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Preview: Xbox 360 Help, Ultimate Solutions for your Xbox 360 problems

Xbox 360 Problems - Xbox 360 Help, Ultimate Solutions for your Xbox 360 problems

Xbox 360 Help offers the latest Xbox 360 news, rumors, cheats, codes and game reviews

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Great demand on Xbox 360 slim


Microsoft has said that there is "unprecedented demand" for the new slim Xbox 360. Launched last month in North America, the firm said that customers are eager to try out the new device and that it has received a sales spike across the entire Xbox range. "We are hearing great feedback from retailers that the new Xbox 360 250GB is experiencing unprecedented demand,". "Consumers are eager to experience this new console, completely redesigned for the future of entertainment: sleeker, smaller, and whisper-quiet. "Strong demand for the new Xbox 360 250GB combined with a $50 (£32) price reduction in the US on the Xbox 360 Arcade and Elite consoles, now $149.99 (£98) and $249.99 (£164) respectively, has resulted in a significant sales spike for Xbox 360 since the new console hit shelves on or around June 14." The system outsold the PlayStation 3 by 194,600 units to 154,500, but failed to better either the Wii or DS, with sales of 334,800 and 383,700 respectively. The slim Xbox 360 will launch on July 16 in the UK. [...]

Pro Evolution Soccer 2009


Pro Evolution Soccer released on the 17th of October 2008PES Features and improvements:PES 2009 will feature a new game mode called 'Become A Legend'. Connect your camera and import data to create your own player or team emblems. You can create your own character and guide him through a superstar career in professional football. You will feel the great improvement in the Graphics, ball control and the new camera angles, players and stadiums.Fully Licensed National teams:Europe (Croatia, Czech Republic, England, France, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Portugal,Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Sweden & Turkey)Asia (Australia, Japan & South Korea)Africa (Ghana & Côte d'Ivoire) America (Argentina & Brazil) [...]

Xbox 360 green Wireless Controller


Microsoft offers Xbox 360 gamers the new unique Xbox 360 green Wireless Controller.
The most requested colour will be available on October the 24th 2008.

Imagine the green wireless controller with the enhanced D-Pad functionality with XBLA games.
It'll be great, won't it??!!.......

You can now add green to the list of Xbox 30 wireless controllers' colours: chill, black, pink, blue, and now green.

Note: The green limited edition wireless controller is available in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Xbox 360 elite price drop


(image) More surprises for Xbox 360 gamers.
Do you imagine high definition gaming experience for £ 129.99 only?
That's true.
  • Xbox 360 Arcade only for £129.99 ERP. You can now enjoy the Xbox 360 with five full Arcade games included: UNO, Pac-Man Championship Edition, Feeding Frenzy, Luxor 2 and Boom Boom Rocket.
  • Xbox 360 only for £169.99 ERP. Are you a serious gamer? Are you looking for the ultimate console? If yes Xbox 360 is your best choice.
  • Xbox 360 Elite only for £229.99 ERP. Do you prefer it all in black? Xbox 360 Elite is what you need. The ELITE Xbox 360 console package includes a massive 120GB hard drive, a HDMI port, and HDMI cable, all wrapped up with a premium black finish.

Xbox Live new update on 29 Sep 08


On the 29th September 08, Xbox Live service will be temporarily unavailable for 24 hours starting 9am .
This will be due to the new important Xbox Live update that will change the way you enjoy Xbox 360 entertainment forever.
After the Live update your Xbox Live will be ready for the arrival of the New Xbox Experience later this year.

Xbox 360 will be a limitless world of home entertainment (you'll enjoy the best games, movies and TV shows live side by side with your personal pictures and music library).
Everything you enjoy about your Xbox 360 can be shared at any time with friends via Xbox Live using cool customisable animated Avatars.

Note: You won’t see the New Xbox Experience when LIVE comes back online, but you will be ready to receive it when it launches later this year.

Xbox360 New License transfer tool


The new Xbox 360 License Transfer Tool on makes self-service, voluntary license transfers for content purchased through the Xbox LIVE Marketplace possible for our community.The license transfer tool lets you consolidate your downloaded content licenses to one console. For example, if you downloaded items from Xbox LIVE Marketplace on one console, then purchased another console later on and downloaded more content to the new one, your content would be licensed to two consoles.This tool lets you download your older content licenses to your new console.You can find it on won't need the License transfer tool if you sent your console for repair as licences are transferred automatically during the repair, you might need to download them again. You can find the steps on the Console After Repair page.The tool can used only once every twelve months.Movie rental licenses are not transferred. So make sure you watch your movies before using this tool.Below are the transfer steps:Finish the process on a hard drive or memory unit. Turn on the console. Sign in to Xbox LIVE with the gamer profile that originally downloaded the content. Go to Xbox LIVE Marketplace and select Account Management, Download History. Select an item and then select Download Again. Repeat the 5th step for each item in your download history.Note: The content is no longer licensed to the old console. You can only use it while signed in to Xbox LIVE. [...]

New Xbox 360 60GB hard drive


The New Xbox 360 with triple the storage (60 GB hard drive )Microsoft is now offering the gamers more gigabytes for their buck. An Xbox 360 console with triple the storage space of the original console, but for the same price of $349 (U.S.) estimated retail price.Now you'll have three times the storage to manage all that great content.Available in retail stores in the United States and Canada starting the upgraded Xbox 360.It includes a 60GB hard drive for storing the growing wealth of digital entertainment available for the console, including music, movies, television shows, and game content.The new Xbox 360 includes:Xbox 360 console: The console is equipped with a cool white finish and three powerful core processors capable of producing the best in high definition (HD) entertainment (up to 1080p for gaming), 16:9 cinematic aspect ratio, anti-aliasing for smooth textures, full surround sound, and high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) output.60GB Hard Drive: The 60GB detachable hard drive allows you to save your games and store television shows, movies, music, pictures, trailers, levels, demos, and other content available from Xbox LIVE Marketplace, the premier one-stop digital download center for entertainment.Upscaling DVD Player: With an HDMI cable (sold separately), watch your favorite DVDs in near high-definition using the upscaling capabilities of Xbox 360.Xbox 360 Wireless Controller: This award-winning, high-performance wireless controller features the Xbox Guide Button for quick, in-game access to friends and music. It has a range of up to 30 feet and a battery life of up to 30 hours on two AA batteries.Xbox 360 Headset: The headset lets friends and family around the world chat while playing games, watching movies, or sending voice messages on Xbox LIVE. Xbox LIVE Silver Membership: For no additional cost, Xbox 360 owners can chat with friends online, collect Achievements to improve their Gamerscores, send and receive voice and text messages, and access Xbox LIVE Marketplace content such as game demos, and purchase or rent HD movies and TV shows, as well as the best in downloadable games from Xbox LIVE Arcade. (Broadband Internet access required.) One-month subscription to Xbox LIVE Gold: An Xbox LIVE Gold Membership provides a complete online entertainment experience. Those who subscribe to this premium service can engage in competitive online multiplayer matches, tailor their matchmaking via feedback and accomplishments, and chat with an entire group of friends at a time.Not only this but Microsoft also dropped the price of its 20GB Xbox 360 console in United States and Canada to be $299 (U.S.) (ERP) while supplies last, a savings of $50. [...]

24 New missions for Ninja Gaiden 2


24 new missions for Ninja Gaiden 2

24 brand new missions (equivalent to a whole new campaign mode) for Ninja Gaiden 2 available now on Xbox Live markerplace all for 800MS points ONLY.
Each one of these missions theme to challenge the full range of Ryu Hayabusa’s formidable ninja skills.

And the most exciting about it is that all high scores will be represented on the Ninja Gaiden 2 Mission Leaderboards for all to admire on Xbox Live.

I believe it worths the effort.

You’ll also be rewarded for these efforts as well with 10 new Achievements to earn.
Now you can become as legendary as Hayabusa himself.....

Beijing 2008 Official Vedio Game of teh Olympic Games


Bring home the Gold!Compete in Beijing 2008™ - The Official Video Game of the Olympic Games alone or online as you strive to break records in 38 events across ten official Olympic sports including track and field, aquatics, gymnastics, and cycling!Over thirty official events and national teams: Represent the country of your choice and compete in such sports as track and field, aquatics, gymnastics, cycling, judo, table tennis, and canoe-kayak for the highest honor across ten authentic-looking stadiums.In-depth Olympic Games and Competition modes: In Olympic Games mode, players organize their daily schedule and customize their national teams with agility, power, stamina, and speed for competition in 38 events. With up to three friends, players can participate in either single or multi-event challenges in Competition mode.New gameplay mechanics: Controls vary across events, including a time-based system where timing, power and angle are essential, a rhythm-based method that requires increasing and sustaining speed, and a targeting system to aid players in accurately hitting targets.In the zone: Players are pulled right into the athlete's mind, getting them closer to the action and giving them time to accurately control every move.Global online competition: Face challengers from other nations, compete in exhibition events, and track your progress on the leaderboards, which allow you to prove yourself before the world.Capturing the Olympic spirit: As the exclusive official videogame, Beijing 2008™ offers an authentic look and feel of the Games, ultra-realistic recreations of the Beijing stadiums, and a chance to soak up the atmosphere from the Olympic host city in your own home. [...]

Upgrade Xbox Live child account


Is your Xbox Live account a child account?
Did you create your account before the 18th?
Do you want to change it to an adult one?
Are you 18+ now?

Now Microsoft allows you to promote your child account to an adult account after you step in your 18th year.
This promotion removes the Family Settings and Xbox LIVE restrictions.
To promote your account, you must agree again to the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use and marketing opt-ins.

Here's how to promote your child account:

1- On the Xbox Dashboard, Select your gamer profile.
2- Choose Account management.
3- Choose Promote Child Account.
And follow the steps.

Note: If your parent's credit card was on your account, you must enter a new one to replace it.



Get Ready.....................

GEARS OF WAR 2 will be available November 2008

Did you enjoy Gears of War?! Xbox 360 exclusive game that blends tactical action with survival horror, thrusts gamers into a deep and harrowing story of humankind's epic battle for survival against the Locust Horde, a nightmarish race of creatures that surface from the bowels of the planet. If yes, so you'd like this surprise ....
An even bigger, better and more badass experience than Gears of war
Sure you can’t wait to get it in hands...
November 08 will be the date.



Get Ready......................GEARS OF WAR 2 will be available November 2008Did you enjoy Gears of War?! Xbox 360 exclusive game that blends tactical action with survival horror, thrusts gamers into a deep and harrowing story of humankind's epic battle for survival against the Locust Horde, a nightmarish race of creatures that surface from the bowels of the planet.If yes, so you'd like this surprise ....GEARS OF WAR 2An even bigger, better and more badass experience than Gears of warSure you can’t wait to get it in hands...November 08 will be the date. Watch the game trailer: [...]

Xbox 360 France €60 Rebate Offer


For France Customers ONLY

From April 29th to June 15th
If you buy an Xbox 360 and GTA IV, you'll receive €60
You do not have to purchase the Xbox 360 & GTA IV together but should buy them both between April 29th to June 15th.

To get the rebate:
1- Fill in application form on
2- Send the proof of purchase for the Xbox 360 console and GTA IV game, with the 13 digit bar code (you'll find it on the console packaging) to the address on the application.

Xbox 360 price drop


(image) April 29th, Microsoft announced lowering the prices for the Elite, Premium and Arcade Xbox 360 consoles in Singapore.

In Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan that price drop is for the Premium Xbox 360s only on May 1st.
Below are the new prices:
Elite --> SGD 699
Premium --> SGD 499
Arcade --> SGD 399

Hong Kong
Premium --> HKD 2,499
Premium --> KRW 369,000
Premium --> NTD 10,360

Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack


April 15th, the launch date for the Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack is a collection of three new amazing maps:1- Avalanche :Your excuse to ride the many vehicles made famous by the Halo series, but retuned for the snowy battlefield. This map is actually a tribute to the “Sidewinder” map from Halo: Combat Evolved, but has been massively revamped for Xbox 360.2- Blackout :It is actually the same basic design as Lockout (the fan favourite from Halo2), but you won’t believe the graphical overhaul it has received. Sometimes we’re forgetting how much Xbox 360 really has moved things on graphically, but classic gameplay lives forever. 3- Ghost Town :This medium-size map suits Team Slayer games, so expect to be kept very busy indeed. Don’t be surprised to find your pulse racing as you navigate the rabbit warren of passages or emerge onto the rooftops with the ground far below. Only for 800 Microsoft points you can enjoy more your multiplayer games with the new Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack...... [...]

Windows Media Connect firewall ports


Are you trying to stream music, pictues or videos from your Windows Media Connect computer on your Xbox 360?Is it not working?Do you get "PC selected failed" when you test the connection?Basically you are not able to play music because you have a firewall programme installed on your PC blocking the connection between the Xbox 360 and the computer. And this firewall is something other than Windows firewall.For the Xbox 360 and the computer to communicate there should be some ports opened on your Firewall programme on the PC. (Windows firewall already opens the correct ports for the communication between the Computer and the Xbox 360)To open these firewall ports, you must know the name of the program, the port that the program needs, and the direction of the communication signal.Below are the ports that you should open for Windows Media Connect based PC:For the manual setting of your firewall, you'll need to check the firewall documentation.For Windows Media Center PC firewall settings press here. [...]

Windows Media Center firewall ports


Are you trying to stream music, pictues or videos from your Windows Media Center computer on your Xbox 360?Is it not working?Do you get "PC selected failed" when you test the connection?Basically you are not able to play music because you have a firewall programme installed on your PC blocking the connection between the Xbox 360 and the computer. And this firewall is something other than Windows firewall.For the Xbox 360 and the computer to communicate there should be some ports opened on your Firewall programme on the PC. (Windows firewall already opens the correct ports for the communication between the Computer and the Xbox 360)To open these firewall ports, you must know the name of the program, the port that the program needs, and the direction of the communication signal.Below are the ports that you should open for Windows Media Center Based PC: For the manual setting of your firewall, you'll need to check the firewall documentation.For Windows Media Connect PC firewall settings press here. [...]

Change Windows Live ID associated to your gamertag


Do you have a gamertag and want to change the Windows Live ID associated to your gamertag?If so follow the below steps:Go to your Gamercard on the Xbox Live area of the dashboard, then select Account Management. In the Account Management list, select Windows Live ID. Choose Change Windows Live ID. You will get this message:"Do you have another existing Windows Live ID to associate your Xbox Live account with?" So select Yes, I do Then enter the password for the Windows Live ID that is currently associated with your Gamertag, and click Sign in. Now enter the new e-mail address and the password for the new Windows Live ID that you want to associate with your gamertag, and select Sign in. You'll get this message:"Do you want to change the Windows Live ID associated with your Xbox Live account?" So select Yes, change.You'll get this message:“We have completed the Windows Live ID change to your Xbox Live account. You will be required to use your new Windows Live ID when you log on to Xbox Live or” Just select "Update Contact Information" if you have to update your contact information. Select Done.Note: You can only change your Windows Live ID once in a 30 day periodNow you'll Xbox Live account is associated to the new windows Live ID [...]

Mass Effect downloadable new pack


On March 10th 2008 Mass Effect new downloadable pack “Bring Down the Sky” is available on Xbox Live Marketplace.Only for 400 MS points and you begin to explore a new world aboard the starship Normandy. This uncharted territory is no holiday destination however; it’s the Asgard system which is currently plagued by ferocious Batarians.Deep inside Asgard there lies a human colony world called Terra Nova. The content pack “Bring Down the Sky” is so named because a group of extremist Batarians have hijacked an asteroid station and have set it on a collision course with Terra Nova.Thus the lives of millions of innocent civilians are in grave danger, and Commander Shepard has less than two hours to interject.“Bring Down the Sky” is the first in a series of planned downloadable content for Mass Effect. It adds like 90 minutes of exhilarating new sequences that benefit from the award-winning features of this action role-playing game – intelligent dialogue, tactical battles, and spectacular visuals to depict each scenario.After completing “Bring Down the Sky” you will earn an Achievement of 50 score points.What do you think? Does it worth??!!! [...]

Forza Motorsport 2 Downloadable Content Pack


March the 19th : A new content pack is now available for Forza Motorsport 2.For only 400 MS points you can download 13 of the most desirable road cars ever created, including the Audi S5, Lamborghini Murcielago LP640, BMW E92 M3 and Porsche GT2. For drivers who prefer muddy conditions the new Peugeot 207 Super 2000 is nothing short of a rally dream. And, of course, no Forza download pack would be complete without some classic performance rides such as the ’89 Ferrari F40 and ’71 BMW 3.0 CSL.Every one of the new cars can be tuned, painted and, most importantly, raced. Thanks to Forza 2’s damage and wear physics as well as advanced tire and suspension models that respond to heat and pressure changes, the game continues to offer the most realistic racing simulator on the market. The latest batch of new cars can be raced on all of the game’s 47+ ribbons across 14 tracks, including licensed circuits such as:MugelloSuzukaRoad AmericaSebring. And for those of you wanting to express your inner artist, there’s the chance to fully customize and design the livery of each one before sharing or selling them at the in-game auction market.Below are the cars available in the downloadable pack: Audi S5Audi TT Coupe S-Line BMW 3.0 CSL E09BMW E92 M3Ferrari F40 CompetizioneFerrari F50 GTFerrari 430 ScuderiaLamborghini Murcielago LP640Maserati GranTurismoMaserati MC12 CorsaMitsubishi Lancer Evolution X GSRPorsche 911 GT2 (997) The Peugeot #1 Peugeot 207 Super 2000 (Xbox liveried 2007 IRC championship winner). [...]

Microsoft lowers Xbox 360 prices


On Friday the 14th of March: Microsoft lowered Xbox 360 Retail Prices to be: £159.99 for the definitive high-definition gaming and entertainment console.The entry level “Xbox 360 Arcade” console gets a new ERP of £159.99, shaving £40 off the original ERP.“Xbox 360”, with a 20GB hard drive and one wireless controller gets an ERP of £199.99, a saving of £50. “Xbox 360 Elite”, with its massive 120GB hard drive ideal to store bucket-loads of media content downloaded from Xbox LIVE Marketplace as well as your own music, will have an ERP of £259.99, saving you £40 off the original ERP.Whichever you choose, Xbox 360 can easily adapt to suit your entertainment needs. There’s something on Xbox 360 to suit everyone at home, even if they’d sometimes rather watch a movie (on DVD or via the Xbox Live Video store) than playing the latest games.But when it comes to games Xbox 360 really is king, with over 150 3+ rated games to suit younger players and up, and unparalleled parental control allowing families to keep watch over everything else. The very best games are all available on Xbox 360, with over 1000 to choose from by the end of the year. Fable2, Too Human and Rock Band are due in 2008, and don’t forget that Grant Theft Auto IV will have exclusive downloadable episodes on Xbox Live. [...]

ICS with Windows Vista


How to share internet connection on your Windows Vista PC with your Xbox 360 consoleTo set-up ICS on Vista follow these steps:-Connect to the internet normally on your PC.Connect your Xbox 360 to your PC using an Ethernet cable.Click Start then Network then the Sharing Center Button. Now click Manage Network Connections. Make sure you identify which of the connections is your internet connection. If you are using a USB modem to connect to the Internet it will be under the "Dial-up" section.If you have more that one Local Area Connection you must first know which one is the connection to your Xbox 360, try unplugging the Ethernet cable connected to your Xbox 360 from the PC side and observe which Local Area Connection have the unplugged sign on it (A red X will appear on the connection) so that's the connection to your Xbox 360, now reconnect the cable and right click on the connection to make sure the connection is enabled.Now you know which is your Internet connection and which is your Xbox to PC connection (Local Area Connection), right click on your Internet connectin and click Properties.Go to the Sharing tab.Then tick the "Allow other network users to connect through this computers Internet connection" and "Establish a dial-up connection whenever a computer on my network attempts to access the Internet" boxes.If you have more than one connection you'll have to choose the one you need to share the Internet connection to through a drop down list that will appear here, just select your Xbox to PC connection that we identified before, if you only have one Local Area connection there will be no drop down list so just go on with the next step normally.Click OK then right click on your Internet connection and select Disconnect then right click again and select Reconnect.Now the Dial-up connection will be Connected, Shared.Right click on your Xbox 360 to PC connection and select Status/Details.Go to IPv4 IP Address, it should be ( If not, there is something wrong with the settings you've done so you'll have to start the steps again and follow it more carefully.Go on your Xbox 360 to "System" then "Network Settings", and make sure that all the settings are set to Automatic if not put it all to automaticNow Connect to Xbox Live and Enjoyyy..... [...]

ICS with AOL


Are you trying to connect to Xbox Live using Internet connection Sharing (ICS) and your internet service provider is AOL?Is it not working?If yes, you'll need to follow different connection sharing steps.To make AOL work via your PC you have to create a separate connection to the internet and stop using the connection AOL installs using its own software.Here is what you have to do: On your PC go to control panel then network connections.Select "Create a new connection" from the left side bar.The Wizard will welcome you and asks you to Click Next so, click next.Select "Connect to the Internet" then Next.Then select "Set up my connection manually" then Next.Select "Connect using a broadband connection that requires a user name or password" then Next.It will ask you for your ISP name so put it AOL. Then your AOL user account for example (must be with the into the username field and your password into the 2 password fields then click Next. If you have multiple AOL accounts make sure to use the "Master Account" You are now on the "Completing the New Connection Wizard" screen, check the box "Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop". Now you'll need to disconnect from the Internet, and double click the new shortcut created on the desktop to connect to the Internet again using our new connection.Now make sure you can browse normally using the new connection shortcut. If you get any error telling you there is a problem with the username or password you entered or a domain problem, the details you have put in for sure are incorrect.Check your username and password and make sure to put the correct one as this must be set first before we move to the next step. If you are sure that your username and password are correct and that you are using the Master Account, try changing your password, especially if it is longer than 7 characters, try to make it 5 or 6 also try entering your details in lowercase.Now we'll allow ICS option normally to the new connection we just created, go to "Control Panel" then "Network connections" and right click the new connection.Select properties then go to the advanced tab and check "allow other network users to connect through this computers internet connection" If you have more than one network you'll get a dropdown box to select the network you want to share the connection to. If you just have one network you just click Ok.Finally connect the Ethernet cable to your Xbox 360 and PC. Make sure you always connect using the new connection (shortcut on the desktop and forget about the original AOL icon)And if you are already connected to the internet, disconnect and reconnect using the new icon. Your internet browser will not start automatically like it used to do. Just start it up manually after connecting with the new icon. NOTE:You have to set everything in your Xbox network settings to AUTOMATIC.And NEVER Put YOUR AOL Username/Password into the PPPoE section of your Xbox Dashboard. As this will prevent you from accessing Xbox live. (This is for ICS) [...]

Special Offer for Xbox UK gamers.


Get 3 months FREE Xbox Live Gold Membership and 2100 Marketplace points when you order BT total Broadband before 31st March 2008.BT total Broadband, the UK's most complete Broadband service now includes:Download speeds up to 8 MBFree windows Home HubBest-ever security packageBT Vision digital recorderAnd later this year, you’ll also be able to watch BT Vision through your Xbox 360! Even if you already have broadband with another supplier, it is easy to switch to BT and still qualify for this great offer.Click here to Sign up for this offer and to read the terms and conditions. [...]

Undertow gratis on Xbox Live


After many Xbox Live users spent their unhappy holidays battling a multitude of problems with logging into and using the online gaming service, Microsoft apologized for the gaff and said it would be offering a free Live Arcade game to all members as a make-good. Today Microsoft detailed what the game will be and when gamers can actually get it. Beginning next Wednesday, January 23, at 2 a.m. and continuing through the following Sunday, January 27, Xbox Live users will be able to download Chair Entertainment Group's Undertow free of charge.Ordinarily available for 800 Microsoft points ($10), Undertow is an action combat game with 15 single-player levels as well as multiplayer action where up to 16 gamers take on different classes and races in an attempt to assert dominance over the waves. Undertow is rated E10+ for Everyone 10 and Older. [...]