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News Information and article about Dhaka, Bangladesh and World on various issues including sports, education,health,nutrition, travel, unemployment, business etc. Personal opinion of blogger on real fact has been reflected.

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Local Transport in Dhaka

Mon, 05 Jun 2017 03:13:00 +0000

Dhaka is a mega city. Around one crore people live in this city. The economic status of the people also have been improved but city facilities is still in poor condition. Specially the government did nothing for development of local transport in Dhaka city.The weather is changing very rapidly. This year temperature has raised into 40 degree Celsius. Considering the weather changing trend communication system should also be developed. Government should introduce AC public bus service for the city dwellers.People are ready to pay more for comfortable journey but government is silent to give that opportunity to the people. Now the most neglected area is local transport in Dhaka as well as other divisional cities in Bangladesh.Traffic jam is another extra struggle for Dhaka dwellers. They have to wait in bus hours after hours in this hot season. There is no fan also in local bus services. So, the people are becoming sick and losing their energy to work.Worldwide there is a taxi service in mega-city but the elite group, politicians and planners in Bangladesh are failed to introduce good taxi service in the city. They are running in luxurious Prado or Pajaro car but how common people are travelling it is not their thinning issue.CNG is the only vehicle for the Dhaka dwellers who cannot ride the public bus. But in the summer it is another trap to become ill in the road. Bad conductor raxin(Plastic) are used at the roof of the CNG which absorve heat in the head of the people. So, CNG is not the comfortable vehicle to travel in the city. So, the CNG can be redesigned for comfortable journey. The roof can be changed at least which do not conduct heat inside the CNG.Prime Minister, Minister, Secretary, DG, Director, Justice and other elite groups are traveling very comfortably with luxurious car but their brothers, sisters, parents are traveling after pouring heavy sweat from their body. Is it patriotism?The government is showing dream about metro rail. But is it enough comparing with the population of  Dhaka city? The respective authority should also develop bus services in the city. At least they should force the bus owners to use fan in the bus. The government should also develop taxi services in the city. They can also invite foreign investors to invest in this sector.I think the government will take extra care  this very important issue as a part of increasing city facilities for city dwellers in Bangladesh.[...]

Bengali New Year 1424 Celebration Review

Fri, 14 Apr 2017 12:25:00 +0000

Bengali New Year celebration is a refreshment and excellent entertainment for Bangladeshi people. This is a cultural and historic day in Bangladesh. It is assumed during Mughal Emperor Akbar Bangla new year was first celebrated in 15th century while others say that it is linked to the harvest festival of Baishaki. Bangla new year is also known as poila boishak. People of Bangladesh  and Calcutta celebrate this festival with proper dignity and cheering. Usually 14How people of Dhaka is celebrating this day? My family and I went to see the boishaki ceremony at Ramna botomul. There were several check points to enter the celebration. First I and my wife were checked at Katabon moor. Later in Ramna park gate.There was a long line to enter the Ramna park. Due to standing in the long line it brought little frustration among the people. The most attractive scene is young ladies wore white and red sari and there is rose and belly flower in their head. The men wore boishakhi panjabi and white trouser.The major attraction of this boishakhi fair is cultural programs like folk songs, drama, dance etc. Comparing with other cultural groups Rishijo Shilpo Gushti's arrangement was excellent. No entry is required for enjoying their programs. They arranged a program infront of Shishu Park(near shabag) Fakir Alamgir,  Rotindranath  Roy, Abdul Halim Khan are among the others FOLK singers in the ceremony.Bad things:There were many Mismanagement of the management team and Police of this boishaki festival ceremony.There was only one gate to enter at shahbag area to go to the ramna botomuli ceremony. and only one gate to exit from this ramna park. To get out  from the ramna park we had to wait more than 30 minutes.The most bad thing is the police force do not let the woman to bring their bag or banity bag inside the park. Simply they are forcing to keep their bags to the gate but they are not maintaining proper identification fo those bags. They are not giving any token to get back their bags. So, missing of bag is very common issue in this poila boishak ceremony.After checking police force is letting people enter the venue but why they will have to come in a long line to get out from the venue? I cannot get answer of this question. They could let people out freely without line. So, I will say it is bad decision of the poila boishak celebration management committee. It made extra frustration and dissatisfaction among the visitors.Closing roads from all sides of Ramna Park is another annoying thing of the common people who regular travel shabag-gulistan, shabag-TSC, farmgate-shabag etc roads. Two biggest hospitals BIRDEM and PG hospital are located nearby venue spot. So, moving emergency patients from these two biggest hospital is very pathetic. When I came back from the boishakhi fair, I saw an ambulance was trying to get out but due huge crowd the exit process of the ambulance was disturbed so much.So, this kind of national programs can be celebrated in a big area like in front of Sangsad Bhaban(infront Parliament Building), Trade fair field or any other nearest places in Dhaka. On the other-hand so much strictness of security forces disturbed the celebration of poila boishak. Fakir Alamgir also criticized the police forces in his speech for imposing too much restriction for entering the venue. Mobile phone and bag were also seized even from the famous actors like A T M Shamsuzzaman and other singers in the venue. We hope government will think newly and take extra care for easy celebration of poila boishak of common people of Bangladesh.[...]

Biman Jadughar Review

Tue, 03 Jan 2017 10:35:00 +0000

Few days ago I visited Biman Jadughar. It is a good step from government  for city dwellers to arrange such kind of recreation point in Dhaka. There are some good and bad things in the Jadughar.

Though it is called museum but it can be called a park also. There are some disabled plane in the open place. You can enter few of them but most of them are out of entry. Good descriptions are present for all Plane. Neat and clean grasses in the Biman area but there is another part for children like 3D movie, riders and train, this area is very dusty.
Biman musuem entry fee is 30 taka for each. No concession for children. for each rider you will have to pay 20- 40 taka.

Some good and bad things have been described below of this Biman Musuem:

Good things:

  • Large area
  • Open space
  • Many kinds of planes
  • Restaurant facilities
  • Neat and clean
  • Boat riding facilities
  • Good place to pass your leisure time

Bad things:
  • Rider area is dusty
  • Not enough grasses nearby riders
  • Not enough toilets
  • Mosque is very small
  • Not enough sitting place
  • Rider fee is high
  • Food court price is very high
  • Make unnecessary jam in the mirpur road.
A lot of space in-front of mosque is vacant. That place can be developed to give more recreational services for Dhaka dwellers. However thanks for Military Forces to arrange that kind of musuem as well as a making a park nearby old airport.

Dhaka Attack Causes

Fri, 22 Jul 2016 00:45:00 +0000

Dhaka attack was happened on July 01, 2016. All Bangladeshis are shocked to hear this news. Not only the Bangladeshis, worldwide people are shocked to hear this message.Bangladesh is a peaceful country. The hospitality of Bangladeshis are well known to the tourist who come to visit this country from around the world. People are very curious to know about foreigners. People helps foreigners in this country. It is our tradition it is our heritage. But recent incident i.e Gulshan attack has hurt the foreigners. They are shocked. They cannot trust it. How a coward, nasty and hated incident can happen in Bangladesh?Bangladesh is a developing country. Development of this country is dependent on foreign aids. So, attack on foreigners means attack on development process of Bangladesh. Attack on Bangladesh means stopping progress of Bangladesh.Industrialization is the heart of economic growth of any country. Bangladesh is trying to go in industrialization process. Foreign technology and financial help both are necessary to enhance that process. So, attacking on foreigners mean attacking on Bangladeshis economy and Bangladeshi industrialization process.Causes of this attack: I am not a political analyst. I am a simple citizen of Bangladesh. As a independent country everybody has right to express their opinion about any incident of  his country. As a result I  think the following things are the causes of this attack:Political Issues: From the beginning climbing to power by  Awamileague the journey of  dissatisfaction activities towards ruling government has been started. In the beginning killing activities was limited to kill local people but now it spread into foreigners killing. So, doing election without participation of opposition parties may encourage this kind of brutal killing of foreigners.International Issues: Muslims are brother each other. They also love other Muslim country's people like Palestine, Iraq, Libya, Syria etc. So, many Muslim people may support international  organization like IS, Alkaida. Israel has been trying to dominate their power illegally over Muslim. Other Christian countries are helping the Israel. So, attacking on foreigners and Muslim countries by Israel, America and their alies may cause of  Gulshan attackPolice Duties: Police should be people's friend. But in last few days news in the daily newspaper news about lost of young people proved that Bangladesh Police is failed to do their responsibilities properly. Around 262 people have been lost from different families but Police has rescued none or few only. If from the beginning POLICE could care of this lost issue seriously then it could resist Gulshan Dhaka attack in Bangladesh.[...]

Banga Bandhu Safari Park

Sun, 10 Jul 2016 01:06:00 +0000

Banga Bandhu Safari Park Review

Banga Bandhu Safari Park is a new park in Bangladesh. It is located at Gazipur District around 50 Kilometers from Dhaka. The environment of this park is located in a silent area.

Yesterday I visited the park along with my family. During the visit I had to stand in line more than two  hours for adventure travel. The authority could not provide enough buses during the rush time like Eid-ul Fitre vacation.

Though there were some disadvantages my family members enjoyed the park somehow.  However, it would be  wise if would travel without any rush time.

Luckily I brought umbrella otherwise it would difficult for me to stand in the line two hours to see lion and tiger.  Thousands of people were waiting in the very hot sun for riding bus to see open lion and tiger in the park.

During the travel it was appeared to me that management negligence was strong in the park. During the special vacation period park management should provide temporary tent for long line for que and enough bus for adventure travel.

The park may be profitable and it can exist for long time if some facilities are increased inside the park. At the same time transportation and road condition should also  be developed for easy access to the sarfari park.

From gazipur chowrasta to safari park normal tempo fare is 30 Taka. But during the rush time people had to pay 80-100  Taka. There is no bus service from Gazipur crossing to Park gate.

I have summarized the following good and bad things during my trip into the park:

Good things:

  • Fresh air, clean environment, enough bushes and trees in the area
  • Large area
  • Adventure travel to see Lion and Tiger
  • Foreign birds, fish aquarium, monkeys, crocodiles etc
  • A small lake
  • Riding opportunity on Elephant
  • 9D Cinema studio
Bad things:
  • Poor transportation from highway to park gate
  • Mismanagement throughout the park
  • Not proper identification and traceability
  • Not enough bus for adventure travel(during Eid vacation)
  • Not enough sitting arrangement throughout the park
  • No tent for visitors(in case for bad weather like sudden rain)
  • Not enough animals
  • Bus AC condition is poor
  • No quality food stall inside the park
  • Combination of animals were not good
  • No security arms/guard in the bus
To know more about this park you may visit the link:

Tips for new visitors- Make travel plan to the safari park before or after any holiday for comfortable visit and avoid any long que. 

People of Dhaka are Oppressed by Its Transport System

Mon, 25 Apr 2016 16:58:00 +0000

Dhaka's transport system is very very miserable condition. In this summer people are suffering enormous trouble in bus journey. Around 100 million peoples are living in this mega city. Comparing the number of people there are not enough bus and taxis in the city.In this year the temperature are rising very often in 40 or 40 up. In this very  hot situation there is another trouble and that is traffic jam. Hot summer and traffic jam are making people's life very difficult.People's income have increased and people are ready to spend money in transportation. They want comfortable journey. But there is not enough investment in local transport system from both the government and from private sectors.Dhaka dwellers are frustrated to see the poor transport system in the city. After riding in the bus sweat are coming out because of very hot weather. People's life are exhausted. They are very helpless. specially bus passengers. There are many big buses but most of them buses have only one door. So, people are in great risk to travel by bus. I cannot imagine how those 50-60 seated bus got permission for using one doors only.I have also another articles about poor bus services in Dhaka.Middle class people usually travel by bus. There is no alternative of this public transport still now. Though there are many rickshaw in the city but those three wheelers are not allowed to run in the VIP road.People are crying and groaning for their disadvantages in this poor transportation system in Dhaka. Awamileague government lead by Hasina is failed to take proper development in the local transportation system. People are not happy specially middle class people are fade up on present government for poor transportation system.Right now and on emergency basis several thousands AC bus is required in Dhaka city to protect peoples life from this tremendous heat weather in this summer. People are not sure how and who will take this responsibilities.Government is showing dream to the people to get metro rail but it is not sure when it will be reality in their life. If it takes several years then as an alternative transportation system government should work with local private investors to bring a large  number of  AC buses in the street of Dhaka. Because people's life are in risk condition. They will be sick and their output will be decreased if continually they travel with non ac local bus in the hot weather.Government is doing well in electricity production. At the same time it is also important to care about city dwellers health. People's health are in vulnerable condition due to sudden rising of temperature. What the elite groups are doing to face this problem? Peoples of Bangladesh want to know it. They want to see enough AC bus in the road. They want comfortable journey. They want to spend more money in transport but nobody is coming ahead to provide enough AC bus in the city.There is another group who travels in CNG. This is another curse for the city dwellers. This CNG is  very poor quality vehicle in the city. The body of upper level of this CNG is raxin or plastic which become very hot in the sun light. Specially after 12 pm cng becomes very hot. So, riding CNG after 12 pm to 5 pm means you are riding in the hell. So, respective authority should reshape and redesign this vehicle. Using other things instead of using plastic in the body can be a good  alternative.We want government will work for the people, they will bring changing in peoples life to keep pace with environment change but present transport condition has really frustrated people in the Dhaka city. We want rapid plan and decision from the Bangladesh authority to increase facilities in local transport.In neighbor countries like Singapore, Malaysia  city people are enjoying comfortable journey. Concern authority can learn from them too.[...]

Is Cricket Wasting Student's Time?

Sat, 09 Apr 2016 01:33:00 +0000

Cricket is very popular in the world right now. It is very popular in Bangladesh too. At the same time it is destroying student's valuable time. Students specially school going children are wasting time during the cricket match running time. They cannot put attention on their study. It is time now to shortening the time for cricket game. Cricket playing time should be reconsidered. It’s time should be limited within an hour or it can be one and half hour.In Bangladesh perspective students have to stay 4-5 hours in the school. Minimum two hours on the traffic jam in Dhaka city. Ten hours for sleeping. They have to spend two hours to prepare school homework. Two hours for coaching center. Another two hours for coaching center's home work. Another two hours for eating, washing, recreation etc. So, actually they have no enough time to do any recreational work like physical exercise, Travelling, swiming, singing, drawing etc.When any cricket match going on then, the students spend 4-5 hours to enjoy the cricket match. It badly effects on his regular works like preparing homework, coaching homework and also other regular works.It is time for cricket authority like ICC and domestic cricket authority for the respective countries to shorten the cricket match duration. If they can do it will be great service for the world if they fail then it will be great disaster for the world childrenNow it is online era. There are few channels about sports and rest of the channels are on full of recreational activities like music, movie etc. There are not enough online TV Channels for students for learning and recreation.In Dhaka city there is not enough playground. So, middle class family children cannot go out for walking or travelling. They have to stay at home and become boring. In this regard cricket game are attracting children to addict on cricket. So, they are spending idle time 4-5 hours at home. So, they are becoming fat and obesity.It is time for ICC authority to take survey on children about the affect of cricket game on children. Is really the cricket wasting school going children’s valuable time or not? On the other hand respective countries like Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Australia, South Africa New Zealand, West Indies etc should come ahead to contribute to shortening the cricket match time.Now T-20 is played for twenty overs. It can be played for 10 overs for shortening time. It can save student's time to enjoy the game. In the same way Test match and One Day International cricket can also be shortened.We want better world. To create better world we will have to create healthy and educated children. If we engage our children long time in the cricket game it will decrease output from them. It will destroy their future.[...]

T-20 ICC 2016 World Cup- Bangladesh vs India Review

Thu, 24 Mar 2016 01:06:00 +0000

T-20 ICC world cup 2016 is going on in India. There are ten teams. In this post I will express my review on Bangladesh vs India game. On 23rd there was a match between Bangladesh and India. Bangladesh played well but at the end they showed poor performance.In this post I will cite only the bad things  what Bangladesh cricketers have presented to the billions of spectators on the TV screen. I am not cricketers just a viewer like others. So, do not think it is my professional view.When Bangladesh is on the end of the wining position then they were defeated to the the Indian cricket team. They frustrated billions of TV viewers in Bangladesh, India and to the other cricket fans around the world.When Mushfiq and Mahmudullah Riyad were playing well people were very happy. But at the end of the moment they done very big mistake. When from four balls only two runs were required, then both of them were trying for six. It was great mistake from the both players Mushfiq and Mahmudullah.Mushfiq and Mahmudullah have frustrated the Bangladeshi Cricket Fans around the world. Where only two runs is required, then why they took great risk to catch out by sending cricket ball in the air?  Why they were trying to strike for six?I am not criticizing the team just I am expressing my opinion. However, as an ISO professional I would like to suggest the coach of Bangladesh cricket team to take corrective action from the team. He should teach how to play on stress and how to take instant decision.When they will come back in the country I think Mr coach will take CA plan(Corrective Action Plan) for their wrong doing things in the icc world cup in India 2016. If he fails to do that then he and his followers(team) will loose popularity from the viewers of Bangladesh as well as other cricket fans around the world.In the critical moment how to utilize the time and how to take right decision to play to win it should be learnt properly during the training period by the cricket coach.The cricket viewers do not like to see same wrong things again and again. They do not like to see recurrence of wrong things. It should be stopped and it is possible by taking proper corrective action by the cricket coach of Bangladesh.Bangladesh is a poor country. A large number of people are living under poverty level. But the government of Bangladesh is paying high salary to the cricket team and as well as the cricket coach. It is very hard earned money of the poor people of Bangladesh. This is people's money. This is not government's money. So, I think Bangladesh Cricket Board also review how much continual improvement has been achieved by the cricket team and their coach.Another mistake was seen in the game about selection of unskilled players in the game. Only skilled and experienced players should be selected for the world cup only. In the danger time they can only help the team.I saw there were few players who are new. My question is why the coach or team authority decided to select new players in the world cup cricket game? Without proper training, skill and exercise no players should be included in the international level and in sensitive game.We want to see fair play. We want continual improvement of cricket. But what we have seen in the ICC world cup 2016. Bangladesh has failed to win a single game until now. We, are waiting to see cricket management team of Bangladesh to  review the present status soon.We hope some important changes will come out from management review meeting of Bangladesh cricket board to rebuild Bangladesh team. And it should be done to make happy of cricket fans of Bangladesh.Cricket is not only a game. It is an industry right now. We do not want to see any unskilled management in the game. We do not like to wastes of money in this  industry.We want dynamic cricket game. We want development in this game. We specially Bangladeshi cri[...]

About Hacker

Sun, 20 Mar 2016 00:34:00 +0000

Who is Hacker?
Hacker is a person who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to data. It is a kind of robber or thief. It can be said as cyber-criminal.
Hacker is an enemy of the world. This professional invests their brain into bad works. Now it is a common problem in online era.

How to stay safe from Hacker?
Always use hard password to keep your data secured. Sometimes you should change password. You should use malware protective antivirus software in your computer.

Check The Lock Sign:
When you make any transaction please pay attention to see the lock sign in the browser.

Check https:
Without https of any website you should not make any transaction. In the web there is two kinds of web sites one is https and another one is http. Https is secured and safe.

Consultation Center- LabAid- Review

Fri, 22 Jan 2016 01:55:00 +0000

Bangladesh is the country where people are dependent on private consultation center or private hospitals. Like others, LabAid is one of the largest doctor's consultation center in Dhaka. Doctors from different hospitals like PG Hospital, Dhaka Medical College, Sorwardi Hospital, Mohakhali Chest Hospitals etc gather there in the evening. But how people are satisfied on those consulting center?How patients are getting services from those private hospitals? Is there any agent or community  to check their services?  Who will supervise them? I think only ministry of health can introduce any policy to know about their services for the patients.How the patients are  satisfied on the consultant's services? As a patient I will say patients are 90% unsatisfied on the private clinic or hospitals or consulting services. If you ask why, then I will say the following things:Communication gap between Doctors and Patients: When you call for a consultant's serial then call center operator will receive your call in LabAID Hospital. Number 10606. They allocate a time which is far gap between getting your real consulting time. EXAMPLE-MYSELF- Yesterday in the morning I called Labaid call center at 11 a.m. They provided me a serial 19 and tell me to go the LabAid Consulting center at 8 p.m. I arrived there with my son at 7.30 pm. But I got opportunity with doctor Mr Saidul Islam (room no 251) at 10.15 p.m. Almost I had to wait there 3 hrs. Can you imagine how low standard of the services of LABAID and Doctor for the patient? My son is the SSC examinee. Only few days are rest to start exam. I was exhausted to waiting there. My son was also so surprised to see the time management system of the hospitals and doctors. It is a kind of oppressed by the consultant and by the hospital. This incident really shocked me. I asked the consultant about the issue. He could not reply of my question and dissatisfaction toward him. Management Problem: The management should care about the patients feeling and feedback but the present status shows that the management is unaware about his responsibilities.SOP: What should come in the SOP? Doctor or his appointed assistant will distribute the consulting time for the patients. Call center will not distribute the time. This record is very important for time management for the consultant. The consultant will be bound to obey those rules mentioned in the SOP(Standard Operating Procedure).Consultant's Time Management: All consultants should have their timetable to see the patients. They should have schedule each hour how many patients they will see. According to their hourly plan patients will come to their chambers. This is the major problem for hospitals and consultants. Very usually it is seen in the evening that consultation center is a wet market. Huge number of people are gathering in-front of consultation centers. Due to proper time management it is happening. It is making patients frustrated and angry with the doctors. Some professors follow this guideline. They see only limited patients for a certain time. Another all professors, associate professors and assistant professors should follow their principles.WHAT IS THE SOLUTION?LAB AID authority should create a standard operating procedure (SOP) about consulting services for the outdoor patients. After introducing it they should inspect it or supervise it and review  how doctors are following their SOP. They will keep record and several months interval they will evaluate it. The inspection team will take interview of the patients. They will keep record of those interviews and in Management Review Meeting the top management will review that record and data. After review the authority will take action if any mismatched something is found against their SOP. As a corrective action they sho[...]

Pain Killer- How to Select the right one

Tue, 29 Dec 2015 00:57:00 +0000

Pain killer is important medicine to kill your pain. There are two types of pain killer one is Acetaminophen (Panadol, Tylenol) and another one is NSAIDs(Nonstereoid Anti-Inflamatory Drugs). Which one is right painkiller for you? Some pain killer may affect to your internal organ like, heart, kidney or liver. So, before taking any pain killer it is great to get suggestion from your doctor. 

It is very common practice in Bangladesh that people buy medicine from a drug store or pharmacy just consulting with sales  person but how dangerous is it? There is a very bad impact of selecting wrong pain killer for your pain. So, be careful about taking pain killer without doctor's suggestion. Read more about selecting your pain killer from this slide show post

Bus Services in Dhaka is Risky.

Wed, 25 Nov 2015 09:03:00 +0000

Traveling on Big Bus is Risky in DhakaMany local big buses run in Dhaka city. But traveling on big bus is risky in Dhaka.  Dhaka is a megacity. More than 10 million peoples live here. People of Dhaka have been suffering travel since of its independence. There is no enough bus, taxi or other subway to move from one place to another. So, people have to suffer limitless struggle to go office or business organization.Low quality bus, expired engine, not quality seats, no fan, not enough seats for ladies, no timetable to departure and no bus tents are the common problems of local transport system in Dhaka. Recently it is observed that some big buses (50-60 seated) are running in the city with using one door only. Though there are two doors but the bus owners have closed one door to save money from contractor. Usually two contractors work in the local bus service in the city area in the big bus like bus no-6 but to save money bus owners have decided to employ one contractor and that’s why they have closed one door (back door).Closing one door for big bus is very risky. If any accident occur it will very difficult to exit from the bus. But without considering bus passengers threat the bus owners has closed one door. It is really illegal and risky for bus passenger.Now it is our question to the respective authority when they take survey about this news. In myopinion those bus owners should be punished without any deadly for falling people in risk. Political unrest is the daily companion of Dhaka dwellers. So, any time any kind of accident can occur in the bus. So, on behalf of pass passenger it is my request to transport minister that he will take necessary action to resist these illegal and unauthentic activities against bus owners. Read more articles about transport of Dhaka city.[...]

Google is the Best Search Engine

Tue, 01 Sep 2015 03:57:00 +0000

Google is great. When I forgot about my birthday, then Google remind me. Today the September first when I open my computer and goes to my Google account then I saw the following logo instead of Google logo. When I click on that logo I went to go my profile. Finally I understant Google is reminding me about my birthday.

Google is gradually increasing people's attraction around the world. Without doing its own business it is engaging with people and country all over the world. Without your birthday celebration Google also changes its logo in the independence day. It is a geat respect to other countries celebration in different occasion.

We appreciate google's step for respecting other countries and people. This is an excellent example for Amercian Government too. Like Google if American Government respects the other countries, then the world may be more peaceful.

Google also celebrates the international days like father's day, labor day, Language day etc. During that days google simply changes its own logo by adding the related doodles in the google's homepage.

That kind of changes make curiousness and  awareness among the people for that special occasions. After clicking visitors can go to the related pages and they can know details about that event.

There are few other search engines like MSN, Yahoo, AOL, Altavista etc., but those search engines are not so popular like Google. Google likes change. That's why regularly Google updates many products for its customer. Due to continuous adding new products and apps Google is most popular search engine around the world.

Cheating Business in Dhaka

Sun, 16 Aug 2015 06:31:00 +0000

Dhaka is one of the largest populated city in the world. More than 10 million people are living in Dhaka. Gradually the number is increasing. With keep pace with population a cheating and fraud group is growing rapidly. Like others one of the cheating group is cheating with very simple and common people. This post will help you how simple and common people are cheated in the Dhaka city Infront of Police and RAB.

Everyday the group arranges a round meeting with its own members, they attract people by singing various slogan and songs through microphone or mike. People come and surround them. Later they start to sell illegal and unauthorised sex drug.

They ask people to raise their hand who has sexual problem. Usually the weak people raise their hand and fall in to the trap of cheater. After convincing simple people (specially young generation who are worry about their sexual or married life) the team leader ask to pay 500, 1000 sometimes whole money from their pocket. They sell some fake sex increasing medicine or tabiz which has no guarantee to improve their sexual life.

The very strange thing is that they are exploiting people Infront of police and RAB. Police and RAB do not say anything. In this regard government should give some power to the law enforcement group to arrest those culprit who are cheating with the ordinary people.

We got independence after hard war. We want to see nice Dhaka city. We do not want to see cheating case which is happening in front of public eye, in front of Police and RAB. We want nice Dahak. In this regard government should come ahead and they should know what is happening all over Dhaka.

The above incident is happening in the very populated and crowded area and it is a transit point where thousands fo people move from one direction to another direction. That is farmgate. One group seats in front of APEX Gallery, in front of DBBL ATM Booth and another group seats in front of Cinema hall or Infront of farmgate hotel.

Like above group another  cheating group is snake game shower. Snake catcher gather some places like Gulistan, Malibag and attract  people by fluting flute and make crowded surrounding them. Then make people afraid by telling story about snake. They bound  people to pay them.

We hope this blog post will help government to recognize the cheating team in Farmgate area i.e in Dhaka and destroy their fake activities by taking necessary action immediately.

Read more cheating story in Dhaka


Illegal Migrant in South & South East Asia

Fri, 03 Jul 2015 12:14:00 +0000

Illegal Migrant in South & South East Asia is a great concern for the world. Recently the most controversial discussion point is Human trafficking along the Thailand-Malaysian Boarder. This is not new incident. Since 1990 people specially Myanmar and Bangladesh workers  are going illegally from the Thailand boarder to Malaysia. International Mafia cycle is working in this human trafficking business in South and South-East Asian region. Malaysia, Thailand , Bangladesh and Myanmar illegal fake manpower business are connected in this deal. There is a proverb that secret cannot be hidden somehow it will come out. Actually that is happed right now.Probably it is the time for world to take action among illegal manpower business group to stop this kind of inhumanitarian activities in this region. Recently inventing mass grave in the Thai boarder proves a huge number of workers have been killed in the boarder area of Thailand.Though there is no proper count of total death, however it can be assumed that at least several thousands of people have been slaughtered in this crime zone for the last two decades. But no action have been taken by the four country's government department.According to The Daily star news on 03-07-2015 it is cleared that criminals are still active in this region. Quoted from Daily Star "To ensure Redwan's safety, his [Redwan's] mother sold a piece of land and paid Tk 2.1 lakh to Sumon's father. But he is still in confinement,” Redwan's aunt Rehana Begum told The Daily Star over the phone on Monday.“On Sunday night [June 28] Redwan again called us and said the brokers would torture him if we did not send another Tk 1.5 lakh to a certain phone number [mobile banking number],” she said.“This is very sad. His mother almost went insane. Please help us,” she said, adding that according to Redwan, there are “many others” in the jungle where he is kept." Detail news can be read from this linkSeveral months ago after disclosing the news about tragedic incident in Thailand no action has been taken by the head of the four government yet. In this regard we are expecting UN action to stop this kind of in humanitarian activities in this region.Malaysian economy fully dependent on foreign workers specially on Bangladesh, Indonesia and Myanmar workers. When Human life was in danger position at Andaman Sea  but Malaysia did not take step to accept them. However on international pressure later Malaysia and Indonesia accepted to receive them in the shore. Recent Migrant in Andaman sea has reminding us the financial status of the people in this region. Why people are coming illegally through the sea-way. People are helpless and they cannot eat even three times a day. They are extreme poor. What Bangladesh and Myanmar are doing for their people. How they are crossing the boarder illegally?Myanmar military government is the cause of escalating Rohinga problem. They are neglected by Militarty Janta. So, International community should create pressure on Myanmar to solve Ruhinga Muslim community problem. Because of jealousy attitude towards Ruhinga, they are encouraged by illegal traffickers to move Malaysia.But what about Bangladesh? Bangladesh economy is much more better than any previous period. Nobody live here without food. But why people go in Malaysia? Probably government is failed to let pople know that they should not go illegally to Malaysia. On the other hand why the government do not crack down campaign to arrest illegal traffickers?What Bangladesh government can do for stopping illegal trafficking?Miking in rural area for not to go Malaysia illegallyTell poeple about deat[...]

Public Transport in Dhaka

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Dhaka is a megacity like other big cities in the world. It is the capital city of Bangladesh. It is located in the tropical region. In the summer season the temperature goes up. It fluctuate around 30-40-degree centigrade.Around 80% people travel by bus in Dhaka city. The most miserable news is that Dhaka dwellers do not see any improvement in the transport system in the history of 44 years of its independence. In the summer people have to wait for bus in the open sky. Sweat come out from their body because there is no tent in the bus stop.In the above picture people are waiting in the sun for bus. No tent for the passenger. Everyday people have to travel from one place to another by struggling a lot. There is not enough bus. In this summer people expect very much for a shade to escape from the excessive heat in the sun. But government did not do to help the low-income people to travel comfortably.Farmgate is the most busiest transit point for bus passengers. Everyday several hundreds of thousands  of people come here from different places to change their way. They have to wait a long for the bus. Now the weather is very hot in Dhaka city. But unfortunately they have to wait in the open sky. Neighboring in all countries like Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia people enjoy comfortable local journey in the city area. A lot of AC bus and train are there. In Bangladsh the scenery is different. Forget about airconditioned bus there is no enough normal bus. Not only that people have to wait in the sun because there is no tent in the bus stop. It is really terrific.Honorable prime minister travel every Monday from Bangabhaban to Secretariate at Gulistan by luxurious ac car through farmgate area. If she take a little look on farmgate bus stop condition it could be helpful for the people. It could decrease suffering of people.It is very much need to build some tent in important crossing points of Dhaka city. People have to suffer heat and rain in the bust stop. They are very helpless. They are struggling a lot. Specially the summer season brings extra struggle in people's life in Dhaka.The bus stop scenery proves how government is doing for Dhaka dwellers. Buses are very few comparing its demand. Government should arrange more ac bus for the people. People want to pay more if they get comfortable transport.In the recent city corporation election the presence of voters were not satisfied. Is this the indication of people's dissatisfaction to the government? May be. More than half of the voters did not go to cast their vote. Because they are not happy on the government.We  hope the government will take necessary action to build bus tent and provides more bus along with ac bus .Without importing bus from other countries. It can be built inside the country.[...]

Automobile Industry in Bangladesh

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Automobile Industry in BangladeshAutomobile is a great industry where thousands of people can be employed but no government is encouraging to build this very profitable in dustry in Bangladesh.After climbing to power, the Awami league government has been implementing many development projects but they have huge negligence in industrialization. Industrialization is the heart of economic development. Without the industrialization, no country can dream to develop middle or high-income country.Like other industries, the automobile industry is one of the major sectors which can contribute a lot to economic development and at the same time it removes unemployment problem from the country. Focusing an automobile industry many other supporting equipment and spare parts companies are built up. So, many companies mean much employment throughout the country.Progoti industries is an only one state-owned automobile company in Bangladesh. After coming power, Awamiliague has not done any significant change of it. If wished it could be. If it could run in full operation then thousands of people could be employed in this automobile company of Bangladesh.Bangladesh has been importing double deckers  public bus from India. Many others private transport companies are also importing Highway BUS from India. Billions of foreign currency are going out in this regard. On the other hand, it is contributing zero effort  for removing unemployment problem as well as it is not establishing the strong base for long-term economic development.Before reaching 50 years of Malaysian independence, it has established an automobile industry Proton. It is contributing a lot for Malaysia’s economic development. Bangladesh can learn from Malaysia in this issue. Money and technical force both are present to build this automobile industry in Bangladesh. But there are only two problems: that are lack of plan and presence of too much bureaucracy inside the government.What top talents, planners, and advisors are doing surrounding Sheikh Hasina? Why are they not planning to rebuild this neglected automobile company Progoti  in Bangladesh? By stopping import BAS, Truck and used Private car from abroad it can start to produce the quality car in Bangladesh. Probably it is the right time for Hasina to make the bus, truck car inside the country. It would help to establish industrialization. It can be started from Progoti Motor industry.After beginning operation of Progoti government will have to make the law to ban the import of truck bus and the car from abroad. It will make bound and encourage people to use domestic products rather foreign cars. Then the money will not go out. People’s GNP will grow. Living standard of people will be increased.Before going to incorporate into middle-income country establishing and developing automobile industry and electronics industry, is very much required. Without developing these two sectors, it will difficult for the government to achieve its goal to be a middle-income country.We hope the government will stop importing Bus from India and it will take necessary plan and action to manufacture bus and another transportation vehicle inside the country. People will love Awamileague if the political party can start this car making practice in Bangladesh.We do not want foreign car maker to come here. We want Bangladesh will make the car by his own technology. We do not want temporary development by foreign investing. Recently Government is trying to make a contract  with proton. But many Bangladeshis will not like this type of patronizing tendency of the foreign brand in our country[...]

Bangladesh Independence Day in Google

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BD Independence day 2015 is celebrated by Google Bangladesh. We appreciate google's celebration of Bangladesh Independence day. It is 44th independence day of Bangladesh. Goole has changed its traditional logo to respect to the people of Bangladesh. We appreciate google's sympathy for Bangladeshi liberation war.

It is 25, 2015. Just 44 years ago Bangladesh got independence from Pakistan. Bangladesh people forced Pakistani military government to move from here in East Pakistan to West Pakistan. After moving them, it is renamed as a new nation called Bangladesh.

Bangladesh had to pay, for this reason. It lost 3 million people. No other nation lost this huge number of people during the liberation war.

Pakistan had made a big mistake. They did not kill only the politicians and intellectuals. They killed general people who were innocent and who had no connection with liberation war.

Worldwide Bangladeshi people are celebrating this historic day from different countries. At the same time, Google is also celebrating this memorial day with Bangladeshi People.

Google has changed its logo by replacing a letter "O". Instead of "O" it has used the image of the tiger. Actually tiger is the national animal of Bangladesh. So, they have used this animal.

We appreciate the effort of Google, but the picture is not showing well. It looks something like a cat. If would be more beautiful if the tiger's image was more attractive. So, we will hope from Google designers to present more attractive tiger's image in the forthcoming years.

However, I thank google for celebration independence day with Bangladeshi people.


Political Unrest 2015 Throwing Back Bangladesh

Fri, 13 Feb 2015 23:29:00 +0000

Political Unrest 2015 in BangladeshPolitical unrest in Bangladesh is in tense. People are worry about the safety of their life. People do not like to get out because of high risk of petrol bomb attack in the vehicle. People are losing their faith both on government and its rival BNP. They are dreaming to see any third party or Military ruler in the country to raise from this situationMore than 70 people have been killed by patrol bomb and police firing during the strike and seizing campaigns of BNP which is still since last month in Bangladesh.  Political party and government both are responsible for these uncivilized killing activities in the country.After raising power the government has forgotten that they have been selected and mandated by the people. It is their responsibilities to protects common people’s life. But the ruling government party Awamileague  is failed to do that.  Opposition party BNP is continuously calling seizing and strike activities throughout the nation. In this situation common people are dying through patrol bomb and as well as police firing. Though it is not cleared that who is directing to happen the killing activities but it is cleared that both the government and BNP are responsible for this kind of stupid and in humanitarian activities. BNP is ready to sit on dialogue but government is not taking step to sit for dialogue. So, apparently government is mostly responsible for this unexpected political behavior.On the other hand BNP is also known that this burning activities and killing activities is happening during their political programs running time so BNP should stop this seize and strike campaign without any delay. But still now there is no changing attitude in BNP.People’s life is very tiny thing here in Bangladesh. Political party and government nobody cares about death news of common people. I think there is no such place where people’s death is taken very simply. Just for ferry drowning in South Korea Prime minister Chung Hong-Wong has resigned. That is the real politics. Bangladesh should learn from that.Government is failed to safe people’s life so government should get out from the power immediately.  On the other hand without mandate of major political party how government can change the election rule and regulation in the parliament it is also a question to many political analysts.Changing this rule made BNP more ferocious in politics.Actually the government has sworn the seed of political unrest. For holding power they have passed the law for election policy in the parliament without acceptance of big political party BNP’s appearance.  It was fully illegal. Government should know that a large number of people are supporters of BNP. So, simply passing a law in monopoly manner is not wise decision. It is not good political and consistent political practice.People of Bangladesh are stunned to see the government’s slow motion to stop violence in the country. More than 70 people have been killed and several hundred people are groaning in the DMC hospital at Dhakan.  The most pathetic scene is in the hospital which was never seen after liberation war.MP, Minister and prime minister is running by luxurious cars they are taking their salary from the state bank. This is not their forefather’s money. It is money of the common people. They are consuming people’s hard earned money at the same time they are killing our brothers and sisters. It cannot be acceptable. People will never forgive them.People are observing all.  They are watching carefully a[...]

Property Distribution is a Serious World Problem

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PROPERTY DISTRIBUTION IS A SERIOUS GLOBAL PROBLEMPropertydistribution among the all stages people is a serious global problem. Recently news was broadcasted on Monday evening 19 Jan, 2015 by bbc bangla radio channel from London. According to that report within next year 2016 only one percent (1%) people will hold the 99% property of total property in the world.It is a very frustration to the conscious world citizen around the world. Specially who are directly connected with property or money distribution jobs like Bank, insurance company, leasing company, ministry of finance, central bank etc.All head of the states including ministers and elites group and planners from financial institutes are responsible for this imbalanced distribution of money. They are not contributing enough for proper distribution of asset to the all levels people in the society.A large number of people are deprived to get their normal wages in their respective jobs. This is very common problem in the developing countries. We are astonished when we see that working people are also is far to get their legal wages and other facilities in the developed countries too.The business owners including industrialists are not paying right fraction of their earned money to the employees who are working hard to make money for them. In this regard government can take proper steps to establish fair wages policy to reduce the gaps between business owners and employees.OXFAM the UK based international agency has recently published this true report.We strongly appreciate to this great organization to disclose this kind of poor property distribution news which can rectify the human’s injustice behaviors to the poor community around the world.Most of the business firms and industrialists are not paying the right tax to the government. They are not paying to their employees their legal wages. Bank elite groups are not giving loan to the new comers in the industry. In this regard government can make law to bankers to introduce new money distribution policy where new entrepreneurs and young generation will be encouraged.Poverty and hunger is the daily companion of Africa. Many people are dying from food. In Asia people are victim of malnutrition and unemployment problem. All are created from proper distribution of property. In this regard governments are responsible to create this situation.Only government can change people’s attitude to reduce the greedy attitude of rich community from the world. In this regard top international organization and civil society will have to contribute to reduce the differences of poor and rich among the nations.Islam can be good guideline in this regard. Jakat is one of the five fundamental principals of Islam. You will have to pay a fraction to the helpless people when you will cross the limit of your earning of property. But Muslims are also failed to implementing this valuable principal into their life. Not only in Muslim but all religions tell to help the helpless people. So, if the human being the best creatures of God can implement this religious principal injustice will be removed from the earth. Peace will be established in the world. There will be no problem of proper distribution of property in the world.There are differences of demand of the people of developing and developed countries. In developing countries people are unemployed. They do not get their fundamental rights in the society. Even people cannot just take food three times daily. In this regard government will have to take proper step to establish more a[...]

Paris Attack in January 2015

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(image) Paris attack  is the most hot news right now.Yesterday more than three million peoples gathered in France to condole the departed soul who died in terrorist attack in Paris. Among them 40 were head of state including Britain, Germany,Italy, Israel etc.We are also condoling their families who died in terrorist attack in Paris.

Some experts are worry about future about Muslims in France. Actually it depends on France Government policy how they will take it to resolve the problem. There are many doors are open in-front of France authority to control this situation.

Muslim and other religious clash is not new in France. There are many reasons of growing terrorist attitude among the Muslims in France. Probably France government did not care that carefully. If they could solve those minor issues carefully then they would not have to face this kind of historical incident.

As a blogger we want France will tackle this issue with calm head. They will have to find out the root cause of this incident. After finding  the root cause the Paris should take most appropriate correction and corrective action to resist this kind unexpected things in future.

Majority people around the world want peace. It is true for all religious people. So, nobody should insult whole community due to few culprits in the race. Probably misguided people can do this kind of hated job. Those who have no respect in law only they can do this kind of job.

So, it will wise decision for France to advise all religious people not to be excited. They should broadcast in the media to create awareness among all religious people that everybody should respect all religion. Nobody should insult or condemn any religion or disregard any culture of any religion.

We hope Paris government will learn his previous mistakes from this and take necessary actions which will not stimulate anymore rather they will take most effective corrective action to maintain world peace and happiness from PARIS ATTACK

How to Use Inhaler

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Asthma is one of the top ten killer diseases around the world. Tough it is not curable but it is controllable. Inhaler and epinephrine auto-injector is the most popular and effective medicine to control asthma. Until now no more medicine is invented to cure from asthma.

The most frustration news is that only 16% patients know how to use epinephrine auto injector and only 7% know how to properly use inhaler to control severe asthma. Rest major percentage are taking those medicine improper way to control asthma.

Dr. Rana Bonds recently has taken survey among the asthma patients and he comes to know that most of the asthma patients do not know how use auto injector and inhaler.

Who is responsible for this bad news of using asthma medicine wrongly? I think of course pharmacist , medical representative and  doctors are responsible for this. Patients should insult doctors because they pay doctors directly for for getting service. They do not pay for prescription only. It is doctor's duty to show properly how to use the inhaler and epinephrine.

Patients also should read the instructions which are provided with the pack of inhaler.  To know more about properly using inhaler you may visit the line how to use inhaler

To use epinephrine properly you may visit the link how to use epinephrine

To learn more about using inhaler you may find some video from youtube

Article source abc news 

Know your heart from Online

Sun, 30 Nov 2014 02:09:00 +0000

Know Your Heart from Online Tool

Heart is very important organ of your body. Without this organ nobody can live. So, it is very much important to know your invaluable organ with full attention. Recently scientist from USA Harvard school  has invented a software where anybody can check about the status of his heart. It is a great tool to know your heart.

In this heart software some questions will be asked and finally a report will come out. In that report many suggestions will also come out which can be followed by yourself to develop your heart status. We appreciate this kind of heart tools for patients. This is a great effort from the USA based heart organization HARVARD School of Public Health We appreciate for this kind of free tools for the people from the health institution.

After ending of answering some question when the result will come out then you will see a three colors containing with percentage of your heart's status. Based on your answer the result will shows the color and percentage of your heart. Just go to this page and click on the button Begin survey

Without medicine many advices will come for you. Specially food related information which are good for your heart can be known from this result. You will be also advised for regular exercise. No more talking simply go the link of Harvard school of public health to know your heart from online.

Pollybiddut in Bangladesh Reveiw

Wed, 29 Oct 2014 13:05:00 +0000

PollyBiddut or Village electricity in Bangladesh ReviewElectrification in village area is one of the most well known steps of Ershad Shorker in Bangladesh. We appreciate former president H M Ershad for taking this kind of great decision for the welfare of the villagers during his ruling period. It was proper and right decision for village development.  But how this electrification is implemented? How people are enjoying this electricity in village area? Now it is not irrigation time. Usually in buro cultivation electricity is used in much. Now it is off time of using electricity in pump or deep tube well. So, logically electricity is consumed less than any other period. But also in this off time  the electricity load shading period is almost twelve hours. Every hour interval there is a load-shading in the village area. In a word almost 12 hours people have to stay at home without electricity in a day.You may feel wonder after reading this article. But it is reality in the village. Not only the city dwellers but villagers are also in great trouble to consume electricity according to their demand. Comparatively city dwellers especially Dhaka dwellers have to face this problem in fewer dimensions. But in remote area villagers have to face this problem twice.After coming power ruling Awamileauge Government is telling that they have done a lot to remove electricity crisis. But I do not see any improvement in the village area though it has developed a little in city area. So village area people are frustrated to see this failure condition of present government.This is not a assumption based articles. It is written on real circumstances. I went to my village house in Fulbaria Upazila in Mymenshing district in Eid ul Ajha 2014 holiday. I saw every hour of two people have to stay without electricity. The most horrible incident was happened in Eid ul Ajha night. Almost 11 pm to 7 am total 9 hours there was no electricity in Kushmail village. Due to electric crisis meat was rotten in the fridge.  Will the respective authority show the causes of this kind of long time load shading in village area? People want to know why very often this kind of long load shading is happening. in village area?This is not the scattered incident in Kushmail village. Electricity shortage is a problem all over the Bangladesh. Everywhere it crossed the people’s patient. People are becoming more emotional and sentimental. Raipur incident is the bright example of people’s dissatisfaction on government management system for electricity in Bangladesh.Village people want to get rid of load shading in Bangladesh. They want to sleep without any disturbance of electricity at night. But when this dream of villagers will be implemented? The villagers are waiting to see the nice solution of electric shortage in Bangladesh. Will the present government be able to solve this problem in his 10 years period?[...]

Wrong Eye Surgery in Bangladesh

Tue, 30 Sep 2014 02:40:00 +0000

Wrong Eye Surgery is very pathetic incident both for the victims and relatives.Wrong Assessment of Eye Disease & Treatment in Bangladesh is very common incident. This is not copied and collected story from others. This was happened in my mother's life. This is true story for a doctor in Bangladesh. Probably many wrong treatments are happening in Bangladesh by doctors in different sectors like my mother. It is happening both in government  hospitals and in the private clinics.  But what is the remedy of that? Is there any authority to keep record of wrong assessment and wrong treatment of doctors in Bangladesh? How long  patient will be victim of doctors? This kind of incidents are happening very often in the country. BIRDEM hospital incident just another incident what was happened for doctor's negligence.In May 2014 we went to the private  hospital at Raji Hospital in Dhaka to check my mother's eye. Professor Dr. Mr Sayed A K Azad the chairman of Cornea department of National Institute of Ophthalmology and Eye Hospital  who assessed that my mother needs to add lance to recover her eye sight. Before taking decision of operation he should do proper assessment of eye disease but he did not do that. As a chairman of a department of cornea of  a national eye hospital how could he do this kind risky decision? He should assess first before giving such decision . But he did not do that.In 02 June 2014 Professor SAK Azad performed operation to replace lance into my mothers right eye at Muzibunnesa Eye Hospital at Dhanmondi in Dhaka. After operation my mother sees nothing from that eye. So, just we have wasted some money and presented some extra torturing on my old mothers eye. We received nothing more than that from that eye operation from a senior level eye doctor.After two months of operation when my mother was seeing nothing then he suggests to do some test including FFA image test. In that test it was found that there is problem in the retina of my mother's eye. So, he referred to Dr Professor Mr Lutfor Rahman the department chief of Neuro Ophthalmology of National eye hospital at sher-e-Bangla Nagar in Dhaka. After checking he advised to do MRI. I did that. But there was nothing found in the MRI. However from the  FFA image it was cleared that it was problem of retina and in the neuro nerve. She has problem in the retina and in the nerve told Doctor Luthfor to us.According to Dr Luthfor it was wrong assessment by Dr  SAK Azad. Before changing my mother's lance it was not checked or assessed properly before operation. So, he told us that my mother will not see anymore. It was meaningless operation with changing lance.From a professor and from a departmental chief getting this kind of wrong eye treatment is really unexpected. As a professor he has done wrong assessment and wrong treatment. Now what other doctors are doing for the eye patients in Bangladesh? Who will answer this question? Is there any monitoring cell to observe doctor's competence both in government and private eye hospitals? Is there any record of wrong operations of doctor's in Bangladesh? This is our asking to the ministry of health and family welfare.Mr Azad should take corrective action for his wrong assessment. Did he take proper corrective action for his wrong assessment? Who will look after this? Who will care for not happening this kind of wrong things from a senior[...]