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Social Anxiety Disorder: Child Help Plan

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Treatment for Child Separation Anxiety Disorder: What am i supposed to do?


When you first discover that your child needs treatment for child separation anxiety disorder it can be very confusing, just try to do these three things.

  1. Stay calm
  2. Support your child
  3. Talk them through it

You need to stay calm because your child is relying on you to be the strong one

Support them because they will be very confused and distraut

Always talk your child through their issues, never turn away from them

Anxiety-Child-Disorder: Social Effects


Anxiety child disorder: social effects? what are the effects of social anxiety disorder? Well from personal experience I know that child anxiety disorder can have debilitating effects. The worst part of everything is, anxiety child disorder social effects can be the worst at a young age.

When your child is young he or she is developing, growing into the person they will be as adults. But imagine this, every day you wake up and are immediately dreading going to school. You spend your entire morning worrying about the rest of your day. Now imagine doing this every day of the week until the weekend.

That is why the social aspect of child anxiety disorder can be so horrible.

My Sons Story

My son had child separation anxiety disorder, and he had it bad, every day at school he would worry to the point that his nerves would give him stomach aches and headaches.

I took him to see our doctor and the doctor told me he would probably need medication but I needed to take him to a psychologist first.

The psychologist ended up telling me that my son needed to be medicated. NO, I will not medicate my son. That is the worst idea I have ever heard! You want my son to take pills that have worse side effects than the anxiety itself?!

I wasn't having that, so I got on my computer and started searching for a better alternative. What I found was a social anxiety disorder: child help plan.

The social anxiety disorder: child help plan that I found not only cured my son, but I started seeing results in less than three days.

Learn more about my story and how I cured my son without using child separation anxiety medication click here

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