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Preview: Jamieson - Family History & Genealogy Message Board

Jamieson - Family History & Genealogy Message Board

Published: 2018-01-24 09:04:14Z


Lt George Jamieson Born 08 May 1914 - Glasgow

2018-01-24 09:04:14Z

G'Day all, Doing some research for a friend who wishes to learn more about her father, GEORGE JAMIESON who was born on 8 May 1914 in Glasgow Scotland, his parents were John & Harriet Jamieson. Harriet maiden name was JONES

George Jamieson married on 12 April 1941 in Glasgow to Margaret Rae Frew Hutchinson Born 25 Oct 1916 -22 Aug 1964. Margaret's parents were James Barry and Mary Rae Hutchinson (Mary Rae maiden name is FREW)

George served in the Pioneer Corp during WW@ and was wounded in North Africa. He retired in 1959 in the Rank of a major. In 1958 he took the salute at Holyrood Castle on the Diamond Jubilee of the British Territorial Army.

George and Margaret migrated to Australia in the late 1950's possibly 1959. I have found a record for 1963 of them living in Moreton Queensland, and the registration of Margaret's death in 1964.

So far I have not been successful in finding any further details. If anyone can point me in the right directions, I would most grateful.

many thanks


Re: Jamieson/Shetland

2017-12-01 10:13:36Z

I am presently on Ancestry, --
I am chasing a line of Jamiesons that goes back to 1795 when Peter Jamieson came from the Shetlands to Aberdeenshire---Rathen--and "got land. Have followed the Jamieson family down to present day, but can not make connections in Shetland Isls. One relative from Unst visited PJ family--noted on the 1884 census Elizabeth Jamieson widowed age 67 from Unst--so 1814 ish. She visited with my Jamieson Family of Peter Jamieson 1817-1887--married to Jane Anderson 1826 to 1866 (Died after giving birth to 12 children---) Would love to find any information about the Shetland Isl ancestors of this line of 7 Peter Jamiesons.
Kay Jamieson---Calgary Alberta

Re: John,Kenneth,Hugh and Robert Jamieson

2017-11-17 01:14:58Z

Hello Craig,
I am not sure if you are still on here. My ancestor Hugh Jamieson came in the 1840s. Landed in New York. He is said to have been born in Ireland but the family was Scottish. Let me know if you have any information about these brothers.

Re: James Jamieson

2017-04-03 14:53:05Z

Hi Tim,

I too am a relative of James and Jessie Jamieson. Their daughter Rachel was my great granny ( or Great Great Granny). I am compiling some family information for my uncle ( Howard Jamieson Adams) and my mother. I would love any information that you could provide to me.

Thank you,

Sue O'Hara

Nellie Mae Baltzer (1878 - ???)

2016-10-13 16:46:44Z

She first married Victor (Barnes) Jamieson in 1896. They had (5) children:
-- Ralph Mervin
-- Ira Robert
-- Audrey Fern
-- Elton Howard
-- Laverna Delcia

Victor and Nellie divorced in 1931.

I can't find any additional records on her. What happened next? Did she marry again? Who? When did she die?

If you know -- Please contact me direct at


Re: Jamiesons of Cape Breton

2016-08-10 01:49:48Z

Hi Bill! Don't know if you are still around here. I did the DNA test. Turns out the Spanish that i thought is true. Small part (8%) Iberian Peninsula. So Spanish, Portugese, Gibraltor . I gave up on all of it, until recently. I have gotten back to the 1200s on Mom's mother's side, but now going to try tackling the Jamieson/McNeil side again. (Mom, brother and my daughter all got the dark hair dark skin gene. The rest of my boys are all pale skinned and light eyes)
Cathie. (email changed, now

Re: Jamiesons of Cape Breton

2016-08-10 01:39:39Z

The BC connection, John Joseph, is my family. We were in touch years ago, when I was attempting this. I found Sarah's parent's names, but can't connect them anywhere. I have just started again, hoping to have better luck this time. The rest of the family has been relatively easy, on Ancestry, except for this line.

Re: Jamieson Family from Isle of Arran,Scotland

2016-03-28 16:38:18Z

Hi, I have tried to match up your Jamiesons to mine...I'm sure they are related as I have Kilmory and Torylin on birth/marriage/death and censuses . I have been over to Arran many times and have been told at The Heritage there that the Jamiesons are all of the well known Arran families. I also spoke to some older people there...recommended by the Heritage Centre...that take an interest in family history....and they say the same. I wonder maybe if your William was either a cousin or brother of a Gershom gggg grandfather? I have a lot on the family coming forward...if a link between Gershom and your William could be established that would be good....I have had a quick look...but as Gershom was born in 1767 I'm struggling...time is the enemy as I can't give the research as much as is needed....I have a Jamieson whisky smuggler..a woman...who went to prison...a hotelier and farmers....I will give you my email address and if a link can be established I have photos etc....even if its not a direct ancestor some of the history of smuggling etc is very interesting. My email is Funnily enough my daughter is in Florida at the moment...Palm Beach and loving the sunshine. Regards Margaret

Re: Jamieson Family from Isle of Arran,Scotland

2016-03-15 02:52:22Z

Hi, Margaret!
I know very little about my Jamieson/Hamilton ancestry in Scotland. I do know they were born on the south end of the Island, in the Kilmory/Torrilin area.
I live in the state of Florida in America, but I did take a trip to Arran a few years ago, but was unable to locate any place to further my research......of course surrounded by all that beauty it was hard to concentrate!!
Thank you for your message and any help you can give,

Re: Jamieson Family from Isle of Arran,Scotland

2016-02-23 13:47:46Z

I've just seen your message and am researching the Jamiesons from Arran also....I'm not sure if there is any connection...but will look at your info and compare it to the Jamieson family I have.....don't know where you are but I am a ferry ride from Arran and have been over to research and have photographs of some headstones....are you any connection to the Jamieson family who owned the Kildonnan hotel?
Will get back to you will any info I find that may be relevant.

Re: Jamieson Family from Isle of Arran,Scotland

2015-11-20 01:13:46Z

Thought I would try my questions again.

Re: Leita Mae JAMIESON d. 13 Jan 2004 in Paris, Ontario, m. to Louis Joseph BODNAR

2015-10-05 17:04:10Z

Leita was my Grandmother, my Father was her son Louis. I have the information youa re asking about, do you still need it?

Re: My Canadian Roots

2015-05-15 10:48:16Z

I was given to understand that my grandfather's sister, Alice Maud Mary Mathews, of Montreal, was married to James ALEXANDER Jamieson of Montreal, of Montreal Grain Elevator Note, who is well documented on various internet sites. However, until recently I could find no marriage record for them!

However, I now have a marriage record that States:-

James ARTHUR Jamieson, bachelor, son of John and Elizabeth Jamieson married Alice Maud Mary Matthews, spinster, daughter of Henry and Jane Matthews, 7 November, 1889. St. Luke's Anglican Church, Montreal.

Signed - James ARTHUR Jamieson - very clear full signature on the document.
Signed - Alice Maud Mathews - also clear signature, but with one T, (correct spelling).

So that puts the previous advice I was given a number of years ago, re Alice being married to James ALEXANDER Jamieson, as being incorrect.

Please feel free to contact me further for more fully researched and verified Mathews Information! My email address is -- I would be very happy to hear from you again.

Don't like to think anyone else has been climbing up the wrong tree, but this record clearly shows James ARTHUR Jamieson as the marriage partner of Alice Maud Mary Mathews!

Re: Hugh Jamieson

2015-04-25 19:09:03Z

I understand that this is a very old thread, but perhaps worth a try...
I am descended from Hugh Jamieson & Mary Brown of new Brunswick Canada.
any information you can share would be appreciated.

Re: John Jamieson d1870 Streaky Bay South Australia

2015-03-29 11:00:57Z

Thankyou Terry. I have found more info on my John Jamieson and Im pretty sure he isnt the same as you mentioned in your comprehensive message. Thanks for all your information though. I must have another look at

Keep trying for your book though. I had checked for a book I had been looking for a few times and eventually got very lucky one day when the owner was keen to clear their huge collection

Cheers....Kim, South Australia

Five Generations of Jamiesons and Temples 1840-1950

2015-03-26 19:44:14Z

Hi! I'm brand new on this site, and brand new to researching my family history. I have learned that there is a book entitled "Five Generations of Jamiesons and Temples 1840-1950", written by my father's mother's brother, Paul C. Jamieson. It tells many stories about the family, and needless to say, I'd love to get a copy. It's not listed on Amazon. If anyone has any tips on how to get a copy, I'd sure appreciate it. I see that Mrs. Stanley is active on this board, it is her Jamieson family that I'm related to...

Re: John Jamieson d1870 Streaky Bay South Australia

2015-03-26 19:12:13Z

John Story (sometimes spelled Storey) Jamieson, called Jack, was the son of George Jamieson and Isabella (Davison) Jamieson. George was born in 1805 in Northumberland. Isabella was born in 1808 in Northumberland. They had 10 children. Isabella's date and place of death are uncertain. Possibly it is after her death that George emigrated to Wayne, Michigan, USA in 1853 with two of his sons, James, my great-great grandfather, and George William. Jack emigrated to Australia. It is not known if he married his wife, Polly (surname not known) in England or Australia. Apparently, there was some communication between Jack in Australia and the rest of his family, but I do not know the details. A book was written by one of my grandmother's brothers, Paul C. Jamieson, entitled "Five Generations of Jamiesons & Temples 1840-1950". I do not have this book, but I have been trying to find it. There has been a long-term presence of this Jamieson family in Wayne Michigan. There is a Mrs. Stanley who posts on who is married to a Jamieson, and knows many details of family history. Check the Old Wayne Cemetery and Glenwood Cemetery, Wayne, Wayne County, Michigan.

Re: Jamieson's of Govan/Scotland:- Where did these people go ?

2015-03-25 10:59:11Z

Update :- They all moved South to East London about 1910ish
Janet Downie Jamieson Married Robert Struthers 1917 Poplar,East London.
Mary Mcpherson Jamieson Married John McDougall 1914 Govan,Glasgow
William Henry Jamieson Married Ellen McMullan 1912 Govan,Glasgow
Married Ada Owers(Deighton)1929 Poplar,East London.
Don't known if David Smith Jamieson or Margaret Ritchie Jamieson Married but have found out they livd together in London(1930ish).
The Dad William Henry Jamieson(1858) not sure if he died on board a ship called 'War Silk' but was a Merchant seamen.

Re: Re M I for Kirkmaiden Cemetery fro Horatio Jamieson

2015-03-16 22:53:20Z

Hi. I just noticed your post. I have the MI books for both sections of Kirkmaiden Cemetery near Drummore where I grew up. According to the MIs she is listed in the old section of the cemetery - entry number 346. The relevant part of the entry reads ‘Also Horatia B. J. Mitchell died 10th April 1970 aged 84 years beloved wife of the the above Thomas Jamieson’. If you want any more info email me at

Staats, Jamieson, Hill, Myers, Philpot, Clause- Brant Canada

2015-02-27 22:49:20Z

Look up help please

My Grandmother is Margaret Myers (nee Jamieson) married Walter Myers of Brant, Canada
Parents are Maria Staats Hill Jamieson and John Clearence Jamieson
Cecelia Marie Jamieson
Ethel Lorinne Jamieson - married John Thomas Philpot
Vera Jamieson
Lena Hattie Jamieson
Rose Edith Jamieson- married Delose Clause

All born Tuscarora Twp, Brant, Canada

Margaret Jamieson & David Thomson 1700s lived Sorn, Ayrshire, Scotland

2014-12-27 20:53:00Z

I would like to have contact with anyone descended from or researching David Thomson & Margaret Jamieson (or Jamie), of Sorn Parish, Ayrshire. Their son, William Thomson married Mary Paton, lived in Sorn Parish, Ayrshire, Scotland and had a large family. Mary's parents may have been John Paton & Janet Brown, who lived in Sorn Parish but had moved from Stewarton Parish.

The children of David Thomson & Margaret Jamieson were born and baptized in Sorn Parish, and were:

- Margaret Thomson, bapt. 1772

- William Thomson, bapt. 1773 (married Mary Paton)

- John Thomson, bapt. 1776Jean, bapt. 1778

- Jean Thomson, bapt. 1780

- Ann Thomson, bapt. 1783

- James Thomson, bapt. 1788

- Mary Thomson, bapt. 1790

- Alexander Thomson, bapt. 1793

- Andrew Thomson, bapt. 1795

The daughter of William Thomson & Mary Paton, Margaret, married James McNaught (also spelled McKnight). Margaret & James are my ancestors. Mary's parents may have been John Paton & Janet Brown, who lived in Sorn Parish but had moved from Stewarton Parish.

The children of William Thomson & Mary Paton are:

Janet Thomson, bapt. 1797 in Sorn Parish

Margaret Thomson, bapt. 1799 in Sorn Parish, married James McNaught/NcKnight.

Mary Thomson, bapt. 1801 in Sorn Parish

David Thomson, bapt. 1804 in Sorn Parish

Agnes Thomson, bapt. 1806 in Sorn Parish

Jean Thomson, bapt. 1809 in Sorn Parish

Marion Thomson, bapt. 1812 in Sorn Parish

William Thomson, bapt. 1816 in Sorn Parish

Please contact me (Janet Isobelle Finney) directly at
Or by mail: CO Box 296, Spencerville, Ontario, K0E 1X0, Canada

Re: Alexander Jamieson the painter

2014-12-22 22:05:45Z

I have the only one I know of, a self portrait of jamieson-signed dated1922 in pencil-size 15 x 18 inch and other paintings all with provenance. never put up for sale.also a fine charcoal of a soldier in action in a bunker-this is 24 x 18 inch.again we wonder if this is Jamison but with a tash

Re: Jamiesons from Wallace NS

2014-11-04 20:45:17Z

I am looking for information on Charlotte Gee. I cannot find her in the census after 1851. I found her daughter Keturch in the 1861 census living with the Gee family (grandparents). I believe the 3 year old boy named Silas Jameson living in the house at the time is related to my husband. I just can't find a solid connection. If anyone can help make the connection I would appreciate it.

Re: William JamiesonJane Grassick

2014-10-25 16:42:30Z

Hello just been on Familysearch and found this is she the one you are looking for ?

Re: Jamieson's of Govan/Scotland:- where did these people go ?

2014-09-11 17:33:42Z

UPDATE:- They went to London about 1912 found these in the Poplar area so still searching but found out that Janet downie Jamieson married a Robert Struthers in Poplar in 1917,David smith Jamieson and Margaret Jamieson lived together in Poplar in 1930's,but what happen to their mum and dad?.

Jamieson Family from Isle of Arran,Scotland

2014-08-16 11:54:43Z

William Jamieson with his wife Mary Jane Hamilton, their 4 sons ,Donald, William, James and Peter, and William's brother John, left Arran in 1829 as part of the "land clearances", arriving in New Brunswick, Canada. That is as far back as I can trace my Jamieson or Hamilton lines. They seemed to have settled in the Campbellton , and the Maple Green area. Does anyone have any info on the Jamieson and Hamilton lines on Arran? The name of the ship that brought them? Any info on the deaths and burial of William and Mary?
Thank You for any help!!

Re: Jamieson, Jeannette Annas. (Scotland)

2014-07-10 09:38:29Z

Hi Mary, my name is Scott Leigh Jamieson; son of Andrew Jamieson dob 23 October 1930 @ Old Kilpatrick Dumbarton Scotland. My grandparents were Andrew Jamieson and Mary Ann Hutchison. My father migrated to Australia with his daughter Lynne from his first marriage after completing his national service with the airforce in Singapore. I have only been researching my family tree for a couple of weeks. If this information may be of help to you please let me know.

Re: descendants of Morley Jamieson (Canada)

2014-07-09 15:32:35Z

Hi Richard

My name is Peter Jamieson, I'm Morley's grandson (Norman's son). I'd love to know why you're searching for us. Is this related to his time in England during the WWII?

Please feel free to get in touch with me


Re: Laura JAMIESON b. 1900 m. to Barney CLENCH

2014-07-09 05:57:14Z

do you know if Barney was in WWI? and if so what his dod is? thx

Re: Looking for any jamieson

2014-07-08 18:24:10Z

Where did your grandmother live? I am also trying to research the Jamiesons in my family, they come from Prince Edward Island.

Re: Jamieson's from Prince Edward Island

2014-07-08 17:50:29Z

oh no, this post is over ten years old, but my Great Grandfather is Leo Jamieson from P.E.I. I think he would be your grandfather's brother.

Re: Jamieson of Aberdeen possible Glasgo

2014-06-29 23:28:33Z

--Edward Davidson and Isabelle Jamieson from Aberdeen, Scotland. Had three children: Edward William Davidson (my father), Harold Napoleon Davidson and Vine Davidson-Laderoite(?).
--Edward William Davidson had 5 children : Micheline, Richard, Diane, Susan (myself) and Helen.
--Harold Napoleon Davidson and Rita Dextras had three children, Robert, Danny and Kenny.
--Vine Davidson-Laderoite(?) had three daughters : Loretta, Lilian, Irene and Anita and three sons Rene (?), Peter and Lawrence (living in Alberta).
--Cousin to Edward William Davidson : lived in L'Orignal, Ontario - Davidson or Jamieson (?): their children Hugh, Earle, Oke(?)

Re: Margaret Jamieson of Lasswade, Scotland

2014-05-25 09:30:13Z

Hello yes we can confirm that the John Allan you mention in your post is the same John Allan we are researching. But sorry we don't have any information on Margaret Jamieson.

George Jamieson

2014-05-20 19:16:50Z

Looking for information on a George Jamieson who was living in or who traveled to Belfast in 1898 and had a relationship with a Frances Shannon of Matlock Street.

Frances Shannon had a baby, William John Shannon, born May 1899. There is no father listed on the birth certificate (not required) but the baptismal record lists George Jamieson as the father (required). Frances worked at Gallagher's Tabacco Co and was 24 (born 1875) when her son was born.

Frances and George were never married and it is not known what happened to George Jamieson. William was not raised by his biological parents but by his grandparents and then his aunt. When William John Shannon was married in 1927 he lists his father as deceased.

Any information about a George Jamison who may have died in 1898/1899, who had a relationship with a tabacconist named Frances Shannon, or who had an illegitimate child would be greatly appreciated. In the 1901 census there are 3 George Jamieson's in their 20s and 2 of the 3 are married.

Thank you

peter jamieson

2014-05-10 07:54:17Z

my dad i never meet drank at this australia .he loved a beer ,music etc.his family he worked for had there own printing company in redfern then moved to sydney office so people must know his mum was killed by car accident in pymont .sydney .australia.
regards debbie joan jamieson.born crown st,sydney in 1961.

Jamieson in New Brunswick and Shetland

2014-05-05 11:04:40Z

I would appreciate any information on an entry in the UK 1861 census for Camperdoun (Camperdown), Sandwick, Shetland Isles, Scotland, for three children born in St Johns, New Brunswick, apparently visiting relatives.
They are Elisabath Jamieson, born in 1847 and John Jamieson born in 1849, Lily Jamieson, born in 1851 is visiting nearby at Leebutton.

Re: Margaret Jamieson of Lasswade, Scotland

2014-04-28 09:34:19Z

We are researching the Allan side of what might the John Allan you mention in your post.
We have a John Allan living in Broomhill Farm in that time period. If it is the same John Allan he fathered a son in 1826 with a Janet Denholm from Buckstone farm. Could this be the same John Allan? Do you have any information on him?

Jamieson, Jeannette Annas. (Scotland)

2014-03-30 12:15:13Z

Looking for relatives of Jeannete Annas Jamieson born 1933 who married Kenneth Price(Watson) in 1955 at Hillhead Glascow City/Lanark. Jeannettes father was Andrew Jamieson born about 1900 and mother was Mary Allan. Jeannete had a brother ,Andrew, born 1930 who migrated to Australia approx1958.

Re: Jamieson/Shetland (Murray & Robina)

2014-03-13 06:04:22Z

Are you still about? Am anxious to hear from you. If you are on Facebook, please look me up under Trena Wyatt Heater. Other cousins are keen too. Also I'm at amheater [at] cogeco [dot] ca (all lower case, not spaces)


Jamieson Family from Glasgow

2014-03-10 12:06:43Z

Searching for information on a James Jamieson who married Ann Boyle then had the following children:
Jean Jamieson born 1 Feb 1815 Kirkmaiden by Drummore, Wigtown. Scotland.

Mary Ann Jamieson born 27 Dec 1812 (same place)
William Jamieson born 2 Feb 1811 (same place)
James Jamieson born 12 May 1819 (same place)
Elizabeth Jamieson born 21 Jul 1817 (same place)
John Jamieson born 26 May 1821 (same place)
Robert Jamieson born 22 July 1823 (same place)

Requiring any information on James Jamieson who married Ann Boyle trying to find the father and mothers name.

Re: Jamieson Family from Glasgow

2014-03-10 02:15:06Z

Hi James Jamieson born 1819 came to New Zealand and settled in Ashburton . He had 8 children . My grandfather was one of those -Alexander Archibald Jamieson was born 25 Feb 1869 and died 2 Dec 1945. My father his son -still alive- born 10 August 1931. I am his son Eric Wayne Jamieson born 9 May 1956 and I live in Christchurch New Zealand married with 2 sons

Robert Jamieson 28 Oct 1744 Earlston Parish Scotland.

2014-02-11 11:14:49Z

Is anyone out there able to offer information on this man? He is my 6th Great Grandfather. Robert Jamieson.
Birth 28 Oct 1744 in Earlston Parish, , Berwick, Scotland.
Any information gratefully received, I have lots of more recent Jamiesons from the Berwick/ Coldstream & Kent areas if that helps.

Jamieson Berwick/ Berwickshire Scotland Coldstream

2014-02-10 11:48:21Z

Looking to trace as many members of my Mums side of the family as possible, I know that her Grandmother was Eva Elizabeth Jamieson, her Father was Ernest William Jamieson and his Father was Robert Jamieson born 1838. I think HIS Father was George Jamieson born 1815, his Father Robert Jamieson born 1777.
Does anyone have information that ties up with this, or any photos of these men?

Re: Jamieson in Cape Breton

2014-01-13 20:08:22Z

I am very interested in this book. How can I purchase it?
My email is since my ancestry membership will soon expire

James Jamieson born 26 Oct 1832 and Jessie Bain born 29 Jan 1838 both in Scotland

2014-01-13 00:03:56Z

I am looking for information on James Jamieson born 26 Oct 1832 and Jessie Bain born 29 Jan 1838 both in Scotland. I have them living in Biddulph, Township , Ontario in 1871. I have found a grave marker in the Granton United / Granton Methodist Cemetery that is illedgible from the picture on CanadaGenWeb's Cemetery Project. The index has them listed as James Jamieson parent and Jessie Jamieson parent. Does anyone know if they are the same people?

Margaret Jimison 1758-1838 - could she be a Jamieson?

2014-01-05 02:39:25Z

I have the following person in my tree, and have noticed several others also having questions because they can't find anything. So, seeing as there have been a number of spelling changes, I wonder if this could be a Jamieson? She married Joseph Jarvis (1755-1815) and was born in Westmoreland County, PA but moved to and died in Mount Hope, Way County, Ohio.

I've seen a few comments about Margaret Jamiesons from North carolina but does anyone know of Jamiesons (or some other spelling) who might have changed their spelling (or had it changed for them) upon moving to the USA?

Jamieson's Of Guysborough Co, Nova Scotia

2013-11-08 23:30:34Z

Looking for info on John Jamieson (1761) married Charlotte Morrison (Abt 1765) Scotland. John was a member of the 16th Regiment Royal Americans.

Re: Keith Mckay Jamieson and Ellen Margaret Jamieson

2013-10-16 08:00:13Z

Thank you. Ellen Morris went missing in 1916 and was not heard of again by her family. Was hopeful she may have married again.

Re: Keith Mckay Jamieson and Ellen Margaret Jamieson

2013-10-14 09:12:58Z

Keith and Margaret (Nellie) where my grandparents. Neither had been married previously and they had 3 children. Their eldest daughter Margaret Kay is my mother. My grandmother's maiden name was Marrie.

Jamieson,McLellan, McInnis

2013-09-30 18:53:42Z

Kelley and others;

My great grandfather was Donald McInnis of Margaree he married Jane McLellan of SW Margaree on Oct. 18, 1870. His parents were Allan McInnis and Anne Jamieson. Her parents were Farquhar McLellan and Sarah McDonald. The marriage was solemnized in NorthEast Margaree in the RC church. This is according to their marriage certificate.
Does anyone have this couple in their family tree besides me? I have been searching for years for Jamieson family info.

Flo Maguire