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Bringing FREE baby stuff resources together in one neat package. I am more than willing to accept sponsorship for reviewing baby products so that I can offer free baby diapers samples or gear as well as point moms to great giveaways and coupons as they a

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to enter the FREE ERGOBABY GIVEAWAY that closes this Friday at 8pm MST! I'm very sorry that I had not posted the latest Ergo Baby carrier giveaway sooner, but somehow it just slipped by me.

There have been several of these giveaways lately but as moms who are familiar with baby wearing know these carriers can be lifesavers whether you have one baby or several kids.
I can personally testify that with four kids my ERGO baby carrier has played a key role in keeping my household clean and organized. With the smallest of my brood safely tucked inside I can buzz around the house to mop, dust, fold laundry and perform any number of other household tasks that would otherwise have to be put on my back burner while soothing a fussy baby or just enjoying a little extra closeness.

As I mentioned before this free Ergobaby giveaway closes tomorrow so hurry and get your entry in today. Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope to win!



This isn't a freebie but it might just put a new Coach diaper bag within your budget for the mommy-to-be on your Christmas gift list!

You can get a 30% discount on a Coach purse or baby bag through November 20th, at their Coach Factory Stores. Click the link above or print the coupon HERE! To find a local Coach Factory Outlet near you, go HERE and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Teen Mom Baby Gift Bag Giveaway


The Teen Mom Baby Gift Bag Giveaway is NOT just for teen mothers and if you visit the official contest webpage you will quickly learn that the prize includes products that any mother can use and will most likely be making a midnight run to the discount store at some point in the near future to buy if she doesn't already have these items on hand namely chest rubs, nasal ointments and natural cough syrups.

The free baby stuff contest closes on December 12 and you should go to the official Teen Mom Baby Gift Bag Giveaway page to read the rules and find out how to enter FAST since cold and flu season is upon us

Free Kindle Fire Giveaways


There are lots and lots of FREE Kindle Fire giveaways going on! This tablet is a really hot item that is probably at the very top of more than one of your loved ones' Christmas wish list.

The reader is not that expensive but still pricey enough that its tag should inspire those of you who enter sweepstakes to get cracking and start racking up those bonus entries to win one as a prize rather than resigning yourself to the reality of shelling out over $200 (plus tax?) to buy one as a present.

Here's the short list of websites who are running the Free Kindle Fire giveaways that I've found so far. If I've missed any, please let us know.

The first of the Free Kindle Fire Giveaways ends December 7th.

This one ends Thursday 12/8 at Midnight.

A third one ends on December 5th.

Here's another one that ends on the 8th.

And here's yet another that closes on December the 8th and the last one that, for the life of me, I can't find the closing date for it anywhere in the blog post!

There may be more Free Kindle Fire Giveaways yet to come but for the time being, work on those and stay tuned for more free stuff and contests to enter to win and you might want to check out ways to get free Kindle books for your reader!

Kids Kindle Books for FREE


I'm going to tell you where you can get LOTS of kids' Kindle books for FREE! And no, I'm not talking about contests and giveaways right now and you may be as surprised as I was when you see where I'm going to tell you to where to find free Kindle books for kids. I happened up on these downloads while looking for books to entertain the kis while we are doing some traveling during the upcoming holidays. Not wanting to deal with bored kids in the car or on the plane, my plans are to load up the Kindle reader with books to read along the way. Peace is worth a nominal fee and there is a small amount of the travel budget set aside for buying books but as we all know, FREE is always better. So, I was going to exhaust my resources for free downloads first and then take inventory to see what I might want to buy since we have a bookcase full of books at home. Why am I getting books for the reader if I have a shelf already loaded with kids' storybooks? Because the family's luggage, a baby and two toddlers will most likely be all that mom and dad can handle without hauling a suitcase full of reading material. The reader is lightweight, easy to read and will hold more books than I could every carry. Have you guessed where I found all these kids Kindle books for free? Well, if you guessed Amazon, you got it right! Why was I so surprised to find them there? Because I couldn't (and still can't, really) understand why a company who makes a living selling books would ever want to give them away. But I found an amazing assortment of free books for a Kindle and quite a few for less than a dollar ($1) including but not limited to: The Rock A Bye LibraryThe Night Before Christmas and Other Popular Stories For ChildrenThe Children's Book of Christmas StoriesTales of Wonder Every Child Should KnowAnd many, many more that will most likely save my sanity this Thanksgiving and Christmas![...]

Win Free Sewing and Quilting Supplies


There's a nip in the air and quilters are ready to quilt and here's a chance to win free sewing and quilted supplies! $240 in quilt thread and zippers from Coats and Clark will do a lot to built three seamstress' stash of sewing notions!

That's correction three lucky winners will each win a prize pack of 18 spools of general purpose sewing thread, 16 Spools of quilting thread and 3 zippers that is each worth $80 and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment! With that much thread you could make lots of baby quilts to give as Christmas gifts and use up all those yards of fabric you have stacked in the closet.

Hurry and go to the official page before the contest closes on Wednesday, November 9th at midnight CST and do your best to Win Free Sewing and Quilting Supplies so that you can start making those crib quilts!

Win a FREE Canon SLR Digital Camera


Here it is the day after Halloween and already I see an opportunity to win a FREE Canon SLR digital camera as part of a 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway sponsored by a website called Just Ask. Why am I posting this on my blog that usually ferrets out cool, free baby stuff for new parents and mothers-to-be to win? Because whether you are showing off your impressive baby bump or have a babe in arms this season, you will need a really nice camera that takes really good pictures! And I can personally attest that the Canon SLR is a humdinger of a fine camera!

Before I tell you all the details of the prize and how to enter the contest I want to give a little credit to the website that I mentioned earlier, Just Ask. The reason that Just Ask is sponsoring the giveaway is to raise cancer awareness. They want to spread the word about tests for women that will let them know if they are at risk for ovarian and breast cancer. I highly recommend that you visit their website and see what they have to say about these tests.

Go to Tip Junkie to enter for a chance to win a Canon Rebel SLR Camera before the contest closes on Tuesday, November 8th at midnight CST!

The camera is a $650 value and even an amateur such as myself can take superb photos with it. The contest closes in plenty of time for the winner to have it on hand when your home is decorated and looking its best and the family arrives to celebrate the holidays!

Win Alphabet Theme Blocks for Baby


Here's your chance to win alphabet theme blocks for baby. One lucky winner will receive a set of 3 illustrated alphabet blocks by Julia Staite that would make a lovely complement for your own baby's nursery alphabet wall art or a lovely baby shower gift for a friend.

To tell you a little bit about the artist behind the prize, Julia Staite, she is a master at painting and drawing and is an excellent freelance illustrator from London, UK.

The ABC blocks that are the prize in this giveaway are lovely but they are by no means the only item that you will love that she has created! Enter the contest and be sure to pay her amazing Etsy Shop a visit!

Before you go forth and enter to win the free baby stuff, you should know that one of the requirements is to follow the blog hosting the contest on Pinterest.

You have until midnight, Friday November 4th (Mountain Standard Time)to enter for a chance to win
Alphabet theme
blocks for baby or for yourself!

Go HERE to read the instructions on how to enter.

Win $1,000+ in Free Designer Baby Stuff


to enter for a chance to win $1,000+ in Free Designer Baby Stuff!

This prize package includes a high end baby stroller and $500 in FREE baby clothes from one of my favorite clothing stores, Tea Collection!

The free Orbit Baby stroller has a value of $900! And while $500 might not be much in some designer baby clothing brands; that amount will buy a LOT of very high quality clothing to dress your baby in style this Fall from Tea!

I haven't done a review and giveaway on the Orbit Baby Stroller but I've worked with Tea Clothing on several promotions and their clothing line ROCKS!

To enter, to
Win $1,000+ in Free Designer Baby Stuff
, just read the contest rules and fill out the form before 11:59 p.m. (pacific time) on October 23.

The winner will be selected in a random drawing that will be held within 3 days after the contest closes. Keep your fingers crossed moms! This is one super giveaway that we all would love to win!

Win a Free Breastmilk Warming System from Kiinde Kozii


Enter to win a Free Breastmilk Warming System from Kiinde Kozii that breastfeeding moms are raving about! If you are wondering why are they so crazy about this baby bottle warmer (after all what's so blooming exciting about a bottle warmer, right?) you really need to read all of the information provided in the review.

When you read the article you will not only learn the details of how to win the free baby stuff, but how microwave ovens and soaking your baby's milk in hot water baths may be deleting precious nutrients from your pumped breast milk!

The last day to enter to
win a Free Breastmilk Warming System from Kiinde Kozii
is midnight on Wednesday October 19, 2011 so get a move on and start racking up those bonus entries!

Win a FREE Designer Purse from PonyUP! Kentucky


ATTENTION! Horse loving girls have a chance to win a FREE Designer Purse from PonyUP! Kentucky
and to read an in-depth, insightful review on this company's dedication to helping rescued and retired horses.

The mission of the company is admirable certainly worthy of our support. PLUS, their handbags are just as fabulous as their mission according to the review. The pictures of the high quality leather used in the design of their handbags and the brass nameplate (that I can SO imagine seeing my very own name on!) have me chomping at the bit to win the freebies in this blog giveaway contest!

You must enter before October 12 to Win a FREE Designer Purse from PonyUP! Kentucky but you can buy a purse from PonyUP! Kentucky whenever your spirits need a boost or if you need a new handbag to match your shoes!

Free $100 Shindigz Gift Card Giveaway


If you win the prize in the Free $100 Shindigz Gift Card Giveaway
the timing would be perfect to spend your credit on Halloween party supplies, Free Halloween costumes for yourself or the kids or decorations for a baby shower. There's just no end to the cool stuff that you will want to spend a hundred dollars on at Shindigz Party Supplies.

With the contest closing just before the night of Trick or Treat, I would love to win so that I could get some freebies to make my house so spooky that adults and kids alike would be scared out of their wits! It would also be nice to replace the witch costume that I wear every year with something new or maybe I could get some free stuff and throw a Halloween party for grownups and buy a sexy costume to wear!

So far the contest is low entry, but I don't expect it to stay that way. Enter to win the FREE $100 gift card before October 12th!

Free Baby Bib Pattern


to find a FREE baby bib pattern with easy instructions are easy enough even for a beginner (or sewing dummy such as myself) to follow.

If you make baby quilts or clothes, you probably have fabric scraps large enough to make boutique baby bibs that are cute as pie and would make a great gift for a baby shower or if your own baby's bibs are stained and worn out; make some for your own baby!

You can choose the fabrics to match your baby girl or boy's outfits or just mix and match fabrics in your stash to create one-of-a-kind bibs the likes of which have never been seen before! Well, at least until baby splatters them with dinner.

I think I'll try out the free baby bib pattern to make a baby girl's bib out of a yard of chenille that I had left from a baby blanket that I made last fall. I'm going to use fabric from a blouse that was ruined with ballpoint pen ink for my backing.

If anybody knows a surefire way to remove an inkstain, please leave a comment before tomorrow afternoon when I plan to upcycle my ruined blouse into (practically) free baby stuff!

Free Electronics Giveaway


Is baby sleeping through the night? Are you? Go here
to enter the free electronics giveaway for a chance to win a white noise machine that allows you to choose a sound that will lull your little one to sleep. And of course this means that mom and dad get more sleep, too!

When my first girl was a baby, she had a lot of health problems that made sleeping throught the night very difficult. In my exhausted, sleep deprived state I tried sitting her bouncy seat on the clothes dryer, on the counter over the dishwasher and running the vaccuum cleaner at naptime with very poor results. The only thing that worked for me was to pop her in a ring sling and carry her everywhere I went. I have to wonder if one of the sounds that this machine produces might have worked and spared my aching back! If you win the prize, please let me know if the sleep machine that's a prize in the free electronics giveaway does the trick!

FREE Parent Support Magnet


Go here to request a free parent support magnet for your telephone.

When you hit the main landing page, just scroll down the right-hand sidebar to see the link to the promotion. All that's required is that you fill out a form providing your name, email and mailing address and if you are are a member of an organization that provides parental support who would like to distribute magnets to parents in your membership, please visit the "Contact Us" section on the above website.

I'm pretty sure that some of the parents who stop by to win Freebies are under stress from time to time and could use some advice. If you are such a parent, the free parent support magnet keeps the toll-free phone number handy so that when you feel the need to call it's right where you can find it.

FuzziBunz One Size Cloth Pocket Diaper Giveaways


I found a Fuzzibunz giveaway and review that I want to tell you about since this promotion is something that all of you cloth diapering moms will surely find interesting.

You will of course want to read the FuzziBunz One Size Cloth Pocket Diaper Giveaways and review and then enter before Wednesday, October 5 for a chance to win a cloth one size pocket diaper and hanging diaper pail.

If you are new to cloth diapering and are trying to decide whether or not to stalk the disposable diaper section in your local discount store or jump in with the rest of us and become an advocate for reusable cloth diapers, read a few Fuzzibunz reviews and enter some giveaways to win some free cloth diaper samples to see if they are the right brand with the right fit and features for you.

Free Gift Cards and Freebies Galore


Talk about being OVERLOADED with Free Gift Cards and Freebies. I've never seen so many great low entry GIVEAWAYS going on at one time, in one location on this website. And we aren't talking $10 and $15 dollar prizes; the individual prizes have retail values of as much as $200 and a collective value of well over $500!

1. $100 GIFT CARD
2. $100 GIFT CARD
3. $50 GIFT Card
4. Boba Baby Carrier Giveaway
5. $59 Gift Basket
6. White Noise Machine
7. Sea Bands Anti Nausea Kit
8. Crane Humidifier

At the time of this post, they are are low entry (less than 100 each on even the big prizes!) which translates into excellent odds of winning free baby stuff as well as stuff for moms and dads.

Dads love electronics so why not try to win the white noise machine for him? If he snores, then it's a gift for mom, too. Another gadget that will come in handy during the upcoming cold and flu season would be the cool mist humidifier.

The Sea-bands prize package will be of interest to those suffering from nausea due to motion sickness, morning sickness or chemotherapy and who wouldn't enjoy a shopping spree with one of the $250 in free gift cards?

Winning a free Boba baby carrier would be cool but getting to buy whatever you want is hard to beat! Enjoy!

Boba Organic Baby Carrier Review and Giveaway


The Boba Organic Baby Carrier Review and Giveaway that is going on right now will give you all the reasons that this carrier is a good choice for beginners. If you are holding back and missing out on all the benefits of wearing your baby because you are afraid that you may lack the skills necessary to pop baby in and out of the carrier without having an accident of some kind, the
Boba Baby Carrier seems to have less of a learning curve than some carriers.

And if price is an issue, before you add the expense of purchasing a carrier into your household budget, visit the Boba Organic Baby Carrier Review and Giveaway and enter for a chance to win one of your own to try.



5 nausea sufferers are going to get a chance to win some free drug-free relief from motion sickness. Enter to win before August 31 (just in time to keep the kids from barfing in the back seat on your Labor Day family vacation) to win a pair of antinausea wrist bands and ginger gum from Sea-Band!

Whether you are suffering from morning sickness, nausea from chemotherapy or just plain car sick these wristbands are up to 80% effective in relieving the symptoms.

They are natural with no side effects and suitable for everyone including kids over the age of three. After you read the review and enter for your chance to win the free wristbands you should also check out the giveaways for free baby stuff since entering additional contest will award bonus points.

Free Decal Stickers


Enter for a chance to win a FREE $100 gift card good for free decal stickers and wall art that you can use to decorate your kids' rooms, the master bedroom, the baby's nursery or any other room of your home in this low entry blog giveaway contest.

See pictures of how easy it is to decorate the walls using these reusable vinyl wall stickers. The blogger that posted the review says that she had the nursery wall mural up in less than an hour and that "peel and stick" is an accurate description for the stickers that came in one large sheet.

While you're over there to enter to win the gift card and admiring the pictures of the kid's room that was decorated using the decals, you should enter to win some free baby stuff
in their many, current blog contests to pick up bonus entries.

Baby Shower Gift Basket Giveaway


Enter for a chance to win a free gourmet gift basket in the baby shower gift basket giveaway AND to pick up some tips on how to choose and personalize a gift basket for a new mom or dad. There are some excellent suggestions on how to add items to the basket that the postman will deliver right to your door already packed to the brim with gourmet food.

The retail value of the free gift basket is $59.99 and while the focus seems to be on a free baby gift basket (the contest is on a baby website) it's mentioned that the sponsor might be willing to substitute one of their other baskets of equal (or less) value if you ask nicely.

$1,000 Bridal Pearl Jewelry Giveaway Contest



Go HERE to enter for a chance to win the $1,000 Bridal Pearl Jewelry Giveaway Contest! is promoting a fabulous bridal party pearl giveaway on their Facebook page.

The prize is one (1) 8.0-9.0mm AAA Freshwater Set consisting of a lovely pearl necklace, a pearl bracelet and earrings) and four (4) AAA 6.0-7.0 mm Freshwater bracelets with matching earrings. The retail value of this free Pearl jewelry prize package is $1,000!

After having done reviews and hosted jewelry giveaways for in the past, I can personally attest to the beauty and high quality of this company's pearls.

The contest is active from today, August 12th, through August 26th.

I truly hope that one of our readers will be lucky enough to win free jewelry in this sweepstakes but if you happen not to win, you can still pick up some pearls at a discount using the coupon code (type in all caps) LUCKY BRIDE (applies to all items on our site, except for items that are already discounted). This PearlParadise promo code will be valid until August 31st.

Free Blockbuster Coupon Codes


Feel free to use any of the following Free Blockbuster Coupon Codes to get a FREE $1.00 one-night movie rental at Blockbuster Express.

Promo codes are good thru Monday, August 15, 2011. Enjoy a free movie this weekend using any of the following Blockbuster promo codes: 92TGAF2, 63BCRD2, 76BRAB8, 58ARDQ2,25JEAH6.

Talk about cool free stuff for mom and dad; it's hard to beat a a free movie!

Free Belle Baby Carrier


Read the review and if you want to try one; enter to win a Free Belle baby carrier! If the written review doesn't answer all of your questions, you can get visual instructions on exactly how the Belle carrier looks and works in this baby carrier video.

width="560" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

The video review demonstrates all of the features of the carrier and walks you through how to put the carrier on from adjusting the tension of the waist belt, the straps and how to safely put baby into the carrier in both front and rear facing positions.

At the end of the video, the reviewer also mentions some activities that you should never, EVER engage in while wearing your baby. Enter to win a free baby carrier and pick up some safety tips on wearing your baby!

Free Baby Gender Predictor


You're pregnant and wondering how to find out your baby's gender. Enter for a chance to win a free baby gender predictor test and get a much better idea of which sex your baby will be.

The Intelligender gender prediction test is said to be as much as 80% correct in gender prediction and much more scientifically sound than so many methods that are little more than old wive's tales. I, myself, have experienced the inaccuracy of such tests including the experience of having my own grandmother's predictions to be total failures as well as my OB/GYN's prediction going by the baby's heartbeat.

Buzz on over there and read the baby gender test review and while you're there, you might want to enter to win some of the free baby stuff that they are giving away in addition to the test kit.