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Wedding Reception Timeline The Order of Events

Tue, 07 Sep 2010 08:21:54 PDT

A well planned wedding reception timeline serves as a checklist and helps the bride and groom form a mental image of the wedding reception order of events.

The bride and groom discusses the wedding reception program with the reception manager and the wedding master of ceremonies (MC). This is to ensure everything runs smoothly, on time and according to your requests.

For your interest; a comprehensive step by step wedding emcee sample script for those of you that have been given the task of the wedding MC for the reception. The order of the wedding reception program or sample master of ceremonies script can be changed and customised to suit your own ideas and customs.

The bride and groom would have had their wedding photos taken (following a detailed wedding photography checklist) before they arrive at the wedding reception. Some photo's will be taken at the church and the others could be taken at a nearby picturesque location with the entire bridal party and bride and grooms family. The newly weds are then chauffeured in a luxury limousine while enjoying scenic water views, drinking french Champagne and eating canapés.
On arrival, the drinks waiter offers your wedding guests a choice alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
Pre-dinner finger food. A waiter offering canapés to the wedding guests while they are mingling.

Wedding Reception Program

Tue, 07 Sep 2010 08:18:56 PDT

A wedding reception program is an essential checklist, not only for your wedding guests but also for your Wedding MC. It ensures your wedding event is planned to perfection. You have a time limit at the reception, so use the time wisely. Plan with care and your wedding reception will be amazing.


Booking Your Wedding Reception

Tue, 07 Sep 2010 08:15:52 PDT

Steps to making the arrangements:
Twelve Months:
• Decide on the style of wedding you want - formal, semi-formal or casual.
• Choose a wedding theme or colour theme, as this will carry through to all you wedding decorations, bouquets and bridesmaids dreses.
• Glean through wedding directories and bridal magazines for advertised receptions and venues. Also remember to ask friends and family for recommendations.
• Call and visit the venues and ask questions relating to you needs and wants.
• Pick a venue and give them a holding deposit, ask for a copy of the contract confirming all the reception details and finalise the food menu and wine list..
Six Months:
• Organise entertainment and any necessary wedding decorations. Unless they are already included in your package.
Three Months:
• Make sure you've collected all your guest's RSVP's, and organise the reception seating plan.
• Put together a wedding reception program including speeches, cake-cutting and the bridal dance. Make copies for the reception manager, the DJ, Master of Ceremonies and of course yourself. For your interest; here's a detailed wedding reception order of events to give you an overview of what to expect. You may also be interested in this comprehensive step by step wedding reception emcee sample script for those of you that have been given the task of the wedding MC for the reception.
One Week:
• Pay the rest of the money owed for the wedding reception, confirm all details with wedding chair decorators etc.(image)

The Wedding Receptions Checklist and Guide for Newly Weds

Tue, 07 Sep 2010 08:09:08 PDT

The key to wedding receptions is to book early. Sounds simple doesn't it? To make it simpler, book the wedding venue a year in advance. Make a deposit or down payment, take hostages if you have to but don't miss out on the venue you want.

Some extremely popular receptions are booked so far ahead, you've barely reached puberty when the deposit is paid. I'm joking, but you get the picture. Anyway, who wants to wait that long to get married. Nevertheless, it pays to plan ahead.

Wedding Theme: Firstly, have a very clear idea on the style of wedding you want; traditional, formal, semi-formal or casual. Choosing a wedding theme or colour theme will be an important decision in regards to planning the reception, as this can dictate the wedding reception location and the type of venue you'll choose to have your party at.

There's definately a demand for new and creative wedding ideas, newly weds are more open to new and innovative ways to celebrate their wedding day.
Creative red & white wedding napkins decor.
Floral centerpiece as wedding table decorations.
Red & white chair covers and tablecloths.

The theme of your wedding ceremony and reception dinner should be congruous. If it's a formal service, it is generally followed by a sit-down dinner interspersed with speeches, the bridal waltz and the cutting of the wedding cake. If it's an Elvis impersonator ceremony, don't step on the groom's Blue Suede Shoes, treat him nice or he may get the GI Blues.

There are so many reception ideas to choose from, so it's no wonder brides are looking through books and magazines for guidance, though with the internet information superhighways helpful suggestions are never far away. Deciding where you celebrate your wedding event can be a breeze, but you need to keep it simple by following a pre-reception-booking checklist.(image)

Reception Wedding Decorations

Sat, 24 Jul 2010 07:37:04 PDT


wedding flowers

Tue, 06 Jul 2010 06:19:47 PDT

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Think Outside the Basket

Mon, 11 Jan 2010 08:01:10 PST

One of our lovely readers, Lyndsay at It's a Date Event Design sent me a note to let me know about the gorgeous gift basket she had made for her sister. Not only is the basket filled with thoughtful and desirable gifts, but they are wrapped using our Modern Spice patterned papers from Issue 3. What a terrific way to use them - they look fantastic. Thank you very much Lyndsay for letting us see your handy work.





marry christmas

Fri, 25 Dec 2009 04:57:45 PST

(image) Of all our family with you! I hope your vacation filled with wonder and suprises!!

Disney Wedding

Wed, 09 Dec 2009 05:22:34 PST

(image) (image)

Creative Ideas For Decorating Your Wedding Reception

Fri, 04 Dec 2009 05:50:44 PST

One of the many things you will need to decide when you plan a wedding reception is how you are going to decorate it. You need to have a plan early on because you want to be able to purchase all of the supplies for that occasion. Make sure you have looked inside of the location so you know how much of the supplies you will need as well. This is important because if you over decorate then it will be hard for people to focus on it all. However, if you don't have enough decorations for the size of the location the look will seem unbalanced.Your ideas for decorating need to be easy enough to put in place the day before the wedding or the morning of. Don't forget that they will need to be cleaned up afterwards as well. There should be some rules in place with the location where you are having your wedding reception so keep those in mind. Your thoughts for decorating indoors will likely be very different from those for an outdoor occasion. You also have to be aware of the weather so it doesn't ruin what you have put out there. For example candles and candies can melt easily outdoors.Crepe paper is a very common item to use for decorating at a wedding reception. You can get the two colors that match the wedding and that will help to keep the look of it all consistent. You can also think about a theme that you would like to put into place. For example if you are going to take a vacation to the Bahamas you can have a beach theme. You can add buckets, shovels, and even seashells to the tables to decorate them.As you are exploring various types of decorations you can review what wholesalers have to offer you. Often you can get great quality items from them but for a very low price. Who says that decorating for your wedding has to be expensive? Go to party stores and see what you can get on sale there. Many dollar stores have things you can use too. Just because you pay a low dollar amount for them doesn't mean they can't look great.If you aren't looking for a fun theme why not go with something that is elegant? You can do this with some great looking bells to hang from the ceiling as well as wonderful centerpieces. Candles are a nice way to decorate and you can even allow your guests to take them home at the end of night. Bottles of champagne with customized labels are a great idea for decorating at your wedding reception too.Too many new couples get wrapped up in trying to outdo other weddings that they have been to. Don't let that happen to you because when it is all over with you will have that cost to deal with. Instead focus on decorating in a tasteful manner that you will be content with. Come up with your own ideas, borrow them from others, or make a combination of the two. Look online as well as in magazines to get good ideas. Collect pictures too so you can sit down and compare them.Your wedding reception is a time to celebrate your lives together as a couple. Therefore it should be a reflection of both of you. The ideas you incorporate for decorating at the wedding reception need to be something that both of you are very comfortable with. At the same time you want to make sure you have plenty of help to get the decorations in place and taken back down. [...]

New Jersey Wedding Reception

Fri, 04 Dec 2009 04:37:03 PST

(image) A New Jersey Wedding Reception has much variety, elegance and grandeur to choose from for wedding couples. This would be even more pronounced if your budget for the wedding reception is large enough for engaging the best wedding reception venue that New Jersey has to offer.

It would be advisable to scout around at other New Jersey wedding receptions in order to determine your choices. You will then have a good idea for the theme of your reception. Do you want to host it at a prestigious city hotel? Would you want to have a grand and romantic reception held in a manor or a mansion? How about a reception in a park with wide spaces of lush greenery?

Whatever your choice may be, all of the above is possible for your reception in New Jersey. All of these reception locations are unique and distinctive, each of them with their own theme and specialties. In the end, the wedding couple should evaluate each of these venues based on their desires, their reception budget, type of food served, service levels, ambience, elegance, decor and accessibility for visitors.

For instance, food may be a problem as some venues may not have the right selections, so engaging an outside caterer may be an alternative as long as the venue management allows it. Other elements of a New Jersey wedding that needs to be taken into consideration would be the type of music as well as the choice of floral arrangements, wedding cake and wedding favors for the guests.

If you are interested in having your reception surrounded by lush greenery, then Park Savoy would be the perfect setting for your New Jersey reception. The unique cobblestone pathways, European lanterns, exquisite gardens with a grand mansion, forms a perfect setting for the wedding ceremony. This coupled with a grand reception either indoors within the mansion or outdoors amongst the gardens, fountains and lakes.


Wedding Reception Pictures

Fri, 04 Dec 2009 04:22:47 PST

When you hire a photographer for your wedding, you want to make sure that also includes them coming to do the same at your reception. This event is going to pass by very quickly, and you do want the chance to have wonderful photos to remember it all by. You should allow the photographer to get some candid shots as well of people dancing and having a great deal of fun.There are certain pictures you want though including the first dance, the food, and of course the wedding cake. You can't have your wedding reception photos complete without those in place. Treat your photographer well though with a place to sit and rest. You also want to make sure he or she gets plenty to eat and to drink during the activities. While they may be working, they still need to have nourishment and it is in good taste and etiquette to be sure that it is offered to them.You may have a friend or a family member that offers to do your wedding and reception photos for you. Only allow this person to do so if you are really genuinely happy with their work. Otherwise you can tell them that you have already hired someone and paid a deposit. You can also tell them that you would rather they get to enjoy the event with everyone instead of having to work.It is a good idea to start looking for a great photography as soon as you have your wedding date and locations selected. That way you can compare what they have to offer as well as their prices. You want to find out what they charge to take the photos as well as for the ones you decide to buy. You won't be obligated to buy any of them or all of them, but if you get a great photographer it is going to be tough to decide which ones you want to have forever.You may want to consider allowing your guests to help take wedding reception pictures as well. This is very affordable and you will get some pictures from new angles and different poses than you do from the hired photographer. Place disposable cameras at the different tables for the wedding reception. Make sure you even have a couple of them at the table for the wedding party as well.Ask the guests to leave these cameras on the table or to place them at a specific location after the wedding is over. It won't cost you very much to develop the pictures and chances are you will be laughing as you go through many of them. Don't expect them all to turn out though but a large number of them should.No matter what all you do to get great pictures of your wedding reception, you want to do your best to get everything captured on film. This includes the setting up, the decorating, and even the clean up. That way you can have these precious memories of your special occasion from start to finish.These photos are going to mean so much more to you as time goes by. You will be able to look back at how everyone looked and maybe even laugh at their hair and clothing back then. Pictures are ageless and timeless and they are something we can pass on to future generations as well. If you put some time and effort into setting things up for excellent wedding reception pictures then you won't end up disappointed. You will be able to look at them and love what you see![...]

Wedding Magicians - Ideas For Your Wedding Reception Entertainment

Fri, 04 Dec 2009 04:13:32 PST


A wedding magician is simply a magician who has performed magic at a lot of weddings and understands how the day works. They will perform magic at the best times during your big day, they will not get in they way of anything but actually enhance your day by keeping all your guests entertained during the quieter parts of the day.

When is the best time for your Magician to perform?

There are 3 main windows when a magician at your wedding would be perfect.

1. During the photos - while the photographer is busy organizing all the photos a lot of your guests are left hanging around wondering when the food will come. (image) Having a magician mingle with your guests during this time will break up the quiet times and amaze and enthrall them until it is time to eat!

2. During the wedding breakfast - as all your guests sit down for the meal there are a lot of people who may have not met before - there is usually a small wait while all the tables get served - your wedding magician can visit each table when they are not eating and entertain the guests with some amazing sleight of hand / close up magic.

3. During the evening - this is another great time for a magician there are usually more guests there but be careful, as you go into the night things tend to get louder and more drink flows so the magician has to work harder to be heard and people do not tend to appreciate the magic as much.

If you are getting married and would like to have a professional (image) wedding magician at your wedding simply do a search for wedding magicians in your local area. Make sure the magician has a video on their website so you can watch their performance to see if it will fit in with your day. It is no good having a fire eating clown turn up at your posh wedding - unless you want one that is!

New Wedding Album Pictures and Designs

Sat, 05 Dec 2009 07:55:55 PST

Some new fabulous Wedding Album Pictures and Designs. Showing our passion as one of your best wedding and engagement photographers and professionally designing your wedding album with artistic care. Sweet Dreams Studio photographer, videographer and photo booth happily serving Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, New York, New Jersey and all Destinations (DC VA NY NJ MD)
(image) (image)
(image) (image)
Find the best personalized gifts for the new bride and groom.


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