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I blog therefore I am

Updated: 2014-10-05T01:05:54.772-05:00




Yes its been a while. Nothing that important to say and too busy to say the unimportant things.

Why now? Well, the half decade is upon yours truly. Still feeling 23 for some reason. Hoping that sense of youth endures through the coming years and decades.

What's the pulse?


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Very concerned about the Baltic Dry Index



without words



very moved



Iran is saying 'We The People' in an amazing way.



hot and dry in TX



setting phaser to stun






Amazed, shocked and deeply concerned that a "democracy" chooses to "legislate" what should be "certain inalienable rights".



In honor of our fallen on this 2009 Memorial Day. Its all about them and all the others before them.



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Really wishing Waylon the killer daschund would leave his prey outdoors. Latest kill discovered in home office - 5 pound possum. Renaming to Cujo-Doxie.



here via hootsuite to and out to the world



alive and well

TGIF Entertainment


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Say it ain't so!


Well its back to the future for me today. A throwback to the fall of '08 and the ranting over what became the travesty of TARP. Watch the embed for the details but here's the summary:

The new toxic asset auction facility appears to have a truly dark side. If my readings on the subject are accurate, its appears that the banks holding toxic assets and holding on to TARP funds may, in fact, use the TARP funds or other fed loans to actually participate in the auctions to essentially buy their own assets thereby relieving themselves of their own toxicity. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

I am posting this video because it seems important in these times to spread good knowledge and theories. Hopefully the thinking and primary theory presented herein will turn out not to be the case.

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Social Being


As of this blog writing, my family awaits the passing of a beloved member. My Uncle and godfather. A true spirit of life and living throughout his 77 years on this ball of earth. In reflecting on his rich life, it prompted me to blogitate about the social being that has been enabled through the socialsphere that has grown digitally.

How are the two connected? Example: My 83 year old mother (sister to my Uncle) and the Texas portion of the family are some 1400 miles in physical distance from the local fabric of our Canadian family yet we feel like we're literally next door in life and living. Nearly the entire nuclear and extended family has found a sense of social connectedness through the network tools of the day. Due to the density of the family's socialgraph collectively, we are able to instantaneously communicate and stay posted on life and conditions.

Today we collectively reflect upon our family member, our friend, our godfather, and the rest of the nuclear family. At the same time, we discuss, display, and share video, image and sound of growing infants taking their first crawls, goos, teething and laughing. Sports and school accomplishments of the older children. Ailments of the elders and the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of all the other members in between.

At times, I feel a sense of guilt - why? There are some with no connectivity. They really on word of mouth, phones, etc. No net connections, email, etc. The downside for them is that they tend to be finding out news later than the those that are connected to the socialgraph digitally. On many occasions, they learn of local news from those of us that are 1400 miles away - needless to say it really pisses them off! All I can say to them is "get connected".

What's the message in all of this? Not sure, perhaps merely an observation of the power of digital social beings that have strong socialsphere links and bonds. The tools and platforms of the day are important in creating these digital bonds. I suspect that the future will transport these bonds across the tools of today and tomorrow.

The Agenda



Since its launch at high noon U.S. eastern standard time on January 20, 2009, I have been continually drawn to the Obama administration's version of the Whitehouse website. Given the fact that this administration truly embraces all aspects of social tech and can be viewed in the true sense of "2.0", it is not surprising to see a very effective tool being presented in the site.

Many more aspects should be exploited within the site including more aspects of interactive social / community engagement, perhaps some additional communication options and I'm sure others have additional wishlists. Overall, kudos on a great start.

I feel compelled to hone in on perhaps the most important area of the site to examine, track, and engage with as this administration moves forward. The Agenda section lays out the game plan. In my opinion, this needs to be delved into by all citizens interested in engaging with the process.

Blogitate on that for a while. Perhaps time to fire up a separate blog series to track the Agenda and how it progresses.

A Drive By



My 82 year old mother was having a bad case of "curiosity killed the cat" yesterday. Here in Dallas 1/21/09 - the day after history was made - was beautiful with a sunny 75 degree temperature. We went for a drive about to satisfy mom's curiosity. Yes, we drove to 10141 Daria Place - the new home of our newest neighbors - President George W. Bush and Laura.

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As we approached the neighborhood is covered in yard signs "Welcome Home George and Laura". The drive into the the cul-de-sac'd neighborhood was filled with anticipation for both of us. Would we be stopped and turned around? Would we succeed in our quest. Much to our surprise, not a single uniformed officer or any sign of police presence existed. Only sign of activity was one lonely Secret Service man standing in the driveway chatting away with a neighbor and a big wave of welcome over to our greetings at him.

Needless to say, this openess will soon disappear as the security gates at the neighborhood's entrance are erected and the neighbors themselves settle into a new normal for their formerly quiet domiciles.

Mom has now had her curiosity satisfied and that's a good thing.

Welcome home to the Promise Land


President W and Laura - welcome back home to the promise land. Congratulations - you did good work and the years of reflection now begin.

For anyone interested, the work now begins on the next Bush chapter as the Library project kicks into gear.

Hope to see you around the neighborhood Mr. President.

Welcome Home

Yes WE .......


Yes We Might
Yes We Can
Yes We ........

Congratulations Mr. President

Keep the astounding orchestration of We The People tech rolling. Engage this American phenomenon into Yes We Do and Yes We Did.

Fight to keep the Barry-Berry so you can stay in touch with We The People.

Its Gadget Blogitation Time


Enough already with politics and bailouts. Its CES, Macworld, and International Auto Show recap time and it seems alot more fun and perhaps productive to blogitate on the innovation and toys for a while. Let's make this a first in series thread with the possibility of minor off track interruptions back into other subjects as they surface.

Pico projection - has a ton of possibilities

a couple exist on Amazon already. Samsung has an actual phone on the market in Korea with pico display capability. When will we see iPicoPhone Steve? Perhaps it will be a PicoBerry or a PalmPreco. Seems like the applications of pico projection and the implications of personal portable large screen display will be nearly limitless in the near term. Check out the Samsung phone video for a real taste of what's to come.

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Prediction: By 2011 a whole new era of media "piconomics" will emerge with most kids pico projecting and all phones and portable media players worth their salt featuring pico dlp engines on-board. Stay tuned.

Ok its 09


I am done hyperventilating about the bailout bananzas.

The takeaways:

- people's voices can be profoundly heard up on the hill in this digital age
- the Federal (and probably state/local) infrastructures need to beef up for digital mass discourse
- the key questions of bailout 1.0 to date - is it working? where the heck did the money go?

The next administration will do well to continue engagement of the people's voices as it so skillfully mastered during its campaign. The people's eyes and ears should be appropriately engaged for scrutinizing bailout 2.0 (2nd half of 1.0) and bailout 3.0 (the President-elect's new programs). and its successors are truly revolutionary next steps in the advancement of this democracy.

While last year and, most likely, this year have many downsides in our economy, society, and world stage conflicts, we should all pay close attention to the very key seeds of societal re-engagement in the process of governing and participation in this digital age.