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Audience Responder Redefines Training Sessions


There are so many presentations and training sessions that are conducted by businesses every year. Some of them are interesting while there are others which make the audiences yawn! But the whole process of getting feedback from the audience can be made easy thanks to interactive response system which has grown in popularity in the last number of years. Some of the presenters dreamed in the past of getting instant audience feedback. At times getting feed backs from the audience helps the host to be more audience oriented rather than mundane and boring. Not only is this sophisticated technology used in presentations and training sessions but it can be used in a classroom environment as well. An audience response system is a great tool to track the attentiveness of the crowd.

In the past the audience had only two options. One to sit silently and listen on to the words spoken by the speaker and second to have their hands raised or shout at the top of their voices to give an opinion. But thanks to the electronic voting systems they can now simply sit in their places and give their views and opinion on the session. They may also ask questions or answer. This type of an arrangement keeps the audience engrossed and allows them to be more interactive and engaged with the session. There are so many online training sessions organised nowadays and the audience response system is useful for such events as well. You can carry on the session and when required the speaker may send in emails containing the questionnaires. The speaker will receive instant feedback as soon as the mail is responded back. This can be done easily with the help of audience response system.

In the case of all companies a detailed reporting system is always essential after any event and this can be achieved in quick time as the interactive response system has options whereby the data collected during the training is collected in a database. So you can instantly check out the facts and create a report.

Audience feedback systems are the latest requirement for all businesses as they make learning a fun and engaging affair.

Get the Audience Actively Involved


Every day thousands of people attend events, conferences, training session, and business meetings. The main function of such events is to learn new information that can then be used in any business environment. The success of ensuring that these events are beneficial to the individuals that are in attendance is the interactivity among the group in terms of active engagement which affiliates honest feedback and opinions as well as determining understanding of the material covered.

One technology that is used a lot in this area of interactivity is an Audience Response System (ARS). This is a neat tool that allows the audience to have engagement with the speaker and to contribute to the session. All that is required is small hand held devices that the audience use and software that can integrate into any normal Power point Presentation. This helps get the audience actively involved in the entire session and therefore leads to a more productive and entertaining event.

Make your Training Fun with an Audience Response System


When I am at a training event my attention span decreases dramatically as the training progresses throughout the day. As humans we only have a short attention span and interactivity among the group can increase this dramatically. Engaging the group and creating an interactive environment can also ensure that the participants are understanding the material being covered and thus ensuring that a greater number of participants pass the training modules being delivered.

An Audience Response System (ARS) is a simple technology that can be implemented easily into any training environment. All that is required is a PowerPoint presentation, software and handheld devices that are the size of a credit card.

An Audience Response System also removes the need of any paperwork associated with training large groups as everything is done electronically. Participants can also determine who passed and who failed at the end of the training day. This technology not only makes the training session more production but it also increases the efficiency and reduces the cost of training to the organisation.

Engage your Group with an Audience Response System


Most of the time in a group environment layout you have the host and the audience. The host is normally the person that leads the group and gives all the information. The problem with this is that the host has no way of knowing if the audience actually understands the material or if some aspects of the material should be covered in greater depth. Implementing and audience response system enables the host to determine what the audience knows. Audience response systems can be used in a business or classroom environment.

The popularity of audience response systems has grown dramatically in the last number of years due to the benefits that can be clearly seen from implementing this system. The technology allows real time feedback to be gathered, opinions and discussing to be heard and overall greater collaboration between the host and audience which evidently leads to an improved interactive session.

How to Train Employees Cost Effectively


Today’s turbulent business environment has increased the popularity of implementing an audience response system as a cost effective solution for training purposes. An audience response system allows training to be completed quickly and cost effectively and it also removes the need for any paperwork that is associated with traditional methods of training. Also this technology also allows trainers to determine who has passed and who has failed in real time. Certificates can also be issued to those who have passed on the day of the examination.

Smart organisations are moving away from the old classroom approach of training and moving towards new technologies that allows them to get more people trained in a shorter space of time. A lot of companies have specific in-house training needs analysis that has to be completed by all new employees and existing employees have to complete on an ongoing basis. Using an audience response system is ideal in this environment and users can gather immediate results of how the training is going i.e. determine who has passed and who has failed. If there is a high failure rate the trainer may question the validity of the content and determine if this has to be amended.

There are many companies available today that provide high quality audience response systems for training purposes. Audience Responder™ is the lowest cost and easiest to use audience response system available to purchase or hire today. For more information on how to use and audience response system for your training needs simply logon to