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Last Build Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2010 20:29:54 PST


Modified Car Engines

Tue, 14 Dec 2010 20:29:54 PST

For every last bit of performance and power from your vehicle, you will need some modifications to the investment. When changes such as wing spoilers, body kits, coffee breaks and after-wheel performance of all these performance benefits are to your car, just set your car engine up to support you, to require the PS to increase your car at the bottom of the rivalry to produce the strip or street.(image)

BMW 3-series 2010

Fri, 10 Sep 2010 21:52:00 PDT

Vehicle Details $33675 328i Sedan 4-Door Rear Wheel Drive Car, 230 bhp, 200 lb-ft, 6-sp Manual, 18 (2009)/28 (2009) mpg 5 passengers, 3350 lb, 3-liter, inline-6 engine, 14.5 lb/bhp Engine Engine Type Gas I6 Displacement 3.0L/183 Fuel System N/A SAE Net Horsepower @ RPM 230 @ 6500 SAE Net Torque @ RPM 200 @ 2750 Transmission Drivetrain Rear Wheel Drive Trans Type(image)

Best Luxury Car in the World

Fri, 10 Sep 2010 07:07:00 PDT

Maybach has already proved its worth as makers of amazing limousines, with its continent-crushing 62. It has decided to take a sporty tack with its blistering new 57S, a slightly beefed-up version of the shorter-wheelbase 57 limo. Putting out in excess of six-hundred horsepower from its twin-turbocharged V12 power plant, effortless wafting comes instantly to mind. It appears especially regal in(image)

Funtastic car wallpaper Bugatti EB 110

Thu, 09 Sep 2010 14:38:00 PDT

Funtastic car wallpaper Bugatti EB 110(image)

Unique car wallpaper 1960 Austin-Healey Mark I Bugeye

Thu, 09 Sep 2010 10:51:00 PDT

1960 Austin-Healey Mark I 'Bugeye',(image)

Volkswagen Scirocco R 2010 Modification

Wed, 08 Sep 2010 10:38:00 PDT

Specifications VEHICLE TYPE: Front-engine, front-wheel-drive, 4-passenger, 3-door hatchback BASE PRICE (GERMANY): $47,922 ENGINE TYPE: Turbocharged and intercooled DOHC 16-valve inline-4, iron block and aluminum head, direct fuel injection. Displacement: 121 cu in, 1984cc Power (SAE net): 265 bhp @ 6000 rpm Torque (SAE net): 258 lb-ft @ 2500 rpm TRANSMISSIONS: 6-speed manual, 6-speed(image)

Style Land Cruiser AX200

Wed, 08 Sep 2010 04:44:00 PDT

Toyota Land Cruiser is true legendary SUV from the past world. Because of it strength, performance, and durability, Land Cruiser became very popular and legendary car among Toyota products. Toyota Land Cruiser is often modified so, it has many modification experience and modification stories. Many tuner that already modify it. So, there a many product to apply nin Land Cruiser. This Land(image)

Red Audi Popular wallpaper

Tue, 07 Sep 2010 14:37:00 PDT

Red Audi Is Popular CAR(image)

Modification Perfect Body of Audi Q5

Tue, 07 Sep 2010 11:34:00 PDT

Audi Q5 Audi Q5(image)

Chevrolet Sports Car best picture

Mon, 06 Sep 2010 19:35:00 PDT


Luxury Car Porsche Panamera Wallpapers

Mon, 06 Sep 2010 12:00:00 PDT

Porsche Panamera interior dasign Porsche Panamera Porsche Panamera Porsche Panamera Porsche Panamera(image)

Funtastic New Mazda Hydrogen Hybrid 2010

Mon, 06 Sep 2010 08:36:53 PDT

A car that can run on hydrogen and gasoline. Alternative fuels are good for the environment and reduce our reliance on a scarce resource, but they’re not always practical. For a while now we’ve had the technology for hydrogen cars, electric cars, biodiesel cars and more. Why aren’t they in widespread use yet? Because regular people can’t use these vehicles to meet their needs as efficiently as(image)


Mon, 06 Sep 2010 08:44:18 PDT

■ 20,19,18,17,16inch 6H139.7Deep impactThe long-awaited debut from Faburesuburando"Fabulous" brand name is attached. Raf MC-8 is it.While simple forms and tones to suit a variety of models, provide the perfect balance of quality and unique fabless detail.Gradual arc with a sophisticated eight-spoke design will appeal to quiet the trend of the next generation will become mainstream. However, the(image)

Nissan's Limited 370z 40th Anniversary Edition: Prices Announced.

Mon, 06 Sep 2010 04:14:00 PDT

Very soon after releasing MSRPS 2010 Rogue Krom Edition, Nissan puts a price of it next new and special, 370z 40th anniversary edition which will be available in the markets in the next spring 2010. Released to pay homage on the 40th anniversary of Datsun 240z, the 370z is available in a very limited number ( 10,000 units ) with price starting from $39,580 Imitating the 370z touring(image)

BMW Automotive Sport

Sun, 05 Sep 2010 22:36:00 PDT

BMW, Sport Car(image)

Audi e-Tron Concept a compact sports car with all-electric drive

Sun, 05 Sep 2010 09:28:00 PDT

Audi is showing an uncompromising purist compact sports car with all-electric drive at the 2010 NAIAS. The Detroit Audi e-tron Concept is 3.93 meter (154.72 in) long and 1.78 meter (70.08 in) wide but just 1.22 meter (48.03 in) tall two-seater; just a few months after the debut of the Audi e-tron Concept at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, this is now the second electric concept vehicle from the(image)

Luxury Modification Hyundai Verna Wallpapers

Sun, 05 Sep 2010 02:53:00 PDT

Luxury Interior Hyundai Verna Interior Hyundai Verna Hyundai Verna Hyundai Verna Hyundai Verna(image)

Lexus HS 250h

Sat, 04 Sep 2010 07:44:00 PDT

2010 Lexus HS 250h There are a lot of people who think Lexus' new HS 250h hybrid is nothing but a tarted-up Toyota Prius with leather seats and a sedan shell. I actually thought that myself, to the point where I spent a full two days trying to come up with a funny way to combine "Lexus" and "Prius" into one word. But a week of test-driving made it clear that the Lexus HS 250h is anything but a(image)

The Great Cars of Hyundai Avega

Sat, 04 Sep 2010 07:15:23 PDT

Hyundai Avega Hyundai Avega Hyundai Avega Hyundai Avega Hyundai Avega(image)

Chevrolet Aveo RS Sporty Concept Car

Sat, 04 Sep 2010 07:12:32 PDT

Chevrolet is one of America's best-known and best-selling automotive brands, and one of the fastest growing brands in the world. With fuel solutions that range from "gas-friendly to gas-free," Chevrolet has nine models that offer an EPA-estimated 30 miles per gallon or more on the highway, and offers two hybrid models. More than 2.5 million Chevrolets that run on E85 biofuel have been sold.(image)

The Car Automotive Modification

Sat, 04 Sep 2010 06:19:24 PDT

The Car Automotive Modification(image)

Modification of Hyundai Atoz

Sat, 04 Sep 2010 06:17:33 PDT

White Hyundai Atoz Yellow Hyundai Atoz Hyundai Atoz Modification Style Black Modification Hyundai Atoz Red Hyundai Atoz is cool(image)

Galant V6 Modification

Sat, 04 Sep 2010 07:18:43 PDT

Galant is a popular sedans line up from Mitsubishi. Based with V6 engine, it make Galant is a fast car. Equal with Lancer. So, that a good basic to modify it with racing style, isn’t it?. Maybe need a good modification experience to make Galant become better.VAJ was took a project from female that wanted her Galant dressed-up with racing accessories and racing parts. Because VAJ has much(image)

BMW X1 Concept is the best

Tue, 31 Aug 2010 12:11:43 PDT

BMW X1 BMW X1 BMW X1 BMW X1(image)

Luxury Cars Hyundai Santa Fe Images

Tue, 31 Aug 2010 12:07:44 PDT

Hyundai Santa Fe Hyundai Santa Fe Luxury Interior Hyundai Santa Fe Luxury Cars Hyundai Santa Fe Hyundai Santa Fe Luxury Cars Hyundai Santa Fe(image)