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Ecommerce – What Do You Offer?


If your ecommerce store provides customers with significant product choice you might be able to make life easier for your customer. In turn, you will likely experience an increase in online business profit.

Many ecommerce sites develop an online catalogue that may be fairly comprehensive, but may also lack a satisfactory listing of your full line of merchandise.

As ecommerce sites continue to grow it is important for you to develop a full listing of all your products. In order to do this effectively you will need to make the products searchable by product name, product number and/or manufacturer?

Many online businesses have also taken a page from the Point of Sale (POS) playbook. In retail sales, a clerk will be made aware of complimentary products with respect to an item or items that have been purchased. The clerk can then alert the customer to an additional purchase that may be beneficial to the customer’s shopping experience.

Online business has evaluating data collection processes that can pinpoint additional products that other customers have purchased in combination with the product being viewed by the online customer. In essence, this process allows the business to experience additional sales as customers consider additional purchasing options.

Don’t be lured into making only the best selling products in your catalogue available online. It may make things a bit easier for your online business, but online consumers demand choice. If you will not provide a comprehensive listing it is highly probable that someone else will and your potential customer will not think twice about conducting business with them.

Part of the lure of ecommerce is the fact that it is a form of immediate gratification. Most online customers value the ease and convenience of online shopping as a replacement for traditional brick and mortar shopping experiences.

The easier you can make the experience for your customer the better they will feel about your business.

If you think developing a page dedicated to each product in your line in daunting you would be right, but the alternative is to offer a free catalogue that can be sent to your customer or a pdf copy they can download and print. Unless you are a small business with relatively few products to chose from this will not be a solution customers will be satisfied with.

Don’t get me wrong, you can still make these print-based options available, but you need to make sure you also have your complete product line available for viewing and ordering. It really can make a difference in the success of your ecommerce business.

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Online Auctions: A Source For Big Savings


Online auction sites prove to be very much advantageous for those people who are looking for reasonably priced goods on the internet. Online auction sites like eBay have literally thousands of products on display on their websites to buy and sell. Online auction sites act like a middleman or an intermediary between buyers and sellers of goods. They charge a small commission amount whenever an item is bought or sold by the buyer and the seller respectively. Online auction sites prove to be beneficial for both parties as the seller can post his item on the site and also get a good price by selling the article to a much bigger audience than he has in his home town. Also the buyer can get a good deal on the product that he buys as the product is offered at lesser, more competitive prices.

As we have seen over the last few years, online auctions have proven to be a boon for global buyers and sellers. It is not necessary for the buyers and the sellers to be in the same city or even in the same country. A person in Australia can sell an item to a person in England or vice versa. An online auction site breaks all the barriers of a traditional market place where a buyer and a seller had to meet personally.

All that a buyer or a seller has to is register on an online auction site like eBay. Registration is normally free. The seller has to put up a display and description of the item that he wants to sell. For example if he wants to sell his year old dvd player then he has to place the item under the category of electronics which maybe further categorized into DVD players, etc. If the seller can post an image of the product, then it would be easier to sell and it is better for the buyer. The seller then has to give a description of the item(s) he wants to sell. For example if he wants to sell a DVD player then he will mention the manufacturer, the year of make, the model number, and any other special features of the DVD player. Next, he will have to post a minimum price at which he wants to sell his DVD player.

A buyer will visit the category of the product that he wants to purchase. He will be able to view the details of the product that he wants to purchase. If he is interested in the product, he will place a bid. There maybe many potential buyers who place bids on a particular product. There is a last date and time which the bids are placed. On the last date, the buyer with the highest bid gets to purchase the product. The buyer can pay the seller through credit card or international check or even ebay’s own PayPal. The seller will ship the product to the buyer and the auction company and payment company takes their commission. This is normally how an online auction works.

Though online auction sites are a great way to buy and sell goods they come with their own risks. An online auction site is just an intermediary between the buyer and the seller. It does not hold itself responsible for any disputes between the buyer and the seller. The buyer should normally pay through credit card as it offers additional protection in case of a dispute. Also, both the parties should keep all important documents of correspondence printed and kept in a safe place unless the transaction is completed. Many auction sites do have programs to identify those buyers and sellers with integrity and to eliminate those who do not.

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Information is the hottest product on the market!


If you have been researching or involved in online business for very long, you have no doubt seen a multitude of offers for "eBooks", books, reports and training course on every subject imaginable.

Why? Because information is the hottest product on the market! (At the foundational level, it's actually the Only product, but that's another article.) Information cuts straight to the root of all selling, which is answering the customer's question: "What will this product do for me?"

There's another reason, though. Pure information is a product that doesn't require a huge financial overhead to produce, (other than the hard knocks you got in gaining the experience and information), and is easy and relatively low cost to deliver to the customer. That is what makes it such a great product for us, as entrepreneurs, to offer.

Everyone has life experience, training, and skills that others don't have. Everyone knows something that others want to know, or can do something that others want to learn. That's how I know you have an InfoProduct inside you, everyone does. Your first assignment is to decide which of your many gifts you are going to offer to the world!

Does that mean you have to be able to write a book? No. Not necessarily. I'm talking about what is known as USP...Unique Selling Position. Your USP might be that you have detailed knowledge about someone else's product that you are selling as an affiliate. It could be that humorous way you present the information you have collected on some subject of interest, or the fact that you offer the best customer service available for the service you offer. You may offer the same products that others are also selling, but find your own unique market for them.

But whatever you decide to use for your information product, your USP, you need to find one. If you were to research the online marketers who are honestly making the money they claim to be earning online, you would discover that they all have a USP. Your USP IS your product, however you package and deliver it.

If you are working a Multi-level Marketing program or one of the BIBs (Business in a Box), you are not left out of this concept, but you may have to work harder to figure out how to be unique. You can still go for the niche marketing idea. Find a group of people who aren't usually reached by these kinds of businesses, or aim your advertising at people in the countries that are just now going online.

You may, of course, actually write a book, eBook, or training course and sell it. Many are making good money doing just that. The list of helpful software and online publishers is growing every day. But even if you write your own product or design your own software, you will still need a well-thought-out USP to stand out in the crowd. It's like your business plan -- you need a firm foundation before you can build your future online success.

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