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WEBCOMIC: The Abominable Charles Christopher

Tue, 16 Dec 2008 02:18:00 +0000

The Abominable Charles ChristopherWebcomic URL: RSS feed: Karl KerschlUpdates: WednesdayDescription:"The life and times of The Abominable Charles Christopher, a quiet and kind sasquatch-type creature."-- The Webcomic List"The Abominable Charles Christopher follows the adventures of a dim-witted yeti through a forest full of colourful animal characters. Who is Charles? Where did he come from? Where is he going? He knows about as much as you do - probably much less, actually - and his adventure is just beginning."-- The Abominable Charles Christopher ("About" page)Reviews:"One of the most refreshing webcomics I’ve ever read... The artwork is astounding... “The Abominable Charles Christopher” is an enjoyable read thus far, and the content is clean enough for your kids to check out..."-- One Punch Reviews at The Webcomic Overlook"How to describe the world of The Abominable Charles Christopher? Not really realistic but still seemingly modeled after our world. Only it's a world of animals with familiar human problems like drinking too much, intrusive advertising, and seeing your analyst... There's a lot of funny bits in many of the strips based on simply having the animals act like humans.And then there's Charles... He's a bit of a man-child really, well an abominable snowman-child to be exact, but you get the picture... ...There's a story lurking in this comic that we're only just getting the first true glimmer of......Kerschl has done a remarkably effective job of sketching out the world in which it takes place.The art is very well done......The Abominable Charles Christopher is a light-hearted, entertaining comic so far and one I can't recommend enough."-- Xaviar Xerexes at ComixTalk (May 2008 Issue)Comic 1 is a new blog where popular webcomics will be listed, reviewed, and rated. The listings include links to the webcomics & RSS feeds, authors, & update frequencies. The goal of the site will be both to help webcomic readers to find new comics that they will enjoy, and to showcase new quality comics that are not yet widely known. [...]

WEBCOMIC: Sandra and Woo

Sun, 14 Dec 2008 03:54:00 +0000


Sandra and Woo

Webcomic URL:
Webcomic RSS feed:

Artist/Author: Powree & Oliver Knorzer
Updates: Monday & Thursday

"Sandra and Woo is a webcomic about the adventures of the girl Sandra and her pet raccoon Woo written by Oliver Knörzer (aka Novil) and drawn by Powree. Its writing and style are influenced by Bill Watterson’s legendary comic strip Calvin and Hobbes, but Sandra and Woo shall also offer many unique features, like Woo’s trips to the nearby forest to meet his furry friends. Moreover, single strips or even small storylines will center on the minor characters, who are often disregarded in other comic strips. While most strips are just supposed to be funny or whimsical, some stories will also deal with more serious issues like the destruction of the environment. Of course in the most funny way possible."
-- Sandra and Woo ("About" page)

WEBCOMIC: Moose Mountain Comics

Fri, 12 Dec 2008 17:04:00 +0000

Moose Mountain ComicsWebcomic URL: RSS feed: Mark RickettsUpdates: Tuesday & ThursdayDescription:"MOOSE MOUNTAIN revolves around Ranger Todd, a nature loving do-gooder, and the wildlife that resides at Moose Mountain National Park. There's a brooding, love-sick blackfly, a New Jersey squirrel family relocated to the park by the wildlife witness protection program, a self-centered, passive aggressive black bear, and a moose whose four husbands were all killed in tragic car crashes. Most of the strips are set in the park, which, in many ways, resembles Maine's Acadia National Park, but sometimes the action takes place in the coastal resort town of Bar Harbor where Todd reluctantly shares his house with a beaver named Orson."-- WebcomicZReviews:"...There is no rush, no urgency to resolve the story and it will take as long as it takes to show you what needs to be shown. And that’s good. As part of the country theme, you can let life slow down and really savor the moment.Every comic has a decent punchline, driven by the characters......Moose Mountain starts out in black and white, with some grey tones. The linework is good, the characters are well designed with accessories and varying sizes for interest. Later comics have (mostly) color which I liked much more......the color gives a much better sense of the woods than other coloring techniques. It also provides some variation on the characters, making them seem more alive...Moose Mountain will be a fun comic to check up on... If you like nature, rural life or Maine then you’ll like Moose Mountain....Moose Mountain has masterfully done presentation. It’s full of great theming, with a great color choices of browns and greens. There is wood signage and the next/back buttons reminded me of official nature park signs. It has an open, comfortable layout which is easy to navigate..."-- excerpts from a great review by Delos Woodruff at"Make no mistake: Moose Mountain is no “amateur” comic strip. Mark Ricketts is a successful, professional illustrator with a long resume...In my view, Moose Mountain is superior to most of the test comics in both content and execution..."-- Patrick Moening in Portland Press HeraldComic 1 is a new blog where popular webcomics will be listed, reviewed, and rated. The listings include links to the webcomics & RSS feeds, authors, & update frequencies. The goal of the site will be both to help webcomic readers to find new comics that they will enjoy, and to showcase new quality comics that are not yet widely known. [...]

WEBCOMIC: Luz: Girl of the Knowing

Fri, 14 Nov 2008 03:48:00 +0000

Luz: Girl of the KnowingWebcomic URL: RSS feed: Claudia DavilaUpdates: currently on hiatusDescription:"She’s a city girl on a mission to gather “the knowing”: knowledge and experience about sustainable survival for humans, specifically in urban centers. Occasionally we’ll glimpse into Luz’s musings about the human condition and our connection, or lack thereof, to the natural world. You’ll meet her neighbours, friends, and mom and grandma, all of whom have knowledge of their own to share with Luz. Whenever it’s appropriate I’ll include commentary and links to more information relating to the content of each episode."-- (Claudia Davila) Luz: Blog ArchiveReviews:"...While it can be a tad preachy at times, this kid-friendly webcomic features Luz, a Hispanic girl, who is already thinking about life in the post-peak-oil world. Her vision is reassuring, not apocalyptic, with neighbors from a variety of Old Countries showing her how they preserve their own food, save seeds, rotate crops, and conserve water. A blackout means picnics and internet withdrawal, not panic and looting. Luz even demonstrates how to make an electricity-free refrigerator...There is an atmosphere of foreboding to Luz. She’s preparing for something that she herself can’t really visualize, but she’s sensible enough to talk to wise grownups about it. And there are a few hints of hard choices to come when Luz has to forgo a vacation trip, as well as when she eyes a friend’s pet rabbit as a possible protein source. Cartoonist Claudia Davila puts a lot of emphasis on simple measures, such as eating local foods, and self-reliance—walking and keeping a garden. The overall message is that less reliance on oil might actually be a good thing, if it strengthens communities.Davila’s clear, simple style makes the strip easy to read, and her light approach keeps the strip interesting most of the time. At a time when news about high gas and food prices may be making kids anxious, Luz presents some ways to take control of the situation... "-- Brigid Alverson on Good Comics for Kids(You'll also want to read Brigid's interview with Claudia Davila on Digital Strips from 2 Mar 2008)"...It might read as vaguely didactic, but I’m quite charmed by this webcomic. The linework is lovely; simple to process but with a solid use of visual flow and color, plus a great sense of’s obviously kid-friendly... obvious potential for a dual audience. It’s new, kind of nascent, and I’m interested to see where it goes; it’s interesting, relevant work from someone with a long history working in comics and visual media. Take a half-hour or so to read through her archives; I think you’ll find it time well spent."-- Anne Thalheimer on FleenComic 1 is a new blog where popular webcomics will be listed, reviewed, and rated. The listings include links to the webcomics & RSS feeds, authors, & update frequencies. The goal of the site will be both to help webcomic readers to find new comics that they will enjoy, and to showcase new quality comics that are not yet widely known. [...]

WEBCOMIC: Baby Train

Thu, 13 Nov 2008 04:40:00 +0000


Baby Train

Webcomic URL:

Webcomic RSS feed:

Artist/Author: Bill & Karen Drastal
Updates: Tuesday & Thursday

"The story of an average newly married couple who suddenly finds themselves on the baby train, and they soon find out that pregnancy is not quite all that it seems."
-- Baby Blog!

"A comic that shows just how magical pregnancy really is (yeah right!)"
-- Good Times Webcomic ("About" page)


Wed, 12 Nov 2008 04:45:00 +0000

Oy: A Daily Comic

Webcomic URL:
Webcomic RSS feed:

Artist/Author: Danny Burleson
Updates: Daily

"Oy is an all-ages, daily, general humour comic strip. Featuring 'Oy,' a green creature of unknown origin, who lives with married couple Steve & Mina Harker; making their lives just a little more interesting."
-- Webcomic News, List, & Rankings at

WEBCOMIC: The Crown Prince

Tue, 11 Nov 2008 04:32:00 +0000


The Crown Prince

Webcomic URL:
Webcomic RSS feed:

Artist/Author: J.G. Brin
Updates: Monday

"The Crown Prince is an ongoing comic strip which chronicles the adventures and misadventures, the trials and tribulations, and the sleepless nights and stressful days of new parents. In this case, the parents just happen to be royalty! With the strip’s meticulous research, it makes perfect reading for anyone who has wondered how child-rearing actually happened in the Middle Ages. As an added wrinkle, events in the comic move forward in time: watch the Crown Prince grow over time rather than remaining a perpetual infant, toddler or child. Just because the children will grow, however, you should not expect the adult characters to change in any way whatsoever, except perhaps their clothing and even then in very rare circumstances."
-- The Crown Prince ("About" page)

"The King and Queen must face their most terrifying challenge: the arrival of an heir, namely the Crown Prince. Or: Baby and parents go medieval. Follow the humourous misadventures of these new parents as they try to figure out how to raise a child."


Mon, 10 Nov 2008 03:19:00 +0000

Faux PasWebcomic URL: RSS feed:Artist/Author: Robert and Margaret CarspeckenUpdates: Monday, Wednesday, & FridayDescription:"The adventures of Randy the fox, a human-trained studio animal living on a farm with other retired would-be actors, some friends from the woods and a whole lot of cats. It's wild and domesticated reading!"-- The Webcomic List"Faux Pas (pronounced American-fashion, 'fox paws') is the story of Randy and his animal friends, most of whom were trained to be studio animal actors - the animals you see in movies, commercials and in live stage shows. Most of them are now retired, officially or through lack of opportunity, and eke out an existence as best they can while avoiding being hunted, eaten or sold. The main setting for the series is Green Mountain Studio Animals (GMSA), a run-down farm in the Colorado Rockies. They fully realize that they exist at the whim of their human owners, but Randy's new owners are content to let him and his friends live pretty much as they please.Tossed into the mix are a herd of housecats who think of Randy as their personal cat toy. Chief among the cats is Kira, who tries to help Randy when she can just to keep him from being so predictable. Also prominent in Randy's life is Cindy, a wilderness vixen who finds him charming and attractive, if confusing.The action mostly takes place at or near GMSA. Other settings include the surrounding mountain woodlands where their wild animal friends live; the nearby zoo, known as St. Mia Hatz; and the occasional trip to remote locations where one or another of the crew might actually get some work. Randy's adventures occasionally take him far afield, but he always manages to find his way back.'Faux Pas' - a social blunder brought about by miscommunication - accurately describes the tone of the series in its many forms: Randy working to hold things together in a world ruled by Murphy's Law."-- Faux Pas: An Overview"The comic takes place at the fictional Green Mountain Studio Animals, a run-down farm in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. Randy and the majority of his friends there are semi-retired animal actors. Although the humans in the series are rarely seen, the animals know that it is to their owners that they owe their existence. The animal characters are anthropomorphic in the sense of having human language and intelligence, but are non-bipedal, effectively similar in anatomy to "normal" animals."-- "Faux Pas" article on Wiki Fur"Faux Pas (pronounced "fox paws") is a webcomic about animals that were trained to act as studio animals, now retired living on a farm. Randy is a fox living at Green Mountian Studio Animals (beware peculiar critters), an ordinary animal-actor fox leased out to make commercials and b-grade movies. A charming fellow, with a few problems -- like cats (over a hundered of them, who think of him as a toy) -- and Cindy, a wild vixen who seems to like him and has moved in. The story takes place in the United States."-- Spiritius-Temporis.comReviews:"...Perhaps the first thing that strikes the reader is the art style, masterfully inspired in that of Disney's Robin Hood. R&M make the style entirely their own... The mastery of their craft seems evident not only in the fluidity of their artwork, but also in their skillful use of body language appropriate to each animal species......The background information that they have gone through the trouble of acquiring and sharing with their readership comes across clearly in the strip. ...well grounded and researched, as opposed to haphazardly put together.As strong as the art is for Faux Pas, its true strength lies in the writing. It may be tempting for some to lump it with the plethora of furry comics out there, but it is not a furry comic – this is a comic about animals and their unique observations on each other and the human w[...]

WEBCOMIC: One Swoop Fell

Sun, 02 Nov 2008 20:53:00 +0000


One Swoop Fell

Webcomic URL:
Webcomic RSS feed:

Artist/Author: Mike Dutton
Updates: Wednesday

"A young - shall we say - aviatically challenged bird falls one afternoon from a great height into the paws of a friendly bear named Topo. Over a rather shaky introduction (literally - see right), we learn the bird’s name is Swoop, and that he’s fallen from a mysteriously large tree — a tree that Topo has somehow overlooked despite its size.

The seemingly simple task of helping Swoop get back home will undoubtedly lead the two on a series of grand adventures, meeting friends and making rivals along the way."

-- One Swoop Fell ("About" page)

"Content is appropriate for all ages."
-- The Webcomic List

WEBCOMIC: The Galactic Gauntlet Comic

Tue, 02 Sep 2008 18:23:00 +0000

The Galactic Gauntlet ComicWebcomic URL: RSS feed: Artist/Author: Ken WahlgrenUpdates: from once to several times per weekDescription:Galactic Gauntlet is a zany sci-fi webcomic, set in the fictional Cuvan Galaxy. The storyline centers around the crew of an Anori Science Ship -- a little known, technologically advanced alien race from the Galactic Gauntlet game. With lots of techy acronyms, a Hawaiian-shirt-wearing secret society, an oversized porcupine scientist, coffee operators cloned from space pirate DNA, chaos, confusion, & hilarity abounds...The Galactic Gauntlet comic is a novel & innovative new concept in the world of webcomics, in that the comic itself was born out of an online game -- Galactic Gauntlet. The Galactic Gauntlet game is an addictive online multi-player space trading game, complete with its own docs, forum, & user-contributed wiki -- and best of all, it's free.About Galactic Gauntlet (the game)..."Galactic Gauntlet is a free, browser based, strategy game with a heavy dose of combat and mystery. It's a game where you enter as the captain of a Freighter and run around the galaxy trying to make money by gathering resources and trading them between ports which want to buy them from you and sell you other things. You then get to take the money and spend it on numerous things such as a fleet of warships, strange devices, and even make investments. Your eventual goal is to get powerful enough to conquer three particular planets and win the game, but this doesn't just happen overnight. The galaxy evolves, other players might get in your way, and other distractions await! What's the catch? This game is full of misc details and mysteries which are purposely not detailed here in the docs..."-- Galactic Gauntlet (help file)"It is the year 4,315 and you are the Captain of a freighter class vessel, trying to make a living in the Cuvan Galaxy. Your task is to gather resources and trade them at ports, while not getting blown up or strategically outwitted by other players. Complicating your life is the current political state of the galaxy, with the Kenosian Alliance (Good Guys), Galactic Trade Organization, and alien Xeer Empire(Bad Guys) trying to claim space for themselves. Your ultimate task: Develop your own massive fleet and conquer planets with the credits you earn while living the life of a trader, and then take over the galaxy for yourself!Along the way you will find Pirates, Starbases, Orbital Shipyards, hidden Secrets, Investment Opportunities, Spy on other players, and come to understand why this game is called Galactic GAUNTLET. If you think can handle running the maze that is space congested with all sorts of challenges and eventually dominate against all odds, then prepare yourself and get in on the action now!This game is free, requires no special software to run other than the latest version of Internet Explorer or Firefox, and uses a multi-player, mostly text-based interface. After spending a few moments registering for an account your ship will be ready to cruise the galaxy spending your daily turns. After midnight each day new turns are issued and the galaxy continues to evolve. We appreciate feedback over at the forum."-- Galactic Gauntlet (main page)Comic 1 is a new blog where popular webcomics will be listed, reviewed, and rated. The listings include links to the webcomics & RSS feeds, authors, & update frequencies. The goal of the site will be both to help webcomic readers to find new comics that they will enjoy, and to showcase new quality comics that are not yet widely known. [...]

Webcomics on XPASE!

Sun, 08 Jun 2008 05:36:00 +0000

Project XPASE

Comic-1 has recently joined "Project XPASE"!

XPASE is a new search engine, and the folks there are beginning to build a list of webcomics. The best part is that they offer listings for webcomics, and have a special category for those. If you are a webmaster or otherwise have a hand in a website that has anything to do with webcomics, then all that you have to do to be listed at XPASE is create a link -- EVEN a "nofollow" link (XPASE doesn't care). And the link can even be temporary. XPASE will find that link, and you will be added to their collection of webcomics. That's it. It's that easy. No registration, submission forms, or e-mail requests -- just link to them from somewhere on your site. :-D

While they're really just getting started right now, the site should prove to be quite popular, so you might expect some decent exposure from your new listing there.


Wed, 23 Apr 2008 22:59:00 +0000



Webcomic URL:
Webcomic RSS feed:

Artist/Author: Nate Piekos
Updates: Thursday

"Atland is a webcomic by Nate Piekos... Atland follows the adventures of Beauregard "Barry" the Brave, the last survivor of Xerexos, and heir to the throne of Atland."
-- Comixpedia

"High Adventure and Lowbrow Humor! ...swashbuckling, potty humor and the curvaceous ladies..."
-- NatePiekos on ComicSpace

WEBCOMIC: Twisted Kaiju Theater

Mon, 21 Apr 2008 21:44:00 +0000

Twisted Kaiju TheaterWebcomic URL: RSS feed: Artist/Author: Sean McGuinnessUpdates: Monday, Wednesday, & FridayDescription:"...a webcomic openly ripping off Twisted Toyfare Theater from Toyfare Magazine. I use Godzilla Toys from my own extensive collection and rearrange them in compromising positions for your amusement."-- Twisted Kaiju Theater"Twisted Kaiju Theater or TKT is a humorous photo-based webcomic by Sean McGuinness... ...McGuinness poses and takes photos of figurines in his personal vinyl/action figure collection (most of which consist of Godzilla-based kaiju) in bizarre situations with added dialogue bubbles... of the first and longest running photocomics ever produced... The art of TKT is done by juxtaposing digital photgraphs of vinyl/action figures (mostly kaiju) into backgrounds (primarily generated from photos) and photoshopping various effects. This style has alternately been called photocollage, photocomics or fumetti... The webcomic is set in the fictional land mass known as Neo-Monster Island, populated by the various types of kaiju, mecha, bionicle, comic/anime characters and aliens. The main cast consists of Shin-Goji and his friends the Toxic Pirates, who are loosely based on Sean McGuinness himself and his personal circle of friends, all portrayed by Super deformed (SD for short) figurines of Godzilla monsters. The remaining characters stem from a seemingly endless cast of figurines within McGuinness' collection, who make brief or reoccurring appearances."-- ComixpediaComic 1 is a new blog where popular webcomics will be listed, reviewed, and rated. The listings include links to the webcomics & RSS feeds, authors, & update frequencies. The goal of the site will be both to help webcomic readers to find new comics that they will enjoy, and to showcase new quality comics that are not yet widely known. [...]

WEBCOMIC: Dresden Codak

Mon, 14 Apr 2008 18:20:00 +0000


Dresden Codak

Webcomic URL:
Webcomic RSS feed:

Artist/Author: Aaron Diaz
Updates: Irregular

"Dresden Codak is an illustrated celebration of science, death and human folly."
-- Dresden Codak

"Dresden Codak is a webcomic written and illustrated by Aaron Diaz. Described by Diaz as a "celebration of science, death and human folly," each comic generally focuses on a concept or theory from modern and postmodern philosophy, psychology, or science (particularly quantum physics). Concepts are presented with a surreal degree of reality, generally to the chagrin of its chief protagonist, Kimiko..."
-- Wikipedia

"Dresden Codak is a webcomic by Aaron Diaz updating weekly. The strip has been critically acclaimed for its mixture of professional art work, humor, experimental layout design and interest in obscure references and advanced scientific and philosophical theories..."
-- Comixpedia

WEBCOMIC: Bear and Kitten

Sun, 13 Apr 2008 21:49:00 +0000

Bear and KittenWebcomic URL: RSS feed: Andy (bear) & Angie (kitten)Updates: Sundays & WednesdaysDescription:"...The premise is simple enough - an anthropomorphic slice-of-life, the comic follows the day to day adventures of two unlikely room mates... Each strip is a quick read as even the most verbose consist of only one or two sentences a panel."-- BetaPwned's Wednesday Webcomic Weview"...a bear and a cat sharing an apartment and living fairly normal humanlike lives..."-- Webcomic Asylum"My name is Andy and I write this comic. Angie draws it. A lot of people got to know us as bear and kitten but that got creepy and people started sending us links to furry conventions and stuff so we decided to end that whole thing. Not that we have anything against furries, it's just not our scene.We both went to art school, are in our lower to mid 20's and we have two cats. We ride bikes and go to shows and drink a lot..."-- Bear and KittenReviews:"Conceived by two people who don't reveal their names but go by Bear and Kitten in the news section, thecomic has odd humor centered around these two characters......slightly surreal. The comic's themselves are set against a stark white background that is the website... The characters themselves are cute... Subdued colors work here as well, because the comic doesn't have a happy wacky colorful world feel.The writing however is hard to explain. The jokes don't really come across as jokes to me. That is to say that I don't really find them funny... I get a bit of black humor from the writing, but more black than humor.I really liked the art for it's sense of uniqueness... I did however have issues with the writing, as I didn't understand what the point was... Cute, in a dark and uncomfortable sort of way."-- Webcomic Asylum"...It’s a cute comic, and the edgy material and humor nicely contrasts with the simplistic, mostly black and white art.The humor’s where this comic shines. There’s no story per se, but the individual gags work well... the humor manages to stay light. Each strip is a fairly quick read... The only complaint here is that the text is a bit small and occasionally hard to read. The art’s a plus, and works perfectly with the characters. Mostly black and white linework, it uses color sparingly, but to its maximum effect. It’s almost abstract in appearance, and it still communicates the idea and gags well..."-- wayofthegeek"Bear and Kitten, though it sounds cute and cuddly, is quite a quirky little disturbing romp... Each strip is a quick read as even the most verbose consist of only one or two sentences a panel......There is a simplicity to the writing, certainly, but simplicity shouldn't be mistaken for poor form... a great deal of the writing takes place beyond the scope of dialogue - it's the totality of the scene that tells these short stories...The artwork is a soft comfort that lulls the reader into a mindset that makes the disturbing aspects of the comic even more so... the relatively mild violence and uneasy concepts come across as much more tantalizing when everything else is so warm and fuzzy. It's an excellent blend......The comic isn't twisted - in fact, I suspect that if you took any of the scripts and drew them in a realistic fashion they would loose not only their charm, but also their punch. It's the mix that makes the comic work, the parts aren't all that spectacular when taken alone, but the sum of those parts makes for a great read."-- BetaPwned's Wednesday Webcomic WeviewComic 1 is a new blog where popular webcomics will be listed, reviewed, and rated. The listing[...]

WEBCOMIC: A Softer World

Sat, 12 Apr 2008 03:52:00 +0000

A Softer World

Webcomic URL:
Webcomic RSS feed:

Artist/Author: Emily Horne and Joey Comeau
Updates: Weekdays

"A Softer World is a weekly webcomic by Canadians Joey Comeau and Emily Horne...

The tone of the comic tends to be slightly absurdist and dark, with the punchlines often being simultaneously funny and disturbing...

There is no cast to speak of, as each comic tends to stand alone...

...each comic is three panels long. The three panels are made up of photographic art, either a series of three photographs, or one photograph that is spread over multiple frames, or repeated with different crops and zooms. The photographs are taken by Emily Horne, and then sent to Joey Comeau for text.

The text consists of several bars of typewriter-written text, forming a small narrative. The text is always in the first person, typically being the thoughts or narrative of the main subject of the photos. The situations are often surreal..."


WEBCOMIC: Gunnerkrigg Court

Fri, 11 Apr 2008 00:52:00 +0000


Gunnerkrigg Court

Webcomic URL:
Webcomic RSS feed:

Artist/Author: Tom Siddell
Updates: Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays

"Gunnerkrigg Court is a webcomic created by Tom Siddell... The comic details the strange events that surround protagonist Antimony Carver as she begins life at the foreboding, factory-like school complex of Gunnerkrigg Court.

The comic thematically blends the everyday existence of school life, fantasy creatures, and alchemical symbols and theories.

Gunnerkrigg Court is set in a boarding school somewhere in the UK...

The presence of the characters Robot and Shadow 2[1] and other sci-fi or fantasy elements are common... while the school has been described as "strange", no characters appear to be particularly surprised by any of this.

The plot follows the day to day life of the protagonist, Antimony, and her best friend Kat."


WEBCOMIC: Fantasy Realms

Tue, 08 Apr 2008 22:35:00 +0000


Fantasy Realms

Webcomic URL:
Webcomic RSS feed:

Artist/Author: Clay Gardner & Niko Geyer
Updates: Mondays

"Through adversity the Realms have been forced to decide between action and inaction, force and evasion. Creation and destruction... Though the current state of affairs is one of peace, with trade and business thriving across the Ganeda provinces, an undercurrent of dark portents threatens to disrupt this harmony.

Lost since an unhappy childhood, Shiva has found it difficult to find her role in life. When a chance meeting with a childhood friend turns her life upside down, Shiva finds herself wrapped up in a chain of events that entwines with the future and the unanswered questions of her past. What is fate, when everything is not as it seems?

Now, after a life of running away, Shiva is forced to face what she has never wanted to. Herself."


WEBCOMIC: Sabrina Online

Mon, 07 Apr 2008 04:18:00 +0000


Sabrina Online

Webcomic URL:
Webcomic RSS feed:

Artist/Author: Eric W. Schwartz
Updates: 2-5 per month

"'Sabrina Online' is a comic strip created, written, and drawn by Eric W. Schwartz...

CONTENT WARNING: - those with hyper-sensitive dispositions or little children should be warned that this comic strip may occasionally contain words, ideas, images, and other subject matter (what's left?) that may be considered objectionable to some. There shouldn't be anything here that you won't find on television, (sans cable) but if you are the type who thinks Bugs Bunny really needs to wear pants, consider yourself warned, and don't view any of the comic strips."


"Sabrina Online is a furry slice-of-life webcomic featuring the life of Sabrina the Skunk and the people around her..."

WEBCOMIC: A Girl and Her Fed

Sun, 06 Apr 2008 03:47:00 +0000

A Girl and Her FedWebcomic URL: Webcomic RSS feed: Updates: Monday thru Friday Description:"A Girl and Her Fed (AGAHF) is the story of a nameless Girl who finds that she is being watched by government agents. She and the Fed assigned to watch her form a partnership and attempt to untangle one hell of a knotty conspiracy."--"A Girl is surprised and horrified to discover she’s been added to a government watchlist and is considered a potential terrorist threat. The agent assigned to watch her is far more surprised to learn she is haunted by the ghost of Benjamin Franklin and that both the Girl and Ben are able to interact with an invisible personal data assistant installed directly into his brain. After a drinking bout ends badly, the Girl and the Fed angrily go their separate ways."--"A Girl and Her Fed is a fictional webcomic. The story focuses on the life of a girl who was accidentally placed on a terrorist watchlist. She and her best friend, the ghost of Benjamin Franklin, have a chance encounter with the federal agent assigned to her case. After learning that the agent was part of an experimental data management program with an abnormally high mortality rate, the Girl and Ben Franklin agree to help him investigate the extremely suspicious suicide of one of his fellow agents." -- "A Girl and Her Fed" entry at Comixpedia"A girl finds herself on the wrong side of the U.S. PATRIOT Act. Now with more angry Ben Franklin!"-- "A Girl and Her Fed" entry at The Webcomic ListComic 1 is a new blog where popular webcomics will be listed, reviewed, and rated. The listings include links to the webcomics & RSS feeds, authors, & update frequencies. The goal of the site will be both to help webcomic readers to find new comics that they will enjoy, and to showcase new quality comics that are not yet widely known. [...]


Thu, 03 Apr 2008 01:37:00 +0000

Melonpool?Apparently the webcomic Melonpool has been discontinued, in favor of Steve Troop's latest project, "Zero Worship." Here's excerpts from the blog on Melonpool's official site -- or Zero Worship's official site -- -- where now redirects its visitors... February 08, 2008"I thought I'd post some thoughts on why I haven't done any new Melonpool's for awhile... it's mainly to give you the best possible ending to the strip. My inspiration is tied up in another project right now and given the amount of time I have for Melonpool, I could probably wrap it up in 4-8 more strips. But, to do the story justice, I should give it about 24 strips. I hate it when endings are rushed, but on the other hand, I'm pretty tired of beating this dead horse.Regardless of how you look at it, Melonpool is very close to the end -- whether it's 4 installments, 8 installments or 24 -- the end is in sight...Anyway, toward the end of February, I plan to get back to Melonpool and see it through to the end. Whether that's 4, 8 or 24 strips, remains to be seen, though!"March 31, 2008"Welcome to the site formerly known as Melonpool. As you can see, there have been a few changes. I hope you enjoy my new webcomic, 'Zero Worship,' which chronicles the adventures of an eight-year-old boy and the father that tries to convince him that he's a superhero -- even though he's not!You'll be happy to know that I've finally settled on an update schedule that I think I can manage. I've tried daily. I've tried, weekly. I've even tried monthly. Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy the annual adventures of 'Zero Worship!'"If you're not familiar with the strip, here's some stuff from the Wikipedia entry for "Melonpool"..."The storyline centers on a cast of alien misfits and their adventures in space and on Earth. It has been published on the web since April 28th, 1996, making it one of the first webcomics. Regular updates ceased on December 20, 2005, with just one update since (on April 28th, 2006, marking the tenth anniversary). From October 9, 2006 Troop began posting a page a day from two successive 24-hour comics. The comic restarted on the 29th October, 2007.The comic parodies many popular television shows, movies and other cultural phenomena, such as Back to the Future, Star Trek, Star Wars, The Jetsons, and Gilligan's Island. Although it has a strong story arc, most strips end with a punchline.The comic was part of the Keenspot collection before Troop became one of the founding members of Blank Label Comics."-- WikipediaAn April Fools' Day prank? Quite possibly... or not. Time will tell! ;-)Comic 1 is a new blog where popular webcomics will be listed, reviewed, and rated. The listings include links to the webcomics & RSS feeds, authors, & update frequencies. The goal of the site will be both to help webcomic readers to find new comics that they will enjoy, and to showcase new quality comics that are not yet widely known. [...]


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TwoKindsWebcomic URL: RSS feed: Tom FischbachUpdates: 1-3 times per weekDescription:"Twokinds is an ongoing manga-styled webcomic that involves a human named Trace Legacy, a previous Grand Templar and guardian of the land, and Flora, a keidran. After losing his memory in a mysterious battle, Trace finds himself in the company of Flora, who, as Trace gradually begins to learn, belongs to a race of people who are enemies of his kind. As friendship conflicts with racial differences, Trace and Flora find themselves in a situation more critical then either of them can imagine..."--"After losing his memory to a mysterious battle, Trace Legacy, a former leader for an organization of mages called the Templar, finds himself in the company of Flora, a girl of strange, tiger-like qualities. As Trace gradually begins to re-learn what he once knew, he soon discovers that Flora belongs to a race of people who are enemies of his kind. As friendship confects with racial differences, Trace and Flora find themselves in a situation more critical than either of them can imagine.Twokinds is a webcomic that takes place in a world conflicted with racial tension, primarily between the human-like Humans and the animal-like Keidran. They have dramatically different societies and ideas on how to live and act. It is because of these differences that the two races are almost always in some form of conflict. The story begins as the world hinges on the brink of another war. However, unlike before, this time war seems to be the result of a single man, manipulating the two races for his own personal gain - though he no longer has any memory of doing so."-- 1 is a new blog where popular webcomics will be listed, reviewed, and rated. The listings include links to the webcomics & RSS feeds, authors, & update frequencies. The goal of the site will be both to help webcomic readers to find new comics that they will enjoy, and to showcase new quality comics that are not yet widely known. [...]


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ArdraWebcomic URL: RSS feed: Jason Dunstan, with Trevor Adams, Fesworks, & guestsUpdates: Tuesday & FridayDescription: "It's about a rather unique concept wherein Dr. Ardra Renelsior, a brilliant scientist, decides to raise twins as a sort of lifelong science experiment. The humor comes from the fact that Ardra tends to think along logical, scientific lines (her many quirks aside) and is extremely clueless when it comes to actually raising children. Eileen and Lenore, while both super-intelligent and rather sarcastic, otherwise couldn't be more different from one another...Ardra found a suitable "paternal donor" and surrogate mother because, in Ardra's completely scientific view, "Childbirth is really sort of disgusting!" Ardra then conducted the appropriate genetic manipulations to create two super geniuses. These two would, hopefully, lead the world into a new Age of Reason, a new Renaissance....And so, Lenore and Eileen were born. After the girls spent about a year with their surrogate (to handle all the "messy baby stuff"), Ardra became a full fledged "maternal care-giver". The grand experiment continues today, seven years later. But the question is: Can Ardra overcome maternal instincts to raise the girls in a completely logical, unbiased scientific manner? Stay tuned, as our favorite "Iron Chef" loving, cell-phone hating, Libertarian Woman of Science tries her hand at motherhood."-- 1 is a new blog where popular webcomics will be listed, reviewed, and rated. The listings include links to the webcomics & RSS feeds, authors, & update frequencies. The goal of the site will be both to help webcomic readers to find new comics that they will enjoy, and to showcase new quality comics that are not yet widely known. [...]

WEBCOMIC: t-n-t: A Daily Webcomic...

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t-n-t: A Daily Webcomic
About All Things Online & Offline

Webcomic URL:
Webcomic RSS feed:

Artist/Author: keong
Updates: Daily

"t-n-t chronicles the life of an ordinary guy who starts a blog and gets hooked. It's a comedic look at a species known as 'Bloggers' and how some of these individuals survive in their chosen habitat, the 'Internet', as well as in their traditional habitat, the 'Real World'..."

WEBCOMIC: Nobody Scores!

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Nobody Scores!

Webcomic URL:
Webcomic RSS feed:

Artist/Author: Brandon Bolt
Updates: Twice a week

"Nobody Scores! is a little comic about inevitable disaster... Anything can happen in the universe where Nobody Scores! – as long as it involves pain, shame, humiliation, failure, blood."

"The scenario of Nobody Scores!... revolves around three young roommates in an apartment."