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之所以汉语在我们眼里显的漂亮,是因为它是从我们的生活中挤压出来的语言,是我们不可或缺的不言而喻的一部分,并非因为汉语这个语种特质本身出类拔萃. 所有语言基本都是等价的.而且,若

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Click, Click, Click, Click MP3: Bishop Allen - “Click, Click, Click, Click”MP3: Bishop Allen - “Middle Management”MP3: Bishop Allen - “Rain”Video: Bishop Allen - “Click, Click, Click, Click”Video: Bishop Allen - “Middle Management”MySpace: Bishop Allen MP3: The Long Winters - “Scared Straight” (live)MP3: The Long Winters - “Clouds” (live)MP3: The Long Winters - “Cinnamon” (live) MP3: The D’Urbervilles - “Dragnet”MP3: The D’Urbervilles - “Hot Tips”MP3: The D’Urbervilles - “National Flowers”MySpace: The D’Urbervilles MP3: Metric - “Monster Hospital”MP3: Tokyo Police Club - “In A Cave”MP3: Tokyo Police Club - “Juno”MP3: The Dears - “Disclaimer”MP3: Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains - “American Names”MP3: Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains - “By Cover Of Night (Fire Fight)”Video: Metric - “Monster Hospital”Video: Metric - “Poster Of A Girl”Video: Metric - “Empty”Video: Tokyo Police Club - “Graves”Video: Tokyo Police Club - “In A Cave”Video: Tokyo Police Club - “Tessellate”Video: The Dears - “Money Babies” Ben Pilgrim Label: 75 or Less Genre: Folk "God should have made you ugly, 'cause that's what you act like." No doubt Ben Pilgrim wasn't talking about how the rest of the country is treating Detroit these days, but like Bob Marley said, if the cap fits... I've never felt more clearly like I wasn't a part of the United States, like I was living in some backwater colony that had outlived its mercantile usefulness. Hey remember, people live here; it's like being in the South before the Civil War. Maybe we should start talking nullification. Anyway, Ben Pilgrim is a Rhode Island crooner, sloppy and heartfelt and primitive. And he's welcome to visit the D whenever he wants (assuming the whole state of Michigan isn't purchased by Ontario for a year's supply of Timbits). God Should Have Made You Ugly [MP3, 2.7MB, 128kbps] The Hush NowLabel: None Genre: Pop A couple of weeks ago, I was putting together some mix CDs for my wife for her birthday and, as usually happens, I loaded them up with Hall & Oates. She likes them. I say I don’t. Yet the truth is that not only is there an H&O song that is indelible in our romantic history, but those goofy-looking dudes wrote some pretty fine pop songs. There, I said it. The Hush Now said it, too. The poppy quartet is fronted by Noel Kelly, who almost died listening to Queen and who draws on The Apples in Stereo and Built to Spill, among others, for comparison to their frenetic power chords and his own melancholy tenor. But, for all of their “indie-pop-shoegazer” (their words, not mine) name-dropping, it’s that touch of Darryl and John that gets me every time. Sadie Hawkins Dance [MP3, 5.7MB, 192kbps] The Soft HandsLabel: Fidotrust Genre: Rock The Soft Hands have resurrected the twitch and punch of the '70s post-punk sound. They've more than resurrected it; they've bumped it up a notch or two. They're jumpier than XTC, snottier than Joe Jackson, more herky-jerky than the Talking Heads. Repeated listens may induce seizures, limb-flailing pogo dancing about the room at least. Suffering from restless leg syndrome? Get out from behind your desk and let The Soft Hands shake the wiggles out of you. Harbor [MP3, 8.5MB, 320kbps] Lex LandLabel: Intelligent Noise Genre: Folk Hands down, Lex Land is one of the more gorgeous voices we've featured on these pages of late. Although Lex Land is somewhat of an antithesis to my usual selections. My favorite songs are the ones I can sing along to, songs with hooky choruses and witty verses. I'm drawn to songs that make me want to sing. The "quality" of the music or the "ability" of the musicians in question are secondary. I listen to music with my gut, not my brain. Lex Land reminds me that I can't sing, because man, she sure can. However, Lex Land does leave room for the untrained among us in her songs. My favorite songs of hers, and my favorite parts of this song, are the small, intimate, almost reluctant moments[...]


Sat, 6 Dec 2008 20:09:07 +0800

满满的都是爱~`  [...]

15 Weirdest Shoes

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`  [...]


Sat, 8 Nov 2008 20:01:51 +0800

      1. Feist (15) - We’re a long way removed from The Reminder but anything Feist does, including her first arena tour, still makes headlines. Objectively and quantitatively speaking, she remains the hottest musical thing with a Canadian passport. Video: Feist - “1 2 3 4″ 2. Basia Bulat (13) - 2007 was very good to Basia Bulat with Oh My Darling receiving critical acclaim in Europe and Canada - 2008 was just as good, as the record did just as well in the US and garnered a Polaris nomination. The fairy tale just keeps on going. MP3:  Basia Bulat - “In The Night” 3. Woodpigeon (-) - This Calgary collective probably falls more under the category of “ought to be hot but aren’t”, releasing record after record of gleaming folk-pop that is making small, but definite waves in Europe and landing the band tours with the likes of Calexico and Iron & Wine. Big things coming. I hope. MP3:  Woodpigeon - “Knock Knock” 4. Caribou (3) - Even though it’s technically an off-year for Caribou with no touring and no new record, winning the Polaris Prize for last year’s Andorra makes Dan Snaith’s project a shoo-in MP3:  Caribou - “Melody Day” 5. The Rural Alberta Advantage (19) - This Toronto trio’s Hometowns record is an absolute jewel, and yet almost no one has heard it. But I am, just for a moment, pretend it’s a just world and include them anyways. MP3:  The Rural Alberta Advantage - “Don’t Haunt This Place” 6. Shad (9) - Though he didn’t win the Polaris, it can be argued that Shad - helped out by his spot-on, ultra-viral video for “The Old Prince Still Lives At Home” - benefitted the most from the exposure gained by the nomination. Hell, he got me listening to hip-hop - that is no mean feat. MP3:  Shad - “The Old Prince Still Lives At Home” 7. Land Of Talk (21) - Finally, after long last, released their debut full-length and while it’s not the kick upside the head that Applause Cheer Boo Hiss was, it’s still a worthy effort. But factor in that Liz Powell is the newest Broken Social Scene chanteuse and that Land Of Talk is opening up for BSS on their North American tour… MP3:  Land Of Talk - “Corner Phone” 8. Two Hours Traffic (18) - Utterly relentless touring machines and purveyors of note-perfect power pop. It’s amazing that a band from such a wintry country can so perfectly capture the spirit of Summer. MP3:  Two Hours Traffic - “Stuck For The Summer” 9. Bruce Peninsula (5) - The first recorded fruits of this Toronto collective have shown that the otherworldy power of their live shows can indeed be captured on tape, which means that soon they’ll no longer be just the secret of those who’ve seen them perform. MySpace: Bruce Peninsula 10. The Acorn (25) - Glory Hope Mountain has been garnering praise everywhere its been released and… well, it’s a terrific album and they’re nice folk. MP3:  The Acorn - “Crooked Legs” MP3:  Pink Mountaintops - “New Drug Queens”MP3:  Pink Mountaintops - “Rock N Roll Fantasy”MP3 Pink Mountaintops MP3:  Ruby Coast - “Brittle Bones”Video: Ruby Coast - “Neighbourhood” Photos: The Rumble Strips @ The El Mocambo - October 29, 2008MP3:  The Rumble Strips - “Time”MP3:  The Rumble Strips - “Motorcycle”Video: The Rumble Strips - “Girls And Boys In Love”Video: The Rumble Strips - “Alarm Clock”Video: The Rumble Strips - “Motorcycle”Video: The Rumble Strips - “Oh Creole”Video: The Rumble Strips - “Time”MySpace: The Rumble Strips MP3:  School Of Seven Bells - “Connjur”MP3: School Of Seven Bells - “Half Asleep”MP3: School Of Seven Bells - “Chain”Stream: School of Seven Bells / AlpinismsMySpace: School Of Seven Bells Sylvie Label: Wednesday Genre: Punk Yes, I was stoked on this song right away. Yes, it reminded me of Jawbox. No, I wasn't surprised to see that J. Robbins produced the recor[...]


Sun, 26 Oct 2008 14:27:32 +0800

Photos: Spinto Band, Frightened Rabbit, Spiral Beach @ Lee’s Palace - October 21, 2008MP3:  Spinto Band - “Summer Grof”MP3:  Frightened Rabbit - “Head Rolls Off”MP3:  Frightened Rabbit - “The Modern Leper”MP3:  Spiral Beach - “Made Of Stone”Video: Frightened Rabbit - “Heads Roll Off”Video: Spiral Beach - “Made Of Stone”Video: Spiral Beach - “Kind Of Beast”MySpace: The Spinto BandMySpace: Spiral Beach Video: R.E.M. - “Radio Free Europe”MP3:  The Long Blondes - “Once And Never Again”MP3:  The Long Blondes - “Here Comes The Serious Bit”MP3:  The Long Blondes - “Guilt” This 7-piece band from St. Louis, Missouri squeezed more musicians and instruments into the Lounge than we had seen in some time. GAH have shifted from the more orchestral indie pop of their debut to a more eclectic and bombastic approach that features 2 drummers, 2 keyboardists, and a whole lot of energy. In an interview with Shiv, they discuss their local music scene, approaching a “real studio” album, and their upcoming holiday EP. This performance features 5 songs that appear on the band’s new album Alphabet Graveyard. View the entire photoset here…Track ListingYou And Me, Madly…Call It Casual- interview -I Sleep In A Bed Of Scissor ArmsThe Book Of MatchesWe Used To Dream About Bridges Gentleman Auction House - Book Of Matches (Live On Auction House - I Sleep In A Bed Of Scissor Arms (Live On Auction House - Call It Casual (Live On Auction House - You And Me, Madly (Live On Auction House - We Used To Dream About Bridges (Live On This band from Knoxville, Tennessee self-released their We Breed Champions disc in 2006. You might think that MySpace isn’t good for anything anymore, but that’s how the band got in touch with Patrick Carney of The Black Keys. He ended up signing the band to his Audio Eagle label and reissuing We Breed Champions earlier this year. When the band stopped by our studios, they were on tour with The Black Keys and making new fans every night with their live set. In this performance, you’ll hear only one track from We Breed Champions! Everything else is new and unreleased as of now. Track Listing:Who Am Kong (new/unreleased)Maniverse (new/unreleased)- interview -Broke CalculatorBrother (new/unreleased) Royal Bangs - Who Am Kong (Live On Unreleased) Royal Bangs - Maniverse (Live On Unreleased) Royal Bangs - Brother (Live On Unreleased) Royal Bangs - Live On (full session download) Mike & Margaret of The Seedy Seeds came by for their second Lounge Act session and tried something new. They brought along Brian from The Turnbull AC’s as their live drummer. He’ll be helping to flesh out their sound at live shows, including their cd release party for Count The Days. This session highlights all new material that appears on the band’s second full-length album. View the entire photoset here… Track Listing:Winter 04Drive Me To The Center- interview -On The Subject Of Our Past SelvesDandelionThe Feeders The Seedy Seeds - Winter 04 (Live On Seedy Seeds - Drive Me To The Center (Live On Seedy Seeds - Dandelion (Live On Seedy Seeds - On The Subject Of Our Past Selves (Live On Seedy Seeds - The Feeders (Live On The Seedy Seeds - Live On (full session download, Oct 2008) Jessica Lee Mayfield - Kiss Me Again[...]


Fri, 10 Oct 2008 17:36:46 +0800

 acoustic // dreamtempo Ethereal beauty preciously tuned; sewn from misty morning drops of dew, each wee sound held secret inside. New life, new day - warm with glow under spell of flowers’ bloom; so hush their reverent chanting. Familiar Trees begin to rustle with serene approach of Sun’s affection. Soft wings flutter above why and through clouds of gathered wisdom - gazing views abound. Bumble of bees a mere murmur as nestled hearts wake to unfettered confessions in Earth’s exhale. Ryan Francesconi then records what he, Lili, Joana Newsom and others reprise. Keys to a secret garden.RF and Lili De La Mora - FencesRF and Lili De La Mora - Eleven Continents folk // jazz // singer-songwriter Exposed to music at an early age, a graduate of prestigious Berklee School of Music, London-born and Rome-based Sylvie Lewis displays a sweet, clear voice and remarkably literate songwriting skills. Musically, Sylvie’s charming style varies from simple folk melodies to the subtle and sophisticated arrangements. Vocally, it ranges from the light-hearted to the moody crooning. “Starsong… What Became Of Us”, an opening track from her latest album Translations (2007), captures the ears for its appealing, catchy vocal lines and Sylvie’s clever, warm phrasing. Tasteful singing, reflective songwriting.Sylvie Lewis - Starsong… What Became Of Us MP3:  Crooked Fingers - "Phony Revolutions"Video: Crooked Fingers - "Let's Not Pretend (To Be New Men)"Stream: Crooked Fingers / Forfeit/FortuneMySpace: Crooked Fingers MP3:  Bob Dylan - "Mississippi"MP3:  Bob Dylan - "Dreamin' Of You"Stream: Bob Dylan / Tell Tale Signs: The Bootleg Series Vol. 8 Photo by Frank Yang Photos: Johnny Flynn, Laura Marling, Mumford & Sons, Pete Roe @ The Rivoli - October 4, 2008MP3:  Laura Marling - "Ghosts"MP3:  Pete Roe - "Let It Go"MP3:  Pete Roe - "I'll Only Be Dreaming Of You"Video: Johnny Flynn - "Tickle Me Pink"Video: Johnny Flynn - "Leftovers"Video: Johnny Flynn - "Brown Trout Blues"Video: Laura Marling - "Night Terror"Video: Laura Marling - "New Romantic"Video: Laura Marling - "Ghosts"Video: Laura Marling - "My Manic & I"Video: Laura Marling - "Cross Your Fingers"Video: Laura Marling - "Night Terror"MySpace: Johnny FlynnMySpace: Laura MarlingMySpace: Pete Roe Photos: The Wedding Present, Dirty On Purpose @ Lee's Palace - October 3, 2008MP3:  The Wedding Present - "The Thing I Like Best About Him Is His Girl Friend"MP3:  Dirty On Purpose - "Mind Blindness"MP3:  Dirty On Purpose - "No Radio"Video: Dirty On Purpose - "Audience In The Room"Video: Dirty On Purpose - "Car No Driver"MySpace: The Wedding PresentMySpace: Dirty On Purpose Photos: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Black Mountain @ The Kool Haus - October 1, 2008MP3: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - "Dig, Lazarus Dig!!!"MP3:  Black Mountain - "Tyrants"Video: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - "Dig, Lazarus Dig!!!"Video: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - "Night Of The Lotus Eaters"Video: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - "More News From Nowhere"Video: Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - "Midnight Man"Video: Black Mountain - "Wucan"MySpace: Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsMySpace: Black Mountain Britpop kings Oasis came out with ‘Dig Out Your Soul’, their seventh studio album today. (Pick it up at your local independent record store!) Hardworking New York-based DJ/producer Chew Fu, who has remixed the likes of The Beastie Boys, Keyshia Cole, and even Frank Sinatra!?! decided to add Oasis to that diverse list of names, giving their track ‘The Turning’ the bumpin’ filtered house treatment… MP3: Oasis- The Turning (Chew Fu Remix)Removed at label’s request For good measure and a change of pace, here’s ‘Wonderwall’, one of my personal favorite (and much older) classic tracks from Oasis… MP3: Oasis- WonderwallRemoved at label’s request Shop Oasis on Amazon. For news and t[...]


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PolaraLabel: Susstones Genre: Pop While it had been a few years since Polara's last release, Ed Ackerson did put out a solo album last year, following it up this past May with the new Polara album Beekeeping. It continues the time-tested, 3hive-approved Polara formula of throbbing, wah-soaked mod psych fuzz-pop. Original Post 4/9/2005: Ed Ackerson, the main man in Polara, had an earlier mod/power-pop band called the 27 Various. I first bought an album of the 27 Various just because of one sentence on the back cover. They proclaimed their avoidance of a certain musical equipment manufacturer under the song listing by declaring "The 27 Various are proud to be {manufacturer's name removed} free." I didn't like that company's amps anyway, so I bought the CD. Ed moved on to bigger and better things with Polara, whose song "Counting Down" from their album Clean is still one of my favorites. Polara's got a new EP out to whet our appetites for a full length LP in the fall; unfortunately no MP3s, so in keeping with Citizen Bird from the other day, here's some earlier examples of Polara's soulful fuzz-pop. And Ed, if you're reading, I'm still {manufacturer's name removed} free! Addendum: New EP means new MP3! Polara's now offering "Thirty Seconds" from their new EP. Enjoy! From the LP Beekeeping:E Flat [MP3, 5.0MB, 192kbps]Both Ends Burning [MP3, 4.8MB, 192kbps] Older songs:Thirty Seconds [MP3, 4.4MB, 160kbps]Is This It? [MP3, 4.7MB, 160kbps]Jetpack Blues [MP3, 5.0MB, 160kbps] Leila Label: Warp Genre: Electronic, Experimental On her myspace page Leila lists her influences as "life...noise...stuff." I'd just add "beats" to that list for a quick summation of her sound. These tracks her label has generously offered for your downloading pleasure demonstrate Leila's controlled cacophony as she gathers audio odds and ends, samples of this horn and that vocal clip, and masterfully stitches the sounds together into something you can dance to and something you can chill to, respectively. It's pastiche-core in the vein of Solex. Leila brings in a hodge-podge of guest musicians to add their own noises and stuff like Martina Topley Bird, Terry Hall, Andy Cox (The English Beat/Fine Young Cannibals), and her own sister Roya Arab. Blood, Looms, and Blooms is just the latest in her decade long recording career. Leila has worked with Björk and Aphex Twin and recorded as Grammatix and Little Miss Specta. Admittedly, I've got some homework to do as I've missed out thus far on her earlier efforts. Shame on me.  Little Acorn feat. Khemahl and Thaon Richardson [MP3, 3.2MB, 128kbps] Time to Blow feat. Terry Hall [MP3, 2.9MB, 128kbps] Jenny Lewis Label: Warner Bros. Genre: Folk, Pop So, I think it's great and all that Jenny Lewis is now on Warner Bros. The thing is, the WB has this super-duper security thing going on with their advance copy CDs, and I can't play the promo they sent me of Jenny's new album, Acid Tongue. I tried it on my computer, I tried it in the car, and the players just kept spitting it out. Yes, it's important to protect one's recordings from piracy, but it seems you certainly can reach a point where there's too much security and not enough liberty. In this case, I'd love to hear more of Lewis' arresting voice, especially in collaboration with Elvis Costello, Benji Hughes and everybody else the publicists say is on the album. If the one free and legal download is suggestive of anything, it's that I totally want to hear more. I trust that you all can fill me in on how the rest of Acid Tongue sounds.  Acid Tongue [MP3, 3.6MB, 128kbps] Something Amazing Anne Hathaway in Flaunt more → Anne With a Plan: Anne Hathaway in Entertainment Weekly. Queen Anne: Anne Hathaway in W magazine. Rachel Getting Married premiere afterparty. Trailer for Rachel Getting Married The Anne [...]


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  開會,還是開會,中國人就是愛開會,開會就要喝茶,喝了就要上厠所,所以會議室旁邊肯定有廁所,到底和車間的廁所不是一個檔次的       亂逛亂拍                 寢室裏的大富翁~玩多了,臺灣的市阿縣阿斗熟悉了 ~                                             為什麽葯說是養老院呢,這估計不是一起實習的人士體會不到的,真的[...]

enjoy 8

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Photo via Secretly Canadian Almost forgot I had this to give away.Maybe you saw my review from earlier this week of Windsor For The Derby's new album How We Lost, maybe you clicked on one of the sample MP3s contained therein and maybe you liked what you heard. And maybe you were considering going to see them at the Drake Underground this Friday evening - August 29 - because even though it's the start of the last long weekend of the Summer, you've got nothing to do. Maybe.Well, courtesy of Against The Grain, I'm going to make that decision process a touch easier - I've got three pairs of passes to give away for the show, and if you want 'em, email me at contests AT with "I want to see Windsor For The Derby" in the subject line and your full name in the body. Contest closes at midnight, August 27th.MP3:  Windsor For The Derby - "Maladies"MP3:  Windsor For The Derby - "Hold On"MySpace: Windsor For The Derby Windsor For The Derby / How We Lost (Secretly Canadian)Originally from Tampa but calling Philadelphia home after a stretch in Austin, the latest in a decade-long career from Windsor For The Derby is a understatedly trippy blend of drone-rock and folk-pop with shades of Mercury Rev, Yo La Tengo and American Analog Set. It's hard to tell if they're a pop band with dreams of being astronauts or space cadets looking to get back to their roots, but coupling their sonic aspirations with an aesthetic that's decidedly dry, the results are cosmic, yet homespun - like a rocketship made of cardboard boxes that still manages to reach the stars.Windsor For The Derby are at the Drake Underground on August 29.MP3: Windsor For The Derby - "Maladies"MP3: Windsor For The Derby - "Hold On"MySpace: Windsor For The Derby Darker My Love / 2 (Dangerbird)The imaginatively-titled second album from Los Angeles' Darker My Love treads much the same ground as the first (currently available as a free download at their label), but the band have shed some of their heaviness and shaved the psychedelic fuzz (though not completely - more like going from a full beard to a goatee), leaving them with a more radio-friendly sheen and ready for their alt.rock close-up. The fact that debts are owed to the likes of The Doors, The Byrds and Pink Floyd come as no surprise - that the most obvious crib on the record comes from Supergrass is.Darker My Love are at the Kool Haus September 13 opening for The Dandy Warhols.Video: Darker My Love - "Two Ways Out"MySpace: Darker My Love Portastatic Label: Merge Genre: Pop I've already written about how Mac has been my personal shrink. Portastatic's got a double disc of demos, singles, B-sides and covers — Ryan Adams, Galaxie 500, etc. — coming out in a week. Some Small History: sign me up! Some Small History [MP3, 6MB, 192kbps] Original post: 01/17/06Mac McCaughan — either with Superchunk or solo as Portastatic — pretty much got me through the 1990s, much to the annoyance of my friends and girlfriends. Yes, every song does sound the same, and no, I don't care. "I Wanna Know Girls" is like unconditional love for me, a song that I've been waiting for, maybe without knowing it, for five years or more. " I wanna know girls but only love one," "and yeah my love weighs a ton." (So do I, with the sympathy pounds I've added during my wife's pregnancy, but that's another story.) It's nice to see Mac's songwriting mature from last decade's boozy lovesickness, and it's also nice, for me at least, to hear that the songs do still sound the same.  I Wanna Know Girls [MP3, 4.5MB, 128kbps] Marching Band Label: Urband & Lazar Genre: Pop I dig the quick and dirty track Clay posted yesterday from The Real Losers. Good and raw. It reminds me of a k[...]


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Photos: Radiohead, Grizzly Bear @ The Molson Amphitheatre - August 15, 2008MP3:  Grizzly Bear - "Two Weeks" (live on Letterman)MP3:  Grizzly Bear - "While You Wait For The Others" (live at KCRW)MP3:  Grizzly Bear - "On A Neck, On A Spit"MP3:  Grizzly Bear - "Knife"Video: Radiohead - "Jigsaw Falling Into Place"Video: Radiohead - "Nude"Video: Radiohead - "House Of Cards"Video: Grizzly Bear - "Knife"MySpace: RadioheadMySpace: Grizzly Bear Photo via What a time to be a My Bloody Valentine fan! First legendary band reunites after an almost 15-year hiatus with live performances in Europe through the Summer and more dates set for North America in the Fall. Then they announce that their two masterpiece albums Loveless and Isn't Anything will be remastered and re-released at some point in the Autumn, with new material to follow. And NOW comes the news that the awful 1981 Canadian horror film from which the band took their name is being remade... in 3-D and starring absolutely no one of consequence. EXCITING.But that's not out until January 16 of next year. Somewhat sooner is My Bloody Valentine's (the band) show in Toronto on September 25 at the Ricoh Coliseum and courtesy of Emerge I have two pairs of passes to give away for the show. EXCITING. To enter, email me at contests AT with "I Must See My Bloody Valentine" in the subject line and your full name in the body and as a skill-testing question, you must tell me what sort of rodent Kevin Shields became obsessed with - perhaps/probably unhealthily so - during the band's downtime in the late '90s. I'm going to let this one run a while - say until September 14. One month. And earplugs are not included.Video: My Bloody Valentine - "Only Shallow"Video: My Bloody Valentine - "Soon"Video: My Bloody Valentine - "To Here Knows When"Video: My Bloody Valentine - "Swallow"Video: My Bloody Valentine - "You Made Me Realise"Video: My Bloody Valentine - "Feed Me With Your Kiss"Trailer: My Bloody ValentineMySpace: My Bloody Valentine Inara George Label: Everloving Genre: Pop It never hurts to have the right friends in the right places. Inara George takes full advantage of an old family friend on her new album An Invitation, out now on Everloving Records. Lucky for her, and us, the friend she's collaborated with on this album is Van Dyke Parks, the arranger of the last forty years. Haven't heard of him? Certainly you've heard him. Suffice it to say he arranged songs and wrote lyrics with Brian Wilson for the Beach Boys' ever elusive Smile album. His work with Ms. George is quite different however. Parks arranged airy, playful compositions for a large orchestra to accompany George's rich vocal performance. The album is an organic foil to Inara George's work with her electronic work with Greg Kurstin as The Bird and The Bee. I love the loose, improvised feel to these tracks. It's as if I'm watching Inara on stage in a musical, a love story, and I've suspended every shred of disbelief to the point that I'm sure she's in love with me. And it takes days to chase her voice out of my head and shake those floaty feelings the have left me giddy. Oh My Love [MP3, 3.7MB, 160kbps]Accidental [MP3, 3.6MB, 160kbps]Duet [MP3, 3.1MB, 160kbps] The Laureates Label: None Genre: Rock This post marks my return from "The Last Frontier," Alaska. Yes, I've spent the last couple weeks far removed from what I consider civilization, cavorting with cohos, bears, foxes, moose, and mosquitoes. And the hot-fudge milkshake at Lucky Wishbone in Anchorage (oh man, they'd burn the hot-fudge just a bit for a palate pleasing punch. Heaven!). We did spend a few days in the wilderness, about fifteen miles north west o[...]


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我曾经以为,爱情不分对错.只要2人在一起幸福就比什么都重要,可幸福的代价却是有些人用一辈子就换不来的. 女人读书好不如工作找的好,工作好不如老公找的好.女人的幸福就是嫁个好人.嫁个比自己有用的人.男人呢?只有努力努力再努力,努力的去养老婆孩子.去维持这个家.这就是现实.两个人在一起跟本不需要什么所谓的爱情.时间一久,感情自然出来. 喜欢是相互的,爱是盲目的.当你爱上一个人的时候,你就会想一辈子和他一起,开开心心.可又有多少人可以做到?人活在这个世界上总有他存在的理由.可我想绝对不是为了爱,不是为了情.既然这样又何必为爱这样的付出?值得吗?爱情始终比不过现实.与其爱的这么苦,还不如不爱.面对现实.做回自己我.贪恋红尘只会越来越伤,到最后心碎心死. 以前我以为爱情就应该象童话一样,虽然我们不在彼此身边,但我们仍会感到温暖.爱为我们擦干泪水,梦带我们比翼双飞.陈年的花籽儿里,总有一粒还会开花.沾上尘埃的爱情,总有一天还能闪亮.只要你心中有爱并用心去灌溉.可是关于爱.究竟是温暖还是寒冷.又或是付出一切也微笑如花.只有爱过的人才知道.

















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Photo by Laura Heffington I hate quoting myself, but listening to A Certain Feeling, the new album from Los Angeles quartet Bodies Of Water, I come back to what I wrote when I saw them open up for Sons & Daughters back in March - "a musical mystery tour through the sounds of the '70s, paying special attention to the lessons of prog rock as well as influences you'd file under psychedelia or country". All of which I still stand by but I need to amend it by adding what seems to be the single unifying influence on the record - rock opera.The record's sudden stylistic shifts, drawn-out arrangements, dramatic delivery and powerful, rotating lead vocals make much more sense in that context, instead of taken as straight pop music. And while the harmonies are the most remarkable part of Bodies Of Water's sound, they're not short on instrumental prowess as the extended musical sections will attest - and it's not jamming, it's well thought-out and executed composition. Brought together, though, it's not so much chocolate and peanut butter to my ears. It's too dense, too overdramatic. A Certain Feeling is something I can certainly respect, it's just not something I especially see myself wanting to listen to a lot.The band are playing the El Mocambo on Saturday night, August 9, and courtesy of Against The Grain, I've got three pairs of passes to give away and courtesy of whoever it was that sent me multiple copies of the album, I've also got two CDs of A Certain Feeling to give away. To enter, email me at contests AT with "I will cross this Body Of Water" in the subject line and in the body, indicate if you want to enter for the passes or the CD or both, and include your full name and mailing address. Entrants for the passes should be in the Toronto area, obviously, but if you want a CD you can be from anywhere. Deadline for entry for the passes is tonight at midnight, for the CDs I'll let that run another few days - say till midnight August 10th.Muzzle Of Bees asks five questions of the band, NOW has an interview of no fixed number of questions.MP3:  Bodies Of Water - "Under The Pines"MP3:  Bodies Of Water - "I Guess I'll Forget The Sound, I Guess I Guess"MP3:  Bodies Of Water - "These Are The Eyes"MP3:  Bodies Of Water - "Doves Circle The Sky"MP3:  Bodies Of Water - "We Are Co-Existors"Video: Bodies Of Water - "I Heard A Sound"MySpace: Bodies Of Water Photo via MySpace It's a shame I used up all my Margot & The Nuclear So And Sos material over the last little while - most notably the link to their recent Daytrotter session - 'cause I got passes to their upcoming show at the 'Shoe to give away and nothing content-wise to piggyback alongside. But alas, all I can do is remind that their new albums Animal! and Not Animal will be out on October 7, and perhaps point to this archive of old demos and live tracks.Anyway. Giveaways. Courtesy of Against The Grain, I have two pairs of passes to the aforementioned show - their Toronto debut - on August 6 at the Horseshoe. To enter, email me at contests AT with "I want to see Margot and the whatever" in the subject line and your full name in the body and have that in to me by midnight, Monday August 4. That is all. Have a good weekend.MP3: Margot & The Nuclear So And So's - "Skeleton Key"MP3:  Margot & The Nuclear So And So's - "Barfight Revolution, Power Violence"Video: Margot & The Nuclear So And So's - "Quiet As A Mouse"MySpace: Margot & The Nuclear So And So's Photo via MySpace When it comes to multi-day, acronym-ed, club-hopping music festivals I think that coming away with one new discovery that ge[...]

10 Craziest Japanese Products

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Girlfriend's lap pillow

Yep. A pillow imitating a woman's legs made from urethane foam.


Milk + Beer = Bilk

The idea for the drink was conceived after dairy firms threw out a huge amount of surplus milk in March last year. The son of the manager of a liquor store in Nakashibetsu, whose main industry is dairy farming, suggested the idea of producing the milk beer to local brewery Abashiri Beer. So there you go, a milk beer!


Diet Water

"All the flavor of regular water but only half the calories".. WTF?!


Vitamins for Gamers

Can't concentrate on your Wii? Pop a pill!


Basashi Icecream: a dessert made from... horse meat!

The company that makes it is known for its unusual ice cream flavours, many of which have limited popularity.


The Candy That Makes You Horny

That's the actual name of this Lollipop package. It tastes like flavored condoms


Mother's Milk

Milk that tastes just like your mother's...


Bust Up Gum: grow those breasts! according to B2UP, the special ingredients, "extracts from the Pueraria mirifica (Kwao Krua) plant, makes a woman's breasts grow as well as improving their shape and tone."


Rapidly Expanding Mysterious Balloon.

Ok, WTF?! It says "Squeeze! The swan's head pops out!! Be the king of the party with this towering swan!

Materials for connecting not included"


Fresh Air Mask

Yeap. What better way to relax after a hard day at work than by sucking in some fresh air from your favorite plant?


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Jay ReatardLabel: Matador Genre: Rock Jay Reatard is a crazy man from Memphis. He's prolific, playing with seemingly a dozen bands over the years, notably the Reatards and the Lost Sounds, with even more releases. He's even got his own Wikipedia page. "Sea Saw" is a single from March of this year. Matador, his new home, is releasing a collection of six of his singles from this year on October 7th.  Sea Saw [MP3, 4.2MB, 192kbps] McCarthy Trenching Label: Team Love Genre: Country, Slowcore That Omaha ain't that great sometimes isn't really news. I'm from Detroit; tell me about it. That glimmer of hope for a better tomorrow is usually dashed somehow, in political scandal, murder, the weather, whatever. McCarthy Trenching, fronted by Nebraska singer-songwriter Dan McCarthy, captures acutely the extinguishing of that glimmer. All three of these songs are about as down as you can get, full of missed opportunity, booze, etc. And based on how natural and real they sound, you'd think McCarthy was a Michigan boy.  XXX [MP3, 3MB, 160kbps] Wedding Song [MP3, 4.3MB, 160kbps] Headlines [MP3, 4.3MB, 160kbps] Andy Grooms Living Room Label: Makeshift Music Genre: Pop Time to return to my Memphis roots with Andy Grooms, and his album Greatful to Burn under the Andy Grooms Living Room moniker on Memphis's Makeshift Music. "Mary Or Mephisto" is a genre blending song, jumping from trippy blues-tinged psych guitar to jazz piano leaning toward 70's pop.  Mary Or Mephisto [MP3, 2.4MB, 128kbps] Lounge Act Recap - The Diggs Brooklyn trio The Diggs made their WOXY Lounge Debut on the strength of their 2nd cd Ctrl-Alt-Del. The title of the new album indicates a fresh start and Joe talks to the band about the maturation in their style. This session mixes tracks from the new album and is bookended by cuts from their debut Commute. Track Listing:SiblingCtrl-Alt-DelBrigante- interview -CareenTrouble Everyday The Diggs - Careen (Live On The Diggs - Brigante (Live On The Diggs - Live On (full session download) Lounge Act Recap - Butterfly Assasins We got to know this Chicago band about two years ago when they were still known as What Four. A submission to our Unsigned specialty show at the time earned them a fair amount of WOXY airplay. Now, they’ve officially changed their name, added a cellist, and had their full-length album Sylvia mixed by Grammy-winning producer Ed Stassium. With a strong classical influence and a rock edge that should appeal to fans of Muse, this performance starts off with the first tune we ever heard from the band and then goes on to include several cuts from their new album. Track Listing:Prelude No. 1 In D MinorExit Here- interview -Down In Mexico (Coasters cover, not included in podcast)Sylvia IIVelvet Sky Butterfly Assassins - Prelude No. 1 In D Minor (Live On Assassins - Sylvia II (Live On Butterfly Assassins - Live On (full session download)[...]


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J.Viewz freestyle chill // downtempo // breakbeat The alternative scene of groovy, funky and stylish music in Israel is probably more colourful and lively than ever. In his solo project J.Viewz, Tel Aviv-based musician, turntablist and producer Jonathan Dagan seamlessly merges his passion for jazz and electronic music. The cool and quirky electronic textures of J.Viewz’ track “Muse Breaks” evolve from the soft yet dancefloor-friendly breaks to the moving rhythms and hypnotic downtempo, bringing to mind the early work of Kosheen. Jonathan’s superb production skills, the beautiful female vocals and a hint of subtle tension render Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal” into a delightfully mellow treat. Tightly woven beats and soulful vibes.J.Viewz - Muse BreaksJ.Viewz - Smooth Criminal (stream only) DobaCaracol afro-beat // world // dub Inspired by traditional African music and hypnotic tribal chants, Quebec natives Doriane Fabreg (Doba) and Carole Facal (Caracol) entwine the ethnic rhythms and modern grooves into a moving sound-journey. As the duo blends a variety of styles with a mixture of French, English and occasional African dialects, DobaCaracol delivers unique and organic arrangements. The standout percussion driven DobaCaracol’s tracks “Étrange” and “Baiser Salé” carry the earthy, warm vibe of afro-beat, dynamic Manu Chao-like nuances and a certain funky, relaxed attitude. Catchy vocal harmonies and a vibrant quality of sound.DobaCaracol - ÉtrangeDobaCaracol - Baiser Salé Klima vocal electronica // electro-pop Although Klima is the first solo effort of Angèle David-Guillou, the London-based French musician has already gained recognition as a part of Piano Magic. Recorded with Piano Magic’s Jerome Tcherneyan, Klima’s eponymous debut album delivers the sound of sincere spontaneity, quiet melancholy and a new wave-tinged style. The slow evolving melodic lines of “The City” float with an eerie grace and the reminiscence of the 80’s synthpop, while the haunting strings and electronic programming of “The Lady of the Lake” create a beautifully dark, hypnotic atmosphere. Dreamlike ambient quality.Klima - The CityKlima - The Lady Of The Lake Ben Sollee cello pop // acoustic folk Ben Sollee, cellist for the band The Sparrow Quartet, recently released his aptly titled debut, Learning to Bend. Whether he is plucking the strings, or playing his cello like a percussive instrument, Ben’s truly unique playing style belies his classically trained background. Though the entire album wanders between bluegrass, folk and jazz, his deep Southern influence is unmistakable. Soulful vocals, combined with his sharp lyrics (seen in his politically critical “A Few Honest Words” and adaptation of “A Change Is Gonna Come”), result in a deeply honest, playful, and ultimately hopeful debut album. Soulful vocals and unexpected melodies.Ben Sollee - A Change Is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke cover)Ben Sollee - How To See The Sun Rise Sporto Kantes funky trip-hop // eclectic retro From immediately catchy numbers to the laid back grooves, the duo of Nicolas Kantorowicz and Benjamin Sportes boasts a unique sonic palette. While packed with energy, colourful rhythms and peculiar sampling “Whistle” recalls the cheery, jolly retro kitsch pastiche, “Mundo”, taken from Paris Lounge (2001) double CD compilation, carries electronic nuances, seductive quality and a relaxed, downtempo feel. Gloriously energetic, fun and entertaining.Sporto Kantes - WhistleSporto Kantes - [...]


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Adam & The Amethysts / Amethyst Amulet (Pome)Adam Waito, as in "& The Amethysts", might be best known to people as the keyboardist in Miracle Fortress - which is to say that he's probably not known to people at all. But those who enjoy that project's swirling pop classicism would be well advised to explore this particular branch of the family tree as they both share a debt to the sounds of the '60s and a home studio aesthetic, though the Amethysts keep things more analog and organic, rooted in a folk tradition and incorporating more acoustic instrumentation. Intended as an aural love letter to Waito's hometown of Thunder Bay, Amulet tempers a musical wanderlust with creative focus for a debut that's playful, elegant and nostalgic and not at all averse to a well-placed burst of fuzz guitar.Adam & The Amethysts play Sneaky Dee's this Saturday with Miracle Fortress, Think About Life and Ruby Coast.MP3:  Adam & The Amethysts - "Stupid Ocean"MP3:  Adam & The Amethysts - "The Return"MP3:  Adam & The Amethysts - "Bumble Bee"MP3:  Adam & The Amethysts - "He Passed Away (The Darkness In His Head)"MP3:  Adam & The Amethysts - "Sonic Youth Centre" Gregor Samsa / Rest (Kora)Take the austerity of Low, the more keyboard-driven side of late-era Mogwai and some of the fairy tale otherworldniness of Sigur Ros and you've pretty much nailed Brooklyn's Gregor Samsa. Slow, stately rock of the post- variety, they differentiate themselves from their peers by eschewing guitar pedal-based dynamics for keyboards and orchestration and pairing the instrumental loveliness with ghostly co-ed vocals. Rest is sombre without being dour, and though its hazy nature does mean that it can pass by almost unnoticed if left to the background, some attentive listening yields understated yet beautiful returns.MP3:  Gregor Samsa - "Jeroen Van Aken"Video: Gregor Samsa - "Jeroen Van Aken"MySpace: Gregor Samsa[...]


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The Tranzac - Toronto Australia New Zealand Club - is a little gem of a Toronto institution, nestled just of Bloor on Brunswick in the Annex. The non-profit, volunteer-run community centre plays host to a wide variety of under the radar cultural events ranging from the musical through the theatrical, comedic, literary or what have you, and on Saturday July 19th they're holding their annual open house event to celebrate the year past, the one upcoming and raise funds to keep it all going.To help celebrate, they've assembled a suitably eclectic range of programming for the night, featuring Fembots, Castlemusic, Burning Hell, The Mantler Band, Tusks, Josh Thorpe's "You Do" (featuring Jason Benoit, Allison Cameron, Jennifer Castle, Eric Chenaux, and Marcus Quin), Great Aunt Ida, Jenny Omnichord, Griffin & The True Believers and DJ duties from Glissandro 70.Courtesy of the club, I've got a pair of passes to give away for the festivities - to enter, email me at contests AT with "I want to party with the Tranzac" in the subject line and your full name in the body. The winner will be drawn at the stroke of midnight (or thereabouts) on July 15. Tickets for the event are $10 in advance at Soundscapes and Rotate This and will also be available at the door.MP3:  Fembots - "Count Down Our Days"MP3:  The Burning Hell - "The Things That People Make"MP3:  Castlemusic - "Heaven" For Against / Shade Side Sunny Side (Words On Music)Readers of the long-running indie/punk-rock journal The Big Takeover have likely learned to take the recommendations of editor Jack Rabid seriously, since if you read the magazine your musical tastes probably align reasonably well with his. So when you've got a band like Nebraska's For Against whose last two releases, not counting last year's reissue of In The Marshes, have been Rabid's #1 ranked review in the issue they're featured in, they're probably worth investigating. Despite their middle America origins, For Against's influences are wholly Anglo - in particular, the transitional period between '80s post-punk and '90s shoegaze that appeared on labels such as 4AD and Factory and produced such underappreciated acts as The Chameleons and Kitchens Of Distinction (though neither was associated with those two labels, I know). Shade Side Sunny Side, their first album in six years following some lineup shuffles and a hiatus, is another collection of shimmering guitars, keening vocals and melodies that always seem to drift towards the unconventional. And while the ingredients may be the same as those typically used to craft hazy dreampop, For Against infuse everything with an urgency and darkness that's decidedly atypical for the genre. The ensuing listening experience is a bit difficult and a bit unsettling, but ultimately rewarding.MP3:  For Against - "Glamour"MP3:  For Against - "Underestimate"MySpace: For Against A Classic Education / First EP (independent)Italy is well known for exporting all sorts of wonderful goods, but rock music is not usually one of them. Bologna-based outfit A Classic Education is a welcome exception, though it should be noted that they have Canadian roots as well in the form of singer Jonathan Clancy. Their first release - available only as a 12" EP - is a collection of songs recorded at various points in the band's young existence and despite a morphing lineup and their obviously trying to pin down their sonic identity, is a commendably solid effort. Lead t[...]


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brazilian // bossa nova The essence of Brazilian Bossa nova is the subtle mixture of wistful melancholy, joy and yearning, often defined as saudade, a Portuguese word with no English equivalent. Far away from her home country, Brazilian native Aline de Lima redefines the Bossa nova sound by blending fresh arrangements of the gentle samba rhymes, Latin influences and tropical flavours with the quality of saudade. Lively compositions of her album Açaí (2008) and Aline’s beautifully smooth voice caress the ear, while her rich vocal nuances shine throughout songs of love, longing and nostalgia. Equally delicate and seductive. Aline de Lima - O Solar de Catirina Aline de Lima - Canto Morno dance // tropical // reggae You’ve probably heard this. Either you’ve danced to this in a club, or you’ve heard the bastardization of it that Pitbull and Lil’ Jon did, “The Anthem”. But here’s the real story: the instrumental was done by Danish DJ Enur in 2003. It blew up in Ibiza but stayed cool everywhere else until late 2006 when it was mashed together with vocals from Crystal Waters into a track called “Destination Calabria” which hit the charts hard. Last year Enur takes the track and throws on vocals from Dannish reggae queen Natasja Saad, who sadly died of a car accident before she could see its absolute success. And now? You dance. The summer jam of 2008. Enur feat. Natasha - CalabriaEnur - Calabria (music video) (warning: scantily clad ladies) brazilian // bossa nova The delightful and energetic rhythms of Brazil transform the listeners of Mariana Da Cruz far away from the clichéd carnivals, bikinis and samba-plumes to the urban and still romantic part of the tropical country. A choir and Bossa nova singer, Da Cruz has been performing at the clubs of São Paulo and Lisbon, Portugal, where she absorbed the influences of fashionable European electro and traditional Fado music. Multi-influenced, yet connected to her roots, Da Cruz develops the sound of a fresh, summery and compelling pop. A real Brazilian feel. Da Cruz - Sarah singer-songwriter // folk Currently living and working in London, Irish singer-songwriter and a self-taught guitarist Wallis Bird has travelled the world and began her career in Germany, where she formed a band with her musician friends. Wallis approaches her music with bold honesty and integrity as she moves beyond the female singer-songwriter stereotypes with her style ranging from grunge folk to buoyant and lively pop. Original and fresh enough to appeal to a wide variety of listeners, “Counting To Sleep” brings to mind the strength and openness of Ani DiFranco. The strong melody and clever wit. Wallis Bird - Counting To Sleep afro-beat Leaving her native Cuba to pursue her music career, Addys Mercedes has been recording in Barcelona, Duesseldorf and New York with her musician friends from around the globe. While Addys doesn’t bring anything innovative to the heyday of Afro-Cuban, it’s the energetic bouncing patterns that keep my hips gladly swaying to the rhythm. The spicy hot and pulsating afro-beat, solid production and a warm summery vibe of “Afro D’Mercedes” makes it the standout track of Nomad (2003). Refreshing and undeniable tropical flavour. Addys Mercedes - Afro D’Mercedes vocal jazz // blues Mature beyond her years, Philadelphia native Melody Gardot possesses a very natural musicality and a silky, versatile voice[...]

ok let's do it

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是感情,在人的一生中,感情的起伏决定了很多事情,哪怕是你都不曾考虑过的,但人一定都要有再次振作起来的时候,OK 废话不多说了,就点燃一根烟,慢慢燃烧我的生命线 Grand Archives / Grand Archives (SubPop)No band better encapsulates the house sound for SubPop circa 2008 than Grand Archives. Fronted by Mat Brooke, formerly of Band Of Horses, the Seattle-ites start with a base built on the same recipe as band's keening, reverb-soaked country rock and stirs in both the Fleet Foxes' '70s folk-rock affects and the Shins' pop sense and leave it to simmer until good and tender. The finished goods may come off a bit more anonymously than than the individual reference points but that doesn't make it any less satisfying for those with a taste for widescreen musical ambitions. Anyone who questioned Brooke's decision to leave Band Of Horses on the cusp of their breakthrough to strike out on his own should be silenced after hearing this record.Daytrotter posted a session with the band last week and they're playing the El Mocambo on Friday, June 6.MP3: Grand Archives - "Torn Foam Blue Couch"MP3: Grand Archives - "Miniature Birds"MySpace: Grand Archives Sea Wolf / Leaves In The River (Dangerbird)Alex Brown Church doesn't sound like a happy guy. Across ten tracks of Sea Wolf's debut full-length, his rich voice ranges from melancholic to stoic overtop tastefully orchestrated arrangements - overemoting is not a concern for him. The record is sonically beautiful, with an old-world, distant gathering storm at night feel that, at the risk of taking the band and album names too literally, comes with a definite nautical theme both lyrically and musically. There's much to like about Sea Wolf but as I noted when I saw them live a year ago, there's an emotional distance inherent in their craft that makes them difficult to love. Maybe they just need to smile a bit.Chart talks literary influence with Church. Sea Wolf are at the El Mocambo on Tuesday, June 3.MP3: Sea Wolf - "You're A Wolf"Video: Sea Wolf - "You're A Wolf"MySpace: Sea Wolf  [...]


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Simply Saucer / Half Human Half Live (Sonic Unyon)Originally active in the 1970s and then relegated to the dusty annals of Canadian punk rock history, Hamilton's Simply Saucer have resurfaced in recent years and been both collecting and delivering on their legend, most recently with their first, almost-proper album in Half Human Half Live. As the name implies, it's 50% studio cuts - recordings of songs written over 25 years ago but never committed to tape - and 50% live recordings culled from their recent reunion. And it's a fascinating melange of styles that could only have happened, un-self consciously, in the '70s. Surf-inflected instrumentals give way to Television-esque prog excursions at one turn, Floyd-ish psych-folk the next, all built on a simple but solid bed of '50s, garage-bred rock'n'roll. And while the back story is fascinating, even without it, if this were just a new band coming up today, it'd be a noteworthy record. It's hard not to listen to this and wonder, if these songs had reached the world's ears two and a half decades ago, what kind of impact they'd have had. I suspect it'd have been immense.For more on the band and the reunion, check out features from Chart, The Telegraph Journal, The Hamilton Spectator and View. Simply Saucer are at St. Stephen-in-the Fields Church on Saturday, May 3.MP3:  Simply Saucer - "Exit Plexit"MP3:  Simply Saucer - "Almost Ready Betty"Stream: Simply Saucer / Half Human Half LiveMySpace: Simply Saucer Wye Oak / If Children (Merge)I welcomed my first taste of Baltimore's Wye Oak, nee Monarch, with such great enthusiasm that is was probably inevitable that their debut album would be something of a let down. It's difficult to pinpoint exactly why, though. The record still blends fuzz-lined dream-pop with downbeat country-isms and well-matched co-ed vocals and at their best - the pop blast of "Warning" and the sombre, string-accented "Family Glue" are standouts - recall Yo La Tengo's finest moments. Across the whole record, however, there's something that doesn't quite hit the mark. The overall experience feels just a bit too languid, too soft around the edges to really grab me by the lapels and shake. But factor in the duo's tender ages, their obvious talent and are working with a musical forumla that to these ears at least, should yield gold soon enough.Wye Oak are at Sneaky Dee's on Friday, May 2.MP3:  Wye Oak - "Warning"MP3:  Wye Oak - "I Don't Feel Young"Stream: Wye Oak / If ChildrenMySpace: Wye Oak Woodhands / Heart Attack (Paper Bag)Woodhands are here to make you dance, and they will not take no for an answer. The Toronto duo engage this mission with a missionary zeal, and by working heavily with live drums and analog synth tones are able to get right in your face, sonically speaking. Singer-keyboardist Dan Werb is far from your typical electro-soul smooth operator, though. Though the record is bookended with guest appearances from female vocalists that sweeten things up, the bulk of the record is built around his tightly-wound, shredded-vocal delivery he sounds more like he's got some sort of anxiety disorder rather than a sexy fever, but one where the side-effects are booty shaking.Beatroute, JAM and BlogTO have all recently run features on Woodhands, who are at Sneaky Dee's on Thursday, May 1.MP3:  Woodhands - "I Wasn't Made For Fighting"MP3: &nb[...]


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Reeve OliverLabel: None Genre: Rock Did you notice? Reeve Oliver's initials are R.O., the first two letters in the word "rock." You know where I'm going with this don't you? Well, they do! They rock like alternative radio circa the late '90s when bands like Foo Fighters were ruling the airwaves and alternative radio wasn't all that alternative any more. Reeve Oliver is one of those no-it's-not-a-dude-but-the-name-of-their-band bands from San Diego who recently recorded their second album courtesy of a major label only to have the major label back out of the deal. Luckily, the band was able to get control of the record so it didn't end up getting shelved, out of sight, out of mind for years. A few songs on this new album are re-recordings of previous releases, the band wisely choosing to spend big money production on their strongest songs, e.g. "Yer Motion." I dig the band's oh, so tasty melodies, melodies you wouldn't usually hear on a rock record. They remind me a lot of Erik Voek's lithe vocal melodies, a genius, under-the-radar pop recluse that I can never get enough of. And really, when you've got a secret weapon like O. (Olivelawn, Fluf) up your sleeve it's pwnage time. Play often, play loud, play now.  Yer Motion [MP3, 4.7MB, 192kbps] Open Face Daryl [MP3, 3.5MB, 192kbps] The Great Outdoors Label: DDG Genre: Folk I've got a copy of Spring, the first of the seasonal EPs that The Great Outdoors is releasing over the course of the next year, but I'm not going to open it before running this post. (There don't seem to be any free & legal MP3 downloads from it anyway...) The Great Outdoor is Adam Nation and his random band of whoever happens to be around in Vancouver at the time. I remember wanting to post the band back when his album Food, Booze and Entertainment came out last year, and the tracks available here are from that disc. Check out "Chekhov and I," an opposite-world version of Neil Young's "Out on the Weekend" that nicely captures Nation's gravelly-voiced storytelling, tastefully supported by acoustic guitar. "If I Were a Car" does the same kind of thing with lovely thin female backing vocals and appropriately grating strings that match a dark story of escape. I'm assuming the seasons EPs will tell more textured tales from Nation's book of experiences, and I'm going to go find out right now.  If I Were a Car [MP3, 3.9MB, 128kbps] Land of My Deceased [MP3, 2.5MB, 128kbps] Chekhov and I [MP3, 2.4MB, 128kbps] The Sound of Arrows Label: Labrador Genre: Pop I just felt it in the air. It's a warm fuzzy feeling in that glob of fat my skull houses, otherwise known as a brain. This warm fuzzy feeling reminds me to check in on the label that consistently provides me with warm fuzzy music: Labrador. They just signed a Stockholm duo, The Sound of Arrows, who dress as if they're living on a polygamist ranch in Texas and sound like The Avalanches mixing Placebo. I look forward to hearing more from these pleasantly pastel pals when their 9-song EP is out in May.  Danger [MP3, 8.1MB, 256kbps] Alibi Tom Label: Leon Genre: Rock Another day, another Swedish band changing its name (see The LK). Now it's Out Of Clouds changing their name to Alibi Tom, with a change in members and a change in style. In my previous post, I described Out Of Clouds as being influenced by ABBA and 70's AM radi[...]

Melody Gardot

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vocal jazz // blues

(image) Mature beyond her years, Philadelphia native Melody Gardot possesses a very natural musicality and a silky, versatile voice. While comparisons to the standards of Norah Jones and Madeleine Peyroux are justified, Melody’s confident grace and elegance shine throughout “Goodnite” and “Worrisome Heart”. With her tasteful and warm phrasing, moving seamlessly between the mellow old-time blues, jazz influences and acoustic folk, Melody captures the essence of the subtle beauty, confessional and timeless songwriting.

A young chanteuse on the rise.
 Melody Gardot - Goodnite
 Melody Gardot - Worrisome Heart

Most Killer Songs

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As long as there have been songs, there have been songs about people dispatching other people to meet their Maker. Why, some genres have all but cornered the market on it: Country music has its grisly murder ballads, and hip-hop's body count rivals some wars. Then there's death metal -- a musical subset so thoroughly obsessed with the slaying of human beings that it had to be disqualified from our countdown of the 20 Most Killer Songs for fear it would entirely consume the list. 20 'Stan,' Eminem (2002) The Victims: Superfan Stan and his pregnant girlfriend The Weapons: A thousand pills, washed down with an alcohol chaser The Gory Details: When his adoration turns into obsession, Stan manages to kill three people -- including his not-so-smart self. In the prelude to their deaths, Stan's final fan letter becomes a suicide note -- one that was ultimately never sent, as his car plummets into the water while he's writing it. Good thinking.   19 'Goodbye Earl,' Dixie Chicks (1999) The Victim: A wife-beating husband The Weapon: Tainted black-eyed peas The Gory Details: In this vengeful tale, conspirators Wanda and Mary-Anne feed Earl one final, fatal dinner. Wanda then has to get rid of her no-good husband's no-good corpse, and who better to help her bury him by the lake than her best friend? Karma's a bitch. 18 'Used to Love Her,' Guns N' Roses (1989) The Victim: An ill-fated wife The Weapon: Rage The Gory Details: This song's antagonist reached his boiling point, which led to him taking drastic measures against his nagging lover. "I used to love her, but I had to kill her," he says, explaining why he put his victim six feet under. Seems freedom of speech means nothing so some people. 17 'Nebraska,' Bruce Springsteen (1982) The Victims: Almost a dozen innocent bystanders The Weapon: A sawed-off .410 shotgun The Gory Details: The Boss' unremorseful serial killer coolly takes out ten people with his trusty weapon, and when's he's sentenced to life, he has only this to say for himself: "They declared me unfit to live/Said into that great void my soul'd be hurled/They wanted to know why I did what I did/Well, sir, I guess there's just a meanness in this world. 16 'Folsom Prison Blues,' Johnny Cash (1957) The Victim: An unidentified male The Weapon: A pissed pistol The Gory Details: Cash's character shoots a man in cold blood -- "I shot a man in Reno/Just to watch him die," -- but as he laments in jail, he shows his underlying remorse: "When I hear that whistle blowin'/I hang my head and cry." And this isn't even the most cold-blooded killing in Cash's catalog (keep reading). 15 'Maxwell's Silver Hammer,' The Beatles (1969) The Victims: A lady scientist, a teacher and a judge The Weapon: A hammer you won't find at Home Depot The Gory Details: Mad med student Maxwell Edison takes his temper tantrums to an extreme when he uses his metallic mallet to bludgeon his victims to death. Three people lose their lives: Joan pays for her rejection, a teacher dies for his disciplinarian ways, and a judge gets whacked for a guilty verdict.   14 'The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia,' Vicki Lawrence (1973) The Victims: Andy, Seth and Seth's wife The Weapon: Sibling's shotgun The Gory Details: In the Southern Gothic tale by the 'Car[...]

Neil Young & Crazy Horse :: San Francisco (1978)

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Neil Young & Crazy Horse :: Live, San Francisco (1978) Download:MP3:  Neil Young & Crazy Horse :: Sugar MountainMP3:  Neil Young & Crazy Horse :: I Am A ChildMP3:  Neil Young & Crazy Horse :: Comes A TimeMP3:  Neil Young & Crazy Horse :: After The Gold RushMP3:  Neil Young & Crazy Horse :: ThrasherMP3:  Neil Young & Crazy Horse :: My My, Hey Hey (Out Of The Blue)MP3:  Neil Young & Crazy Horse :: When You Dance I Can Really LoveMP3:  Neil Young & Crazy Horse :: The LonerMP3:  Neil Young & Crazy Horse :: Welfare MothersMP3:  Neil Young & Crazy Horse :: The Needle And The Damage DoneMP3:  Neil Young & Crazy Horse :: Lotta LoveMP3:  Neil Young & Crazy Horse :: Sedan DeliveryMP3:  Neil Young & Crazy Horse :: PowderfingerMP3:  Neil Young & Crazy Horse :: Cortez The KillerMP3:  Neil Young & Crazy Horse :: Cinnamon GirlMP3:  Neil Young & Crazy Horse :: Like A HurricaneMP3:  Neil Young & Crazy Horse :: Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black)MP3:  Neil Young & Crazy Horse :: Tonight’s The Night———-[...]


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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Duke Spirit to play free Record Store Day show in Lexington Saturday MP3: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Aint No Easy Way Islands: “Waterloo Sunset” (The Kinks) MP3: Islands - Waterloo Sunset My Brightest Diamond: “Inside a Boy”  MP3:  My Brightest Diamond - Inside a Boy [DOWNLOAD] Man Man at the Blind Pig  M4A: Man Man - 01 Mister Jung StuffedM4A: Man Man - 02 Hurly/BurlyM4A: Man Man - 03 Easy Eats or …M4A: Man Man - 04 ZebraM4A: Man Man - 05 Big TroubleM4A: Man Man - 06 Banana GhostM4A: Man Man - 07 Tunneling Through the GuyM4A: Man Man - 08 The Ballad of ButterbeansM4A: Man Man - 09 Top DrawerM4A: Man Man - 10 Black Mission GogglesM4A: Man Man - 11 Harpoon FeverM4A: Man Man - 12 Gold TeethM4A: Man Man - 13 Doo RightM4A: Man Man - 14 - Push the Eagle’s Stomach[...]


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electronic // ambient Scott Hansen’s music as Tycho fosters an ambience which causes me to envision a chilled-out, trippy escapade through Fraggle Rock, perhaps after eating a few too many Doozer buildings. Like the complex, symbiotic relationships and events that intertwined everything in their colorful, simply-presented world, there are many elements combined into his sound that forms a magic, enveloping presence, perfectly fit for numerous occasions. Seeing that he has a dreamy new song available for download, I’m eagerly awaiting a sophomore album. Blissfully soothing and energizing. Tycho - From Home Tycho - Past Is Prologue cabaret // klezmer Fusing the strains of the centuries-old traditions, modern and the experimental, Israeli collective Panic Ensemble creates an intensely dramatic, cabaret-infused sound and appealing theatrical atmosphere. Playing a wide range of instruments, such as viola, accordion, contrabass, keyboards and percussion, the eight musicians of Panic Ensemble mix the expressive Klezmer melodies, massive rock energy and jazz influences. In their recently released self-titled album, Panic Ensemble weave their original arrangements with electronic subtleties and powerful, partly based on professional literature lyrics. Full of poetic intensity and beauty. Panic Ensemble - Spring In Your Heart Panic Ensemble - Jewish Woman[...]


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MP3:  Blitzen Trapper - "Wild Mountain Nation"MP3:  Blitzen Trapper - "Sci-Fi Kid" (Principal Participant Kingswood' Remix)MP3:  Blitzen Trapper - "Sci-Fi Kid" (40 Thieves Remix)MP3:  Fleet Foxes - "White Winter Hymnal"MP3:  Fox Jaws - "Karmonica"MP3:  Fox Jaws - "Quarantine Girl"Video: Blitzen Trapper - "Devil's A-Go-Go"Video: Blitzen Trapper - "Wild Mountain Nation"Video: Blitzen Trapper - "Woof & Warp of the Quiet Giant's Hem" MP3: Sons & Daughters - "Dance Me In"MP3: Sons & Daughters - "Johnny Cash"MP3:  Sons & Daughters - "Gilt Complex" (acoustic, live on Vic Galloway)MP3:  Sons & Daughters - "Chains" (acoustic, live on Vic Galloway)MP3:  Bodies Of Water - "I Guess I'll Forget The Sound, I Guess I Guess"MP3:  Bodies Of Water - "These Are The Eyes"MP3:  Bodies Of Water - "Doves Circle The Sky"MP3:  Bodies Of Water - "We Are Co-Existors"Video: Bodies Of Water - "I Heard A Sound"Video: Sons & Daughters - "Gilt Complex"Video: Sons & Daughters - "Darling" MP3:  Creature - "Brigette Bardot"MP3:  Snowden - "Anti-Anti"MP3:  Colour Revlot - "A Siren"MP3:  Colour Revolt - "Naked And Red"MP3:  Spiral Beach - "Made Of Stone"MP3:  Spiral Beach - "Kind Of Beast"MP3:  Sea Wolf - "You're A Wolf"MP3:  Sea Wolf - "The Garden That You Planted" MP3:  Tift Merritt - "Broken"MP3:  Tift Merritt - "Keep You Happy"Video: Tift Merritt - "Broken" MP3: Basia Bulat - "In The Night"MP3: Basia Bulat - "Snakes & Ladders"MP3: Katie Stelmanis - "In My Favour"MP3: Amos The Transparent - "After All That Its Come To This"Video: Basia Bulat - "In The Night" MP3: My Morning Jacket - "Off The Record"MP3: My Morning Jacket - "One Big Holiday"MP3:  My Morning Jacket - "Lowdown"MP3:  My Morning Jacket - "Bermuda Highway"MP3:  My Morning Jacket - "The Bear"MP3:  My Morning Jacket - "Evelyn Is Not Real"Video: My Morning Jacket - "Off The Record" MP3:  The Jealous Girlfriends - "Roboxulla"MP3:  The Jealous Girlfriends - "Something In The Water"MP3:  The Jealous Girlfriends - "Machines"Video: The Jealous Girlfriends - "How Now" MP3:  Blitzen Trapper - "Wild Mountain Nation"MP3:  Blitzen Trapper - "Sci-Fi Kid" (Principal Participant Kingswood' Remix)MP3:  Blitzen Trapper - "Sci-Fi Kid" (40 Thieves Remix)MP3:  Fleet Foxes - "White Winter Hymnal"Video: Blitzen Trapper - "Devil's A-Go-Go"Video: Blitzen Trapper - "Wild Mountain Nation"Video: Blitzen Trapper - "Woof & Warp of the Quiet Giant's Hem" MP3:  The Acorn - "The Flood, Pt 1"MP3:  The Acorn - "Crooked Legs"Video: The Acorn - "The Flood, Pt 1" MP3:  The Billionaires - "The End Of Summer Song"MP3:  The Billionaires - "Eighties Movies"Video: The Billionaires - "Eighties Movies" MP3:  HILOTRONS - "Dominika"MP3:  HILOTRONS - "Emergency Street"Stream: HILOTRONS / Happymatic MP3:  Frightened Rabbit - "Head Rolls Off"MP3:  Frightened Rabbit - "The Modern Leper"Video: Frightened Rabbit - "The Grey"Video: Frightened Rabbit - "Heads Roll Off" MP3:  Yo La Tengo - "Pass The Hatchet, I Think I'm Goodkind"MP3: &nbs[...]

PhotoSynthesis: Elvis -- From 'Hillbilly Cat' to '68 Comeback

Tue, 8 Apr 2008 12:34:43 +0800

Elvis Presley is arguably the most photographed star in the history of rock 'n' roll, and esteemed music photo archivist Michael Ochs possesses one of the largest stores of Elvis pictures this side of Graceland. Guiding us through a selection of Elvis images both iconic and lesser-known, Ochs, in his own words, delivers his impressions of the Hillbilly Cat who would be King. 1956: I believe this was the first color handout from RCA [Elvis' label]. They gave it to newspapers as 35mm slides. The way they deified him, from the colors to the lighting to the pose, it's totally godlike. If you want an image that sums up the true beauty of rock 'n' roll, this is so beatific it's almost beyond description. February 1957: This was to promote the film 'Loving You.' I was offered that outfit years ago. One of the set decorators had one of the three copies of that outfit, and he offered to sell it to me for $10,000 in the early '70s. And I went, "I can't afford that." It's probably worth a couple of hundred thousand now. 1957: For some reason, people think this typifies the real Elvis. I don't think it does. I think the importance of this photo is that besides Elvis being the father of rock 'n' roll, it shows that he had some natural smarts. In 'Jailhouse Rock,' he personally choreographed all those dance numbers. Those were all his ideas. His gyrations put Michael Jackson to shame. April 1961: This picture totally illustrates his unfortunate movie career. I especially love the fake rock that's holding the surfboard. The whole thing exemplifies his Hollywood years. This was a Paramount [Studios] giveaway -- they sent out 8x10 color positives to the newspapers, which is very unusual. June 1956: There was a photographer for the teen magazines named Earl Leaf, and Earl mostly shot movie stars. The only two '50s rock 'n' roll sessions he's done have been for Ricky Nelson, and he got to photograph Elvis at this 'Milton Berle Show' rehearsal. I think Earl Leaf's shots are just as good as Alfred Wertheimer's. You can see the complete intensity -- just riveting. June 1956: Again, this [Earl Leaf photo from the 'Milton Berle Show' sessions] just reminds me of an Alfred Wertheimer shot. The great thing about Elvis was he was very natural. He was so into the moment and into being Elvis the simple country boy, versus the biggest-selling recording artist in the country. He was always true to himself. To capture that -- that's not posing, that just him. June 1956: This is also an Earl Leaf shot. It's the only time I have ever seen Elvis with his trio -- Scotty, Bill and D.J. -- and the Jordanaires all in the same shot. To me, that's just totally unique. And then you throw in the general feel of the extras -- the girls sitting there -- and the fake Colony Music Shop background. But the key thing is that I've never seen all of them together in one picture. August 1956: This is during 'Love Me Tender' -- this is Elvis the first time he ever recorded without his usual musicians. He's at the 20th Century Fox soundstage studio. There's the novelty of him playing piano, which one seldom sees. Here he is in a whole new milieu -- he's in L.A. T[...]


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The 25 Most Exquisitely Sad Songs in the Whole World

Fri, 4 Apr 2008 20:04:51 +0800

There's no shortage of sad songs about rainy days and lovers who don't bring flowers. And then there are songs that truly bring the pain -- songs so despairing they can make us wonder why we even bother. Here are 25 little ditties so crushing, they could knock Dick Cheney to his knees. 25 'The River'Bruce Springsteen (1980)The Breakdown: Premature pregnancy, marriage and a weepy harmonica crush the dreams of a young couple.The Waterworks: "We went down to the courthouse/And the judge put it all to rest/No wedding day smiles, no walk down the aisle/No flowers, no wedding dress."Casualty Count: One couple's age of innocence. 24 'Nothing Compares 2 U'Sinead O'Connor (1990)The Breakdown: In this Prince-penned purple ode to an incomparable ex, there is life after love, but life really sucks.The Waterworks: "Nothing can stop these lonely tears from falling/Tell me baby, where did I go wrong?"Casualty Count: One lover, seven hours, fifteen days. 23 'No Surprises' Radiohead (1997)The Breakdown: A killer even by Thom Yorke's bleak standards, the kiddie chimes can't hide the singer's suicidal depression.The Waterworks: "I'll take a quiet life/A handshake, some carbon monoxide."Casualty Count: One heart that's "full up like a landfill." 22 'A Change Is Gonna Come'Sam Cooke (1964)The Breakdown: Recorded just before his tragic death, the soul great's response to 'Blowin' in the Wind' set the tone for the desperate Civil Rights struggle.The Waterworks: "It's been too hard living, but I'm afraid to die."Casualty Count: Countless proud citizens in Jim Crow America. 21 'Space Oddity'David Bowie (1969)The Breakdown: In the same year as our lunar landing, rock's space alien creates Major Tom, whose remains will travel the galaxy alone forever.The Waterworks: "Tell my wife I love her very much."Casualty Count: One astronaut. 20 'That's the Way I've Always Heard It Should Be'Carly Simon (1971)The Breakdown: Marriage is inevitably dismal in this evocative pop hit, which was recorded a year before Simon's ill-fated marriage to James Taylor.The Waterworks: "Their children hate them for the things they're not/They hate themselves for what they are."Casualty Count: All marriages, one American dream. 19 'Lost Cause'Beck (2002)The Breakdown: The postmodern trickster reaches back to the Romantic era for the most depressing song on his breakup album, 'Sea Change.'The Waterworks: "I'm tired of fighting/Fighting for a lost cause."Casualty Count: The one love of your life. 18 'I've Gotta Get a Message to You'Bee Gees (1968)The Breakdown: Condemned man makes final plea to loved one.The Waterworks: "One more hour and my life will be through."Casualty Count: One convicted murderer with a heart of gold.   17 'Back to Black'Amy Winehouse (2006)The Breakdown: An ominous song of impending misery following infidelity, sung by a woman with her departing lover's name tattooed on her chest.The Waterworks: "You go back to her/And I go back to black."Casualty Count: A lover. Sobriety? Sanity? 16 'Shilo'Neil Diamond (1968)The Breakdown: Lonely kid turns to an imaginary friend.The Waterwork[...]


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The Watson Twins :: Just Like Heaven/Fire Songs While I’ve always found the music of Rilo Kily to be tepid at best, I did enjoy Jenny Lewis’s country-tinged side project, from 2005, Rabbit Fur Coat. I have Fur Coat to thank for introducing me to the music of The Watson Twins who received co-billing on the album, and toured with Lewis on the subsequent tour. The Watson Twins next LP Fire Songs is due out this June, via Vanguard Records, including including this excellent and sleepy rendition of The Cure’s oft covered “Just Like Heaven.”Download:MP3:  The Watson Twins :: Just Like Heaven (cure cover)MP3:  The Watson Twins :: How Am I To Be———- The National :: White Sessions (Paris, 2007) Studio 105, Maison de Radio - Paris, France, May 24, 2007Download:MP3:  The National :: Start A WarMP3:  The National :: Slow ShowMP3:  The National :: BrainyMP3:  The National :: Squalor VictoriaMP3:  The National :: Apartment StoryMP3:  The National :: Racing Like A ProMP3:  The National :: AdaMP3:  The National :: You Did It Again VirginiaMP3:  The National :: Mistaken For StrangersMP3:  The National :: Fake EmpireMP3:  The National :: About Today———-[...]

Alex & Sam

Fri, 4 Apr 2008 19:04:39 +0800

indie folk // acoustic pop

(image) When I first heard the gentle tunes of Alex & Sam, it was absurd how quickly I became enamored with their jazz-influenced, indie folk sound. Throughout their debut E.P., Sounds Like This: Part One, the duo’s deceptively simple melodies and intimate vocals are paired with full strings, keyboards, horns and a gentle percussion that keeps the whole record moving. Whether it’s Alex or Sam taking the vocal lead (or both), each song is a gem, lovely and unexpected.

Effortless melodies and intoxicating harmonies.
 Alex & Sam - Buy Your Side
 Alex & Sam - Land Of The Free

Farryl Purkiss

Fri, 4 Apr 2008 19:03:47 +0800

singer-songwriter // acoustic pop

(image) Butterfly’s wings lift measures as Farryl’s voice strengthens chords bound to your heartstrings. From an open book on the north shore of KZN, South Africa, he sings his life in pages charted by notes and emotional highlights. Like a good friend in a local pub, watching a few beers disappear with, he’s there, standing by a mic, helping slay those grumpy distractions away. Where faint sounds of surf whisper through quiet nights, and feelings billow like smoke from campfire lights, there is cast his first chapter’s reminisce.

Simple, inviting songs, friendly waiving to your ears.
 Farryl Purkiss - Better Days
 Farryl Purkiss - Times Like These

Feist :: The Black Sessions

Sun, 30 Mar 2008 00:04:22 +0800

One more Black Session. Since acquiring this set, recorded for French radio inter a few years back, I’ve often found myself revisiting it as much, or more, than Feist’s official output. And that is not to be read as a knock against the LPs, as it is a testament to the strength of the set. Predominately culled from 2004’s Let It Die, the session also boasts some choice covers.Previously: Cat Power :: The Black SessionsDownload:MP3:  Feist :: GatekeeperMP3:  Feist :: Leisure SuiteMP3:  Feist :: MushaboomMP3:  Feist :: One EveningMP3:  Feist :: Lovers Spit (Broken Social Scene)MP3:  Feist :: Let It Die & Lonely LonelyMP3:  Feist :: …That Girl & Foolproof (Kinks/Ron Sexsmith)MP3:  Feist :: When I Was A Young GirlMP3:  Feist :: IntuitionMP3:  Feist :: Now At Last[...]