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Miley Cyrus Tattoo

Sat, 04 Sep 2010 00:14:51 PDT

The Disney star can't seem to keep herself out of scandals and she is only 16 years old. First it was the topless photo shoot that caused some much drama, even though she had a bed sheet covering herself and all you could see what her back. She is also involved in a law suit regrading all the Asians in CA , due to a photo of her pretending she was Asians. She is also ridiculed for her close relationship to her father, well one more thing can be added to that list, a tattoo.


Miley is not quite of age to get a tattoo just yet but that hasn't stopped her from wanting to get one. Like most girls Miley's age they want a tattoo. Well it seems Miley has already picked out what she wants as her first tattoo and to the seasoned tattoo person its the ultimate tattoo no no. This tattoo design that Miley has picked out is not the wisest of tattoo design. She wants to get the initials of her 20 year old boyfriend, Justin Gaston.

One would think that her parents Billy Ray and Tish would put their foot down and advise their daughter that getting the initials of a boyfriend who is more than likely just a teenager love affair is not the best idea. But it seems Billy Ray and Tish are ok with this because of a new tattoo ink that has come out that promises to be more effective when you want to get one removed by a laser. Either way getting tattoos removed is painful and expensive. It's best to just skip the whole boyfriend initials thing and get a butterfly or a heart tattoo instead.(image)

Wiz Khalifa Tattoos Back to Front

Wed, 01 Sep 2010 22:07:54 PDT


Anyone into the ink work can see Wiz Khalifa Tattoos Back to Front in this picture. If you stare for a while you can easily pull meaning from each work. A pretty religous guy, Wiz Khalifa loves to show off his tats that give a better glimpse of who he is!(image)

Wiz Khalifa Microphone Tattoo

Wed, 01 Sep 2010 21:53:55 PDT


Wiz Khalifa Microphone Tattoo can be seen here clear. A basic photo, you can see the Pittsburgh Sound rapper has a great tattoo artist connect. Whole body Inked up, the boy was not lying.(image)

wiz khalifa Tattoos

Wed, 01 Sep 2010 21:49:43 PDT


Wiz Khalifa tattoos are all over his body. He considers himself the king of ink and wants to be one of the major artists that have tons of ink on his body. One of the biggest tattoos that he has is the word Khalifa, on his back.. He even came up with a song and a of couple music videos, called “Ink My Whole Body”. Somebody asked how many does he actually have been the answer was a lot. It is also suggested that Matt Lettau may be one of the artists that did the ink.

On his chest he has the quote from Martin Luther King, Jr., “The ultimate measure of a Man is not where He stands in moments of comfort and convenience. But where He stands at times of challenge and controversy.”. Wiz Khalifa tattoos started when he was 16 when he got his first one. His first tattoo with the name of his group and then he just kept going from there. He said most of them are spiritual or have something to do with his life and how he lives it eerie at said they all have meaning, including the one that says, “Self Made”. He said he has one for his uncle he has one for his sister. And of course, he has superstar written out on his knuckles.

Was Khalifa, tattoos have been the subject of many interviews and he said that the “Self Made” tat is his favorite because it means a lot to him. He said, it embodies how he has really been a self-made person and he just really really likes that one. Where will he stop? It is truly hard to say. Certainly as he presses on in his life he will surely add additional tattoos that have huge meaning to him(image)

Tattoos For Men - A Guide to Choosing a Design and Body Area

Fri, 27 Aug 2010 04:24:10 PDT

When planning tattoos for men, the two most important decisions to make are choosing a design style, and choosing a location on the body to ink it. Some men prefer to start by choosing a design, and then think about the location later, while other men decide where they want a tattoo, and then search for suitable designs. Neither way is better than the other, and most men consider both the design and the body area simultaneously during the planning process.


There are a huge variety of design styles that make fantastic tattoos for men, and there really is something for everyone. Some of the most popular tattoos for men include Celtic, cross, dolphin, eagle, fish, heart, scorpion, star, tiger, tribal, and zodiac design styles. There are a wide variety of ink colours available, meaning that you can get your chosen design inked in whatever colours you want. It is important to remember however that some of the more traditional designs, such as Celtic and tribal designs, look best inked in black, so if you want a very colourful tattoo these designs are probably not for you.

Tattoo enthusiasts see the whole body as a canvas, and pretty much any area of skin can accommodate some kind of tattoo. That said, the most popular tattoo body areas for men are the arms, back, chest, legs, neck, and shoulders. When deciding on a body area to ink, its vitally important to think about how easy it will be to cover up, and expose. Many men have to think about the practicalities of their working lives, as many employers have no tattoo policies. Other men prefer to get tattoos in very conspicuous places. It all depends on your individual situation.

Your choices of where to ink your chosen design may also be limited by the size of the design. Large designs need large areas of skin, such as is provided by the back, chest, arms and legs. Smaller designs are not so restricted, and can be inked pretty much anywhere. Some areas of the body are too small to accommodate anything but the smallest tattoo designs, such as the wrist and ankle.(image)

Lady GaGa Tattoos -Tokyo Love -

Fri, 27 Aug 2010 04:15:59 PDT


Another tattoos that she inked on her shoulder with white daisy together with the writing ” Tokyo love”. Lady Gaga love roses and daisies that is the main reason why she embraced daisies on her shoulder and also along the bottom of her back which both had the same style. The “Tokyo Love” wording appear and you can see it on her Bad Romance video.(image)

New Miley Cyrus Tattoo -LOVE- on Her Right Ear

Tue, 24 Aug 2010 19:24:34 PDT


She’s only 17, but America’s Most Famous Teenager already has two tattoos — and those are only the ones we can see. That Miley Cyrus sure is growing up fast!

Last year, the Hannah Montana star had the words “Just Breathe” inked on her rib cage in tribute to a friend who died of cystic fibrosis. Now Miles’ gone for something far more visible – the word “LOVE” etched on her ear.

That must’ve hurt.

The starlet revealed her latest ink as she made her way through Los Angeles International Airport hand-in-hand with boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. The young lovebirds just happened to be celebrating their one-year anniversary on Tuesday — a milestone Miley commemorated with a blurb on her personal blog.

It’s illegal for anyone under 18 to get a tattoo without parental permission, so Billy Ray and Tish must have okayed this one. Reckon they did the right thing?


Lady Gaga Rilke Tattoo

Sun, 22 Aug 2010 00:42:33 PDT


Lady Gaga played homage to her fans with her latest tattoo. She added the words Little Monsters to her Rilke tattoo. Little Monsters is the name she gives to her fans and this picture is the one she uploaded on Twitpic(image)

Celebrity Tattoos - Lady Gaga

Sun, 22 Aug 2010 00:38:37 PDT

The Poker Face singer is probably best known for her outlandish outfits and crazy hair and fun dance songs. But Lady Gaga real name, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. But do not dare call her that, she only responds to Lady Gaga or Gaga. Well Lady Gaga is also no stranger to the tattoo gun. Lady Gaga has a total of three tattoos.


The one tattoo that most everyone has seen is the black peace symbol located on her left wrist. If you look at it, it looks upside down but from Lady Gaga's view it is right side up. She says she got this tattoo because of John Lennon. She is a huge John Lennon and Beatles fan and she grew up two miles from the imagine memorial. She she got the tattoo to help reminder her about the important things in life, like give peace a chance.

She also has a tattoo on her left should blade. This tattoo is of a Hawaiian flower. Her last tattoo is on her lower back and on her side. Gaga says that she got her first tattoo when she was 17 and got a fake id so she could do so. Of course her parents were not too happy. Well Gaga obviously regrets the tattoo design she got because she has gotten it covered up. She has three very large white roses on her side with some black vines and another set of the same roses on her lower back with some black vines that Kat Von D of LA Ink did for her(image)

Misspelled Tattoos

Wed, 18 Aug 2010 21:06:27 PDT

Unfortunately, there are many people out there that have a tattooed misspelled, this awful practice happens more than one may think. The horrible thing about misspelling a tattoo is there is not way to erase it and start over. Once it is misspelled it is going to stay that way forever, not unless there is enough room to correct it or room to cover it up with another tattoo.With this being said it is pretty ironic that tattoo is one of the most misspelled words out there. So if you don't want to be like the many people out there in the world that has a misspelled tattoo follow these next steps and you should be never have this problem.

Most tattoo artist put your tattoo design on a piece of transfer paper that gets applied very similar to a temporary tattoo. Before the tattoo artist puts it on you they ask if everything looks alright and they ask the same after the have applied on you. So before they put this template on you make 100% sure that whatever word or phrases that you are getting tattooed on you is spelled correctly. If you are unsure of a spelling of a word, for heaven sakes look it up. Also after the tattoo artist has applied the transfer paper to your skin check again to make sure everything looks correct before they fire up the tattoo gun and go to town on your skin. It is always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to a tattoo.(image)

Free Tattoo

Tue, 10 Aug 2010 11:29:45 PDT

Free Tattoo Designs - Should You Even Consider Them?
Are free tattoo designs really worthwhile or is it better to splurge and get a custom design which is just made for you? The fact that anything is free is a great point, but are these free designs something you would like live with on your body for the rest of your life? You may look at it later and think "Why didn,t I just spend the money and(image)

Tattoo Designs

Sun, 08 Aug 2010 03:24:41 PDT

Do you really want a "free" tattoo design? Maybe. If you look through all of the free tattoo sites, you might be able to find a tattoo design that will suit your needs. There are SO many free tattoo design sites out there, that you could literally spend weeks searching through them all.

Generally, the free sites have tens of thousands of designs. Most are not organized in categories, and most do not give you the flexibility to change the scale of the design. And, I guarantee you will find the same cookie cutter designs on site after site. But if you are truly patient and willing to wade through all the designs you may find what you are looking for


When you begin your search for the best tattoo design, there are a few important things to keep in mind.
You want to find the best design that comes the closest to what you had in your head. You are going to spend a boatload of money on the actual tattoo, so you don't want to have any regrets later. After all, it is permanent.

So how do you find the best tattoo design? If you are looking for a simple basic design, you will probably have a pretty good chance of finding it on the "Free Tattoo" sites. If you are thinking of an intricate tribal tattoo, a Maori design, an awesome shoulder tattoo, a large back piece or something that is truly unique, you should really take your time and do all your research. Check out all the "free" sites. if you still can not find what you are looking for, tap some of your artistic friends to sketch a few designs for you. Also, go to your local tattoo shop and check out the designs on the wall and in their books. You should also check out other peoples ink to find a general idea of what you are looking for. Tweak it, change it, but don't copy it.
If you don't have any artistic friends, and really don't want the same tattoo as every other guy/girl walking down the street, check out some of the tattoo membership sites(image)

Tattoos for Men

Sun, 08 Aug 2010 03:01:50 PDT

The best accessory a man can have is probably a tattoo. Tattoos have long been associated with masculinity and strength. When it comes to getting a tattoo, most of the work done is in choosing a design. Your tattoo will become a representation of who you are so you better find a design that you definitely resonate with



The chest is a perfect canvass for getting a tattoo. The reason for this is because there is more flesh to work with so the artist is free to recreate the design that you want without having to worry about not having enough space. With a chest tattoo, men are allowed to be more sensitive when it comes to the design since it is rarely seen by people (unless you're a lifeguard by profession).

Symbols like the heart or the cross are chosen for their significance. Putting a crown of thorns around the heart can depict a man who does not want to be bothered by love, or a stone heart can mean an avowed bachelor. For guys who aren't scared to let their feelings show, having the name of a wife or a girlfriend is a great way to show one's affection.

Animals are ancient symbols of strength. The scorpion is one of those animals. Ancient mythology narrates that scorpions are feared by mortals and gods alike, and that its image is supposed to bring protection.(image)

Tattoo Parlor

Tue, 10 Aug 2010 11:29:45 PDT

Choosing The Parlor Tattoo
The tattoo parlor studio always to open for you everyday.For normally,tattoo parlor open on monday until saturday.The open time from 12:00 pm until mitnight for everyday.When you go there?You need a hour for look the tattoo parlor picture.They have many The best design of tattoo for you.Choose one tattoo which simple and perfect.Give them some time to get in and get(image)

How to Pick a Tattoo Artist

Tue, 10 Aug 2010 11:29:45 PDT

Tattooing is a hot trend and there are many tattoo shops to pick from. While looking for a tattoo artist you need to pick one you trust so here are a few suggestions for picking a top notch artist. While we would love if everyone reading this could visit our tattoo parlor in Naples, we want everyone to have a positive tattoo experience regardless of where they get their tattoo done. Different(image)

Tattoos Girls

Tue, 10 Aug 2010 11:29:45 PDT

Sexy Tattoo Designs For Girls - The Best Foot and Sleeve TattoosThere are so many great tattoo designs for girls these days it is really amazing. In fact there are so many great looking tattoo designs for girls these days that it can be hard to narrow down the choices and find something that works for you. Two of the most currently popular trends for tattoo designs for women are tattoos for(image)

Tattoo Studio

Tue, 10 Aug 2010 11:29:45 PDT

Tattoo Studio
Tattoo Studio
Tattoo Studio
Tattoo Studio
Tattoo Studio

Miley Cyrus Tattoos

Sat, 31 Jul 2010 19:24:29 PDT


Miley Cyrus has proven she 'Can't Be Tamed,' and when she arrived at Los Angeles International Airport Wednesday, she appeared to be sporting a new tattoo. The word "LOVE" is inscribed on her right ear, although she has not confirmed if it's real or not. Perhaps it is a permanent dedication to her 20-year-old Australian boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth? If the tattoo is real, Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus would have had to sign-off on it because Miley is only 17 -- in the U.S., it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to get a tattoo without parental permission. The singer already has "Just Breathe" inked on her ribcage. Of course, that ink honors the memory of one of her close friends, who passed away from cystic fibrosis over three years ago. ("Just Breathe" is the slogan for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.)(image)


Sat, 31 Jul 2010 19:20:11 PDT


Lady Gaga has had her left arm tattood, which can be prominently seen in her new “Telephone” video, since August 2009. She got it in Osaka, Japan on a midnight tattoo run when she was in the country getting Hello Kitty photographs taken.

The cursive script is a Rilke quote, a poet who Gaga calls her “favorite philosopher.” It’s written in German, Rilke’s language, but translates in English as:

“Confess to yourself in the deepest hour of the night whether you would have to die if you were forbidden to write. Dig deep into your heart, where the answer spreads its roots in your being, and ask yourself solemnly, Must I write?”

Some claim this is just dribbling German romanticism, but anyone who’s ever come to a crossroads in life where you are forced to choose between two things knows that there’s something too this type of melodrama. Sometimes it is the only thing. There are many kinds of death we endure in our lives before our heart stops beating, it doesn’t mean that you will stop breathing if you don’t do what you dream of doing, or what makes your feel the most at home in the world. But part of yourself does get packed up and forgotten.

Lady Gaga may mean something a little more literal, she may really think that she may die if she does write music or wear artsy-fartsy clothing, or inspire the devotion of millions (maybe billions?). During many of her onstage performances she collapses to the floor and tells the audience that she’s like Tinkerbell, and they must applaud to make her live(image)

Tattoo Pics

Tue, 10 Aug 2010 11:29:45 PDT

On Lower Tattoo Pics
Tongue Tattoo Pics
Fluke Tattoo Pics

Remove Tattoos

Tue, 10 Aug 2010 11:29:45 PDT

The desire to remove tattoos has been around just about as long as their existence. Recent technological advances in lasers have now made it possible to remove tattoos without leaving an equally undesirable scar. You may have seen creams marketed to remove tattoos; some are currently being investigated for their effectiveness, but there isn't a great deal evidence for them as yet. Early attempts(image)

Henna Tattoo

Tue, 10 Aug 2010 11:29:45 PDT

Simple Henna Tattoo
Henna Tattoo Design
Foot Henna Tattoo
Zanzibar Henna Tattoo
Henna Tattoo(image)

Tattoo Cross

Tue, 10 Aug 2010 11:29:45 PDT

Tattoo Cross

BodyTattoo Cross

Tattoo Cross

Free Tattoo Cross(image)

Larsson's Millennium trilogy hits the million mark on e-books, 'Dragon Tattoo' No. 1 on Kindle

Fri, 23 Jul 2010 21:41:39 PDT

The most well known and most popular mythical creature depicted in tattoos is the Japanese dragon. It is more popular than any of the other mythical creatures, such as the phoenix, mermaid or gryphon. This may be due to its shape because the long and flexible dragon that descends from Japanese tattoo traditions practically fits on every part of the body - covering full backs, winding himself around arms or coiling up on the chest of the carrier.

The Japanese dragon is usually depicted as a wingless, heavily scaled snake-like creature with small, clawed legs and a camel shaped head with horns. It is associated with sea, clouds or the heavens. It has whiskers and a beard, and it is deaf. In the West we think of dragons as terrifying beasts, but in Japan the dragon symbolises wealth, good fortune, good luck, kindness, power and freedom.


NEW YORK, N.Y. - It's electronic milestone time for Stieg Larsson's Millennium trilogy.

Publisher Alfred A. Knopf says the late Swedish author's blockbuster thrillers have sold more than 1 million copies in the e-book editions.

That makes Larsson at least the second author to join the e-million club.

The ultra-prolific James Patterson also has more than 1 million e-book sales. is the biggest player in the growing e-book market. It told The Associated Press on Wednesday that Larsson's "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" is the all-time top seller on the e-book reading device the Kindle.

Kathryn Stockett's novel "The Help" is No. 2(image)

Body Art Tattoo

Tue, 10 Aug 2010 11:29:45 PDT

Full Body Art Tattoo
Sexy Body Art Tattoo
Oriental Body Art Tattoo
Body Art Tattoo Picture(image)