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Microchip provides Microcontroller and Analog Semiconductors, with low-risk product development, lower total system cost and faster time to market.

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Top Apps That You Need to Have in Your iPhone 5


When you own your iPhone 5 soon, you will find that having these 5 apps in your iPhone will surely make your iPhone 5 more compatible with your life. These are apps that fit your both entertainment and working needs. The jail break versions apps are more preferable because they are cheaper and more varied than the original version. It is very easy to find the shops online where you can get any

Thesis on Advanced Single-Stage Power Factor Correction Techniques


Five new single-stage power factor correction (PFC) techniques are developed for single-phase applications. These converters are: Integrated single-stage PFC converters, voltage source charge pump power factor correction (VS-CPPFC) converters, current source CPPFC converters, combined voltage source current source (VSCS) CPPFC converters, and continuous input current (CIC) CPPFC

Design and Implementation of computer Interfacing based Thermometer


The Project is classified into following four sections:Sensing sectionMeasuring sectionConditioning or amplification sectionInterfacing or data acquisition section.Display section.Sensing and measuring section sense temperature and convert it into electrical quantity as voltage. Conditioning or amplification section amplifies the measuring section output, which is the input of data acquisition

Four Fingered Robotic Arm Project


This paper deals with the design, construction, analysis and control of a multi figured humanoid robotic hand. It uses a very effective mechanism .The mechanism has a revolute joints to provide different kind o motion to the links The mechanism consists of springs so that the weight of the system is balanced by these springs this reduces the torque required for the motion of the robot .The

thesis on Adaptive Power and Rate Control in Third GenerationWideband CDMA Mobile Systems


This thesis proposes novel adaptive power control and rate change schemesand investigates the performance of a Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (W-CDMA)system in conjunction with these adaptive techniques. In these schemes, the transmit power and rate are adapted to the variations of the fading channel using adaptivethresholds based on the probability distribution function (pdf) of the



The future tactical ocean environment will be increasingly complicated. In addition to traditional communication links there will be a proliferation of unmanned vehicles in space, in the air, on the surface, and underwater. To effectively utilize these systems improvements in underwater communication systems are needed. Since radio waves do not propagate in sea water, and acoustic communication

Holographic Information Systems Thesis


The goal of this work is to investigate the use of holographic techniques for information processing and transmission systems. Until recently information has been processed and transmitted mainly electronically. With the advent of optical fiber communications the monopoly of electronics has receded in the telecommunications field, but the domain of information processing is still dominated by

An Impulse Generator Simulation Circuit


This thesis describes the creation of a simulation circuit to match the output of a Marx type Impulse Generator. The goal was to estimate the stray capacitance and insert that capacitance into the simulation circuit to effectively produce an output similar to that of the generator. An actual three-stage impulse generator was used as the base. Several different levels of impulse voltage were



In all semiconductor laser diodes the thermal, electrical, and optical characteristics are integrally related. In this work, a new approach to the modeling of laser diodes that integrates electrical, optical and thermal effects is presented. Also, it is demonstrated how physical device models based on complex differential equations can be easily implemented in the object oriented circuit



There exists a need to remotely monitor fully mobile patients in their natural environments. Monitoring a patient’s biological waveforms can track a patient’s vital signs or facilitate the diagnosis of a disease, which could then be treated to help prolong and/or improve the subject’s life. If a patient must be monitored without the delay associated with delivering data stored on a recording



It seems these days that everyone has a cellular phone. Whether yours is for business purposes or personal use, you need an efficient way of charging the battery in the phone. But, like most people, you probably don’t like being tethered to the wall. Imagine a system where your cellular phone battery is always charged. No more worrying about forgetting to charge the battery. Sound Impossible?It

A Digital Water Level Meter


Here's an analog water level meter that uses commonly available parts. The output is a voltage that is proportional to the water level.The monostable is a 555, eg. LM555 or NE555, or could be a ICM7555, the CMOS version of the 555 for lower power consumption. The width of the pulses out of the 555 is proportional to the water level. R7 and C5 form a low pass filter to smooth the DC value of the

Digital Systems & Microprocessors Project


The project will give you the opportunity to use the RTL technique for the design of a system of modest complexity: a reverse polish calculator with 4 significant decimal digits. The project has various milestones among the specifications to allow you to do a top-down design and to tackle the project at various levels of complexity with plenty of scope for individual creativity. A major aspect of

Robotic Arm Project


The main objective of this project is to create the virtual representation of a robot’s working environment. This virtual space gives user the ability to test the physical system without ever having to set up the physical environment and also user can practice without having to be on site. Another benefit of using a virtual space is that we can create any representation needed for the user. To

Solar Tracking System by Microprocessor


This project uses a stepper motor to control the position of solar energy collectors, using Intel 8085 Microp . The software includes the positioning of collectors through stepper motor & data acquisition and processing in Microprocessor.OPTICAL SENSING AND PROCESSING :LDR ( Light Dependent Resistance) is used as a sensor for generating an electric signal proportional to intensity of light

Home Automation System with Mobile Communication and Computer Interfacing


Main Features of the projects:The Home automation project is divided into two parts:The electrical appliances with computer parallel port interfacingThe remote external on/off of the whole systemThe first part contains a interfacing circuits which should be connected with the PC via a parallel port. The computer should need a high definition language such as C, C+, C++, QuickBasic, visual c, c#

Robotic Project


The Lego Mindstorms NXT has been in the market since 2006 and its potential for robotics application is increasing throughout the years. The Lego Mindstorms NXT educational kit consists of several types of sensors and motors, allowing the robot to be programmed to respond autonomously to different types of situations.The traditional four-directional analog controller allows motion but is

Mini PSU for Breadboard


The purpose of the project is to create a 5V mini Power Supply Unit for breadboard. The project can be connected to 8-18 DC power source, or 9V battery. During construction, put the components in as tight as you can, while verifying that you can in fact complete the circuit on the underside of the board without adding any wires. The main component in this project is voltage regulator LM 7805.To

AVR Wireless Streaming Radio


The project allow you streaming your radio broadcast wirelessly over internet. The wifi radio built using an Asus WL-520gu wireless router, an old USB audio headset, AVR ATmega8 and other part. If you are interested to build Wireless Streaming Radio, here is the requirement you need to prepare : Wireless connectivity through existing Wifi network; Audio output (preferably 44kHz, 16 bit stereo);

MIDI-Controlled Digital Synthesizer


4bitsynth is 4 bit MIDI-controlled digital synthesizer inspired by the NES. The project is built around Atmel AVR ATMega48 The digital output is put through an R-2R resistor ladder to get the analog waveform. It has three type output : Square wave, Triangle wave and noise.Project Features Detail :Triangle * One volume (uses up/down counter) * Pitch sweep (up/down, optional looping) *

Optical String Tuning Tool, AVR AtMega8


Stimmmopped is AVR ATmega8-based project that will assists you in tuning your string instrument to a given tone. It utilizes the stroboscopic effect to give feedback about the adjustment of your instrument. When the frequency that you chose has tone then the two LEDs on the board blink. Two lines are projected at a fixed position on the string when the string vibrates with the correct frequency.

PIC based Animation Tile Display


Puzzlemation is an expandable platform of light and animation based on PIC24FJ64GA002. It can be used to create things as diverse as modular animated signs that can be changed by rearranging its tiles, to a uniquely animated puzzle. This project’s display is made of a number of tiles, about 2 inch square with an 8 x 8 array of color LED pixels. Each tile is individually powered and animated, so

LED Psychedelic Lights


This project aim is to reproduce the old style psychedelic lights system that was very popular in the 70s. Being in the "digital era", the technical solutions adopted are quite different from what was characterizing their predecessor system. Old style lamps have been replaced by three high power LEDs; all filters, previously implemented with analog components, have been realized with digital

PIC Serial Port Servo Controller


The PIC Based servo controller is a small project that allow you to control some robotics. The project uses a PIC16F84 microcontroller from Microchip to drive servo motors and digital outputs. It receives commands from a host computer via a standard RS232 serial interface.To control the servos and outputs we need to send commands to the PIC. Some of the commands are single byte commands; some

AVR Radio Frequency Keypad


The AVR based RF Keypad is remote controller that emits an RF code every time you digit the correct combination on its keyboard. You can use this project to replaces remote controls based on MM53200, UM3750 and UM86409. There are three different combinations for three different actions can be entered at program-time. The keyboard layout also customizable. You can use any matrix up to 4 rows by 4