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Shocka! More Guitar Hero on the Way


We all knew that more Guitar Hero was on the way this year. But three more GH games this year? That's a little surprising. Two this spring, one this fall. Maybe a Guitar Hero: Metal Edition?

In the same conference call Activision announced there would be a sequel to Marvel: Ultimate Alliance this year as well. Personally, I'm thrilled. M:UA was a pretty good game that needed a coat of polish. For the life of me I can't understand why a major game based on Marvel characters would use such atrocious still art. Throw a few bucks a Jimenez, McNiven, Hitch, Skottie Young, Sal Larocca and Djurdjevic and let them do the art. And while you're at it, a better story wouldn't hurt either. I know it's a video game based on comics, but doesn't mean it has to be stupid.

The Hot List - Week of December 6th


Damn that's a lot of comics.
A lot of good comics too.
52 Week #31
All-New Atom #6
Batman Confidential #1
Detective Comics #826
Exterminators #12
Jonah Hex #14
Justice Society Of America #1
Manhunter #26
Mystery In Space #4
Nightwing #127
Outsiders #43
Superman Confidential #2
Tranquility #1

Invincible #37
Nightly News #2
Walking Dead #33

Agents Of Atlas #5
Doctor Strange: The Oath #3
Incredible Hulk #101
Irredeemable Ant-Man #3
Marvel Holiday Special 2006
newuniversal #1
Uncanny X-Men #481

I'm burnt out on Batman: Year One stories, but I'm still going to give Batman: Confidential a look, but it's on a short leash/

No exaggeration, Justice Society of America may be my most anticipated title this year. It feels like I've been waiting for it for years.

Manhunter returns with a lot of DC's marketing muscle behind it and about as much support from the creative community as any major label book ever. Will it be enough? I hope so.

By popular acclimation I'm picking up Nightly News. I'm still not sure what it's about.

newuniversal is the kind of major label work Warren Ellis was made for. A blank slate, realistic world with lots of super science. The 'no capital letters in the title' thing is still stupid, though.

Review Time - Week of November 29th


Teen Titans #41 - Ok so Jericho is back. Good thing? Maybe, but thats another hero-gone-bad and brought back. I complained when Johns resurrected all of the Green Lanterns Hal Jordan killed, and I'm going to complain now that Jericho has been made a White Hat again. He killed, or tried to kill, the rest of the Titans; now apparently it wasn't Jericho's fault since the 'souls of Azerath' drove him mad and made him do it. It just seems like whitewashing to me. Other than that is was a meh issue. The art was mediocre on some pages and bad on others. I understand that Tony Daniel can't pencil 12 issues a year, but this 5 issue arc had 4 different pencillers. Not good planning on DC's part.

Ultimate Power #2 - I was wrong. I expected this issue to be a re-hash of #1 but from the Squadron Supreme's POV. Instead we get a full-on brawl between the Squadron and FF, with the X-Men, Spidey and the Ultimates jumping in later. The battle itself was a little too busy, with some of the players just there. But the parts of the fight that were fleshed out were a lot of fun. The art is typical Greg Land; pretty but kind of vapid. The Powers that Be at Marvel promise that this series will have a lasting impact on both universes so maybe the whole 'our world was destroyed' thing will actually stick. (Which would be a nice nod to the original Squadron Supreme series)

Heroes vs. Lost


Now I love both shows, a lot. But last night's episode of Heroes illustrated a big difference between it and Lost.

For the first few episodes of both shows a whole truckload of mysteries were introduced. 55+ episodes into it's run and Lost still hasn't answered the vast majority of those questions, while still shoveling new questions onto the pile. But last night Heroes actually went out and answered a lot of the mysteries they had spent the previous nine episodes laying out.

We know who Sylar is. We know how Eden hooked up with Clare's father. We know how Nathan Petrelli's wife was crippled. We know a little more about the whole Nikki/Jessica situation.

Were all of the mysteries solved? No, but they cleared the field enough to keep things workable. Lost, as much as I love it, just keeps shoveling new mysteries onto the massive pile of unsolved ones. (sidenote - a great list of the 50 biggest Lost questions can be found here) Tim Kring and crew looked at that great, steaming pile of questions and saw an impediment to the average viewer.

So, to abuse a metaphor, Heroes is the sidewalk that gets shoveled regularly during the winter, you still see the snow but it doesn't impede your progress. While Lost is the monstrous mountain of snow sitting in the mall parking lot that will probably still be there in April.

Emma Frost Statue


Hot damn.

Part of me wants this, badly.

Part of me also realizes that some people may get the wrong idea if something like that was displayed too prominently.

And part can only think "Damn, that's hot."

The Hot List - Week of November 29th


52 Week #30
Aquaman Sword Of Atlantis #46
Batman #659
Batman The Spirit
Green Lantern #15
Guy Gardner Collateral Damage #1
Ion #8
Superman Batman #30
Teen Titans #41

Captain America #24
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #14
Immortal Iron Fist #1
Nextwave Agents Of HATE #10
Ultimate Power #2
X-Men #193

DC is releasing three Green Lantern books (four if you count the GLs in Batman/Superman), four chronically late books on time and a Batman - Spirit crossover that I swear was announced during the Clinton administration.

Nextwave is up to 10 already? Time really does fly.

I'm not a huge Iron Fist fan, but with Brubaker and Fraction writing it I have to at least give it a shot.

A Trilogy of Sumrfs Movies !?!


What. The. F&%k.

I know every studio wants a big animated flick. Every studio also wants the next epic franchise. But what sane person thinks you can have both of those together in The Smurfs? Smurfs was the first show I outgrew. It is about as mindless as a cartoon can get. Yet somebody thinks that it wouldn't just make a hit animated movie, but it would also be the cornerstone of a Lord of the Rings-like franchise.

Oh God my brain just exploded.

This is the kind of idea they should be using for the next season of Entourage. It has to be a joke. Nobody, nobody, could think making a movie about those little commies is a good idea.

Review Time - Week of November 22st


Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #5 - I still like this series but damn it's starting to get repetitive. How many times have the Freedom Fighters had their heads handed to them only to be saved at the last moment by a prospective new member. Acuna's are is also becoming really inconsistent. Some panels and pages look awesome, others look horribly rushed.

Runaways #22 - No I don't think BKV is really going to go there with Chase and Nico, but just for a moment I did, so that last panel did it's job. And how can you not love a book that contains this picture.

(image) (Pirate Werewolves, although Molly calls them Werewoofs)
Punisher War Journal #1 - This may be a sign of the apocalypse. I read a Punisher book, and I liked it. When I was a comic readin' kid I was pretty much the only one of my peers that didn't love The Punisher. But some friends comvinced me to pick this one up more for Matt Fraction that Frank Castle. I'm glad I did, because for the first time ever The Punisher was fun. Yeah he's still a violent ass but now he has a humorous internal monologue and gets attacked by a swarm of tiny Iron Man robots. Punisher purists will probably hate the book, but that's why Marvel still publishes Punisher MAX.

Random Musings - Influenza Edition


I hate being sick on holidays. You just cannot enjoy Thanksgiving while howrking up a lung.

On Heroes they Saved the Cheerleader but how did they Save the World?

Gears of War kicks unbelievable amounts of ass. On- and off-line.

I can't decide whether the people getting trampled at 5am outside of a Wal-Mart on Black Friday is funny or sad. Probably funny.

Stories are surfacing that Sony shipped fewer than 180,000 Playstation 3s at launch. Ouch.

Okay I have to go take some Nyquil. Why the hell am I blogging when doped up on cough medicine anyway>

Full-time Superheroine


I'm not going to pretend I know Valerie D'Orazio. I've never met her, and I've never spoken to her. However she was one of the first people to add this little ole site to her blogroll, and I've thoroughly loved her blog since the first time I read it.

It broke my heart to read what she went through. But more than that, after reading what she went through, I smiled a little.

Why? Because she got through it. She walked through the valley in the shadow of death and came out the other side. People go through terrible things everyday and too often let those terrible things crush them. She fought through it.

That makes her a Full-Time Superheroine. Brava, Valerie. And feel better.

Whats up with Aqua Teen Hunger Force?


A little more than a month ago I was eagerly anticipating the new season of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, one of the funniest and most unique shows on television.

Now? Wondering where all that unique humor went.

Five weeks into the season and ATHF is batting an anemic .200, 1 for 5. Clever, if wacky, plots have been replaced with an entire episode about 'Dicks'. However I was fine with the show, until last night. Each episode is 11 minutes long. Before this run they had produced three episodes in two years. (yes I know they were making an ATHF movie, its still been three episodes in two years) And after four episodes we get...a clip show. Maybe the clip show only took up half the episode, but considering how bad the rest of the episode was (Tera Patrick as a guest star?) it was still too much.

What happened? Looking back at previous seasons there were always the occasional stinker, but they were drowned out by the great, funny episodes. Did the writers get burnt out working on the movie? Or have they simply hit the wall creatively? I don't know why, but I still hope things turn around, and soon.

The Hot List - Week of November 15th


Oh my God! I'm going to need a loan this week. Either that or I'm gonna have to start jackin' fools.
52 Week #28
Aquaman Sword Of Atlantis #45
Astro City The Dark Age Book 2 #1
Birds Of Prey #100
Checkmate #8
Green Lantern Corps #6
Omega Men #2
Robin #156
Shadowpact #7
Supergirl #11

Bomb Queen Vol 2 #2
Invincible #36
PvP #29

Astonishing X-Men #18
Cable Deadpool #34
Civil War #5
Iron Man #13
Moon Knight #6
Ms Marvel #9
New Avengers #25
Squadron Supreme #7
Thunderbolts #108
Ultimate Fantastic Four #36

I had the chance to read most of the Astro City trades recently and I cannot tell you how great they are.

I <3 Birds of Prey. Even if Black Canary is leaving (for now).

They told me that Astonishing X-Men would come out monthly. Astonishing X-Men is not coming out on time. Astonishing X-Men needs to come out on time.

Is Civil War woth the wait? We'll know soon enough.

Looking Forward - DC's February Solicitations


From our comrades @ CBR.DETECTIVE COMICS #828Written by Paul DiniArt by Don Kramer & Wayne FaucherCover by Simone BianchiThat is an awesome cover. Bianchi is getting better and better.ROBIN #159Written by Adam BeechenArt by Freddie E Williams IICover by Patrick Gleason & Wayne FaucherHe's fought the Joker and Johnny Warlock, OMACs and King Snake. But can Robin survive the challenge of...a first date?This has to be Tim Drake's eighteenth 'first date'52: WEEKS 40-43Written by Geoff Johns, Grant Morrison, Pat Olliffe & Drew Geraci, Joe Bennett and othersGreg Rucka, Mark WaidBreakdowns by Keith GiffenArt by Chris Batista & Rodney RamosBackup features by Waid and variousCovers by J.G. Jones That cover is epic. It's like the greatest inspirational poster everFIRESTORM: THE NUCLEAR MAN #33Written by Dwayne McDuffieArt by Dan Jurgens & Ken LashleyCover by Pete WoodsThe superstar creative team of Dwayne McDuffie (JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED, STATIC), Dan Jurgens (Superman, Captain America) and Ken Lashley (The Flash) bring Firestorm to bold new heights! Jason Rusch and Prof. Martin Stein just want to get their lives back to normal, but the New Gods have other plans! When Orion comes looking for Prof. Stein, you can bet a throwdown's not far behind! Guest-starring the Seven Soldiers' Mister Miracle!Lots of New God/Fourth World references in this set of solicits.GREEN LANTERN #17Written by Geoff JohnsArt by Ivan Reis & Oclair AlbertCover by Ethan Van SciverThe explosive conclusion of "Wanted: Hal Jordan!" Wanted throughout the world, Green Lantern suffers the wrath of a new enemy who will plague him for years to come. But what does this alien want from Hal Jordan? And why is it impossible to give? Plus, witness the birth of the new Star Sapphire! WONDER WOMAN #5Written by Allan HeinbergArt and cover by Terry & Rachel DodsonConcluding the 5-part story "Who is Wonder Woman?" The combined forces of Wonder Woman's transformed rogues gallery declare all-out war on the amazing Amazon, compelling the all-new Wonder Woman to mend fences and join forces with her predecessor and with Wonder Girl if she's going to survive to finally answer the question: "Who Is Wonder Woman?" DC soliciting these books for February is a bold-faced lie. I know these issues won't be out in February. DC knows they won't be out in February. Just about every retailer knows they won't be out in February. Yet they still list them and act shocked, shocked, when they slip.MANHUNTER #28Written by Mark AndreykoArt by Javier Pina & Robin RiggsCover by Kevin Nowlan"Unleashed" Part 3! Manhunter's dogged pursuit of justice for Wonder Woman brings her face-to-face with the hero she admires and fears the most - Batman! I'm glad DC is stacking this book with guest stars in an attempt to attract sales, but I also hope it doesn't become a gimmick book.MYSTERY IN SPACE #6Written by Jim StarlinArt by Ron Lim and Starlin & Al MilgromCover by Shane Davis & Matt "Batt" BanningShane Davis already needs a fill-in artist? TEEN TITANS #44Written by Geoff JohnsArt by Tony S. Daniel & Jonathan GlapionCover by DanielPart 2 of the "Titans East" storyline explodes as the two Titan teams clash! Great, old school coverUNCLE SAM AND THE FREEDOM FIGHTERS #8Written by Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin GrayArt and cover by Daniel AcuñaThe stunning miniseries conclusion! The Freedom Fighters make their last stand against President Knight with the fate of a nation hanging in the balance. Is that The Ray blacked out on the cover, or a new 'mystery member'? And who the hell is the chick in the red armor?No All-Star titles or Ex Machina for February, but otherwise no glaring omissions. [...]

Spiderman 3 Trailer


In all it's glory.
Thomas Hayden Church looks perfect as Sandman. James Franco looks terrible as the new Green Goblin.

Voltron coming to [adult swim]


From TV Squad.
While it hasn't been added to the schedule grid yet, the '80s animated series Voltron will in fact be a part of Adult Swim starting on November 13. However, the episodes will air at 5:30 am, so if you want to see them on television you'll either have to never sleep, or wake up really early.
The good news: it will also be available online at the [adult swim] fix. Now to make me really happy Cartoon Network needs to pick up Transformers (the original), Thundercats, Silverhawks and Battle of the Planets as well.

Alan Moore to Appear on The Simpsons!


Never in a million years could I have seen this coming. (thanks to Warren Ellis)
Moore, aged 53, recorded his lines at The Lodge studios in Abington Square last month for an episode which will be called Husbands and Knives.
The Simpsons' production team are long-time fans of Moore's, whose reputation in the world of graphic novels is legendary.

He features in a sub-plot which sees a new 'cool' comic shop opening in Springfield in competition with the Android's Dungeon, run by Comic Book Guy who is voiced by Hank Azaria.
The new shop has persuaded Moore to make a public appearance.

Random Musings - Cliffhanger Edition


Before the television season started I thought Heroes had maybe a 60% chance to be good and a 40% chance to be successful. Happily it's not only great it's (alongside Ugly Betty) the big new show of the season. Which pretty much guarantees that we'll see at least 3 new superhero shows on the '07 fall schedules. I think they need to stop, or at least slow down, the constant parade of new characters and develop the existing ones a little more, but otherwise it's been tremendous.

I was a little disappointed in the first six episodes of Lost. I know that Kate, Jack and Sawyer are the focal characters of the show, but as of now we've seen too much of them and too little of the rest of the castaways. We've gained a little insight into the Others, and possibly the other Others, but not enough to justify almost abandoning three quarters of the cast for four of the six episodes. I am glad that the hatch is finally gone, but the show otherwise feels like it's treading water.

I've only had a few hours to knock around with it, but Gears of War is every bit as great as the hype made it out to be. Is it the most original game ever? No, but neither was Halo, or Half-Life or Rainbow Six. GoW is in that class of shooters.

I don't see how Microsoft can sell TV shows and movies on the 360 without having a larger hard drive available. Those 20GBs will fill up real fast with HD content.

After six months every issue of 52 has shipped on time and sold 100,000+ copies. Did anyone, could anyone, predict such success?

I Don't "Collect" Comics. I Read Them.


This past week while discussing hobbies with some neighbors I mentioned that I read comics. One of the neighbors said that he also 'collects' comics and proceeded to rattle off a laundry list of classic and valuable books he owns. I asked him what he's reading now.

"Oh I don't actually read them. I just collect them." It was then that I realized that I may be different.

I don't collect comics.

I (generally) don't bag & board. Most of my comics sit in various boxes strewn about my living space. The stack of books on (or under) my nightstand is usually around a foot tall. I have no earthly idea how much money any of my books could fetch on eBay. It then struck me that the difference between 'collecting' comics and 'following' comics may be the reason that the general public still views them as kids stuff.

Gamers don't collect video games, even the ones with libraries of games that number in the triple digits. The friend everybody has that buys half a dozen DVDs a week is a movie buff, not a collector. For whatever reason the term collector has developed a negative connotation.

A collector sits in their basement gazing longingly at their mint-in-box toy action figure collection. A collector spends his or her weekend scouring flea markets and garage sales for that one rare coin/stamp/Hummel/vinyl record. A collector is obsessive, compulsive and creepy. In other words: Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons.
I know most comic fans are nothing like Comic Book Guy. You (probably, hopefully) know that most comic fans are nothing like Comic Book Guy. But the average adult too often hears "Collector" and immediately pulls up a mental image of an obsessive, emotionally immature fat guy. That image isn't going to draw many new faces into comic shops.

The rank-and-file comics fan, who buys the books for the stories and the characters and the art, has to stop calling themselves collectors. Leave that label for the people that seal their books up in Lucite, never to be read. We read comics. We follow comics. We are comic buffs. We are aficionados.

Review Time - Week of November 1st


Superman: ConfidentialWriter: Darwyn CookeArtist: Tim Sale"Kryptonite"The story of the infant Kal-El as he rockets towards Earth is once again retold, this time from the perspective of the kryptonite that accompanied him to this planet. The (sentient?) xeno-mineral crashes in the Himalayas and expresses feelings of loss and isolation before the locals drag it to a temple. Back in Metropolis Superman fights the Royal Flush gang just two months into his career as a superhero. At this point he doesn't yet know the limits of his powers, so every new experience, in this case being frozen by liquid nitrogen and falling from a great height, may be the one that can actually harm him. Straight from the fight Superman takes Lois Lane on a date at the top of Eiffel Tower, lamenting that with all of his other responsibilities he cannot give Lois the attention she really deserves. Back in Metropolis (again) Perry White has a job for Clark, Lois and Jimmy. They are to investigate Anthony Gallo, a rich industrialist who manages to convince the city council to let him open a huge casino on the waterfront. Perry is convinced that Gallo is crooked and used his wealth and power to buy enough influence on the council to get his way. He sends Clark, Lois and Jimmy to investigate because he knows that they cannot be bought. While Clark and Jimmy set up surveillance equipment Lois tries to worm her way into Gallo's confidence. Every generation seems to have a definitive Superman artist. Curt Swan in the 60s. John Byrne in the 80s. This period of time will likely be known as Superman's Tim Sale era. His art is the epitome of elegant; simple, clean, but always striking. On a book that is tasked with telling stories of Superman's early days he is the perfect choice to provide the art. (Sale does all of the in-show drawings for NBC's Heroes) Darwyn Cooke does a very good job capturing a young Superman. I don't know if I've ever read another book where Superman was still scared that he could be hurt. Cooke also gets Perry White down better than any writer in a long time. While I like the manic Perry that most Superman writers portray this version of Perry a little more grounded and realistic; The classical American newsman rather than a nicer J. Jonah Jameson. While the art and characterizations are top notch, the story leaves a bit to be desired. Clark, Lois and Jimmy acting like real reporters is nice, but the story they were assigned to didn't grab me at all. I realize you can't use Luthor in every story, but the apparent villain of the piece, Anthony Gallo, is too much of a blank slate to really be interesting at this point. I also couldn't tell if the kryptonite meteor itself was sentient or there was something inside of it that was narrating the opening scene. Bottom Line:A tremendous character piece that unfortunately doesn't have a story to match3 out of 5Irredeemable Ant-Man #2Writer: Robert KirkmanPenciller: Phil Hester"Shock & Awe"Present day: Ant Man meets Beth, the woman whose life he just saved, for dinner, telling her he forgot his wallet so she is forced to pick up the bill for their date. She asks him how he became Ant Man and...Six months ago Eric O'Grady, the SHIELD agent that stole an experimental Ant-Man suit from Hank Pym last issue, is still wandering around the Helicarrier, stuck at 2 inches tall. He has no idea how to work the suit and even worse his best friend, Chris McCarthy, is trying to make time with his girlfriend, Veronica. After wandering around for days he stumbles upon a firefight inside of the[...]

The Hot List - Week of November 8th



52 Week #27
Batman #658
Fables #55
Firestorm The Nuclear Man #31
Gen 13 #2
Green Arrow #68
Green Lantern #14
JLA Classified #29
Stormwatch PHD #1
Superman #657
Tales Of The Unexpected #2
Teen Titans #40
Y The Last Man #51

Annihilation #4
Civil War Young Avengers & Runaways #4
Doctor Strange Oath #2
Eternals #5
New X-Men #32
Ultimate X-Men #76

Dark Horse
Star Wars Dark Times #1

Note to DC: Make Ivan Reis and Ethan Van Sciver co-pencillers on Green Lantern. Have them each pencil 6-8 issues a year of the book, this way you not only get back on schedule you potentially have enough extra issues to go bi-weekly during the summer.

I've been pretty underwhelmed by the Worldstorm so far, but Stormwatch looks promising, especially with Doug Mahnke providing the pencils.

How good is Brian K. Vaughn? He made a Doctor Strange story that not only was good, it was great. An act of magic if there ever was one.

The Star Wars comics have been worlds better than I expected, so I'm going to give Dark Times a shot. I can only hope it's as good as Knights of the Old Republic.

Busiek Leaving Aquaman to Work on 'Mystery Project'


Links from Newsarama

Sayeth Busiek:
I was having a very good time writing the book, as I think anyone who reads it can tell, and was all set for a lengthy run, exploring the world and the characters and the many mysteries and portents and such.
I love writing heroic fantasy, and I think the exotic world of the oceanscape suits it perfectly.

But then, stupid me, I had an idea for something that I thought would be a good project and had the potential to benefit DC, the fans and the comics marketplace in general. It was a very non-standard idea, and I didn't think DC would go for it. But I thought it was a good idea, and I didn't want to just assume it'd be shot down. I'd rather toss it on the table and get an actual ‘no’.

So when I was in New York, I ran it by Dan Didio, and to my surprise, he liked it a lot -- and thought it was something DC should do.

And by the time I got home, he'd pitched it to Paul Levitz, and Paul also thought it was a good idea, and something DC should do.

And they've been wrangling over formats and schedules and such since then, but it's a pretty large project -- more than the usual 22 pages a month that most series are, and it was pretty clear that t wasn't something that could be just added to my schedule, I'd need to give up something to make room for it. And I've been having a great time with both Superman and Aquaman, and it'd be hard to leave either one, but with Carlos kicking ass on Superman and Butch Guice leaving Aquaman, I had a tighter grip on the Kryptonian than the Atlantean, and Dan decided I should let Aquaman go to make room for the Mystery Project.
He's being replaced by fantasy writer Tad Williams (Memory, Sorrow and Thorn, Otherworld, DC's The Next)

I wonder what the mystery project is? It sounds too out of the blue to be 'Look to the Skies' (which scuttlebutt says Jim Starlin will be writing)

Review Time - Week of October 25th


Seven Soldiers of Victory #1"The Miser's Coat"We open in The Tailor's Shop; seen previously in the Zatanna mini, as the Tailor entertains his client with a tale of The Seven Soldiers who are destined to save the world from an evil queen, yet never meet. We then move to the far distant future where The Shining Knight Sir Ystin, stepping out of the cauldron of rebirth, greets Gloriana Tenebrae, Queen of the Sheeda, in her throne room. We then move 40,000 years in our past, when the New Gods came to Earth and created Aurakles, the first superhero. Aurakles is given seven items of power and set to tame the Earth. Eons pass and Neanderthal super scientists create a time machine, which is sent into the future where Melmoth, scavenger King of the Sheeda, finds it. And so begins the first harrowing of Earth. The next harrowing occurs 30 millennia later, in the days of King Arthur and his knights, but the Sheeda and their Castle Revolving crush them as well. Back in present day New York The Guardian leads the defense against the Sheeda hordes, Bulleteer tries to get help for her nemesis and Zatanna & Misty fly to the rescue with a horde of flying horses. Misty, Zatanna's apprentice and daughter of Melmoth, knocks her teacher out so she can confront her stepmother, Gloriana Tenebrae. Before Misty can get far she is confronted by Klarion, who steals her magic die, (which he calls a Croatoan, the Sheeda word for Fatherbox) and escapes. Zatanna wakes up just as the Castle Revolving pops into existence over Manhattan. On the bridge of the Castle Frankenstein informs SHADE that the Sheeda are not aliens, or extra dimensional, but what humans will become in a billion years. Just as Frankenstein is about to finish the Sheeda Klarion, who still possesses power to control 'Grundy-Men', stops him. High over Manhattan Gloriana and Sir Ystin fight fiercely until Ystin is thrown off the Castle Revolving, only to be saved by his Flying Horse. At street level Mister Miracle confronts Darkseid in human guise. The Lord of Apokolips has struck a deal with the Sheeda, they get the Americas to ravage, and Darkseid gets Aurakles. Shilo offers to take Aurakles' place as Darkseid's captive, claiming that he will make his greatest escape. Darkseid agrees since Shilo, the New Gods spirit of Life and Freedom, is the one he actually wants. Darkseid then pulls out a pistol and shoots Shilo in the head, killing him. Back on the castle Gloriana is about to send her assassin, I, Spyder, to kill her step-daughter Misty when he turns on the Queen of the Sheeda, shooting her in the head with an arrow and dropping her to the street below. On the street below she is struck and killed by 'the spear thrown by mighty Aurakles 42,000 years ago' in the form of the car driven by Bulleteer as her nemesis, Sonic Sally, tries to kill her. We end with scenes showing Sir Ystin attending a girl's school (yes in this version Shining Knight is a girl), The Tailor sewing up Zor (from the Zatanna mini) into the Miser's Coat, Klarion as the new lord of the Sheeda and Mister Miracle's grave as he rises out of it. The first thing that has to be said about this book is the art. J.H. Williams III produces some of the most amazing art ever seen in a comic book, and his work is even more extraordinary when you see the different art styles he uses for each of the Soldier's chapters. And the art isn't just pretty, it's creative and well thought out, traits you don't always get with other 'pretty' penc[...]

The Awesomest Thing Ever!


(image) The poster is right, this is the most awesome thing ever created by man. The only way this could be better is if Leia was on stage with a key-tar.

(Thanks to Ragnar Danneskjold, The All-Seeing Pirate @ The Jawa Report)

Crackhead Squirrels


For some reason the fact that this story comes from a British newspaper makes it even funnier.
SQUIRRELS are getting hooked on crack cocaine — hidden by addicts in gardens.

They are digging up the stashes and eating the mega-addictive drug, which comes in small chunks.

Several have been spotted behaving bizarrely in Brixton, South London, since a police blitz against pushers and users.

One resident said: “My neighbour said dealers had used my garden to hide crack.

“Just an hour earlier I’d seen a squirrel digging in the flower-beds.

“It was ill-looking and its eyes looked bloodshot, but it kept on desperately digging. It seems a strange thing to say, but it seemed to know what it was looking for.”

Other residents have seen squirrels become unusually aggressive.

The RSPCA said: “These animals are big foragers. They are attracted by smell and will dig up what they fancy.

“If a squirrel did open a bag of crack and start consuming it there is no doubt it would die pretty quickly.”

Crack squirrels are a recognised problem in America. They are common in parks used by addicts in New York and Washington DC.

They have been known to attack park visitors in their search for a fix.

The Hot List - Week of November 1st


52 Week #26
All-New Atom #5
Blue Beetle #8
Detective Comics #825
Ex Machina #24
Exterminators #11
Jonah Hex #13
Justice League Of America #3
Manifest Eternity #6
Midnighter #1
Mystery In Space #3
Nightwing #126
Outsiders #42

Agents Of Atlas #4
Criminal #2
Incredible Hulk #100
Irredeemable Ant-Man #2
She-Hulk 2 #13
Uncanny X-Men #480
X-Men: Phoenix Warsong #3

Fallen Angel Vol 2 #10

It feels like an age since Ex Machina's last issue hit the stands. The wait is worth it.

Justice League has been fun so far, but this issue needs to up the action quotient a little.

I've been riding a wave of good will towards Garth Ennis lately so I'm going give The Midnighter a try.

Planet Hulk started off great, but has been treading water for the last few issues. Pak needs to move things along a little bit.