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Preview: Free Hypnosis Treatment

Free Hypnosis Treatment

This is the official blog of the people behind FreeHypnosisTreatment.Com. You'll find site discussion, future plans, hypnosis and hypnotherapy related articles and videos.

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Concentration Booster Hypnosis


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HURRY - Sale On gastric band Hypnotherapy!



We are currently having a sale of the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy weight loss pack. For a limited time - from the 1st December to 25th December it will be available at LESS THAN HALF PRICE at just $47.

If you click on the sales page below, you will see the date ticking away at the bottom of the page as to when this sale will end. If you're planning on losing weight after Christmas, you can still buy it now whilst it is cheap, and wait to use it later. The price will definitely be going back up after his time. I know it would be extremely difficult to start a weight loss programme at this time of the year, so it makes sense to buy now and use later.

So hurry, take a look at our Gastric band Hypnotherapy sales page now, and get yourself set up for after Christmas.


Hurry - Sale now on for Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy!



In order to help you through this Christmas period, we have decided to slash the price of Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy from $149.95 to $97. For those that don't know, this is a 5 session pack, including an e-book, PLUS 4 free e-books as a bonus.

Just think how quickly you could recoup the cost of this pack and actually be saving money. Very soon you could be giving your health and your bank balance a good boost.

Check out the sales page here...


New Product - Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy


We are proud to announce a new quit smoking product Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy It promises to help you quit smoking for good, or your money back.

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy comes with 5 audio sessions that are between them specially designed to help you before, during, and after you have quit. Total quit smoking support in one set. The sessions include...

Get Ready To Quit Smoking MP3” - This session will help to prepare your mind for the task of quitting smoking.
Quit Smoking Right Now MP3” - This is the main session of the pack. With repeated listenings you won't want to smoke ever again.
When You Have Cravings MP3” - Should you feel any cravings listen to this and they will soon disappear.
Smoking Is Disgusting MP3” - Listening to this session will make you associate smoking with things that you find repulsive.
If You Slipped And Smoked MP3” - If you couldn't help but have a cigarette this session will put you back on the right track.
Along with the Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy PDF which will guide you on how to use the pack correctly to guarantee you successfully quit smoking.


Order today and received four bonus PDF eBooks including The Quit Smoking Tip Sheet, Quit Smoking Affirmations, Quit Smoking Today, and Eliminate Stress and Anxiety From Your Life!

To order this product, or find out more about it, then please click on this following link...

QUIT SMOKING HYPNOTHERAPY allowFullScreen='true' webkitallowfullscreen='true' mozallowfullscreen='true' width='320' height='266' src='' class='b-hbp-video b-uploaded' FRAMEBORDER='0' />

Guided Meditation Mp3s


I'm letting you know about some new therapeutic audio sessions that I have recently recorded. They are not hypnosis, but meditation audio sessions.

Meditation is actually very similar to hypnotherapy. The main difference is that meditation seeks to empty the mind to make it improve, whereas hypnotherapy aims to add suggestion. However you do find that both disciplines often cross over, and you can find meditations adding some suggestions, and hypnosis doing some stillness of mind work.

I am personally keen on using both, and no doubt I draw from both disciplines, whichever I am practicing at the time. We have some sessions which are specifically therapeutic, such as pain relief, and also some chill out tracks where you can listen to the sounds of rain, and even one to drift asleep to.

Have a look at some of our titles, there are some interesting ones there, and I will be updating this page regularly with new sessions. Here is the link to our Meditation Mp3 Store. I hope you like it!

Video About HypnoBusters


Hello everyone! I'm letting you know that we have just finished a quick promotional video about our sister site HypnoBusters. In case you didn't know, HypnoBusters has a larger selection of therapeutic hypnosis audio sessions, that are available for a nominal fee of $9.95.

This video just tells you a little about our service, and about hypnotherapy in general. I hope you like it!

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Hypnosis FAQ


I have just produced a video that answers some frequently asked questions about hypnosis. Whilst it does not provide in depth answers, it should help provide some insight in to whether hypnosis is for you. I hope you like!

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Bonus Code For March 2011


For the month of March 2011 HypnoBusters are offering a $5 discount on the therapeutic hypnosis audio session Improve Your Memory. This makes it available for just $4.95.

To receive your discount, simply click on the 'add to cart' tab on the Improve Your Memory page. Enter the discount code MEMORYAID and update the cart. You will now see the Improve Your Memory Hypnosis MP3 in your cart for the discounted price of $4.95. Enjoy!

New Hypnosis Forum


Just a quick word to let you know that we have a brand new revamped Hypnosis Forum at our sister site HypnoBusters.

If you are already a member of the forum, you will need to join again. You can however sign in with your Google, Twitter, or Open ID accounts.

Please sign up and say hello in the introductions section.

My brother Jake is doing a 3 day liquid only diet, that he will regularly be writing about on the forum. Please have a look and see this real experiment in progress in the section 'My Full Liquid Diet Diary'.

We look forward to all your comments and input!

Jon and Jake

Nail Biting Discount Code


As well as ruining your nails, nail biting is also unhygenic and can make you look like a real nervous nelly. Most body language experts agree that adpting confident body language helps us to actually feel and act more confidently. Therefore stopping biting your nails can actually help increase your confidence.

Our February 2011 discount code at HypnoBusters gives you a 50% discount on nail biting hypnosis.

Simply click on the following link, scroll down and click the first 'add to cart' button. Enter the code SNBSALE in the discount code box, and click 'update cart' on the right hand side of the screen. The price will then change from $9.95 to $4.95. If you have a paypal account, then click 'checkout with paypal'. If not, click 'pay with credit card'.



28 Day Challenge


A while back I wrote an article called Change a Habit in 28 Days. In a nut shell the article talks about how if you consciously make a change for 28 days it can become automatic thereafter. So for example if you just decide to be happier for 28 days and keep reminding yourself, then after 28 days you will permanently be a happier person. You may wish to do this for weight loss by cutting out sweets or chocolate. The sky is the limit!

We have decided to issue a 28 day challenge to any of those brave enough to attempt it. The challenge is to pick something you wish to change about yourself and spend the next 28 days consicously making it happen. Commit yourself to 28 days of trying your absolute best to make a positive change in your life. It can be something obvious like exercsiing more, or something more wild and wacky - it's your call! We would like you to document your progress, failures, thoughts, emotions etc on your website or blog in response to the 28 day challenge. (If you don't have a website or blog then you can simply email us your observations).

Once you have finished I would be grateful if you would email me the link ( so I can see how you did and if it worked. We will link to some of what we consider the more thought provoking entries, which will give you some great free publicity and traffic. Don't put it off, take action and begin right away. I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Please click the following link for more information...

28 Day Challenge

Good luck!!

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy


After months of hard work we are proud to announce the arrival of our Hypnosis Gastric Band audio package. These sessions basically aim to trick your subconsicous mind into thinking that you have actually undergone real gastric band surgery. This causes you to feel full sooner, making you eat less, and therefore lose weight.

Here's what you get in the pack...

* Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Band Fitting MP3 - Run Time: 10.32 m.s
* Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Band Inflation MP3 - Run Time: 14.45 m.s
* Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Band Post-Op MP3 - Run Time: 12.42 m.s
* Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Reversal MP3 (should you ever wish to remove the band) - Run Time: 12.10 m.s
* Gastric Band Hypnotherapy PDF eBook Guide - 6 Pages

As a bonus you also receive these 2 HypnoBusters audio sessions (currently selling for $9.95 each) for absolutely free...

* Sensible Eating Hypnosis MP3
* Exercise Motivation Hypnosis MP3

Gastric band hypnotherapy has proven to be hugely popular and hugely successful. There have recently been many stories in the media about it's success, such as these stories...

Weight off my mind
I'm on the hypno-diet
I lost four stone after a hypnotist convinced me to have a gastric band
I lost 3st after being hypnotised into thinking I had gastric band

Not only is this a very effective form of weight loss treatment, it is also far cheaper and safer than the surgery. If you are interested to learn more, then please click on the following link...


Good luck with your weight loss goals!

Discount On Fear Of What Others Think


Start the new year of 2011 with a BANG! Learn how to live YOUR life the way YOU want to with this powerful hypnosis audio session. For the month of January 2011 we offering a 50% discount at our sister site HypnoBusters for the audio session 'Fear Of What Others Think'.

Simply add the mp3 to your cart, then enter the code FRESHSTART and update your cart. You will receive $5 off your purchase, lowering the price from $9.95 to just $4.95.

Please click the link below...



Buying From HypnoBusters


If you are interested in buying a hypnosis mp3 from our sister site HypnoBusters, but are unsure how to go about it, then this video is for you. It is a very quick no nonsense video demonstration to show you exactly how easy the process is.

There is also some additional information in our Buyers Guide. Buying online is great once you have the hang of it. You don't need to spend hours trawling the shops. You simply click a few buttons and it's done. You don't even need to wait for delivery, as the mp3s are delivered instantly via a download link in an email.

So why not expand your comfort zone and give it a go right now?!

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HypnoBusters Bonus Code For Exercise Motivation


T'is the season of festivities and over indulgence! To help you counteract this we have another bonus code for you that will give you a 50% discount off our Exercise Motivation Hypnosis MP3.

This offer is open for the whole of the month of December 2010. But hurry as you know what happens when you put things off! To get a copy for yourself - not for the usual price of $9.95 but for just $4.95, add the MP3 to your cart and enter the bonus code SEASONAL. Then update your cart and the new low price will automatically appear.

Once you complete the checkout procedure you will be automatically emailed your copy of our Exercise Motivation Hypnosis MP3. You will be enjoying the powerful affects of hypnosis literally within minutes!


Make Money With HypnoBusters!


Christmas is around the corner, and the goose is getting fat. However our wallets often get thin this time of the year...But help is at hand! My brother has spent the past few weeks creating 6 different websites that can easily be used to set up a website that sells HypnoBusters hypnosis downloads.

For every sale you generate you will be given a 50% commission - automatcially by a third party, so all is fair and just.

Full instructions are also provided within the pack, plus some tips on how to promote your new website - so if you ever wished to set up a money making website, now's the perfect chance.

For the pack, and more information, please click and download on the link below...


Wake Up Early Discount Code



With winter fast approaching and the night growing longer it can be more difficult for some people to wake up early.

To help you, we have decided to make this month’s bonus code give you 50% off our very popular Wake Up Early Hypnosis MP3.

All you have to do to get your copy of the Wake Up Early Hypnosis MP3 for just $4.95 is add the product to your shopping cart at HypnoBusters and then enter the code ALERT and update your cart. The price will automatically change from $9.95 to $4.95

Please click the link below...


MythBusters Test Hypnosis


Check out this Mythbusters episode where they test out various hypnosis myths. If you don't want to watch the full episode, then forward to 5 minutes 25 seconds. Forward again to 14 minutes 40 - then 21 minutes 50

It shows that hypnosis cannot make a person do something against their will.

Forward again to 26 minutes 50 seconds for a hypnosis memory experiment - then 36 minutes 12 seconds. This shows that hypnosis can help with memory recall.



Discount Code For Golf Hypnosis MP3



To celebrate the Ryder Cup competition, at HypnoBusters we are offering you a chance to get our Golf Improvement Hypnosis MP3 for only $4.95 - a saving of over 50%!

To take advantage of this great offer and improve your golf game simply visit the link below and then add the MP3 to your cart.


Then enter the code RYDER and 'update' your cart. You will see that the price drop from $9.95 to just $4.95.

More Free Hypnosis MP3s!!


Hello all! My good friend Robert Phipps has informed me that he is giving away 6 hypnosis downloads. When he told me I instantly thought I should let you know because he is a very well respected hypnotherapist, so the sessions will be great.

The sessions are freely available for you to use on yourself as many times as you wish. You can even give them to your friends, or even sell them if you wish!

If you are interested, then please follow this link...


Hurry because this generous offer might not last forever!

Hypnosis Forum



We have just set up a brand new hypnosis forum. It is for professional hypnotherapists, wannabe hypnotherapists, and hypnosis patients. Basically everyone getting together and helping each other out. We feel that the more people know about hypnotherapy, the more help can be offered. You can ask professional hypnotherapists (me included) questions about hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapists can even discuss various therapies with each other. Win-win!

If you are interested, then please click on the following link and sign up and say 'hello'. We won't bite - I promise!


The Ultimate Hypnosis Script Book


We are pleased to announce the completion of our brand new book - Ultimate Self Hypnosis Script Book. this book contains 85 different therapeutic scripts, 15 deepeners, and 6 inductions, for hypnotists and self hypnotists.

This book has taken many years of research and experience with patients to produce. These scripts are tried and tested, and work! This book is almost like a recipe book for hypnotherapists, and shows you many different therapies to seriously expand your knowledge base. The more different therapies you can treat, the more people you can help, and the more money you can make.

Check out this link to see the full contents of this exciting new hypnosis book, and receive a 20% discount...


Hypnotic Motivation


Here is a great video that explains quite a bit about how hypnosis works, and it shows you how to change your mindset to drastically increase your motivation. He shows in a very clear way how to use your body language, emotions, and focussing on the end result, to make motivation so much easier.

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Make Money With Hypnosis!


As well as being a tool for incredibly powerful change, you can also make money with hypnotherapy. You can spend years training to become a clinical hypnotherapist, or this is another way. Check out this video to find out how YOU can make money with hypnosis.

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New Way To Pay!


Hello everyone. Just a quick note to let you all know that there is now a new way to pay on HypnoBusters. We have always taken payments from Paypal, but now you can also pay directly with your credit or debit card without having to deal with Paypal. This may be an easier and more reassuring way to pay for some. It is a perfectly safe and secure way to pay, as you would expect from a brand like HypnoBusters.

I hope this helps some of you gain access to more useful therapy!