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Finding Good Online Shopping Deals


All types of goods are available on the internet these days. There are a large number of websites selling a wide range of products at prices lower than usual. The deals made by most of these sites are very good. They also offer a number of bargains or offers when you purchase goods from them. In such a case, it becomes impossible to know which the right website for purchasing goods online is.

Most people who are new to the concept of purchasing goods online firstly go to a search website like google or yahoo and search for the required items there. A list of online stores is displayed to you on your monitor. There is a common belief that the entries present in the first page of the list are best in the business of selling goods online and only they offer good quality products. On the contrary, this notion is not true at all.

One website cannot be the best in selling all types of goods. Hence, the website you must choose depends on the product you specifically want to purchase. There are a few tips which will help you find out which website is best for purchasing the type of product you want.

a) Browse through a few online shopping directories present on the internet. Most of these directories contain product specific rankings of online stores selling the specific type of goods. Even by doing this, you search is only partly refined because the rankings found here also have the same problem. Online stores and websites found on the first page of the directory may or may not be the best in sale of the product of your requirement.

b) More websites appearing are first page of your search results happen to be there because they have implemented the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques on your websites. This includes greater use of a certain keyword or any other known SEO technique. An SEO optimized website need not be the best.

c) Take time to look as far as the 15th or 20th pages of your search engine results. Here you will find websites which are not SEO optimized. There need not be a connection between the SEO optimization of the website and the quality of the product it sells. The same thing can be done when browsing through online shopping directories.

These steps will help you find good offers that everyone else missed.

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Alternative Marketing Strategies


Marketing online has become fiercely competitive. Marketers are attempting to unravel and decipher online marketing to succeed. Some argue that there should not be a distinction between traditional (off-line) marketing and online marketing. Others feel that concepts applied to mail order work well on the web, while still others argue that online marketing is a breed of its own and what works in one arena may not work in another. While some standard practices like "above" the fold, hold true in both print and online copy, it is rare that you see the printed type face on the web the same as in printed advertisements. Regardless there are traditional forms of advertising that are viable and make sense to use on the web but many marketers do not.

These undervalued marketing opportunities are not the end-all be-all but are great supplemental channels, that compliment strong online marketing campaigns.

Buyers Guides
Many print magazines offer free listings in buyers guides. Buyers guides typically have a long shelf life and are viewed as a product resource, meaning it is one of the first places consumers look when wanting to purchase an item. Often magazines will include product reviews or sponsored placement in a buyers guide. Typically the standard listing is free, but optionally vendors can increase their exposure by adding listings in additional categories for a nominal fee. Regardless the free listings are a great value and worth pursuing.

Product Reviews
The impartial overview from a credible source can spark product interest. A third party independent review of your product or service is seen as a vote of confidence. Invite publishers or even bloggers to review your product or service.

When requesting a review, it is proper net etiquette to always provide the reviewer an evaluation product free of charge. After the review, be sure to thank the reviewer and if appropriate, link to the completed review.

Forums/Volunteering in Communities
Offering your time and expertise will establish expertise and knowledge in a specific industry. Participants who participate in forums have a genuine interest and are a great target audience. Posting helpful information rather than blatant product advertisements will enhance an image.

Article Syndication
Writing quality informative and educational articles will also establish expertise. Articles also educate users about related product or service. Generally educated users require less technical help and are an easier sale because they understand how the people or service will help them.

RSS Feeds
Provide content in an RSS feed. While RSS is becoming very popular there are still a number of industries and sectors where very little content is available via RSS feeds. Placing quality content in an RSS feed and being "early to market" will help your company shine.

When small businesses compete with big businesses there are a number of areas in which they can compete effectively. As more businesses turn to the web as an advertising model, it is important that marketers and businesses define themselves by giving themselves every opportunity to be found. Utilizing undervalued marketing opportunities will separate online successes from failures.

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Ecommerce – What Do You Offer?


If your ecommerce store provides customers with significant product choice you might be able to make life easier for your customer. In turn, you will likely experience an increase in online business profit.

Many ecommerce sites develop an online catalogue that may be fairly comprehensive, but may also lack a satisfactory listing of your full line of merchandise.

As ecommerce sites continue to grow it is important for you to develop a full listing of all your products. In order to do this effectively you will need to make the products searchable by product name, product number and/or manufacturer?

Many online businesses have also taken a page from the Point of Sale (POS) playbook. In retail sales, a clerk will be made aware of complimentary products with respect to an item or items that have been purchased. The clerk can then alert the customer to an additional purchase that may be beneficial to the customer’s shopping experience.

Online business has evaluating data collection processes that can pinpoint additional products that other customers have purchased in combination with the product being viewed by the online customer. In essence, this process allows the business to experience additional sales as customers consider additional purchasing options.

Don’t be lured into making only the best selling products in your catalogue available online. It may make things a bit easier for your online business, but online consumers demand choice. If you will not provide a comprehensive listing it is highly probable that someone else will and your potential customer will not think twice about conducting business with them.

Part of the lure of ecommerce is the fact that it is a form of immediate gratification. Most online customers value the ease and convenience of online shopping as a replacement for traditional brick and mortar shopping experiences.

The easier you can make the experience for your customer the better they will feel about your business.

If you think developing a page dedicated to each product in your line in daunting you would be right, but the alternative is to offer a free catalogue that can be sent to your customer or a pdf copy they can download and print. Unless you are a small business with relatively few products to chose from this will not be a solution customers will be satisfied with.

Don’t get me wrong, you can still make these print-based options available, but you need to make sure you also have your complete product line available for viewing and ordering. It really can make a difference in the success of your ecommerce business.

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