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Preview: Comments on: Breastfeeding, mastitis and raw potato slices

Comments on: Breastfeeding, mastitis and raw potato slices

Good stuff for baby, especially if you're a neurotic new parent. By Helen Racanelli

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By: helenracanelli

Tue, 10 Nov 2009 04:42:52 +0000

Hi Michelle, Hang in there...mastitis seems so devastating, at least for me, but if you've had it a few times (and I know this will sound crazy) you start to think of it as a cold or any other minor ailment. (Don't forget to drink lots of liquids, even if you don't feel like it.) I got it again not that many weeks ago (my baby is 1) and I just called the house-visit doctor, shrugged it off, and used it as an excuse to lie in bed with a magazine and lots of liquids. Anyhow, the abscess, I had a lump that wouldn't go away, even with a full course of antibiotics. It was really a lump, not just a clogged duct, I could see it sitting there under my skin almost like a marble. It would move back and forth a bit if I palpated it. At about the two week mark, I had to go to the breast mammography clinic at the hospital where I had the baby, and they gave me an ultrasound to check it out. Turns out it was indeed a lump of infection but no liquid that they could drain, so I just stayed on antibiotics (6 weeks on Cloxacillin) on the recommendation of my ob/gyn and little by little, it went away. It was so scary! Another mother told me that once you get mastitis there is a good chance it will come back (more than once). That was certainly true for me. In the scope of things, in the scope of life, it's a bummer but really, not a huge deal. So hang in there, you're doing good by keeping at the breastfeeding! The mastitis might spontaneously resolve, and I hope the potato slices work for you! In my experience: if it doesn't feel too bad and isn't too red, it usually works. If the pain comes on suddenly and extremely painfully with a lot of redness, I've had to go to the antibiotics. I've taken clox 4 times now for 4 bouts. That used to get me upset then I reminded myself that people go on antibiotics long term for acne, which is just a cosmetic thing! Keep strong and feel better!

By: Michelle

Tue, 10 Nov 2009 04:11:32 +0000

How did you know you had an abscess? What did they do for it? I am trying the potato slices right now! I had mastitis in two places on one breast when my baby was about 2 weeks old... Now I feel it coming on again in the same breast, but I am trying to stop it before I have to take antibiotics again.