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Cigar Favors

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Leave More Than A Hangover For The Groom-To-Be: Custom Cigar Bands


Bachelor parties are considered to be a celebration of a man’s last day as a single man. Debauchery is a common theme for men at their parties as the night that follows is full of just as much drunken fun as one man can handle.

Why not compliment the fun with finely crafted cigars wrapped in custom cigar bands to help the groom to be celebrate his impending nuptials and leave him with a custom cigar band to remember his last night of so-called “fun,” since the next morning the hangover may have erased the rest of his memories.

Custom cigar labels will bring a smile to the grooms face as he cleans the trash out of his pockets the next day. Indulge a little for the groom, and make him a few extra custom cigar labels for his upcoming life such as “Jim’s smoking wife is hotter than this cigar.” Send the groom off in style and prove you’re the best man there ever was.

Cigar Parties – Fitting For Many Occasions!


Everybody loves a good excuse to have a gathering of friends over, and everyone loves an opportunity to smoke a nice cigar, and it’s a boy cigars and cigars for weddings are used for occasions that only happen once or twice maybe. That is why people are beginning to have cigar parties as a good reason to collect a group of people who can show off their cigar collections.

Before cigar parties, scour the internet for good cigars deals and custom cigar labels so you can please you friends with many different varieties of classic cigars equipped with their own custom cigar labels so everyone has new cigar ring bands to add to their collections. Although the idea may seem a little dry, if you have cigar party favors as parting cigar gifts it is almost a guarantee people will be talking about the party in your social circuit for quite some time.

Love For The Custom Cigar Bands


People today have an obsession with the cigar band rings, and apparently they did earlier this century as well. Back in the early 1900’s apparently US cigar companies did not bother with manufacturing cigar band rings because the cigars were of poor quality anyhow and did not figure the bands would matter.

Once paper prices dropped around the 1950’s they started producing colorful cigar band rings of many different varieties on their cigars again and the American public just loved it. Soon people were digging through ashtrays to collect the many different colors, and before too long the companies started selling just boxes of mixed box variety cigar bands to collectors.

Hence the birth of the personalized cigar bands we see today. If you look up cigar deals online you will find many sites that offer custom cigar bands at very low prices.

Accessories For Your Cigar Party


Throwing a cigar party? Sure everyone knows that you light a cigar and smoke it to celebrate a significant event, but there are two main accessories that most true cigar connoisseurs own and know how to use.

The first is a cigar band ring. The purpose of the ring is so that it can be slipped off the finger and placed around the cigar in place of the cigar band. Nowadays it is somewhat a status symbol to wear a cigar band ring.

The second common accessory is a cigar cutter which is essential if you plan on lighting the cigar. The most common cutter is known as a guillotine cutter which works exactly as the name denotes to snip off the last 1/8 inch of the cigar tip. There is always the primitive way of cutting the tip with your teeth, but to look more professional searching cigars deals online should allow you to purchase a cutter at a reasonable price.

This Ones On Me: Cigar Party Favors


Throw out the noisemakers, discard the crayons, and replace the Jordan Almonds, there is a new trend emerging in popular culture giving adults a chance to relax a bit and go home with the party bag for once, cigar party favors. What adult would not enjoy a break from tacky party favors that are a step away from eventual drunk drawer death?

Thanks to some clever chap out there, some hosts are now throwing celebrations in which the guests leave with cigars carefully embellished with personalized cigar bands. Even for non-smokers, holding a cigar party favor is the expression of a certain degree of success and pride. It’s nice to have around the house, because one never knows when they will get the chance to show off a finely made cigar, especially thrilling to non-smokers, since the personalized party favor may be the only cigar they ever own. This little gift is the cigar party favor that never stops giving.

Cigar Fillers - What's the Story?


Just what's inside that cigar you just smoked? Many times cigars as favors are handed out, and it would be nice to know something about them. Many cigars, especially some of the more premium brands, use very different grades of tobacco for the filler and the wrapper. "Long filler cigars" signify a much higher quality cigar, using exclusively long leaves of tobacco throughout the cigar. These type of cigars will also employ a third variety of tobacco leaf, a "binder", between the filler leaves and the outer wrapper. This enables expert cigar makers to use very delicate and attractive leaves as an outer wrapper. These are very nearly always blended varieties of cigar tobacco, and are among the most sought after cigars you can imagine. Many times each part of the cigar tobacco leaves will come from different countries.

In most cheap cigars, the filler consists of chopped up tobacco leavings, and it's not uncommon to find a bogus type of cigar "paper", made up entirely of tobacco pulp and used to bind the cigar together.

Producing a Fine Cigar


The next time you're hosting a cigar catering event, you can wow your guests with some specialized knowledge of just how a cigar makes it from the field to your home.

A master blender is in charge of the process, and gives the cigar rollers several boxes of tobacco leaves, from four to six; and a formula for how the cigar is to be constructed.

The cigar rollers then presses the leaves into a bunch, and then cuts them to the correct size, after which they are put into a press, where they stay for about an hour.

After this time, the molded leaves come back to his table where he carefully wraps each one with a wrapper leaf that is chosen for both visual and aromatic qualities. The roller dabs a spot of vegetable glue onto the head of the cigar so that it won't unravel.

Then they are inspected carefully by their supervisors, where after passing inspection they go the aging room, where they may sit for some months to age before they are sent out to the world for consumption.

Cool RSS Feed!


Here is a cool RSS feed about Personalized Cigar Labels!

Cigar Favors - Out Of The Ordinary!


Have you ever thought of giving cigar favors at your next
party, event or special occasion? Though they may seem to
be a relic of a time gone by, cigar favors are actually a
very elegant way of showing appreciaton for your guests
friendship and support.

Handing out a quality cigar favor definitely leaves a good
impression. The aroma, along with a distinctive cigar label
can make for a memorable event. They can be made with your
choice of cigars, and you can also opt not to go with
customized cigar labels if you wish. The choice is yours.

There are many places online where you can purchase these,
and they can be delivered to your door long before the
event in question. (Just make sure not to smoke them all!)
Can you think of the last time you were atan event that
gave out cigar favors? I thought not!

Quality cigar favors can make your occasion (as well as
you in particular!) very popular indeed!