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Audley Music - dedicated to promotion and exposure of unsigned bands and artists. New music is heard, reviewed, sold direct online, and discussed in fair forum. Advice on how to self-publish, produce, and market is available to all.

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Yusuf Islam meets Cat Stevens


Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens) has produced a masterpiece of a new Album, entitled Roadsinger (To Warm You Through the Night).
I bought this yesterday and it hasn't been off the player, at home or in the car.
This is the one we've been waiting for since Yusuf decided to take up the guitar again.
Probably the best track is the haunting title Roadsinger, but I specially enjoyed the powerful statement of faith in All Kinds of Roses.
If this had ben recorded in 1969 it would have been instantly recognisable as Cat Stevens. The artwork on the album covers and inlay have some fabulously nostalgic pictures of Yusuf's early life.
My recommendation is go get some!

Richly Deserved Honours for James Taylor


James Taylor and Judy Collins are to be honoured with lifetime achievement awards at the 10th Annual BBC Folk Music Awards

See full details from BBC here

Dave Dee, iconic Sixties pop star, RIP


Dave Dee has succumbed to a three-year battle against cancer, it has emerged today.

Another part of our musical heritage taken from us but not lost.

To see online tributes, go here

What's that twittering?


Are you at Twitter?

I find it utterly addictive. The latest way to keep in touch with customers, contacts, fans etc.

I found a useful link to the influential South By South West Festival in Austin Texas.

Follow me at and take a look at the SXSW page

LANDERMASON, amazing eclectic folk duo


Many thanks to my good friend Terry at Yuwie for introducing me to LANDERMASON. Terry has a show at and it's well worth checking out.
Read Terry's blog about them here
and check them out at MySpace

Shkola Tanzev


I am blown away today to hear new sounds coming out of the Ukraine featuring the amazing vocals of Fotomoto's Olga Volodina.
You have to hear this.

Check out this amazing band here

Jeff Healey R.I.P


It was with great sadness that I heard of the death of Jeff Healey, the Canadian guitarist probably best asociated ith Patrick Swayze and Roadhouse in 1989.
His untimely passing at the tender age of 41 robs the world of another great musician.

His unorthodox style of knee-mounted guitar marked him out from the crowd.

There was a new album Mess of Blues planned for later this year.

Jeff passed away on 2nd March 2008 after a lifelong battle with the cancer which robbed him of his sight when he was a young child.

There's a full account of his life and career on Wiki

Chat about Yuwie on Skype


More and more bands, artists and musicians using Yuwie now

Antonio Chance the latest artists at Yuwie



The look for Antonio on my profile page in top friends.

Migrated from Guyana,but raised in the Cypress Hills and East New York areas of Brooklyn, New York, Antonio Chance became infatuated with Reggae music as a child.

He was influenced by artists such as Frankie Paul ( known as the Stevie wonder of Jamaica),

Bob Marley and Dennis Brown etc.,

Antonio Chance soon began working on his own songs turning his passion for poetry into song writing and eventually earned a considerable reputation around Brooklyn Reggae underground parties where he often performed with his childhood friend sound system Tech Live.

Antonio Chance, in his search to produce his own music, began working at Coxsone Music City with one of Jamaica's Top Music Producers, Clement Coxsone Dodd at Studio One Records, as a recording Engineer.

There he began working with some of is childhood idols such as Frankie Paul, Dabby Dabson,BB Seaton and many others who also encouraged him to come from behind the consol and be an artist.

Antonio Chance's first collaboration on a album was with a Guyanese artist name Suppa Bobby, it was a cover song, Title Have you Seen Her.

Antonio Chance's love for music began to expand and he fell in love with R&B and Hip Hop genre of music,which led to his major collaboration in May 1998 with the release of Geffen Records recording Hip Hop artist Killah Priest, Heavy Mental, a Wu-Tang affiliate of the group Sunz Of Man.

Antonio Chance recorded several tracks with Killah Priest,but also made the album Atoms to Adam and Mystic City. In addition to the album there was a white label release on vinyl Wolf In Sheep's Clothing,which can be found in Ma and Pa stores in New York city, and also a UK release of Moanin featuring Killa Sin, the B side of Killah Priest single One Step.

On May 1st 2006 Antonio Chance collaborated with Rapper/Producer Sinima on his Ep release Life is Killing Me, as a feature artist on title track Long and Lonely Nights and If You Really Loved Me.

Currently Antonio his working on his first solo album self Title Antonio Chance. coming soon,so keep your eyes on his myspace page for News and updates

See what the BBC is saying about Yuwie

Then come back here to get your piece of the action
Yuwie is the fastest growing social interaction site because they share the advertising revenue with their members.Hang out, make friends, get paid!Ok, it may take yopu 6 months to get there, it did with me!
Link this with the chance to network over 360,000 like-minded people to your busines opportunities and it is mind-boggling! ALL FREE!Listen to the short video

Fairy Tale of New York


Yesterday, Tuesday 18th December, was the seventh anniversary of the untimely death of Kirsty McColl, sadly missed. It was also the twentieth anniversary of the release of Fairy Tale of New York, her classic Christmas number with the Pogues.

What did the good old BBC do?

They courted controversy by editing the lines of the song because they contained the words 'slut' and 'faggott'.

Apart from any regional differences (in my part of the world a faggott is also known as a 'savoury duck' and it is a minced pork meatball!), the term is accepted as being derogatory but the song itself is part of history.

For better or worse the world was a different place twenty years ago.

We don't go back and censor history because it doesn't suit with modern thinking. The BBC is being hypocritical in that it plays 'gangsta' music and rap some of which is dubious to say the least.

I'd love to hear your opinions on this guys!

PS:- the band Pogues was originall called the Pogue Mahones which in the Gaelic is 'kiss my ass!'

Fabulous Fotomoto



My very good friends Fotomoto from Ukraine have uploaded new tracks to their MySpace site and they are well worth a listen.
There are great electro-smooth covers of clasics Big in Japan and Joe le Taxi.
Give your tired ears a treat and wind down from the Christmas shopping.
Visit the Fotomoto page or have a listen at the mp3 player embedded on this blog.

I made this music player at

A double dose of Annie Lennox


Annie gave a double shot of heaven to her fans this Saturday and Sunday.
On Saturday night she performed a couple of numbers segued into each other on the legendary Michael Parkinson show. This is one of Parky's last shows and he is winding down to retirement so staged a musical highlights show.
Annie does not give many interviews so she didn't join him on his famous couch afterwards. Shame.
On Sunday Annie was the subject of an hour-long South Bank show interviewed by Melvin Bragg but intercut about 60%/40% in favour of live performances from the SING show and studio recordings.
The music was fantastic.
Annie gave some insight into her early life in Aberdeen, coming to the Roal Acadamey, meeting Dave Stewart and forming the Eurythmics over 25 years ago.
She also showed us what drives her to produce albums such as her latest masterpiece Songs of Mass Destruction and the work she is doing with the SING project.
Unmissable stuff, shame if you did miss it.

Take a look at the album here

Raising Sand


The most amazing musical collaberation betwen stupendous artists Alison Krauss and Robert Plant, produced by T Bone Burnett.
Outstanding stuff!

Check it out here

Check out Olivia Gray


This artist is worthy of your attention.

Take a listen

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Kino is a poet of sound and image


Amazing sounds, images, and experiences.

Check out the website for the Map of the Universe

Bruce Springsteen Magic



Check it out here!

Magic it certainly is, after the Seeger sessions, this is Bruce at his all time best, reminiscent of the powerful and moving 'Rising' and even older sounds and moods.

Absolutely brilliant, recommended listening!

Spooky Tale for Halloween


THE BUS DRIVER’S TALEJulie was a bit nervous; it was the first time she had driven the route after dark, and the cold, cheerless December night had closed in with the added hazard of clammy mist. Also, the inevitable canteen comedians had been winding her up. "Have you heard about the ghost on the 110? " "You won't like that run in the dark - what about the Lady in White? " "Wouldn't get me out there tonight, I can tell you..." Don’t fall for that! She told herself. The garage's latest recruit, just six weeks out of the training school, as green as grass. With her easy-going nature and ready laugh, Julie had made lots of friends, but they were inclined to tease. The 110 was a semi-rural route, with several miles of country lanes to negotiate. It was quiet at night to the point of being dull, a few pub-goers or late workers. They said it became exciting if a rabbit hopped across the road. After the first half of her duty, ferrying frantic Christmas shoppers, Julie was looking forward to the peace and quiet of the 110. Until the leg pulling started, that is. The 'ghost on the 110' was a traditional trick played on all new staff, going back to the days of double-deckers, when fresh-faced conductors were warned 'not to go upstairs alone at night on the 110.' Were they being serious? Julie found it hard to tell; she laughed it off as best she could. "Leave her alone, you rotten lot! " A new voice cut across the canteen hubbub, and there was Bill, the Inspector. Julie had always thought of him as a gruff old bear, with a loud bark far worse than his bite. He seemed to have taken it upon himself to protect her from the worst of the ribbing. "Got nothing better to do? I'll find you something! " Bill warned, with mock severity. Julie smiled back at him, and she detected the faint twinkle in his eye. Blushing, she checked her watch, and saw it was just after seven: time to go. "Watch out for the Lady in White..." she heard, as a parting shot behind her. She slammed the canteen door, hard. Two hours later, the silly words and giggles came back to her, but they were no longer funny. The darkness swirled with filthy fog, reducing visibility. Julie picked her way carefully along the lane, anxiously watching the comforting red glow of the ticket machine's time display to see if she was dropping behind. Suddenly a figure stepped from the nearside hedgerow, arm outstretched in the time-honoured signal for a bus to stop. Julie's gasp came involuntarily, and she was glad the vehicle was empty with no one to hear her. It was an eerie sight, which greeted her. A figure all in white, blending almost into the mist. Long black hair, half-hidden by a veil, and deep, sunken eyes. The Lady in White? Surely not, it was just a joke! Julie's reflexes had stopped the bus, pushed the door button to open. The apparition glided silently inside, made no effort to stop or speak, just sat, those great dark eyes staring forward. Not daring to challenge the woman, or even look, Julie put the bus into gear and moved away. Each glance into her mirror was pure terror. There sat the proof that the canteen cowboys had been right. A mile further on the vision rose from its seat - Julie's heart froze to her ribs. Surely there was a bus stop somewhere near, she recalled from the training run? The minibus halted at a lonely crossroads. In seconds, the Lady in White had left the vehicle and disappeared up the lane, into the night. With chattering teeth, Julie drove on. Soon she reached the welcome glow of the sodium streetlights, which meant she was nearing town. Nine-forty read the clock, nearly ten min[...]

Do you dig Dusty?


This lady does. Check out her profile and blogs on Yuwie
Dusty Springfield's Shadow

Listen to Tryme da Prince


This Kid grew up listening to Snoop and Bone Thugs. He's really new to the rap game and has a long way to go. But his southern hospitality and his big heart make him one of the coolest dudes you could meet. Be sure and check out his debut cd "What About Goop" He no longer uses the name Goop,now he is known strictly as Tryme da Prince.

Tryme da Prince

You gotta hear Jody Thomas


"Heartfelt tenor … lethal" Artrocker
"Haunting vocals. Stunning." Irish Times

Jody Thomas is the reverse of Bob Dylan. Once an electric artist, he's been playing predominantly acoustic shows, to howls of concern from people who like their guitar filthy and distorted. He performs with a small group of rotating musicians who cover extra guitar, bass, piano, percussion and strings. The line up rarely stays exactly the same from show to show, which means that every performance has a different and unique flavour.

Fans who've only stumbled upon Jody over the last 18 months would be mistaken if they classified him as a purely acoustic artist, though. While his debut release, the EP "We Are", has strong acoustic tendencies, there are moments where the nicely-nicely façade slips into noise dirty enough to satisfy even the most hardened rock fiend. The overall effect is one part-Rufus Wainwright, one part-Thom Yorke, one part-Jeff Buckley and one part-Audioslave.

While live shows will remain fairly firmly acoustic in the near future, don't be surprised if the next recordings contain more than a few nods in the direction of alternative rock or even electronica. One thing Jody doesn't do is sit still. In the words of one Edward Vedder: "Do The Evolution…"

V Festival 2007


My lovely daughter, a budding music journo, risked life, limb, and the mud to bring you this report in pictures from the festival. Well done, duck!
Check it out here

Stan really is THE man!


Heard Stan for the first time yesterday when he became my friend at Yuwie. Yuwie is becoming the place to get your sounds heard and if you haven't checked it out yet you could be missing out. Take a look here.

Then get along to Stan's page and take a listen

The Seige


check out this 4-piece for some mellow, laid back adult rock