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Best Buy HD DVD

Best Buy HD DVD. HD DVD Movie releases made for HD DVD Format players. A wide variety of entertainment programs in HD DVD with superior picture and sound quality presented in high definition.

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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Mon, 25 Oct 2010 05:06:00 +0000

Upcoming MovieThe Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn TreaderStarring:Skandar KeynesGeorgie HenleyBen BarnesWill PoulterLiam NeesonEddie IzzardDirector:Michael AptedGenre: Children | Family, FantasyThe Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader is the third film adaptation of C.S Lewis’ fantasy series. Set to be released in theaters this coming 2010.Plot:The adventure of Pevensie siblings continues but this time, it’s only for the two youngest of them - Edmund and Lucy.Edmund and Lucy, along with their troublesome cousin Eustace Scrubb were unexpectedly drawn into the Narnia world through a hanging wall painting of a ship at Lucy’s room. They were reunited once again with their Caspian friend who’s now a King and joined him into a mission to the Lone Islands and beyond in search for the seven lost Lords of Narnia. It’s a dangerous quest that will take them into the farthest edge of the world on board the great Dawn Treader. Threat lies beneath their voyage that will test their hearts, spirits and friendship as they face the magical Dufflepuds, greedy slave traders, roaring dragons, and enchanted merpeople.[...]

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Tue, 08 Dec 2009 19:35:00 +0000

Upcoming Movie
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Jake Gyllenhaal
Gemma Arterton
Gísli Örn Gardarsson
Ben Kingsley
Alfred Molina

Directed by: Mike Newell

Prince of Persia – Ubisoft’s popular action-adventure video game franchise is set to be released on a bigger screen as Walt Disney Pictures come up with an action-fantasy movie idea starring Jake Gyllenhaal as the main character.

Genre: Action – Adventure, Fantasy

Set in medieval Persia, Dastan, an adopted rogue prince teams up with a mysterious princess named Tamina on a mission to stop a villainous ruler from unleashing a deadly sandstorm that could destroy the world. They will race against the dark forces and protect an ancient dagger known as the Sands of Time, a gift from the gods that can reverse time and allow it possessor to rule the world.

Blades of Glory HD DVD

Tue, 04 Mar 2008 20:51:00 +0000

HD DVD Movie: Blades of GloryBlades of Glory (2007) is a figure skating comedy film which stars Will Ferrell, Jon Heder, Will Arnett, Amy Poehler, and Jenna Fischer.Genre:ComedyMovie Synopsis:During the National Figure Skating Assocation's World Championship, professional and rival figure ice skaters Chazz Michael Michaels (Will Ferrell) and Jimmy MacElroy (Jon Heder) both garnered the highest scores that resulted in to a tie. Each of them thought that one is superior than the other so during their acceptance speech, they argued in public that quickly develops into a brawl. Being unethical on that particular event, their medals are taken away and both are banned from competing in that sport for life. Three years later, they've discovered that there's a loophole on their punishment. They aren't completely banned from the competition - they can still compete and pursue their gold medal aspirations once again, this time as a pair.Will they set aside their differences for the last opportunity left? Let's see how they'll make it in Blades of Glory HD DVD.Movie Trivia: Jon Heder broke his ankle in preparation for his role as a figure ice skater.Some scenes from the movie:[...]

40-year-old Virgin HD DVD

Mon, 11 Feb 2008 21:24:00 +0000

HD DVD Movie: 40-year-old VirginThe 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005) is the directorial debut of Judd Apatow (Knocked Up and Superbad) and it's co-written by Steve Carell.Genre:ComedyMovie Synopsis:40-year-old Andy Stitzer (Steve Carell) is a good geeky guy, with a pleasant job, a nice apartment, some good friends and a large collection of action figures, comic books and collectible models. He has a nice life with almost everything and he seems contented with what he already have. However, what others didn't know is that Andy is keeping a secret -- he is still a virgin. It's such a shame for a guy of his age to be inexperienced with that thing, which most people have done by this stage of maturity. When his buddies found out his ultimate secret, they consider it as their duty to help Andy discover the becoming of a man. Then Andy met Trish, a single mother of three who works at a store near his office. When his friends discovered that he's dating Trish, they become excited because of the possibility that he may finally experience 'it'.Is Trish the one that Andy's been waiting for? Check it out on 40-year-old Virgin HD DVDSome scenes from the movie:[...]

Knocked Up HD DVD

Thu, 17 Jan 2008 21:12:00 +0000

HD DVD Movie: Knocked UpKnocked Up (2007) is a grown-up comedy film produced and directed by Judd Apatow (also produced Superbad and The 40-Year-Old-Virgin). Knocked Up stars Seth Rogen, Katherine Heigl, Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann as the major characters. It is rated R for some sexual content and vulgar humor. Genre:ComedyMovie Trivia:The kids who played as the children of Debbie (Leslie Mann) and Pete (Paul Rudd) were actually the real children of Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann.Director Judd Apatow revealed on a DVD commentary that the film is partially based on the birth of his and Leslie Mann's first daughter.Movie Synopsis:A 24-year-old pretty career-woman Allison Scott (Katherine Heigl) who works at E! Television Network meets a bum lump Ben Stone (Seth Rogen) at a club where she is celebrating her promotion at E!. The two got so drunk together that leads to a one-night stand. Her fast-track life gets seriously derailed when an unexpected pregnancy came after. With the consequences and responsibility that awaits them, the odd couple will attempt to convert their tentative relationship into a more serious one for the sake of their baby. However, things got worst 'coz they didn't realize that building a relationship from a scratch is not as easy as making a baby.See how they will work things out together despite the many differences each one has on Knocked Up HD DVD.Some scenes from the movie Knocked Up:[...]

Stardust HD DVD

Wed, 02 Jan 2008 20:20:00 +0000

HD DVD Movie: StardustStardust (2007) is a fantasy film based on a novel with the same title written by Neil Gaiman featuring an ensemble cast of Hollywood stars including Robert De Niro, Claire Danes, Nathaniel Parker, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sienna Miller, Peter O'Toole, David Kelly, Mark Heap and Charlie Cox.Genre:FantasyMovie Trivia:Sarah Michelle Gellar turned down the lead role to spend more time with her husband, Freddie Prinze, Jr.Alex Pettyfer (of Tom Brown's Schooldays) auditioned for the role of Tristan Thorn.Movie Synopsis:In an English Village named Wall, Tristan goes on a quest to win the heart of his beloved Victoria (Sienna Miller) as he promised to bring the fallen star to her to prove his love. In order to find the star, he must crossed a wall, which is a portal to a magical world known as Stormhold. He then discovered that the star is actually a beautiful young woman who has stumbled from space and being pursued by the sons of the King of Stormhold and being chased by other supernatural creatures such as a powerful witch, goblins, and a flying pirate because of her secret power. As Tristan's purpose about the fallen star shifts into protecting it from evil, an important part of him was revealed during his one-of-a-kind journey.Some scenes from the movie Stardust:[...]

SeaQuest DVD

Tue, 18 Dec 2007 20:57:00 +0000

SeaQuest TV ShowSeaQuest was an American Sci-fi television series which ran for three seasons with a total of 58 episodes from 1993-1996 and was aired on NBC. It was created by a TV producer and writer Rockne O'Bannon (creator of other famous TV shows such as The Triangle, Farscape and The Twilight Zone).DVD Category:TelevisionSeries Run:First Telecast: September 12, 1993Last Telecast: June 9, 1996Cast:Jonathan Brandis as Lucas WolenczakDon Franklin as Commander Jonathan FordTed Raimi as Lt. j.g. Timothy O'NeillRoy Scheider as Captain Nathan BridgerMarco Sanchez as Sensor Chief Miguel OrtizPeter DeLuise as DagwoodMichael DeLuise as Tony PiccoloKathy Evison as Helmswoman Lonnie HendersonEdward Kerr as Lt. James BrodyJohn D'Aquino as Lt. Benjamin KriegStacy Haiduk as Lt. Cmdr. Katherine HitchcockRoyce D. Applegate as Chief Manilow CrockerStephanie Beacham as Dr. Kristin Westphalen SeaQuest TV Show Trivia:The only cast members that were present for the entire series run are Don Franklin, Jonathan Brandis and Ted Raimi.A scuba diving equipment company known as Seaquest manufactured the wetsuits used by the crew on the series, though the show was not named after it.SeaQuest Synopsis:Set in the near future, the mankind is colonizing the bodies of water. They have established undersea farming, mining, manufacturing communities while using the resources found deep within. An organiziation was created to keep order and to monitor the activities within the new frontier which is called United Earth Oceans Organization (U.E.O.). Some scenes from SeaQuest TV Series:[...]

Invaders DVD

Sat, 01 Dec 2007 20:42:00 +0000

The Invaders TV ShowThe Invaders is a sci-fi TV series produced by Quinn Martin. It was inspired by several alien invasion films such as Invasion of the Body Snatchers (by Don Siegel), and Quartermass 2 also known as Enemy from Space (by Val Guest).DVD Category:TelevisionSeries Run:First Telecast: January 10, 1967 Last Telecast: March 26, 1968Cast:Roy Thinnes as David VincentHank Simms as NarratorWilliam Woodson as NarratorKent Smith as Edgar ScovilleThe Invaders TV Show Trivia:The fictional character David Vincent ranked #6 in TV Guide's list of the "25 Greatest Sci-Fi Legends" in August, 2004.The Invaders (alien/s) were never given a name and their true alien form was never shown on the entire series run.The Invaders Synopsis:Roy Thinnes played the character of David Vincent, an architect who accidentally discovered an alien invasion in his small town. He had witnessed the landing of an alien craft and revealed an incredible secret that the Earth is being invaded by the aliens, disguised as human beings. The invaders are an advanced race of alien creatures from a dying planet that came to earth to conquer it. Thereafter, he decided to make an investigation and eventually made it as his important mission. He had to obtain solid evidences about the creatures from the other planet in order to convince his fellow citizens before time runs out.Can David Vincent convince the people? Find out by watching Invaders on DVD.Some scenes from the series The Invaders:[...]

Babel HD DVD

Fri, 16 Nov 2007 21:20:00 +0000

HD DVD Movie : Babel

Babel (2006) is a Golden Globe award winning film starring Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett. It is directed by the Mexican film director Alejandro González Iñárritu.


Movie Trivia:
  • Brad Pitt gave up his role in The Departed (2006) as Colin Sullivan to work with his long time icon Alejandro González Iñárritu.
  • Adriana Barraza gained 35 pounds to play the role of Amelia.

Movie Synopsis:

Babel comprises of interlocking series of events which involves four different groups of strangers - an American couple on vacation, a Mexican housekeeper, a rebellious Japanese daughter and a Moroccan boys with a riffle. The lives of these people were connected and was brought together by a single gun fire in unexpected ways - that we call as 'destiny'.

Susan (Cate Blanchett) and Richard Jones (Brad Pitt) are American couple who came from vacation in Morocco to mend the pain they've suffered after the death of their third infant son. Their other two children was left in the hands of the family's housekeeper, Amelia. Meanwhile, Amelia's son is getting married in Tijuana, Mexico and can't find way on how she will attend the ceremony. Unable to find someone to take care of the kids, she carries the children with her to travel across the border.

Consequently, two Moroccan boys decided to test the range of their father's riffle by shooting at a bus along the desert that accidentally hit Susan in the shoulder that almost killed her. Richard then decided to tell Amelia about their situation who already departed to attend her son's wedding in Mexico together with their children. Thus, leaving them in confusion and fear.

Babel on HD DVD


Newhart DVD

Wed, 14 Nov 2007 20:14:00 +0000

Newhart TV Show
Newhart is a primetime TV comedy series on CBS between 1982-1990 (with a total of 184 episodes
) starring the stand-up comedian and actor Robert "Bob" Newhart.

DVD Category:

Series Run:
First Tele
cast: October 25, 1982
Last Telecast: September 8, 1990

Bob Newhart as Dick Loudon
Mary Frann as Joanna Loudon
Tom Poston as George Utley
Julia Duffy as Stephanie Vanderkellen
Peter Scolari as Michael Harris
Steven Kampmann as Kirk Devane
Jennifer Holmes as Leslie Vanderkellen

Newhart TV Show Trivia:
  • The fictional Vermont town was never mentioned during the series telecast.
  • Jerry Van Dyke was the first choice for George Utley's character but he failed the audition for it.
  • Julia Duffy was pregnant in some episodes of the series and must hide her condition by dressing in baggy clothes and standing behind furnitures.

Newhart Synopsis:

The Newhart TV Show has a connection with The Bob Newhart Show which was also aired on CBS from 1972-1978 and the two shows were focused on Newhart's character.

n this series, Dick Loudon (the character portrayed by Bob Newhart) and his wife, Joanna (played by Mary Frann), moved from Manhattan to a small town in rural Vermont to manage the classic Stradford Inn. Dick Loudon is an author of how-to books who becomes a host of the low-rated TV Show called "Vermont Today". As the story of the show progresses, it's focusing mainly on Dick's hosting career and his odd townsfolk. Newhart features several unforgettable characters including Leslie Vanderkellen as maid, George Utley as handyman, Kirk Devane as the owner of the Minuteman Cafe, and the characters of Larry, Darryl and Darryl.

Want to see Bob Newhart and his comic performances in this series? Well you should grab a copy of Newhart DVD..

Matlock DVD

Mon, 05 Nov 2007 21:11:00 +0000

Matlock TV ShowMatlock was an American legal drama series lasted for almost 9 years with 10 seasons (a total of 295 episodes). DVD Category:TelevisionSeries Run:on National Broadcasting Company (NBC):September 23, 1986 - May 8, 1992 on American Broadcasting Company (ABC):November 5, 1992 - May 7, 1995Cast:Andy Griffith as Ben Matlock Linda Purl as Charlene MatlockKene Holliday as Tyler HudsonKari Lizer as Cassie PhillipsNancy Stafford as Michelle Thomas Julie Sommars as Julie MarchClarence Gilyard as Conrad McMasters Brynn Thayer as Leanne MacIntyreDaniel Roebuck as Cliff Lewis Carol Huston as Jerri StoneMatlock TV Show Trivia:Andy Griffith is the only actor appeared in all 295 episodes of the series Nancy Stafford, Brynn Thayer and Daniel Roebuck all became guests on the show before they took the roles of Michelle, Leanne and Cliff, respectively.Matlock Synopsis:The main character of this famous TV show between late 80's up to mid 90's is Benjamin "Ben" Matlock, a renowned defense attorney from Harvard that takes a hands-on approach on his work that is close to being an investigator. He charged his clients with $100,000 per case but the money worth it all because he and his associates, his 2 daughters who were also lawyers and his private investigators, always finds the criminal.Matlock DVD[...]

Superman Returns on HD DVD

Wed, 31 Oct 2007 20:49:00 +0000

HDDVD Movie : Superman ReturnsAfter almost 20 years since the release of the last Superman movie - Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (1987) starring Christopher Reeves, the franchise relaunch the famous superhero after nearly two decades of absence in Superman Returns in 2006. The latest installment of the Superman movie is the continuation of the first two films that starred Reeves. Superman Returns was directed by Bryan Singer; starring Brandon Routh (as Clark Kent/Superman) , Kate Bosworth (as Louis Lane) and Kevin Spacey (as Lex Luthor).Genre:Action | AdventureMovie Trivia:Several Actresses were considered to play the role of Louis Lane including Claire Danes, Elisha Cuthbert, Keri Russell, Keira Knightley and Mischa Barton.While actors like Josh Hartnett, Hayden Christensen, Ralph Fiennes, David Duchovny, Paul Walker, Brendan Fraser, Ashton Kutcher, Matthew Bomer, David Boreanaz, Ian Somerhalder, Henry Cavill and Jerry O'Connell were also considered to play as Superman/Clark Kent.James Caviezel was interested to play the role of Superman, but director Bryan Singer refuse to cast him because he thought that he was "too famous" after his break in The Passion of The Christ.Johnny Depp was also considered to play as Lex Luthor.Meanwhile...The sequel of this film with a working title of Superman: The Man of Steel is expected to be released in 2009. Movie Synopsis:After several years of mysterious absence on Earth, people has gotten used to live the way it is without Superman. On his return, he discovered that the world doesn't need him anymore and they had lost hope in him as their hero and savior - one of them was Louis Lane. Louis Lane has already moved on with another man and has a son. Concurrently, Lex Luthor is on his way in doing his evil plans on Earth using crystals from the Fortress of Solitude, that could submerge the entire USA to be replaced by a new land. As Superman begins to restore the faith and relationship between him and humanity -as well as his connection to Louis Lane, he's also forced to deal with his long-time arch-nemesis Lex Luthor and stop him from his dangerous plan that could kill billions of people on Earth.Can Superman stop Luthor on his evil idea?Find out on Superman Returns on HDDVD..[...]

Married with Children DVD

Fri, 26 Oct 2007 20:56:00 +0000

Married With Children TV SeriesMarried With Children was the first prime time television series aired on FOX network on April, 1987. It lasted for 11 seasons with 259 episodes in a span of 10 years.DVD Category:TelevisionSeries Run:First Telecast: April 5, 1987Last Telecast: April 20, 1997Cast:Ed O'Neill as Al BundyKatey Sagal as Margaret "Peggy" BundyKelly Bundy as Christina ApplegateDavid Faustino as Budrick Franklin/"Bud" BundyDavid Garrison as Steven "Steve" Bartholomew RhoadesAmanda Bearse as Marcy D'Arcy/Marcy RhoadesTed McGinley as Jefferson Milhouse D'ArcyMarried With Children Trivia:Sam Kinison and Roseanne were first offered to play the role of Al and Peg Bundy.Married With Children makes several references to the film Deliverance (1972).Ed O'Neill is present in all 260 episodes of the series.Buck the Dog was part of the show until it's 10th season. Buck died at the age of 13 on May 25th, 1996. Married With Children Synopsis:Married With Children follows the miserable lives of a dysfunctional Bundy family in the outskirts of Chicago. The members of the family includes Al, a former high school football superstar turned shoe salesman; Peggy, Al's uneducated wife who almost never cleaned nor cooked and is hooked on the '60's look; Kelly, an attractive but dim-witted blond; and Bud, a smart but weird little boy.It portrays a funny picture of a not-so-typical middle class type of American family where every member has a distinguished role and weird characteristics.Watch the Bundy's on Married With Children DVD[...]

Dynasty TV Show on DVD

Wed, 24 Oct 2007 19:50:00 +0000

Dynasty TV Series on DVDDynasty is an American prime time soap opera that was aired on ABC TV network between 1981 to 1989. The show finished 9 seasons or a total of 220 episodes. DVD Category:TelevisionSeries Run:First Telecast: January 12, 1981Last Telecast: May 11, 1989Dynasty TV Series Original Cast:Pamela Sue Martin as Fallon Carrington ColbyAl Corley as Steven Daniel CarringtonGordon Thomson as Adam CarringtonJohn James as Jeffrey Broderick ColbyPamela Bellwood as Claudia Barrows Blaisdel CarringtonHeather Locklear as Sammy Jo Dean CarringtonLeann Hunley as Dana Waring CarringtonChristopher Cazenove as Benjamin "Ben" CarringtonStephanie Beacham as Sabella "Sable" Scott ColbyTracy Scoggins as Monica Scott ColbyTerri Garber as Leslie Saunders CarringtonCast Replacements:Emma Samms as FallonJake Coleman as StevenRobin Sachs as AdamKaren Cellini as AmandaDynasty Story Synopsis:It tells about the trials and tribulations of the Carrington family, the owner of a big oil business in Colorado. Every member of the Carrington Clan has their own 'role' in this series - Blake Carrington, the patriarch; Krystle, Blake's former secretary turned troubled wife; and their children: Adam - he was kidnapped at birth; Fallon - the eldest daughter and the spoiled one; Steven - sexually confused; and Amanda - the second daughter and was hidden from his father for a long time. The show also features the conflict and rival between two large corporations - Blake's Denver Carrington and Alexis' ColbyCo.How will the Carringtons manage the family and business issues together? Find out by watching Dynasty TV Series...Trivia for the TV Show Dynasty:The role of Krystle Carrington was first offered to Angie Dickinson.Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, and Raquel Welch were considered to play the part of Alexis Morell Carrington.John Forsythe appeared in all episodes of the Dynasty series with a total of 220.Dynasty DVD[...]

ThunderCats TV series on DVD

Mon, 22 Oct 2007 21:23:00 +0000

ThunderCats Television SeriesThunderCats is an animated television series aired in 1985 with a total of 5 seasons/story part with 20 episodes each.ThunderCats is a group of humanoid cats that fought evil in their adopted world known as the Third World.Genre:Children | FamilyTelevisionSeries Run:(Original)First Telecast: January 23, 1985Last Telecast: 1987Original Members of ThunderCats:Lion-o : based on lion; The leader, hereditary 'Lord' of the ThunderCatsTygra : based on tiger; The architect and scientist of the ThunderCatsPanthro: based on the panther; The mechanic, engineer and pilot of the groupCheetara: based on cheetah; The bearer of the 'sixth sense'Jaga or Jaga the Wise: based on jaguar; The greatest of all ThunderCats, adviser and protector of the 'Lord' familyWilyKit and WilyKat (Kat the boy, and Kit the girl) : based on the wildcat; The youngest member of the ThunderCat group.New Members of ThunderCats:Ben-Gali: based on Bengal tiger; a skilled blacksmith related to TygraPumyra: based on puma; The group's healer and medicLynx-O: based on lynx; has an outstanding sense of touch, smell, taste and hearing.ThunderCats Story Synopsis:The adventures of ThunderCats started with the extermination of the planet Thundera - their original home. The ThunderCats and their fellow Thunderians were forced to leave the dying planet before it explode to save themselves and to protect the source of the ThunderCats power called Eye of Thundera. In the middle of their journey, the flagship accidentally crashes into a new planet called Third Earth that has been dominated by the evil mutants and the "ever-living source of evil" Mumm-Ra.Will the ThunderCats secure the peace on Third Earth and the entire galaxy against Muum-Ra and his numerous evil followers? Find it out by watching ThunderCats DVD[...]

The Sopranos Season 6, Part 1 on HD DVD

Fri, 19 Oct 2007 17:54:00 +0000

The Sopranos Television Series

The Sopranos is a drama series about Anthony "Tony" Soprano and his life as a leader of a Mafia group, and as a father and husband at the same time. Tony is in between two identities - being a criminal and a family man. It tells us a different story of criminals and their normal lives when not breaking the law.

HD DVD Category :

Genre : Drama

Main Cast:
James Gandolfini as Anthony "Tony" Soprano
Edie Falco as Carmela Soprano
Lorraine Bracco as Dr. Jennifer Melfi
Jamie-Lynn Sigler as Meadow Mariangela Soprano
Michael Imperioli as Christopher Moltisanti
Dominic Chianese as Corrado "Junior" Soprano
Robert Iler as Anthony "A.J." Soprano, Jr.
Aida Tu
rturro as Janice Soprano
Tony Sirico as Peter Paul "Paulie Walnuts" Gualtieri
Steven Van Zandt as Silvio "Sil" Dante
Steven Schirripa as Bobby "Bacala" Baccalieri
Frank Vincent as Phil Leotardo
Ray Abruzzo as "Little" Carmine Lupertazzi, Jr.
Dan Grimaldi as Patsy Parisi
Arthur Nascarella as Carlo Gervasi

The Sopranos Season 6, Part 1 Synopsis:

Tony Soprano and his crew was under several crises. Johnny Sack was in prison and the relationship between the New Jersey and New York families are starting to get wor
se because of the unpredictable behavior of Sack's replacements. The identity crises and personal issues of the main characters are also part of this season.

Know the weaknesses and fears of the toughest guys in The Sopranos on DVD.


Happy Feet HD DVD

Wed, 17 Oct 2007 14:56:00 +0000

HD DVD Movie: Happy FeetHappy Feet is a computer animated movie released in 2006 distributed by Warner Bros., Village Roadshow Pictures and Golden Village Entertainment.Category : Children | FamilyMain Cast:Elijah Wood as Mumble (voice)Robin Williams as Ramon and Lovelace (voice)Brittany Murphy as Gloria (voice)Hugh Jackman as Memphis (voice)Nicole Kidman as Norma Jean (voice)Hugo Weaving as Noah the Elder (voice)Directed by: George MillerMovie Synopsis:In the cold and icy environment of Antartica, Emperor Penguins express love through singing a unique song called "Heartsong" based on the fact that Emperor Penguin couples recognize one another by their unique calls.Memphis and Norma Jean had a son named Mumble, a sweet little penguin that can't sing a single note but he is a brilliant tap dancer that the penguins had never seen nor did before.However, the penguin community are not into Mumble's unique talent because they believe that penguins are not supposed to dance so, Noah as the stern leader of Emperor Land cast him out of the community leaving Mumble without friends and away from his family.Will Mumble gets the approval of his tap dancing skills by his fellow species? Will he ever find his true love without a Heartsong?Find it out by watching Happy Feet HD DVD[...]

Smallville The Complete Fifth Season HD DVD

Tue, 16 Oct 2007 14:13:00 +0000

Smallville Television SeriesSmallville is a television series that follows the adventures of Clark Kent before he becomes Superman in a fictional town of Smallville, Kansas.HD DVD Category :Television ShowGenre : Action | AdventureNo. of episodes: 22Main Cast:Tom Welling as Clark KentKristin Kreuk as Lana LangMichael Rosenbaum as Lex LuthorErica Durance as Lois LaneAllison Mack as Chloe SullivanJohn Glover as Lionel LuthorAnnette O'Toole as Martha KentJohn Schneider as Jonathan KentSmallville season five Synopsis:Smallville season five deals with the outcome of the second meteor shower on Earth. Clark copes with his college life, a deep relationship with Lana, and the loss of someone who's part of him. His doubt and suspicion for Lex Luthor continues to grow as his professor supplies him the evidences about the secret projects of LuthorCorp.Smallville Season 5 Credits:2006 Emmy Award winner for Outstanding Editing for a Series: The "Arrival" episode.Allison Mack was awarded as Best Sidekick in 2006.Emily Hirst portrayal as Maddie Van Horn in "Fragile" (as episode guest) was nominated for a Young Artist Award.The "Commencement" episode was nominated for Best Sound Editing in 2006 Golden Reel Award.It has seven nominations in the 32nd Annual Saturn Awards including Best Actor for Tom Welling; Best Actress for Kristen Kreuk; Best Supporting Actor for Michael Rosenbaum; Best Supporting Actress for Erica Durance and Allison Mack; Best Network Television Series; and Best Television Release on DVD.Watch Clark as he accepts his destiny of becoming the Man of Steel in Smallville :The Complete Fifth Season on HD DVD.[...]

The Break-Up on HD DVD

Sat, 13 Oct 2007 18:42:00 +0000

HD DVD Movie : The Break-Up

Genre : Comedy

The Break-Up (2006) is a romantic comedy film which stars Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston. The movie is about a quarreling couple that are still living together because no one is willing to move out of their condo unit. The film was released by Univeral Pictures and it was directed by Peyton Reed. Other casts are Joey Lauren Adams, Justin Long, Vincent D'Onofrio, Cole Hauser, Jon Favreau, Ann-Margret, Judy Davis and Jason Bateman.

Movie Trivia:
  • The Break-Up was filmed while Jennifer Aniston was in the middle of breaking up with Brad Pitt.
  • Jennifer Aniston went to gym before filming her nude scene in this movie.
  • Vince Vaugn's parents have cameo roles in the movie. His father as Jennifer Aniston's dad and his mother as a tourist.

e Synopsis:

Gary (Vince Vaughn) and Brooke are bickering couple living in a purchased condo unit in Chicago. The frequent arguments and personality differences triggers the break-up. Neither of the two is willing to move out of their unit so they decided to stay together in one roof. Until the ownership of the condo unit becomes the object of war.

Who will win? Can their relationship be saved? Find out at The Break-up HD DVD

Mr. Bean's Holiday on HD DVD

Thu, 11 Oct 2007 20:56:00 +0000

HD DVD Movie: Mr. Bean's Holiday

Genre : Comedy

Mr. Bean's Holiday, released in 2007, is a sequel of the hit movie Bean: The Ultimate Disaster Movie (1997) starring Rowan Atkinson as the eponymous title character. Other casts of the movie are Emma de Caunes, Willem Dafoe, Jean Rochefort, Max Baldry and Karel Roden. The movie is directed by Steve Bendelack.

Movie Synopsis:

Mr. Bean's latest misadventure begins when he won a trip to France for the Cannes Film Festival. He packed his things up and goes on holiday to the French Riviera. His trip doesn't go as smoothly as he had hoped as he had been to a series of mishaps and unexpected incidences as he was mistakenly identified to be a kidnapper and an acclaimed filmmaker in France.

See Mr. Bean's Holiday on HD DVD:

Serenity on HD DVD

Tue, 09 Oct 2007 20:05:00 +0000

HD DVD Movie: Serenity

Genre : Sci-Fi | Fantasy

Serenity (2005) is a cinematic adaptation of the short-lived Sci-Fi TV series "Firefly." Serenity is the feature film directorial debut of the famous TV cult director Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel) which stars Nathan Fillion, Summer Glau, Adam Baldwin, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Gina Torres, Alan Tudyk, Morena Baccarin, Jewel Staite, Sean Maher, Ron Glass and David Krumholtz.

Movie Synopsis:

It features the adventures of the cargo ship Serenity and its crew led by Captain Malcolm Reynolds - a veteran soldier on the losing side of a galactic war. The movie sets in a post-Earth Era which is 500 years in the future, the Earth has abandoned by mankind and the universe is dominated by a planetary alliance. With the rampant crime in space, Malcolm and his crew find ways to resolve the issues and conflicts of men as they do illegal acts and ignoring the law. They never realized that they were already caught between their rival military force of Universal Alliance and the terrifying space cannibals known as Reavers.

See this movie on HD DVD:

The Fountain on HD DVD

Thu, 04 Oct 2007 20:38:00 +0000

HD DVD Movie : The FountainGenre : Sci-Fi | FantasyThe Fountain is a science fiction / fantasy movie that takes place in three different time bounds (the present, past, and future), a tale that spans over a thousand of years. It was directed by Darren Aronofsky and the film stars Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz.Movie Synopsis:The Fountain is about the journey of a man through time and his thousand-year struggle to save the woman he loves most. Tommy Creo (Hugh Jackman) is desperate to cure his beloved wife Isabel (Rachel Weisz) from the killer cancer. Tom searches for a legendary tree called 'The Tree of Life' that believed to give eternal life as the solution for his wife's condition. His journey is divided into three different time bounds spanning a millennium. His journey begins when he becomes a conquistador of the 16th century Spain, then a modern-day scientist and a 26th century astronaut traveling in space, trying to unveil the mysteries of life that consumed him for a thousand of years.Movie Trivia:The Fountain was originally set to be filmed in 2002 with Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett as the lead casts with a $75 million production budget. But The Fountain shut down their production as Pitt and Blanchett left and chose to film Troy (2004) instead. Having a smaller budget of $35 million, Darren Aronofsky cast Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz as their replacement.Brad Pitt left The Fountain because the pre-production of the movie was taking longer than expected and chose to star in Troy with a budget of $180 million.Ironically, Brad Pitt and Cate Blanchett played as couple in Troy as what their roles would be in The Fountain.Hugh Jackman shave off all his hair on his chest and head for a scene in this movie.Aronofsky chose to do special effects using micro-photography of chemical reactions on tiny petri dishes instead of using CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) because he believes that CGI would take away the timelessness of the movie and he wanted his film to stand the test of time.There are 70 extras played as Mayan Warriors and 20 of them are real Mayans from Guatemala. The real Mayans blessed the film's set before shooting at the Mayan pyramid.Actor Fernando Hernandez ,who played the Lord of Xibalba of the Mayan tribe, was the only one who could speak English among the group.Tom's last name Creo means "I create" in Latin and "I believe" in Spanish. While Izzi's full name is quite close to the phonetic translation for Spanish term "Y sí, creo" that means "And yes, I do believe."The Fountain on HD DVD[...]

HD DVD : High Definition Digital Versatile Disc. An Advanced Optical Disc

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HD DVD: An Advanced Optical Disc

stands for High Definition Digital Versatile Disc, is a format of a high-capacity optical disc that holds data and high-definition video three times more than a single DVD (15 GB in a single layer vs. 4.7 GB) and quality display images six times better than standard DVD.

HD DVDs are the improvement of its predecessor DVD. Maximizing the quality of DVD for display on High Definition Television (HDTV) is one of the reasons that the electronics and media manufacturers have introduced the probabilities of upscaling the DVDs. Upscaling is a mathematical process that is used to match the pixel count of the DVD output to the pixel count of the High-Def Television (HDTV) for a better display resolution and color consistency of an image.

The Application of Blue Laser Technology (has a shorter wavelength in comparison with the Red Laser Technology used in a standard
DVDs) enables the HD DVDs to have a larger storage capacity than DVD.

HD DVD supports file systems such as ISO 9660 and Universal Disc Format. It also supports both recording and playback of high definition video and audio resources. HD DVDs are compatible with MPEG2, MPEG4 Encoding and VC-1 or Windows Media Compression.

King Kong on HD DVD

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HD DVD Movie : King KongGenre: Action | AdventureKing Kong (2005) is directed by Peter Jackson and is a remake of the 1933 King Kong movie about a fictional giant ape about 25 foot tall. Casts of the movie are Naomi Watts (as Ann Darrow), Jack Black (as Carl Denham), Adrien Brody (as Jack Driscoll) and Andy Serkis (as Kong) through motion tracking and voice.Movie Synopsis:During the Great Depression Era in New York City, Ann Darrow is out of job as a vaudeville actress and hungry living in the city. Her fate suddenly changes when she meet Carl Dernham, an entrepreneur and a film maker. Dernham has been looking for a replacement for the actress who had dropped out of its casts and he convinces Ann to take the part of her in his motion picture.Dernham wanted to film his latest movie at the remote Skull Island but the captain of the ship is having second thoughts of going to that island because of its cryptic legend. Dernham pays the captain a good amount of cash and then agrees to sail off the island. When they came to the Skull Island, Ann was kidnapped by the native warriors to use as a sacrifice to "Kong". Instead of devouring Ann, Kong saves her and that event is the start of a good relationship between Ann and the giant ape. But as the crew rescues Ann, they captured Kong and brought it to New York City for public attraction. Numerous amazed viewers, camera lights of the photographers, the noise of the crowd and the absence of Ann in his sight making Kong tensed, that he escaped from the chains that locked him and went out in the New York City - causing fear in public.King Kong Movie Trivia:Peter Jackson was paid $20 million to direct the remake of King Kong movie, the highest salary ever paid to a movie director in advance of film production.Peter Jackson's children, Billy and Katie Jackson has cameo appearances in the first two minutes of the film. "It was beauty killed the beast"- the movie's tag line was voted as 385 of "The 100 Greatest Movie Lines" by Premiere in 2007. Kate Winslet was the first choice to play Ann Darrow.The movie has 2,400 visual special effects shots. Outranking the record set by Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith (2005), with 2,200 shots and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy movies - Fellowship of the Ring with 560, The Two Towers with 800 and Return of the King which has 1,488.King Kong's roar, when played backwards in half speed results to a lion's roar.The Morse code message that informs the venture crew about Denham's warrant of arrest was actually says: "SHOW ME THE MONKEY".King Kong on HD DVD[...]

Evan Almighty on HD DVD

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HD DVD Movie : Evan AlmightyGenre: ComedyEvan Almighty (also known as Bruce Almighty 2) is a comedy movie directed by Tom Shadyac and was released by Universal Pictures in 2007 which stars Steve Carell, Lauren Graham, and Morgan Freeman.It uses CGI for the numerous animals and the climactic flood scene (based on the Bible's "great flood" and "Noah's ark") that made Evan Almighty "the most expensive comedy movie produced."Movie Synopsis:Buffalo newscaster Evan Baxter (Steve Carell) has changed his career path and was elected as Washington congressman. His campaign was "Change the World" but actually ignoring that idea. When he moved his family to Virginia, he prayed and ask for guidance on their new home. The next morning, weird things happened to him in which he had a strange encounter with God (played by Morgan Freeman) commanding him to build an ark just like Noah did thousands of years ago and fill it with animals to protect them from forthcoming flood.Evan is dubious about it and thought that he is just under a lot of stress, but unexpected events made him accept the task God told him, risking his career, family and reputation.Movie Trivia:Evan Almighty is supposed to be Bruce Almighty 2 but Jim Carey and Jeniffer Aniston both declined to reprise their roles on the project.Director Tom Shadyac considered Steve Carell, who has a successful movie The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and agreed to play the lead role in the project by reprising the role of Evan Baxter, this time the lead character of Shadyac's project; changing the title to Evan Almighty.Lisa Kudrow is one among the several actresses that has been considered to play the role as Evan's wife.It is the most expensive comedy movie ever made as of June 2007. The movie has a budget of $175 million.In a scene where God appears to Evan in the back of his car, Evan screams and God replies "Let it out, son. It's the beginning of wisdom" - it is related to Proverbs 1:7: "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction."The phone number on the wood delivery trucks (800)-GO-4-WOOD is a working number to promote the movie.Evan Almighty on HD DVD[...]