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Preview: Cursed To First - Sox and Pats forever.

Cursed To First - Sox and Pats forever.

Sox and Pats forever.

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Papi's House


About 18 months ago, I made a wonderful new friend through a community organization that has nothing to do with baseball. So it wasn’t until earlier this year that the Red Sox happened to come up in conversation, and as...

The last night of the Patriots dynasty


…may not have happened yet. Had the Patriots lost last night at the scene of the XLII crime, it could be said to have ended that previous night they played in Glendale, Arizona, the final cruelty of a game that...

About this blog


As is probably obvious, this blog is on hiatus, which may or may not be permanent. I really can't quite decide, which is why I haven't officially closed up shop here yet. In the meantime, see the sidebar for other...

The Zebras in the Room


Disclaimer: I'm not blaming last night's loss on the referees -- that honor belongs to the Patriots defense. But that doesn't mean this isn't an issue that needs to be addressed. When it comes to Bill Belichick grabbing the official...

Goodbye, Johnny Pesky, Part 2


I'll admit it. I've been less than enthused about baseball lately. For me, it's full-on football season, and the Red Sox and their losing ways are an afterthought. The current team just doesn't have my heart the way past teams...

A New Hope


Believe it or not, this was the face of victory... I never wrote about it, but I did watch the Super Bowl this year. You know, the one that was a mirror image in many ways of the Super Bowl...

Resetting the Red Sox


Boom goes the dynamite. Unless you've been living as a hermit somewhere in the wilderness, you've heard by now about the mega-trade that's going down between the Red Sox and the Dodgers. Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford and Nick...

Two Red Sox Fans Discuss the Current, Er, Situation


"The Red Sox are like a pack of dogs who've been tied up in the back yard with no food or shelter for months, while the owner sits on his couch guzzling beer and watching football. It’s his absenteeism that's led to this crap."

Goodbye, Johnny Pesky


He was, in short, a priceless living treasure. Those of us alive today will not see his like again.

Thoughts on an Atrocious Loss


Here is Fenway, standing for Aceves, moments before That Thing Happened. It had been a nice, neat little game up until the eighth inning; two quick runs had crossed the plate for the Red Sox in each of the first...

Thanking Youk


Maybe it's a sign I'm getting old. But it really doesn't seem like it was eight years and two World Series ago that Kevin Youkilis was given the silent treatment in the dugout after his first big-league homer in Toronto.

Thanking Foulke


Keith Foulke quickly became more than one of my favorite ballplayers ever--he's my cause, my crusade, my talking point.

Red Sox vs. Marlins Photos


More here

Hot Hot Heat


When the fourth inning began on a sweltering evening last night at Fenway Park, the game between the Red Sox and the Marlins was, well, still a game. Before a single out had been recorded in that fourth inning, though,...

Good News and Bad News for the Red Sox


Will we see the return of the Rally Snuggie this year? Or merely a regression to the mean? Okay, perhaps my last post was a bit harsh. Though the Red Sox still stubbornly occupy the basement in the AL East,...

Adventures in Mediocrity: the 2012 Boston Red Sox Season


Well, here it is, folks. I'm calling it right now -- these are your 2012 Boston Red Sox, for better and for worse.

Josh Beckett, Rorschach Test


Like everyone else, I bring a background to this which colors my perception of the jerky pitcher / gigantic Rorschach inkblot that is being turned over in the Boston baseball consciousness.

The 5 Things I Think Of When I Think of Matt Light


Matt Light will always be one of the more memorable Patriots, just based on sheer personality Is Matt Light the greatest left tackle ever? Nope. Will he be enshrined in Canton? Doubtful. But he'll always be one of the more memorable Patriots, just based on sheer personality -- a personality I hope we haven't seen the last of around here, given all the opportunities he probably has open to him in broadcasting and similar endeavors.  In the meantime, as Light remains on the fence about what the future will hold, here are my favorite memories of his antics while in uniform: The "Snow Viking" Picture -- It's a desktop-sized photo of Light standing on the sideline in the snow. HIs red hair is standing out every which way, his beard thick and glorious, lip curled in a snarl, and his posture aggressive. At the time and since, this image summed up the raw, gritty talent of the 2003-04 Super Bowl squad for me, and is the first image that springs to mind when I think of Matt Light.  I hope it never leaves's servers. The Internet would be lesser without it.  Cutting Brady Down to Size -- Matt Light's most defining feature has always been his wit, which is probably not the first thing people associate with a 6' 4", 305-lb. guy who shoves around other huge guys for a living. But Matt Light has also always been the first example I could point to that puts the lie to the idea that football players, and especially linemen, are little more than barely-upright apes who couldn't spell "cat" if you gave them the "c" and the "a".  Nowhere has this wit been more publicly evident than in the way Light has delighted in brutally dethroning his most idolized teammate whenever possible. Two specific things spring to mind when I think of this: 1) Light and the rest of the line taping Brady's goat picture to their backs in practice; and 2) an appearance on WAAF's Hillman Morning Show in which he was asked, "How's Brady look?" and responded drily, "Oh, you mean the hair...?" The Bathrobe -- The year: 2004. The time: evening. The occasion: the Patriots' arrival as victors in Super Bowl XXXVIII at Gillette Stadium. And who should emerge holding the trophy but Matt Light, sporting an impish grin, another truly glorious beard, and a fuzzy bathrobe.  It was a triumphant time for all of us.  The Punt -- I got to talk to Bill Belichick once. True story. He was a guest speaker at a conference I was attending, and as part of his motivational speech (yes, really), he played the footage of Matt Light catching a punt in a high-stakes bid to get out of practice early. Light had asked for the night off in training camp after a blisteringly hot day, and Belichick made him a deal—catch a punt and you get the night off; fail to field it cleanly and the whole team runs double the wind sprints at the end of practice.As the story goes, and as Belichick relayed it, Light suddenly had more coaching than he knew what to do with, from Troy Brown to Tom Brady, everyone around him babbling urgent instructions. Light eventually did field the punt, and was immediately mobbed by his overjoyed teammates.I'd heard that story before. But I hadn't seen the video until Belichick showed it that day. It's still footage that, as far as I know, has never seen the light of day elsewhere, so you'll just have to take my word for it: it was awesome.  The Mustache Song -- This is something that I'm happy to say you can still experience, at least while it remains up in the WAAF archives. If you haven't heard it, don't wait another minute to enter Matt Light's mustache realm.  [...]

The Ballad of Darnell McDonald


No one could have predicted the kind of scorched earth that would be left at the Fens today when all was said and done.

One of Those Days


In which I kick the proverbial hornet's nest that is "Sweet Caroline".