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Preview: Adsense Secrets 2008 4th Edition

Adsense Secrets 2008 4th Edition

Adsense Secrets 2008 4th Edition By Joel Comm. The Master Of Google AdSense Finally Reveals His New Book Adsense Secrets 2008 4th Edition

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Joel Comm Finally Releases His 4th Book In The Adsense Secrets Series!

Tue, 15 Apr 2008 08:47:00 +0000

AdSense Secrets 2008 4th Edition. Joel Comm Finally Releases His 4th Book In The Adsense Secrets Series!AdSense Secrets 2008 4th Edition - Get Joel Comm's Secrets FOR ONLY $9.95 hereThree Types Of Websites That Can Make You A FortuneBy Joel CommOne of the best things about making money on AdSense is that anyone can do it - and with just about any type of website. You don't have to own a mini-Amazon or build a budding Ebay to make bigstacks of cash on the Internet; you just have to have a site that attracts users.AdSense For Owners Of Commercial SitesA lot of people who have built a website specifically to make money worry about putting ads on their sites.They're concerned that people might be put off buying if their browsing is interrupted by intrusive ads.That's absolutely right. If your ads are intrusive, then you are going to annoy your users.But if you've used all the strategies I recommend in my book Google AdSense Secrets to blend your ads into the site, then not only will you keep your users sweet, you'll also increase the number of your click-throughs.Not everyone who reaches your site will buy. In fact, most won't. You've paid for those users; shouldn't you profit from them?Put AdSense ads on the right pages and in the right way and you'll make even more money from your site. And that's the point, right?AdSense For Owners Of Information SitesInformation sites are probably the most obvious places to put AdSense. If you've created a site that's designed to teach other people about your favorite topic - whether it's video games, mahjong or raising guppies - then AdSense is ideal for bringing your site money.Again, you'll still need to be smart about the way you use those ads(just put them on the site any old how and you'll barely make enough money to pay for the server.) Do it properly and use all the proven AdSense revenue-generating techniques and you'll be able to turn your hobby into cash.AdSense For Owners Of BlogsBlogs are intended to simply let people know what their writers think - and do no more than that. But a lot of bloggers have recently discovered that with the help of AdSense, their blogs can quickly become cash cows! Because they're updated regularly, Google loves blogs and because they have regular visitors so do advertisers.The techniques used to get blog readers to click on ads are a bit special but once you've read up and know what you're doing, you should be able to turn your writing into a very nice income indeed.For more Google AdSense tips, visit http://www.adsense-secrets.comCopyright © 2005 Joel Comm. All rights reservedAdsense Secrets 4th EditionJoel Comms New Google Adsense bookThe New 4th Edition Ebook From Doctor AdSenceGoogle AdSense SecretsAdsense Secrets 4 Joel Comm is Dr.AdSense, an Internet entrepreneur who has been online for more than 20years. Joel is co-creator of, now known as Yahoo! Games and ist he author of the web's best-selling AdSense ebook, "Google AdSense Secrets(Or What Google Never Told You About Making Money With Adsense)".[...]

Adsense Secrets 2008 4th Edition

Mon, 14 Apr 2008 21:06:00 +0000

AdSense Secrets 2008 4th Edition. Joel Comm Releases His New AdSense Secrets 4th EditionEvery internet marketing novice, AdSense beginner, entrepreneur and seasoned marketing professional as heard of Joel Comm.He is the master of AdSense, and the king of making massive amounts of commissions for the AdSense program.And if for some reason you have never heard of Joel Comm and his “Adsense Secrets”...Stay tuned, because I tell you for sure. You are going to hear from anybody who's anybody about Joel's ADSENSE SECRETS 2008 4TH EDITION!Joel Comm is a New York Times Best seller for the book “The AdSense Code”.After a long two years he is about to launch “Adsense Secrets 2008 4th Edition”. This New Edition of his AdSense Book is a major event on its own. But there is a mighty twist with the launch of his new book!For some crazy reason Joel has decided to sell his 4th edition of the adSense secrets for a price that can only be described as "stupidly low.In fact Joel is selling adSense secret so low, you can be sure the internet will come alive with raised eyebrows, sweaty palms, jealous marketing professional, and heart stopping entrepreneurs biting at the bit to get a copy of the 4th edition.If you are a beginner to making money online, you just got access to the goose that laid the golden egg. It really is that powerful!I'm one of Joel Comms early customers of the original adsense secrets, and I've had access to all the up grades. so be confident when I tell you: The new edition of adsense secrets will take you places no other book could take you. In this case, to the google adsense money tree - NO BS!So Why Is Joel Creating Such A Buzz With The 4th Edition AdSense Secrets?As a thank you for all the support he has received over the last few years he is making the new Goggle Adsense Secrets 2008 edition available for only $9.95!How crazy a price is that? Everybody, and I MEAN EVERYBODY expected the new adsense secrets to sell for at least $97.00After all, that was the price of the 3rd edition of the adsense secrets. And the new book is bigger, better and more in depth. Truth is, Joel Comm must be crazy.Actually Joel's not crazy, at least not all the time. This time he's giving back something to the internet marketing fateful, AdSense beginners and seasoned professionals. And if you are in the business to make money, you had better make sure your an owner of the adsense secrets 4th edition A.S.A.P.Buying Adsense Secrets 2008 4th Edition by Joel Comm is a complete NO BRAINER. If You Want Success YOU HAVE TO OWN this life changing bookIf you have a concern in Google Adsense or want to generate income from Adsense, you must get this this book for your business at the first opportunity. Remember, its only $9'95!Launch date for Adsense Secrets 2008 4th Edition by Joel Comm is the 16th April 2008 and you pick your copy up by visiting Joel Comm's Google Adsense Secrets website.I'll see you on the in side. My seat is already reserved. I'll be at the front of the queue.If your a wise individual who wants to make money from adsense, you will be right behind me!AdSense Secrets 2008 4th Edition - "How To Get Google To Send You Money". Click The Link. Get In Early While You Still Can![...]