie not Mickey West Coast not East Coast Brevity not Hogging the whole Blog.....whoops! Craig Jones not any other Choral Director

By: spot

Tue, 22 Jun 2004 15:27:00 +0000

This post has been removed by the author.

By: Q

Tue, 22 Jun 2004 15:02:00 +0000

Uh oh-- Clarissa and Mike have both trampled two non-negotiables.... It's Mac over PC and salty yellow cornbread, people. I suppose God could be big enough to love even people who "prefer" the wrong platform and have suspect taste in cornbread (if it was supposed to be sweet, they shoulda called it corncake)-- but I'll be praying for the souls of you both. Of course, being a Tennessee transplant and natively accustomed to California and Nevada ('ve only been in the south now for about 17 years, I'm still getting used to things...) I'm willing to admit the possibility that I'm wrong on the cornbread issue. But Windows? That's just wrong. And I had such respect for you, Mike... I'm gonna hafta change my username to "Disillusioned."

By: Clarissa

Tue, 22 Jun 2004 14:48:00 +0000

For Quiara -- uh-uh, sorry -- here's the real deal -- YELLOW cornbread that is also SWEET. You haven't been in Tennessee long enough, girl!

By: Anonymous

Tue, 22 Jun 2004 14:18:00 +0000

Oh, are a true visionary leader...I definately like Windows over Mac and I personally think that Diet Dr. Pepper is the elixer of life! Smiling...Cheryl

By: chrismith

Tue, 22 Jun 2004 14:07:00 +0000

I already did one, but these are so great I have to keep going. this one is non-comparitive and simply lists those things that make my day i love... rich mullins, tom waits, chris rice, and brian houston. communicating with others to sharpen my mind and soften my spirit. bonhoeffer, manning, muggeridge, and craddock. cameron crowe films, john cusack films, films based on nick hornby books. nick hornby, ralph ellison, john steinbeck, and g.k. chesterton. hush puppies, mac and cheese, and mashed potatoes with the skins. independent record stores and the people who work in them, 50 year old guys in classic rock cover bands, and concerts where the audience would prefer to sit than stand. bob dylan, david gray, over the rhine, and martyn joseph. steve stockman, the books he writes, and the radio show he has on the BBC. washing dishes with my wife, working garage sales with my wife, buying groceries with my wife. ben arthur, ben christophers, ben folds, ben harper, and ben kweller evening walks with Rachel, waking up with Rachel, trading e-mails with Rachel throughout my day. mike cope's blog, my own blog, the humility that comes with knowing i have less to say at this point than he does. being 28, being 6 years married in August, being a first time dad in September, being ill-prepared for all great adventures. having Rachel to share the adventure with. sharing the Lord's Supper with Rachel, studying the Bible with Rachel, praying with Rachel, working in ministry with Rachel. the fact that I get paid to do what I love. counseling people, serving people, teaching people, and sitting with people. love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. our God, from whom all good gifts come. His Spirit that lives within Him, and within His Son, and within His church, and within me. the fact that I'd be nowhere without Him.

By: Mike

Tue, 22 Jun 2004 13:42:00 +0000

Can I play again? I like . . . A deep conversation with one over quick chats with thirty; Fort Worth over Dallas; 35 mm over digital; Windows over Mac (this may be more explosive than politics); Swinging away on 3-0 over taking one; Unity over uniformity; Coaching over sitting in the stands; Wrestling with sons over professional wrestling; Pensacola Beach over any other Gulf Coast beach; T-shirts with pockets over pocketless tees; Pappasito's over Pappadeux (close competition); Raw oysters over fried oysters (I've had my shots); Marathons over sprints; Annual exams before 45 over annual exams after 45 (note to younger men: don't ask); Deep friendships that survive moves and changes over lots of acquaintances; Psalms over Proverbs; Deep over wide; forgiveness over perfection.

By: Candy

Tue, 22 Jun 2004 13:18:00 +0000

ok, here goes: I like sunrise/set over noon anyday; coffee with fixin's over black; hazelnut over vanilla or amaretto; blogs over world news; fresh flowers still attached to their plant after 3 days over fresh flowers sliming in a vase in my house; (although day 1 and 2 they're very nice) reading over tv; crosswords over jumbles; Scrabble over Risk; writing words over speaking them; (although I've never felt more alive than when I know God has spoken thru me) Adidas over Nikes; walking over running; strolling over walking; dogs over cats; tums over rolaids; newsprint over glossy magazines; waterfalls over standing ponds; rocks and leaves and shells over manmade art; searching for and finding treasures of rocks, leaves and shells over gallery surfing; digging in real earthly dirt over spreading dirt; serenity over chaos; rock and rap over country; big sweaty boy hugs over absolutely anything else. I could go on and on but what's the point there is dirt to dig in and it's a beautiful day!!! Thanks Mike!