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Magic Touch - A'mari "DJ MonaLisa"reggae

Sun, 29 Nov 2015 05:29:47 GMT

Goddess By A'mari

Wed, 04 Nov 2015 02:01:25 GMT

new feedsjittery synapses hopping around

Sun, 22 Mar 2015 08:38:23 GMT

(image) harrangueman man with an autistic son

(image) itchwarsreport
variety of posts by a few bloggers

(image) radicalsapphoq comments on current events

(image) sapphoqnfriends posts about birds and more

(image) sapphoqonlife   life, death, and getting through

(image) sapphoqreviews books and more

(image) sapphoqtbi   living with a traumatic brain injury

(image) paganculture
variety of topics of interest to pagans with beautiful pictures

Pairing-specific feeds on AO3

Sun, 22 Feb 2015 17:24:30 GMT

For Frostiron fans, new fics tagged "Loki/Tony Stark" as they are added to the Archive of Our Own:

For Spike/Angel fans (Buffyverse), new fics tagged "Angel/Spike" as they're added to AO3:

Nordic Fandom News: one feed for all the (small) Nordic fan feeds

Mon, 01 Jul 2013 22:02:40 GMT

nordic_fan_news is a central point for Nordic fandom news, automatically gathered by web feeds and LJ-watches. Since there are so many small Nordic fan sites with infrequent updates, but with interesting and worthy content, it's practical to follow them through one reasonably active hub: one place to get updated on what's happening on the Nordic fan scene.You can follow or syndicate the Nordic Fandom News' RSS feed or you can follow its individual feeds. NFN is following 743 Nordic journals/blogs/communities/forums/zines/archives/etc. at the moment, of which 434 are RSS or Atom feeds syndicated to LiveJournal.The full list of LJ-syndicated Nordic RSS or Atom feeds - add at will1000ogon, 13thwarr_podfic, 13thwarrior_ao3, a_lindgren_ao3, abergendahl_ao3, abo_rasul_ao3, acon_feed, agnete_havm_ao3, aiodense_feed, alexanrybak_ao3, alexskarsga_ao3, allan_hyde_ao3, andebyol_feed, andravarld_feed, anehanfic_dw, anime_no_feed, animefans_dk, animenord_feed, animeradion, anna_pihl_ao3, anno_1790_ao3, antero_niit_ao3, anteromanni_ao3, anti_rss, antonlander_ao3, antti_niemi_ao3, arcon_news, arcon_prog_feed, aresspillk_feed, askcosplaydk_fe, bamses_bill_ao3, bcs_se_feed, bellacospl_feed, belladonnapubli, beowulf_ao3, blacktablet_dw, bokalven, bokmalande_feed, boknerd_feed, bokstavlarna, boktimmen, boningen, broderskab_ao3, c_ingebrigt_ao3, calvinahobbes_f, caramellap, carl_philip_ao3, carlxvigust_ao3, cdybedahl_dw, chrbjorkman_ao3, cirkeln_ao3, comicparty_dk, confusion_se, copenhag_podfic, cos_ican_feed, cosplay_no_feed, cosplaynorwaywp, cosplaysm_feed, danarki, dancingonourown, danielprinc_ao3, deculture_se, den_osynlig_ao3, denelektriskeka, desu_cons, desu_event, desu_fanta_feed, desu_japan_feed, desu_korea_feed, desu_no_news, desu_scifi_feed, desu_spill_feed, dhae_knight_dw, dhaeknightfi_dw, dilletant_feed, ditpennannar, dkfen_dw_feed, dkserieskapere, draconicgirl_dw, drommarnasberg, duncefieldsa_dw, duogmeg_feed, eggcrack_dw, eicca_toppi_ao3, emmaanderss_ao3, emmedforest_ao3, engelsfors_ao3, ercarre_feed, eric_saade_ao3, eriksolbakk_ao3, esa_pirnes_ao3, eskapixpre_feed, espiegle_feed, essef_feed, eve_n_au_podfic, eve_n_re_podfic, falkeblikk_feed, fan_forfattere, fanficnovels_se, fanfilmfest, fanfor_comics, fanfor_litterat, fanfor_serie, fanfor_spel, fanfor_treff, fanspan, fantasiforblogg, fantasiforbunde, fantasticon2012, fantastik_dk, fantasyflickan, fantasyrosten, fanzine_dk, feuerzeug_feed, fincosplay_feed, finncon2013, finnish_act_ao3, finnish_myt_ao3, finnish_podfic, finnmusirpf_ao3, flame_citro_ao3, forbrydelse_ao3, frasortsand, freddieljun_ao3, fuckin_amal_ao3, gabrielland_ao3, gamereactor_rat, gamereactor_red, gamersleague, gateavisa_kunst, geekculture_osf, glorybox_feed, godric_tb_ao3, got_dk_feed, gothcon_rss, gr_se_artiklar, gr_se_forhandst, granspira, grenselandet, greta_garbo_ao3, gretheb, gyserblog, haakon_cpri_ao3, hamlet_ao3, hamlet_podfic, hanselgrewh_ao3, hapffinland_ao3, hapficeland_ao3, hapfinland_ao3, hapfiswe_podfic, hapfsweden_ao3, hapiceland_ao3, hapicesh_podfic, haplatsw_podfic, hapsweden_ao3, harrypotterblog, hathor_girl_dw, hcanders_ch_ao3, hcandersen_ao3, heikkikoval_ao3, heljos_blogg, henriklundq_ao3, henrikzette_ao3, hetadenmark_ao3, hetafnorway_ao3, hetalnorway_ao3, hetfdenmark_ao3, hexcon2012_feed, hildigunnur_dw, him_band_ao3, himmelskibet_ab, hjohansen_feed, hogavserie_feed, honnorge, horrorsiden_dk, hotsu_re_podfic, howtotyd_podfic, hrymfaxe_dw, hugleikjaf_feed, hundtricket_ao3, hunger_game_dk, hydrangea_dw, hymyk_au_podfic, hyperion_feed, ikikata_se_feed, imagonem_feed, inanotherlibrar, inuitmyt_podfic, irmel_au_podfic, irrfarderutans, isfolket_ao3, islend_sogu_ao3, j_fi_feed, j_fi_se, jadedsnow_feed, java_dw, jazz_au_podfic, jazz_re_podfic, jb_slasher_dw, jentecon_feed, joellundqvi_ao3, johan_harju_ao3, johanfranze_ao3, joonas_rask_ao3, jorgenolsen_ao3, jussimarkka_ao3, kabal42_feed, kakeboksen_feed, karen_blixe_ao3, kekerosberg_ao3, kimi_raikko_ao[...]

Tue, 28 Aug 2012 18:11:05 GMT

I've added (image) disem_poetics

He is an AMAZING poet who captures all sorts of emotions beautifully. I don't have the words to describe his work, but trust me, it's beautiful, if you like emotional freeform poetry!

The K Chronicles and Keith Knight's other 2 comics

Thu, 22 Mar 2012 02:22:27 GMT

I've added two comic feeds:

...back in the day, his comic was why I paid for a Salon subscription.

Tue, 13 Mar 2012 20:22:44 GMT

i've created a lot of feeds, too many to list
you can scroll my feeds list, if you like.
it's a lot of fashion, lolita, katy perry, beautiful things

here's a few links of what's on my feed list doe deere's tumblr the cherry blossom girl's instagram bloodmilk jewelry creators tumblr beautiful jewelry creator and fashion lady, her instagram lisa frank stuff katy perry stuff

i don't remember whether i created all of the above links, there are too many to count!

Thu, 16 Feb 2012 18:58:23 GMT

I made a feed for "The Adventures of Fatty Thor" tumblr.  It's (image) fattythor.  No words I could use to describe it or him would do it justice so you'll just have to trust that he is awesome and funny as hell.

From the site: "Real vikings are fat and fabulous."

He is also interactive if you go to his actual tumblr page.

Tue, 14 Feb 2012 17:44:32 GMT

I recently created a syndicated account for the BBC Radio programme Desert Island Discs: (image) desislanddiscs

Syn feeds for fandoms on Ao3

Sun, 05 Feb 2012 11:23:22 GMT

I was wondering if anyone had any feeds for fandoms on Ao3. Here's a list via I was hoping they would add some LJ ones as well so if you know of any, please comment with them here. Thank You

Edit: I'm trying to make a directory for ANY fandom rss feeds (Ao3,, Delicious, etc) for your journal. If you know if any, add them here


Sun, 22 Jan 2012 09:00:27 GMT

Портал о российском регби (image) rusrugby

A bunch of fandom related feeds

Wed, 10 Aug 2011 19:13:32 GMT

Heroes Peter/Sylar fics via - petlarffnet Heroes Sylar/Mohinder fics via - mylarffnet Green Hornet Movie Verse 2011 Brit/Kato via - grnhrnt11ffnet Ninja Assassin fic via - ninja_assnffnet Batman Beyond Terry/Max fic via - bbtmffnet Vampire Diaries TV Damon/Bonnie via - vdtvdambonffnet Worth1000 Galleries - worth1galleries Fills from the 1st ST Kink Meme - 1stkinkmemefill Fills from Current Kink Meme via Diggo - dstxikmfilled Fills from current Art Kink Meme via Delicious - startmemefills Fills from current Kink Meme via Delicious - stkinkmemefills -Kirk/Spock fics from XI/2009 via - kirkspock2009 Kirk/Spock fics from TOS via kirkspock_tos Kirk/McCoy fics from XI via - km09ffnet Spock/McCoy fics from XI via - spones09ffnet Spock/Uhura fic from XI/2009 via - spockuhuraffnet Spock/Uhura fic from TOS via - tosspkuhraffnet -New fic from K/S fanfic archive - km_archive New fic from K/M fanfic archive - ks_archive News from BJD Collectasy bjdcollectasy of Angels News - doa_news News - koeiwarriorsrss and koeiwarriorsfb Thor Het - thorhetffnet Tumbledex (DW Tumblr Directory) - dw_tumbledex Fuck Yeah Fanfic Flamingo - fy_fficflamingo[...]

Didn't see it, so I added it.

Fri, 05 Aug 2011 04:42:53 GMT

(image) girlswslingshot for the webcomic Girls With Slingshots by Danielle Corsetto.

The default rss feed seems to be pointers back to the original page, which works for me. If you have a method of haivng the comic come up in a feed, I'd be glad to hear it.

Feed for Autoreverse

Mon, 04 Jul 2011 16:16:06 GMT

I just set up a syndicated feed for AutoReverse independent music magazine, a continuation of the old print zine that covered the hometaper culture.

(image) autoreversemag

Also check out netlabel reviews by Acts of Silence:

(image) actsofsilence

Acts of Silence

Sun, 26 Jun 2011 02:52:53 GMT

Probably the premier site for finding select, high quality, FREE-to-download, Creative Commons licensed netlabel music across many genres.

If you like music, and like not paying for stuff, netlabel music is the way to go.

Especially good for fans of ambient & chill-out dub/techno.

Syndicated at

(image) actsofsilence

The American Museum of Natural History has a Tumblr

Fri, 10 Jun 2011 04:48:03 GMT

... and it's now syndicated at (image) amnh_tumblr.


Liveplan Blog - блог о промышленном дизайне, интерьере и архитектуре

Wed, 08 Jun 2011 13:59:25 GMT

Liveplan Blog - блог о промышленном дизайне, интерьере и архитектуре со встроенным планировщиком помещений:

Mon, 16 May 2011 11:17:50 GMT

 Новости и аналитика Глобалист

Parenting Blogs I Follow

Tue, 12 Apr 2011 16:56:25 GMT

 My list is growing but these are the best so far:

Scary Mommy -

Kludgy Mom -

Single Mom Seeking - feed://

Four Plus an Angel -

Perils of Divorced Pauline - feed://

Memoirs of a Single Dad -

Polyamory in the news

Mon, 11 Apr 2011 04:21:30 GMT

A parenting magazine presents polyamory as a logical alternative. TV news goes all awkward covering a Loving More convention. Dan Savage as America’s most important sex ethicist. New poly books. More on campus. And, how to frame the emergence of polyamory as the natural outcome of the last several centuries of human development.What is the world saying about us? If you haven't kept up with Polyamory in the News in the last three months (or subscribed to it by the LJ friends feed or other feed), here is some of what you missed: “Changing Families: from Traditional to Whatever Works?” A mainstream parenting magazine looks at the poly alternative. “ ‘A lot of people outside of the polyamory community think these relationships are all about sex. It’s not. It’s about family,’ says Robyn Trask, managing director of Loving More... who estimates that between 150,000 – 200,000 Americans live in polyamorous relationships....” A TV station covering Loving More’s Poly Living conference stumbles over backward trying to distance itself from what it’s covering — yet still the story got through. New book: What Does Polyamory Look Like? by Mim Chapman. Plus a list of all six recent poly books. “Dan Savage: America’s most important sex ethicist”, by a liberal Lutheran minister who is smart, knows his economic models, and is not entirely cheering. “How Not to Have an Open Relationship”. “Okay honey, we’ll start with monogamy for now....” In a local newspaper, a therapist for polyfolks speak out. “I’ve covered some strange stories, but this is one of the most mind-blowing.” For her, anyway. More buzz in college newspapers. A college health counselor explains that “Polyamorous relationships require trust”. And more on campus. A stellar black couple educate about good open relationships across many black media. And in Madame Noire, a pro-poly author cuts through the chaff. More about slippery slopes. “If you accept this framing you've lost the debate before you open your mouth. Slipping on a slope is a painful accident that leads down. Reframe it as a stairway up — in which each step is a deliberately chosen advance toward a better, kinder, freer, more humane world.” Best poly parade float ever? Atlanta Poly Weekend: my report. An exciting new locus of energy and activism emerges. More on poly and kids. “I've probably observed more modern polyamorous childrearing than anyone on the planet," says Deborah Anapol, who gives her impressions. Theory and strategy: Poly as a subset of self-determination, a natural step in the ongoing arc of the last several centuries of history.And more.-------------------Here's the site: Polyamory in the News ( The most recent 10 items are up front.Sign up for the LiveJournal friends feed or another news feed.Twitter: @PolyintheNews.Facebook: Alan PolyinthemediaI've done 503 of these reports in the last six years, covering roughly 1,000 items in news media of all kinds. They’re tagged by topic, date, and sometimes location and language. I hope you have as much fun browsing them as I do creating them!Happy spring,Alan(Crossposted)[...]

Various Fanfiction Pairing Feeds

Mon, 21 Mar 2011 14:51:00 GMT

Heroes Peter/Sylar fics via - petlarffnet Heroes Sylar/Mohinder fics via - mylarffnet Green Hornet Movie Verse 2011 Brit/Kato via - grnhrnt11ffnet Ninja Assassin fic via - ninja_assnffnet Batman Beyond Terry/Max fic via - bbtmffnet Vampire Diaries TV Damon/Bonnie via - vdtvdambonffnet Worth1000 Galleries - worth1galleries Fills from the 1st ST Kink Meme - 1stkinkmemefillFills from Current Kink Meme via Diggo - dstxikmfilledFills from current Art Kink Meme via Delicious - startmemefillsFills from current Kink Meme via Delicious - stkinkmemefills-Kirk/Spock fics from XI/2009 via - kirkspock2009Kirk/Spock fics from TOS via kirkspock_tosKirk/McCoy fics from XI via - km09ffnetSpock/McCoy fics from XI via - spones09ffnetSpock/Uhura fic from XI/2009 via - spockuhuraffnetSpock/Uhura fic from TOS via - tosspkuhraffnet-New fic from K/S fanfic archive - km_archiveNew fic from K/M fanfic archive - ks_archiveNews from BJD Collectasy  bjdcollectasy Den of Angels News - doa_news How they would look on your friends page:[...]

Tue, 22 Feb 2011 05:26:04 GMT

(image) rus_bespredel 
библиотека компромата и беспредела rus_bespredel

(image) lis_files 
LeonOFF PartyZone - блог FREEWW

check it out

Tue, 11 Jan 2011 15:51:34 GMT

This kid's cartoon blog:

(image) coffeehyperbole

from Coffee Hyperbole