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Friends OnlyMy Confession~Josh Groban

Sat, 21 May 2005 03:01:58 GMT


This journal is locked.

Basically, the only fandom you'll find here is Harry Potter, although I do dabble in other ones on occasion. But this is primarily a fandom journal, and therefore that consists of 90% of its content.

My journal consists of fic, random wibblings and wobblings, occasional recs and other assorted randomosity. I ship both het and slash, and Remus/Sirius is my ultimate OTP, although there is much love for Harry/Draco. In the het side of things, I mostly love het rarepairs. I have a major minor obsession with Veronica Mars and Law and Order: SVU. Other loves include Narnia, Dark is Rising, Buffy and the Weather Wardens series.

If you still fancy friending me, then just leave me a comment. No comment, no friendage, mkay?


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Home to Stay~Josh Groban

Sun, 05 Dec 2004 07:45:54 GMT

Title: A Dazzling Synthesis of Sun and StarPairing: Draco/GinnyWord Count: 1617Rating: RA/N: The title comes from Nabokov's Pale Fire. This is unbetaed, so any mistakes are mine. Written in an hour or so because the plotbunny struck. This was originally supposed to be a Draco/Ginny/Harry, but I scrapped it halfway through and restarted and came up with this. :) “Stay the hell away, Malfoy,” he snarls, his hands on either side of Malfoy’s head, effectively pinning him to the wall. Malfoy tilts his face toward Harry’s and sneers, his face mere inches from Harry’s. “What are you going to do if I don’t, Potter?” “I’ll break your fucking legs,” Harry snarls back, his eyes glittering from behind the lenses of his glasses. Draco has a moment to wonder if Harry’s have always been that glittery before Harry is being dragged away by the little redheaded girl. Harry allows himself to be towed away, but he shoots Draco a dark glare over his shoulder, to which Draco merely sneers.*** She arches beneath Draco’s hands, purrs as his Quidditch-roughened fingers smooth teasingly over the curve of her breast and her gently rounded stomach. He traces the hollow of her hip, his eyes on his hands rather than her face. Her breathing sounds loud in the silence of the deserted room, although she’s been fairly quiet. Draco’s used to Pansy’s exaggerated moans and screams, and hearing the quiet catch in Ginny’s breath and the restless shivers in her body is far more arousing. He lowers his head and trails his lips over her stomach, passes glancingly over her breast—just enough to make her drag in her breath sharply—and touches his mouth to hers. “You’re a very dangerous woman, Weaslette.” Her eyes open slowly, and she looks up at him with a sultry gaze that he’s surprised she can muster. He never knew that the Weaslette even had a smidge of sexy in her until he got her in bed. “Believe it,” she murmurs, and winds her legs around his waist as she opens her mouth to his.*** At the breakfast table, Harry grins at her as she sits down beside him. He leans over and kisses her cheek sweetly, tentatively putting one arm around her shoulders. She smiles, her eyes lighting, and leans over to brush his mouth with hers. “Eww—could we please—not at the table? I’d like to enjoy the food, thank you,” Ron grumbles, and Ginny sits back and merely rolls her eyes. Harry grins at her, his eyes bright and happy behind his glasses, and Ginny feels guilt curl her stomach.*** Tonight. Same time. Ginny unfolds the note in History of Magic, her fingers trembling. She folds it up again quickly, stuffing it into her bag and looking around anxiously to see if anyone has noticed it. Everyone appears to be leaning on one hand and staring straight ahead, completely lost in their own thoughts; or doodling absently on spare bits of parchment. Ginny sighs in relief and her mind conjures images of what will happen tonight, and she shivers delicately, even as she tells herself not to.*** She slips into the darkened boys’ Slytherin dormitory and makes a beeline for one of the beds. She crawls through the curtains, casting the silencing spell as she does so. Then she turns and sees that he is lying back, watching her. She smiles at him, but he doesn’t return the smile. “Potter’s being an arse again.” “And this surprises you? He doesn’t like you, Draco. You don’t like him. You think that’s going to change because you’re shagging his girlfriend? I seriously doubt it’s conducive to good inter-House relations between the two of you.” “He doesn’t know about that,” Draco grumbles. “I’d probably be dead if he did.” “Probably,” she says cheerfully. She tugs the clip out of her hair, shaking her head and running her fingers through her hair to get out the tangles. He watches her in silence, and she quirks her mouth at him. “You’re awfully quiet tonight.” “Just thinking. Is that all right?” She ignores the edge in his voice and crawls up toward him, stretching[...]